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REVIEWS OF Portland Museum of Art IN Maine

Carl Harrington

The historic value of the art here is outstanding!

Jane Croston

I always love the space and light. I had to go today as the Clarence White show ended. I didn't like the lighting of the photographs,(too dark.) and found them difficult to really enjoy. I suppose young eyes may not have any issue, but I found myself having a little eyestrain! That was my 4 rating instead of 5, but it's still all quite wonderful. I enjoyed the layout, and changes made. A fine place to spend a few hours, and the sculpture garden was lovely too.

Eileen Coll

Lots of interesting exhibits. Ladies at the desk - just wonderful!

Jaclyn Adler

We had a great afternoon exploring the museum. Some unique pieces as well as well-known works by famous artists. The attached historical house was also interesting and a great addition to the experience. In warmer weather, we are hoping to come back to visit the Winslow Homer studio.

Deb Geiger

Beautiful collection, worthy of the trip

Peter Drougas

Well, its an art museum. Off course it gets 5 stars!!

Michael Schmidt

Somewhat strange mix of art ranging from colonial to impressionist to contemporary. Very nice place regardless.

Charles Bates

A world class museum in a small city. Full of modern and classical art. A vital experience of Portland, whether you’re a local or visiting.

Terri Lombardi

The Art in Bloom exhibit was very well done. The staff was helpful and friendly.

Rachel Lynn

Excellent day at the museum. There was an interesting variety of art and the atmosphere was enjoyable. Select pieces displayed a phone number near by to call and listen to the a short narrative by the curator. There were ample places to sit that were well lit and comfortable temperatures. I highly recommend visiting PMA.

Sarah Capron

I enjoyed looking at the different types of art. I liked that the gift shop related to the artist theme.

Sharyn Lincoln

Very nice museum. Much better than I expected. Have a few paintings from the European masters. Would definitely go back.

Steve Tice

Great place to visit. Not as large as other museums, but you can definitely spent several hours there. Very good gift shop. Large number of paintings and many marble statues and glass works.

Eric Anderson

You can see the whole museum in one visit, but there is a lot of good stuff. Worth a stop.

Gareth Bell

Friendly staff, light airy place, well organised...just felt $18 was a lot for what was on show. A couple of Homer Winslow, minor pieces by some of the big names, a significant amount of the usual incomprehensible (if there is something to comprehend) modern stuff...just came away a bit disappointed...maybe if I'd paid $10 would have felt better. Would have felt even better if had got in free at the later time slot on Friday.

Jolyne Hughes

Amazing sculptures and other things

Raphy & Sara Feolino

Bought our tickets on Groupon They have lockers to place bigger bags Restrooms are on the bottom floor only. Go before you see the museum. They do have elevators so if you need one, they got you covered

Lauren Ann

Suprisingly great! The flow of the exhibits is excellent, walking from floor to floor exploring the collection is charming. Mostly modern world, sculptures and paintings. Hidden away in the old building section is a pair of amazing Picasso vases! It is free on Friday nights, definitely worth checking out!

Amanda Carreiro

We visited from out of state and on their free Friday evening which was wonderful. We were greeted right at the door and directed to their special exhibit. The museum was clean and orderly with plenty of space to admire each piece of art, and a perfect sized gift shop with pleasant staff.

Linda Graham

It was interesting to see how people lived in the past and compare it to now. The house was preserved well, and people were there to explain every room and it's history. I'm glad I went.

Jamie Iacobucci

A wonderful museum with small, hidden gems. It's definitely worth a visit if you find yourself lucky enough to visit this beautiful city. I was fortunate to be visiting on Nov 17...Isamu Noguchi's birthday. The museum had a really great exhibit to honor his interesting career.

Ann Thomas

NC. Wyeth exhibit is fantastic! Enjoyed the paintings and different points of view included next to most of the pieces. The museum is well laid out with an impressive collection on all floors. Brilliant gift shop too.

