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REVIEWS OF Reel Pizza Cinerama IN Maine

Jonathan Perry

Pizza is good, there are only two movies at a time, but the seating is comfy with couches available and standard theater seats with tables.

Richard Rhodes

What a fantastic concept. Pizza and movies. Relax on the couch. Just make sure to get there early to buy tickets and order food during peak times. Great place for a family night in Bar Harbor.

Chris Cole

Cool/unique experience to get pizza and a flick outside of your own house, highly recommend!

D Miller

What a hoot. There are 2 movie theaters. One usually has a kid movie. The other a serious adult movie. You order pizza as you go in and eat it during the movie the back half has theater seats and a shelf in front to hold your food. The front has old coaches. It's an experience. The pizza is ok.

Abby Ericson

Vegan pizza! And nachos! And current movies! The seats are comfortable. The atmosphere is relaxed. Food is delicious. Cash only for movie tickets, credit accepted for food though

Penelope Jacks

Pizza halfway through the movie is hearty and fun. Couches to sit on, tables to eat at.

Wendy Jo

Love this place. Homey. Yummy pizza. Great movies.


Cheap movie tickets compared to other commercial theaters. Somewhat pricey pizzas, but some of the tastiest in town. Sometimes we order out just the pizzas without seeing a movie. Comfy chairs. Love this place!

Jeff Palmer

Unpretentious and cozy. The pizza is really good. Wine and beer served. Each row of seats has a narrow bar in front to set your food and beverages. Down in front is a managerie of comfortable chairs and couches. You'll often see people chatting with neighbors. Second run movies.

Justin Ober

Reel Pizza is highly commendable. This independent family-owned cinema serves delicious pizza and tap beer. The screenings have a ten minute intermission, reminiscent of early cinemas. Seating is flexible as it is comfortable: heavy lounge chairs, sofas, and wool pillows make the viewing experience much more enjoyable than chain cinemas which focus more on accommodating as many costumers as possible. Reel Pizza also offers a diverse selection of movies, from independent, mainstream, and recent releases.

No Name

Very nice theater with excellent pizza

Sandy Scovil

Love the couches and homey feel and the moonstruck pizza is amazing


Best experience ever. Enjoy your favorite pizza and beer with a movie like locals do. Adorable entertainment for Bar Harbor rainy days.

David Grant

A very fun atmosphere for a movie. The pizza is pretty good as well!

Kala Ward

It' a unique and cool theater. The seating is comfortable and the food is good. The prices are also reasonable which is great. They do not allow pre purchase of tickets and even when you get you're whole group there 45 minutes or more before the show you may not be able to sit together because people "save" seats with paper plates for people they know but have not arrived. I like going here for the experience and location but if it's a movie we really want to enjoy we've learned to make the trip to Bangor.

Owen VanKirk

Reel Pizza is a neat place to watch movies and enjoy some delicious pizza! The screen is nice and clear, the audio is great, and the theater overall is pretty darn clean! I love the fact that there are areas to place your pizza in front of you while watching the film instead of laying the food in your lap! Also, the ticket prices are great; about $5 less than the average price. This place is great. No other words to describe it.

Stephen Smalling

Adorable little theatre. Like a mini counter serve Alamo. Loved all the popcorn topping options and the small town vibe.

Katherine Von Kohorn

First went on our honeymoon 15 years ago and still the best place for pizza and a movie!

Tom Spring

Best and most comy place to watch a just-released blockbuster or independent movie on the island. Great pizza & craft beer selection!

Zoran Manev

Idea is very cool, watching movies and pizza, but their pizza is not good at all!

Sam Kroesen

It's a very fun place to take a break from all the other things in Acadia. Really good pizza. Pretty decent value for the dollar. We went on the closing night of a movie and it seemed exceptionally busy and lines took a long time.

Colton Ostendorf

Had an awesome pizza, the movies have an intermission which is convenient for cleaning up your food. despite the amount of people getting up to get their food and the buzzers going off, it definitely did not ruin my movie experience. The theater and screen is plenty large.

