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REVIEWS OF Bangor Mall Cinemas 10 IN Maine

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Amazing experience, comfortable reclining seats

annette kluzak

Seats are very comfortable, do not like reserved seating, boyfriend is on crutches and had to change seats 3x before we were able to secure seating that did not require stairs... Love the idea of help yourself feature of drinks and finally more options than just popcorn and nachos!

Cas Mc

Reclining comfortable seats. Good movie experience. Good selection at snack bar.

Phantom Someone

If you are looking for a laugh and are lucky enough a bald staff member there will randomly hold a Q&A. Why you might ask? No one knows but the dork is retarded-ly funny.

Steven Dominique

Loved it the lounge chairs were the best

Jamie Harmon

So glad they upgraded to recliner seats... much more comfy!

Daniel Sinclair

I love the new chairs, I will always come here because of them, one complaint the cost of food is ridiculous.


Food: Excellent. Prices: Normal Theater Prices. Entrance atmosphere: Exciting! They even have an arcade, and a make it yourself electronic drink dispenser! Then, the best part, the seats and screen: SO COMFORTABLE! Id go and see every movie only at Bangor Mall Cinemas

Illidari Outsider

Since the new chairs got installed, this is my favorite theater. I don't go to movies often, but I always go here unless, in a few rare instances, there isn't a showtime convenient for me here and there is up at Spotlight.

Robert Greenlaw

Comfortable seating and good quality video and sound leads to a great movie experience.

Cyndi Sturm

Have such fun at the showing of Downton Abbey!

Damn Failure

Comfy seats... Great popcorn and soda choice machine with 50 flavors to choose from... Candy is delish

Nate Burckhard

Newer seating makes me want to go to the movies more.

albert webb

Enjoy going to the movies

Robert Payne

Clean, decent prices for the movie, food is a bit pricey

Stacy Stack

They have stepped up their game they have new seats and it's very enjoyable. Going to Orono Spotlight Cinema is also an enjoyable experience you can't go wrong either way.

Catakang Games

The popcorn is now extremely buttery!

Morgan Maxwell

Great little theater! The seats are wicked comfy and the staff are very nice. Right now of you get a drink/popcorn combo you get this large, plastic, Grinch theme popcorn box. Super cute, definitely brought mine home!

Michael MacDonald

Good seats, nice recliner, parking lot could use some work, our favorite place.

Carlos Miranda

Great seats anywhere you sit. Electric recliners that are plush and if your movie is boring you could actually nap for a couple hours in these! Not 5 stars because the sound want excellent but not bad!

McKayla King

Comfy seats, wonderful staff. Pretty good snack food as well, I highly recommend for a night out.

Johnny Chambers

Theater is clean, staff pleasant, ticket prices fair, concession prices are high!!!

Jess Connor

The seats are amazing!

April Cruz

Great food, wait staff is wonderful and they FEED you!

April Smith

Comfortable reclining seats!! Always fresh popcorn!! Great place!!

Jerrica Desjardins

Seats r comfortable but having assigned seats r dumb

Zani Courbron

Love the seating. Plenty of room. Not a fan of the bathrooms but they are unable.


The seats are very comfortable!!


Have all the new movies. Candy is pricey, but that's every theater. They do cool things like set up themes of new movies outside. They did one for the new Pet Semetary and it look cool. Would recommend.

Holly Jandreau

Seats were great,very clean bathrooms and theater. Staff very friendly and efficient.

Philyosophy X

The new seats are awesome

Jessica Strickland

Really cool. Small theater. You don't have to fight the crowds here. They just updated all the seats to recliners with cup holders. Soo awsome...We used to be able to eat dinner at the China buffet(Behind the theater) and buy our tickets thier at a discounted price. Since its not the buffet anymore I don't know if they still offer that? I don't care for the new restaurant so we don't go anymore. But eat at other places then hit the movies.

Katherine Leblanc

The movie theater has improved greatly. The seats are amazing, and service has improved as well. The bathroom could do with a facelift, but nothing major. I like ordering tickets before hand and the assigned seats, more organized that way.

Mercedes Strang

Went to the movies on a date with my boyfriend, ended up leaving 15min into the movie. Assigned seating is a nightmare, as people dont sit in the right spots and it causes chaos. Popcorn was also old and physically hurt our mouths to eat. Staff was helpful in refunding our tickets and giving us new popcorn though. Was thinking about giving 2 stars but then remembered it cost $22 for two movie tickets!!!! And an additional $12 just for a drink and popcorn!

