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Where is Perkins Rowe?

REVIEWS OF Perkins Rowe IN Louisiana

Ruben Jean

Very nice vibes. Classy shops. I took a stroll through the shops after an evening workout at the LA Fitness

MFJ Jenkins

Love it! And there is FREE covered garage parking!!

Scott Price

I always have a good time here. It’s like a little town (complete with town square) within the city.

Brian Dooley

Great place to eat shop an relax as well...I love the environment

Joe O'Day

Good mix of shipping, restaurants, and a movie theater

Avery Bell

Even if you don't want to shop, it has a pleasant promenade to walk down, and plenty of places to just enjoy the space.

Terri Scott

Reminds us of Meridian Village in Idaho. Very pleasant to walk around and enjoy the sites and sounds.

Jeffrey Mouton

Rouj Creole is the best around

Tirroa Stewart

Great shopping good places to eat and drink for happy hour. $5 movies on Tuesday

Donna Gaudin

Friendly helpful service at Charming Charlie's.

Mikey Alberto

A beautiful part of town to take a walk and have something to eat.

Brent Wil

Went to Kona Grill. Had been sitting for 5-10 before a waiter was found for us. After that G(name on check) was very polite and made sure we was served promptly and he was very courteous.

M. Reveiz

This is the newest place in BR if you are looking for a fun day. Plenty of restaurants, shops etc...


Perkins Rowe Movie theater is the absolute best theatre in Baton rouge and the surrounding areas. They have luxury leather recliner seats, the theaters and including the restrooms are always neat and very clean. You can also enjoy an adult beverage at the bar. It's always easy to access and never a long wait for tickets Hands down THE BEST!!! I would've given it 10 stars!

Rupal Amin

We love bringing the kids here. Good restaurant choices combined with a pleasant atmosphere. All add up to a very good evening or with the kids.

Ananska Carlo

Park Rowe is a very nice family friendly place with a wide variety of restaurants and amenities for all the family. It is clean, nice, quiet, is excellent.


Had an amazingly wonderful time with my husband and daughter.

Spencer Theriot

Always a peaceful and scenic place. Perfect place to grab a bite to eat, a movie, enjoy some local entertainment, and do some shopping. Truly a wonderful place to be!

Henderson Cunningham

Perkins Rowe shopping center is beautiful but very limited, I guess because they like to keep a crowd control on who actually comes over there. So if you're looking to shop most like be a petite lady or a book lover like myself. It has California Pizza Kitchen and that restuarant is phenomenal. The park they have is really good for relaxing I spent an hour waiting for my movie to start and I just fell asleep to the music they play (yes the whole area plays music.) I like it during Christmas time because it has that vibe there.

Joanna Acclis

Nice area. Parking is free in the garage otherwise you'll have to feed the parking meter.

Carl Burrhus

Great prices, clean theater and comfy seats. What else can you ask for?

Colby Gray

Great place to go to the movies. Grab some food and browse the stores. Parking available street side or in parking garages. Con: street parking is metered and no longer a donation. Only accepts credit card.

Scott Hoffman

This is a nice theater. The employees were friendly. Their bar area had a decent selection of beers, if you like that sort of thing. I would go again.

Veronica Mercadal

We had a whole lot of fun

Edenn May

Beautiful area and very well kept. The botany on walkways is very beautiful. The main area beside the theatre is themed based on time of year.

David Bolin

This is a very nice restaurant, the food is 50/50 great. Have of what they serve is to die for, the other half is knowingly made salty the waiter admitted to when we brought this up to the staff. Be preppared to only eat half of what is served to your plate because of the extreme salt content. But the great side of it all, it is eat all you can eat.

Tivis Nuzzolillo

I had to place phone in pant pocket to get accurate steps/miles walked.

William Cockerham

Fabulous shopping and entertainment venue. By far the most elegant retail center in Baton Rouge, Perkins Rowe possesses a fabulous movie theater and a large variety of restaurants catering to many different cuisines. The common spaces such as the center fountain are beautiful places to spend parts of a date or even a reflection in solitude.