Mjern Drox

Long time family favorite

Michelle Reina

Loved this place. Ordering food to eat at your movie is amazing and the staff are very helpful and kind. The whole place was clean and had such a mice atmosphere to it. Would recommend this place to anyone

Daniel Farley

Great movie choice

Laura Lyons-Conary

Always love going! Was super crowded.. but its summer time sooo if you go I recommend going like when they open or an hour early

Steve Alexander

My girlfriend was scared after watching the first 5 minutes of a movie as she gets anxiety and has nightmares after such films and we decided to ask for our money back. They had no written policy and the manager refused only because he didn't want to. I work in the customer service industry and will do almost anything to make sure the customer keeps coming back for business but in this case i won't be returning since they had no policy in place and could refund our money since we consumed none of their product.

Vanessa Taylor

Carol Mathiesen

Offers intelligent movies and a menu of great pizzas along with delicious soups and hearty salads with several gluten free options. Worth the trip. I live an hour away.

Rob Gaiser

Great fun and food.

John Beaulieu

It was awesome!!

Marty Schaerer

Great pizza, nice place to watch a show.

somer eberly

Every community need a funky little place like this!

Jasmine Thomas

Some of the best memories from when I was a kid are from here! Just went back and definitely didn't disappoint. The pizza is amazing (though a little bit pricey), totally worth it.

Truth Muller

A wonderful, quirky movie theater with amazing prices on tickets and delicious pizza. The staff are also really nice.

Jasen White

Reel people reel pizza and reel movies...

Jackie Erwin

Love this place!!!

Kelly VanKirk

Unique little theatre, pizza was quite good. Affordable tickets, especially for a place like Bar Harbor where there are a lot of tourists and things tend to be on the more expensive side. Side note, tickets need to be purchased using cash but food can be paid for with credit card.


Pizza sauce is a little spicy for me. And the burger on my pizza was seasoned. The movie was great, and the couch we sat on was comfortable enough.

Antonina Slavchova

Reel pizza is a small charming movie theater that serves food and alcohol as well. Tickets are paid cash only, but food and drinks you can pay with card. One of my favorite spots in town!

David Charron

Gotta love having a pizza and a beer while watching a movie... Love this place!

Christina Shirk

This is a must stop when visiting. This isn't your traditional movie theater back home. Popcorn in a giant bowl, self serve seasonings & water on the back counter on the theater, AMAZING pizza, couches, pillows and even an intermission. Check out this great local spot!

Jeff Johnson

Great pizza, cozy little theaters, fun couches. What more could you want?

George Gurrola

Nice staff and decent food options.

Andrew Marshall

This place is awesome when you can actually get seats. We were traveling in from Bangor and hoped to get seats for a movie last weekend. Unfortunately you have to show up in person in order to get movie tickets. I wish there was a way to reserve seats. In the past we have successfully seen a movie here and it’s very comfy and a great cinema!

Donald Wilson

Great food. Super fun atmospher!!

Carly Batts

They have actual couches.... need I say more?

4Side Fitness

This place is so much fun! For the past two years I have gone to bar Harbor with my wife on our anniversary and we have gone here each time and the pizza is great (have vegan options for my wife) and the staff is super friendly. Pro tip, go about 30 mins early to order your food and than walk around the green outside while you wait! Can’t wait to go back next year!

Vai Tuitau

Loved it!

Hyeon Im

You can sit and watch films while eating their gourmet pizza and sipping local beer. Need I say more?

Cerebellum Demons

Perfect. We had a fantastic time

Sujith S

Nice cozy restaurant booth feeling. Nice and clean place

kenneth Duarte

Really nice place

Monica Cease

Fun place! Great pizza!

Karen Sharpe

Very fine pizza! Great place!

Cheryl Willis

Whatever the movie... This place is about the pizza. So delicious and friendly staff.

Alicia Welton

Awesome place to go out with your family and friends to set together for a fun movie night.

Janice Janes

I love this movie house, everyone so friendly, great picks for movies, great food and a nice place to meet friends anytime. Thank you for all the great movies so far.

