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1 Freeport Village Station Suite 130, South St, Freeport, ME 04032 Located in: Freeport Village Station

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REVIEWS OF Nordica Theatre IN Maine

steve stockford

Man is this place clean, empty too. Movie was OK.

Nick Pascarella

Michael Cuskelly

Great movie venue. love rhe stadium seating.

Andrew Mass


Evan Libby

Great theater in downtown Freeport with easy and convenient parking. Very clean and friendly staff.

Shawn Ruest

Little high price on popcorn n soda


We're thankful to have the stadium seating & surround aound so close to home! Makes paying a premium for a movie - well worth it!

tylar pelletier

Very fun place to take the family

Chelsey Chambers

Extremely comfortable seats! Love the stadium seating arrangement as well. Good variety of snack options for being a smaller/local movie theater.

e graham

Bob Smith

Justin Ober

Nice, average theatre. Seats are close together, yet comfortable. Purchasing tickets is hassle-free.

David Yang

Colleen Drew


Colin Kelley

Great small, modern theater, comfortable seats. Get there early so you can sit in the stadium section. My only issue with the facilities are the safety lights along the stairways. They are brighter than sunlight. If they could dim those a bit more (or put a lampshade on them!) the theater would be perfect!

Celia Mawhinney

Alyx Wharton

Gil Edwards

A new theater with decent seating; but the screen size is comparatively small. Also noted some sort of stains or dirt on the screen which was very visible with light backgrounds and colors in the movie. Found it very distracting. Only one set of rest rooms located at one end of the theater. If you're viewing on a screen at the opposite end better just try to wait until the movie is over. Cash register and snack bar is inconveniently located. Not much room to move or get quick service if they are busy as the clerk you're buying tickets from is also fixing your snacks.

logan sweeney

Lovely-looking cinema.....But the films are dreadful....I think they should show more artsy films similar to the films shown at the NICKELODEON in Portland...The staff are too aggressive in trying to sell their overpriced popcorn and candy....The cinema is poorly-designed....The restrooms are on one side....A better design would be to have the restrooms in the center of the cinema...The stadium seats are comfortable, and the cinema is never overcrowded...

Thomas Peters, II

Small theater but comfortable and the prices are fair. Not impressed with the ads before the show but I guess that's what it is like in most theatres. Miss the ads and get there just in time for the start of the show.

Bethany Watts

always my first choice in theaters! Love the fact that its smaller than most and its NEVER absolutely freezing.

Ernest Grendell

Nice, clean theatre

Lisa Ann

Love the stadium seating. very comfortable. My issue is with the management. She is rude and abrasive and after asking you abruptly if you want candy or popcorn, she is annoyed when you do. The employees know their job, she micromanages and complains and is rude every time I go there. She obviously hates her job. The other employees are very friendly but you don't see the same faces for long...wonder why. The bathrooms being so far away is really a chore if you have a small child and you are at the other end of the theater.

Brittany Weymouth

Much comfier seats than the average theater. Wasn't crowded when we went, which means we got to pick out a great spot. Prices are reasonable and the movie starts pretty much on time.

James Haines

Popcorn taste like any other popcorn for any movie theater you go to lol... Candy is expensive true, like every other movie theater in the world. My only issue with this place is the small number of screens means little variation during peak movie months. Smaller movies and 90% of R movies never even show up here.

Ford Jacka

Cool, comfortable, great sound system. Screen was small for a theater and I think was digital not film, I could occasionally see pixels,. Would go again

hannah elisabeth

Justin Sas

Fantastic operation, mini movie theater with bar and food , great for groups

Michelle Mahar

James Lincoln

Quaint theatre... Convenient location

Susan Taylor

An off duty employee was hanging around chatting with the other employees instead of welcoming customers. The popcorn was not eatable. It tasted like the oil or butter was starting to turn rancid. We have always liked this cinema but felt that our last visit was not as we remembered it.

Bradley Dunn

Awesome place to catch a movie!

Tracy G Maine

M.A. O'Brien

Excellent local theater. The latest technology, Toy Story 4, a large icee and AC on a hot day. Good way to spend a rainy afternoon in Freeport Maine.

Kenneth Weaver

We come here every year. The matinee price is only $7.00.

william berry


Paul Bennett

Wednesday evening is Customer Appreciation Day and you get $6.00 tickets.

