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1674 Hammond St, Hermon, ME 04401

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REVIEWS OF Bangor Drive-In IN Maine

Seth Koren

Great place glad its back up and running

Jim M

Went to see a movie my wife had waited months to see and was very excited to see. Screen was dark and could barely see (yes it was dark out) went to concessions stand to inquire if there was an issue with the projector and was told that there was a malfunction that would not be rectified. Was very disappointed that had I not asked, they were just letting people leave angrily.

Cas Mc

Watched the double feature of IT and IT Chapter Two. Good picture, sounds through radio was clear. Concession stand has many options. Nice experience. Definitely would go again and recommend. I just wish that it had the old time speaker boxes. There is a play ground for the kids. No clear parking spaces, you just park wherever it looks like a good spot.

Charles Cramer

Was a great time but bring lots of money for food and drinks or bring your own from home a soda was 4 dollars and a popcorn is 6

Jeremy Fowler

Christopher Dyer

The best time for the whole family. Great food at the concessions. A+ Thank you

Michael Bigelow

We couldn't turn our light off and the staff worked with us to come up with a radio because we had to turn our car off to shut our the fog lights...good times

Tammy Diringer


Mary Lou Jackson

Great prices, concessions and movies!

Annie Ireland

Benjamin Magno

I love having a drive in in town.

Amber McMahon

Jakob Grey-Purvis

Awesome concessions, great films, wonderful experience! A great place to go with friends!

Destioney Pinkham

Really enjoyed my time there. Wish they had answered the phone before we made the hour ride there (wanted to make sure there was availability for a new anticipated movie). Thankfully they had room for us ! Loved how nostalgic it felt, and the sound was great. Most definitely going back

Jackie Rogan

Went to the flea market. Only put one star otherwise wouldn't let me post. It was just a bunch of dirty trashy junk doesn't even deserve one star

Carrie Willey

Great place for the family, inexpensive!

Farrington Family Unschoolers

Totally fun for the entire family! Second time here and we love it!

Lyndon Grindal

Great family fun

Misty Perez

Good place to see a movie in the car

Catakang Games

It's cold but it's an awesome theater.

Don Pinkham

no smoking!in MY!!! Car!!!

Kimberly Ladd

Great place

Jacki Nile

So much fun

Samantha Jones

Trick or Trunk and 2 Movies for a car full Only $10!!! So much fun and great inexpensive night out! This was amazing. Will definitely do this again!

Nicole Rowe

I used to come here as a kid and always loved the drive in experience. It was closed for many years and I'm sad to say that it took me almost four years to come back and experience it again now that they're open once again. Haha, although now that I did I'm happy to say it's just like I remember it. Great family activity and unlike regular movies you can always bring your own snacks and drinks. Even if you don't though there is a concession stand there that's not overpriced and a playground for kids too. Good family environment!

Laurel Loy

Creative car ideas a lot of candy

Britty 1

Something different

Sandy Hall

Wicked Good

Throw back Thursdays are the best!

Egypt Lindsey-Melland

Chelci Perkins

It's a great place to go! Kid friendly! And it's only $22 to get in! Great prices for popcorn and drinks!

Marvin Daugherty

Raymond Lamontagne

It was Awesome

Pj Pajamas

Family friendly, excellent place!

Herb Taggart

Open friendly

Kell Hinkle

Great time there

brent jones

Not happy!!! Showed up with kids expecting to watch a movie but were told after a half hour the projector died.. spent $25 on food at the concession and $22 for the movie only to have to go home!

Bert Lambert

The movie was great. The drive in was clean and nice.

Judith Hansen

Randy and I are having a great time here watching IT

Fred Emerson III

Holly Wells

Too much race track noise..Went on a night Speedway 95 was racing

Theresa Cocheran

Kingtiger 0321

Very interesting experience. Has food and a playground and usually a double feature

Austin Sherman

Kristi Violette

Bobbi-Sue Kierstead

Good time, good clean fun so great for making out with someone special and watching a movie... so romantic!!!


Gary Milton

Ive not attended the shows...only sunday ambflea market.

Nicole King

Very reasonably priced and not overcrowded. It's very cool to have this available in Bangor. Great experience! The food is quite good as well! Highly recommend it!