Jerry Elsemore

It was awesome we watched toy story 4 3D and those comfy chairs lol

Alfred Smith

they have truly out did themselves. Yes the cost of admission has gone up. However, they added new extra soft recliners with power adjustments. Felt like watching a movie at home, but soo much better with the larger screen and surround sound. Can not wait to go back.

bernard cough

Electric reclining leather theater seating, comfortable climate, and freestyle soda fountains. What more can you ask for in a cinema?


The seats are so comfortable now. The bathrooms need an update, and snack prices are steep, as most theaters are.

Taylor Emerson

This is my favorite movie theater in Bangor!! The staff is friendly, the venue is very clean, and the seats are amazing! The seats are big and comfortable and squishy and you can flip up the middle part!

Daniel Francis

Nice family friendly and the new chairs was awsome.

Damion Gordon

Bangor Cinemas have been transformed into a place of genuine comfort. More than just visiting for the movies, I'd go there just to watch the news. It's that good!!!

Matt Morrill

IT2 Awesome.

Curtis Knudsen sr

Love the seats.

Doug True

It has very comfy seats that are electric recliners. Tickets are 9 dollars before 6. Good deals and same prices as any movie theater very good theater.

gail veilleux

Staff was courteous, service was good, and bathrooms are clean. The only downside was the theater must need new carpet because it smells like a men's locker room

brandie berry

This a a amzing cinema. The seats are nice and food is good. I love to order tickets ahead.

Peter Nightingale

Great reclining seats. Reasonably priced

Bee Lady

It was pretty nice cuz the seats were comfy, the popcorn was good, and it was fun

Kayla Gover

Reclined seats that are so comfortable thats all i have to say.

Aaron Baker

The seats are

Sally Clark

Love this theater. Seats are super comfy, and free refills on your drinks plus popcorn flavor shakers available.

Steven Williams

love the seats and theater screen quality is good.

Haveabanana Productions

While the seats are worth the price, and the movies are worth the price, the concessions are not. They’re just really expensive, but I can overlook that. What I can’t overlook is the fact that when going to see John Wick 3, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and Child’s Play, they CARDED us. They needed an ID to prove we were 17. Y’know what, I get it, but seriously it’s not like we’re buying beer or something. THE FIRST TIME HAPPENED WITH MY DAD, a 6’3 bearded man who walks with a cane and a limp, and is clearly over 17. The next time I went with a friend, neither of us actually old enough to get in but risking it for good cinema. They carded him, and without thinking gave them his drivers license which they looked at and called good. They couldn’t do the math to figure out he was actually 16. Lastly I went to OUATIH myself and they carded me, but not having a license in the first place got me sent away. I didn’t bring a phone either so I was stranded. Maybe 10 minutes went by and a new person was at the desk. I went to buy a ticket and he asked for my ID, I said I didn’t have it, but “I’m 17.” He said “sure” then let me right in.

Becky Noyes

Awesome theater! Love the recliner seats, really puts the movie watching experience above and beyond!

Sam Thomas

Loved the reclining seats. Wished they had installed the chairs on a tier. Comfortable and clean!

Fay Silva

Not from the area but had some time to kill before heading on to Canada so we stopped to catch a movie. Nice movie theatre seats and sound! Only part I struggled with was once I reclined my seat I could no longer see above the seat in front of me. Maybe because we were in the back rows but shouldn't matter? Everything else was great!

D-.-RAiL Gaming

The place is dirty, the staff is dim, the prices are high, the popcorn is old." what dumb dumb whoever said that....none of that is true...go to other movie theaters out of state and see how high they are

Anthony Charron

Avengers End game was great


Great place to watch a nice movie

Isaiah Dodge

The theater is much better since the recliners were installed. My one complaint that remains is the stale air. There has to be a better way to get some fresh air circulating in the movie rooms. The bathrooms need a serious upgrade, but the picture quality itself is fairly decent.

Jeremy Greene

Nice clean theater with comfy seats. Concessions a little greedy. 4 bucks for a bottle of water


Great movie theater, you can recline and you have plenty of room to enjoy the movie. I recommend going there and check it out for yourself

Christi Barron

Good. Floor had trash but it was a busy weekend night. Movie clarity was good. Sound was at the right level.