Brittany Moon

Quinnigan Lotus

The movie I saw was great! A little disappointed when I found out the popcorn wasn't glutton free though. #change

Lisa Caron

Susan Harper

Great place

John Bernier

Andrew Miley

Avi Singh

Comfy seats, never too crowded, decent popcorn they have slushies, decent screen size clean restrooms, and more open to cosplay than any other theater I know

Danielle Hart

Scott Bisson

Vie Nadeau-Carney

Friendly staff, wasn't busy at all. Popcorn was delicious, comfortable seating. Can't complain!

GutterGirl Acidron

Had a great time!


Diane RRossman

Great place! Small and costs less than the big theaters. Love it.


Becky McCarthy

I enjoined going tot this theater it was clean and the restroom also the one thing I didn't like I bought a combo popcorn and drink when I went to get a refill I was told I couldn't have one because I threw my cup away but I did have my slip was never told that I needed to keep my cup just have my slip

Jess Dorr

Sylvain Laliberté

(Translated by Google) I just love it (Original) J'adore

TJ Hubbard

Tiffany Jones

it was amazing i loved the costumer service and the ticket prices i just had one problem the bathrooms my son had to use the bath room right in the middle of the movie but he did not because it was on the other side of the theater so he waited until the end credits to go

Amber Kunzweiler

Jim to Thorne

Olivia Moulton

Paula Deas

Tyler Swanson

Jake Mangels

Clean, modern-appointed theater. Seats recline which is great. Place is located right in downtown Freeport so it is walking distance to all the popular shopping and dining. Would visit again if we are ever back in Maine.

Hunter Ingerson

It's relatively a good place, i've been going there for some time now and I've never seen the staff mess anything up. They even do a free movie day for local students once or twice a year, so very supportive of our community!!!!

Christopher Matheson

Great staff. We all love a good film

Chandler Hall

Best sound in the area.

Diane Vachon

Matt Muehlemann

It's a small theater with very friendly staff. The viewing rooms are not the biggest and there is a lot of light pollution when people enter and exit the theater.

Jeff Wilson

Marc Dionne

Comfortable seats. Nice venue for entertainment

shailendra singh

Decent place to go and watch movies. Small and cozy!

Anna Doody

The chairs are so comfy I highly recommend going here

Callie McMahon

Bought tickets online the morning of Dec 26th. Showed up for the show and the place was closed. No note on the door or anything. There was an employee showing up for his shift who was equally surprised to find the place closed. Now I have to try to get a refund for my tickets.

Zephyr Shadowsong

First and foremost, a pretty dated theater with similarly dated facilities and amenities. The popcorn is stale at best, and the candy is often melted or past expiration. But the real problem that my husband and I have had with this place is the staff. The ASSISTANT MANAGER, on top of maintaining an unprofessional appearance, also maintains an unprofessional, rude and condescending attitude. We were charged for 4 tickets for a showing, not given a copy of the receipt, and then passive-aggressively accused of attempting to steal from the theater when we brought it to his attention. On top of this, the assistant manager was unaware of their own policy regarding military discounts. Mind you, a discount policy that is literally POSTED maybe ten feet from his face at the register. Save your money, folks. Go elsewhere.

Edwin Kieschnick

I was VERY cold watching a movie tonight. I mentioned that I was freezing in their theater as I left. Their response was that "oh, our theaters run cold." I said I thought it was unbelievably cold as I had on long johns, a fleece top and pants, and my winter coat and was still very cold. Them, "well our thearters are cold." I said I thought maybe saying they were sorry might have been a better response ! At that point they told me I was being rude. Wow! Rude, telling them how uncomfortable I was. Last time we will ever pay to be freezing AND insulted! No stars from me, but they wouldn't let me post unless I gave them a star! Unbelievable!

Carol Gardiner

Love this place

Brandon Meyers

Nice small local theatre. Great seats, screens, and popcorn!

Lori Stilkey



This is a nice little theater that is very close to our residence and is right in the middle of downtown Freeport. It is easy to get in and out of since the free parking is adjacent to the theater. They have a nice thing going on now that all ticket prices are $7 across the board on Wednesdays except for the 3D movies which are $9. The pricing structure is as follows: Customer Appreciation Day (Bargain Wednesday) All tickets – All Day $7 for regular features Golden Ticket Tuesdays, All Seniors 62 and over only $6 for regular features Bargain Matinees every day – all tickets $7 for regular features Otherwise an adult is $9.50 and a child $7 The bathrooms are clean and well-maintained. The theaters are also very clean and well-maintained despite the individuals who simply throw their trash on the floor during and after the movie. The sound is terrific and isn't overbearing or too loud like some theaters that I've been in. I noticed in some of the reviews that people were upset with the management. Just don't buy your tickets online. When you buy your tickets online they add an additional $6 to your order. It doesn't make any sense. You do need to be observant when you purchase your tickets since I was charged for adults when I clearly had brought children to the theater. You need to specifically identify children who are 12 and under to be able to get the child discount. Even with these things being said, we have come to the theater and have seen several different movies and will continue to visit this theater in the future. If you found this review to be helpful please click the 'like' button. Thank you.

