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REVIEWS OF Regal Grand Esplanade & GPX IN Louisiana

Ronny Caluda

I really like seeking a movie here. The chairs are very comfortable and the theater's are clean.

April Gilliard

I've come here several times for movies and I'd like to say this is the most immaculate theater I have ever been to. Perfect for dates! My fiance and I have not been disappointed by picture quality once :)

Laurie Guichard

Comfortable seats, not freezing cold, good movie, convenient restrooms and concessions.

Jeff Heap

Love this Heating and the reserved seating arrive early a show is popular

2000teamtoyota .

Always clean! Courteous and efficient staff! Always a pleasant experience at the Regal

Laurie Dufrene

This is one of my favorite theaters near me always clean and nice parking area

Josh Linvog

Booze, food and movies! Huge, comfy reclining chairs make the experience great!

Edward Cannon

Love this place.

Barrett Toups

Stadium seating is great. The sound is great. So why is this review only getting 3 stars? Because this theater does not respect your time. You will be sitting in previews for 30 minutes before the feature presentation starts. Why am I paying all this money to watch commercials?

Corey Eugene

I visit this theater often because I like the quality and the experience. The customer service is always great and I can always find the movie I want spacious seating. Now if only they offered military discounts!!!

Curlyydeee !

Great customer service

Richard Hampton III

Frequent projector issues in IMAX but always clean and comfy seats. Popcorn can be lacking in quality at times.

Seth The Memer

What I would expect from every movie theatre. Clean atmosphere, nice workers, good quality food and drink. Overall the sound and visual quality is breath taking.

Juan Centeno

A good place to enjoy as a family, the only suggestion and not a claim should be signage in Spanish since many Latinos visit it and not all speak English, it is a good place to spend as a family.

patricia horton

I love hadi_cap seating, however they don't have enough choices of food.

Danny Cruz

This my first time here and probably my last. Not because I didn’t like it but cause I’m from nyc ya hurd. Overall super great amazing theater super clean cozy as a mfs. Seats recline employees are super nice and the large drink is hella large!!!!! Bro you buy one of those you can share with the whole theater. Plus free refills you know it’s litty.

Ernay Washington

Nice prices, clean and friendly

JD Mitchell

I'm 6'5" & I can recline and there is still a space for people to get around me. Wonderful!

MiniDX _1

Best Theater in the South. Clean, nor crowded and the most comfortable chairs Ever.

Donald Gaspard

Comfortable seating but popcorn & drink to expensive.

Alicia Saint

The employees are always very friendly and complaints about the bathrooms or the actual theaters.

Jeremiah Willis

Always have a great time here. Would give them 5 stars but I think the speakers are blown in room 14. Humming sound through out the whole movie.

Jack Burns

Went to regal grand esplanade 14. Brought my daughter to her first ever movie. It was me. My wife. And her grandma and grandpa. We arrived to go see the new train your dragon movie. None of the chairs would actually work. We arrived hadn't noticed or even tried till the movie began. I called later that night to complain about the issue and the manager told me since I didnt complain within 30 minutes of going to the movie that he cant help us. I've been going to Regal since they opened it here around new Orleans for its quality seats and theatre. The manager told me he dont care if it was my daughters first movie or not but that policy is policy and if I dont Like it then I can go see movies elsewhere. So I'll be going to the movie theatre Elmwood or clearview which are AMC theatres instead. Called AMC and told them about my experience and they offered 4 tickets to go see a movie for Regals bad experience! Want a theater that actually cares? Go AMC because regal doesnt care! I'm a buisness owner myself with policies and would never let 40$ ruin buisness from an entire family who has been there at least 50 times EACH. Posted this to their Facebook and have gotten messages from people who want to give us the money to treat my daughter to a movie. I appreciate it but I cant take money from others. Just making people aware of how they are and glad many are choosing to just drive 10 minutes further with their buisness than here.

Jeff Steindl

Great customer service!!! They watched our luggage while we were waiting for our flight!!!

Carl Burrhus

Great movie theater. Could use a bit more cleaning in between shows but better than AMC for the most part.