Kyle Grant


Calvin Hamilton Jr

Seats are very comfortable and staff is very nice just wish food and drinks didn't cost more per person then the tickets

Michelle Michaud

Had not been there in quite some time but the new seating is so comfortable!

Elijah Tuck

Very quick experience getting tickets and the food. Very comfortable seats. Nice big theaters

Jacob Bowen

Great service, great prices and great movies.

Jesica Tall

Great theater. Great new seating

John Moran

Love the new seats!

Tina Babin

Love the seats, they ate nice and comfy


FIX THE WEBSITE! I love this theater. I’ve been going to it all my life. I even used to work there. It’s a great theater. But they just changed their website and it makes online purchasing nearly impossible because they included both a billing address line along with a billing postal code line when entering your payment information. Who does that? What are you supposed to put in billing address? It doesn’t specify whether it’s just street or if it includes city and state or apartment number! So I call to find out what to enter there and the guy tells me they’re getting tons of calls about it and they’ve found that you are just supposed to enter your Zip Code in both lines. How stupid is that? Anyway, I try it and it still doesn’t work. So at that point I give up and get tickets from spotlight in Orono. A screw up that bad isn’t worth my business. Just have one line for the zip code to verify purchases, or if you must require a full billing address for online purchases, at least give separate lines for street, city, and State. Fix the website and I’ll come back. Until then, I hope they lose tons of business, they deserve it.

Michelle Richard

I usually go and the place is never packed. Huge padded recliners made the show just like being at home! Pricey.

Bonnie H.

Loving the new reclining seats!

Tracy James

Nice clean and price wasn't bad. The recliner seats are great with plenty of walkway in each aisle..

Angela Aloise

Great, spotted Stephen King coming out.

HaloShaw 16

Been goin here forever, yeah the prices been high like every other movie theater but it’s nice, staff are also very nice.

Wanda Grunstein

Love the Ave her movie and reclining chair

Christina Gross

Clean, seats so comfy.

christopher potter

I reviewed Bangor Mall Cinemas before and gave it a poor rating but since then they have really stepped up their game. Spacious recliners, decent pricing and assigned seats all play a major role in my new rating!

Mequeyla Mendoza

Love watching movies and Conner (a lovely worker) is always cheery and ready to help!

Bonnie Morton

Staff was friendly and helpful, seats were comfy,they reclined, be careful not to fall asleep

Jonathan Grivois

Awesome loved the powered recliners

Paula Downes

Recliners are so comfortable!! Friendly staff, decent cinema

Mark Bissell

love this movie theater it has the best seats. they are super comfortable recline and u can move the armrest to be able to sit next to your significant other. I highly recommend this movie theater!

Elwood Cobb

Very nice clean the recliner seats are great. A little pricey but oh well. I was impressed as I haven't been to the cinema for many years. I'd go again.

Kevin Thompson

Absolutely love the new seats! Very comfortable and clean theater.

Dolores Francis

Love the reckling seats

Andrew Emery

I'm liking the new recliners but now I can't come if I'm tired

Courtney Hammond

The recliners and spacious seating made for an amazing viewing experience.

Melissa Moro

Chairs are very comfy! Prices not too bad, worth it for the comfort! Snacks and drinks are expensive like all cinemas.

Jen Bridges

Love going here since they’ve done the updates. Seats are so comfortable, prices are reasonable.

Scott Lord

Comfortable seats, makes the whole experience great,would be a lot better if the drinks were less harsh on your wallet

Andrew Metzger

A little pricy but had great quality and was very comfy. They had nice seats and a good selection of movies.

Yvette Hoppstadter

Clean place .love the new seats . Would recommend

Denise Barlock

Very nice Cinema. We enjoyed the seating area and the popcorn.

brandon cote

Great movie theater with great seats it's my #1 choice in the area


There is this horrific commercial for a car they ladtspre than 20 minutes !!!! I will never come here again, nor will my friends. I.psid


Newly updated, love the reclining seats. Concessions are great.

Thomas Ingram

This is a great theatre to go to! They recently switched out the old theatre style seats for very comfortable, power reclining chairs with plenty of room and cupholders. The seating of your pick us easy to find as the labels are easy to see and the seats are numbered to see well. They have a good, rotating selection of movies as well. The only downfall is the prices of drinks, snacks and popcorn. It literally costs the same but usually more to get something to snack on than it is to see the movie. Other than that it's a fantastic theatre to go watch movies.

