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2454 Lafayette Rd, Portsmouth, NH 03801 Located in: Portsmouth Green Shopping Center

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Here you have the reviews of people who bought the services of Cinemagic Stadium 10 (Movie Theater) in Maine.

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Where is Cinemagic Stadium 10?

REVIEWS OF Cinemagic Stadium 10 IN Maine

Robert De Salazar

Not bad. Not as good as Smitty's but decent. Didn't need to take a loan out for a couple of beers and popcorn. Seats are comfortable.


Clean and cozy theatre. Very nice staff!

John Fontana

Just a suburban movie house. Go to see a movie, then go home. The END.

Vernice Aure

Very nice multi-plex theater. Several different sizes/styles of screens. Good concession stand with several registers. Comfy seats with decent leg room. Lots of wheelchair spots. Lots of bathrooms.

Elizabeth Vanover

Nice theater, comfy seats, good sound system. Concession prices are inline with other movie theaters.

Stephen Campbell

Comfortable seats, nice theater size, pleasant staff

Carolyn Bonde

Plenty of parking, friendly staff, and comfortable seats.

Morris Beal

quickly served nice people clean theatre great sound good movies

sai venky

Nice place with options to eat.

Jacob James

I like the place it was nice, but the items are way overpriced. $5 for a water, and they wonder why people sneak stuff in theaters.

Tom Duffy

Easy to get to in Portsmouth. Lots of parking. Friendly staff greets you right away. Interior speace: lobby, theaters, bathrooms are all clean. Ticket prices are good, especially for retired folks. Try it, you'll like it.

Shar Tegral

Great popcorn and they'll refill it for free!!! Clean, friendly environment as well.


Tickets are less expensive than Regal Cinema. Popcorn is better too.

Max Ehmett

The best cinema in the Southern NH coast area. The seats are very comfortable, the theaters are very professional and clean, and it's not overpriced at all.

Robert De Salazar

Not bad. Not as good as Smitty's but decent. Didn't need to take a loan out for a couple of beers and popcorn. Seats are comfortable.

Liam J

Way better than the Salisbury cinemagic. Better employees and layout

Kendl Vance

Saw Spiderman. I was completely terrified, it was like a series of You Tube's most horrific conspiracy theories with Robert Downey Jr. playing the Role of the Grande Maester. High School perspective and a Less Than Zero sound track, but present day teenagers playing eighties music at the dance, my 11 year old loved it. Maria Tomas's pants were awful! One star for fashion faux past and Four stars for special effects.

Cole Tuininga

Comfortable seating, decent screen and sound. The service in the lobby kept me from going all the way to a "5", but I'm awfully picky too. :)


Clean and cozy theatre. Very nice staff!

Mark Mullin

They switched to automated ticketing and the system screws up more often than it succeeds. If you get past that hurdle everything else is fine.

Kathryn Wilmot

This theater is average. Prices are a little lower than other theatres but you get what you pay for. It has regular stadium seats which you can not reserve ahead of time. It is first come first serve. The food and drink seemed to be average of what you would expect to pay at the movies today. Overall it was a mediocre experience.

Kevin Johnson

Fair pricing, comfortable seating.

Mandy Rowe

Comfy seats, convenient ticket kiosk, game room, lots of snacks

Joe Arnstein

Thanks to the staff, a pleasant place t o enjoy a movie. Thanks to the seats, a much more comfortable one than the mall

Traci Robertson

Good recliner seats, but fewer seats

Brian Fox

Easy in and out, a good theater never too crowded. The serve beer and wine at the concession stand.

Dominique Grey

Always reasonably priced and clean.

Adam Petit

The times that I've been it hasn't been busy and it's been quick and easy to get into the movie. The seats are comfortable and the picture quality is fantastic.

Jeff Bailey

Watch a movie or take a nap!

James Norris

I love this theater! It's clean, convenient and for aome reason no one ever goes there... so no packed theaters.

Gordon Sims

Stadium seating. They serve beer. The concession lines are somewhat slow.