Gregory Neyrey

Good place to watch the movie s

Tuesday Pierce

Comfortable spacious clean theater

Jasmine Deocampo


Jennifer Eaton

Great movie theater and super comfortable seats that recline!

Jim Thompson

Nice facility! Great seating.

Adam Allen

Movie with fiance and sister. We went to see US and in the movie there was a bunch of bats and bugs flying around

John Perez

I'm in love with this movie theater prices on the money it's quiet the popcorn is amazing the chairs are amazing the people there are amazing I always feel welcomed Kudos guys keep up the great work

Chris Stough

Your prices are beyond ridiculous, 5 dollars for a bottle of water. 7 dollars for an icee. Shame on you for charging families that price. I can clearly understand why the fire stick will put yall out of business.

Kelvin Ross

Clean and comfortable seating...

Jack Holden

There has been a problem every time I've gone to a movie at this theater in the last 2 years. From a movie starting with no sound to 30 minute delays due to computer crashes... The latest was the fire alarm going off resulting in evacuating the theater because the staff burned popcorn. When asked, the manager said the film would be rewound so we wouldn't miss anything. That didn't happen.

Malissa Lojszczyk

Theater was clean, popcorn was good, but I never got to see the movie. The projector malfunctioned during the previews(which were RIDICULOUSLY loud). After reporting it to the staff, they skipped to the next preview. During the opening scene, the same projector problem. Went and got the staff again and they rebooted the system. Restart the movie and 5 minutes in, it stops again. So, no movie but they did refund our tickets. Sadly, not the first time we've had a problem like this at this theater. Probably won't return, either. This theater has gone downhill since Regal took over, which is a shame as it's the only theater in Kenner.

Jay Rod214

Great theater but the snack selection is lacking.

Schatasha Nelson

I don't really care for the assigned seat idea. But the theater itself is really comfortable. Popcorn was kind of stale (I went to a 7pm movie) jalapenos were not hot.

Ronald P Riggin

You already know, most movies

Shawn B

Luxurious seating

Therese Jones

The Best and Closer too me Love It

Cherella Johnson

Staff dosent have a clue on how to redeem free tickets ...made me use 17,000 credits to redeem a 2d free movie ticket which was not the free movie tickets that were giving to me from Regal customer service. The little girl kept telling me i have to redeem credits in order to use the four free tickets given to me ..made absolutely no sense . If you have free tickets to see any movie that dosent expire please call the manager to use those tickets cause these little young front desk ticket servers (whatever they are called )have no clue on how to do anything

Ashely Bourgeois

Our go to theater. Comfy seating. Easy to get tickets online. Friendly staff.

Tomeka nicole

Never disappointed! Great atmosphere, clean & comfortable. Roomy, comfortable recliner seats. Handicapped accessible everything.

Rae Sheafer

great staff, great recliners, amazing overall! very nice too!

Mike M

For all the times I been here to watch a show I have been pleased with service and convenience. I usually use the app to get my tickets and rewards. You speed up the process if they just scan the phone now. Don’t have to wait as long. Love the reclining seats are very comfortable. Staff is always friendly and nice. The place seems clean. Plenty of parking by the side. Will definitely come back to see more shows in this theater. Keep up the good work!

Pamela Mudrick

The seats reclining are so comfortable and place is clean. Staff is nice and helpful.

Emilie LaPrade

I wasn't thrilled with the idea of going to the movies. I've got a bad knee (soon to be replaced) and I really didn't want to sit in a cramped seat for 2+ hours. I need not have been concerned because they have reclining seats with somewhere to put your feet up. It's pretty much the boat comfortable I've ever been at a movie theater. I would definitely go there again, and again.

Richard Wilson

Very dirty theater. Was not cleaned between movies. Manager didn't seem to care much.

Troy Lasseigne

great staff and nice seats

Gabe Rodriguez

Its a good clean movie theatre. Good for families. No ruckus

Bryan B

Comfortable with reserved seating and reclining chairs ... dont fall asleep

Natasha Emilien

Love this theater I just have to ride till fall to get to it

tyler jones

It's nice and clean. There was a slight hiccup in the movie but when I notified a manager they were kind and helpful with no delay in helping

Michael Franklin

Good experience.

