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Richard Finch

The popcorn was just ok, no free extra salt like at Tinseltown. The snack prices were higher than Tinseltown and the chairs are old and not comfortable. I had better experience and more comfortable seats at a movie theater in the continent of Africa than this place. I will never go to another movie here while there is the option of Tinseltown Theaters with better popcorn and better seats.

Mike G

Always enjoy coming to this movie theater as it is the newest theater in the area. They don't have the plush reclining seats as Tinseltown but it is still comfortable. The local police usually hangout during late hours as well so you feel safe. You are able to order tickets & reserve seats on Fandango.

Fort Polk LA

The Crawl wasn't with the money. But the audience that was in the theatre was hilarious.

Peaches RM

Lots of unsupervised kids walking around and playing during the movies. It use to be a great place.

Michelle Lee

Live hung here and catching movies

Mark Smith

The best in Shreveport-Bossier! The originator of the free refills!

Jay Specht

Place is well kept. Service is good

Jacob Boyter

Top 3 best movie theaters in Shreveport Bossier area

ada collins

Ordered tickets online, walked in to see one employee sitting behind the info booth with his feet up, reading, looked at me as if I was disturbing him. I asked where to check my tickets that were on my phone. He said to keep walking around there, pointing, someone will come. And went back to reading. Had to wait for concession person to come and ticket checker.

Susan Dean

Easy to get seating. Consession have enough staffing you don't wait to long.

Parker Neucere

You literally do not have to purchase a ticket. There is no one who checks them at the door. Save you or money and just walk right on in

Deb Allen

Popcorn was alright I just wanted to give a wonderful rating because the staff were awesome and made my day!

Tracie Shoap

I hate leaving bad reviews. Normally I will opt for no review at all. The bathrooms were horrible. I went to two different bathrooms on my last visit. Toilet paper pieces all over the floors from the door to the last stall. I get that this could have been 1 person at both restrooms being poorly behaved. Did no female employee visit the restroom in the 1.5 hours I was in a movie? I went back to the entrance restroom that I went into first on my way out. It was the same. They also don't have a good way of seeing who has paid to see a movie and who is just walking in which let's me know they lack security.

Jackle Bridges

We love it everyone was so nice. Clean. But food line was so slow.

Vickie Fields

I had to ask for my money back. There were children from the age of about 11- to about 14, running all over the place, picking each other up ,cl playing with their cell phones come they were also playing with the flashlights on their cell phones they were going in and out in and out of the movie theater. I complained three different times, finally I just went up and got my money back the form of a voucher and left

Paul Jamison

The movies was great features Robin Hood, Mortal Engines and Creed 2, a triple feature last week end! Now this weekend I just got through watching Aquaman! Regal Cinema has great movies good food clean atmosphere and friendly staff love it

razin yousuf-bey

Seats are small for big ppl, and it's old school, but they have large theater rooms

China Guerra

I went to see John wick Saturday i was in theater 3 and got ate up by bed bugs I wasn't there 10 mins we had to move seats because they were that bad

Daniel Starr

It's a decent theater. I think I am just spoiled with the nicer theaters that have the huge chairs and couches. This is your standard theater with airplane seats packed in tight. You do have assigned seating which is nice that you don't have to show up super early for good seats.


Avengers Endgame; A True Roller Coaster Ride. Be Blessed all. Smooches

Peter Rashke

Love Word Of God at the Boardwalk

John Vines

Was great, first time visit!

chelle sweets

Price for concessions are high$$ but movie was good

Bradley Cummings

Last two times I've been there have been roaches. Was watching a movie tonight and had one crawl on my ol lady.b

Vital Mason

Love going to movies and when I do I always go to this theater

Christin S.

