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Where is Prytania Theatre?

REVIEWS OF Prytania Theatre IN Louisiana

errol genet

A New Orleans institution. The last family owned neighborhood motion picture theater in the city. Located in the uptown area. Shows new first run films as well as old favorites.

Trista Collins

Awesome place to go watch Rocky Horror Picture show!

Anthony Turducken DelRosario

Great little neighborhood movie theater. The only single screen theater remaining in New Orleans. recently renovated the sound system and sounds great. Home of Rocky horror picture show.

Tina Damare

loved to old time feel that this theater has! Nostalgia like I stepped back in time

Douglas Heimburger

Fun traditional neighborhood theater

Nate Tinner-Williams

Seats are not particularly comfy, but the vibe is strong and that's how I like it. The theater only runs one movie at a time, so keep that in mind, but they have one-off retro and special-event showings all the time. Worth a visit.

Casie Price

Old school theater which shows classic movies. This theater also shows Indie Flicks. Good popcorn too! I love this place. It's worth the hour and a half drive. The only downfall is: recliner chairs.

Ezekiel Martin

An excellent theatre and one of a dying breed of single-screen neighborhood theatres. Its decor is as charming and beautiful as its movie selection is varied and its staff friendly. One only hopes that it can last as long as this city.

Costie Anderson

Exquisitely nice, very clean, Nice staff,the sound was fabulous, good location, good parking, secure, Historical at it's best, will visit again for sure.

Sean Ghashghaee

Seeing The Room was definitely an experience here! The theatre definitely has the classic charm that some chain theatres tend to exchange for a more "modern" feel. Would love to come see a new release here.

geosutube .

Loved it. My go-to theater for my family and our visitors. Saw “Gi-GI” there. We saw Liz Taylor in “Cleopatra”, my college friends and I saw the local premiere of “Dr Strangelove” there. So many other films, too. We knew all the parking spots, where to park and not get towed. I’ve been gone from NOLA since 1976, but the Prytania remains in my heart.

Blake Kehres

Perfect place for a matinee. Definitely a hidden gem

Kelsey Brown

Best theatre around! This family owned and operated theatre is not only wonderfully nostalgic, but is unique in the fact that it only has one screen. Whether you're a local or a toursit, this is a must-stop in New Orleans.

Mary Michelet

Whether you're going to see a classic film or one of the new blockbusters, this cinema certainly has charm. Aside from having the best popcorn known to man, the staff is incredibly friendly and welcoming. I also love the fact that they have old classic decor as well as the fact they pay tribute to the deceased owner in many ways. On the stage, you can still see the organ that used to be used in silent films. do yourself a favor and step back in time at this perfectly quaint movie theater!

Craig A Pitre

It's a great place for movies there is a wide variety of shows, check on line for shows and times


One of my favorite small theatres to go to. Awesome to have a place that still shows midnight B Horror movies. Highly recommend this to any movie buff

Sara Soriano

Great local theater that shows a combination of recently released features and old classics (cult classics included). Make sure to check the schedule before heading that way as it is a single screen theater so you won't have options for films or start times once you arrive. But it's a beautiful space and a historic theater that I definitely recommend checking out.

Mary Beilman

Classic early 1900's theater . You can see films here you won't see elsewhere in the area. If it's too artsy for the Cineplex, you might see it here

annie gingersnaps

Fantastic little theatre. Definatly Go!

Lori P

Lovely experience! Reminds me of my childhood experiences with neighborhood theatres. Can't wait to go back.

Richard Riggs

Finest moviegoing experience in the city.


Love the feel of this place. Quality screen and sound.

Michael Wojcicki

This theatre is a community asset. Just watched Incredibles 2. The wide cross section of viewers and their responses to various scenes and punch lines was memorable.

Robert Gomez

This is where to go if you want to attend a screening of Rocky Horror, The Room, etc. Early arrival recommended. Has a booth for printing online tickets before entering. BYOB

Lucy Otaku

Best place to see movies in the city. If you haven't been, you're missing out.

