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Where is Galveston PREMIERE 11 West Beach?

REVIEWS OF Galveston PREMIERE 11 West Beach IN Louisiana

Melina Martinez

Very friendly and that is everything.

Lace Smith

I love this was clean, not crowded and the movie started on time. No noise and the seats were comfortable.

James Dean


Vanessa Shanahan

Kinda dated movie theater, but it has all the movies I'm interested in and they have jalapenos for my popcorn.

HeightBear Scentsy

Staff was great. Building in need of attention.

saniyah &marcus

The food and anything else there is really high

Leslie W.

Visiting Galveston and decided to catch a late movie. Googled movie Theaters and found this one. Read the reviews and was apprehensive. Where we live we have one of the finest Theaters around. So we are spoiled. Don’t ever trust reviews. From the time we arrived until the time we left it was a wonderful experience. Everyone was friendly and accommodating. Prices were reasonable. We did have to wait for a few minutes for the Theater to be prepped, but the Lady taking tickets was very cordial and engaged us in conversation. The Theater was clean, the projection and sound system were very nice. I’d recommend this establish to anyone wanting to see a movie.

David Borden

This is a great theatre. It's old but the seats are big and comfy with lots of leg room and the ticket prices are very reasonable. Food and drink are high but it's a movie theatre. It's to be expected. The customer service is also great.

Bubbles 329

It's nice for a small theater. I'll definitely be coming here to watch movies. The concessions are still grossly overpriced though.

Country Pumpkins

The seats were comfortable and the screen was great but the sound system couldn't handle the louder crashes and booms in the movie. They started to squeal and rattle a bit. Other than that, great viewing of Aquaman.

l Death Wlsh l Gaming

Pretty good theatre although the seats aren't super comfy

DaBear Gospel Spoken Word Artist

Great movies and food for a decent price


Love this movie place. Always 1st run movies at great prices!

david kaminski

Reasonable ticket prices. Nice place.

Linda Tavano

Got very warm in the theatre

Kathy Majeski

Clean and not crowded.

Donna Hessler

This is a very well kept theatre. Always extremely clean. I like when they show faith based films like, "I Can Only Imagine"

Cassidy Villano

Good price for a matinee and popcorn!

tatuaggio spesso

Clean, seats were ok, service at concessions was very very slow

Tammy Spracklen

It was a nice theater.. It was very clean. My only complaint is allowing people to come into the movie late. Will definitely be back.

Melody Andrews

Enjoyed the movies!

Shahram Tabibzadegan

I love this movie theater. They have the best notches. After watching a movie there, I often walk across the street to Jimmy's Pier and enjoy an evening listenning to the waives of the beach.

Lana Romaniuk

Avarage movie theater. Comfy enough and close to our house

Alison winkelmann

I think they're overpriced because the place really needs to be redone their concessions are overpriced and their tickets but I mean you can see the movie just fine but they don't have cup holders

matthew oluwasanya

Cheap,but great theatre


It was okay the place has been there for years I need to do a face lift on it and clean up the outside and the inside for sure but I mean you know what to expect for a movie theater that's been on the island 10 plus years and so yeah I mean it's decent it's not one of the best ones I've been to but that's not one of the worst ones either I mean you know the ticket seem reasonable price before 6 p.m. so go for matinee price I mean that's a lot cheaper than paying full price after 6 and then yeah I mean you know at any movie theater they're going to gouge you prices on the snacks and popcorn and all that so try to get on a Rewards program if they have one Honda that way you don't get you know two gals and when you do at least you get something in return

Mary Clark

Matinee prices are worth the visit. Go. Sit in the air conditioning and enjoy a movie.

Regina Robinson

Movies are cleaned, prices reasonable. Don't forget your Senior Citizen Discount.

Zoe Rush

A very nice movie theater. Their chairs are a little hard. They also have arcade games to play.

Cindy Smith

Very clean, comfortable seating, free popcorn and drink refills

Gerson Morataya

Really run down! Staff was nice, seating needs updating and a bit more cleaning. If nothing is done it will close soon or we will just travel further to a decent theater!

