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REVIEWS OF Movie Tavern Covington IN Louisiana

Marisa Davis

Lovely atmosphere, awesome food, strong drinks, this place is delightful. The staff is very friendly, courteous and helpful.

Robert Comeaux

Enjoyed the comfortable seats, the popcorn and, of course, the movie. Really enjoyed pressing a button and getting waited on! My only complaint: Pepsi products instead of Coke. Old school ... always preferred Coke products.

Charlene Weaver

Found the lounge chairs extremely uncomfortable for a short person. Also found it distracting for people to be taking orders, delivering food, etc. Won't go back.

Brian Migliore

It was so loud...we all complain but they said they couldn't do. I will never go there again

Andrea Duplantis

Staff was great but we bought only seats left in front row. Paid full price. The seats should not even be sold. We could see NOTHING! No leather seats and no reclining seats as advertised. HORRIBLE experience.

Joe Williams

First time that I have tried the movie and dinner option all at the same time. Some people may enjoy it but it's just not for me. You don't get the full movie experience because your eating dinner and you don't get the full dinner experience because your watching a movie. The theater is nice, the staff was very friendly and attentive. The food was okay. Nothing against them, just not my thing.

Dennis Vinoya

5 star cinematic experience! Great food selections and great customer service!

Chaka T

Good place for a movie and something to eat great service will recommend to anyone.

kevin crutchfield

Great food and drinks

Justin Redman

If the movie is not at the Movie Tavern than I'm not watching it. The theatre could be packed with people and I'm comfortable and I have plenty of space. The service is always friendly and the food is not bad. Just don't go see a movie on opening night. They don't seem to have enough staff on those nights.

Marilyn Milne

Nice movie theater. Love 5 dollar Tuesday

rick rou

My favorite place to watch movies

Austin Giffin

I was amazed by the quality of the food served. The theater was much cleaner than any regular theater, and the service was great. There were plenty of options for vegetarians or those who want to eat healthier. Definitely plan on returning soon.

Barbara Schilling

Great place - always go there for movie night

Kristin Faison

Very cool concept, comfortable seats, but menu has been inconsistent and sometimes weird things happen. We went more than once while the drink machines weren't working so they only had bottle soda. I ordered chicken and waffles and got ketchup on the side. But topically very happy with it experience.

Darla Rankin

Don't like new menu. Had a few more healthy choices on old one. This one not so much ☹️

Crissy Bushman

Went because of the food and movie combo. The food was subpar.

Kenny Merrick

No coke, only Pepsi. No "cola" icee?! Ridiculous!

Jasmine Trapane

I love this place. Prices are decent, but very easy to rack up the money when you aren't paying attention to food.

Joseph Sanders

Dinner and a movie all in one place, why aren't all theaters like this. Would definitely recommend going if you haven't.

Andrew Wagner

Very cool experience and atmosphere kind if the chairs reclined it would be better lol

Yasir Alruwaili

Clean, nice staff, good movies.

cameron goodreau

Comfortable seats. Food is a bit expensive for its quality

Jay Ratcliff

Great movie experience, good snacks and great service

Sarah Coudrain

I love the movie tavern. You get to pick your seats before attending your movie- which I recommend doing! The food it good for the most part, but I find that it isn’t very hot when I get it, but I can eat cold food I don’t mind honestly. The staff is friendly and when the movie isn’t packed the can be accommodating. Sometimes I find the seats a bit uncomfortable, I wish they could recline. They also have a nice bar area and even have live music. All in all it is a great movie theater and I only go to dine in theaters.!

Anton Zholondz

I’m a smoker. When I asked if I can go outside to have a cigarette, the staff told me their doors are locked and there’s no way I can get back. Nice. Also, $65 for 4 White Russians is a little too much in my opinion. And those “leather sits” are not that comfortable to deal with everything above.

Ben Wicker

Comfy chairs, good food. Excellent movie quality.

Dana Lynn Dufrene

Clean. Comfortable. Drinks are pretty good! Food is ok. Service was good as well. An overall good experience.

Henry scavo

Fun but a little pricey. But I knew it would be before I went. Clean

Kristopher Sepulveda

I use to love this place but now they only serve Pepsi product. This is a Coca-Cola state. I can't stand Pepsi product. I guess I am going somewhere else.