Ryan Decker

Clean beautiful spacious theater. Great management. Good staff. Yummy popcorn. Good selection of movies. It's a hit for me :)

Dustin Astbury

Christopher Knowles

John McFadden

It's a great place for staff is kind and generous.. I like to call it the intimate movie theater not too many people just right

Matthew Carr

Comfortable seating, never too busy, decent selection for it's size.

Jake Junkins

Chris Lewis

Jim Merritt

Never met a friendly worker there

Tod VZ

Not up to par with other movie going experiences these days. While other theaters have upgraded their systems and seats, the Nordica has not. While watching First Man last night in a moment when something tragic happened (no spoilers!) we could hear "We Will Rock You" through the walls from Bohemian Rhapsody (particularly not-well timed). The picture quality was marred by the red glow of the exit sign right next to the screen. If you don't care about things like this, then it'll probably be okay for you.

J Hutcheson

Nice, clean theater. Convenient parking.

Sophia Concolino

Best theater seats, always my first choice. Yes, there is a mob at the front if its an opening night for a movie but its a small local theater. parking is easy. and its not too cold!

Emma Dudley

Thomas Romano

Danielle Curry

Lawrence Meader

Patrick Flowers

Took the kids here while the wife was shopping. Nice little theater.

Dan Hassler


Garys Ramirez


קולונוע נוח מאד

Christian Brocard

Tyrrell Hunter

Awful popcorn and limited, expensive assortment of candy. Wish movie theater owners would be more creative about snacks! Great seats, though.

Don Beam

Urban Yardology

Toni Seymour

Always a pleasure

Lorene DeWolfe

I purchased a half price coupon good for 2 tickets and 2 small popcorns for the Nordica Theater. I live just outside of Portland where I have access to several, closer theaters to choose from but I really wanted to try Nordica. I assume that's why they were offering such a good deal because they wanted people to make the trip to Freeport. I checked the tickets to make sure they were valid since it was a Sun-Thurs was Tues so we were all set. When I tried to use them the very nice kid said they weren't valid because the movie was an advanced premier screening for a new film. I asked to speak with the manager who was standing right there and she repeated what he had said. I told her that nowhere on the mobile website did it mention that this movie was an advanced premier screening. She said it's on the discount tickets, which I saw, but didn't know that the MOVIE we selected was a premier screening. Am I supposed to know which movies are and which aren't? They should specifically say so on their website. I said it was disingenuous because nowhere on their mobile website did it mention this. She kept repeating that she couldn't take them and she couldn't do anything about're the manager! I was so frustrated, I wanted to leave but we bought the tickets anyway since we were already there. I will not return to this theater.

Whitney Chantel

Clean place with friendly staff

Emily Wallace

love this theater good movie popcorn and seats are great. also they have pretty good prices

Victor Robinson

SoccerTrixx With Cameron and Ethan

I'm from Freeport and I love the feel that Its so close to everything. The service is great and makes it an enjoyable time!

Bobby D

Nina Tilander

William Walsh

Sy Ferr

Small, comfortable theater. Seating is steep enough to see over rows in front of you. Good sound system.

Jana Craven

Clean nice place

Evelyn Brine

lu macd

Nam Tran

Heather Favreau

Alecia Wenslow

Good place to go after walking around shopping the Freeport outlets. However, they have limited selection of films they show.


Comfortable seating. Wish blockbuster were not theatre one! Wish they would honor our military with discount like Westbrook does. The candy lane should be separate from ticket register- would prevent log jam! At Christmas, a family of 8 went to see Peanuts and they all got food!

Kendra B

Janet Leaver

We walked in to see Operation Finale and were told the 6:35 show was replaced by a new show. The day before said the show would run at 6:35..T,W. Th. I did not check the schedule the day we went as I was told on the website the day before that it would run. Very disappointing..only response was a shoulder shrug and a smile. Not satisfactory. We will not return. We traveled a bit and we're not happy with the lack of apology.

