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John Mylott

The seats are very cool electric recliners $5 Tuesdays with a free bag of popcorn you can't beat it the food is decent little pricey beer is cold and they have a good selection

Crimson Cuppernell

Ran out of food on Friday when I went. So I asked to refund my tickets to try Sunday night and we went back and they ran out of food again! When we went back during the week they had extremely slow service and we didnt get our food until over halfway through the movie.

Rachel Askins

Food was good. Movie was great. Our seating was great also. Staff was professional

Jeremy Baker

The food prices have gone up 30-50% since they opened. It used to be an okay deal to eat and watch a movie but not anymore. The food quality combined with eating in the dark isn't worth what the food costs now. They do have $5 Tuesdays now with a complimentary popcorn. I'd say that's the only reason I'd consider going back.

Caroline Copeland

Just lost 2 loyal customers. My boyfriend and I got into the movie and then it took 30 minutes for the server to get to us. Then when she did she said they had NO WINE and only 2 beer selections! This was the main reason we went to this theater. This should’ve been told to us when we bought the tickets. Then it took 45 minutes to get food and when it came out, I had a little bowl of JUST lettuce ($2) with nothing else on it. We tried to look on the brightside but then later in the night, my boyfriend had an onset of major food poisoning from the meal they served him. Business owners need to stop being so greedy and invest more into the service and food of their establishment which is the main point of their business model.

trey fleuriet

It's nice to order at the seat, the selection is nice, the seats are nice. Great experience overall. Great service. The reason it's not 5 stars is because the sound quality isnt as good as AMC, and there are no free refills on icees... but they do offer what AMC doesnt and that is a much bigger menu

Mantrix Henriquez

The food was good! However, it took over an hour to get the food served; not necessarily their fault, since the movie I was watching had just been released the previous day, so the theater was packed. Other than the wait time, it was a good experience

lisa hutson-jimenez

Great customer service, awesome food... Will be back... Never disappointed...

Tracie Thibodeaux

I always come to this particular Movie Tavern. Today was the worst. We walk into the theatre seats E1 and E2. First it was popcorn ALL over the floor, popcorn in between the seats, dried food running down the armrest, and the tray dor tour dood was sticky. Very disgusting and disappointing. Then I told one of the workers, she totally by passed me like I didn't matter. Went and told a manager, then 2 minutes later about 4 employees walk in to start cleaning. Ummmm this should have been done before your paying customers walked into the theatre to watch the movie that they pay for. This discourage me from ordering food cause i was so sick to my stomach. Last time here.

Madlyn Hicks

I always enjoy my experience at movie. The best 2things on the menu r, pizza and brownie ice cream desert.

Tiffany Montague

My Husband And I Always Have A Great Time When We Come Here.

Jaay Waay

Had worst movie experience ever last night! The movie was already 30min late. Then they played the wrong movie. They said they will fix the problem. Another 15 minutes went by and the said we had to move to another theater. Which the movie was already playing in the other theater. It was chaos! I couldn't get a refund because I paid on fandango. Now fandango is saying the movie tavern didn't report an issue. No movie and no refund!!! Worst movie experience ever!!!!!

Luis Reyes

I am beyond words, how does a $26.00 food and drink charge turn into $50.00 when I clearly saw the bill and paid for it and signed the copy. Get home and bam $50 straight out of my bank account. Thieves I swear. I'm going to raise heck tomorrow. This is ridiculous and if I find out some one messed with the tip amount I will press charges. Update: it's been 4 days and I have called day and night and absolutely no answer on the phone. Called there second location in juban was promised a call back because the managers from both were close friends.. it's been 2 days since. This place it a joke. How the heck do you contact these people. I live a hour away.

Brenda Wells

My first time there. It was great and I will be returning!

M. Reveiz

Love going to the movies at tavern. My boys love to order food while enjoying their movie

Erwin Lewis

Good health and service you don't have to leave your seat bring it right to you

nicky j

Seats are nice food service sucks needs to go back to counter service, although the look is ok

richelle gross

Customer Service was excellent, if you order food it comes out in a timely manner and taste great, comfortable seating to boot!! Great deals will be returning!!!