Heather May

Wait Staff is nice. The people that actually collect the money at the front - those should be the nicest people, but everytime we go it's like we are a bother to them. Food variety is good. Food prices and variety are comparable to Applebee's or Chili's. The theaters are not always the cleanest have had a few instances of messy aisles before the show starts...the number one complaint I have is roaches. I seen several during one visit - so I dont think it's just the occasional bug issue, I think there is an infestation issue that needs to be addressed.

lance brown

Great seating, friendly staff, great bar, food is meh.

jane foust

Great venue combining first run films with food service delivered to your seat. Also alcoholic beverages.

Kelly Malone

Food pretty good, fun venue.

Nathalie Lavergne

Movie was good but food was not as good as it used to be.

Nicole Perrilloux

Love that I can have my dinner, cocktail, and watch a great movie

Joyce Short

I prefer Movie Tavern over other movie theaters because of the seats alone. They are wider and more comfortable than in traditional cinemas and some even recline. The reserved seating is a real plus. At other theaters you have to get there early or take what’s left which could well mean splitting your group. (I still grimace when I think of the last time I was at a traditional theater: stood in line for hours to get a good seat for The Force Awakens). Add to this a real meal from a varied menu for the price of a drink, hotdog and popcorn at other theaters and why would you go anywhere else. I don’t. Adult beverages, great service and you won’t miss part of the movie if you want a refill. If it is not playing at Movie Tavern (and all the popular movies do), I wait for the streaming release.

Bryan Harrison

Great idea. You need to understand that prices are just a bit above what you would spend at a casual eatery. If you understand that you should be fine. Seating is widely spaced, attentive waiters and waitresses. Service speed was what you would expect from a busy restaurant. Food was good. They are going to have to disturb you during the movie in order to get things accomplished but I understood that ahead of time. They did a good job of trying to stay as conspicuous as possible while doing their job. All in all a very good experience, we all enjoyed it.

Mike M

I would say I love sight seeing so even if this place it’s a bit of a trip I would definitely go again. For the times that I have went I took my family to watch movies. I was impressed on how it looked inside. I like once you go in and take your seat. A waiter or waitress will come up to you to see if you need any drinks or food. They have a menu you can order from and having a decent selection on food ranging from pizza, sliders, burgers, salad and more. If you need to order food there is a bottom you can press for them to come out to your seat which as a table to eat on. I would say if your looking for a dinner and a show. The Movie Tavern is definitely a place to go. Enjoy!

Mike Cairns

Small but nice theater. Great food, had a great time.

Charlie Parent

What a great idea, amazing comfort and great service. This is how to go to the movies!

John Fryson

Great, it was my first time going. I will be back, Shaft was great too

Jocelyn S Rojas

Love the seat picking, online ticket ordering, great food selection, nice staff, great bar tenders.

andree prows

Such a nice theater, food delicious, service great and friendly, clean restrooms, just the best! Great family atmosphere more than 5 stars ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

Ian Ballantyne

Pretty awesome date night! When you can get dinner and a movie in the same comfortable place, it's definitely a winner! Reserve your seats ahead of time and it's even better.

College Gurl

I like the 5 dollar movie night with free popcorn!! Awesome deal

Christian Quarles

Love this place can eat drink and watch a movie feels like home.

Ginger Stroud

Everything is great except for the food. The food used to be good but they changed everything ;(

Tara Fortenberry

Its usually a good place but tonight wasn't we sat and wait and no one ask us how we was doing or if we need anything and we was waiting for an hour while everyone else that came in they was asked how they was doing and given a menu to order we wasn't I'm very unsatisfied with them tonight get it together movie tavern

Michael Eldridge

Great service, great food, and great prices. I definitely prefer this location rather than the Juban theater.

Amy Downey

Great movie experience! Tickets are $2-$3 dollars more (but they do have Student prices!), but worth it. It's nice to take the family to a movie & have dinner & drinks at the same time. Service was impeccable. I prefer the old menu, though. I asked if they could make me a BLT (they have everything to make it, but that sandwich isn't offered on the menu), and they said they could not. Other than that, we had a great time.

