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220 Blanchard St, West Monroe, LA 71291, United States

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REVIEWS OF Cinemark Tinseltown 17 IN Louisiana

donald cruse

Great place

Dean Peraza

Have to go here if u have kids amazing for family night

Reginald Tucker

Best theater in tri state area

Wesley Johns

Nice and clean theater. The screens are better than most in the area. Only complaint is that not all of the arm rests in the theaters raise up.

Tressy Smith

Awesome and kid friendly

EJ Washington

It the greatest place I ever seen

Tonia E.

Excellent theater. The seating is stadium seating, the projectors are clear, the AC is cold, and there is an arcade. It offers some really good games I wish there were more of a selection but it's really fun for what they have. They have a vending machine that gives reloadable gift cards cards for the games. It's free to load the cards and the cards are free. At first glance you would think you have to load at least 10 dollars but if you look at the end of the list there's an option to load any amount. I got each of my kids a dollar card so we could play one game before the show started. We had a blast and ended up back in the arcade after the movie.

Charles Blevins

Current movies at a fair price

Jayla Jones


Jonathan Smith

Clean and comfortable.

Glen Howland

Great place to go to the movies. Clean theaters and restrooms. I recommend Tinseltown. Senior discounts & matinee prices help.

Justice_w6 .

Compared to similar theatres, the prices are great. They freaquently update the quality with better seat and other smaller details like nicer decor.


All the workers are extremely nice, it was a very clean theatre and the new seats are awesome. This really isn't Tinseltowns fault, more of the culture of people we live with, but they have got to institute some consequences for people that come into theatres and talk the whole time or stay on their phones. I have seen where other theatres kick people out, perhaps Tinseltown could consider doing the same.

Nicholas Aucoin

Went to see Ready Player One. Seats looked new and we're very comfortable. Service was good and employees were very friendly and helpful.

Todd Shell

Decent but nothing special. Cleaning was quite lacking in the theater and the bathroom.

Jake Bratton

Easy in and out. Snack lines a little long. Chairs and cleanliness wonderful.

Ux Obi

Nice theater!

Walter Allbritton

No complaints. Dud appreciate the leather chairs instead of cloth (better for hygiene). Bathrooms could use a little updating but they were clean. Workers were very kind and pleasent.

Andre R Howell

I went to Tony Evans' No More Excuses, I enjoyed the movie but the theater is smaller than the last time that I went over there.

Sarah Coody

They have made several improvements since my last visit. The seating is comfortable

Justin Smith

Little blurry in 3d movie

Karen Beach

Good seats. Not crowded. Got tickets easily. It is very dark for someone who has problems climbing stairs.

Paul McGee

Great local theater! Everything seems to be really clean and modern. This is our go-to theater for every new movie and it hasn't disappointed.

Talayisha Thornton

Great movie quality good food

Capton America

Had an enjoyable time. Movie was good.

Cherri Taylor

Snacks are too expensive. It had an odor.

Katie Trichell

They are clean and provide a good atmosphere. The popcorn is always fresh and delicious.

Jake Herrington

Always a fun place. Their stadium seating makes the whole cinematic experience worth the price.

James Cobb

Best movie theater in west monroe.

Mark Noland

great movie

Ronny Freeland

Very comfortable Foods very high though

Francis Yarborough

Nice clean comfortable seats friendly staff I recommend going to see a movie here


Always a wonderful place to go. Staff are very friendly and it is always very clean. Only issue are the prices at the concessions. Most everything in there is high priced so I always get basics to try and save a bit of money

Dawn Whitley

I will never go back.

Tyeisha Jones

It should not be allowed for babies to be in an adult movie,. Couldn't enjoy the movie set right behind me

April Cole

Nice, big theater. I loved the comfortable seats and layout of the theater.

Latorya Gray

A very nice place. I went to see Glass, a great crowd of decent respectable people an environment that's hard to come across these days , i love discount Tuesdays.

Deb Roberson

Nice and clean place to go

Leigh Dean

Very friendly staff, and clean environment. Wasn't over crowded or loud. Watched Escape Room for the 7:30 pm showing in auditorium 13.

