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REVIEWS OF The Grand Alexandria IN Louisiana

Louisiana Cat Lady

Always something I want to watch. Friendly staff and pretty clean

Matt Howell

Awesome new seats that are super comfortable. Snack bar is a little pricey but over all very good.

John Warzynski

Good parking lot, even a little shade if you are willing to walk. A really large selection of movies The food and drink prices are outrageous, almost have to take out a loan to pay popcorn.

Ruston Dauzat

Rude and gotta be 21 to watch a movie if u by more than one ticket so say

Walter and Frances Aitken

Great popcorn and the theater was very clean.

Charl Ceronio

Good seating for small groups seeing popular movies in the first week of release

Bobby Henderson

Movie was great.The workers were friendly.

Hector .Hernandez

Tickets are overpriced, paid double what I would in a different state, snacks are too (but understandable for theater since that's where most of their money comes from), tampon on the bathroom floor (not necessarily theaters fault). Everyone that was in the movie I watched had their phones out/were obnoxious as hell, talking the whole time, no security around. Again not 100% the theaters fault, but I'm rating my experience and there should have been staff around because the entire theater had their phones out checking instagram, narrating the movie and talking loudly. It was ok. Movie quality and sound was good too.

Chase Martin

Your (only) local movie theater in Alexandria! The sound and video quality are great. The chairs are decently comfy. The theater rooms are always ice cold, so it's a great break from Louisiana summers. Tickets and candy are expensive! But that is sadly to be expected at a movie theater. But, if you don't need a 5 gallon bucket of popcorn and soda, you can save a few dollars if you get the kids combo. Popcorn, candy, and a small drink.

tania smith

The movie was good but the matinee tickets was over $7 each

Kenneth Gimmi

Very good for viewing comfort. Watched "Unplanned"

Amanda Wells

Movie was great and so was service,just absolutely loved it.Thank You

Hensley Garlington

Best theater anywhere nearby. But too expensive, like all theaters.

Catina Honore

Nice Atmosphere...great customer service

Pascual Retana

As always they strive to be personable and always keep the facility clean. It's a pleasure to go.

chelle sweets

Clean restrooms.. Nice people.. Experience was good

Jami Yamagiwa

Super cute town and complete Southern hopstality, was amazing to visit

Ashley Cook

Great place. Just eat and drink something before you go or you can waste tons of money on the concessions. Also alot of the games in the little arcade doesnt work all the time.

Kalep Atherton

I enjoy watching movies here, even though we don't go often. Though their Food is outrageous.

Chloe Bush

Nice parking area, comfy seats, and super clean... But if you catch the last showing you get roped off from exiting the front and have to basically walk around the entire building

Emily Dye

Doesn't have reclining seats and the staff was very blah.

sammy c

Theater is pretty run down, but the gpx experience wasn't bad.

Mary Ann Deville

I love the grand theater it is a little expansive but there is an arcade and candy pretty good!

Logan Fontenot

Being able to to watch the classic "The Big Lebowski" on the big screen was amazing. Love the classics.

phippler .

Nice clean theatre. $8.55 for matinee tickets around $6 for a drink.

Paula Baldridge

Clean and we'll maintained. Always has a goo selection of shows. A little pricey on tickets and food.

Michele Salvucci

Clean and great staff

salvador benitez

Seats were permanently stained, could use new ones. Other than that, the place had clean restrooms and a nice arcade. (Employee's could use some uplifting)

kiersten jackson

Great experience. Clean and comfortable!

Brandon Burnette

Nice clean place...

american muscle car 2019 turner

Way to expensive just for a bottle of water. Oprah Winfrey probably would complain.

Angela Acosta

Overpriced for such a run down smelly theater.

Lorantz Rogers

Great theatrical experience but the theater could have been cleaner.

