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2800 Shed Rd, Bossier City, LA 71111, United States

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Where is Regal Bossier Corners Cinema?

REVIEWS OF Regal Bossier Corners Cinema IN Louisiana

Kathryn Benson

Nice movie!

Panama Panama

Loved... Yhey are really nice and i really enjoy it with my kids..

Josh Meyer

It's the "cheap theatre" in town but the person working behind the counter was exceptionally nice and the equipment is perfect. Quiet and enjoyable. I would prefer this over a "high end" theatre. The only reason I would go to the high end theatre would be for 3D films.

Paul Butz

Watched the grinch with Florida family had a blast. Was clean and cozy

Brett Denehan

Although on the smaller side for theaters in the area, the theater is a great value. Movies are a mix of both a few weeks behind and newer releases. They regularly have discounted tickets and concession nights as well. You can't be the convenience of the location as well.

Christina Wagoner

We love to go here because it's not over crowded.

Diva Mac

Absolutely love My Regal Bossier. Prices are great & staff is nice and helpful. Tuesday is half price ticket and popcorn day. Only place i come to see movies (if a movie dont come here, I'll wait til it comes on dvd. Never a long line to wait in. Bathroom is alway clean and smell good. Never big crowds and people talking in theatres. Regal Bossier....ROCK!!

STeven Childs

If you have an AARP membership card a Regal Club Card you can save money on concessions. Tuesday night is movie night with ticket discounts and 1/2 price popcorn. This is an older movie house so the seat are smaller than those at the newer cinema's.

Shaun Selman

The seating hear is awfully small! The prices are high. The parking lot is hard to get into.

Keith Green

Always a goto when you've waited a week or two to late, to see a recent release.

Conrad Clift

No crowds clean but old

Carol Smith


James Powell

Just watched the movie Paul the Apostle of Christ. Very touching movie.


GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS Great movie, will keep you on your toes the hole time!

Jp Bragg

Cheap movie days. Seats are old and small but clean place

Joy Slaughter

Use to be the place to go. There are no lines and not too many people.

Paula Rnea

Love the recliners

Tina Saint

Great popcorn!

Jennifer Farrington

Definitely could use updating on the seats. Small and cramped. But this may be how the cost is down. Tickets here are cheaper than the other places.

Michael Hammers

Older building but it is still a good place to see a movie... As long as the AC is working.

Mine Jenkins

Nice wasnt crowded clean

Nicholas Burton

No crowds and very friendly staff. The seats in the theaters could use some refurbishment.

Akita Brown

Concession is limited to nachos, and candy. Poor customer service and show times are every 4-5 hours.

Robert Reinhart

Good selection of movies. Not too crowded, even on weekends. Gives a senior citizen discount. Concessions are overpriced but in line with every other theater. Security guard on duty at night makes it safer. Floors kinda sticky at times.

Nona Irene Lombardino

Suits my needs for movies. Does not have I-Max but how often do you really need it.

frank thornton

AC was out and fans were being used. Was warned of this before hand.

Daton Dean

Always a personal favorite

larry waltman

Seats older and could be upgraded, but its the old theater, so that is understandable.. but movies are cheaper than the board walk.. so that is great.


LOW BUDGET theater. Barely holding together at this point ... but at least it's a good place to see movies a little after their initial run.


Great place to go if you dont want those stupid assigned seats

Jo Anne Jones

This is the best movie, I and all the other people have seen. So funny but true

Rebecca Stone

Prefer this movie theater over the Boardwalk theater for several reasons,...shorter walk, less crowded at box office & concessions & restrooms. Ticket prices are a little lower. Popcorn is just as fresh & delicious. Also, still has a good selection of new movies.

Dustin Klisz

Anthony Deloney


Menzo Griffin

Seemed pretty empty, even on a Friday night.

jaime ramirez

I think this theatre is great. Never too overcrowded. Staff is very nice


This theater is great if you want to go here on a busy night when all the other theaters in town are packed. That being said removing watching experience is not ideal here are the neighboring viewing rooms speakers in your viewing area. Also the seats are really tiny.

Richard Rude

Old. Needs an upgrade

D. V.

This theater is very old and it looks just as old as it is. The ladies in concessions we're super nice and they deserve five stars. We were in movie theater #8 and this room you can clearly see on the ceiling they have had water damage on the black tile ceiling. I can only imagine if they had bright lights on it is probably mold everywhere, but I don't know that for a fact, just that I was able to look up at the tile and see past water damage. I guess they were having problems with their a/c system because they had two fans in the middle of the walkway in the theater. I have never seen anything like it. On our way out of leaving the theater somebody mistakenly knocked the fan over because they somehow didn't see it in the dark theater. This place probably should be closed down. Also, the seats were very uncomfortable. In the future I will probably just go to the Boardwalk Regal or Tinseltown.