Cara Belanger

Michael Ross

We are lucky to have this in Bangor! Showing new movies, and limited runs of some classics. Movies look good, and sound great through the car stereo. Kids and teenagers really love experiencing a drive-in theater. Snack bar is the only way they make money, so best to purchase food there, not bring your own. Help keep this alive!

Chris Traylor

A fun drive-in! Good food, well maintained lot, clean bathrooms, and a playground for the kids! A really fun experience that is hard to come by due to so few drive-ins l

Lisa Jordan

Great place to enjoy time with your family! Clean and kid friendly! Love coming here!

Kahli C

Has 2 screens. Was a great deal for the movies we saw

Sophi Sophi

Great place

Storm Glider

Great movies, sound comes in very well, and everything looks great! Good food, nice people, and a play ground for anyone! Plenty of parking space too! Sometimes me and my family get there early and go play frisbee and stuff like that! Always a lot of fun and a great way to make memories! ❤

Tracy Dollins

Great place

The Birms

Michael Denning

One of the last of its kind. Very affordable and family friendly

David Brugger

Flea market still growing

Stacey Bridges

Movie was great.. Food was perfect..

Snær Skegg

Bangor Drive-in offers the feeling of reliving the days when drive-ins were popular. Very nice management, and a helpful staff.

Michele Moody

Love it!

Kris Lawson

Great place

Sheri Selesky

James Scheerer

Went here while on vacation. It's been many years since I have been to a drive-in. You can't beat twenty two dollars a car load for a double feature. Loved this place.

Lori jordan

Awesome place to relax and watch a movie

Michelle Fern

Great place to enjoy a relaxing movie(s) with family or date night. Food is a little pricy but glad they decreased the admission so it's a break even.

Mary Overlock

Love this place a little pricy but. Worth it

Taylor Keeran

Richard Files

An enjoyable place to watch a movie

Chris Strout

Throwback Thursday was great! I would love to see them play some of the really old classics especially some horror movies during October!

katrina dresser

Love this place. The experience is awesome, the movies are great and the food is not only delicious but reasonably priced.


Awesome! I hope they stay in Bangor for many years.

Thomas Thebarge

Ian Blouin

Love this place, truly the way to see a movie!

Charbeth Tiller-Eastman

Nice clean atmosphere!

Julian Goodman

Christian Caverly

Kelley Domras

Clean, friendly staff & nicely planned layout

Michelle Finch


Jonathan Grivois

Best place to drive and chill watch a movie

Denise Densmore

Great place to see a couple films for the family for a low price


7-26-2018, we participated in Christmas in July at the Bsngor Drive In. Alot of rain, a few people showed up but really awsome place. Good food, good price, nice people. You cant beat it!!!

Nancy Scott

Chad Wascholl

Excellent place to go with your significant other and just hang out watch a movie and eat some food. Excellent service and great people

Megan Murchie

Shari Polk

rebecca farrar

So much fun we love going here!!!!

Sometimes W

I had a great experience at the drive-in. The staff were courteous and friendly, and the food was decent (at fairly standard movie theater prices). Also, they have two screens, so there is always a choice in what you want to see. I went to their end-of-season all night movie marathon and saw 5 movies for $10 (this was a special event, I believe their regular pricing is $22 for a double feature). I really had a good time, and plan on going again next year.

Liza Comeau

Greg Tisdale

The last time we went the food was absolutely horrible cold not good at all

Angelina Mcalister

Loved it!!

Curtis Hathaway

Our favorite family outing.

Estefany Gonzalez

So much fun!

Deanna Keller


Great place to take your family... would be nice if they kept there website updated... Incredibles 2 was listed as screen 1 but was actually on screen 2...we love the drive in but screen 2 is to small...and you can see the other screen off to the side...I don't mind paying $22.00 for screen 1, but screen 2 should be a lesser price.. I count on the website being correct as we drive 1 hour just to get to the drive in.


Didn't get to see movie. Projector broke down.

Scott Arnold

Great fun to go to a drive in again. Restrooms and snack bar are good. Sound radio broadcast worked well. People were nice! We will be back!

Geoshawa Atkins

Chris Tison

One movie was so dark on the screen we barely could see any of the movie.

Paula Dowling

Did the flea market. Very nice people

Ace Adams

The new recliners are just incredible. The only downfall is to access the movie parking lot you need to the drive through the mall area which has many huge potholes.

Shannon Bullock

Fun for the whole family.