I concur with many of the reviewers about cleanliness and the wait. The issue isn't rude staff, it's just there isn't enough staff for the massive crowds. I'm not a regular movie goer, but when I do, I purchase ticketsonline. Bought my tickets online, head to the doors and there's a line outside for tickets. The kiosk is quicker. Turn around for the concession stand and there's a line, with only one register open. Get to our movie and there's a full trash can with food all over the floor. I leave and there's even more food, and liquid, all over the floor. One time I had purchased online tickets for a 3D movie and this time the place was empty. And void of staff as well. It was an empty lobby. No one was at the concession stand, no one to rip our tickets and direct us to our movie. I actually had gone behind the counter to grab 3D glasses for me and my husband and we found the movie ourselves. The staff is very friendly. They've never been rude and are very helpful and patient. Problem with this theater is they just don't have enough staff on hand at one time.

Stewart Miller

It's ok could have better seating.

Jami Catlin

My mother and I took the the kids to go see how the Grinch stole Christmas, usually when you walk into the room the screen is on and they're playing something, but when we walked in the screen was off and the lights were dim. The movie was supposed to start at 1:55, we sat there for about ten minutes thinking they were just busy and got behind, well then the lights went off and it was completely dark and still nothing started playing, i think we all waited another 5 minutes. Kids were freaking out because it was dark and we couldn't see anyying,a we had to use the lights from our phone, well me and another customer got up and told an an employee the movie was not on and the lights are off, he looked at us like he was shocked and walked away and called someone on the walkie talkie and we went back to the theater and still 10 minutes with no movie. Finally it came on but skipped all the previews. After the movie I told my mom to go talk to a manager to explain what was going on, she told him about us having to wait for our 1:55 movie to start and that we sat in the dark and all he said was they do not have people who sit in the projection rooms waiting to play the movies and if that sort of thing happens again in the future we need to tell someone that works there to play the movie. My mom paid 40 bucks for tickets and we're expected to tell these people to do their job. We never even had anyone come and apologize for making us wait nearly 30 mins for a movie we paid for. And the manager didn't even apologize. He did give us free movie passes but only after my mother asked for a partial refund. More than likely we probably will not come back to this theater. Plus the popcorn was so overly buttered and supper greasy and the bucket consisted what looked like the left over batch from and earlier time, it was cold and upset our stomachs bad. My son had to keep running to the restroom.

Jessica Patterson

Really enjoy going to this theater. It's clean, and I like that you can order your tickets online and pick your seat.

Robert Reinhart

Very busy place. Concessions always take forever. I try to get there at least a half hour before my show if I want anything. Good selection of food though. You can get a whole meal. They work hard to keep it clean which I appreciate. Restrooms pretty clean. Past few times I've been there have been problems with the projector. I typically go on fan event nights which are a blast. The Imax is really cool and the stadium seating awesome.

Joan Ruffins

My son and I stopped by to watch Skyscrapers after shopping in the very hot outdoor Boardwalk. The price was extremely reasonable less than $12 for 2 people. The food was not overly high. The cinema was very nice, big and clean. Will definitely return with the entire family because of the Sunday deal and the variety of movies to choose from.

Supa Gee

Nice staff and good popcorn

Amanda Posey

Movie was sooo hot we had to leave

Lakeysa Stuart

Amazing if you have reserved seating go early someone took my seats and would not move had to sit closer to the screen. Was very upsetting. What is the point of choosing seats if someone can take them.

Steven Coffey

Great place to watch a movie! Not quite five star quality. But it's pretty good.

Timothy Saula

Just like every regal. Amazing experience

Tiffany Cobb

My husband and I went to watch an "IMAX" movie there and it was totally not worth the money it cost to do so! The most annoying thing is the screen was dirty like not just a little all the way across it in the middle which was really distracting during scenes that were real bright... plus I've never seen an IMAX screen that is that small and the sound was not any louder than any regular movie theater. Might as well just pay for a regular movie there! There is reserved seating which is nice so you never have to worry about having or finding a seat when you get in the theater with light up labels at the end of each row to let you know where to go just in case it's already dark when you make it in there so that's a plus!