Eric Foster

Love that old theatre and the Well Hung Speakers, the group that does the shadow performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show; fun and highly entertaining group of individuals! Jolly good time!

Dale Kersteen

Love this little theater.

Lindsay M.

This has always been a dream of mine. To have a local movie theater where you still feel like it has the magic you saw as a kid. It's nostalgia and unique events make this a place I will always remember. May it continue always.

Joseph Bodenmiller

A classic in NO. Thank goodness it has been kept the same!

Kaisha Daley

Love going here for special movie events and cult classics. Wish they had better seats but I'm grateful they exist.

Ron Knipple Jr

All I can say is I absolutely love this theater. Just a 10 minute walk from my apt and your there for the magic. Love the Horror film series especially. No new seats or flashy gimmicks just a old time nostalgia and reasonably priced concessions.

Rolonda Mayer

Fabulous original old Uptown theater. Great selection at the concession stand. Saw Mary Queen of Scots, another historical costume drama, my favorite movie genre. Walking distance to the St car & Mag bus line.

Bri Chivatero

This is a nice theatre. I saw The Rocky Horror Picture Show here for the first time and they had nice seating and a good set up for the shadow cast, as they had both a stage and a screen, both of which were very visible despite being much shorter than average.

Patrick Bordnick

Great local movie theater in uptown.

Marty Aikens

Classic old school movie house. No frills. Cheap. Good popcorn.

Tiffany Wong

the seats need to be upholstered. they have film festivals here and special events. it would be more enjoyable to watch movies here if the seats were better. my back always hurts after watching a movie here.

Eloise Keene

Great neighborhood theater. Good sound. Seats could be better.

Chris Ollar

we had a blast ☺ we watched Disney's new Lion King. very fun. I had bought tickets online for the previous week and life happened. The held my tickets at the box office. Very nice staff and a cool vibe. Will be going back soon.

Haze Rodriguez

Very grateful to have this Theatres. One of a kind

Rex Michael Dillon

Great old school theater showing independent films.

Gracie Savoy

Awesome one room theater! I love going to see the classics on Sunday mornings.

Taylor Griffith

Old school movie venue vibe, nice change from typical chain theaters.

Diana Macku

Love this old classic theater. Clean, sweet, indie house.

Annette McClendon

A comfortable place to watch a movie

Alanna Frick

Wonderful local theater started by a man who just loved the movies! We love visiting Prytania Theatre because it has such a fun classic feel. They play movies you won't see at the big theaters as well as the classics. This is such a fun spot for date night. They have tasty concessions (including a really tasty iced coffee!) and really nice staff. If you want a really neat/fun/different moving going experience I highly recommend Prytania.

Trae Mahoney

Awesome experience!

Dave Cash

So thankful that the Prytania has carved out its own niche and prospered. Love the new releases and the oldies, too.

Matt Farah

Classic neighborhood movie theater. Wonderful place to take kids but equally as fun for fun midnight movies.

Randy Mistrot

Always liked this theater.

paul matyas

Fair pricing and good service in the last surviving neighborhood movie theater over 100 years old. Check out the midnight shows. My favorite place to watch a movie

Racquel Martin

Such a great time sweet people just nostalgic

Hilary Irwin

Amazing! In the middle of a neighborhood and they have a cat!

Tessa Arnold

Always love going to this awesome neighborhood theater. Great ticket prices, and quaint old-time feel. They even play the Let's All Go to the Lobby song before the show. It's only one screen, so showtimes are limited, but they play classic movies there frequently. I suggest sitting on the balcony.

Senor Martinez

Seats really need to be redone other than that great little gem

Laurie Yaukey

Great old theatre featuring different movies. It was overall clean. Audience interacts expressively, lotta fun!

Ashley Bateman

Such a nostalgic way to go to the movies. The kids love sitting in the balcony. I love that it feels like going to my childhood movie theatre but with updated snacks and drinks. Where else can you get fresh brewed tea at your movie theatre?