Kelly Torres

Nice clean and small theater. Staff was friendly.

Jeremy Crow

One of the newest cinemas in the area. Quite comfortable and more affordable than the Regal Cinema over in Newington.

Nate Brown

Don't bother driving out to the Regal by the mall, this place is way nicer and the tickets are more affordable.

Enrique Fairpoint

Love this place!

Jonathan Godbout

It's much less scurried then the cinema in the fox run mall, most likely because it's not out of the way. As it is less visited, I prefer it. They have all the same shows, the seating is excellent, and the popcorn is popcorn. They don't let you choose your seats beforehand like some other concerns do so be aware of that.

Randy Bunnell

Great local option for movies. Ticket and concession prices don't gouge you. Friendly staff, great seating, sound and quality rock. Go see a movie here!!!

Tim B.

No assigned seating is what I like best about this place. Other than its spacious and very attractive Lobby.

Leiland Stevens

Wow very nice

Juan Martinez

Super clean and friendly staff!

alan hayes

Reasonable ticket prices, but unreasonable concessions.

Kush Patel

One of the few theaters that the seating isn't assigned so get their early. The seats are decent and the price of the tickets is less than the other theaters by a few dollars which is nice.

Harry Reed

Friendly staff, reasonable prices!

Marielys Santana Soler

Nice and relaxing place to watch movie.

Edmund Tomah

Very nice place to watch a movie

Susan Den Bleyker

Inexpensive, stadium seats, friendly staff.

Ashley Soucy

Great seats, yummy popcorn and good staff. Pricey place, but most theaters are these days!

brian frazier

Super clean and literally got to watch the movie privately... Just the 2 of us... Awesome

Dustin Kee

Comfortable atmosphere and friendly staff. Very clean and well maintained.

Keryn Bernard-Kriegl

No lines choice of seats but they dont recline

dianna cheslock

Empty theater meant it would be easier with my granddaughter

lilly valliere

Slow with food service and not very friendly but the movie theater is clean.

Marissa Leone

I love this movie theater. Greatvprices, wonderful seats, delicious food

Michael Beaule

Nice clean spacious theater.


This is my go-to cinema when I'm taking my kids to see a movie. It's never too busy, so no trouble parking and no lines for tickets. At the same time it's modern and clean. Expect to pay more — much more — for popcorn and soda than for the tickets!

Sarah Gershaw

Decent for a small theater. Comfy seats.

Angela Wallace

I haven’t been in quite a while, but the location of this place was excellent. Right down the street from my apartment, saw some good movies here, then headed over to McKinnons and grabbed some steaks to cook up for dinner. Gosh I miss Portsmouth!

Kimberleigh Gray

Gps took us to. The back of the building where it was new construction and we couldn't get in had to turn around and look around and one of my children actually spotted it near McKinnon's which is how we found it GPS sucked

The HeroOfWinds

It's a movie theater overpriced popcorn and all

Michelle Almon

Had a great time

Brett Ward

Not the best place to see a movie, but it's possibly the easiest. In some ways this place is old school. You can buy tickets in advance, but unlike other places, you don't pick a seat. This means that most people do not buy in advance. This is one of the few places where you can show up early and buy a ticket. I showed up when the opened and was able to buy tickets for the new Star Wars movie the on the Friday of the opening weekend. Every other place was sold out. This place is just easy. You don't have to plan on advance.

Sam Segal

Never crowded which is why I gave it five stars. It's a basic theater, no gimmicks, big screens.

NeS Program 2.0

Never really had a bad expirence here

Karen McCormick

Good prices & movies of all sorts!! Nice people work here. They aren't pushy with the add ones, but the concession stand is more reasonable than other movie theaters.

Donna Mowinski

A really nice theatre but not easy to find

Thanyaphotn Puangnoi

Great services and great prices !! Me and my kids love to go there when is come to the movies..

benedetta sarno

Good seats, good movie selection, no lines!

Ashley Soucy

Great seats, yummy popcorn and good staff. Pricey place, but most theaters are these days!