Anthony Jones

This is hands down the best theater in the area. I travel from Natchitoches to come see movies that I want to have that true cinema experience with. Great nachos and food items.

Ken Walling

Love I Max movies!! Clean, no wait! Always my choice of theater in Shreveport! Broadwalk shopping always great and very clean!

Tyler Staley

Went and saw Avenger's Endgame. The movie was awesome. Only down side was my wife ordered some loaded french fries and we had to wait which really almost made us miss the start of the movie.

Danny Crawford

Prices have dropped. That is good. Nice place to see a movie and eat and shop at the attached Boardwalk.

James Moore

While the movie was a okay price they make up for it at the snack bar. OMG !

Rebecca Rowe

They could clean up and take out trash between movies.Especially if it's a sell out like Intruder last night!!

Joyce Browder

"Great experience, funny movie-- What men want..."

Reginald Wright

Was the a/c broken? I was miserable during the whole movie. Was not able to snuggle with my wife. Hot hot hot!

Risky Feat

Trash is always removed from the theater right after a film ends. Seats are clean and paths are well lit for you to see.

Tabitha Wilson

So first off we went to go see the lion king at 10:45 PM.. the movie started around 11.. and the lights never got turned off. I had to leave the movie to go find a manager to tell them. Not to mention I stood at the concession stand for about 5 minutes with 4 or 5 other workers looking past me because they were too worried about cleaning the pop corn machine instead of helping a customer.. I thought I could finally enjoy the movie but NOOO... there was about 10 two to five year olds in the movie theatre at 10:45 a night. The parents were just as disrespectful as the kids. The kids also wore light up shoes.. really? I know that wasn’t the movie theaters fault but my point in saying that is no theatre worker was paying attention to our theatre from the beginning. What happen to the times where they checked to make sure everyone was behaving? I guess that is what you get when you hire 18 year olds who honestly don’t care..

Caden Cortéz

Chairs arent comfy but it was cheaper

Jill Richardson

We watched Avengers, End Game and it was great.

Hannah Barber

Typical high prices on concessions, but some of the staff had bad attitudes. Like rolling her eyes kind of attitude.

K. Barlow

Love coming here when I visit.

Aqueelah Hardy

Too many commercials when the movie supposed to come on at 7PM.

Dan Bellamy

Really nice theater in a beautiful shopping center I had not previously explored. Watch out if you're navigating with a GPS. It may take you across the bridge so you can see the as you go up the hill, but not actually pull in.

Leah Marcotte

I’m not usually one for leaving bad reviews, but the last couple times I’ve visited here I’ve been disappointed. The new option to choose your seat has been an issue for the past couple movies I’ve seen. I saw a movie last week and the movie was literally STOPPED and they turned the lights on. In my opinion, the situation was handled poorly and came off as the staff having an being rude and having attitude with even the viewers that were seated correctly. Myself and many people around me were displeased, I’d almost rather make the drive to Tinseltown than experience this again. I never had an issue at this theatre before this option was available and I think it has done more harm than good.

Brittany Tyler

Always been my go to movie theater!! Only downfall is the seats are horrible!!

Chritztopf Gr

Very nice cinema even though the drinks and food is kinda expensive and for example Tinseltown has better chairs

N Moon

Screens are far too high for the seating, exit signs are distractingly bright, and seats don't recline

Brian Cooper

I go to this movie theater a lot as I am movie lover! I had an experience the other day were my daughter missed places the tickets that were purchase the day before. I do understand that it was our fault, but i had the receipt from the purchase and had to get the manager to help with the problem. Everything would have been ok if the manager of this theater would have been more respectful in helping with the problem but instead came with what i took as a threat. The Manager was not at all respectful and after that I gave him my rewards card and told him I would not be back! Used to be a 5 star from me but this opened my eyes to a 2 star or worse!