Sharon Catalon

Awesome shopping experience...great atmosphere

Glynn Talley

Great place to live or visit to enjoy a plethora of things to do

Michelle Beardslee

Perkins Rowe is a great place to shop or go out to dinner. Everything is very beautiful. Lots of of landscaping beautiful flowers and everything is well kept. It is truly a beautiful place to walk around and enjoy any time of the day or evening. I have even practiced Tai Chi near The Fountains there because I found it to be such a peaceful place. The movie theater area is just a grand beautiful place. There is a huge Chandelier that hangs down in the center and the area is open. There are so many different restaurants to choose from there and very unique restaurants. Many many shops to choose from if your shopping there. You can even just go there to have a stroll and walk around and it is a beautiful place to do that as well. I recommend going there with your family or just with your significant other either way it will be a fantastic time for you. I definitely will go back there again and visit.

Jake Guidry

Barnes & Noble staff were excellent, very helpful. As for the drivers leaving Perkins Rowe, that's a different story. To the lady behind me in the white Acura SUV who felt it necessary to block oncoming traffic just to wedge herself behind me at the 4 way stop; it must be nice to be the axis in which the earth revolves around. Good luck with that.


Really nice place to spend the day with my daughter. Just make sure pocket book can keep up!

Melinda Wells

I was drive thru beautiful area

Dianne st clair

I am so disappointed that Charming Charles closed.

James David

It is a great atmosphere. Food is great too

Charles McBride

Send like I always enjoy visiting

Nicole Cunningham

Love this outdoor mall. Z Gallerie is my favorite destination here!

Celinda Hearld

Perkins Rowe is awesome,!! Love to go there.. shopping food, entertainment!! Like a little City of it's own!!

Judi Stoute

Comfy seats that recline, plenty of elbow room, clean, good movie, plenty of early show times. I always wish that it wasn't so loud, but every theater has the volume up too high. Maybe I'm just too old, but I always bring ear plugs.

Donald Hardy Jr.

A great place to visit over and over again .....

Eduardo Suárez

They have some of the best places to eat out at.

Tracey Watson

Perkins Rowe is great. The restaurants are good, the movie theater is good and it is a fun atmosphere about the place. My negatives are the parking. On a Friday or Saturday night there is no parking, even with the parking garages. The streets are full of cracks and potholes.

david adams

Parking kinda ruins the whole shopping experience, lack of parking that is!

stan jr

Great place to visit everybody should check it out

Kay Your Local guide !

Just beautiful location! Great shops and restaurants. Has a hotel and movie theater. Very well kept areas. Love the Hammock lounge area. The fountain is gorgeous. Definitely a must see location. Lots of FREE parking garages & Valet is available also. & parking paid at the meter near the stores/restaurants.

M. E. Silverman

Super cute location. Like lost in time. But none of the shops were interesting or worth shopping at except movie theater.

Jason Henderson

Went to Barnes and Noble..... Always a pleasure....

Stanky_ Stacey!

Beautiful place especially at night. Nice place for a to romantic or casual date with bae. Lots of different places to go. You can have coffee at the book store if that your vibe. Get bored?, Well there's a movie theater right by the book store. Getting hungry?, There's loads of restaurants right by the books tires and the theater no matter you taste or diet. This is a EVRYTHING and EVRYONE kinda place. All types of people. It's beautiful.

Lance Boudreaux

The shops here are good, but there are to many vacancies.

Drew Erickson

It’s a good safe area and plenty to do for a couple hours! Had a good time and will return.. very clean environment and also one last thought is that the courtyard area is so nice and relaxing

Charles Reid

Shopped and had lunch there. The ladies at the Foundation store were very helpful with bra fitting. Excellent selection in style and colors. Great discount on multiple purchases.

Angie Edwards

Such a lovely shopping area. We went to see the new Spider-Man movie, and we ate a California Pizza Kitchen. This is one of our favorite places to shop.

Sherry Engelbert

We went at night. I wished we would have been able to go during the day. This place looked amazing! The park looked beautiful with lights around. Clean; inviting.