Aaron Green

Great pizza and movie theater


This movie theater is so good that it makes me sad when I go to other theaters.

Jibu Idicula

This place is great but cash only. First come first serve seating

Hannah Wilpan

Pizza and a movie! Need I say more? So much fun to be able to see things on the big screen while chowing down! I like the intermission in the middle as well!

Patty Benton

Waited45 minutes to learn that you need a ticket to stand in the line. When we got inside we bought tickets and had to wait while the whole line went in ahead of us. No where on the website does it tell you this. As people were rushing past us to get seats,I tried to explain to the manager that we had been waiting in the line and had arrived 45 minutes early to get a seat. He did not care. He said, "you should have checked". I would like to know where was I supposed to check? I am not in the habit of going to the front of the line to find out what obscure rules are in force for a movie theater. We saw the line had formed and took a spot. After the rude treatment at the hands of this manager, I decided I was not going to spend any money on his overpriced pizza. My friend did get pizza with gluten free crust and vegan cheese. She said it was not great....too thick of crust on the edge, lackluster sauce and a inferior vegan cheese product. There were four of us and two had pizza. We did not get to sit together because we were let in absolutely last. We also learned that people save seats with paper plates. Seats were not comfortable and sound quality was poor. The movie ticket was reasonably priced but the pizza is way overpriced. We are only here for a week on vacation and I am sorry we wasted our time and money at this place. Won't ever go back when we visit Bar Harbor again. Lots of other things to do. Save your money, buy pizza elsewhere and stay home in your cute rental cottage for a much nicer evening. Maybe the manager was having a bad day, but there was no excuse to have been so rude to us. He could have explained to us or at least let us proceed into the theater after we bought the tickets. Making us wait until the last person entered was ridiculous. Other people were also telling him we had been in line. Total strangers coming to our defense. Thank you for that. Another thing not noted on the website is that you need cash to buy tickets. Why? Hey I.R.S. Check this out. Tickets are tiny little raffle type accounting necessary.

Air Rhodes

Great thin-crust pizza, local beers on tap, salads and homemade cookie, always exactly the films I want to see, friendly staff, and couches! Show up very early to get a ticket, a seat, and your pie before the lines.

Pauline Bickford

Coolest movie house ever having tables in front of seats and couches with tv trays too. The selection of food especiall all pizzas available great wished could have tried but went to movies after dinner, also great prices for movies but wish you had matinees daily since rainy day spent inside hotel a movie would have broke up day.

Amelia Mendonsa

Fun, small town experience :)


Adore this little theater and really enjoy the movies they select.

Sadie Allgood

The best place to enjoy a movie to its fullest: amazing pizza and solid beer/wine selection, plus just cool locals who own and run the place. Also, I might add, their film selection is on point! Not only do they show the biggest features but they also show the really cool independent films that make you really excited to go to a theater to see it. I wish there were more cinemas like this around. I always miss Reel Pizza's chill ambience and delicious pies when I'm at any other cinema. Love this place!

John Larkins

Nice place to watch a movie, have a drink and a pizza or popcorn.

Sonia Weatherly

I love watching a theater sized movie with a cold beer and amazing pizza.

Elizabeth M.

I come here year after year as I enjoy the funky small venue with gluten free and vegan options. Beer or wine with your food. The pizza is good and there is take out too!

Gary Parker

Very cool cinema. Excellent prices. Movies seats have tables to eat pizza while watching.

robert mohn

Pizza and a movie. Lots of fun

Lew Dwyer

Great atmosphere

Steve Sims

Awesome place to go with the kids. Having your own couch is nice and eating a good pizza during your movie... can't beat that.

Christian Caverly

Get The Manchurian candidate pizza, you will love it.

Aaron Wesley Brown

Wonderful place to grab a beer and pizza while watching world class films. If you have the time, it's worth the visit.