Brandon Mosley

Saw IT 2!! Was freaking awesome

Cara Seymour

Great theater to bring the kids to. I however do not like the new game room. My kids came with quarters in hard and left crying because they couldn't play a game unless we bought a card to use on the game machines. And the concession, my lord with 4 kids you need to remortgage the house just to get them all a popcorn and drink.

Jayda Harris

This place is absolutely amazing. This has to be one of my favorite movie theaters yet.

Jessica Langenberg

Went to see the new Strangers movie. The theater was lovely; however, I wish there was someone to assist with quieting down roudy people. I was unable to hear bits of the film due to the loud outbursts of other patrons.

ed ryan

Had a smallish party for my daughter

Jack Stillblud

Nice place, seating isn't the most comfortable but still a good place to see a movie!

Tony Street

Love this place to go watch movies.

Tiphanie Robinson

Food was hot.... There was a wait time but that was ok...great atmosphere

Pati Gulat

Had a good time...nice theater with comfortable chairs

James Blount

Saw 1050 Dark Phoenix. First or second time in theater by myself.

Clint Copes

New leather seats. Stadium seating. Expect to wait in line at the concession. Overall experience was great.

Michael Hatten

We watched The Upside, which has been in theaters for a while. Had the entire screen to me and my friend. Clean theater, great sound system. A little pricey, and the seats are starting to show some wear on the headrests but it was a good time overall.

Devin Brown

Excellent service! Very clean!

Alucard Dismuke

Went to see Dragon ball super:Broly and the escape room. Both where exciting! Staff was great popcorn was fresh! No complaints here

Byron Brazil

Best place to see all the lastest movies and it's clean

Hoodie Ace

I just love the experience of being at an amazing movie theater

Veronica Jacobs

This theater is always nice to enjoy a movie

Robert French

Watched a movie. Nice theaters here.

Debra Zirkle

Clean facility with nice spacious seating. There is an arcade to entertain before and after shows.

Debra Heath

Nice cinema. Always clean restrooms.clean theaters

Mike Russell

Best time to go is on a Tuesday - - - bargain day! Extremely comfortable seats.

Irene Lorentz

Overly priced- here for the holidays and shoot where I live we still have $2 Tuesdays and matinees on the Sunday. Its ridiculous how expensive it is here. Not too mention we have luxury seats. So give me a break. It ain't all that to pay that kind of money and sit in a regular seat. The selection of movies is about all they got going on.

Tionna Bethea

Hustlers is a must-see

Tay Holman

Good place to go

Kittie Knight

Always nice and clean good movie snack deals

Nathan Brown

It is still the place to see movies in the area.

maryjane7651 .

Concession is pretty high but the seating is really nice. They have leather seats and you can't beat the early bird ticket prices.

Kristy Jane

Clean movie theaters. Pricey concessions

Nathan Creppel

Love this place. Has great movies

Verna Moss

Movie Pass allows me to go to movies anytime I choose, even if I'm broke. Lol. I love Tinseltown, close location, clean seats, etc

Gabby Yelverton

It’s gotten a lot better here! Updated seats and self serve kiosks. Fun little gaming area.

Ronny Smith Sr

Good place to bring the family. Tuesday night is an excellent time to go for those who like to save money at the box office.

Joey Taylor

Very clean and for its age its very clean and being disabled its very accessable. Plenty leg room n comfortable seating

Jack Gustafson

Movie Unplanned is a must see.

Sue Britton

The Best of Enemies was a good true story movie

Lynn Penuell

Best theater around.

Mary Kirkland

We went to see Death of a Nation. Very good. Waiting for unbroken the redemption. September. And another good movie this fall. Have a hard time finding a decent movie these days

eddie caughlin

Foid is way to high and i see why some kids cant go because of the snack prices.

Yuliya Marchenko

Went to watch Deadpool 2. Sound didn't seam to be as loud as other places had to concentrate a lot on what they were saying in the movie because all of the noise around. Seats can definitely use some updating. Over all an ok experience.

Shay Smith

One of the security guards that I believe must work for the sheriffs dept is nothing but a bully that is extremely rude to the kids, I saw him twice act like a bully Friday night. It’s a bad situation when someone thinks that a badge gives them the right to act like he did. I know plenty of police officers that would be ashamed of him wearing that badge.