Ashley Cain

This was the 1st bad experience I’ve ever had at this location! My friends and I went here Tuesday March 26th. The service was HORRIBLE! One of my friends received her food and it was cold, & she never received her drink. When she did receive it, the movie was almost over! She ordered a Dr Pepper and received a Sierra Mist. My other friend and I NEVER received our drinks and food! We pressed the button that alerts the server, & no one came! These lights were lit the entire movie! Finally the attendant came, and the movie was about to end! He asked if we still wanted our food. Seriously...the movie is over! Not to mention one of the seats were not clean! It looked as if someone may had vomited on the foot rest area! I tried to call the office on yesterday March 27th about this matter, but no one answered the phone!

tay baee

ordered a margarita at 720 got it at 820. ordered mozerlla sticks at 720 got it at 910 and they were cold. sent it back. server sent bus boy with check still charging full amount. had to wait till after movie to get that fixed. guys behind us never even received their food and server told them to go speak with a manager . saw my server a total of 2 times. NEVER GOING BACK. couldn't even enjoy the movie because I had to leave and ask where my sister Pepsi was an hour after she ordered it. Movie tavern has definitely gone down hill and it starts with management on down.

Henderson Cunningham

So I have to take back my review Of Movie Tavern because I respect the place to well. This is a wonderful Theatre and I love their options and I know it's not the service all around the Theatre but it was just one worker so I wouldnt judge them for that.

T Green

With the lack of service & food prices you might as well eat before or after

Vicki Beard

Comfortable and clean. Good acoustics. Need more more bathrooms!

kennede thomas

Different from other theaters in that it smells like alcohol. But the seats are comfy and the staff is polite.

Leah Miller

The hand rails block the view when you sit at the top. Wish I had known when I was buying tickets. Also paid cash for my food, but a different woman brought it to me and I received no change back from the first woman. I feel like my money was stolen. Staff here sucks.

Ella Domino

I had a great time. The service was wonder. My server Jerryd was on time & straight on point, , enjoy the food & drinks. Thanks Jerryd. Most definitely will be back.

Franlie Carter


I enjoy the reclining seats and food service at the Movie Tavern. It can be annoying when the waiter interrupts (without you calling them) the movie to take dishes or hand you the check. The women's restroom could use some automation and purse hooks in the stalls.

Angela stanton

Took 1 hour and 45 minutes to get our food. Movie was almost over. Food wasnt even hot. They still wanted full price for our order! Definitely won't be going back!!

Christopher Robinson

Great spot for date night

latoya hewitt

Always good times with good food and drinks selections

Cathy Furr

Service quick, staff friendly

Joy Broussard

One of the first to order popcorn an hour later asked the waitress we were waiting on popcorn she said oh it’s probably down there. Well it sure stayed their for another hour I walked down and told the he gave me the cold popcorn. The couple next to us ordered pizza and never received it. We both were comped; however no one apologized NOTHING! Worst service I have every experienced I will never go back to this location. They need new management!!!

Patrick Clarke

The theatre was fine, but the service wasn’t great by any stretch.

Dee Goldeneye

This place is super clean and has a well organized staff .I really enjoyed the experience. I have the brownie alamode delicious!

Menace G

This place is amazing and the service as well.

Savage Enigma

Great location and food, with decent service

Kelley Luce

A great time!

ᔕуlνíα ᗯħeтѕтσne

Great clean place with great food and service. Love the reclining chairs

Latasha Lewis

The mozzarella sticks was so salty you need 2 gallons of water to drink behind it.

Kristy V

Friendly staff, clean facility, reclining seats, great food. Will return :-)

Courtland Davis

I've been to this location twice and neither time I've been served the first time the server came through. In addition, there's no reason for a light at your seat because they do not pay attention to it. I wouldn't say its the worst location of the franchise only because I haven't been to any of the other locations. However I bet it's the worst location 9f the franchise.

Lindy Shea

Good for movies, bad for food. They already charge you for your food before you get it and then we waited forever for our food. They also ran out of Margarita mix when I ordered a Margarita and gave me a different drink because I already paid for it, which tasted sickeningly sweet and had little to no alcohol in it. We often had to flag down waitstaff to get an update for our food and make sure we weren't forgotten about. BAD


I will never go back to this location again ! Second time being at this location and both times were horrible experiences. I called the location over 8 times to ask a question and not one time did someone pick the phone up. I asked the manager about this when i arrived and she stated that they were short handed and the phone comes second. I came with 6 other members of my family for my nieces birthday and nobody with me liked their experience. My sister had to go complain about her experience with the food and she was refunded her money, but other than that i wouldn't recommend this place at all!