M Norman

Wonderful exhibits and cultural experiences

Kate Robinson

Spacious museum with historical and modern collections. There is a locker space to leave jackets and bags. We enjoyed every gallery as each had something exciting to see. Layout makes sense so you can work your way through each gallery and see everything. We will go back again as it is worth seeing new exhibits and also looking at favorites in the collection.

William Oye

Very nice and well balanced collection, including many pieces with strong coonection to the state of Maine. Personally, I loved the works from artists associated with the Hudson River school of American ladscapes. And it was fortunate that there was a special N C Wyeth exhibit, who also has a strong connection to the state.

Emily Joy Kruger

Bought a Groupon but when we got there found out that it's free on Friday's from 4-8PM. Very nice museum, there was a craft table & light display when we went. Nice way to begin a date night!

No one

I really liked the gallery featuring artists from Maine. Friendly workers. Very accommodating building as far as coat rack, restrooms, tables and chairs ,restaurant. The European art section could be larger . The modern art gallery was hideous and degenerate ,as to be expected at any museum. The carrying your backpack by your feet rule is ridiculous. This is a cycling ,pedestrian friendly community ,a museum that expects patrons to drag a bag by their feet is not. If you are so concerned with safety ,install metal detectors.

Jeremy Wheeler

Really nice variety within the galleries. Friendly staff and comfortable atmosphere. Does a great job of encouraging guests to learn and interact with art.

Zack Cruise

Great museum, interesting floor plan, lots of art to see. There is street parking, which is generally fine. However, finding the entrance to the museum might take you around the whole block. Make sure that you look around corners and down small hallways, there is art everywhere and some small wings of the museum might be easy to walk by without noticing.

Joe Wehry

The beautifully designed building but houses a good selection of fine art with some interesting temporary exhibitions. Good location accessible by walking and near some local cafes and restaurants to enjoy after the museum.

Cynthia O'Toole

Great musuem in a city this size. Portland is great.

Christine Barmmer

Nice variety of exhibits from paintings to sculptures to furnishings. Only takes about 1 - 1 1/2 hours to go through it.

David Pennington

Very pleasant, friendly, and relaxing museum to explore in a few hours. Limited collection, but worth seeing some works you may not have seen by some significant artists.

Birgit E

Very nice museum staff, we accidentally made use of the free Friday nights, not crowded at all, we were able to stroll through the museum with our toddler, taking in different types of art, with a couple of really great pieces. Definitely recommend a visit if you have the time!

Daniel Messick

It's great place to visit in the free Friday! The architecture in the building is great and the Marble is very impressive the other stuff is Meh

Michael Brother

One of my favorite art museums. Small enough to be unique and enjoyable for a day trip. Large enough to have some real gems in the collection. Docents are friendly and very helpful. The "highlights of the museum" tour is an hour well spent even though it barely scratches the surface of the collection. Kid friendly and accessible.

joseph poulin

Brought the grandkids. The kids were a little too young for most of it but they did enjoy. The adults had great fun looking at the wonderful collection of sculpture and art. Well worth a visit.

Helen Caddie-Larcenia

Usually good special exhibits and interesting art pieces

Laura Dickey

What a lovely space and collection. If you have a reason to go see a film there, the theater is excellent and quite special.

Becky Noyes

After many years, we finally made it back to the Portland Museum of Art. We had a fantastic time checking out all the beautiful works on display - some we remembered from our visit 10+ years ago while many others were new to the museum, or at least to us. If you are a lover of art of all different styles and mediums, this museum is sure to please.

Joseph Collura

Wonderful museum, in particular the layout is very well designed to lead from one section to the next - I was delighted to find a window facing out to the sculpture garden with descriptions of all the works.

Nick McRae

Amazing art museum with a great rotating selection, cheap memberships, and youth are always free. Great way to spend an afternoon, and seeing everything can take a few visits.

Rob How

Go see unique things in the world. It is the only reason to leave the house these days. This museum is well endowed and wonderful.