Lyttany Whitley

It is so relaxing to stroll down Perkins Rowe. It's a good place for date night or movie night with the kids. Great shops, too.

Sara Yoshica Cooper

Great place for dates, family time, eating, shopping or just hanging out.

En Sabah Nur

This place is just so nice. It's straight out of a magazine. Think Norman Rockwell meets modern day downtown shopping and entertainment. That's what you have here.

Jamie Langlois

Parking was reasonable restaurants were great

Anna Anderson

Good day out. Nice shopping area.

Lana B

Very ritzy, upscale place with expensive stores and businesses surrounding it. I almost feel out of place, bc I don't drive a $100k car. It's a beautiful, clean place, don't get me wrong, but I feel like it's exclusively for the rich. A family trip to Cinemark movie theater is what brought me here for the first time. While I was impressed, it was also somewhat intimidating. I probably won't be going back unless I win the lottery.

Sharon Stevenson

Very relaxing and great atmosphere.

Wendy Wilkins

So many nice places to shop and eat

William Robert

Great place to eat, go movie, or just walk around. Clean place

Jessica Fitch

Always safe, even at night. They have a lovely fountain in the main square with little cafe' tables and benches to sit on. Very nice to sit & talk with friends in front of the main square. Lots of shopping and a nice family atmosphere.

Jason Williams

Perkins Rowe is nice, but oddly dead all of the time. There are lots of empty stores and not utillized space, and every time I've gone (weekends and weekdays) it's just a ghost town. Has a lot of potential and nice facilities, so hopefully more businesses move in and liven it up.

Melissa Thomson

Great stores and nice atmosphere

Janay Thompson

I came down to meet up for a date! I watched the avengers:endgame and I enjoyed my time there. Prices are not to bad and I like the way things are set up. Will visit again soon :)

Wendy B

Great shops, wacky layout makes driving the property sort of annoying.

alva childress

Love it and the shops on Perkins Rowe always well kept and great place to spend a day or evening!

Ricky Smith

Parking was the only issue we faced here. Read the parking signs carefully as the parking lot for the apartments are designed to make money through booting.

Mark Loupe

It tends to be a very trendy shopping center. There are a couple places that are reasonable. Overall it is kind of expensive it is nice to walk around and see all the different shops and stores to buy from. I like the cinema they have there.

Danielle Franklin

My favorite spot especially on Tuesday 5$ movies u would love it

Adreona Dickerson

We went for the food stayed for the atmosphere!

John C

The best place to shop in town. Great place!

Suzann Blades

Great places to eat and shop.

Shane S.

Gods place to catch dinner and a movie without having to drive all over town. I feel fairly safe there and you can walk around and window shop too. Overall good experiences have come from this place for me.

kristi decou

Lots of opportunitis to walk and shop and enjoy good weather.

Carol Chaney

We love jewelry!

Andrea F

Upscale shopping area. Plenty of parking. Movie theater, grocery store, electronics, clothes, there is a great variety of things to find here for everyone.

Omega Perry

I love the live music and the fountain

Chris White

We dined at Jinya for the first time. I had the Ramen with pork and it was excellent!!

Sea-Salt Art

Pretty nice atmosphere if you just want a safe place to walk around. Most of the stores are expensive, but you can at least catch a movie or visit one of the city's few bookstores here.

Mr. Shaver

Awesome environment! Great shops and also a nice place to live. Everything you could possibly need and more is right outside your door.

UndergroundRecruitTV .

Always enjoy my "second home." The changes they are making will definitely have me spending more time than I already do! Lol

Tommy Thompson

Good music. Clean parking is ok too.

Curt Hale

Great place several things to choose from

KC Whitney

Love the whole vibe of the place. Outstanding restaurants , top class movie theater. Love the outdoor music, not to mention the exceptional tribute bands

Farrah Freeman

Great place to shop and go to see a movie!!! Eat out spend time with family and friends!!!

Loretta Chanet

I visit this area only to see my doctor, but the experience is always great.

NameLikeNobodyElse .

Got a great park right outside of the movie theater. Walked around a little b4 the movie. Sat on a strategic bench. Still in love wit the seats in the theater. Pet Semetary & movie alcohol were interesting. :-D

Destin Bailey

It's great! Love the people and the convinience!