Patrice J

Horrible service, but comfortable recliners.

Shimike Brumfield

This place used to be a 5 star but since new ownership has taken place, the service is extremely slow and staff isn't very knowledgeable.

Rochelle Johnson-Haynes

I like this place, but I never has a chance to place my order. Now be mindful a lot of people was there to see End Game. Still love ❤ this place

William Blackwood

They seemed to be a little understaffed, but it was clean and the people were friendly

Patrick Havard

This place was wonderful. I cant wait to go back.Why did i like it so much? Friendly, clean,food was awesome,and the movie was great. I recommend this for anyone who likes to watch movies. And the seats reclined how awesome is that?

Bayou Bengal2988

I wish I could give this horrendous theater zero stars. Horrible customer service. The manager was hassling me and my brother about our costumes to see the Avengers. No respect was found in this place. I was reluctant to come here again and now I know to never come back. This place either needs to shut down or start over. Absolutely horrible

Johnathon Lynch

The food was good but the service was horrible. We didn't get our drinks until at least an hour into our movie and AFTER we got our food. It also took us asking three different people for our drinks for them to finally be delivered. Edit: The server decided to charge an unauthorized tip to our card two days layer. After having to call twice and holding for 20+ minutes I was told that I had to physically come up there for a refund. After driving up there only the unauthorized tip was refunded as consolation and will take 3-5 days. Nothing was offered to make the situation better and management did not seem to care at all. Will NEVER come here again and advise you stay away.

Jordan Acosta

Consistently TERRIBLE service, and horrible sanitary conditions for more than a year. Not to mention the recent bee and larvae infestation scandal, where an employee reported it, they fired her. They've gotten enough chances from me. Never going back to this location.

Keidra Scott

It was ok. The food was not that great the 2 times I went but that was a long time ago. Maybe they are better now. But in comparison to other dinner and movie places I've been to, this was my least favorite. And I was so excited when they built it.

Flora Davis

Took a group of 150 kids plus teachers...Had to bring in chairs. My food order was messed up and no one responded to my call for 1 and 1/2 hours! The manager did rectify. Kids did enjoy Aladdin, though.

Jacob Callegan

I would rather go to the movie tavern in Denham Springs off of juban road or even the newly renovated celebrity theaters. The staff members were nice. The wait staff seemed competent and friendly. We will give it another shot and update this review if anything changes.

Bryia Williams

Aswome. Great for all ages.

Steven Frazier

Service is great but the food is mediocre.

Lakeisha Terrance

It's a clean environment. I would love to come again but you need better waitresses

Christopher Payne

I usually try to see the positive in every situation and I never go out of my way to post negative reviews but the service I had last night was awful. It took forever just to get our server to take our order and then by the time we finally got our food the movie was over and they didn’t give me my drink I ordered with it. This place does have potential but it’s service system has a lot of improving to do, I am not happy with the way they performed and I don’t think I’ll be returning there anytime soon.

kenwo l

The movie was great

Marcellos Montana

Aladdin was great watched two feminine men “not judging” argue over a seat which was rather funny to me but the food is over priced I ordered churros and they were really good but damn y’all only gave me 4 for the price I paid y’all could’ve gave me 8 but damn 4 next time I go I will be bringing my own food

Joshua Dibble

It was horrible. I went with my wife for the first time to see how the experience would be. My wife and waited 30 minutes for someone to take our order (milkshake, pizza, and the hazelnut donuts). I only got the shake and it took them 45 minutes to an hour before we got our food. That's only because I had to go to management to remind them. My wife waited 45 minutes just to get lemonade. They offered nothing for the inconvenience and it sounded like they even forgot our order. This was the worse experience ever. I will not be going back. And will spend my money else where like celebrity theaters.

Dantrel Bonner

Pretty cool spot. Great customer service.