Michelle Gray

Great place for the whole family!

Stephanie Souther

Seats are not to comfortable and do not recline at all. The seats are not good for younger children either. They tend to fold up. I had to keep my hand or leg on daughters seat so it would stay down.

tyler fife

Seating is much better than the Regal 15 up the road, it holds more people and you don't have to worry about people reserving all of the better seats hours before the show.

Vaibhav Chavan

Nice staff.. huge parking area..

Jacob Miller

Good theater, weird ticket setup tho, no ticket window-just a kisok.

Samantha Tangney

This is a cute, small little theater. Of course, I personally found the food and drinks overpriced, but that's pretty much a given at any movie theater nowadays. The staff were polite and friendly and the theater was clean, that was all that mattered during my experience!

Gabriel Bartley

It's a well organized easy place to go, it's cheaper then other competitors while still offering new current and expecting films. It has ample parking, is always never too crowded or unpleasantly packed.

Homestead In New Hampshire

Not satisfied

sammy cent

Very nice there, but prices have gone up, and is very close to regals pricing. So might as well go there with the comfy seating.... if it was a couple bucks cheaper... id say its worth it.

Connie Hanley

Cinemagic is a pleasure of a theater. Clean and helpful employees

Bob B

Senior discounts & free movies....

Cori Kippin

Kind of a hidden secret! Every time we go it’s never really busy:)

Patricia Demeule

We have been going here since it opened. I have issues with my back and sitting is uncomfortable. When I do sit it is in Handicapped and the seats have to be comfortable. We recently ran into a problem I had a seat but my husband was in the wheelchair spot. He needs to sit next to me so he can help me stand up. No problem they gave him a chair and we were relieved we didn’t have to climb up or down to find two seats on the end. Great popcorn and you can earn points towards food or a ticket. The staff is also very helpful whatever they need to do to make sure you are comfortable...

brian frazier

Super clean and literally got to watch the movie privately... Just the 2 of us... Awesome

Shawn Walker

Seats were really nice!

Chris Ehmett

Love the stadium seating and the fact you don't need to reserve seat ahead of time. Sound and picture quality are superior. Theaters always clean.

Mark Traeger

If you like to see images flicker on a flat screen, and you want them to be much more interesting than the dull existence that is your life, you will love this place.

Robert Flannagan

Nice theater. Not as expensive as others but still nice.

Chip Johnson

Nice place, but when I bought my tickets online, I was confused as to where to get them scanned as there was no signage or indication on where to have that done. Luckily, the counter I went to for help was the one I needed to go to, but it would be nice to have an indication in the lobby of where to go.

Don Jon

$6.50 for a large fountain drink? Really? I am going to always bring my own drinks because of this place. I would pay $2-3 at most.

Stephen Priest

The sound and picture quality was good, but, the previous customers left the theater a mess! Food on the floor and of course, the floor was sticky. The theater may be short on help. The theater, #6, reeked of concession food, hopefully, from what people brought in. Bathroom was in good shape, though, the toilet paper dispenser is partially over the toilet. Staff was friendly. Fathom movies are shown here. Plenty of parking. No 3D movies shown here.

Dustin Kee

Comfortable atmosphere and friendly staff. Very clean and well maintained.

Randy Scott Mcnally

It was nice very clean. The food was alittle expensive overall it was great.

cheri booth

Staff is friendly, not to fond of the self service ticket counters but overall nice place.

Christina LaRoche

Perfect place for a first movie ever for our little one!

westfield automotive

Nice seating overall huge nice theatre typical theater pricing.$30 for large popcorn large coke quiz Powerade and two small gummy bear packages

Tovah Driggs

first time at a New Hampshire

Christina LaRoche

Perfect place for a first movie ever for our little one!

Saravanan Subramani

It’s a normal theatre with less sound experience. I rarely go to this place.