Vickie Angrum


Phichamon Youmphai

So classic, romantic, and great friendly service.

Taylor Holmes

This place is the only theatre where I truly feel comfortable watching stuff on the big screen. I hope it never goes away.

Sarai Solis

This is not just a vintage cinema, it's a historical landmark, true movie lovers would love this place, it's like travelling back in time. It's located in a beautiful neighborhood so you can enjoy dinner after or before your movie. They sell popcorn, sweets, and nachos inside the cinema, not sure if they sell alcohol, I don't think so. The best movie theater in New Orleans.

sydney saurus

Went here for a midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show with a shadow cast and everything was awesome. The theater was very clean (despite us throwing rice and bread and cards and toilet paper) and the staff were all very kind and patient. The theater is a little hidden gem on prytania street that had been standing for over 100 years. It's small but not well known so it should never be too busy. Absolutely recommend checking it out.

Chris Greening

My favorite theatre in New Orleans! Trust me I'm a film student, I've seen 1704 movies, and the average is 2400 in a lifetime - I'll be there at 24. This place is great, just wish they had more than one film a week, but that's apart of being classic

Eric Marsalis

Been coming here for years for many special movie viewings around the holidays. Christmas and Halloween movies, kid summer movies. Magical theatre with so much history.

Raymond Sweet

This is a quaint little place. I gave it three stars, because there is nothing special about it. But it's a decent theatre. Shows decent current movies and sometimes classics.

cotillionaire .

Super cool little one screen theater that plays good things. Support your local business.

Thea T

Rocky Horror-Best experience in a long time What fun

Mahmoud Ahmed

Historic theater in uptown. A bit pricey but it's worth it for the experience. Regularly shows older movies and holds film festivals.

victor avalos

Great ole neighborhood movie house. Very reasonable weekday prices and yummy concessions.

Devin Fleming

I prefer this theatre to any other theatre not only because it shows a wide variety of movies that are not played at any other theatre, but also due to the mom and pop atmosphere. I love when they have Rocky horror picture show here w/shadow cast.

David Bordelon

Great old-time neighborhood theater, but with modern sound and picture..saw Yellow Submarine there..very comfortable and quaint

Brannon B

Hands down, best theater in town.

Maida Torres

Wonderful 100 year old single screen neighborhood theater with a balcony!! They show great classics as well as firsr run films. There is something for everyone. An excellent place for families or a romantic date.

Jeri Wisman

Really awesome place! Will definitely choose to go here over any other major theater if they are showing a film I'm interested in! The popcorn is dope :)

Candy Feist

Went to see a special screening of Second Act. This was my first time at this theater and I love the old school feel and authenticity it has. Oh and the movie was great! Great job JLo..

atheist southern

Cool independent movie theater.

Dr Heydie Sciacca


Andrea F

I love this renovated theater that has an old time feel with its box office, concession stand and decorations. They do have a house cat. I love it.

James LeBlanc

Wonderful people. Free refills on large popcorn and large drinks. Clean comfortable seats.

Carol Hutchison

Love this local venue! It's a gem! Quiet crowd and great service! It been operating forever

Stephen Francis

Fantastic throwback to the Olde Tymes, but in the best way. A single screen, in-town theater that'll have you feeling like a kid again, right down to the "let's all go to the lobby" opening number.

IntrepidTeach .

I love this super cute and historic theater. It's a piece of NO LA history, support independent theaters!

Shawn Graham

One of the last small theaters. This place is a hidden gem. Great sound!

Carrie Ann Knapp

I would give it 5 stars, but an old school theater had old school seats. They become quite uncomfortable after awhile. Otherwise, the screen had a great picture and the sound is good quality.

R Lakota

Great neighborhood theater with classic New Orleans ambiance & helpful smiling staff

Diana LaJoy

Love it! Great atmosphere

Kat McCann

One of the few local, family owned movie houses in New Orleans. We would rather go there than anywhere else to see a movie. Matinees are a great value! You get to know the family, and they treat you like family!