John Smith

We were so extremely disappointed at Movie Tavern Citiplace's absolute disregard for their customer's time and money, and total lack of anything resembling customer service. Apparently they closed early today, due to bad weather. I purchased tickets around mid-day for a 7:50 PM movie. I don't what time they closed but the only weather warnings I know of came in the morning, I'll be even more disappointed if I was allowed to buy the tickets after they knew the shows were cancelled. Either way we did not receive one single notification that they would be closed, not even an email. We bought the tickets online and received an email confirmation, but apparently they couldn't be bothered to even email us that the theater would not be open, much less call or text us. We drove an hour to get to the theater, and by the time we arrived it was too late to go to another theater, all the other showings had either already started or were hours from starting. We have kids and jobs, we can't just stay out all night. This was our first date night in months, and would've been the first movie I had seen this year. While there, we even seen an employee show up (I'm assuming to work since he was in uniform with a name tag) who was also shocked to find out they were closed. That says a lot about the communication skills of management. Again, just extremely disappointed at the very poor management and handling of this situation and total lack of customer service. The sign said they'd give us a refund, although that does not compensate for our time or gas, or fix date night.

Maria Johnson

If I could give 0 stars I would. This was the WORST experience ever at movie tavern. This was the first time I could ever say this. I literally NEVER got to order my food even though I pushed my button BEFORE the previews. Others below me got responded to quickly even though they came in long after I arrived. I waited so long that I had to push my button again because it went off. I waved and got no response. I should not have to miss my movie because someone isn’t on their job. Because of this horrible experience I didn’t even get to enjoy my movie Captain Marvel. The whole time I was aggravated trying to get a waiter or waitresses attention trying to not interrupt others watching the movie but maybe I should’ve. I’ll stick to Perkins Rowe or Movie Tavern in Denham.

Jasmine Potier

Movie and seating was good but customer service not so much.

Devin You know

It was great, food has definitely improved since they first opened , the Nutella doughnuts are amazing!!!!!!


Movie tavern is a great place to watch movies. Even doe a soft drink is like Six Dollars

Jason Kay

Movie Tavern has always been about a 3 star experience. Half the time no one comes in to serve you and if they do, it takes a while. Staff turnover is high, I’ve never seen the same person twice in 3 years. Food generally comes out fairly quickly though, perhaps a little too quickly in this particular case. Generally, it’s good to fully cook food before serving to customers but I upon ordering and receiving the chipotle chicken sliders, I discovered on my second of four sliders that they were raw and not fully cooked! Raw and pink on the inside. Raw chicken. They said it was a new employee and apologized. I’m no cook, but I know you need to fully cook food before serving it. I always check when I grill food using a fork and knife or food thermometer to check the internal temperature. Meal was comped of course, as it should be, and they offered any other food but understandably I was wary. Hopefully, I don’t get sick, but if I do I’ll be happy to do it inside Movie Theaters by Marcus.

Delatris Jones

It was terrible. One of our seats didn’t work (recliner). We had to move to seats with a terrible view. We pressed button for our server and no one ever came. Online it showed chicken and waffles but they did not have it on the menu. We came from Alexandria to try this theater.

Lyvonnr Washington

I love this place you can eat why watch movie and some of the food is actually good!!!

Emiley Dillon

It’s very sad because this place has potential to be nice. I have to assume the management is bad. The place is dirty, the menus are gross, the food isn’t good, and we didn’t even get it until the movie was over. We ordered an appetizer!! Luckily they were nice enough to take it off the bill.

Marium Jones

I love the fact that they have great theaters but poor services with bringing out your food

darrel verret

My movie experience was amazing. Nice, neat and clean theaters. Sound was on point too. The only problem was I ordered chicken wings with ranch dressing, but they brought out blue cheese. I know some of you are thinking it's supposed to be blue cheese with wings right. But they were barbeque wings ranch just goes much better with BBQ. I told the waitress and she brought more blue cheese. So I told her it was still blue cheese she apologized. She came back with ranch and u can see how the mix up happened. They are not marked.

Andrea F

Nice theater. You can order food from your seat and have it delivered to your seat.

Slurmmp .

This place was awesome. They give you a menu when you arrive. When we arrived in our theater there was someone in there who was waiting patiently to take our order when ready. We ordered our food and it was brought to us. I had the chicken nachos. The serving size was huge and they were fiyah. My husband had the Spicy Korean wings and he loved them. Oh and the seats were comfy as well. Overall, amazing place.

