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REVIEWS OF Flagship Thomaston IN Maine

Elizabeth Ahern

Always so clean and the staff are always so pleasant!

Amy Taylor

Fun for all ages

Jacob Ecker

Stevedore Votes

Easy place to work if you love films, popping popcorn and sweeping it up, candy, nachos, and soda. I have worked here twice and watched over a hundred films at Flagship Cinema 10. I have not been there since, but I imagine is has become even better. I will visit soon and reapply in the 2020 or 2030s. Hehe.

the flop

Jordan Batschi

The prices are ok, and the seats are fine, nothing fancy

Duane Hodgkins

Nice lots of room not crowded

Kelly Burk

Went and watched the new Star Trac movie with my boyfriend Jeff. Good movie. Popcorn was cold and old . Seats were uncomfortable after awhile . But it was something to do on a snowy day and evening out .

susan lombardo

love the new seats. popocorn and service is good.

jake borzelli


Edna Cates

They have been updating. More comfortable seating.

Julia Ahouse

Lisa Lucke

The place was a mess. Our theater had not been cleaned before our movie started. Our seats still had dirty food by them.

Cyndie Bourgeois

Jeff Morris

Reasonable prices for new movies. Has comfy seating

Patrick Courtney

Meme King

Lol I Like Turtels =]


i love it here its one of my 2 favorite movie theatres to go to.

Geoff Allen

Good prices.

TheShadow Gamer

It was great there cause they had great popcorn and great seats too.


I figured I would re-write my review. This is the second posting not the first. I want to see wonder woman last night which was a great movie except… Again I could not hear the movie because it is so low! Is there something I'm missing here? You can hear the rustling of every popcorn bag in the whispers of every person in the movie theater. I was not alone! It was a smaller theater and half of us were able to all say the same thing, the volume is horrible! I went out and told the manager not once but twice because nothing happened. Is this the loudest this movie theater gets?? Not impressed. I'm leaving at two stars

Jess Olson

Maegen Robinson

Clyde Mcmannamy

Great improvement in seating, new seats are very comfortable!

Michael Heat

Typical Flagship Cinema.

Danny Jackson

Ashton Parker

It was awesome the seats were comfy kind staff and great popcorn lol

Annie Oakley

Comfortable seats. Love early screenings of new movies on Thursdays.

Sarah Denne

Love it

Stephen Bachinski


Comfortable seats & kind staff. Good selection of FIL'S too!

Brooke Pease

Great little place for an afternoon movie, however the seats could be comfier.

ben mullen

I was one with the force.

Nsmed_ 88

Mary Libby

Very friendly. I love to take the kidos to the movies on Tuesdays in the summer. Great seats. Had a wonderful time.

Luke Smith

Great movies

Matt Porter

Decent prices. Theaters are ok. Usually a bit on the messy side.

Alexander Mansfield

I like the updated seats but it's very cold in the theaters. I was wearing my winter coat the whole time and my gloves. They also used to have a claw machine and other games. Not sure why they got rid of them.

Katie Vinal

Emily Belden

Christopher Noice

This is a good theater as far as service goes for the most part(mostly kids with their 1st job) however the theater is in need of updates from their concession area to the bathrooms to the theaters but they did put in some of those comfy chairs however they dont recline like the ones in more modern theaters.

Hillary Johansen

Flagship is pretty much the only game in this Midcoast area, as the other theatre - The Strand - really only does classic and indie films between their musical presentations. Flagship is okay, the seats have been repaired to be more comfortable and the sound system is fine. There are some projection problems with start times, but nothing has happened to me personally that ruined the movie. Their prices are average for the area and the popcorn is fine. The big issue I have with Flagship is that while it does have the "popular popular" movies, it rarely gets a decent selection of overall films and sometimes brings in odd religious movies that no one wants to see. For instance, they shafted "Lady Bird" a highly reviewed critical film for an odd religious cartoon and in favor of more Star Wars screens than necessary for the population, and never got "The Disaster Artist" or "The Shape of Water," two films which have both buzz and an audience in the area. Their film selection group should be more... open. I want to go to Flagship more, but often, my greatest disappointment is looking at their "currently showing" page.