Hope Duchaine

The art is phenomenal.

michael chu

sleeper of a museum; good café and excellent exhibit that includes Monet, Cezanne, Picasso, Chihuly glass, and Winslow Homer of course. worth a stop....

Delisa O'Brien

Really great museum with a variety of exhibits that kept us engaged for over 3 hours on a rainy day. Restrooms and a cafe are located on the lower level along with an auditorium that shows films and some interactive installation (most likely meant for children but still fun to participate).

steven latchaw

They had a number of paintings and some "modern art" that I'm sure was curated by someone who's in the know. It was a 45min or less main building but you couldn't access the other build easily and after going past the 3 sculptures and trying two different doors we moved on.

Michel Battaglin

Great place! I can't say anything on it that hasn't already been said, but just know that it deserves all the praise it receives!

Angela Sue

What a lovely art museum!! They have beautiful compelling pieces! You can tell it is very well organized and thought out! I could have easily spent hours looking through all the wonderful pieces that they had!

Soumya Singh

Very lovely collection. Do ask for admission fee waiver criteria. The help desk is wonderful. A must go for architects and architecture students as one of the beautiful creations by I.M. Pei, an iconic architect

Julie Twomey

A wonderful collection of art attached to a historic home. Definitely worth a visit.

Raul De La cruz De Jesus

Such a Nice place

Vitaly Entin

Great museum. Collection is not very big but had a few gems.

Brian Arborio

Always a great infusion of Arts and history. Look for discount nights and preamble for upscale 'dateables'

its books

Can't wait to go back and explore more


Great museum. Bloom exhibit was phenomenal. Paintings we're beautiful, especially The Lotus Eaters.

Matt Young

This museum takes art and community very seriously. I've always had an enriching, thought provoking experience with each visit.

Lauren Russell

Great place, friendly staff, and lots to see. Things are always changing so it's great to revisit. I highly recommend becoming a ongoing member!

Paul Adams

Nice Picasso's.



Steve White

Some really great pieces here.

dean cherif

I felt like I was in box ,all I saw is secu rity everywhere , they walking back and forth , I felt bad for them , I saw a naked picture for men and women that someone with his kids or family together will be embarrassed but over all was ok , not what I expected for the price that we paid


Cons As a Bank of America card holder, I wish I was able to get a free admission. For $18.00 I wish there was more variety in the museum. Pros: The museum is very nice and has beautiful pieces throughout. I particularly loved the live music in the cafe to wind down and relax which is nice intimate touch The customer service is friendly and knowledgeable. Overall for a rainy day it was good experience.

t reed

Amazing rotating collection with new acquisitions everytime I visit. Free every Friday from 4-8. Busiest Friday is always the first of the month. Locals can get passes for loan at most any local library (if your library doesn't have passes, if you ask nicely, they'll probably get some). Enjoy!

Stephen Landry

A wonderful art museum in the heart of Portland. Great exhibits.

Alex Capitaneanu

Not a bad museum, nice through guide using the phone browser, friendly staff( i took a picture not realizing i wasn't aware and i wasn't crucified for it). some nice and valuable pieces, varied collection. Probably one of the best in the are

Bill R

A very nice museum, make sure it's on your to do list when you're in Portland. They have some great pieces, including Monet. It is one of the museums included in the Bank of America museums on us program, so if you're a Bank of America customer check to see when you'll be able to visit the museum for free. 21 and under are free.

Teresa Goss

Kind and attentive staff and docents. Where else can you see antique scrimshaw? Great local, modern artist, as well as, historical marble figures.

Carrie Ann Brown

Nice museum we went there today for free Friday 4pm to 8pm. I enjoyed the experience, love art, love that museums all over have different history for each area of the

Diego Gonzalez

What's not to like in an intimate museum with a great and wonderfully-displayed collection?

shaun jones

Cool place to hide


Beautiful museum with unique exhibits, amazing docents, and a neat collection of items in the gift shop! They also do a mindfulness "class" every so often, and it's a great experience! Definitely worth a visit!