Rastaf ARIAN

Popcorn was cold with no salt. Comfortable seats. Friendly service

Michelle Landry

The theatre seats and experience itself was amazing! However, the food and service is terrible! It took me 15 minutes to get a spoon for our ice cream, which was melted by the time we actually got it. The Tavern burger was far from up to par. The buttermilk chicken sandwich was dry and burnt. We will likely return for a movie but not the food!

M Neal

Besides being close to my residence, this is,a nice theater. Even better if you are hungry. Comfy assigned, reclining seats are a bonus. My last visit was for the new Tuesday special: $5 movie, including a small free popcorn!

Sky Fly

Paid $28.00 for the tickets ( 2 people) and $53 for food. EVERYTHING WAS COLD!! The chicken on my sliders, fries.....I feel I wasted my money. If we are paying this much for food atleast make sure it’s hot!! I wanted a refund so bad

Derrick Naquin

Theater is falling into a state of disrepair on all fronts. Floors were dirty, 30 minute wait for just drinks and popcorn, and bathrooms had faucets that didn't work. I loved this place when it was new, but neglect is taking it's toll. Will not be returning.

Jacque Edwards

Nice to go on a date with some one food worth the wait recliners are comfortable

edhardyshon .

Pop corn was cold and didn’t receive food until the movie was over but most didn’t get they food at all. They attitude was horrible and not to mention they had to ask who paid and who didn’t and was charging ppl for free popcorn if they had to bring it to you. They wanted you to get the cold popcorn that was sitting out with the bugs flying around it.

K Gamer :-}

Best place ever unless you go on Tuesday loll it was so crowded and the service was really slow if you come on Tuesday you should order ahead to get an good seat

James Darce

Had a wonderful time as per usual, the staff is always friendly and the service great. Very comfortable seating in a not so crowded (at the right time) theater, often have lots of offers for ticketing, tonight was 5 dollar tickets and and free popcorn. It was a nice surprise, I strongly suggest visiting for your next movie experience.

Yokaido Kena

It's alright, food is average but being able to eat and watch a movie with a large pint of beer is freaking awesome.

Hannah Miller

We loved the Movie Tavern, and drove all the way from Lafayette for date nights often. Unfortunately, our last time there will be the absolute last time we ever go to this place ever again. The waitress serving us the night of September 7th (we went to see IT) went ahead and wrote herself a $10.01 tip that we did NOT authorize. When we tried to call and speak to management to work this out, we were told she was in a conference call, and to take our name and number...basically made us feel unprioritized and unimportant (again, their staff member stole money from us for all intents and purposes). When we asked if there was anyone else we could speak to, considering this is technically theft, we were told she was the only one on call. We hung up. This is completely unacceptable, and the refusal to take a phone call about such a huge employee offense towards a customer is enough to make them never get another dime from my husband or I ever again.

TL Reed

Great theater to relax, enjoy a good meal, and sip a cocktail all while watching the latest movie now showing.

Keisha Hill

Went there to take my kids on an outing for my birthday & i must say Movie Tavern made this year my WORST birthday yet ! First off someone was complain about MY SEATS i purchased because i had kids apparently & i went to cashier to change my seats because of the rude ppl and then while waiting on the movie i ordered a mac & cheese & sundae & found out i was charged 5$ more , but 45 mins later never received any food! i got a refund & still never seen the refund posted to my account 3 days later & when i finally get to movie i try to order again just for something small & no one even answered the button after 25 mins i just left ! This place definitely needs better employees!!! This was my worst experience here & i DO NOT look forward to ever coming back ! I would love to know what happened to my 30$ refund that i never received though

Russell Kowalski

Best movie theater I have even been to.get food service and recliner chairs to put up your feet. Best combo ever.

Cheryl Sanford

I loved the food the sever was fantastic. Thank you Ms Tyreneka. The staff is wonderful from the time you enter til the time you leave.

Keiunta Lewis

I’ve been here plenty of times. I give them a chance each time to try and get my food right. They never do! It’s always cold. If not cold something else isn’t right. They might as well take ordering while watching a movie OUT! Because it is very useless! They take forever to get to you to order your food and forever to bring it to you. No excuse. Poor service

Sheila Couvillion

Today was the first time I've been to citiplace Movie Tavern in over a year. And let me just say it was awesome! The service was fast the popcorn was delicious, and of course the movie Mary Poppins returns was fantastic! The only problem that I incurred was the gift card that I was using could not be used for the purchase of the tickets that I had planned. But other than that it was a wonderful experience!