Terry Swain

Nice clean theater. Great prices

Michael Hegefeld

We had lots of fun. The people were so very kind and helpful.

Douglas Wamer

Best theatre I have been at on the Island. Thank you!

David Moake-Hamrick

Horrible theatre. Was able to find one single stall restroom. It was hot and the picture was terrible.

Bob Munzer

Nice family place. Clean and comfortable.

Clifford Lane

It was warm inside, the air was sort of muggy, I could hear bass sound bouncing off the walls from the movie next door and their was a rip in my seat.

Deborah Gray

Good selection of films. Good popcorn with free refill, clean restrooms. Seats are kinda outdated but I'm spoiled with reclining movie chairs!

Michael Gray

A little dingy, but good enough

Drunkmunky big l

It's looks ran down chairs uncomfortable the screen is smaller than usual it reminds of the dollar theaters well dollar fifty now really needs to be updated but it does its job shows movies while offering you popcorn


Amazing service

Jenny Reo

Nice theater across from beach. Small game room.

john allard

Great beach town theater. Perfect place to get out of the sun or rain. Clean with a good selection of movies.

Susan Hughes

Get there early! The line is loooonng!

Fred Watson

Nice seating, refreshments are expensive??!! Also could use some other foods like hamburgers & footlong hot dogs!?

Avery Walton

Good movies but the ladies who work there have attitudes like another day at work

Courtney Worthington

Been going since I was a kid. I love this theater

Pedro Rivas

It was hot AF in that movie theatre... Need some AC repair quick!

William Mendoza

Lovely place to enjoy out with friends and family.

Christina M

Great theater right by my house. Never have to wait in a long line. Always have a good movie selection. Its only 5minutes away from me!

Yuri Woods

Little ratty. But not bad

grace adams

cutest theatre right on the coast!

Kyle Brown

Great seating and clean floors!

Christina Bostick

Could use some Major upgrades to fit the island would be alot better even maybe dine in while movie, even if it was 3d , it needs a major upgrade but it is nice but seems outdated

Linda Bergeron


Chris Knapp

Great place to watch the magic of the movies.

Juanita A. Stauty

I really enjoyed the customer service and the movie "Shaft."

Holven Eide

Smaller town cinema that doesn't have all the bells and whistles some theaters do. What it does have is great prices, clean surroundings, and a good snack bar. Great local theater.

Chris Ferguson

Unfortunately there was no ramp for my young daughters stroller and the only wheelchair seating for me to park her was at the top of the stairs so she could not see which I had to leave on top of the fact they had the arcade room completely blocked off at 3pm on a Tuesday afternoon which is crazy the staff can clean the arcade area every night it shouldn't ever be closed off to customers sweep mop take out the trash done it's very disappointing when someone drives from far away to enjoy themselves and your employees dont want to deal with tourists obviously

Jaylinn Chavez

They have good service

Serena Dossou

Okay for a simple night out but the entrance is a bit hidden and narrow if you are driving from the seawall boulevard. The crew is polite

Keith Scott

This isn't a "fancy" theater and it doesn't boast state of the art equipment. In other words, don't come here to watch Avatar 2 in 3D, etc. However, it's relatively clean, it's convenient, the clientele is fine, and best of all it is almost never crowded. Aside from a few occasions where they've cropped the edges of the movie (which really bugs me, but your mileage may vary), they're fine.

auri tineo

Nice theater

SprayGun .

Best time of year to go is the winter.

Don LeBlanc

Nice quaint older theater. Great audio!

Trena Antoine

This was my go to on my break to catch an 11:30 a.m. movie so I could actually watch movies in peace and a less crowd. I have no idea why this place stopped showing early movies but it is a bummer. Very disappointing.

Chris Galvan

I haven't been here in 15yrs and it might not have all the bells and whistles as the larger theaters, but it's very clean and well taken care of. Staff was friendly and ya cant beat the prices.