John Sanders

If you like art I would highly recommend this place and it's in Portland maine downtown so once you get done seeing the art museum you can go and visit a lot of other tourist attractions and if your hungry there is all kind of places to eat and if you like shopping Portland has that to. So make a day out of it

Calen Colby

One of the best museums in this country. The children's museum is truly amazing.

Lynn Hansen

A good use of an hour or two on a rainy day. Small museum. Scored a Groupon for $9.

P Gatcomb

Actually a really good museum. The displays were varied and interesting and it was well curated throughout. I wish there was just a little more for the price.

Anya Criden-Clark

Wonderful people and an amazing cafe!! Food was delicious! :)

Charlotte White

Wonderful collection of Maine artists’ works, along w/some classics like Mary Cassatt & Renoir. We spent 2 hours and only explored 1 building. Many whimsical sculptures & paintings displayed in beautiful open space with cleverly inset lighting. Can’t wait to return.

J Vander Schaaf

Great cross section of art (frequently updated), nice cafe, and good movies

Don Stevens

It was such a pleasant surprise. Famous works and local artists in four different galleries.

Derek Viger

Great place to see lots of Maine artists and more.

Rafael Guerra

Small collection of international artists but a very well designed space. If you are into museum you will not be impressed, but you will. Ot be disappointed either.

Barbara Kurze

Nice collection of New England art and artists with interesting special exhibits. Make sure you visit the beautifully restored historic house where it all started (attached to the museum.)

Felipe Korzenny

Great place to enjoy art and architecture

Jer Schmidt

The museum is well laid out and has great exhibits. I absolutely recommend going if you have a chance. I hate to give it less than five stars, but the security guards made me super uncomfortable. I was there at almost closing time. There was a guard within line of sight non-stop. As closing time got closer the guard got closer to me and started tapping his foot on the floor. It was 10 mins to closing! At 5 mins to closing, he came over and said “we’re closing” as If I hadn’t just heard them say 5 mins over the speakers. So I left, earlier than I wanted. They made the experience much more stressful which is not what you want at an art museum!

Marie Szakos

The Portland Museum of Art in Portland, Maine is a place full of art treasures. From paintings by Winslow Homer to Claude Monet, to find beauty in every piece one beholds is obvious. The are sculptures by Edgar Degas. Also, you will find 6 rooms of life sized sculptures which we did not have the pleasure of seeing. The giant sculpture of Ulysses S Grant is mind blowing. Even the bathrooms have fine art on the walls.

Sarah Dee

Beautiful artwork, simply incredible pieces, so much to see, easy to get lost in, well worth the admission price.

John Pozadzides

Nice collection in a beautiful space for a small City. Friday afternoons seem to be free. Otherwise it's $18 per adult for admission.

Max Lindstrom

Absolutely exceptional. Everything from the lay out, the price of admission, free storage lockers with keys, the quality and quantity of art and the building itself, all of it was stellar. Highly highly worth the time exploring. Make a day or at least an afternoon out of it there is a LOT to see.

Sue Clifford

This art museum is not to be missed on your visit to Portland. A wonderful selection of both Maine icons such as the Wyeth's, masterful works by long gone artists, a lovely store, a cafe with delicious goodies, and a theater/auditorium. Don't just go on a rainy day, it's worth the trip every day! Visit their website for hours and special events.

chris priest

This place is amazing there's nothing more outs I can say one of the most amazing places I've ever been to

Amy Jane Larkin

The rotating exhibitions here keep getting better and better. You can even check them out for free on first Fridays. The staff is so friendly and helpful and the store is excellent, especially for a small museum. The permanent collection has some great Maine gems, and the space overall is really lovely.

Thomas M

I had to report security for being rude. That was a couple years back. Place is nice.

Chriss Sandling

TheThere are times the regular seating area in the lobby is replaced by some work of modern art that's fun to lounge on. The gift shop has an eclectic variety of things that cater to all ages. One exhibit changes periodically but I find it's fun to return to the other parts of the museum with different people, talking about the art in different ways. Sometimes appreciating it, sometimes laughing.