Chrystal Poche

Watched Hellboy on 4-16-19 @ 1050pm. Bathrooms were DISGUSTING! Piss was everywhere in every stall! Dried/old pee and fresh pee on EACH toliet, floors sticky around toliets from dried up pee! Ordered food & it was NEVER brought, had to be reimbursed. I will NEVER GO TO BATON ROUGE MOVIE TAVERN AGAIN. JUBAN WILL BE THE ONLY ONE THAT GETS MY MONEY!

Micifus Johnson

If you have food allergies or dietary restrictions, eat before you go. The 1 lb plate of lemon pepper wings has over 9000 mg of sodium. That's not an exaggeration, check their website. 4 people splitting this is almost the daily value for one adult. I personally don't like movie tavern because of what it is known for, the food and drink service during the movie because of the noise and distraction, but on Tuesdays you get a free popcorn and the Movie is five bucks, so that's why I go. The minus 1 star rating is for the menu. What I have had was inedible, but when I had to switch up my intake and looked at their nutrition facts, I found it quite appalling.

the shrike

You can't recline all the way because the waiters and waitresses have to walk by you when serving food. Also, the menus are greasy.

Rosemarie Kamerer

Like the comfortable seats. Burgers are good and good seasoned fries

Will Daigle

Very luxurious, reclining seats with a wide variety of food delivered to your seat while you watch. Delivery timing is sub-par. I got my food with 5 minutes left in the movie, but considering it was $5 movie Tuesdays—it was very busy.


Movie was great. Environment was terrible. Trash was all over the floor...not too relaxing

Brooke LeBlanc

This place is a joke. Tonight was maybe my third visit since their opening. It's been terrible every time. Most recently, it took about an hour into an hour and a half movie just to get a small popcorn. Needless to say, we were not the only ones waiting around after the movie to speak to a manager, and when we did she seemed like she couldn't care less. Not sure how they're still in business.

Coushatta Millet

It is always a great time at the tavern

Renee Jones

Loved it!! Push a button and your drink appears!

Morgan Wheeler

The waitress gave us our bill and didnt take the money. She then left for the day and not even the manager knew how to close out our bill. They walked around with our card for a good 30 odd so minutes.. definitely not worth it

Denice Lewis

One of my favorite movie spots ...drinks are never strong though

Rhenda Wilson

Dirty, ridiculous, horrible food and service if you get service, must I go on... Hey the Movie was good...

Todd M.

We just finished watching Avengers Endgame in the #9 screening room. It looked like I was trying to watch a copy of it online that someone shot with a camcorder. Albeit, a nice camcorder, but still, it was the worst looking showing that I have ever seen in a theater since I had watched Dredd at the same place in 2012. We usually watch our movies at The Movie Tavern on Juban. I think that we'll keep that trend going from now on.

gabrielle turner

My mom, and my aunt and i went to see little it was ok. The seats were great what keeps me from giving 5 stars is the prices we spent almost $30 on just 2 sodas, a frozen strawberry lemonade and a bucket of popcorn with butter

Yehia Elbana

Amazing place to watch movies but expensive food and drinks

Antonio Márquez

Great concept, have come a few times.. But the service this time was just terrible.. Extremely slow, rude and the food was just ok.. Really expensive for what it was..

Linda Davis

I like it because you can order a meal instead of a snack while watching your favorite movie. The seats are comfortable made something like your living room chair.

Dwana Harrison

It was action packed and full of surprises.

Kay Ellzey

Great movie...need less distractions.

One hyper1

Ordered nachos with chicken and no beans because of allergy to them. They were served with beans. Returned it and the nachos were replaced but the chicken and cheese were cold. I returned the nachos again and told them to just remove it from our bill. It's been over a year since I've been here because of problems with food orders. I don't think I'll return any time soon.