Alisa Parker Albert

Had a blast the movie was awesome

Russell Henslee

(2019.05.24) Movie houses are clean. Lobby is clean. The bathrooms are clean. The GPX movie house is especially cool because the screen is about three stories tall, it makes for a better experience. The seats are leather recliners, but they aren't built for big people. If you're big and tall, you might want to ask the the box office how packed the theatre is, because if you're sitting next to strangers, you might not be able to lift up the arm rests to get comfortable. If you have a "Reel Rewards Card" but you don't have the actual card on you, you are able to give them the phone number linked to the card and earn your rewards. My wife and I were denied our points because an employee either wasn't properly trained or too lazy to add ten digits onto a screen so we could have earned points for our concession purchases of approximately $50. She told my wife that she was unable to use the phone number to access our account. Later when returning to concessions we were told they could enter the phone number for the points. We asked if they could give us our points for the previous purchase, we were denied. I'm a little bitter about it, but I figure I'd warn the returning patrons and new visitors alike. If you're a new visitor, this theatre is worth visiting. I would have gave a better rating but concession is expensive and they offer a rewards system that I was denied using.

Alecia Smith

Hey, it's all we have! Always clean, but a few of the original theaters are showing their age. The GPX is GREAT!

Katrina Seymore

No competition in the city, but compared to other cities.. They could improve service.

D. S. Causey

Had a great time with the family! Clean seats, good snacks, and amazing memories.

Danny Jones

Its very cleab and the services are great,but the price for concession is a little high they need to lower the prices for that.


the Grand...ALWAYS a good place to go. LOVE the age requirement on late movies without parent. Goodies kinda costly but ARE great tasting. The little Rewards Card is nice and can save you some cash. The Grand team is ALWAYS friendly & restrooms are MOSTLY clean... that's what's up.

Jennifer Knighton

Always clean and friendly

Jcen Williams

There food is high the places are so nasty sticky places And the movies never start on time wanna go see a movie go out of town

Michelle Lee Taylor

Popcorn came in a bag instead of a bucket. SMH. But the movie was great.

Lillian Miller

Love going here. The people are very professional and the popcorn is great! If you need help just ask and they will be more than happy to help.

Shamika Green

Love to go there for new releases. They always have the facilities clean. The only problem we had was the movie was playing during the previews with sound but no picture. Previews are just as important and as exciting. When I told the management she quickly went upstairs and fixed the problem shortly after I made it back to my seat.

Ashley Howard

Air conditioner not working in only theater showing Captain Marvel

Adrian Fruge

Love this place YNOT

Delilah Tunnell

I enjoyed the movie Dog's Way, and many children with their families enjoyed the movie too. It was pleasant and safe place to go with friends and alone.

Owen Hebert

Employees are nice. Junk food is pricey

Kattie Armand

Always friendly staff, comfortable seating & clean bathrooms.

Bonnie Grathouse

Great time watching favorite movies. Snacks were good and popcorn was outstanding. The staff was friendly and courteous, but professional. There's a smell in the theater seats that I can't figure out, but a little cleaning ought to take care of that. Great place, enjoyed going, would do it again.

Sonya LaFleur

It is a good family place

Real Talk

OMG!!! I almost accidentally punched-out a kid! Kids just running wild. A child just walked behind me touched my head?!!! Auto- swing almost activated. I mean groups of kids under 16? Reminded me of New Jack City.

Missy Manuel

Toy Story 4!! Great experience.

Kimberley Mitchel

The only place in town, but at least it’s nice, clean, and no trouble with rowdy folks!! Naturally, the snacks are expensive, so budget accordingly. Also, purchase your tix online so you don’t have to wait in line!!

Teresa Foshee

Clean place, nice polite staff

Gerard Thomas

Went to see a movie soon after its opening, I was pleased to see that they were playing the movie on enough screens to show it every half hour. It wasn't crowded and we were able to find great seats. It's also good to be able to catch a matinee as early as 11 in the morning.

Amitria Barron

It was fine if you get in the theater without people approaching you for money or trying to sale you stolen items.

Gregory Guidry

The arm rests were a bit uncomfortable, but the movie, both visual & audio, were good. I'd go back....

1 Minute Punishment

Very nice theater, but food prices are ridiculous

Darian Rachal

I went to see the Avengers movie on Tuesday. The price was reasonable. The movie could have used a brief intermission. The theater I was in was comfortable. I rarely go to the theater, but it was a pleasant experience.

Lisa Bowen

Love the staff here!

Brandi Moss

Took my two little kids here and they loved it. We will be going back!