Marina Paulson

Was a movie theater, where you watch movies. lol they could use some seating for when you are waiting for your movie. And most of the movies in the arcade area was either off or out of order. But the employees were nice and had smiles on their faces the whole time.

Cass Dee

Drove the kids down to Galveston for their prom at Moody Gardens. Traffic wasnt as bad as I'd thought it be for being a Saturday night, prom and Mother's Day weekend. I just killed time at a. Taco Bell and then watched a movie. The Taco Bell was filthy and took 25 minutes to make my order though they were telling everyone there was a 15 minute wait. I watched a movie at the Premier Cinema, which was a nice and well maintained older theater. Overall, a decent evening.

PK Rebel

It ain't anything out of the norm. Just your average theatre. Prices are what you would expect to pay. Maybe even cheaper. Seats are par. Popcorn is average day to day.

Amy Mars

Great place to see a movie. Older theater, nothing fancy

Emily Stephenson

Great way to hide from the storms while visiting the beach!


Ive been there twice its not bad

Martha Arevalo

We are here on vacation , great little theater, staff very friendly.

Andrew Roskelley

Cheap prices, traditional seats and a clean theater make for a solid average experience. Speakers left something to be desired in theater 1 with the rattling and occasional pop.

Kim Cavarretta

Good seats always available. Friendly crew. Good choice of snack foods.

David McCray

Very clean and nice staff.

Big Boy Brawler

Small movie theater but till has the movies that you want to see

Richard Knight

Incredibly friendly staff and decent ticket prices, but the screen size is abysmal. As someone who is a huge believer in the theatrical experience, it is hard to justify seeing a movie in theaters when the screen is approximately the same relative size as a TV screen from where you have to sit to be comfortable. I'll probably return to the theater as it's the only one on the island, but for movies that need to be seen "on the big screen" (like Star Wars or Avengers), I'll drive the 45 minutes it takes to get to an AMC.

Judy Kunz

This place stinks. Never enough people working. The lines today were very long and not enough workers. Today the movie had no picture, just volume. They had to fix it several times.

Ralph Tristan

Great movies

Monica Whinery

Ticket prices were was good

Aric Torres

During the week they only have one register and it take some time to buy tickets and snacks; but overall a nice place to watch movies

Ginger Mathers

Outdated. Skeleton crew. Obviously they don't like working there.

Carol and Gifford Chaney

Volume is always a bit too high

Desiree Keeling

Good arcade area and good movies but popcorn and meal deals are to high

Mark Hurley

Just lost our business. The new 7pm+ showtimes may pander to tourists, but it means locals can't get off work, grab a quick bite to eat, see a show, and still get home early enough for work the next day. Off island theatres, here we come.


Wonderful memories here. Good little theater. Clean and cozy


Safe and family friendly owned movie establishment. I love taking my grandson here. The staff is starting to feel like staff.

Paul Carter

Seats could be better, but are comfortable, staff are friendly.

veronica Doherty

Great location!

Steph Flo

The bathrooms were not too clean and the sound seemed kind of like there was a blown speaker

Justin Barnes

They had a few glitches getting the movie going but it was a nice theatre overall. Plenty of concessions and rooms with more than adequate seating.

Zoey Trahern

To start it off the movie started late, the entire movie the sound from the theater next door was extremly loud almost as if there wasnt a wall. Cost to much for such poor quality.

Mike Cox


Reginald Douglas

It has that 90's vibe. That's a good thing. No reclining chairs or buttons to order food in your seat; but the seats are comfortable, the popcorn taste good, and the staff is friendly. We saw Annabelle Creation and the sound system did not disappoint. I will return.

Keila Loredo

Always come here with my family!

justin bailey

Arcade was the worst! 4 games barely worked.


Theatre is OK, but I wish it were on the eastern end of Galveston. Ten miles is too far to drive just to see a movie.

Larry Matteson

Overall the theater is fine, it's the property that is a disaster area. I am a customer of the storage behind the movies, this is the picture from that side, as I was accessing my unit. The trash is just disgraceful and disgusting, and the thing is, I see this every time I come here, it never changes. Your Owner needs to see this mess on a daily basis, but I doubt anything will change.