Sharon Greer

I always enjoy my movies here. Fresh popcorn every single time. Great place for a movie night. Would be cool if it was much bigger for recliner chairs. Lol

Madison Baugh

Good service and clean

Angela Bradley

The biggest theater I've ever been to. Saw a good movie. The place was pretty clean also.

Chief BoiRD

The movie experience was good. I'm bothered by the concession prices and services, it's criminal. $17 for a popcorn and drink I can almost accept, with it being a souvenir cup for my kid and all, but a $6 hot dog (no condiment, no cheese, no chili, no side)just meat and bread! Then another $6 for a soda, ridiculous. Eat before you go is all I'm saying and bring it, if you got it.

Sammy P

A good place to watch a movie. The only thing missing is the XD upgrade.

toye kallenbach


Princess TeeTee

Love this movie theater.

Look to Jesus Christ He is our Savior

Awesome arcade games and big screens

Rebecca Mixon

For an older theater, this one is well maintained and doesn't feel that way. It's nice, and we like it a lot.

chris Matthews

The volume in the movie wasnt as high as it normally is some things it was a little difficult to hear and the mens bath room was a mess no toilet paper no paper towels neglected there was workers all around I finely had to get a manager

Finalboss 84

Awesome experience.

Ahmad Rasul

Nice place with lots of parking.

Ethan Amos

Best theater in Monroe/West Monroe.

Austin Zahm

They had dragon ball super burly movie!!!

Amy Dean

Great place to find some entertainment!

Hannah Robertson

Comfortable seating and discount tickets on Tuesdays.

Edward Frazier

I really enjoyed watching a movie with my family tonight at Tinseltown the atmosphere there is wonderful!

Debbie Risch

Went at good time when the theater wasn't very full and was comfortable in the seating

Kathy DeLeon


Tony Bryant

This place will steal you blind. Tried to charge an additional $10. On the price of medium popcorn. From now on We will be bringing our own

John Hammond

I loved everything except needing to stand in line for popcorn refill while the movie is going

Todd Girod

My son and I went to see the new Thor movie, and it was unexpectedly hilarious. The storyline was great, however, I was surprised at how "light" they conveyed it given the Thor was battling the goddess of death. I suppose I was expecting something a little more "dark". We really enjoyed the film.

Josh Zuber

Always my go to theater in the region. Much cleaner than the other option. Always been able to get good seats, never overcrowded except for special showings. Good service, good part of town, never had a problem.

Chad Murry

Cleanest and best movie house in the area! Really appreciate every Tuesday matinee prices.

Sarah Alcala' Kelley

Always love going here

Asontae Pellerin

Prices for snacks&drinks are ENTIRELY TOO EXPENSIVE.

Leo Norwood

Very clean facility and facilities. Concession lines are always on the slow side. Prices are reasonable .

King Emil Wash

Love spending time with my family here. Though the concession prices remind me of the terminals at various Greyhounds. Other than that it is a cool getaway.

James Lasyone

Nice and clean with security but prices are too high

Eric Powell

Great Food

Neil M

I'm from out of town. The ticket for evening showing of Venom was $8+. I was worried at first as the crime rate in town is high (according to Google search) but the theater was clean and employees were friendly. Pretty empty theater but it was a Wednesday night.

Charmaine LeCompte

They have all the latest movies with plenty of parking. You can either stand in line to get your tickets or go right through the doors and go to the machine and buy them there. There's always plenty of staff to help you if you need it. The seats are very comfortable with plenty of room to relax and enjoy your movie.

Mary Christine Brown

The theater was clean and well maintained. I went early so it was a little cheaper.

MyLove Daily

Normally I love this place, but went to see a movie for my birthday and my friend pointed out that the lights are COVERED in spider webs and spiders. I'm terrified of how many I CAN'T see in a dark theater. Going back is a nope from me until this is resolved. No a fan of spiders.

Kaos K

Excellent as always. Great theater

Brad N

It is the nicest theatre in the area but still is dirty inside the actual theatre. Also the arcade always has out of order machines. Last it is almost double the price of the theatre in Monroe in the mall.

Brian Novak

Enjoyed the experience

Kathy Hutchinson

It’s okay , we’ve busted better theaters that are priced the same and have way better options both on the menu and seating etc. pop corn always taste stale and cold , and is always over priced. They do not offer enough snack options compared to other theaters. But this is the only option in town other than the Cinemark in the mall which I prefer to this one.