Alex Kolb

Wow! What a terrible experience. It started with the bathrooms. They didn't have any toilet paper in any stalls. They had instead placed napkins in each stall - not friendly and will also destroy the plumbing. I ordered popcorn and mu fiance got the buffalo chicken wrap. I got my popcorn at the start of the movie. Throughout the movie, food slowly trickled in even towards the end of the movie. The waitress brought us our check and we told her that we never got the entree. The waitress told us that it was in the kitchen and asked if we still wanted it - we told her yes. I assumed she was lying and they were just going to remake the dish. I was wrong. It had been sitting for likely the entirety of a two hour movie. She was kind enough to bring a box incase we wanted to take it home since the movie was ending. Never again.

Storm Johnson

I love this theater reason being is because i can sit back in a nice cosy and comfy recliner , oder some food and also my favorite drink . I wouldve given them a five star but my pizza was burnt. Good but burnt.

Pavan Kumar M.H.S

Spacious theaters, good audio and video, recliner seats, good maintenance, and as a bonus - service to the seats (with a smile). What else a moviegoer asks for?? I went here for 4 times and had nothing really to complain about. This place is definitely worth for the regular movies. But I doubt about the highly visual effects packed stuff, as I haven't found bigger screens here.

ray mercado

No ice! No tip. Just wanted a cup of ice with my meal and they refused to give just a cup of ice. Where is it against policy to get just a cup of ice. This will reflect on the servers tip. Never will I come here again. I go to the other location where I was treated well and given what I wanted.

Hope Hollingsworth

Caleb went above and beyond to get us our wine and popcorn!

Erica Davis

First few times of going to this location was nice but then it stopped. Not sure if they have new management or not but now the food is gross and yesterday I took my son to see angry birds but discovered maggots. All I was given was free popcorn and a drink! The movie sucked and so did our experience

Eleisha Carlson

Not a terrible experience, but also not the best experience. Seats are comfortable, but there was a wait to get into the theater, and the movie had already started by the time our orders were taken. Quite distracting. To each their own though. I can see how this place could be beneficial to someone who does not want to do dinner and a movie separately.

Cristy Lango

Went there for the first time. It was nice! Our waiter was super nice. The cheese pizza we order wasn’t the best. The combo platter was quite yummy. Had an amazing time, loved the recliner chair...

Ernest Rufus

The food was good. The restrooms needed a lot of attention. The equipment broke often and the floor was flooded with toilet water. The toilets rocked and the seat shifted when you sat on the them. I had to prompt the staff to clean the theater so we could go in. There were about 10 people just standing around the talking while we waited 25 minutes for someone to clean up.

Dorothy Barrow

Went to watch a movie and was sent/seated in the wrong theater. By the time it was figured out, my movie had already started 30 mins before. Times/prices were wrong on the board. It not only happened to me but a few other people as well. Very disappointing

Brii Ross

Just left again this is The second time that I’ve been and have been the worse experience ever have order food and drinks was forced to pay up front and movie ended and still no food terrible service terrible experience no staff ruined my day a waste of time and money 2 hours of my life wasted I’m upset. I am appalled.

Shaneil Carter

I give Movie Tavern 2 stars because I never recieve my change from the waiter

Rhonda Shores Shores

I really enjoy the fast service, when ordering food and drinks at Movie Tavern, great atmosphere.Reclining Chair, great movie, who could ask for more, excellent experience.

Ronnie Jackson

It was a very nice place

James bATMAN

O stars, very poor experience. Movie was good, our sever was good. Never got my food and got double charged for drinks.

Jake From State-Farm

It really a good place. Watch movies in a clean theater sounds like a good deal. Wait for servers is usually quick. The food may or may not take too long. The fried foods may not be drained properly. Otherwise, it's a good place to bring friends and family.

Vickie Smith

I'm guessing that Sunday is the best evening to go. It only had a few people in the movie we saw. The service was fast and good. The best vanilla shake I've had in a very long time. The only problem I had was the room wasn't ready when we first arrived.

Solid Snake

This is by far the best theater in BR. You can lay back in comfort watch your movie and order food/drinks right from your seat. Especially convenient for when you bring your kids or significant other.

Tony Buchanan

Me and my wife always have a good time

Christopher O'Brien

If I could rate this location 0 stars, then I would. Waited for an hour for a server to take my order after activating my call button before I gave up on eating or drinking during my movie. I know there were only 10 people in my theater, but you could have spared a single server for theater 9. A few other people left and came back 30 minutes later with food and drinks, so I'm assuming they ordered at the bar. I didn't want to miss the movie I've waited a whole year to see to do so. I will never come back to this location. I should have gone to the Juban Movie Tavern instead. At least there someone takes my bloody order.