Stewart Jackson

I LOVE this theater. It's not very fancy, it's not super nice, but to me it just feels great. I love to go in the afternoons on a weekday, tickets are only 6 bucks and often my wife are the only ones watching the movie

Kevin D

Small town style megaplex. You can expect no frills. The parking spaces are small. Bathroom stalls are small. Urinals have no dividers and you can expect to rub shoulders with the guy next to you. The theaters have a simulated stadium seating. They staff was friendly and kindly mentioned to watch the steps in the theater. Boy, was she right! The steps are spaced irregularly and make you have an unusual gait. Despite all this, it's a nice, clean establishment.

Brandon Davis

It was cool just need bigger seats and leg space but overall had a good time

Karen Martin

Hustlers was a very good movie!

Queenie sendejas

Clean and attentive staff. Seats are comfy and popcorn is fresh.

Bryan Croft

While their price is reasonable for the quality of both the audio, visuals, and seats, sound from other movies easily bleeds into other theaters (seeing A Star is Born next to Ralph Breaks the Internet definitely threw off some of the more emotional moments). On busy nights, expect relatively long lines.

Paul Moore

Great prices. Well maintained classic theater. Great alternative when weather is not like you planned.

Shana Peacock

On a rainy day why not go to the movie. Its right down the Seawall and never to busy. Popcorn is fresh, drinks are cold and the chairs are older but not to bad to sit back, relax, enjoy the indoors


This is a great small theatre. You don't have seating assignments unlike some larger ones, and the service is exceptional. Highly recommend.

Aurora Hickman-Pitts

Movie stopped in the middle of watching

Lance Anaya

This is a great place higher in price but very clean and very friendly staff wish seats where newer

,Kamal Brown

Small very. You can hear other movies playing in your theater

Derek Bozeman

Nice theaters and concessions are cheaper than anywhere I've been before

Oliver Vernon

Great managment, movie theaters are kept clean.

Michael Mendoza

Screen size can be updated. Other than that great place on the island to fully emerge in the movie experience.

Richard Velasco

Current movies at extortive prices. Bring your own food & save.

Traci Holman

I'll (tentatively) confess, it was overwhelming, & far from how I remember the theatre being (& how it should remain...). Nevertheless, it's layout & modern luxuries were convenient & 'abundant' (though the assigned seating hugely confused me, in that I was (too) late, & couldn't see the numbers & letters/ I got lost). It was an interesting, (very) comfortable, & exciting experience (for the small minded, such as I). I may return..

Brent Thompson

its okay. sometimes don't hold movies long enough. EXPENSIVE concession stand. not a luxury theatre, but adequate for Galveston l suppose. someone said it needed updating and cleaning. l agree . when you concentrate on the concession stand and arcade then the product (movies) lose out.

roberto flores

They don’t have a sitting area in their lobby and complaint Because I sat down on the floor while I waited for my movie to ready

Joel Ivan Rivera

Staff is always friendly. This will take you back to the 90s. Not in a bad way. Soda, nachos, popcorn, candy. No restaurant or other prepared foods or adult drinks as seen at Studio Movie Grill or StarCinema Grill. The only reason I don’t give it 5 stars is that at times even with the doors closed, the sound from other movies can be heard. If you use Fandango to buy tickets you will still have to stop and get a “real” paper ticket. Sadly, there is zero benefit or incentive to buy through an app.

Michael Friedline

Great. Cleanest i have seen it! Noticed they have new projectors. Seemed like only 4 people here working though...

familyoffoxes .

We arrived early, got tickets, then had to wait in a second line for 20minites to get into the theatre because they had to clean it. When we finally got into the theatre late, they wanted to check tickets again. The theatre smelled horrible and wet floor signs were blocking most of the aisles. Super annoying.

Aaron Rich

Picture quality was terrible, not sure if the projector just needed to be refocused or not. Sound system was par at best. For that price I would have expected stadium style seating. Staff was great and theater was clean.