Katara Williamson

It was clean friendly and totally awesome

Gregory Hill

This is on of the oldest theaters in the area, but it is my favorite. Quality of picture is good. It is easy to get to the box office from the parking lot. The staff is always friendly.

shamiah ruffin

Staff was rude

Jimmy Ray Jenkins Jr.

Not crowded. Speedy service. Clean

Shirley West


Drew Warwick

Boardwalk is nicer.

S Twist

Cheaper movie theater with a cute arcade

Matt Wheeler

Nice small theater that is normally not crowded.

james liles

It is an old theater


Google maps was a disaster finding this place.

Robert Specian Jr.

Pretty much my last choice for a movie theater but it's never busy!

hooahaggie .

Great staff, great prices. We love going here since never crowded and we get our choice seats!

Niki Taylor


Ann Peters

Nice place to have a date with your husband.

Sandra Harris

Enjoyed movie,popcorn and people friendly.

Rajbarath Panneerselvam

Air Conditioner ( the warmer) didn't work, and we weren't informed about it when we bought the tickets. Kid at the front desk didn't apologize and wasn't apologetic either when informed about this issue.

Scott Harkey

Good place to catch a movie before it leaves the theaters. A little dated.

monica vancleave

Good little get away movie place

Charlotte Huston

The manager and all employees were so wonderful

Bobby Davis

Very disappointed in the facility and the service employee locked up early and would not serve popcorn with 1 hour left to go on movie

Addie Goebel

Over all great! The seats could be better but that's it.

Evelyn Williams

Teresa White

Nice and clean,

Draven Templeton

Ehh it’s cheaper

Cody Clary

I love it because it looks pretty big from outside but actually a little small and was not many people. I went and seen the scary movie " Us" and it was on a Sunday evening and maybe 5 people total was in the theater watching along . Love a place that isn't crowded and cheap prices. I highly recommend this place over a fancy high dollar theater. Will be going back

Sharonda Vizcaino

Great place to watch movies and eat snacks, the people are super sweet

Ashley Stewart

Seats smelled pretty bad, but movie was great.

Parker Fluegge

Great theater but snacks over priced

B.M. Johnson

Don't go there

Tammie Eubanks

The only thing was we had to tell them the lights were still on after the movie started!!! Other than that enjoyed the movie and was easy to get tickets and concessions


Great movie place

Jeremy Adams

It is low traffic. Good if you have anxiety in large crowds.

Sean Doyle

Best popcorn ever had in a theater! Staff was friendly and helpful, place was clean as a pin

Donnie Watson

Good prices.

Carol Dickens

We enjoy going there

antonio sibert

Great location for the family, i personally recommend getting tickets for early viewings, and its around some nice restaurants if you want to eat.

Kevin Baker Drummin Basturd

Ok, I haven't been to a movie theater in over 20 years. Didn't realize how everything went up. 3 medium Cokes, 2 large popcorn,,,,,,,$38.00??????? That's ridiculous. Had a good time though, nice theater.

Jerry Horan

Nice people working there.Movies at a good price !!

Bobby Jones

Smaller, older theater but very clean and nice. Prices are considerably cheaper than the big theaters. Will continue to come here!

Nancy Burks

I like this theater. It's not crowded. It's a bit cheaper than the other theaters. People nice. Concession stand good. Maybe not as fancy as the others, but who cares?

Kay Brown

Never jam packed. I really enjoy their afternoon movies and popcorn. Enjoy that Regal has points that add up to free tickets and food.

Leslee Berry

Had fun wasn't over crowded . That was nice !

Ralph Williams

Very friendly staff . . .

Rebecca Evans

Small; rarely a big crowd, parking at front door always, a chance to see ovies before they go to video, LOVE this neighborhood theater.

Patrick Duffy

A second place to watch movies.



Breanna Cossett

It's no where near as bad as what we were reading on Google, yeah the seats do suck. But for the price you pay, for an old theater. Looks like they've had an upgrade on the inside! Inside the theater the seats are too small for larger people... I would definitely recommend you find somewhere else to go if you are larger person. But it's pretty good other than that. Free refills on larger popcorn and large drink as well. Plus if you get the app and get a rewards card ahead of time etc, then you get more rewards because you can use what you spent on drinks and food etc!