Teleda Gordon-Badeaux

Movie Tavern in Covington is always a treat, my husband and I opted to see a "Madea's Family Funeral ", I ordered the Vietnamese bowl, it wasn't appetizing, so just to have a snack during the movie I order some pretzel bites ,they were soft,hot and salty, very good, but the cheese dipping sauce was awful

Monkuup .

Movie was nice and seats were comfy, but the food and ticket was EXTREMELY expensive. Food was not at all good for the price. That 15$ meal tasted like and should have been a 6$ meal.

Brett Plaisance

The entire, expensive experience was terrible. I had better food from Taco Bell, the seats were horrible, the host was condescending, the wait staff was hourly and proud to tell you, the audio didn't match the actors lips and this was under new management. Never again!

LeeLee Liquor

Enjoyed Detective Pikachu and the ambiance of the theater

gavin birchfield

good time but very bad service 30 mins for a drink

Aloha Keliikoa

Even when you point out and say someone has not shut up and are ruining the movie for you, they dont do a damn thing.

Elizabeth Mihalik

Overall a decent place. Was bought out recently by Murphy, so my review might be a little skewed. One of the great features of MT is that you can order tickets online and choose your seat. When you get to the theater you use a kiosk to print your tickets. For me, it's worth the convenience fee that's charged. However, the last two times I've had to stand in the one line to retrieve tickets, and the employee have no idea when the kiosks will be operable again. Also, I tried to order the featured Captain Marvel drink only to be told both visits that they were out of the mix. I'm presuming these are simply bumps and bruises from new management or ownership, but I really hope they get back to the quality theater it was before.... and soon.

Lavelle Reid

Great service great food and atmosphere

David Hensley

The food is great, the prices are reasonable and the theaters comfortable.

Carola Yawn

First and last time I will come, I had to ask someone to come wait on us. The people behind us where approached by a very friendly host, You get flagged at the door when u dont want a menu? What just because I dont want to order real food because I already have dinner plans. Been here 20 minutes still waiting on drink and popcorn. Dont appreciate that treatment specially cause my husband is in a wheelchair and has no understanding why hes having to wait for popcorn

Toby Cooper

They do not serve coca cola products any more, great dissapointment !!!

H Laurent

Staff need training on helping people to their seat and ordering the food. They're not very attentive.

Mandy Halford

EXPENSIVE. not a place a working person can afford. For the price you pay on just a hamburger, it could use some flavor. but I would go again and again if I could afford too. Friendly and prompt staff. Huge screen and the sound has you thinking your inside the movie.

Adiel & Renee'

Cool atmosphere and even cooler drinks!

Terry Martin

Great set up. Good service and food was pretty decent as well for what we ordered. I'll go hungry and try dinner next time. Overall a very pleasant experience.

Shelley Hagood/Parfait

$5 Tuesdays are the bomb!

Steve Smith

Nice clean theater, food is pretty decent and wait staff is not pushy.

Andrea F

Theater where you can order your food from your seat. Decent enough place. Clean inside, decent sized parking lot. Easy to get in and out.

Teresa Ditmore

Very nice experience. First time going here. Just had popcorn and soda, but everyone else's food look really good. Seats were very comfortable too.

erica banegas

Can you really beat $5 tickets? People are always nice and seating is comfortable. Food and drinks are $$$ but guess it's a convenience fee. Other than that not a bad place.

Krush Unltd.

Nice place, nice people, but... I recently went to see Vernon, good movie. After the movie started I pushed the button for service, and no one ever came to take our food order. We ate after the movie, but the point was.... to watch a movie and eat at the same time. Please fix the buttons.

Michael Bazile

Movie tavern Covington double booked avengers endgame. We got to our seats 40 minutes early and then 5 minutes before the movie started they said they doubled booked a bunch of seats and that we would have to leave and get a refund. Even though we bought tickets almost two weeks prior. They could’ve asked the other family to leave who showed up late but didn’t because they decided to kick me and my pregnant wife out. They did nothing to reconcile. Also told me there was no refund on my 3.50 booking fee. Spread the word! Terrible!

Tim England

Great times to be had here. Second visit to this location, nothing has changed, I hope it doesn't. Clean theater, roomy seats, great staff. Reasonably priced food, that is yummy. Look forward to the next visit.