Linda Strout

nyome carpenter

Judy Leo

Saw Downton Abbey; it was great!

Kris Lowell

I'm not a super frequent movie goer in Thomaston (I like IMAX) but do go a couple of times a year. The last time being early this month to see Long Shot. Despite two of us being 43 & 45 we were ID'd for this R Rated movie which I found absolutely ridiculous. Once inside the theater ( I will say the new seats or OK, wish they reclined) a couple had a dog in the theater. There was no vest indicating that it is was a service dog. I will say the dog was well behaved but I was grilled about an ID and a dog strolls in and has it's own seat?

Xahbo Jones

Many screens for local theater

Jennifer Bragdon

The cushy seats are great for my son that can't sit still. It gives him enough room that even if he moves a little it doesn't distract others enjoyment of the movie. We go weekly to their Camp Flagship free movies and my kids love it!

Jpaulestes Estes


Visiting the area we went to a movie at this theater. I found the place to be a mess. Popcorn on the floor all over the lobby and the bathroom needed to be cleaned, Other comments are right on regarding the seats. Big but not comfortable. They look like they should recline but don't. Lumbar support is lacking and my spouse's foot could not reach the floor. Comfort wise poor. Sounds system was only adequate (saw the latest Jurassic world). Another reviewer mentioned the lack of bass and I agree. In short, it's way to expensive of a theater to have these short comings. Feel sorry for the local residents. I'd probably increase my Netflix usage.

Ron D

Steven Heller

Lots of screens

Robert Young

Its cheep and convenient. Sticky floors and hearing other movies through the walls is a bonus. That said its where I take my kids regularly. And continue to do so.

Rebecca Hart

Free movies in the summer.. they are reruns but something to do when it's too hot or raining

Michael Flanagan

Fun place, calm and clean.

Trevor p

Chairs are so comfortable. Great place to end a evening

John Bryant

Rootsnoot Thnute

The ticket clerk thought the ticket I had was a fake, despite proof to the contrary. The clerk also refused to consult the employee who I had bought the ticket from so I couldn't get that employee to confirm that I had already bought a ticket, and I had to buy another. The experience was made worse by the fact that the theater wasn't being managed, so most of the people in it were sitting in the wrong seats, which led to a lot of theater goers getting upset at eachother.

carol kelley

Handicap accessible

Denise Alderson

Loved it!

Deakan Black

This place is always a mess and always freezing! Not impressed to witness an employee frequently vape on the job and drink straight from the icee machine. Upsetting to see a place with great potential lack cleanliness & respect.

Susan Kanellakis

Uncomfortable seats and having to reserve seats is outrageous. I won't be back

Jeremy Lee

Love the place, have been going here since The Strand, switched from its two screen format to the new independent film screenings. Flagship Thomaston has great seats, plush red leather, combined with the traditional fold up movie theater seats. Popcorn at their venue is crack, literally. Great candy choices and drink choices. One dissatisfaction I am going to point out is that when a new movie gets release they have a assigned seats system which in my opinion should be left with the larger chains, not Flagship, I guess I am old fashion. In conclusion, its a great cineplex for family get togethers or even for those who want to see a great movie on a solo occasion, you'll be happy that you visited.

Judie Bowman

The seating is comfortable. I don't like having to choose my seat at ticket purchase.

Energizer Bunny

Location was ideal for near and local from islands.


clean and comfortable.

Stephen Bowen

I am amazed at how awful this theatre has become. I mean, it was never great - a pretty average to below-average multiplex - but it must have undergone a change or ownership or something because it looks awful. They have serve-yourself soda fountains now, so they can cut back on staff, and have moved the ticket booth to the concession stand for the same reason. Just more and more budget cuts, so longer lines and worse service. Worse still is the movie experience,. I don't know if this is new or not, but the theatre floors have these glowing red aisle lights, which project a red glow onto the screen. There is no such thing as a dark scene in a movie in this place anymore, because dark scenes have this bright red glow. The sound system stinks too, and you get to watch an endless stream of ads before the movie even starts. In short, it is too bad there are not more theaters around, but for the few times a year I actually go to movies, will try someplace else. Just a disappointing experience all around and getting worse, it seems to me, by the day. Avoid it.

