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1000 Parkview Dr, New Iberia, LA 70560, United States Located in: Bayou Landing

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REVIEWS OF The Grand New Iberia IN Louisiana

ishmay crocheter

Pretty decent

Robert Viana

Lloyd Doucet

Curtis Prince

It was great. I brought my wife to see Hobbs and Shaw.

Evil Cookies

Friendly staff, comfortable seats, fresh popcorn, current movies, and the sound is just right. What else could you ask for in a theatre?

Microwaveable Frogs

it was good. i guess


AKAgirl4 life

Jacob Adams

I continuously go to this theater and I have yet to have a bad experience. Comfy seats, great sound, expansive selection of films, tasty snacks... Even the few times the equipment stopped working, the employees hurried to fix it. This theater is such a good one to go to on the weekends when you wanna hang with friends and see a good film. I plan on returning soon.

Dawn Bentley

Great place to relax

Blueberry Pancakes

Jonathan Gregory

Tony, one of the staff, don't have a last name for him is a complete jerk and was very rude

James Hyatt


Spicy Blake

It was great. People were quiet for most of the movie.

Cory Broussard

Come for the greatest show in the berry

Brittni Mouton

Keri Pellegrin

I drove from Lafayette to New Iberia to bring my son to watch a movie tonight. I misunderstood my son when he told me what time the movie started. I thought it started at 7:40pm and didn't find out until we were driving up that it had started at 7pm. We drove up at 7:20 got in line and waited we got to the window at 7:26 and was told that they could not sell me a ticket. I explain to him my son had friend's in there and I drove from Lafayette for him to watch this movie with his friend's he told me that it was a Corporate rule that they can not sell tickets 30mins after a show starts. Ok Justin it wasn't TECHNICALLY 30mins just yet, I have never ever heard of the corporate rule and will NEVER return back to the New Iberia Grand Theater

Victoria Gondran

Roomy and comfortable setting for all ages

Donyel Rolle

The hallways smell like a bathroom really awful smell.

Valrae Yencho

Roomy, Spacious and Clean inside! Will go back again!

Jerica Luent

kasie James

Jorim Hukins

Sanders Boys

Tracy Lejeune

Nice clean family environment.

Angela Simon

Steven Fruge'

Gilbert Hoffpauir

It was great

Sharna Raw

Ok Theater. They have no allergy information on the I have to miss out. If I could eat the popcorn while watching the movie I would give more stars

Angel Nice

The movies are pretty good over there, I like that it is big screened to see the full image, overall this movie place isn't that bad.

Brett DeRouen

There aren't many places to go in town, for entertainment. So, it is nice that we still have this place. There are ten theatres now, so you have a lot of options.

game Destroyer mlg

Mark Wakeman

Everything about this establishment is very good. Clean, courteous personnel, very friendly. Outrageous prices at the snack bar, but that is to be expected. My only criticism is nobody seems to be paying attention as to when to change the projector over to 3D. Almost every 3D movie I have gone to see, and paid a higher price for, starts off in the double image 2D, making in necessary to run up to the front and tell them to change it, missing the beginning of movie. I find this quite irritating as it shows that no one is paying attention to an important function.

Larry Dickison

Great place

Cynthia Bourgeois

Great movies.

Jacob LeBlanc

Excellent. Nice and clean

Christie Desadier

This is the worst movie theater I have ever been too. First they over charged me for my drinks. Then I go to the bathroom and all the faucets won't work so no way to wash my hands. Then I go into the theater and it is so hot my husband and I had to go into the hallway to cool off several times. I will never go back here.

Teresa Bautista

Jaci Firmin

Jr Reaux

Heather Toups

Great movie place very clean.

Curtis Leger

Good movie theater. I've been going here since I was a kid, although it's changed names in the past 10 years or so. They usually have a lot of movie time options and the theater is usually pretty clean. The only reason I didn't give a 5 star is because of the prices. For a smaller theater, I think they should have slightly lower pricing.



The dude Tony that gave me my popcorn smelled like cheesy onions.