Ju Ga

Always nice and comfy. No complaints from me.

Susan Blue

My best friend and love coming to your theater.

Sherry PENCE

I love this little theater. It's always clean and the employees are pleasant.

Jered Brueggen

Movies are ok. Room is cool but humid.

Marybeth Wise

Good deal on Tuesday afternoon and with a $1 senior discount the movie was $3.75!!!!

John Cullen


(Translated by Google) Ole school feel .... (Original) Ole skool feel....

Michael Bailey

Okay theater.

Preston Fawley

Small screens, horrible nonstadium, nonreclining seats, full ticket prices...

Ryan Cookson

It took 3 employees to run a register. Terribly painful to watch. The seats are not comfortable but the bonus was that it wasn't crowded. I doubt the staff could handle a full house.

Michelle Johnson

Very friendly staff

th2k13 .

It's still the exact same as 20 years ago. Nice and quiet, very clean!!

Daniel Hardin

A little run down. Needs a renovation. Would really be better if the ticket prices reflected the quality of the theater (still over 9 dollars per ticket).

Jason Johnson

still shows the older movies. But great theater.

Andrew Beauregard

This is a great small theater. Great friendly staff and good concessions. I prefer this theater over others in the area for its cozy feel. I highly recommend trying them out.

Monica James

Nice place

Nancylee Rivers

Alway enjoy the popcorn and always clean

Kevin Petty

Excellent Service and A Good Clean Environment

Tangie J

Got a free i.max ticket will use to c d meg

lorraine smithjamesstansbury

We took our Grandson to see Pete's Dragon today, 10/07/16. The movie was supposed to begin at 4:15 pm. After 20 minutes of sitting in the dark, one of people also waiting to see the movie told us she was going to see if there was a problem. She was told that the manager would be contacted. Ten minutes later, my husband went to see if there was a problem. Again we were told they would report this to the manager. After another 20 minutes my husband went out again and was told that they were going after a key! We all had waited 45 minutes when we decided we wanted a refund. After getting our refund, we were told that the movie had not been downloaded! They let all of us just sit in there. How rude. In addition, there were only three (3) people helping all of us. We will not be back.

Marisol Jimenez

Love it

Taylor McCullum

Clean and easy to navigate. Friendly staff.

Pat Johnson


Ann-Marie LeBlanc

Lower price tickets $5. Easy parking. Good selections of movies and consessions.

Janis Wise

Nice and clean. We are not from there but looked it up and it had good reviews. We enjoyed it.

Robert Strong

Friendly staff, clean comfortable theaters

Kristi Pelfrey

I really don't have anything to complain about. It was clean and the employees were very polite.

Dark Killa121

The snacks are good

Cody Bruce

sweet place to watch a movie

Sofia Smith


Char B

Regal gave us just what we expected. Theatre and restrooms were clean. Movie started on time. Ticket lady welcomed us and wished us a good day when we left.

Alysia Farmer

It was good. Just a little small. We were like one of 20 people in the whole business but we had a great time.

Alicia Arceneaux

The theater may look a little run down from the outside, but the inside is still quite nice. Good sound, seats are comfy and there are lots of handicapped seating places so plenty of options for everyone.

Roy Kennedy

Movies removed from other theaters at a cheaper price.

J. Ereck Jarvis

I'm fond of this cinema.

portia jackson

The Ticket Cashier was very f**kn rude.. If I put my money in your hand don't throw it on the counter period cuz I get rude too.. Other than that I had no issues..

Chandler H

I went to this theater when I was told at the boardwalk that the movie I wanted to see was no longer playing. I went and paid and I was about five min late. I walked in and the lights were on and the screen was off. So I was basically listening to the movie but not seeing it. After about ten min I asked if they could start it over and turn the lights off. They said they could not start over even though I was the only person in the entire place! Bs! I will never go back

Sara LaFortune

Over priced

Gabriel Hernandez

No heater in the theater was freezing cold, Good thing I was wearing sweater & jacket or would've left & they didn't tell us there was No Heat in the particular movie we watched. After the movie told manager & didn't even get a Sorry for the Inconvenience SMH Terrible!

Chantell Loving you always

They need to upgrade too 2019 version.

Shane Hartnett

Very slow service, along with concessions closing half way through my moving(about 8 o'clock. It really made me mad when I found out this hot chick that worked there, Carly, got a nose ring loopah, had a boyfriend, and smoked them ciggies.