Rajbarath Panneerselvam

Theater of choice for us. Place is well maintained, restrooms are clean. Concession stand could see lengthy lines at rush hour, plan accordingly. Staff is usually friendly and accommodating.

Daniel Lynch

Imax screens are about 20 percent bigger than regular screens. They have louder speakers and higher refresh screen rates. Only way to really watch your favorite movies for the maximum experience. Bossiers Regal cinema delivers with amazing results!

Eric Craig

I like being able to purchase online

Angelina Masiki

Very outdated compared to Tinseltown. Our movie was overly loud but it was a decent theater.

Aimen A.

Good times.

Cabrina Elbert

The movie what Men want was good I enjoyed it

Natacha Adams

Amazon!!! Great service, comfortable seating, and awesome serround sound, I absolutely love ever minute of my visit. And I'm definitely coming back. ❤

Kebin Umodu

Good movie theater experience. It had a leak in the roof that you could hear throughout the movie. Not their fault but... yeah

Patricia Bussart

But I don't like picking my seat before I go in.

Najee Jihad

The food prices are too high! The admission prices are too! The military discounts are sorry too! If the prices keep going up I'm going to use Netflix. But the people are friendly and the service was great!

Connie Williams

Clean, comfortable and a safe place to watch a movie.

Nate Jones

Great sound and picture!!

Lytori Crow

Date night with my hunny..GLASS was great we enjoyed it

Leilani Coles

Comfy seats. Good little $6 cheese and pepperoni pizzas. Have to ask for jalapeños.

Sharonda Vizcaino

Great place to walk around and shop

White Devil

This place is great. The best part is the reserved seating. You get nice recliners to watch the movie in and they're actually reserved.

Joyce Lovelace-Ashford

Loved the movie. Short wait ,comfortable seat

Helping Td

Took my children to see Sherlock gnomes, it was not as good as the first i fell a sleep. Im 42 my children 15 and down wasn’t really into it either. I love cartoons and animation. It only cost me around 24 dollars for four. But I enjoyed the day with my kids. Had fun!!

kimberly jefferson

I love the variety of food it offers.The customer service was great

Angel B

Service was great too slow, and popcorn was cold.but staff was helpful and nice.but $8for cold popcorn.smh

Naadia West

Racist management. Never going back. Apparently you can't laugh or react inside of the movie or they'll pull you out of the theater because of one customer and not even refund you or give you a pass for the movie you missed. Ridiculous.

Candy Lee

They helped with making sure we got our seats so we could sit together

Ken Armes

Had a great time with the family! Very comfortable seating and great picture and sound quality!

Kristie Bowman


Eric Kowalski

Our go to for watching movies. We've never had a bad experience here, and the Sunday all day $6 ticket price is phenomenal. As others have pointed out, the concessions are pretty high but that seems to be the norm around here.

T.N.G. Mobile Gaming

Nice as it always been for me

Christopher Sepeda

The last few movies I've gone to there was hotter than 6 suns and the sound was terrible also. I'm not saying it needs to be freezing in the theater, but some air flow would be nice. And please turn the bass so that the sound doesn't crack.

Bobby Jones

Nice and clean establishment. Love the wide choices of snacks at the snack bar. Little pricey compared to other locations around town but definitely more upscale than the others as well.

Nancy Burks

Decent prices. Theater is pretty clean for the amount of traffic that they get. When you buy your ticket, you pick out your seat. This increases the time it takes to get through ticket purchase. Instead of 1or 2 minutes, it now takes 3 or 4. So beware that if there's a long line to enter, you will be standing there double the normal time. Also, a few people paid no attention to their assigned seating, so when the people who did purchase those seats came in, there was confusion. Lesson here: arrive earlier.

