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REVIEWS OF Cinemark Beaumont 15 and XD IN Louisiana

Mark Lundee

Was very happy with the terms. Popcorn and drinks were very high. You would think they do not make money on the movie. Seating very comfortable and lots of room. Staffing no difference from one place to the other you have to beg for a smile. What's wrong with management these days.

Keith Rogers

Friendly staff, we had online tickets, and they were processed efficiently. The only downside was one of our party is hearing impaired and none of the closed captioning devices worked in the theatre we were in, but the managers were very apologetic, and comped the hearing impaired person two free passes for a future movie. Overall, a very good experience.

Clent Labauve

Always great since the remodel. Although the last time I went the seat did seem like it was not as comfortable as it has been. Hope it's not wearing out prematurely.

Jeremy West

Havent been in a while. Got to experience the recliners! Fantastic! Picture clarity was HD and sound was excellent. That was a MUST for sound when watching Bohemian Rhapsody! Best movie I've seen in a LONG TIME!

judah lion

I love going here quality HD sound plus they have remote luxary recliners.The popcorn is the best also sign up for their rewards program for discounts on snacks and movies

Frederik Leung Shun

Great seats, good parking, friendly staff

John Golden

People are loud here, seats are somewhat comfortable, and they have great leg room. Main complaint here is the noise level. I have never been able to enjoy a movie at this location. Someone is either on their cellphone, or talking loudly during quiet scenes.

Jonathan Helton

Love $5 Tuesdays!!! The concession employees are very slow at taking orders. Very rare to see a smiling face

Paul Dimitrov

Nice luxury lounges. Decent prices and fresh popcorn. Your seat is dedicated as soon as you purchase it. I think they serve tap domestic beer...

Trevor Johnston

Usually this place is spot on but today it was just plan dirty. There were bugs in the men's room, the urinals hadn't been flushed since I expect was the night before. There was still trash in the cup holders and this movie was at 9 am.

m thomas

Favorite place to watch a movie with friend and family... Reservations are easily made with the Cinemark app and seating is comfortable.

Mongolian Pete

Best theater in Beaumont. Cinemark rewards could be better and prices are always high.

Nicole Marler

The concession stand workers here are the slowest most unfriendly workers. They make literally no effort to be friendly or make the lines move faster. It should not take 5 mins to get someone 2 drinks. :(

Jennifer Yandell

Consession workers seemed like they did not want to be there. I do feel bad for them people go to the movies and leave their mess behind, then wonder why the movies are expensive.

Sandra Cresse

I don't know if I will ever be able to watch a movie again without sitting in a reclining seat.

Melvin Johnson

Watched "Aqua Man" love the chairs and how they reclined back. Great place and time.

Lisa Marie

Great service and fabulase seats

Miranda Gonzalez

Very clean and comfortable.

Eloisa Lopez

Favorite place to watch movies, always have a great time there!

Stacy Guidry

The staff is good and have to work hard to clean up after the filthy people who leave all their trash on the floor and at their seats when there is a trash can to throw the trash away when they leave the theater.

Barbara Baker

This is my family's choice for movie watching Wheel of the kick back feet up super comfortable lounge chairs big screen cup holders and enjoying a great movie

Dustin Johnson

Might be my favorite movie theater in Southeast Texas. Always clean, great service, and plenty of showings for every film on screen. Prices are what you'd expect of a modern movie theater but the clean updated environment make it all reasonable. Can't forget the Fathom Events screenings, which are usually a treat.

Jeff Smith

Great place to see a movie .

Katie Motte

Love this place. The family and I go very often. Great seating, clean restrooms, a little pricey on the food but it's worth it.

Kristopher Harrison

Love going here. We go at least 3 times a month. Restrooms need improvement, the men's restrooms always have an unbearable urine smell. Only complaint!

James Ackley

Awesome place to go. The assigned seats are awesome not only are they comfortable but it’s easy to pay online show up and ur seats are waiting. It’s nice cause if u get up to go get popcorn or use the restroom you don’t have to worry about loosing your seat.

Cates Corner

I liked this place before the remodel and now its even better. The picture is great and the seats are so comfortable.

Rebekah Villanueva

We had a great time. The recliners are sssssooooo comfy! Only issue was the line at concessions

favorite Richard

Comfortable. Local. Sh a to View

Brandy McKibbin

The bathrooms were disgusting.

Samantha Boglioli

Comfortable! It's the way you want to watch something. Reclining and relaxing! Fair pricing for everything. Definitely will be our go to movie theater in the area!