Douglas Hanson

Can still go in and pick the seat you want and that’s what I like. When they change to picking your seat off a screen I’ll be done going here.

westfield automotive

Nice seating overall huge nice theatre typical theater pricing.$30 for large popcorn large coke quiz Powerade and two small gummy bear packages

Christopher Clinton

Seats were relatively clean, theater smelled like it hadn't been cleaned correctly. Food choices need improvement, if I'm going to overpay for food it better be at least decent and not make me feel sick.

Clifton Guy

Best buy in town for movies

April Baumiller

the build is newly remodeled and very spacious. the bathrooms are very clean. the management and employees look happy and are polite and eager to please. the theater rooms and big and the chairs are unbelievably comfortable. the armrests go all the way up in case you want to cuddle to your date :) overall i love this theater and will be back!! oh! and they offer military discounts!!

Hannah Stutts

Comfy seats... not reclining but tickets are a little cheaper than newington.

Chrissy Kimball

Super comfortable stadium seating! Lots of available movie times! Favorite theater in the area!

ElliottC1959 C

A great economically viable alternative to the trend of higher prices concomitant with the obvious lack of movie amenities


First time in. It is a typical theater just new. The seating was a little tight but, quite comfortable even still...

Paul Lorandeau

It is a very clean facility with reasonable pricing. My only negative is that the seats are not the most comfortable.

Joyce Kullgren

Good movie but sad

Tim Armstrong

Burger and a show. Get it here.

Doris DiPirro

I loved this place as a customer so I decided to work here also

Akilan Chandrasekaran

It's okay. My alternative choice for regal. But doesn't have recliners at present.

Caleb White

Competitive price, multiple movie theaters, and quality movie equipment.

Ben Adams

I love Cinemagic in Portsmouth. Great, convenient location and a good selection of movies and plenty of snacks. Seats are nice and prices are a bit better than Regal and it's not as busy.

Yoland Bator

Comfortable seating no appreciable line for ticketing

Jennifer Thibodeau

We love this place ! Plenty of parking, pre reserved seats and they serve beer and wjne! Great place to cool off in the summer or warm up in the winter!

Josh Albertson

Decent place with good seats..The biggest issue I had was the sound. It was very low and hard to hear. Honestly my home system is louder. I believe if you pay for a premium movie you should at least get a premium experience.

Colin McHugh

Good seats, leg room is decent

David Pearson

Super fast service and helped me use my points for free popcorn and kids packs are priced fairly reasonable train your dragon packs were great at a little over seven

Tovah Driggs

first time at a New Hampshire

Colin Powers

Great seats, lots of options. No assigned seating, so the dedicated fans can get there early. Prices are great, and the concessions are always fresh! Our relatives gave our family a gift card to here, and I can personally say that every time we saw a movie here, we enjoyed it thoroughly.

Dennis Wilson

Seats were okay. You could hear the ventilation during the movie. And they charge a $1 for a bag to split your popcorn.

Dana Tatulis

Great comfortable reclining seats, d So much room!

Rob G

\\_For Young Families_// An affordable theater with all the latest releases. May not have the largest screens but you can't beat the atmosphere. A genuine, not snobby, staff. Clean theater. Lots of other families. We always go on a Sunday and never had a bad experience. Even on opening weekends. Traditional Non-Reserve Theater style so first come first serve. Unlike others that sellout good seats weeks in advance.

Jamie Minton

Tonight was my first trip here. Theater bathroom was disgusting. Theater wasn't cleaned from previous movie. During the movie a small child was sprinting laps around the theater and yelling, parents did nothing nor did the staff. Very disappointed

Jonathan Lindsay

New theater, so it was good. I lost my wallet here and they returned it to me the next day, everything still intact, etc. which elevated my view of the staff, very helpful.

Butch Estey

Great seating , easy and quick in and out.

Tyler Aversano

Clean theaters, comfortable seats, friendly staff, good movie selection, low crowds, what isn't to love!

Darryl Vanover

nice theater, comfortable seats, clean and well maintained.