Megan Pepper

The staff is very friendly and always willing to help. I visit once a week and love it here. The seats are comfortable. My only only complaint is the high prices. The rewards card help some with the prices but it's still pricey.

K Crandall

Enjoyed entire experience

Zanthia Betts

Dina Landry

Mary Ann Fournier

Great theater

Morgan Borel

I love going to this movie theatre.

Jeffery Rice

The staff is lackluster at best. Nice and comfortable though. Prices are high too.

Carlos Juárez

nacolcs81 .

Nice theatre, but I don't think I'll ever pay nine bucks for a hotdog again.

Antelope Viscardi

Daniel Montiel

Debra Crosby

Boodro Gaming

Ok place, little small but not packed.

Uncle Ruckus

Always pretty clean.

Alisa Manceaux

Charelle August

John B

This is a nice place to see a movie. The screens are a good size and the seating if comfortable.

Dan Milroy

Popcorn was super salty and somewhat burned.

Trent Davis

Too cold. Too pricey too expensive for snacks

Ani Zadark

The theatre was dirty on the inside, kind of dark. The bathroom were not cleaned too well. Seems to need an upgrade. Movie was great, however.

Paul Reed

This was one of the worst theater experiences ever. We where sweating in our seats. The AC must have been broken. It felt like over 85 degrees in there and no one in management seemed to acknowledge or care. I won't be going back there again.

Brittany Fox

Bailee Bouillion

Taylor Broussard

I come here when visiting family in louisiana, their cup holders fold up and that all that matters.

Billi Kupihea

We always enjoy our visits, friendly atmosphere with great service every time we visit.

Gail Quiles

Went to the Grand to watch poms it was a great comedy love Diane Keaton

Happy Life

Carol Reid

Ashley mason

Lori Godwin

Mccreary Family

Megan Welch

Nice and clean

Joseph Thomas

Clara Antoine

Customer Service can definitely use an upgrade because it's not that good.

Linda Henry

david rose

Always a disappointment. Darn Air Conditioning is broken. Sweating our butt$ off trying to watch Avengers, Infinity War

Andrew Zenon


Prices are too high.

Raquel Ortiz


Angela Perro

Ushers rude and didn't like the movie 1

Frank Dean

The only reason I don't give it a five star is, the prices are too high.

Janiya Janay

luvbug. g


Celeste Lohr

Filthy and the movie cut off at the end! Not good at all.

Jamie Chandler


Found LiL Uzi in the sink!!!

southern merc

Lollipop Sunshine

My friend and I went to see Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse and it was a great time. I highly recommend this place if you want to see a good movie.

Brandon Kupihea

Great people but steep prices.

Crystal Comeaux

Eric Gabriel

Two times in a row my fiancé and I went we went to the same auditorium and both times the account wasn't working well if at all. Manager and other employees we're not friendly when asked about it

the illuminati mustache

yvonne jefferson

Tammy L Jenkins

Clean and close to home

PJ Broussard

I went to watch avengers end game and 25% of the top of the screen was not visible. I confirmed that this happened at the 6, 6:30, 7, and 7:30 viewing of this movie. The manager stated that no refunds or vouchers would be issued and that we could watch the movie as is or go home.

Yvonne Booker

47 Meters Down

Tamara Polk

Zachary LeBlanc

Dashia Hardin

Lawrence Manuel

Amanda R Stogner

This place is clean, very nice staff! The only problem I had was the ppl that didn't shut the hell up during the movie!


We go to the movies at least once a month. Went to see A Quiet Place some time back, the movie projector wasn't working properly, the Mgr. immediately gave us comp tickets for another show. The staff is friendly. It's hit or miss with the theaters being a little too warm or too cold but the seats are always clean and comfy.

Claire McDaniel

A member of my group had freezer fluid from a machine leak into her drink. She told the cashier before the drink was finished and didn't get a refund.

cruel endeavor01

It's a great place to go and all the people there are very nice

Bryan Henry

Clean, little cool, nice place!

Deshawn Lofton

Could've watched tv

Walter Skinner

The staff are awesome people, funny and friendly. The prices are high, but the atmosphere itself will make you want to over look that.