Gilbert Edwards

Great place, good for the kids. There is akids gym, with all kinds of things for the children. Also there is a bounce around. Looking for a place to take the kids this is it.

Liz Firmin

Convenient location great viewing and lots of seating. Concession servers work very hard and friendly. Prices to eat and drink cost more than tickets. I know that's their profit maker. It's like that at all Theaters. Still like this location the most Please keep it clean and updated

Sid Barre

Chairs are comfortable. Volume for previews blew my ears out. Had to go out of theater so loud What was worse than that the smell was so bad had to leave before movie was over. Will never go back.

Monica Rougelot Kiefer

If I could give it 0 stars, I would! I was told I could go sit down with my three children and finish out the end of Toy story, while my children finished their popcorn. Since the time was wrong online. Ten minutes later, the manager Conner Ringenburg, Along with manager Miss Becnel, came into the movie theater and told us we had to leave! My boys were confused and startled, As I was trying to get my two-year-old, Connor walkie-talkies to another manager saying that I refuse to leave the theater! I was not refusing to leave the Theater, I was trying to pick up my child! After I was told I could go sit down in the theater! I Requested to speak to the general manager. And as I was explaining the situation, Connor decides to change the story and lied to his manager saying that he did not allow Us go sit down. What happen was that I purchased tickets for what I thought was a 5 o’clock show at 4:10. So I took my time to get to the actual show. The clerk didn’t even explain that we were late for the movie. I arrived at the show I looked up And saw it started playing at 4 o’clock. I went to the manager Connor and explained that I was here for the 5 o’clock show which was presented online. After figuring everything out, he said look I will give you three passes for another movie. I asked .. Since we spent all of this money on popcorn and snacks and such do you mind if the boys finish watching the movie.The manager Connor said sure no problem. 10 minutes laterMy children and I are being removed from the Theater! I try to explain all of this to the general manager. The general manager said to me I don’t believe you! I have never in my life experienced such a bad customer service! My mom Owns a hair salon, and I have managed it for many years.If a customer is upset about something we would accommodate them in anyway. I was blatantly being lied to. I said I feel like I am in the twilight zone. I explained to the general manager this is not how you treat customers. You can’t tell him to go sit down in the theater and then Have three managers remove you from the theater. As I was trying to pick up my two-year-old, One of the managers was calling for back up! This has been a nightmare experience. I put a complaint in to corporate office. This is not how we should behave in our society. We should treat customers with respect and definitely not lie to their face!

Ashley Cummings

Love the seats and bar, just wish there were more food items like pizza, wings, and burgers

Joey Moran

Awesome theater! Staff is very friendly! Snacks, drinks, and everything else you could want with plenty of cashier's to keep lines moving. And the seats in the theater...... forget about it! So comfortable and they recline! All around good experience, I'll definitely be back!

T Hawxhurst

My favorite place to go!!!!

Aidan Gordon

Pretty good theatre, the main one I go to

Jennifer S

The theater and reclining seats were nice, but they didn't have the a.c. on. We went and saw Avengers: End Game, which is a 3 hour movie, and the whole time it felt like we were sitting outside in the hot humid weather. It rained earlier in the day too.. so it was even more humid than normal out. Would have rated 5 stars if they would have turned on the a.c.

Kimberly Dickerson

I get to the register to buy snacks and was advised that they were out of hotdogs and there would be a 15 minute wait. This was very frustrating because their menu gives you slim pickings. Clearly they don’t knows that hot dogs should be replenished BEFORE running out. The manager seemed completely unbothered. I’ll be going to AMC theatres in the future.

Kyle Kimbrell

Good theater to watch the latest film. Nice and clean. Reclining chairs you could fall asleep in.(haha) Delicious popcorn.

Emmet Rost

Great seats, attentive staff , nice bar,

Elisa Sullins

Good place great Employees confront movie talent

Richard Parker

A state of the art theater. I enjoy the automatic reclining seats. There is also an option to choose your seats when you buy tickets online. This is very convenient. This is my favorite local theater!