Bill Horn

Fun movie and food experience. Would definitely return. Could be cleaner in the cinema (especially the couches and TV trays in the front rows which are a big part of its charm) and the pizza has promise, but didn’t quite deliver. They seem to do a good fresh pizza business along with the movies and the prices are not exorbitant, but the dough was not particularly flavorful, nor was it either thin-and-crisp or soft-and-fresh (depending on the style they’re going for). 3.5 stars for the pizza with potential to improve. People line up to get in, but the line pictured didn’t lead to an overcrowded theater.

Ed Conroy

Great idea...big screen and tables in overstuffed chairs....and wine

Devon Denis

all around, beer, staff, vibe!

Melissa Ehrlich

There are TWO screens! Great for families with young kids, they can let them sit with their friends up front and enjoy dinner and a movie as a couple.

Alex L

Wow, this place is super cool. You can hang out, drink beers, and have a delicious pizza, and watch a blockbuster movie at the same time. Lots of pizza offerings, pitchers of water inside the theater, and in the off season there is plenty of seating. Would definitely come here again, love it.

Jalen Heckel

Some of the best pizza in the area. Tough place to dislike. You get pizza, beer, a movie in a quiet small theater. You cannot beat it.

Dustin Starbuck

A movie experience.

Alta Gross

Went to Reel Pizza for the first time last night and thought it was great! The pizza was delicious, the atmosphere and staff great. I will definately be going back soon!

Scott Pinkham

A unique venue for Bar Harbor, pizza and beer with regular seats plus couches in the front. get here early can get busy.

Heidi Hobbs

Small, comfortable theater with awesome pizza

Andrew Trautman

Really fun little movie theater. The pizza is good and it was neat to see a place this small showing more independent films. The only downside is that the front row of couches are very close to the screen. We ended up moving to the back so we could sit somewhere with a built in shelf for our food.

Kyle Riffle

A hidden gem, let's keep it that way ;)


Where else can you go to watch a movie on the big screen, get fresh pizza and sit on comfy couches?!

Joel Rissinger

Delicious pizza!

Blair Wright

Fun place to watch a movie. The pizza is average but it's a good overall experience and the prices are very reasonable

Bill Vinson

The best, most comfortable, great eating, most reasonable movie theater anywhere within 100 miles. Superb selection of films!

Sam Ou

Fun environment with good movie selections and food at intermission. The place could use some updating, but still a great place to eat and watch a movie!

Kyle Allen

Great local cinema. Pizza was delicious!

Lynette Eastman

We always enjoy going to Reel Pizza. What's better than a pizza and a movie?

Patrick McLoud

Comfortable chair. Movie, "Downton Abbey", was a white bread feast with little drama. The movie house pizza was good. The popcorn, however, was terrible! Do not order it. It has all the flavor of a bag of styrofoam.

Alan Talkington

It's a great price for a recent released movie. It isn't the nicest venue ever, but it serves it purpose and is a great deal. Pizza seems a bit pricey.

Joshua Olney Zide

Good pizza and movies. Fun and funky!

Joe Lasko

Was looking forward to this movie theater, but you had to wait outside in the rain before you can be admitted to your movie. You literally cannot wait in the theater lobby. The strangest thing I have ever seen. Once we got outside we were told we were standing too close to the door and the guy literally walked outside and drew an imaginary line with his hand and said "please don't go past the edge of the window," as he brushed his arm across my body to make me move back. It was only my family and I in line and at that point we openly laughed at him asking if he was kidding and he said "no." Someone would make a killing in Bar Harbor if they would open up a real movie theater. Customer service is extremely lacking. Would not recommend.

Corvus Group LLC

Locals make this a great place - everyone is welcome

Joe Donahue

I only go to this movie theater. If they don't play it, I don't watch it. Nothing beats meeting up with a few friends and sharing a pizza while relaxing on a couch here!

Tyler Allem

A unique and enjoyable experience

Roman Bína

Reel Pizza is a wonderful venue to watch a movie together with a slice of delicious home-made pizza. You can sit in comfortable chairs with tables for food or enjoy the movie from a sofa upfront. The staff are lovely and helpful. You can count on the movie selection being interesting at all times. It's a must-visit place in Bar Harbor.

Dan Africk

Surprisingly good vegan pizza!