Charles Dexter Ward

Single screen theatre that does classic screenings. I love this place.

Fabrianne Pedregon

Cute, local theatre and you can book for birthday parties.

Kevin Accardo

One of the only old school theatres left in the state. Really cool place and it's the same picture quality as a new theater.

Bossman Sully

Truly one of a kind

Yak Butter

Beautiful little theater to go see a movie. Really fun late night shows!

Lana Devereaux

Very nice theater in the neighborhood.

Garin Sparks

GREATEST Theater in New Orleans. One of the greatest theaters on Earth!!!

Nathan Willis

My favorite theater in New Orleans. I love the entire vibe. The staff is friendly and helpful and the programming is top notch.

K LeBeouf

Not many neighborhoods in this country still have a local theater showing forst run movies. People please support pur own little gem!! Don't bother driving whrn it's all here, uptown.

Aimee L

Only single movie theater in the State! Always a treat to go to the Prytania.

Jonathan Jefferies

Fantastic, small movie theater with top-notch programming. Great for midnight movies and special screenings. A cool balcony section that hardly anyone uses, as well! Highly recommended for NOLA cinephiles.

Rick 'The Greatest Poster' Ever

i used to love this theater, but now they've resorted to scamming people on Groupon. Let me elaborate. You can't use the Groupon on the first week a movie opens, AND A LOT OF MOVIES ONLY PLAY FOR A WEEK! If you're lucky and the movie makes it into a second week, you can't use it on Fri, Sat or Sun because it's the weekend. And in my horrific experiences, the movie will change Tuesday or wednesday. Which means there's only 1 day or maybe 2 that you can watch the movie. It's been a very long and sad saga with my Groupon (that's about to expire) and they'll pocket my money and I won't get a movie. :( SCAM ARTISTS.

Jessica Steele

Great atmosphere and staff. Only thing I would have changed was sitting on the balcony. The bottom floor was filled with kids from camps and we were stuck in the middle of it.

Cade Hoffman

Excellent place to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show

Kinnon White

Great theater. Byob.

Sara Bailey

The history of this theater is extensive. The crew working was well organized and great spirited. The chairs were comfy and accommodating to a larger hipped woman. Highly recommend seeing Rocky Horror with the shadow cast!

Charles Darensbourg


almostkinda .

I was sceptical at first. But the picture was crisp and the sound was jaw dropping. Great popcorn too!

Ashley Smith

Great date spot. In the summer they have a kids movie series on Saturday mornings for 6$ a ticket which includes pop corn and a drink. Pretty sweet deal!

Kylie Davis

Had the extreme pleasure of seeing Isle of Dogs here last night. The lead in to previews was filled with classical music and a delight to sit and chat while we wait. The neighborhood is beautiful and the historic building is also a treat to enjoy. The grey cat I head everyone talking about was sleepy, but adorable and very friendly.

TerryLynn McDonald

Isle of Dogs is a must see! Prytania Theatre, I've just become a fan of yours for showing it, nevermind your beautiful architecture.

Ethan Gordon

Quaint local theater that will remind you of a time before giant multiplexes

Chris Bourgeois

Greatest movie theater of all time. Single screen, old school feel. In the heart of uptown new orleans. Always special showings. It's just the coolest

Anne Braconnier

A little cold to me (AC) but with a good sweatshirt what a beautiful place to go for a good screen time! Their two festivals are also awesome!

Karliegh Braswell

Great theater with a wonderful history and a vintage feel inside. We saw an Alfred Hitchcock classic and it was great! There is balcony seating which is unique and we had an announcer who gave film details before our film began. The tickets were reasonably priced at about $6 and there were coffee, soda, popcorn, and other concessions available.

Ashley Pizarro

Home town theater you will definitely enjoy

Tom Hayne

Nice local theater

Robert Spencer

Prytania is a great single screen historic theater. Their choices of movies appeal to more discerning audience.