Russell D

Nice and polite staff and the food was above average. It is just hard tell what you ordered in the dark. Very comfortable chairs to watch a movie and they bring the food to you fast and hot.

Cherise D

Awsome to be able to order food and watch a movie ...kewl

Christie Delrie

You can tell management has changed! Saw a movie at 7:55 tonight and there were four babies, under the age of 2, all with separate families spread throughout the theater. Babies will be babies and they cried and made noise throughout the whole movie, and the parents didn’t get up to bring them out so we barely heard the movie half the time. Not to mention they didn’t pay for seats and were all on top of parents lap and we’re restless. I let the manager know what happened at the end of the movie and was told that next time we should tell our server so they can address the parents. No, it’s not my job to tell the server that - it’s the theater’s job to make sure this type of thing doesn’t happen by having a policy in place.

Katie Kraus

Eat food and watch a movie! Comfy seats and friendly staff. Popcorn is excellent, and so are the craft drinks.


Good services and good food

Dino Velvet

This was my wife and I first time going to this place our experience was amazing

meka johnson

A nice theatre to bring the family.Good food!

Shannon Katz

Very nice experience. Drinks were awesome and the food was fantastic! Will definitely go again.


Food has small portions and is way over priced plus it takes a long time to arrive but you can order and get it delivered all while not leaving your seat, ticket prices are ok, and the seats are too firm nice lighting

Jason Wilkerson

Cold beer, good food, great service!

Kelsey Elfert

Well first we ordered chicken tenders and it has taken them almost an hour for them to bring them out, then we ordered an icee and it took about 10 mins to come, also we didn’t receive the proper amount of change. Then a cell phone went off under our seat which wasn’t anyone of ours!

Katherine Murillo

Love this place , gives you the best experience. Cozy but yet exilerating !!

Greg Mulvany

Just as the movie was starting an alarm began going off. We were unable to hear the announcement over the movie audio. There was one employee who walked through theater 8 and out the exit door. No employee came into the theater to make sure patrons were aware of the emergency and to ensure everyone left the theater. The film continued playing during the emergency making it difficult to understand announcements. The theater was closed until fire officials could determine the source of the alarm. Patrons were provided with rain checks redeemable within the next 6 months. Movie Tavern management indicated that drink and food charges were going to be refunded.

Jeri kay Wagner

This place is so expensive! Nearly $20 for a ticket is crazy. I'm from San Jose CA (the most expensive city to live in in the US and nobody charges that much for a movie ticket! Not to mention the menu prices (good grief). AND WHO CHARGES $1 just to put butter on popcorn. What a joke.

Nicholas Rito

Love this place.. went and saw lion king it was a great experience ;)

William Black

While a really enjoyable experience, we felt like the food was a little pricey for what you got. You expect to pay for food, but when it is a part of the main experience, you expect a little bit nore bang for your buck. A lot of things seemed in disrepair as well. That all being said, it was still a memorable and positive experience. I'm just left wishing to be more wowed.

S Johnson

Great variety of pics. Food and service add to the night out experience.

William Moskowitz

Was very nice place. My wife and I will be back.

Crystie Buck

Good food, great service, comfy seats. Kids love to push the call light for service. We go often

Summer Taylor

I literally only come to this location once a year or less and it never fails that service sucks. Very first time they forgot about our food and didn't bring it until the end of the movie and this most recent time I asked for an extra plate twice (sharing a meal with my husband) and they never brought one. Yea it's nice eating and drinking during a movie but is it really worth the Insane prices and terrible service? Maybe to some people but not me.

Amanda mcdaniel

Awesome place for dinner and a movie!

Mickey Maher

Good facility and staff and overall experience, but the prices are really up there and the food is not worth it. Pub grub and frozen pizza at best for $15 average entree... $5 for a soft drink.... eat elsewhere before your movie and try a cocktail or dessert!

Scott Hale

Pre book tickets, pick your seats, and enjoy a bevy of foor and beverages designed for kids and adults. Nothing else needs to be said.

Robert Israel

Great theatre, but the prices have really increased over the last year.

Billiemae Cain-Cobern

Grandson & I had a blast

Patrick O'Brien Boling

GREAT Service and good food.