Shyla Linden

The people was very polite and patient even though there was a huge crowd

tiffany warner

Phelisa Boyance

Great movie theater

Brooke Alexander

Still a good place to go.

Carla Dressel

Tysha Hebert

Went Saturday March 23 to see Five Feet Apart and could not enjoy the movie!! Teenagers and some grown men and woman talking and cutting up the whole time!!!! Waste of money and yes I complained and no it did not stop!!!

Prism Nightshade

I went to watch the new Nutcracker and the Four Realms. It was a great movie and we got our snacks quickly.

Cowboy Ken

This is a nice theater and though we don't go much, we enjoy our visits to this particular Grand Theater. it is clean and the service is great. Though the prices are a lot more than when I was a kid, I chalk it up to inflation. Great job guys.

karlee viator

John Gautreaux

Twice recently the movie we went to see had projector failures and we could not finish watching the movie. Both times I was given rain check passes, but the last time I was NOT able to use the passes to watch the same movie I had previously went to see. They gave me a lame excuse that gift certificates could not be used to see Disney movies until they were out at least one month. This was not a gift certificate, not a contest prize, not a promotional give-a-way, but a pass to use on the same movie I went to see in the first place. NOT GOOD BUSINESS!

Dashalynn Nathan

Jerrard Boudreaux

I brought my family and nephews to watch alvin and the chipmunks. When we got in the auditorium was hot, my wife went let them know. About 45 minutes later it was still hot so I went tell the manager so he could fix the problem. And he comped my party free tickets. I go there pretty often, nice place. Great people.

Derek Segura

Abby Cole

I always go when no one's there and it's really cool movie experience. Kinda annoying when the person at front IDs me but not my friend.


Yvonne Jacobs

Sitting in a quiet theater. No previews, sweating! 87 degrees inside on Christmas Day! Worst theater ever and it smells!

Amanda August

The guy at the window selling tickets already seemed like he didn’t want to be at his job. I ask for 2 tickets to see “the purge” he says I need an ID...? Why idk. My boyfriend goes get me license out the car. The guy examines my ID for about 30 seconds

Sam Culotta IV

Great place! Very clean and comfortable! Awesome sound system!!!


Clean, friendly workers, projector seem a little dated. The screens are very dim

Melissa Maturin

Miki Lancaster

Always clean, people are very friendly.


malai m

Enjoyed the movie. Safe environment with friendly people.

Dean&Cody's Channel

Nice seats!!

Madeline Beauchamp

It was ok

Skye Aucoin

2 stars because the place is kinda dirty and the pricing so ridiculous.

Evette Warren

Clean. Friendly and helpful service!!!!!

Harley Rei

Nena Suit

Concessions are way over priced.

Lucy Garcia

pajar gumelar

Not many entertainment @city.. This is one of the interest area

Renee S

shalannie peters

Went during day time great sound and comfortable seating

loretta Comeaux


Destany Rose

There's always something wrong. The screen doesn't go up right some days, the video is off center some, and one time there was some spot where someone threw a drink on the screen.

Belinda Jackson

Burke Cameron

We went here and the doors were locked and the employees were playing games in front of us during show times

Robert McCarter

Plenty of parking, but watch the step up to the theatre enterance. Very comfortable with lounge chairs. The pop corn, candies, and drinks are very expensive. Screen and speakers are very good.

Henry Johnson

Blake Edgington

A nice atmosphere and a generally clean establishment. Definitely one of the better movie theaters in the local area.

Delilah Allen

Hope Valerie

Meshell Alexander

Great service and a wonderful establishments.

Joan Cobbs

Theatre &bathroom were clean.

Andrew Madden

Wish I could rate it lower. Went to see Endgame with my wife and the movie was out of proportion and blurry. A very rude manager was of no assistance and very arrogant. Try and support businesses in New Iberia opposed to going to Lafayette for everything and situations like this make it hard. Refused to give a raincheck. Won't be back.

Cressia Toussaint

Enjoy ed


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