Murasa Akabara

Expensive but worth it if you have the money.

brandy sadler

Very nice place to see a movie.

Ronnie Marsh

Run the Race A Great Movie wonderful story

jane f

Very good place.

kim yesh

A good cinema. Comfortable seating, handicap accessible, birthday party room, and usually quite clean.

Cynthia Loftin

It's clean and has nice seating.

Dominque Waters

I would have done 5 stars but there was an incident.... where the manager was very snobby

Ruby Jones

Overall A pleasant clean environment and its a nice safe place to go watch a good movie.


Good experience... they could have more food options

Dalphine Taylor

Nice place to relax and watch a movie


Movie night with Billy gr8!

Steph Jackson

Better than most becuase of the pricing but still your basic theater. Workers there have always been pleasant!

Derek Kitchell

We didn't have to wait in line for tickets long and the theater was clean.

Anna Buras

Went to see a movie for date night. Price was high but that's how it goes these days. Clean all around. Able to sit anywhere and still see. Sound from speakers was not so loud that my ears were hurt. That is a problem I have with movie theater volume.

Mallory Schwarz

Nice movie theater, pretty standard. Nothing really wrong. Good service. Wasnt too busy.

Timothy Weathersby

Can't wait to go back.

Kevin L

Tinsletown has the nice stadium type seating. The movie selection is usually pretty good, current. The snack sales lines are SLOW. Overall the theater is nice.

Billie Jean Sturdivant

I prefer this theater because it's cleaner and the resolution is better.

Anthony Smoot

Imma large fellow need bigger chairs still enjoyed the movie . A lot of security there really felt safe

Johnathon Graham

Love it but needs more

jinxedcat .

I got popcorn, I watched movie, I left. Life is good.

Nicholas Robinson

Best ever

C H Turner

Always clean and a good experience.

Sam Blue

I always come here to watch movies. It's nice and always clean :)

Charles Adkins

Great place to go and watch a movie.

Jenny Jacoby

Clean and big! Popcorn needs salt imho. :)

tasha elaine NOTAVERAGE

Clean and cozy.

Curtis Dickey

Great place to watch movies

Raven Johnston

Great place to see movies

Mark Couch

Haven't been in awhile I enjoyed a day movie with my Love

brian smith


JoMeka Gray

Truly enjoyed my experience. Had a family gathering in LA for my princess's birthday here. The staff made sure to communicate with my arrangements out of town. Well worth the location change to West Monroe's Tinseltown. We love it!


Good place to go.

Stephanie B.

Great place to see movies, but the concessions are a tad pricey. It's always pretty clean when I visit, except the concessions counter are always disgusting. The young ladies working the concessions could clean up a bit after the customers when necessary. It's never fun when you place your hand, purse, arm, whatever on counter, and it's covered in soda, butter, popcorn, etc. Please do not become what the mall has become. I expect higher standards at Tinseltown. However, that being said, we do love going to Tinseltown. Saturday morning movies are a fun tradition in our family, and the matinee/Tuesday prices can't be beaten.

Benjamin Gross

Theaters are hit and miss when it comes to visual and audio quality. In the future, if a movie I want to see is playing on a certain screen I will ask what time it would be in a different theater, turn in my ticket and come back then. I'm not an A/V snob; some of the quality just really is that underwhelming, and if my TV at home looks and sounds better, why am I even here? Hope they upgrade the equipment soon.

Derek Gantt

I enjoyed my first visit here yesterday. The interior is clean and it is a pleasant place to see a movie. Will come back again. The matinee prices are pretty good, too, so it is a good part of its neighborhood.

Jennifer Price

Clean, comfortable setting. Staff are very polite, courteous, and helpful.

Kimberly Jiles

Great place

cherry rose Felicano

Really nice movie theater.. Every time I wanna watch new movie, this is my place to go. Movie Tuesday deal is really good, cheaper and it's weekdays so it's not really that crowded.

Jordan Alexander

Always a good experience when I go here (unless the movie is bad). It would be a great experience if they would lower the prices of concession and update the arcade. But all in all good movie experiences.

Thomas Nix

Excellent movie theater. 10 screens and clean family friendly atmosphere.


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