Allen Acord

Best movie theater in the area. Comfortable reclining chairs, clean and well kept facilities. Friendly staff.

Andrew DeGregory

Great comfort, service, and Sound.

gary mimms

Modern seating and auditoriums

Lisa Finn

Enjoy the reclining seats and the extra room....not cool when kids stand at wall behind you and cough though

Brenda Denson

Enjoyed the movie but the price we paid wasn't worth it......our car got broken into as well as many others.......wish there was security of some kind, cameras, or something. It's a shame that people can't go to the theater without crime happening.

Eric Davila

Ok food I guess, but it's sorta normal high prices. Seats are great, and they serve alcohol.

John H

Not bad, good job with popcorn refill while movie was playing. Line for snacks was stupid long but my refill was taken care of quickly. Course kinda wonder why one snack area isn't open? Beer was good and must've been better than I thought based on the price. But glad it's available. Over all not a bad visit.

Momma Wagley

I love the comfy seats and the movie was great but it was hot as heck. Please don't skimp on the air conditioning, it's too hot in Texas for that!

Amy Hunter

I was there for a private movie event with bingo and giveaways.the movie was good.we couldn't stay long as we was supposed to.too bad the manager of the cinemark didn't understand the she paid to be for that theather room for a certain amount of time.they should know that people do make arrangements with corporate office also . overall i still had a nice time.

Kim Jackson

Now have assigned seating will never go back because of this.

Nadine Mothershed

Awesome theater especially after their upgrades. Seats are great and love booking online with the choice of seats!

Gina Hedges

Movie was good the reclining chairs are the way to go.....had a great time with frienda

amkate14 .

Great experience. We brought the kiddos for a matinee so the theatre was pretty bare. We ordered popcorn and candy and drinks. And for the first time I had their pretzel bites with the nacho cheese you hate to love. It was delicious! Full disclosure I'll probably be ordering it the next time I go see a movie. The staff was helpful although the cashier that helped us with our snacks didn't seem like she wanted to be at work. Overall we enjoyed ourselves and to top it off Captain Marvel was very entertaining!

Anita Eaton

Best of Enemies!! Very good movie!


Great movie theater! I ordered my tickets online: fast transaction. I loved the leather seats which made me really comfy. So, I came here with my relative and we watched "Skyscraper." That movie is by far the best movie to see. I loved all of the action and admired the setting. Awesome staff at this amazing theater. Would recommend!!!! Thanks!!!!

Elizabeth Odegar

Smelled strongly of burnt popcorn when we arrived, but we couldn't smell it in our theater. Otherwise, very comfortable seating and yummy (yet expensive) snacks.

SulfurKING Gaming

I have been here a bunch of time I came here a long time ago back in 2009 or so and I can tell you this place is day and night from what it was to what it is now they have done some major upgrades to the theater and the overall experience here is a million times better than it was back in 09 I would've not felt comfortable taking my kids here back then but now I enjoy come here with my family.


Comfortable seaying, not a bad seat anywhere.

Jordan Savignano

I love It because the seats but they need to start cleaning it better before a movie

Shelby Ash

The concession stands are overpriced however, most movie theaters are. The alcohol served is most definitely not worth the price. Otherwise, clean and comfortable theater.

Janice Talbot

Great seats, foods too expensive but all right.

Gabrielle Womack

Excellent place except for ther rude girl serving us at the snack counter...

Katie Johnson

This is a fairly big theater with a little more movies to choose from. They have a nice game room and a great selection of food and drinks. Adult beverage or an icee, whatever your preference. You can even pick your own seating on their seating chart.

cyndispug .

Very nice seating and good views of the screen.

John Ross

Bathroom smelled like piss and no paper towels. Seats were comfotable though

Tina Sasser

Clean polite and prompt I was very pleased with everything except prices at concession stand were steep

Mina Nevils

Awesome service had an issue and the manager Chad fixed it!!!

Jessica Buteaux

I’ve been coming here for years and I will continue every chance I get to come back home! My husband and I enjoy coming for date nights, one of our favorite places!

will Chesson

Very comfortable reclining chairs almost fell asleep

Fralena McCrea

Wonderful experience each time I visit. I will always drive from Port Arthur to this movie theater. Always first choice. Reason I'm a Cinemark movie club member. Ten stars in my book.

Catherine Cox

Clean and nice! Great movie, overcome!

darkstarj13 .

love being able to reserve seats,

Joshua Rice

Great place to catch an awesome movie with friends.