Meme Marshall

Food was great! Great service and it was very clean!

daphne felder

Its okay..they need to install reclining seats..

Diane Spaar

This was my 1st & last visit here. Stood in line to get tickets for 15 minutes with only 2 people ahead of us. One poor guy working & he had an issue requiring a manager. When he radioed for one he was told they were starting a conference call in 8 minutes & for him to handle it. We got out of line & tried the kiosk. After 5 attempts to get the thing to work, we gave up. The ticket taker got another young man who was some type of manager but he just apologized & asked had we tried going in the line. By this time the movie was starting & the line was longer so we left. Very disappointing experience.

scott collins

Great place for movie and a dinner/lunch

Kevin Callahan Jr

As a person who generally finds movies overrated and expensive. It's great to see things done to kinda negate cost like 5$ Tuesdays. Or free movies for club membership. 4* only bc the foods overpriced and the beer tastes slightly "watered-down". And the seats aren't as numerous or comfortable as some like the grand. But seeing how it kinda enhances a film date experience I won't take more than a star. Schedule ahead of time

Gage Garofalo

Great facility, very clean, employees seemed very nice and like they cared about their jobs, overall pleasant experience. My only complaint is the prices. Absolutely outrageous. The food isn't that good to begin with, we just got a large popcorn and one large drink to share, and it was $16. Good facility overall. Prices are just insane.

Twana Glover

Our waitress was great, but the runners who deliver the food was awful. I ordered an unsweet tea & Pepsi 2 times & an hour & half later still no drinks. The chairs do not have recliners. The people behind us ordered beer & food & over an hour later still no order. The people next to us ordered before the movie started & it was approx 30-40 min into the movie before they got their order. I really should’ve received a refund instead of having to pay for horrible service. If I would’ve known this, I would’ve drove to Juban Crossing to the movie tavern there. They have good service & reclining seats. I still want a refund.

Cliff Lake

First time I ever visited the movie tavern so I really enjoyed the movie as well as the meal keep up the good work

Pleco Caves

Employees were great nice helpful. The food not good. The coffee was cold. Bathroom stalls were dirty.

LA Xtreme Paintball

Great place to catch a movie and eat some decent food--priced not that much more than the candy and popcorn at a regular theater. The reserve seating makes this our absolute go-to theater even with the 25min drive from Slidell. Highly recommend

Brittany L.

The atmosphere was amazing. The staff was very nice, and helpful. The food is slightly overpriced, but overall great experience.

Tara Henry

Hot too cold, service was good, wish seats reclined though

Jessica Flores

Expensive and the seats are uncomfortable. Not a good job Marcus.

Cindy Dimitry

Movie theater great, Nachos not so much.

marlon johnson

Best movie theater in town. Good food and drinks. Comfortable seats. What more could you ask for

Had Enough

Was there Sunday. Two stars for cleanliness. But the food? Seriously? Ordered chicken and waffles. The waffles were the prepacked cold Belgium waffles from Sam’s which are not good. Was it too much to expect a freshly prepared waffle? The chicken was the pilgrims pride chicken fingers from Sam’s also. I could have made this meal by visiting Sam’s and the cost for my meal would be equal to that of 10. The food here used to be worth the trip. Now, it’s just another theater with more leg room.

Jen B

We enjoy the room in this theater. We did not eat here.

Ken Gaines

Service was good. Food was acceptable. They need to tweak their sound systems. My 7.1 channel THX home system is far superior.

Michael Castilleja II

Food was great and have a big drink menu. Nice screens and staff was very polite, they seemed like they enjoyed being there. Which is rare these days. Only thing was the seats weren't very comfy. Or they just weren't a good style for my injuries.

Lynn H

Always love watching movies at the Movie Tavern.

Dorthy Burnside

Food quality has went down. The service is slow but they are friendly. Their bartenders are not the greatest.

Robert Baumann

Always a great place to visit. Food is pretty good too.

C Pilkington

Loved it! This was my first time there and I will definitely be back!

Jessica Hoelzel

Great food and great experience to be comfortable and eat in movie. Kinda more expensive date

Chentrell Williams

Really great experience. Can't wait to go back. Good food and the atmosphere is so relaxing, I fell asleep.