Ashley Talon

Went to see Avengers: Endgame with my boyfriend and really enjoyed ordering our tickets online and choosing our seats. The new seating is fantastic, love everything about it. With popcorn and soda it ended up being pretty expensive, but it was pretty worth it. Despite being a relatively empty theater when we went, a group of 7-8 kids and their one guardian sat directly next to us and proceeded to talk loudly through the entire film, which kind of bummed us out considering we spent about $40 and chose seats away from everyone. A worker did come and sort them out since the guardian did nothing to stop them from disrupting others, much appreciation to the staff! All in all, a great theater. People need to remember to be respectful of others during film showings, you never know how often others can afford trip to the movies.

Wink Blomsma

lovely chairs, food and beverages available. we recommend this place

Carl Schreiber

Great place to see movie

Rachel Averill

Super lush new leather reclining seats and lots of space! Can reserve tickets online ahead of time thanks to reserved seating you never have to worry about getting stuck in front row if you order online. Staff is super friendly and always ready to help if you can't find your seat, or have a question about ordering tickets!

Pandora Thing

Always love going to the movies here; It's clean, quiet, professional, comfortable, and has good prices.

Michael Ely

Love the new seats

Sofie Sawyer

Great seats and great slushees

Alison B. Emery

I really love this movie theater. The seats are amazing. They recline, and have lots of room. My husband is a big guy, and he is most comfortable in their movie theater seats. They have a cool soda machine, with a touch screen, and free refills which is awesome. They have a concessions stand with candy as usual, popcorn & nachos. There is a photo booth.

edwin marrero

nice placenice worker their fast food is good

Michelle McPherson

Love their new seats! I have back problems so the movies can be painful for me but I was very comfortable. We saw a dogs way home for my daughters birthday and we all loved it

Madeline Parke

Enjoyed the seats.

Doug Holland

Soft leather seats, power recliner, reserved seating. It can’t get any better than that! 5/5 stars

Joshua Carter

Been going to these cinemas since I was a child although I had not been in a few years. They have updated the seating with leather fecliners. Very spacious and comfortable. This made for a whole different experience. Very cozy and comfortable. I cannot wait to go back and see another movie. Picture and sound were also great.

mary gott

My grandson and I went to see the grinch and were very pleased that the seats were so comfy. Popcorn was good and many free cheese toppings to choose from. Cant wait to visit again

Queen City

Best place in the area to see movies. Been going for 25 years. The staff can be friendly and helpful. I have never had a bad time there.

Mary Freeman

Lots of space and lots of choices in movies. Friendly service.

Erica Bowden

The new reclining seats are wonderful!! The reason I gave 3 stars is because of our encounter with INSANELY rude staff. My friend and I came in and were giggling about all the snacks we were getting and the staff member, his name was Connor, proceeded to tell us he was going to kick us out. Treated us like we were children while we were only mildly giggling, not even being loud and we were in the lobby!!!! Not even in the theater yet! People go out to the movies to have fun and I just found him completely disrespectful. Seemed a little power hungry if you ask me. Other than that, the movie was great, popcorn and soda choice was great.

Kyle Leathers

It's a great theater with comfy recliner seats but I had to take away one star because there was obviously an issue with their new assigned seating program. I bought a ticket at the theater and after the movie started a group of people came in and told me I was in one of their seats. We both had the same seat number on the ticket but they had bought theirs online the day before. It was an almost full theater and the movie had already started so it was not easy to find another seat. Hopefully those issues have been worked out.

Kathleen Freeman

Am I the only one who didn't know that theatres have REAL recliner seating?? All I needed was a snuggly blanket and my dogs sitting with me to have felt totally at home. The movie I saw . . . Joker . . . not worth the hype. But the recliners........ahhhhh!!!

jodee white

Excellent place to see a good movie I haven't a had a bad experience here at anytime highly recommend.

Dakota Pelletier

Every thing was great but I would recommend going to the bathroom at home first because the bathrooms there are alittle dirty

Shannon Johnson

Very nice theatre's

Justin MacDonald

Awesome new seats. I go out of my way to see movies here its so good.

Sierra TV

Seats are very nice but they should be able to go back more i had a very nice time besides that and food is excellent.