Cheyenne Cavazos

Dirty theater, food left on the tables, took 45 minutes to order and over an hour for cheese sticks. Absolutely do not waste your time.

Barbara Sheppard

They show most current movies and it is kept clean!!

Tarsha Station

I really enjoyed myself watching Madea'slast movie also the service was excellent when ordering our food

Charles Malveaux

Overall this is a nice movie theater. The movie watching experience is excellent with good seating and lots of space. The food is a little pricey, but overall the service is good.

amanda carboni

Alot closer from the house. The seats are so comfortable you can order food and drinks while watching a movie. It's just a wonderful place to go. Just make sure you bring your pocket book it can get expensive


Great around sound and the seats were so comfortable❤❤

Dria Gay

Terrible food. I found what I think was styrofoam in the Bacon Mac and cheese. The beer tastes like it had popcorn butter in it. Served the wrong drinks, twice. The seats are nice and it was clean. I so t recommend eating a meal there. Maybe snack food would be better.

Tonya Weatherspoon

I've been here 4 times in the past 2 months and the movies are not very loud. I went to see US and Madea. On both movies I could here people very clear talking over the movie or if we started laughing. You could not hear anything bc the movie was low.

John Castille

Always too warm in theater and never had good service

Tommy Jones

Don’t come to this place hungry. We ordered a platter, and an appetizer. It took 1:08 minutes to get to us. When we received our food, the hamburger buns were hard ( from staying under a light for so long) the wings were cold ( yes cold) and the cheese on the fries we ice cold ( yes, Ice). The movie theatre was not packed nor was our movie packed. It was in the middle of the day. This is the fourth time I have given this particular movie tavern a chance and each time it has failed.


Love Tuesday Free popcorn. Rewards

Michelle .

For the last 2 times I went they gave my popcorn late. The last time I went they completely forgot about my popcorn and I had to remind them 3 times. I didn’t receive it until over an hour into the movie so we didn’t finish it. Should’ve just asked for a refund. They didn’t even apologize. Shittier service than you’d expect.

Jamyra Watson

Maggots falling out of the walls in dark theaters where families have to eat!!!!

Mary Johnson

I was given passes because the movie theater took too long to bring us out our food the 1st time we visited so they sent us some passes. We received the passes last month so today we chose to use them, and wanted to see Bumble Bee and when we got there we were told bec the movie had not been out more than 10 days we could not see it. What sense did it make to give the passes if you wont allow us to see the movie we want to see. Movie Tavern is a bust. This will be my last visit.

Jim Barron

The food is good and the service was very friendly.

Chiffon Davis

Awful experience. We order our food at 11 and didn't receive our drinks until 12:30 never received our food at all. Manager claim they ran out of everything we ordered

Daniel Marjoncu

I love being able to have good food and drinks while watching a movie! It's a great atmosphere and environment!

Jared Boudreaux

Let me preface this review by saying that the serving staff was very nice and the girl who took care of us, Kristy I believe, was delightful. Unfortunately, that's where my praise for this theater ends. At the start time of the film, the projector appeared to not be working. The audience was left in the theater for 45 minutes before a manager finally showed up and directed everyone to a different room. But of course the theater we were sent to hadn't even been cleaned yet. So everyone was left sitting in the hallway holding their food and drink for another 10 minutes while the new theater was cleaned. And all of this happened with barely an apology from the manager. I am not coming back here. I overheard from some of the staff that the theater experiences several technical difficulties. Between that and management that could care less about their customers, I'll take my business elsewhere.

LYNETTE Williams

Movie Tavern has recliner seating and they serve you food and Adult Beverages

Alicia Royal

The service was very slow but I did enjoy my movie.

Mark Fernberg

Comfortable seats, great service

Jacqueline Grinner

It was wonderful. Movie theater was clean and the free popcorn was fresh. Great time.

Paul Lee

The food is good and the theaters are nice. Definitely my favorite theater in Baton Rouge.

Tabatha Wolfe

Love going here to watch movies in the recliners with my hubby


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