Christopher Johnston

Saw Hobbs & Shaw and loved the GPX experience. The refreshments were ridiculously expensive but that's normal these days for a movie theater.

Drew Rudesill

Prices are going up still a good experience though.

Bridget Clement

Love the theater itself. Concessions r SLOW!!!

Jo Jackson

I went to the movies. The seating was very comfortable .

Shera Lockett


Perla Alvarado

Ever since it was renovated this is the only theater we go to. Love it! I feel like I'm home when I recline the seat, bring your blanket, it's a must. Employees are very friendly and courteous. I just had the best experience with something very valuable that I though I had lost and I wouldn't get back. Managers are one of the most honest people in there as well as all the staff. Love coming here every week to unwind from my busy life.

Glenn Hanna

Large attractive mall with lots of stores and plenty of free parking.

Steve Kinney

Great theater. Super nice

Liv-Randi Klemetsen Guillot

Very clean and relaxing atmosphere for a good movie

Chadwick X

Love this place. It's a hidden gem of a movie theater.

Tony Rodriguez

I've been coming here for a year or two and in that time I've born witness to several small niggles that add up to a sub-par filmgoing experience. The last theater I was in had an annoying mechanical humming sound and smelled musty and it was humid. This same screening room also had some path lighting which did not dim all the way and left a shadow glare on the screen in the shape of the hand railing during the whole movie. And something about the speakers doesn't seem quite right in some of the rooms, things like this add up.

Glenn Zetsch

Enjoyed movie however don't like fact that people who are not handicap can reserve handicap seating. Had to move because a young woman and child had reserved handicap seats because according to them they were best seats, fortunately there were still 2 available for my wife who is handicapped and myself

Jude Gautreaux

Food was good but a little pricey. Prices on tickets ok . Place was clean and chairs comfortable and recline.

Andrea F

Movie theater is on the new side (within the last 5 years or so). Friendly staff, very clean inside. I have never had an issue with this theater.

Omnia Williams

Pretty cool. Recliner seats. Bring a blanket, always cold.

Michelle Hanemann

Most comfortable reclining seat, compared with other theaters, however, food options are very basic.

Andre Head

Didn't know that it cost so much to see a movie these days ,but the theater was very nice clean,if I could ever afford to go again I would.

dona thor

Go tickets from the automatic ticket machine that was pre ordered on line. Got bucket of popcorn and drinks .went into the theater that had reclining chairs put my feet up and munched on on the bucket of buttered popcorn .just chilled and watch a good family-friendly with family. I enjoyed this type of seating for a little more money.I would love to go do this all the time. Hope you will try it!! .

Kevin Bryant

Bright spot in the center of screen #1. Movie was unwatchable. I did get a refund though.

Christel Young

I was upset that their was bugs flying around while watching the movie smh

Christopher M Downs

Very nice seating. Easy parking. Tickets where rather cheap

Taheira McCall

I loved the huge, reclining seats and spacious aisles. However, the movie screen went blank when the previews should've been playing and stayed that way for about 10 minutes. As a result, we didn't get to see any previews and the movie started late.

Live Life Eat! Live Life Eat!

Clean..cozy..lots of leg room and comfortable seats..Nachos good and staff was welcoming and friendly..

Jorge Toro

Its a theater not much more can be said about it. Nice reclining chairs and the ticket prices are cheaper than the AMC theater prices. But still expensive none the less. They also dont give you free refills for your drinks that i know of. And just FYI doesnt have anything to do with the theater but the mall is dead and nearly vacant and doesn't have anything so don't waist your time going.

Norris Edney II

A Great facility with a friendly, professional staff. "What Me Want" is a MUST SEE MOVIE!

Carla Sansone

Enjoyed the movie IT Chapter 2 great experience! Movie was very scary!

Kay Smith

Show times on they're site are not acurate. The young ladies at the ticket window are not polite. Very unfriendly. They don't care at all about addressing your concerns. Just unprofessional. Great selection of movies but its better to go to Clearview or anywhere else who has the same movies and much friendlier and more professional employees.