Michael Brooks

Good movies love the new reclining seats! Very relaxing and worth every penny!

Larry Oliver

I love the reclining seats.

Randy Field

It .. Great movie

J Kersey

Who doesn't like the movies

Travis Preston

Great Date with the girl of my dreams

Barbara Campbell

Good adult movie or kids 12 n older!

Tammy Campbell

Love the reclining seats! I have a bad spine and can sit through a 3 hr movie.

Ryan McKenney

Comfortable seats and has the best pizza in town. Everything you need for a theater

Robert Daigle

The movie was good that's what I expected Downton Abbey lives on for over

Wendy Alliman

Love the new seating. Nothing like recliners with serious cup holders.

Steven Bernard

Had lots of fun good to see a movie and be like your at home

Matt Paulauskas

Good picture, sound, and extremely spacious and comfortable new seating.

Steve Page

This is a nice facility that breaks the stereotype of a typical, dirty cinema. The biggest problem I have with them is paying $14 for a movie - this just seems like too much money. I will give them credit for doing a good job of reinvesting their money into the facility, though. Beyond cleanliness, they have gone above and beyond with extremely comfortable, reclining chairs that are well-spaced with plenty of legroom. Prices for snacks and drinks are atrocious, but that's no different from any other cinema. Staff are friendly and attentive. The location is convenient and central, being right at the Bangor Mall, with many restaurants nearby making "dinner and a movie" an easy and accessible date night.

John Goode

Was very different then when I had last been months ago. Service was good, standard cost for any food options as is usual with theaters. Sounds quality is amazing, really makes sure I get a good all around sound. The seats were good, very comfortable for cuddling if you have a significant other. All in all it was a great experience. A++ would watch again

Megan Brewer

Absolutely love the new chairs! Its so comfortable and relaxing! And if you are in the front you dont have to strain your neck to see anymore.

Barbara Hatch

New seats are nice but the cup holders need to be further forward. My husband is a big guy and didn't like sharing the arm treat so it's best to order your seats on line early, and pick an end seat.

Katlyn Valentine

Lovely place! Chairs are awesome. Pretty top notch. One of my favorite parts of visiting is the ticket guy who clearly enjoys his job. Everytime I go to see a scary movie he puts on a voice and tells me to enjoy my film. Wouldn't be the same without him.


The new reclining chairs in the theater are nice I just wish they were slightly higher backed

Sylvia Crocker

Clean restroom. Theater was large and comfortable with no problem with production.

S. Brown

Great experience. Kind staff. Only complaint is the price of tickets and food...but it's the same everywhere.

Joshua Alexander

Really good and responsive group of employees

Drew Chase

The seats were soooo comfortable.

Joe Mason

Clean from entryway to bathrooms to theaters. Friendly and helpful staff. Popcorn's a bit pricey, though.

Siri satt

Its a decent movie theater that people mainly go to in the area. 4 stars because their updated seats are awesome. Not 5 stars because their prices are insane.

Kerri Heineman

An amazing experience... large comfortable seating and room to move ... not to mention a fabulous film (Mary Poppins). The staff were very friendly and helpful .

Bekah Rraine

Has been getting much nicer. Hopefully they don't continue to jack the prices up though.

Jenn Dunn

The seats are wonderful and comfy. BUT SO DISAPPOINTED TONIGHT went to see breakthrough at the 8:20 showing and when we got there they had cancelled it... really it was still on line at 1pm as being on.

Jennifer Whitten

The new seats are great. I like the options they now have with the soda machines. Could use more diet choices. They did have us wait to clean the cinema could use more seating in the lobby while waiting. It was very clean and comfortable. The experience over all was very positive.

Ronald Heal

Seat are so comfortable I fell asleep after they closed. Sounds good a lot of room between seats. Only thing that sucks are the prices of food and drinks

Barbara Linton

Chairs are fabulous. I could live in them! And no issues with visibility, either.

Mark Smith

Super comfortable seating and very chilly air conditioning.

Kelly Pease

Wow... I haven't been to the movies in years. The seats are now recliners.. very pleasant place.

Alex Robinson

Great new roomy seats that recline. Much cleaner than past experiences

Theresa Cobb

I prefer the orono movie theater over bangor. I don't like having to pick out your seat. We had a large group going and we all most did all get to set together. The first there had to buy everyone"s ticket so we could set together.


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