Doug Miller

Kind of an older movie theater. We had to sit in the top right seats because there was some old lady that coughed her butt off before the movie started so we had to move from a great seat. The sound was not very good because we were stuck in the back right corner.

william weinert

Good theater if u r going to stay on the island.

chevella laye

It was cool...

stephen hodges

This place is great. Relatively cheaper pricing and snacks than movies in Houston. It is a bit dated, but in good maintenance and always clean when I go.

Marshall Lover29

It was quite a good theater. Theater rooms are a bit small then alot and from where we were seeing our movie the restroom is quite a ways off but good.

margaret waites

The movie was great but that is not what you want to know. The theater was clean everyone was very pleasant. The price was good.

Alexander Norton

Clean, friendly employees, usually not too crowded, good overall viewing experience.

Sprinkle 47

As it's the only movie theater on the island it makes for a great spot to escape the beach for a few hours. However it needs a seating upgrade. Lose a few rows and add leather reclining seats.

Jennifer Vasquez

Love this place,out of the way, never long lines...

Randy Roy

I didn't it was great

Robert Chambers

Rambo Last Blood was good

Leighton Luckey

Terrible experience. Children taking the whole time and staff did nothing. There were vertical lines in the screen and the left side speaker was blown out so every time loud music would play it was blare static. Staff again just said they would let management know but that there was nothing to do for the movie we were watching. Do not recommend.

John Savala

Clean but old

Juan Figueroa

Goog popcorn,, but lousy seats.

Andy McCraw

Please replace or reupholster the seats. The seats are dirty, stained and smelly.

Michael Williams Jr

It's a good location to have a movie theater in galveston. It's not that crowded on regular days so it's a good place to watch movies and don't have to worry about it being over capacity. Today I went to see the MEG movie with my home girl and there was just us, a old couple and a few other people so it wasn't the bad except the movie was suppose to start at 6:30 pm but it didn't start till around 6:45pm. It was like I was at home watching commercials on tv.

Phyllis Smith

We love this place! We all just got our MOVIEPASSes so now we get to visit EVERYDAY

Kermin Richardson

Nice theater, a lil old school

Buangit Buangit

small and dated movie theatre. i guess it will do for Galveston

Traci Vaughn

Not the cleanest theater but overall good place to see a movie.

Laurel Hare

Prepare to stand in line forever to get tickets, ever if you prepay online.

Alexander Eliassen09122002

I am 16 I was going to watch hunted killer but they would not let me in without a id

K Mack

Nice place to catch a movie.

Joseph Guinn

Just need to upgrade the seating but overall not bad. With the carpet seats they can easily be stained and hold liquid. But leather seats are better

Dotty Dean

Meh, there are better theater experiences, but this one is ok for a little resort town.

Murphy Tist

Older small theater. The seats should be replaced but the sound quality in theather 5 was great. Overall enjoyed watching the movie

Linda M Cruz

Awesome place..always something to do. Very pleased with cleanliness, wide roads..LOVE GALVESTON ISLAND!!

Dahlia Ayala

Great place..great ticket price..nice people

Glenda Andrews

Enjoyed the movie

Harrison E

Pretty good movie theater, it's got pretty good prices as well

Elisa Vazquez Roper

been around awhile so Needs an update. Y’all would make some bank if you copied the Sundance/Star Cinema/Alamo Drafthouse concept. It’s the only theater around so there’s a monopoly but the place is clean, popcorn fresh and movies newest features. Theaters are small but that’s ok. By the way the speakers in #5 are blown!!!

Robin Edwards

Usually forced to go there,being the only theater in Galveston.

Anne Hutchison

This is a really nice small town theater. Great prices for shows and their plastic to-go cups for drinks and popcorn are great. For a whole year you can use it to get refills for $2.50 each. We always go when it's not busy and get really good seats. Don't pass this theater up.

David madsen

Theater was very uncomfortable, especially the temperature it was terribly cold.

Sea Horse

Wanted $43.00 for 2 adults and 2 children to watch 3D secret life of pets2


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