Christos Rodis

Great place to shop and nice small boutiques.

Lauren Bourque

Nice collection of shops and restaurants. Charming Charlie's is my favorite. Has a nice center square with occasional concerts.

Shalin Sheth

Nice place, probably the only place in the city where you could get everything. Posh area.

canhtam nguyen

One of my favorite places in baton rouge. Its continuously growing with more shopping spots and restaurants. A great place to bring the kids and beautiful during the evening especially around the holidays. Love that theres so much conveniences at this location and the numerous stores owned and started by locals here in batin rouge

Andrea Arnold

Very dissappointing. So many shops and restaurants are gone. Not sure whats happened but it needs new life.

AJ Jones

Nice area to walk and spend the day shopping or view an movie

Stephen Babcock

Great except the parking spots are privately metered.

Curtis Everitt

I have been to this place for the past 2 years. The first year I stumbled upon it because it was the closest theater to me playing the film the shape of water, and this year I wanted to go back and take my wife with me. Some of the most beautiful shopping there is in the world as well as delicious restaurants to eat at. The movie theater always has a great selection of films and I always enjoy making the trip from near Jackson Mississippi to go to Perkins Rowe. You can see from some of my pictures that it is an out-of-body experience because it is unlike anything I have ever seen before.

Clint Savignol

Son to movie good time. Popcorn expensive

Dewan Dickerson

Love the atmosphere! Great for date nights

Ann Ambers

I love visiting Perkins Rowe. During the holidays Sees Candies is great.

michael somerville

Good place to hang around and chill always very clean and hosts a variety of great restaurants. But they do not have the greatest selection of stores in my opinion

Patricia Henry

Nice quiet atmosphere, no interruptions, able to enjoy the movie, comfortable seating

Mark BFitness

Very nice place. Almost feels like im not in Baton Rouge anymore!

Justin Turner

Really nice shops but I don’t see this place lasting very long. Pushing the stroller around made it very evident how shaky the foundation around this area is. A lot of sinking concrete and for it being only 13 years old that is kind of scary.

Micifus Johnson

Everything is expensive, but it is the only place you can go in town and feel like you're really somewhere else. The movie theater and book store are worth stopping at, but not a fan of much else. Kona Grill discontinued the asparagus salad, the only thing they had that I liked, so I don't eat out there anymore.

Renee Thibodeaux

Nice place to browse ... then see a movie

Lynn Young

So many nice places to shop & spend time walking around.

Baret Hibbard

Great place to have a wide selection of what to eat. Also has a movie theatre. Great place to sit and relax outside by a water fountain. Higher prices than the norm.

Melissa Kinchen

B&N is still one of my most favorite places to be

My Name

Love this place everything you want to do an more


Great Shoppes and restaurants. Very cool place to dine and spend an afternoon.

Jeni Gardner

Has about every kind of store you need, theater, apartments and offices. Also has the neuro medical center, and parking for the center.

Aaa di

Outdoor mall shopping with free parking in the garage. A very small place but it's a family friendly environment.

Ayeshah saleem

Very peaceful and magical place. Great for a night/day out with friends or family.

Mike Castrogiovanni

Always enjoy walking around with my dog.

Daphne Fontenot

MY FAVORITE PLACE!! Nice clean environment

Tammi Bourque

Wonderful place to go. Numerous stores restaurants, movie theater, gym and covered parking.

Brandon S

Cool Vibe. Bunch of different shops. Has a Barnes and Noble with a Starbucks. Bunch of Restaurants and one of the best Theatres in Baton Rouge.

Gregory Goodwin

Love bein there at night with my wife Romantic eve

chris p

Awesome Amazing and Family Atmosphere.. A lot of people have there kids in the shopping area and some teenagers.. A lot of Teenagers on Friday and Saturday at the Movie place.. But over all good family environment

Trecie Brown

Very beautiful scenery and a variety of stores also many different surrounding stores

Donnie Newland

Row on down to Perkins Rowe and shop and check out the women that flock in that area. YOUR WELCOME! ! #perkinsrowmotherflocker #perkinskeepsthemworking #perkinsrohoe

Tina Tanner

Love the variety of restaurants and shops! Great for a nice night out or a day of shopping!

cici Abm

I really love this place great for shopping, relaxing, eating etc.