Bryden Evans

Natalie Witherell

Great seats!!

Joy Auciello

Courtney Cole

Nice atmosphere and good selection of films. Concession pricing is absurd however. Two adult tickets, two sodas and a bucket of popcorn was nearly $50. Was not impressed by that.

Georgia Meservey

bre who

Super comfy recliner style seating!!

Christine Simmonds

Great movie theater, but a little pricey.


I have been here about 10 times and I have never had a issue with anything. The employees are friendly and seem to enjoy their jobs! Keep up the great work. A perfect example of a good company showing excellent service. My family loves to go here over other cinemas.

Peter Hill

Comfy seats, but the volume was way too loud.

Michael Martineau

Very irritating that more times then not the ads leading up to the previews are sound no picture, very irritating and has been happening for months

Sheldon Overlock

Kinda small theatre, but great prices on Tuesday and staff is friendly!

Sheldon Sanborn


Evonne Nova

Free movie on ur urself fountain drinks and butter flavoring for popcorn. Pick ur seat (assigned seats) when u buy ur tickets.


They really need to have a sound check speakers are way off to loud all in front not the way surround should be

Christine deLorimier

Movies often interrupted and they don't refund.

Ginger Poland

Katarina Payor

Vivian L Chavez

Never had to pick my seats. This Theatre you have this option.

Rami Hollingsworth

Small but a lot of movie s and time choices. Very clean theater.

Garry Sheu

Clean and decent captain seats, assigned or choose your seating when you buy the tickets

David Steeves

Nice, comfortable seating. Ticket prices are comparable with other theaters

Michael and Erika Frank

Clean. Limited selection on the concessions

Christopher Hanley

Jessica Bailey

Very upset that Flagship does not take care of those individuals who need see someone with them for many reasons. They expect staff to purchase a ticket when working with the elderly or those with disabilities. Sure we can walk them to the theater but what if they need the restroom they could fall trying to get out cause it's dark in the theater and no one is with them. Its a safety reason more then anythany. I will be now going elsewhere to attend movies. I will go to a theater that's more accommodating to the needs of others.

Ileanna Miller

I honestly love it a whole lot

Penny Myers

One of my favorite places to go to get out of the cold.

carl sager

Guy Barter

Most of it has new seeting, the prices are outrageously high at the snack bar, new movies and sound is average.

Justin H. Wells

Vivian Chavez

Enjoy this Theatre...Comfortable seating...

Jeremy Mushero

Great seats

Jonathan Powers

Clean and the staff pleasant

Mike Morrison

Zach Ryan

Nice theater. They have comfy seating.

Corey Dennison

Comfortable seats and non-sticky floors. Reasonable ticket prices.

rylee harford

it was good the movies had really good qulaty but the popcorn was not the best and either was the service or the tone in the works voice

Kathleen Zwick

I have no choice but to go here as it is close and have many movies I want to see. However, it has the worst sound system In midcoast Maine.

Yvonne Rosenfield

I have always like this theater and love the 1:00 movies. The last time I went the awful seats for 300 pound people were so uncomfortable I have not been back. I like the old seats. Our feet didn't touch the ground and my back hurt when we left. I sit up straight. We are both 5 ft 2. Beside you blasting my ear drums with the sound. I agree with the prices. GREED will be the downfall of America. Please let me know if you have any regular seats there. Just turn the speakers down, so we don't all leave with headaches. If yo do this I and 2 friends will comeback

Terri Sukeforth

Bathrooms are a nightmare!

Cathy Lielausis

Could be cleaner

Jeannine Roux

Deneen Fleming

Pretty good. Better than I remember. Clean n movie John Wick 3 was amazing.

Joshua Olson

Small capacity theaters with comfortable seats.

Jennifer Bryant

Only Movie Theater for miles. Very friendly staff. The seats were VERY uncomfortable. They look like they would recline but they don’t. My feet didn’t even rich the floor. Made my back hurt.


Honestly my favorite place to hang out with friends. Good prices, good service, nice screen rooms and very well maintained. Countless memories were made here!