Sally Jubb

Marvelous movie theater which combines old fashioned grandeur and modern convenience. Best of all the management treats you like family.

Alan Berg

Awesome place to see movies. Only one screen so check what their playing in advance, but very nice place with good prices.

Jayson Adair

Amazing theater! 4k with outstanding sound. Customer service is second to none.

T Rosemore

Old school movie experience

Kelly Couch

Love the neighborhood, shop local aspect of this theater! They're always showing something I want to see from classics to new releases. I wish I could go every week!

Al Ludwig

Best theater in the city! Love the neighborhood feel, classic vibe, and astounding history provided by this place. A must visit for any out-of-towner and a perfect place to make a regular visit to for a local.

Lavaughn Riley

It was cozy, small enough for families and yet big enough for a crowd. Tonight it was only a handful of people!!! I LOVED IT!!!

James Fiend

Nice theater in what seemed like a quiet neighborhood. Came for an event, which I thoroughly enjoyed but felt like the theater was not quite fully on board with. No stadium seating so there may be a few heads in the way of your view. But it's BYOB!

Julia Robe

Always enjoy this quaint theatre. All the times I have gone, the theatre has been packed. It was great and very enjoyable. The theatre seats are all at the same level so if someone taller than you sits in front of you, you might have trouble seeing the movie.

K Theriot

Great place for date night just a couple blicks from st charles

Jeff Wayland

Really fun little Indy theatre. Everyone raves about the popcorn, but it's just alright (and very expensive!) BYOB for maximum enjoyment.

Kola Lakota

Classic old style neighborhood theater with modern screen & sound current movies & midnight movie favorites

Janseh Onfroy

Good snacks and better movies!

Brett Rettman

Has the feel of a old time movie theater! My only complaint is the seat are small and pretty much all the same level but they offer $6 matinee and the Coke is only a few bucks with free refills. I paid 6 or 8 dollars for a Coke at AMC theater not to long ago.

Paul Walley

A jewel of a movie theatre often featuring art films especially foreign gems. Marvelous ambience! I love going here!

Tiffanny Cato

Old-fashioned theater and modern world movies!

Patrick Cox

Theater was clean and comfy. Should have kept the door shut when folks weren't allowed in to avoid confusion. Adequate video and sound system. I've seen a lot of Rocky Horror Picture Show production and The Well Hung Speakers is by far the worst cast I have seen.

Erin Palmer

Great. Attended a special viewing sponsored by AARP. Friendly and efficient concession workers. Theater was clean and seats were comfortable. Acoustics were perfect. Street parking was only challenge.

Ian Celino

Old single screen movie theater that regularly shows classics. Friday and Saturday matinee showings for kids is only 6.50 for tickets, drinks and popcorn. Check their website regularly to see what they are currently playing.

Wade Halstead

Overall, i like this theatre. It is smaller than those suburban mega-plexes, obviuosly, and they try their best to give the place an intimate feel. One of my favorite nuances is the themed -series of movies they show, that run at different times than the featured movies. Very cool. They really need to improve on their concessions and theatre experience. Their offerings are weak, and the seats need to upgraded. Way better tha in years past, but still room for improvement. That said, going to the movies here, is still enjoyable. Certainly, it beats going downtown or to the burbs, to watch a movie. Do not hesitate to see a film here.

Kirk Mataya

Love this place we go often

Cindy Lipton

Nice old theater with a single screen. Friendly neighborhood place with great snacks.


This is an old school, over 100 years old!, theater. There is no slanted floor so tall people, please stay to the back. There is a small balcony. There is only one screen, but in addition to the one feature playing each week, they also do nightly (Or nearly nightly) screenings of old Hollywood classics. Once a month there is a Rocky Horror picture screening with live cast.

Irma Suggs

Love the old theaters. This little cutie was right at home and was not bothered by constant patting while she slept.


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