Jeffrey Knighten

Employees were friendly and the popcorn was great ,the movie Aladdin was great

Revia Richard

The concession area is the crappiest place ever. when wanting to speak to a manager there wasn't one in the building. I think people deserve better service for the prices they pay for the items at the concession stand

Kenzie Townsend

Three guys in my row texted the whole length of the movie. Like, little girls. Maybe, they were texting each other? If this was a dollar movie theater I'd expect it. No one cares about your Instagram feed. No one cares about your emergency. Put your phone away. You're a grown man or at least that's what you pretend to be watching comic book movies.

Will Spector

Comfortable seats that you choose

Garret Jennings

The XD theaters are absolutely the best option in this area. Sound is fantastic and seats are very comfortable and leave plenty of space between people.

Emma G

Best seats. Good service. And it's always clean.

Ashley Guillory

Clean facility, comfortable seats. Great movie selections.

Frank Costanzo

Clean and comfortable place to enjoy a movie. Great prices.

Robert Sepulvado

Very nice theater but a little bit high on the price

Kallista Cabrera

Very nice and clean

gil l

Ive never been so comfortable in a movie theater. They had recliners ill be going there again soon

Brian MacGinnis

Stout prices but that's at every theater. Love the seating.

Chris Davies

They said yes no problem for a poster . We waited after the movie was over for 15 one ever came back. a simple yes or no would have worked right? Sorry is all I can say 2-3-19

jax musani

It's really amazing place to watch movies

Md. Amanullah Kabir

Good place. Affordable cost

Rae King

Went to an early movie. My experience was wonderful.

Shawn Thompson

I always go to the movies here I Love The way of the new seating area is so overall I had a great experience

AMy Hearn

Show was great. Seats were very comfortable. Plenty of parking.

Andy Sink

As far as the seat go great theater. Concession stand and staff are very slow

Holly Trevino

This is the only movie theater that I will go to. I love the lounge style seats and being able to pick our seats when we purchase them online.


The Seats Here Are Cool I Skipped Through All The Previews Just By Playing With The Up And Down on The Chairs

JoAnna Wright

Love the selection of movies, senior citizen prices, most comfortable seating around.

Shelby Cox

Awesome place came for Ghilbi fest movie. Our neighbor Totoro. Loved the movie. 2 drinks and popcorn wasn't badly priced either. Ready for next month's movie.

Shonda Lisenby

Friendly staff and the recliners are fantastic! Not to mention we can enjoy an adult beverage while watching a great flick! Concessions are expensive but what movie theater isn't these days.

Bones McCoy

Super nice facility. Well stocked and staffed concession stand. Didn't miss start of my movie due to not enough staff at concession stand. Pineapple Icee flavor was very nice bonus to find.

Brenda Thompson

Watched Angel has fallen in the extreme HD digital theater it was an awesome experience!!

Heather Nugent

Young man who sold us our tickets treated us like family shared experiences and laughs.

Rebekah Shultz

Customer service on ticket issues could use a little adjusting but other than that love it!

Cody Edgerton

I'm not really much for going to movies but either the additions of some truly awesome seating, being able to reserve said seats and cold beer on tap. I'm sold. Will definitely be going back again and again. The only negative is the occasional group of jackass kids on their phones and such.

Akstarlight 10

Great seating now very comfortable.... Only thing is having to take the time to book ahead so you can choose seats.

Dan Gholson

Very comfortable and screens are easy on the eyes. Great selection to choose the movie you want to see. Snack bars great and popcorn super delicious.

Belinda Luke

Great reclining chairs. Clean. Movies are great.

carrie privette

Love the XD sound and large screen. Was a perfect way to see the movie Meg. It was my first time to experience the luxury loung seats. Wow! I am a fan! Very clean

Larry Moncrief

Theater is clean. Rcl8ning seats are starting to show their age. Buttons aren't working and seats are falling out.

Woody Holliday

Movie was very good, seatting is so comfortable.

Cory Buteaux

Great movie theater after the upgrades. Even have alcohol if you want some for the movie.

alex willis

Comfy chairs, Good Movies, Decent Popcorn

real moist

The leather seats are amazing! They make you feel right at home. Bring a blanket and some snacks, and enjoy!

John Doe

Best movie theatre in the area hands down

Jeremiah Goolsbee

No my son wanted to see Dragon Ball Z. When I arrived all the good seats were gone. I was told that if that wasn't a good spot. To come back before the Movie was over and I would be refunded my money. Long story short I went and they gave me a hard time .So this place was horrible. I never thought I would experience this from this company! Basically, I really don't want to go back

Baca Tere

Luv the food ,good movies always luv the recliner chairs


Pretty nice movie theater, nice food selections and love the movie seats!