D. F Johnson

Comfortable reclining seats is the biggest draw for this theater chain. Other than that, the Regal Grande to me is your standard multi-screen theater experience . Three stars to me is defined as good but not great or excellent

Zobeida Fernandez-Brown

Need more food options like chicken & mozzarella sticks, french fries.....

Kurt T. Bellow, Jr.

Great reclining seats. Very clean theatre.

Alysia Colorado

Very clean and friendly service

Jeff Lemmer

My favorite theatre. Food is waaaaay overpriced, but always a good experience here.

Michael Bordes

My favorite movie theater in the city! Always has been a very smooth process and I love how you get to pick your seats at the window. Great staff, nice bar, and comfortable seating.

Brandon Rome

Just wish it didn't cost so much for my family And i to enjoy a movie

SJ Jones

Most comfortable viewing experience I've had in a long time. The chairs have leg rests and can even lean back a bit for no extra cost

Brice Hinchman

Love the seating. Great sound and video quality. Very few people for s large night show.

Ternica Williams

It was hot!!! The movie was great, but it was extremely hot

Edward Spears

Just ok...not the best experience just ok.

Teneha B

Game on. Love the leather reclining feet up chairs. You also have the ability to pick your seats... Hello "I'm loving it"; guarantees you a seat and helps you ensure you have a seat. Clean restrooms. Friendly staff. Regular high movie food prices.

John Clark

Came with my wife to watch endgame for 2:30. Homeboy up front directed us to the theater that started at 1:30. Dude, you totally ruined my life.

Jeremy Howard

The seats are awesome and it's cool to r able to pick your seat.


Always find it hot in the theaters...more a/c while the movie is playing.

Adrian Chimal

It might not be THAAAT big but it's pretty comfortable to be in they actually keep the place clean which is also nice. Love coming to this place once awhile

Jane Crocker

This is a lit theater

Stephanie Anne Shelton

The chairs here are freaking uh-mazing. They're the really nice recliner movie seats, which are super comfy and roomy. Movie sound and viewing quality were great. The concessions are overpriced, as is the norm, but the kiddos loved the snack pack option with the drink, popcorn, and fruit gummies, and I was glad that they were only about $6/each. Overall, a positive experience. An additional positive: you're able to reserve your seats online, so we had great seats, relative to the screen, the bathroom, etc., and had no reason to hurry to get there.

Nathan Chapman

There is a weird light glare in one of the smaller screens that I found distracting, even after I tried moving seats several times last night.I told an employee and he said they knew about it but it would take to much $ to fix. Hey, we're going to movies for a quality viewing experience. - you owe us that. So I skipped the movie I really wanted for another. It was better but this one had light and shadows on the screen from an ADA ramp. Who designed this theater? I would not chance going here until they address their screen problems.

malcolm hollins

I really enjoyed my experience here. They have wonderful seating and let you pick out your seats when paying.

Monica Moreira

Purchased tickets conveniently thru atom. Seating was great. Reclining leather seats. Bathrooms could have been cleaner, but good experience overall.

J. Freeman

Enjoyed the comfortable seats. As always, the food and drinks are way over-priced and need to be regulated.

Krista Catalano

The movie was wonderful but I want to sit wherever I want to and if I feel like moving I will move. Assigned seats makes me feel like I am in elementary school.


I love this theater

Joseph Trippi

Great sound system and great service.

Skyler LeJeune

Theater 1 had a terrible glare on the screen which was extremely noticeable during any daytime scenes (I saw Midsommar so almost every scene was in bright daylight). The glare took up about 15% of the screen right in the middle. It appeared to be the screen itself that was the problem. I left this theater with a headache.

Alyssa Short


Nicholas Martin

Nice theaters. All seats are recliners. Only complaint is staff is not as responsive to talkers as they should be

Patrick McCrary

Always a great experience. Always clean. Seats are comfortable. Ticket purchase is easy and convenient.