Kate Myers

Great theater and IMax is AMAZING

Kay Brown

Went to see Gosnell. Wonderfully produced! This man deserves life in prison. Regal is commended for offering this insightful film. Regal is my favorite theater group. Everyone should go see this film and think about the slaughter of innocents that was accepted for 30 years and still is today. After the movie, get online and look at the photo of Baby A. Guaranteed to cause pain in your heart and soul!

Tot Tot

Like to watch movies here when I'm visiting

Sean Vanover

Had a great time

Patrick Doyle

No air-conditioning, sweeting through entire movie of Dark Phenix

RG Family

Omg..the red beans and rice are awful but otherwise the food is good.

Petie Griffin

First time i had been to a theater outside the state i lived. It was very nice clean and the staff was polite. The prices were around 12dollars. and that is pretty fair for a movie these days. It was a great alternative to what we were going to originally do.

Chet Phart

I disagree with there age policy. We wanted to see Good Boys. But the they wouldn't let our 6month old baby in to see that movie. The thing is I understand that all children are impressionable. But this is a 6 month old baby. Come on. She would have sleep thru the movie.

Brittany Baker

It's nice, a regular theater it's on the boardwalk so you can shop and dine. If Tinseltown had not upgraded their theater this one could be a 5 with its convenience.

Tangie J

All seats r reserved n u get 2 pic where u want 2 sit n d movie theather

Jeff Arney

Fancy theatre. Nice comfy reclining chairs and plenty of room in the aisle. The sound system and picture quality were top notch and it was actually cheaper than the the theatre at the Boardwalk.

David Jesse

Decent theater with movies on sunday being cheap for all showings. Great area as well with easy parking.


Nice place, but 3 d movie never played in 3d! They had to refund to all customers. Hopefully they check their equipment regularly.

Gerald Kent

Great movie experience

Karen Green

I love coming here. So many options. Friendly atmosphere.

Dwyane Watson

The lines for food are way too long and slow and the seating is dated compared to other theaters in town. Go to Cinemark if you don't mind the drive.

Taylor McCullum

The theater itself is clean and nice, but the staff and security definitely need to brush up on how to handle drunk and combative customers. Having to essentially handle a drunk man screaming at me across the lobby because no one wanted to intervene doesn't exactly make me comfortable coming back with just my kid - that witnessed the whole thing.

Jennifer Gathright

Always enjoy tha service they r friendly an very helpful along with beginning neat an clean .

Michelle Jack


Leeboi89 Last Real Playa Alive

Movie screen though aged is still highly efficient along with the ever lasting surround sound great for all ages

Kecha Brown

Really enjoyed my time, nice, clean, and the workers where very helpful and friendly.

Samantha Harris

Comfortable and clean theatre! The best time To take your family is on Sundays!

Steven Franklin

Sound was terrible, felt like I was in the trunk of a car with bad bass. Either the heater was on or the ac was off, but you have that many people in a theater for end game, and you try to sweat them out. No wonder everyone is going to Shreveport to watch movies. You guys are terrible.

Winter Robinson

I'm here once a week alone eatting popcorn and watching a movie. Great place

Michael Evans

A good theater I enjoyed myself.

Jessie Ford

I enjoyed the movie but the seating was uncomfortable,the popcorn had no taste. I think I'll hang with tinsel town. The seating is comfortable and the popcorn has taste.

Mark Phillips

Good movie quality (sound, screen), clean, and close to shopping and restaurants.

Felecia White

Nice place and location. Prices of snacks were quite high, but that's expected of all movie theaters. I think handicap parking was available.

Deanna Anders

Had fun! Very comfy chairs :)

Better Vlog

They need them reclining chairs

David Cwodzinski

With the cost of admission you would think they could sell their popcorn and soda cheaper. Spent over $50 for 3 people to see movie


Great place to enjoy movie never over crowded

Joeju Offset

I 'm a kid I recently went for a birthday and it was amazing

Felicia Jackson

The theater was clean and organized by rows and numbers for seating. An overall nice experience!