Joshua Hill

The place was very clean, nice staff, good food, a little pricey for the portions, but good non-the-less. Drinks were a little on the high end as well but very good!

Nicole Bingham


Jennifer Harris

Nice theater but good is expensive

Gail Soong

Very fun place, clean. Surprisingly good food. Would be nice if we could order from a computer at our seat instead of a waiter having to come and talk. Less disruptive. But I'll definitely go back.


Very comfortable seats. The wait staff is friendly and respectful when delivering food. Nice movie theatre. I had the chipotle chicken sliders. They were surprisingly delicious. this is the best thing that I have ordered since I have been going to the Movie Tavern.

Jeanette Delcambre

Disappointed in the quality of the food since the transition to Markus Theaters. The nachos and pizza used to be our favorites and now are not something I'd spend the money on. Will be dining before or after the movie and sticking to popcorn if food quality isn't improved. Service is still acceptable. Of course seats are comfy. These are the two reasons for the three star rating. Food quality alone would recieve a 1 star.

Mark Burriss

Great food and good service

Peter Saxon

Great experience. Food was good for me. My wife's food was below average, and the food is fairly expensive for "bar food".

Eimi Brown

Gave it 3 because the seats are nice. The food was really good when they first opened. The tacos were so good! Now I wont order food. The temp is always freezing have to bring in a blanket everytime.

Mike Gerhold

Went to Tuesday morning show great price was like private showing general tso fried cauliflower was spectacular

whitehead61 .

It's okay. Kind of like the Movie Bistro we had in El Paso, but more expensive and the seats were not as nice.

Amanda Hall

Great place. Kinda pricey but overall for what you get food wise it's much better than regular movie theater food

dre 40

the website lies about the seating describing them as recliners when they are actually old non reclining movie seats. food is basic theater eats. when asked about it they say they haven't got around to making the changes yet. better off at a regular theater. the extra money isn't worth it.

Charles Olsen

This is the best dinner theater my wife and I have visited. We would recommend it anytime. They have five-dollar thursday matinee if you can get away at that time. The new owners have gone with Pepsi products. NO, Pepsi is not OK.

Kathlene Richardson

Service was great! Seats were comfy. Pizza.... $12 for cheese pizza (+ $1.50 for meat + $0.75 for veggies) that was as thin as paper, hard as a rock, and had the flavor of cardboard. Yuck! We couldn't eat it.

Larry Peart

Very nice place. Clean. Friendly employees. Good food. Has discount days. Good movies

Christina Rusca

I really enjoy the experience here. I see the concept as more of a novelty and a convenience than a dining experience, so the fact that some of the menu items fall a little flat doesn't bother me. If you stick to what they're good at--appetizers and sandwiches--you won't be disappointed. Wouldn't recommend salads and entrees here; this isn't the place to get adventurous with your menu selections. The seats are super comfy, the service is usually good, and it's a much more enjoyable experience overall than a traditional movie theater offers. Definitely recommend!

Dan Montoya

Awesome place to watch a movie, just make sure they actually take your order right

Frankie Weber

MT in Covington : Food is mediocre and way over priced not to mention they switched from cola products to Pepsi (not my personal liking) Tuesday is our favorite day to go bc of $5 movie day & night with free popcorn (cold popcorn) . Service isn’t very prompt or at all if you’d like refills on drinks . Chairs aren't reclining as advertised previously. Needs some serious revamping in these particular areas .

Ken Warriner

Very enjoyable place to watch a great movie

Stacey Gallien

I love the popcorn and drink so good

Leslie Baham

1st Time here, thought it would be nice to take my 2 grandchildren for the dinner and movie experience. Ordered the wings and they were good, but very pricey for what you get. Only 8 half wings and very small for 17.00 and a an ice tea for 5.27. The brownie desert was below average with an over cooked brownie that was not moist nor warm, and the icecream tasted freezer burned for 8.00. The grandchildren's order was similarly priced. Toy Story 4 was great! Overal night cost me $160 for 1 adult and two children.

Alexis Chrzanowski

The movie seats and screen were nice. The theater and entire establishment was very clean. Service was fantastic. The food was very expensive for what we got. Portion sizes were small and both of our bar drinks tasted very watery which was disappointing.


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