Martha Mickles

specifically referring to Black Tie/Museum Cafe: slooooow. understaffed. and the sandwiches not very tasty

Bionic Lime

Beautiful artwork, with a few works by many well known artists (Matisse, Picasso, Renoirl, and a lot of contemporary work that is interesting, but not and miss in its value as "art". It's great, though, that they take a chance with the weird stuff, and snout just play it safe. Featured artist is Maine's Winslow Homer.

Art Siegel

Eye opening regional and world fine arts.

Chelsea Jordan

Museum with lots of art in a cool layout of a museum! Definitely a fun find! Got a good deal on Groupon for it!

Robert Maier

This is a very nice museum for a small town. Not many great masters, but an eclectic endearing collection, nevertheless. Beautiful building in a nice part of town with comfortable walk and great restaurants. Will return.

Roland Smith

Wonderful presentations of an eclectic collection in a manageable facility at a great price.

Jessica Simpson

Great museum. Perfect size, interesting exhibits, gift shop supports and features many local artists.

Arvin Hartmann

Many great pieces. Many the same as the last time we were there, making harder to keep things interesting. Made me into a guide, looking at details and methods.

Cynthia Bagley

Art exhibits change regularly, diverse and interesting movie lineup in the theatre, lots to do in addition to viewing the exhibits.

Jonathan Tracy

Great museum, with a variety of art from the abstract, to Impressionist, to classic. My personal favorites were the Monet pieces, and some stunning marbles. Absolutely worth a visit if you're in the Portland area; it's a great way to spend a few hours, the staff is inconspicuous but helpful, and they have some delightful collections. Also, Fridays after 4pm are free admission!

James Doyle

This is probably the best art museum in the United States, north of Boston. It is medium-sized, so it is possible to fully explore it in about two and a half hours. It has some excellent pieces and a gallery dedicated to art depicting Maine. It is housed between two buildings; a modern, purpose-built structure which holds the majority of the collection and patron services, and a historic house, which appears to have lost its original charm through renovation. It is largely devoid of art, but I expect that this will change. Located in the tourist center of downtown Portland. Free on Friday evenings.

Jason M.

Have visited multiple times, happy with the displays and lighting. Great selection of Modern and Contemporary works on view.

Bethesda TM

Each summer the museum has a special exhibit and this year's was wonderful! I learned a great deal about the crafts movement and how instrumental Maine was in its development. I loved learning that iconic Dale Chichuly, glass sculptor has roots in Maine. Thank you for another stimulating afternoon of discovery

Bert Bingel

A fantastic collection of art across all genres.

Philip Candelmo

One of a kind! The architecture is professional kind, that we don't see anymore

Shea Murphy

Not the best art museum I've ever visited, however, the collection of local works is pretty decent and the staff is knowledgable.

Frances Doucette

Loved it as I always do.

Robert Morrill

Removed Dark Harbor Fisherman for upcoming Wyeth exhibit in October.

Keith Reeves

What an excellent collection. Diverse, well curated, a world class museum.

Dylan Agosta

I was actually impressed for it being a museum in Maine! Free Friday evenings otherwise kind of pricey, I'll be back... but only on a Friday evening.

Louise-Lora Somlyo

Excellent museum, free on Fridays, otherwise rather high entrance costs for working families. Good variety of art & artists.

Johan Halvorsen

Amazing! I visited for my first time and was very impressed. There are a lot of famous artists represented.

Robert Small

If on a visit , you should put this in your itinerary . small for an art Museum , but classy in my opinion

boyi LIM

Cool museum with interesting exhibits. Anyone age under 21 gets to go in for free!

Benjamin Berman

Free Fridays! 4pm to close! Brilliant idea

Douglas Kapocsi

This museum has some outstanding pieces in their collection. Well worth taking the time to browse. Gift shop and cafe are more than adequate as well.