Jeff Rhinehart

Unfortunately didnt get to watch a movie but had a very fun feel to it. Very cool place

Jimmy Stein

Good pizza + movies!

Amy Paine

The atmosphere is super relaxed and comfortable. The food is unbelievably good. Who doesn't want to have beer on tap and pizza while watching a movie? Great concept for a theater.

Akela Ellis

Amazing pizza

Sarah Luna

The prices were great, the seats were comfortable and the people were lovely. I wish we would have gotten there a bit earlier and since I had never been there before I didn't know there was a protocol for saving seats. I look forward to going again.

Eraj Shafiq

Unique ambience. Pizzas are really good. Staff is friendly. This place offers the luxury of actually having a table for your food while watching a movie.

liz cutler

One of my favorite places, such a variety of films, comfy chairs and great pizza, salads and popcorn toppings. I always love the intermission and seeing the artwork in their lobby Gallery.

Clay Corbus

Best movie theater ever!! Great vibe, friendly people, outstanding popcorn, comfy seats. One of the highlights of coming to Bar Harbor.


One of our favorite things to do. Good pizza, beer, and a movie, can't really

Ahaggar Cass

Love the pizzas!!!

Genevieve Goebel

Great films, comfy couch seating, delicious theater snacks and entrees. Cozy environment overall and friendly staff.

joe Chiricolla


Julie Sweeney

Tips to survive this experience: get there early to order pizza and avoid long lines, people save seats by turning a paper plate over and writing their name on it (they are at the back of the theatre), if you were planning on sitting on the couches, they are only the 1st 2 rows, tickets are CASH only, but concessions accept cards.

Marcus Kenney

Great movies, good and atmosphere

Raymond Crossman

We are regulars here. Pizza is great. Prices are good. Manager is not very nice and can't go there a lot cause rarely any new releases. By the time they get a movie it has been in theaters for a couple weeks or it's already out of theaters.

amy gillis

Expensive food but good quality and great experience.

Black Truffle

Place is simply awesome to me- you can get pizza and beer while watching a movie, how are you going to beat that? Think they're year round, I'm always up very early or late in the season and their doors are open. Like the High Plains Drifter and Godzilla pizzas, but our favorite is a seasonal goat cheese and basil pizza. Snacks here are pretty good too. Movies have intermissions half way through so you can use the bathroom, refill your drink, or get more snacks. Gets VERY busy during tourist season. Seating is old movie theater seats with counters in front for your food/drink, front rows are couches/chairs and TV trays, not for everyone but plenty of people come to enjoy. I come by every time I'm there.

John Siedenberg II

Amazing pizza and comfortable seating!

Sreven Navitsky

Brings back memories of small town theaters, comfortable seats, prices are great, and the pizza was very good. They even have an intermission and new moives. Good way to spent a night.

N. P

What a fantastic place! So glad the local lady at our hotel recommended it. Pizza ordered, drinks in hand, we went into the small cinema with comfy sofa style chairs (in twos for lovebirds), movie started then our number lit up on the wall monitor so we knew that our pizzas were ready. Break in the middle of the film for top ups, further orders and a visit to the loo then we were back on track! A unique (and quirky!?) experience we will not forget easily!


Great seating, up to date movies, culture too.

Josh Thomas

Staff was rude. Waited in line for a really long time to be told they only take cash for tickets but take cards for food. Told management and he acted like I was an idiot. Asked about how long until pizza and they said “20 mins each and a ton of 20 mins ahead of you”

Bill McGrath

Pizza and drinks while you watch a movie? What's not to love about that?

joel mitchell

Great place and really good pizza!

Kathleen Nee

I just love this place, not anything like the normal cinema experience. Sat in an overstuffed chair, eating popcorn and watching my hero Clint Eastwood. Thanks for a super Saturday night out.

Brian Cannioto

Great pizza and snacks. Love that there's an intermission.

Clark Conrad

Great pizza movie house with adult beverages!

Michele Allison

A great inexpensive place to take your family for a night out:)

Barbara McNulty

Excellent pizza!!! Friendly people. Wish the pizza part of the business was more prominently advertised.