Michael Carvalho

Took the kids to watch a movie and glad I did. We really enjoyed ourselves. This place is clean and handicap equipped.

jay dawge

Ron R

Cynthia Warner

Nice theater

Tom Armistead

Nice staff, place is clean and comfortable seats.

eric stanley

Kirsten Plummer

Nordica used to be a quiet theater we enjoyed frequenting. However our last visit has unfortunately convinced us not to return. We came on a slow weekday and were the only ones in the lobby.. the ONLY ones.. no one was at the counter. We waited around for a little while before the manager finally came down the hall. When I say this man was rude.. it was like we were inconveniencing him by being there. And listen, I know all about up selling your products. But when we've told you repeatedly we don't want a giant bucket of popcorn or any candy, please stop asking. When we got into the auditorium, the floor was so sticky, my flats almost came clear off my feet! And there were candy rappers and popcorn shoved into the seats. Sorry, but this place has gone downhill. Rude manager, dirty seating, we won't be back

Jack Smail

It's a great place to go see a movie.. comfortable, clean, and we always have a great time there.

Jeong Seok Park

Robert Mcguire

Great place to see movies in Freeport for $6 on Tuesday for seniors and for $7 on Wednesday for everyone.

Kevin Forster

This place has a great location with free garage parking and a wonderful restaurant across the street. If only they could figure out how to handle ticket line and concession lines. There is always a mob at the front door.

Jim Ramsey

Pleasantly surprised to find full recliner seating in this small town theater!

Tyler Graham

I really wanted to like this place, but the manager was very rude and condescending. We bought our tickets online and showed up right before the start of a sold out movie (which I admit was our fault) and asked to exchange our tickets to a later showtime. The girl at the counter was friendly enough but she needed the manager to exchange tickets. Well, let's just say the manager was less than courteous. She proceeded to tell us, "next time you should show up earlier" and pretty much acted like this one simple request was akin to slapping her elderly grandmother. No thank you, I'll just get my money refunded. I was going to give them my money; I wanted to. I will never go back there, at least until they get new management.

Talicia Smith

Love it

Dale Harrington

Brian Clark

Convenient. Great sound and picture. Priced right both tickets and concession. Friendly staff.

Ethan Scharf

Clean, good movie selection, good prices!

Michael Tuminaro

Kathleen Malmstrom

Joe Friant

Nice little theater, would like to see a register for just tickets for those who don't need refreshments. Can hold up the line.

Bart Simpson

Judith Brooks


Joe Janco

Priscilla Jones

Great sound system and clean.

Percy Gowell

Catherine Gourlaouen

Gretchen Hutchings

Roy Whittaker

Great local theater

Kelsey Frost


Nice clean and great staff

cameron strong


Jameson Hobbs

It's an okay little theater with a great location in Freeport. But the general manager is a very small, unpleasant individual and can't even be pleasant to a customer who is going out of there way to be polite. Avoid based on who runs it.

Joe LeClair

Good theatre. My only complaint is I wish it had an Imax.

Patrick Kennedy

B Ridley48

Newer theater and good location however staff is always rude and not polite. Whenever film time displays are down they dont post them. Never open at time time displayed on door, opened 5 minutes before first film listed which was half hour later than opening time on door. Shuts down games in game room and wont turn them on if asked. Always pushes out guest waiting for end of credit scenes. Overall need better managment that actually cares and will be better, staff reflects managment and nit wanting to be there.

Mel Craven

We were the only ones in the theater

Bru Love

The stadium seating is the only real attraction to this theater. We had half price tickets and brought the section of the passes that CLEARLY stated, "surrender this portion to the merchant" and the manager rudely told us we needed the whole page. She begrudgingly accepted them groaning and complaining the entire time. We were then sold stale "fresh" popcorn and melted junior mints. Whoever approved the layout of the theater should be fired and banned from designing anything else. The bathrooms are way over on one side of the theater. The only entrance is right in the middle of the theater. So if you are unfortunate enough to need to use the restroom when a movie is getting ready to start, you have to fight a crowd to get to the bathroom. There is only one ticket/snack bar line so again, you have to fight a crowd. The manager is to busy micro-managing and complaining to step in and help. They could simplify things with a velvet rope to clearly define a ticket only line and snack bar only line. It would allow traffic to flow through the lobby for people who's money they've already taken.


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