Bradley Skotko

All the theatre screens are on the small size (small by today's standards). However, they all have stadium seating. No assigned seating here as at the Regal in Newington. This location serves alcohol. Total score. So, this place is a good place to see a movie, but not the best in terms of huge screens, oversized chairs, caviar, tea and crumpets. Would I go back? Absolutely. Would I choose here over Regal in Newington? Depends on if we are in that area or not (we often pair a movie with a place to eat and Shio and Habibi are convenient).

ie Yang Yoe

A great alternative for movie watching, quieter, cheaper, great atmosphere. Just ensure you come earlier for the free seating concept

Third World Pearly

Clean and comfortable.

Jon N

Cult Classic movie night is great

Mere Briggs

Prices are very expensive for food items

Mark Philibert

I have always loved this theater. It's been great ever since they opened. Keep it up!

Biggs Darklighter

The underrated movie theater in the area. Cheapest tickets and easiest parking compared to rival theaters. Good selection of movies. Fewer theaters means less available showings throughout the day. Still, I have never run into sold-out conditions. Seats are comfortable, but they do not fully recline.


Clean, cheap movies, love the staff. Best place for the movies

Christopher Ball

Nothing bad here


Nice, clean theater. Good snacks, beer and wine.

Rainbow The Macaw

Very good theater. But pricey.

Robby Provost

Too much money what happened

Dylan Jones

Fun, has a little arcade inside.

Ian lyons

By far the best place to catch a movie by the Seacoast - great staff, great facility and most importantly the best prices around. I love Cinemagic!


Love the set up, great movie choices. Just expensive.

Raymond McGill

Nice theater, clean, and not crowded

Devin Copping

No lines. Food was terribly priced. $7 for a small popcorn but $8 for a large?

Michael Vaughan

Great helpful staff

Lloyd Cool

Great experience! Love the new seats...way to comfortable.

John Baker

Tickets expensive, food even more so. Ironically a bottle of water costs more than a can of beer?! After that... Seats comfortable and theatre rooms not terrible.

TomLee Mullins

It is a really great place to watch movies. The have a nice variety of food.

Edward Bordeau

The last time I bought a ticket, the auditorium was unheated and I froze to death. So much so that I left early. Dress warm when you go.


Nice movie theater, comfortable shares and clean. It is a little hidden though at the back of a shopping Plaza. Look for the 99 restaurant, it's behind that.

Christopher Rieder

Very nice theater. Seats comfortable but not as spacious as Regal.

North Sturtevant

Seats are comfortable and you can get a beer or wine.

Charles Soule

Not to bad on prices and it was a little less crowded. Canr beat that

Michael Rofino

Great stadium theater...the only place that I will go to for a movie.

Glen C

Great seating no lines and the best ticket prices in Portsmouth

Kaylie Melvin

The seats are comfortable but for the water, popcorn and more it's a lot of money!! I mean like $5 dollars for a water bottle who does that?? But everything else was good!!

Morgan Harper

Always satisfied with service and prices! Keep doing what you're doing!

Keegan K

Nice theater with seat reservations and reclining seats.

Alexander Stephens

Cars and Coffee - AWESOME!

Nicholas Linsky

The manager here is extremely friendly and helpful any time I ever have any questions about anything. Definitely fine stars!

Matt Pincince

Cheap tickets and decent seating. There is no assigned seating and the food is subpar, but ticket prices are cheaper than other competitors. Sound quality is not comparable to RPX but still a decent movie experience

Maggie Marchand

I think it is a big room and awesome chairs! People think the large popcorn is so much money but u can get refills on it! I love that place!

Michael Tibebu

Nice, popcorn was fresh so 5 star for you guys.

Jennifer Dunphy

Good seats selections and great ac

Miriam Silva

Cool place

Thomas Lee Mullins

It is a great place to see movies. The seats are comfortable and the prices reasonable.

Zach Foote

Friendly staff, clean facility, and cheaper alternative to Regal. I also appreciate that Cinemagic has a cult classic movie series. It's worth going a few extra miles for a movie at this theater.


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