Paul Graves

This place is so much fun. Cheap movies, beer, and pizza - what's not to love?

Michael Shook

Good movies, pizza. Comfortable.

Karin Anderson

We locals love this funky movie theater. It shows independent and foreign movies, not only Hollywood blockbusters. It serves the best pizza in town, and it is open almost year-round. And, other than one earlier reviewer claims - it has two screens, not only one.

Nora Bobb

It was a lot of fun. You ordered your food and drinks and went in and sat in a chair with a table to sit your food on in front of you.

Huseini Patanwala

A different sort of experience, more rustic perhaps, plus they serve amazing pizzas. Love it!!

Carlos Garcia

Be there early to select one of the very cool sofas. Nice and cozy. Order the pizza early... They will make it for you to coincide with the movie. Pager alerts you when ready.

Jill Pinard

This was a delightful surprise! The food pizza was yummy, the menu varied, the staff was friendly and patient, and the venue was clean and comfortable.

Joshua Terry

This is a favorite stop on every Acadia visit. Before there was Cinema de Luxe, there was Reel Pizza. Usually second-run or indie films for a cheap price ($6!) with decent pizza. While they're still up, I miss the bingo boards being used to call your order number. Was kind of the quaintness of it all. Oh, and be advised that there is an intermission halfway through the movie. Seems to catch me by surprise each time, but the older I get the more I appreciate it!

Sandra Niekel

Good pizza, cozy theatre.

Callahan Bryer

I have been here many times to see movies like Mockingjay Part 1, or Minions. They have friendly staff, and they serve pizza that you can order, with funky flavors like High Plains Drifter and Play It Again, Sam. They have sofas that you can sit on at the front row, or 4 chairs in one row with a table. Their are a couple of drawbacks, like 1. Sometimes it can take 1 month for movies to reach here and 2. They don't offer 3-D. Other than that, this is a must-have experience for tourists or locals alike! I rate this 5 stars.

Sherry Foss

Great pizza and a movie. Great theater, and they break half way!

Zach Boyer

This is a wonderful place for families! We had a great time here. Prices are the best! Good is very good and a great value. If you have time for a movie while in town, I recommend stopping in for dinner and a movie.

Becky Carroll

great place to go and the food and popcorn is great!

Tony Maxfield

A great experience

Regina Araujo

It's getting really bad... Installations need maintenance...

Rich Lee

Call ahead to order your food.

Jason Georgacakis

Movie theater is very hard to get tickets. The first showing is at 515 for each movie. The second showing is at 845. You need to get in line by the lastest 415 or so to guarantee tickets for the 515 showing. Once you get tickets go in and save seats, otherwise you are you will be separated from your party or will be on a couch very close to the screen. The pizza was very good and they serve a variety of drinks and beers

Matt Riley

Thoroughly recommended if you want a relaxing evening staying in Bar Harbor. There are two medium sized screens with a combination of sofas and normal seating (with a small shelf for food). You can order (very good) pizzas either before the film starts or during the interval which is great for actually eating when the film is on. There's a decent selection of beers on tap too. Just a couple of things to remember - cinema tickets are cash only but food and drinks can be paid on card. You can't book tickets in advance you have to turn up at opening time - check their website when it is.

James Miscavage

Food drinks and a movie sweet!

Wild Flower

Love love love going here!! Bar Harbor folks are the most laid back, community oriented, eclectic, fun people I have ever had the pleasure of spending time with! Very accepting, open and warm. For your experience here, think of your college buddies favorite couch and then multiply that by 4 or 5

J. Greg Mackinnon

Kitchy, inexpensive fun for lazy evenings in Bar Harbor. I wish we had a place like this in my hometown.

Mikey Metaxas

Good time.

Josie Ward

This might be the best experience of your life. If you're thinking "Hmmm should I go?" just don't think about it anymore and get in your car.

Brian Ivory

Long line for pizza, but as a new yorker, totally worth it. Love that you can save your seat with a paper plates and sharpie.


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