Justin Henning

Never go here. I was sitting down on a Sunday night in a movie alone. There were about 6 people on the theater. Suddenly, in the middle of the movie, an overly aggressive security gaurd was in my face with a flashlight. He was demanding to see my ticket. I asked why and he wouldn’t give an answer. I showed him my ticket and after him belittling me and making me feel as if I did something wrong I was allowed back to my seat. I was so shaken up at this point that I couldn’t get back into the film. My hands were literally shaking and heart beating. So I got up, went out and asked why was I singled out? I really just wanted an answer and understanding of the situation. The manager said that someone had reported a suspicious man in the theater who was making people feel uncomfortable, which I can assure you I wasn’t doing. I was sitting alone minding my own business trying to see the Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper romance unfold on the silver screen. This security security guard then approached the manager and I and essentially began making fun of me for feeling shaken up over the incident. This just compounded the frustration from before and made it even worse. He had no business coming up to me like that while I was dealing with management. I then demanded my money back and left the theater. Never go here. They are unprofessional and incredibly disrespectful. I can understand doing your job, but there is no need for indimidation by a over zealous flashlight wielding gun toting security card. I didn’t come to the movies to feel like I’m about to be punched.

Marcus Jones

Great place to go n release alot of stress


Many small places to watch movies. Always a time of your choice to watch a movie. But Very Uncomfortable Seats. If you have any health problem voild.

Darrell Hill

Well the movie place is fine it's just the sodas and popcorn and Extras are very costly you figured I'd run a special once in awhile $7 for a sodas expensive

Jeremy Watson

No police security, too many kids, do yourself a favor and go to tinsletown.

angie nelson

Great place to take the grandbabies

Darla Reese

Great service, great seats. No long lines.


One of the better theaters in the area. Lots of options, and feels like what a theater should be. As with most other theatres though, prices are ridiculous.

Nellie Braggs

Went to see creed 2. Brought on the waterworks! Awesome!!! Food is always pricey! All we got was a coke and popcorn, 16 dollars. People are polite. Bathrooms clean..

Cherri Smith

Enjoyed the movies with the kids cant wait till we go back

twix breshaye

Like it. Chairs aren't the most comfortable but it's alright.

Casey Brownell

Saw the Broly movie here it was awesome.

Jackson Ballew

It's regal. The chairs aren't as good as To tinseltown and everything is overpriced. Buy it is very clean and is a great place to go watch a movie with Fuddruckers right next door and the rest of the boardwalk right there.

J Jefferson

Always clean and seating is comfortable. Pricing is more expensive than Tinseltown however Tinseltown seats are better. I will probably visit again to see the Does movie my seven year old is so excited about it

Dennis Rexford Jr

Great theater. My only prob is they rarly have the goodies advertised on their website. They either get very few or none at all. Example..saw endgame..they didnt have the collectible tickets, and sold out of the plastic pop corn and drink that had avengers endgame on them. All else was great in the place.

Craig Johnson

This is a great theater. It is crowded always however. Imax showings are unbelievable !

Charlie Wilson

Dated movie theater but it is in a great location.

Jasmine Carter

You can choose your own seats now and we went to see SHAFT and it was extremely hilarious

Stacy Whitaker

Watched Overcomer! A must see! Loved it!!!!!

John Daquin

At the boardwalk, still a decent place for movies.

Marie Carey


David Hunter

Super slow service. Very long lines! Get what you want and put it in your pocket or expect to miss half an hour of your movie!

Gentleman Lows

Very neat theater

Mark Robertson

Saw New Avengers ENDGAME movie...pretty awesome....and had popcorn and nachos for lunch

D. A. B.

Decent, clean, comfortable seats. A variety of stuff on the concession menu and can't beat the discount on Sunday's. Other than someone sitting in our seats, the experience went well.

kamyra turner

I go here a lot to watch movies its really nice

Kitty Buzz

Nice place. Friendly folks helpful.


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