Christos Rodis

This is a very nice movie theater. No complaints at all

Erica Conner

Pricey as heck. 11.02 for one ticket. No-one bothered to mention was for "special" theater(gpx

Trina Vaughn-Clark

People spend hard earned money to go and enjoy the movie experience. Well, not at this theater. People were on their phones during the movie and someone was actually recording the movie with their phone. No one did anything!! I did speak up and ask people to get off their phones, but no the did not. I even stated about someone recording the movie. No, nothing happened. I have been in theaters that they do what they say on the the previews, THEY ESCORTED THEM OUT!! Not here! If I could give a zero star I would.

Alaina Kilgo

Comfortable seats and the movie we watched was awesome. Thankful that they show Christian movies

Justin Knowlton

There are definitely better theaters in the world, but this one is perfectly average. The staff we have interacted with and nice and the theater are generally acceptable. We have never had any problems with a dirty or trashy feeling theater.

Amalie Verdin

Great experience watching how to train your dragon. The only negative thing is how much I paid for a drink and nachos.

Malibu Welch

Whoa! Just saw Avengers Endgame with 50 LGBT teens from Trevor project and lemme Tell ya...we had the ENTIRE theatre (room #12) to ourselves! Great staff and this will not be our last visit as a group to this theater! Not one dry eye and soooooooo much laughter!

Stay True

The inside staff attitude was so sickening I wish I hadn't went there.

Arlene Smith

Big and comfortable. Nice and clean

Antoinette Howard

Love going to the movies, but session (Snacks) are too HIGH

Danny Wood

This is a good place to good see movies

Swag Compton98

Clean seats and theaters great service always have a blast when I watch a movie here

Matthew Anderson Saucier

Great little theatre. Always something you want to see. Not as big a selection as a city but good for the size of town.

Glenda Faye Fruge

Clean, good price for matinee, great Christian movie was showing.

Adam Polson

Comfortable seats, Great Sound and wonderful concessions. The staff is warm and friendly

Kerry Olafson

Found out why I don't take the kids to the movies

Taylan Uras

Nice movie theatre in Alexandria. To avoid waiting on the queue, i would recommend to buy online - if you arrive just in time especially

Tonya Guidry

We Enjoyed

Ramon Carter

Enjoy going to this theater better than other one used too go whenever went to the movies this one in Alexandria is larger n more updated love this theater even the chairs reclines while enjoying thriller, comedy or drama seeing a movie it's the best.

Dorothy Nellams

I love what they have done to make things easier to watch a movie. Awesome

Cindy Marie

Had an enjoyable time there. Nice and clean.

Louise Mcpherson

Too high. Can only afford to go once in awhile.

S Williams

Always enjoy experiences here. Comfy seating.

Kathi Taylor

Love this theater. Everyone is nice.

Josh Poole

Everything works as it should, everything was clean, and service was friendly, and accomodating

Wynne Taylor

Nice and clean theater.

danforest1059 .

Aside from the film starting earlier than the time on the website, it was ok. Missed the begining of Mary Poppins Returns.

William Merrell

It was great

Christian Starr

The movie I went to see was good. However, the concession stand prices are simply ridiculous! The concession stand food is more then the ticket in many instances. Still trying to figure out why pickle is 3.00...

Jason Matney

It's A Very Good Movie Theatre To Visit And Watch Movies, Seating Is Very Comfortable & They Keep It Nice And Clean Looking On The Inside.

Stephanie Carpenter

We don’t go to the movies very often due to the expense of it we went to see the lion king it was. A good movie I felt thier prices for popcorn and candy are extremely overpriced considering the price your paying for your tickets to see the movie alone. I feel you could have a better time in the comfort of your own home with a surround sound For 25 dollars you own a movie instead of 60 for a family and then only see it once.

Johnny Johnson

A great place for a good movie...

Michael Crenshaw

i love seeing movies and i have no complaints about the atmosphere or service. the price of drinks and snacks is outrageous and discourages me from going

Lacey Gore Photography

We enjoyed it here. As always, any theater you go to will be expensive, but whatcha gonna do?


Great seating. Overpriced movie theater snacks but my kids really enjoyed it. I liked that the show wasn't disturbed my rude people. Very pleasant experience.


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