Kelsey Mclaughlin

So beautiful! Love to just go walk around here and see all of the shops. Plus the bookstore is sooo peaceful. Can literally spend hours here.


If you like feeling like a somebody in Baton Rouge, why not here? 5 stars 4 eva.

T Grant

I've always come here to visit Charming Charlie' I understand they are going out of business..I am deeply saddened..

Mary Francis

Varierty of stores, resturants, movie theater,good place to have brunch, lunch, see a movie, pick up a book, buy some clothes

Debbie Dyess

Great place to shop, dine or see a movie. Safe and clean area. Get a coffee and sit in the main courtyard. Day or night, it's a great place to pass the time.

R. Allen

Great shops alot to see for first visit to shooping area

Jasmin Johnson

What I love most about this shopping center is the cleanliness. Perkins Rowe hosts so many different types of events, but it's never dirty or smelly. I enjoy the atmosphere and look forward to various events that are held there. The opportunities to be entertained in Perkins Rowe are plentiful and somewhat diverse.

Rick Sanchez

It's pretty fun there's definitely a little bit of everything

Lillian LeJeune

love going to Lemadelines good French cuisine

iamglogod tv

Beautiful scenery and lovely restaurants although it does seem that the place is going down hill

April Rebelle

Had a great experience here. Will certainly go back again soon.

Jeremy L

Not bad. Kona and lava are gone. What's next?

Bugatti Black

Best place to have fun plus this is where I get all my LSU gear

Bryan Trim

It's ok. A little overhyped but not bad.

Melvin J Brown

Comfortable seats and convenient timings.

Melanie L

Great place to catch a movie, do some shopping ($$$), grab a bite, or just take a walk & take in the beauty of this gorgeous open air shopping center. I was told it was something to behold & they weren't wrong. Movie theater was great, popsicles were spectacular as well.

Velma Jackson

I visit Rouse's grocery store , Lots of sale items and the good thing about this store is that they sales begin on a Wednesday and ends on a Wednesday so if you shop on a Wednesday you can get a larger selection of sale items, you can get the items that are going off sale that day as well as the items that are going on sale that day. Yippee yaya

Shantray Wilson

Wonderful couple and family friend place. The outdoor park is so relaxing.

Jerry Depron

They sell good crawfish

Christie de la Bretonne

Enjoy walking around but most of all we drove here for the Texas de Brazil restaurant. Some friends were in from France so we wanted them to have the brazilian churrasco experience. And we all loved it!

Rebekah Guidry

Almost one year ago I had to go to Houston to have back surgery. Perkins Rowe was one of the places everyone told us we had to go before I had surgery I loved it

Felicia Bennett

Super cute little popsicles shop.

Cassie Cuti

You simply must go here. The shopping is amazing. The food is legit. Mostly the view is stellar for a metropolitan location. Great place for photos if family is coming from out of town

Charlie McCants

But, a little upscale for my taste!

Jenny Ryle

Omg amazing!! Shops, restaurants etc it's so awesome to just walk around even

Joan Michel

Great food and shopping.

jade milnes

I absolutely love it here. A great place to shop, eat and see a movie. Would be a great place too if you're looking for somewhere to have a date night.

Ana Kraszewski

Great place to shop! I always feel safe

Cynthia Hilton

Shopping, dining, and entertainment all in a relaxing atmosphere.

Christopher Golding

Perkins Rowe is a beautiful complex with excellent Cinemark Cinemas, common space with beautiful and safe lighting, and a hip, modern vibe + lots of great eating!


Nice area bu TV way to crowded. Lots of businesses pack into a small area and parking is a nightmare.

Lady1452 .

It’s a mall, so it’s always busy. Great restaurants, nail spas, movies and just a place to hang out. A nice place to come to during the holidays as well.

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