Sarah Runnion-Bareford

Nathalie Watson

Comfy seats

Jared Rolfe

Good movie theater. Very limited show times but comfy seats

Steph Merando

Comfy seating and pleasant workers

Sohbet Artists

Friendly staff and clean! And sofa seating!!

Victoria Burns

Comfy seats good price on tickets and snacks.

Ronald Smith

Love this place very relaxing to see a movie. Nice seats.

Jason Lund

nathan garnett

Some of the best popcorn cause you can do your own butter and salt! plus soda fountain so free refills and you can get both popcorn and a drink for under 10 dollars so its not 40$ to go on a date to the movies. I love this place and the staff is good too sometimes there's new people, but I've always had positive experiences here. The seats don't recline though even though some look like they may. I find the seats very comfortable though. Plus the tickets are way cheaper here. 7.25 matinee and 9.25 standard or something like that.

Whitney Merrill

Nice plush seats!

Jacob Post

Good local moive place

tony stark

Good show. Wish seats reclined

Keenan Haynes

Abby is the best worker there, no offense to anyone else.

Kitzi Benner

Very comfortable seats. Very loud volume.

Farah Altaee

Jenna Locke


Okay theatre. The new seats are unfortunately not comfortable. And, the ticket prices reflect the seat overhaul. And having to choose seats before going into the theatre means everyone has to be at the theatre at the same time. Not all the screens have the new seats which is a solace.

Avery Smith

Always been pleased with the service and showings at Flagship. Never had any problems, food is standard movie theater fare. Seats are not too fancy but plenty comfortable. Staff is friendly and polite.

Michael and Carol Blackburn

Nice and clean.

Robin Cougle

The prices are high for tickets as well as concessions. But the place is well maintained and the staff friendly

Nikolas Cole

A great local movie theater. Offering both 2D and 3D films (3D is only offered on some films) friendly staff and good prices. Go on your birthday (with proof e.g. birth certificate) and depending on how long the movie has been running you get to see your free!

Wade Phillips

Over priced

Ruth Wiggin

Always too cold no matter whT time of year




The place is always a mess and whenever I go to see my movie there is an employee who literally vapes in front of customers. The bathroom is very unsanitary and there is always poop in the stalls, and they let employees drink straight from the ice machine.

William Welte

It has movies.

Bob Mattoon

Some how they don't keep up with their internet postings. Very annoying!

B umfoster

Very clean Cinema, with extremely comfortable seating and very friendly and courteous staff.

Sara Spencer

Saphire Ensworth

This place is amazing!!!!

Paul Dube

Seats are comfortable and the staff are friendly.

Katherine Read

Ticket prices raised by $2 apiece and web site had not been updated. Lobby and bathrooms were filthy. Employees were adequate but unknowledgeable/unhelpful. Spacious seats and aisles did make it easier to bring a group of small children out to the movies.

Charlotte Simon

I don't care for the seating. Very cold at times.

Lisa Justice

We were disappointed to find the seats did not recline.

Max Green

This is an aged theater in need of some serious attention. The seats aren't comfortable and the place just seems dirty and tired. I expect to pay high prices for concessions but the deal has to be that the popcorn is fresh and hot. It wasn't. Add in staff that range from don't care to contempt and its clear the only reason this place still operates is because there's nothing else around.


I've been going here for around 15 years and recently they changed the audio system so there's no bass. Action scenes have piercing, boisterous, loud audio that induces migraines, and dialogue scenes are barely audible. This sorry excuse of a theater has now forced me to drive an hour to augusta to watch a new movie.

Jeffrey King

Nice theater

Brenna Schüssler

shirley pfeiffer

I always enjoy the comfort of the movie theatre. Great choice of movies..

Amanda Bunker

Staff at concessions was a little pushy about selling snacks,but otherwise great place

Emmy Ronayne

Joe Schmoe

Good service, clean environment, comfortable seats. I always go here for new movies I wish to see

Chase Weaver

I love it

Charmarie Blaisdell

Not so clean. Popcorn all over everywhere.Lazy-boy-like seats not very comfortable unless you are over 5'6". Go before the show starts. Almost impossible to find your assigned seat (why assigned seats?) in the dark.

Tyler Waltz

The new seats are extremely comfortable, not recliners tho


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