Chris Brown

I really like this place. The screens are very small and they play movies that have already played at the larger theaters. However, there are many times that I've been the only person in the theater. The downside to this place is the prices are first run movie prices. I usually wait a couple of weeks and see movies here to avoid the large crowds. There is usually a police officer on duty during the weekends, so it is safe and you don't have to worry about disruptive teens.

Brandi Clausen

Nice. Really liked the movie.

Leo Hewitt

Awesome great

Julie Vandeerve

Prices were fair, popcorn delicious, and drinks cold. Our theater had no heating and another one wasn't so clean. Customer service was 2/10

veradavis67 .

Kids friedly,great prices,and convinient

Hendrix Ramos

Nice and quiet,no one was there so we had the theater to our selves.

Keenan Moore

Nice clean theater

Missy Smith

When we went on a Sunday the prices were high even for a 3 year old. Concessions we're dirty and very high priced

Shannon Ross

This movie theater definitely needs updating, however if you missed a movie at the mainstream theaters you can still catch it here later on without the crowd

Terry Watts

Weeknights are the best, no crowd.

B Miller

Not as full as some theater's, that's what I like about it.

J Jefferson

Great inexpensive thing for family, on the local public transportation route and near eateries to visit afterwards or walking distance to local mall which is also on public transportation route. Tuesdays are pocket friendly if you have a regal card

Robyn Burrow

We were in #8 and I can see the water damage on the ceiling but for the most part it looks like we paid our money to be bitten by ants. I turn the light on on my phone and it's so nasty in there, food all between the seats, seats so stained that we didnt want to sit in them. Will never return there.

Johnathan Sexton

No fresh popcorn and movie projector was broke

Cam Mcknight

So much history! Class of 2000

Craig Johnson

This place surprised me. No crowd and easy parking will def return.

Amanda Lindsey

The only thing I appreciated was they refilled my popcorn after I accidently spilled it. However, the theater was filthy. Also, there were people drinking, not soda, and being obnoxious the entire movie. I will not being going back to this location.

Sarah Mercier

Love the place! Never had a negative experience! The manager was SO thoughtful and considerate when I shared about my sweetheart "stepping over" suddenly. The staff had always been helpful and accomodating, restrooms clean, theater adequate ( I'm experiencing a movie, not booking a cruise! ) It is a great place! Five stars Everytime!

Ash Torres

Tinsletown prices for dollar movie environment. Compared to the local theaters in the area, the prices are a bit too much. We normally go to tinsletown but wanted to give this theater a try. This theater does not appear to have had any recent renovations in quite some time. It often has the movies that has been out for a whike OR did not do well. Theater 8 had 2 stand up fans in it for air circulation...would rather drive to shreveport in the future until this theater lowers their prices. The ladies in concessions gave great customer service! Really like their smiles and positive attitude. They were very prompt to help when our theater screen was black with sounds.

Sumer Cooner

We had a nice experience. Extremely clean. I thought the seating was fine. Temperature was good. My little boy had to use the bathroom and I cringed because usually bathrooms at a theater are awful, but I was very surprised to see an immaculately clean restroom. We did go to the first movie of the day, but it appeared that the place was kept clean. The manager was cordial and wearing a suit and tie. I rarely go the movies and this is an older theater, so maybe the seats aren't the super duper kind and maybe the screen isn't super duper big either, I wouldn't know. But, if the seats are cushy and the screen is taller and wider than the front of my house, I don't see much of a reason to complain.

Jeanna Nix

Clean, not crowded, friendly

Nima kh

This is a really good movie theatre. Everything about it is great.

Sylvia Norton

Enjoyed very much

Raiza Ledezma

Las mejores palomitas de todass

Michael Whitehead

Great move experience

Debbie Hollis

Older, smaller theater without bells & whistles. Great for a quiet evening out.

tammy wells

Very clean, very polite people, and amazing movie Hobbs & Shaw!

Paula Harper

Love Regal very clean and very nice Customer service...

Rick Shaw

Lovely small theater. Bare bones but that's how I like it

BCtruck, rebuild, repair,repurpose

Regals policy is to NOT allow fully vetted concealed carry permit holders to discreetly carry their personal firearm into the theater. I find that denying trained veterans their second amendment rights inside a place that has been targeted by mass murderers ,to be an open invitation to those that wish to harm even more innocents. Absolutely ludicrous and shameful policy regal!


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