Surprisingly nice theater for the area, great fast service, hot buttered popcorn and drink cost double for the ticket price but that's expected now days. Quiet respectable patrons that actually let you enjoy the movie

Stephanie Ledet

Theater was clean. Reclining seats still seem like new!

Javier Gonzales

Amazing I can skip the like when I buy my tickets on the app...

Te[A]ch-ing with Miss T

Love it here! But during my last visit the theater lent a not-so-pleasant smell. Not sure if it was just theater number 8 or if it was everywhere .

BabyGirl Raven

Sooo comfortable but theres always a mix up on seating. I love this place, it's my go to for my new movies.

liliana arguello

Good movie anabelle

Keona Davis

Mother's Day we went to see the movie Intruder. The movie screen looked as though there was oil on the bottom left side. It bothered us the whole time. Also I wish they would have more types of sugar free and carb free food for health reasons. Especially since you can't bring in outside food or drink.

Adolfo Llanes

Close to home, and The Grand is a very family friendly place. The managers are very caring as well. Place is cleaner than most theaters. Gets cold so bring a jacket! @aino_ceo

Danny Galindo

Love having a nice theatre close to home

Dale Logan

Extremely comfortable seating. Polite concession workers. Good experience all around.

Terrence Page

Love the movies that I have watched and the ads

Kari Eisenbraun

I bought my tickets on line...very easy walked in with no issues. Concession stand was waiting for my crew and it was 6:30pm

cheri Godwin

Loved the seats, didn't eat anything, movie was good. The place was clean and comfortable.

Diana Brown

Quality theatres with reclining leather seats. I use the Regal app to purchase and select my seats; never wait in line and scan my tickets from my phone. Restrooms need more attention during late movie showings.

Sean Rollins

I love this movie theater. Awesome atmosphere. Great place to see a movie. Friendly staff. Quick service. Exceptional value for the money.

abearz tv

We like this theatre. We use the app to purchase tickets, because we like choosing our seats. I prefer to not go during crowded times, so I can also use the app to see if a particular show time is filling up. They have large, reclining, seats, decent prices at the snack bar, and a clean environment.

john raynor

Worst experience Ever!!! The previews were at earsplitting volume... I complained and was told the film would be was not...again asked if it could be lower but they never did anything.. NO STARS FOR THIS PLACE!!!

bfurl69 .

Renovations -> as good as any theater I've been to.


This review is for the phenomenal customer service I received from Mario U. I lost a diamond earring in the theater, and Mario went above and beyond to help me find it. It is rare to find people who are kind, still care about the quality of the job, and who treat customers with respect. The manager I spoke to seemed as though he cared less regarding the entire situation when I told him how helpful Mario had been. If you need to hire an employee that is amazing, go scout Mario from the Kenner Regal.

Paul M

This has been my go to theater for several years. Always clean and the seats are very comfortable. I was disappointed during my last visit to see Hotel Transylvania 2 that there was some sort of issue with either the screen or project causing the movie to be extremely grainy. I went to the ticket office and spoke with a very nice girl who I'm assuming was the manager on duty. I explained the issue to her and said I would like a refund on my tickets and concessions if it couldn't be rectified. She personally came to take a look at my concern and had no problem giving me a refund after concluding that it wasn't something that could be immediately fixed. I hope that they can make the proper repairs to fix this and any other equipment issues because I really do enjoy going to this theater.

Stephen Feehily

This place has gone down hill since it was taken over by Regal. With the bugs in every theater, and I mean flying insects not digital bugs. There's an odd sheen that seems to be on every screen that is quite distracting, and the fact that the other day myself and other patrons were staring at a Regal logo in silence for 10 minutes while we waited for the movie to start. The thing that got me on this trip also was the broken cup holder in the seat. My Son almost lost his drink in the gapping hole! If it wasn't for the spacious seating I'd avoid going here.

kim bass

I love it first time there, don't want to go anywhere else from now on.

Yelba Delgado

Movie experience was great. My complaint is that the carpets need a good wash, it smells like urine. Also the bathrooms are horrible. Every time I've gone the restrooms are messy.


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