Pete Grannis

A much larger museum than expected, and a broad spectrum of works to fill it. There is an intimacy in the way some of the world’s most well known artists are presented, such that it felt to me like a gift to see their work.

Tracy Delossantos

Great museum in Portland. Very friendly staff. Some great pieces of art that we truly enjoyed.

Karen Klockson

Beautiful sand. Best beach in this area.

Ryan Casey

There's a impressive collection at the museum for being a somewhat smaller place. They do an especially good job of getting good featured exhibits.

Miguel Campos

A very beautiful museum with a large collection of 20th Century works and large blown glass collection.

Miss Tish

We had a great time at this museum, it's beautiful and filled with priceless works of art, sculptures, etc. There were interactive displays as well. We got discounted tickets on Groupon and enjoyed a great afternoon!

Dieter Hoeltzel

Beautiful museum with a lot of great works.


I love Romanticism and was surprised to find it here. I loved the Grant marble sculpture and the Dead Pearl Diver. Beautiful! I also enjoyed the photograph portrait exhibit. One star docked because I didn't like most of the art in the museum. But the stuff that I liked made it all worth it.

Kelly Turner

The first friday of every month is free! They have a great variety of art and a gift shop and also a place to get snacks!

Jeff Smith

Best little museum in New England, except for Worcester Art Museum! Ask to see Haystack Mtn School of Crafts exhibit, and blue Hill Frank Hamabe collection!

Robert Zulkeski

A great place to visit while we were waiting to check in at our inn. Saw Under Pressure by Andy Warhol which was a treat and lots of different types of art like abstracts, landscapes and sculptures. Definitely worth a look.

Lisa Maniscalco

Excellent. Loved it! Crystal queen of the life rings!

Colin Sheehan

My gf and I were delighted by this museum. Great walk about date place and enough going on to stay fresh for multiple visits it looks like. Check out the action at the cafe and movies as well as talks as that sounds like the place to be. Will be going back for sure. Also if you have bank of america they are part of the free access program so flash that card if you got it I guess!

Cheryl Anderson

Great exhibit on Haystack!

MB Davidson

The collection is growing and the special exhibits are lively and worthwhile. Definitely worth a visit.

Bob S

Beautiful museum. Enjoyed exhibits and cafe in lower level. Parking in that area is hard to find.

Karen Messier

We really enjoyed looking at all the different things they have in the museum.

Jennifer Clark

Free Fridays with a beautiful space that includes Monet, Degas, Wyeth, Sargent, and Winslow Homer.

Greg Manns

I loved it here, this museum has such a great assortment of art and so much of it with a local flair, it was great. I'd love to come back, it was such a nice way to spend part of the day, meandering about. Not only that, but they had so much artwork that moved me. That's not always the case when I go to other art museums. Let's put it this way, I found far more art here that spoke to me than I did at the much larger and more prestigious Philadelphia Museum of Art, but then again, I might just be more partial to New England art being a New Englander. A painting of a moody lighthouse is closer to my world than a painting of Rome.

Kelly Hamilton

Great exhibits. Even my 7 year old niece enjoyed a lot of it. Was impressed by the variety of art. I tend towards the classics myself but found some of the pieces for the temporary exhibit expressed as constellations as really fascinating.

Priscilla Jones

Love this place

Larry Wawrzenski

Nice local museum with world class items. I will be back.

Nancy Barto

Great art! Wonderful artist. Beautiful building.

Susa Bernard

The art collection is amazingly good morning multi sided. I love coming here every time I'm in town

Bill Kass

Awesome use of space for displays.

mia sewall

Lovely place, we so enjoyed our visit. Did a little mindfulness meditation at the Noguchi exhibit--- a staff person gave a little presentation on Noguchi and the Zen aesthetic, then we did a meditation. The whole experience was lovely.

Elizabeth Fraser

I love our city museum! Always great exhibits and lots of inspiration.

Lindsay Pettingill

Small but well worth a visit. We saw the temporary exhibit on Haystack and it was lovely, especially the textiles.

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