Alexandra Lozeau

Rachel Averill

Eclectic and a really awesome night out! More people should really go it is super fun and even if you only see one movie it's only $22 a car, if four people go you are saving $22 dollars as it's $11 per person for a night showing at Bangor mall cinemas! They have a large menu so you can eat their food, and you can also bring food!

Larry Bolster

Great place!

Dorothy Dawson

Shelbey Antone

izzy degraff

It is so fun for the family

charles bither jr

Great place but the concessations are a bit high for the area and could use some revision on quality. Admission is definetly decent and all the staff was friendly!

Heather Brown

Lowered the price for families!! THANK YOU

william mason

Great movies awesome customer service

Karen Milton

Sunday Morning flea market. Its great...just no prices.

Scooter Chadbourne

Bryan Lundquist

This is a great experience for kids and families. The area is clean and well maintained and the staff was helpful and pleasant. I would go again. We only stayed for one of the sounle feature movies as the kids were exhausted by the time the first was over. This is purely a function of how late it gets dark this time of year and nothing they can do about starting the movie earlier.

Holly Grindal

Kim Smith

Maureen McCormick

Great way to spend the evening with family and friends.

Jaimie Fifield

Love the drive-in! Classic family fun

Gus Edgerton

Best inarea if you're car or truck radio doesn't work thay have loaners at consestion stand with your I.D. I took MY buityful lady on our first date and it was the best date we had thank you to Bangor drive inn

Helina Hanscombe

Kids are very happy...that what counts

Kayla Nason

Jeanmike Ohalloranrysrj

Scott Tousignaut

Great Drive Inn - support them there srent many left

David Kerr

Great for adulting time if you just get the right spot

Susan Ball

Great movies resenel price

Bill Blood

Just went to see the movie " It ". Really fun, good food... Love the drive-in atmosphere!

Joel Stoneton

Jordan Reeves

Everyone should go at least once. If you have a group it's fun and cheaper than a regular theater.

Sherry V

Dusk to Dawn Challenge - Movie Marathon (Survived)

James Fletcher

Great went with my wife, you can't beat the drive-in

Vicki Lawlor

Fun night out

Kaitlyn Applebee

Love it, such a fun family activity.

Karen Hartt

A gtrat time, lots of easy parking, cash or credit card, and price of admission is so reasonable. A double feature for the price of a single at a theater. Would recommend, just remember the bug spray if you want to sit outside.

Tina Bouchard

Dual till Dawn - lots of fun! Bring the whole family!

Karen Kidder

Awesome new flea market with lots of vendors with lots of treasures!

Mace Rollins

Went there for flea market found some things I wanted bought prices were fair I place was well stocked enjoyed the shopping

ultra turbosoggy

Protector was kinda dark, but the popcorn was yummy and it was a fun experience

Phyllis Wolf

Josh Clark

Had a great time with the family.

Paul Leary

Can't smoke on property. You are in your own vehicle in the middle of a field. Not going back.

Coleen Atherley-Fahey

The website is usually not correct/or not working and when I email them, I hear nothing back. Guess I won’t be traveling an hour and a half to the drive-in, and take a chance that the website is correct.

Matt L

Great place to spend an evening!! My wife and I have made several trips this year and each time was amazing, the food is good and quickly made, picture and sound come through great, I can't wait for it to reopen.

Alex Clifford

Brings you back to the 60s at an affordable price!

Shane Ashe

Always a treat!

Aj Cogswell

I heard Speedway 95 better than the movoe

Christina Parrish

Steve and his crew did a GREAT job with the JURRASIC and Jeeps event. Great turnout...even on a rainy afternoon.

C D Pattershall

Great Family Fun

Lawrence Hathaway

8/10 not enough burgers

Zachary Field

Had a lot of fun!! Great childhood memories with drive in movies. This place brought them all back!!

Lloyd Hall

Awesome to have a modern classic here in Bangor!

Michael Shaw

Great food.

Mat Neal

Awesome experience, large selection of treats at the snack bar!

Earl Ulitsch

Tonight we went out as a family and went to this great place the people working there were pleasant and their bathrooms were acceptable and there was a food stand and a playground for the kids and it was awesome that all we had to do was tune into a radio station the whole family had a great time and we will be returning you can’t beat it at 22 dollars for over two people it’s just all around pleasing

Rae Ricigliano

Such an affordable thing to do with younger kids.


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