Jeremy Jones

Really like the theater like the seats they are fairly comfortable but do not like how close people sit to each other. if you go as a couple only one of y'all can have a drink because the seat next to you belongs to the other person so it's rather annoying and you can't even rest your arms on the armrests because the person next to you also wants to rest their arm on the armrest. On paper it's good but that's the problem with most engineers and people who come up with designs they don't completely think out the situation. You need each chair to have a slight bit of space in between them in other words the chairs do not need to be connected so that each person sitting in a chair can use the armrest and also have a drink.


Over all great

Kyle Welch

They have friendly employees great movies excellent theaters u have got to go if u have a chance the seats alone are worth it don't have a pic but will when I go back

Mary Collier

This is typical movie theater except for two things. The seating is awesome. They are these cool reclining seats. (I also feel like they are cleaner than most movie seats) and they have reserved seating so you get to choose what seat you want and are guaranteed that you will get it.

jay jani

Always go there on weekends. Nice theater

Richard Or

Very comfortable seats..Nice clean place..More quiet people than in other teathers to enjoy shows

Sean Edwards

Could be a bit more Cleaner

tina Davis

They have reclining seats.. it's awesome

Kayla Reed

Always so easy and chill everytime I come! Employees are nice and movie areas are clean. My #1 place to hangout and see movies with friends.

Jamie Cohrt

Great seats. HIGH prices

justin greene

A good place go see a movie I got lounge chairs where you can prop up your feet watch a good movie eat popcorn candy anything you want

Liz Abbott

This theater greatly improved their seats, from Summer 2016.

Judy Freeman

Game room needs to have more of a variety of games for toddlers, not just teens. Otherwise it’s a very nice

Carole Minx-Blanton

Very comfy and get senior discount LMBO.

Sam Andrews

This used to be a great place to go see a movie but now they have assigned seating so you cant just decide to go see a movie you have to plan way ahead to make sure you get decent seats this is the most rediculous thing ive ever heard of i would give 0 stars if possible and will probably not be going here again this is very sad

Holly Doyle

Unacceptable service. I went to the first feature at 10:35am. I ordered the snack pack from concession. The guy that came to the front to help out, waited on me (whom I believe is a manager), gave me leftover popcorn from the machine that had popcorn sitting there from the night before. The machine was not turned on. I feel it was very unprofessional and sorry of him to serve old stale popcorn when the other machine was popping fresh and hot popcorn. I returned it to counter and hot fresh popcorn. So if you attend the early feature beware and take noticed what you are served.

Jacqueline Berry

Great theater. Extremely comfortable and CLEAN!!

Devolnu Phoenix

Great experience every time.

Chad Sims

Watched Avengers: Endgame and had a good time. It's a movie theater, so as long as nothing happens to the movie or the crowd was out of control there is not much that you can grade a theatre on. Seats are extremely comfortable and they lounge. This theatre does allow alcohol to be purchased, so be advised if you have children.

theresa james

Nice comfortable chairs clean theater

Traci Hester

My husband & I are movie goers. We have the Cinemark movie club too (best thing ever, even if you only go once a month) & this is our favorite place to be. We've been to other cities movie places but we like our home theater. Hands down. The luxury loungers, more personal space, the familiarity, the staff. We're happy & satisfied with Tinseltown.

Tonya Gex

Tinseltown Beaumont is one of the best theaters I have been to. The reclining buckets seats are awesome and they have enough leg room for tall people. The concessions move quickly and they always have the best movies playing.

Nikki Hankins

Gets a 5 star because of avengers end game in XD

Koaisha Nails

I love this place i wish i could get a job here

Lynn Griffin

Nice seats and popcorn

Amelia Guerrero

Okay, so we bought tickets for discount Tuesday, then because of a family emergency, we couldn't go see the movie. We weren't back in town until Friday, and I went to the ticket booth and asked to exchange the tickets and that I was fine with the extra cost. The rep was very nice and he was about to sell me the tickets with the discounted price, then his manager stepped in front of him and laughed at me!!! He said we don't do refunds or exchanges here. And told the rep to not sell me the tickets! He was a complete jerk and he didn't even care that we had a family emergency!!! This theater needs a new manager, and some new customer friendly policies!!!

Kathryn Clark

Great movie and popcorn, and the most comfortable seats.

Harshwardhan Gophane

Best movie watching experience. Ample parking. Easy to access from I-10

Shau Valcin

Can't enjoy movies .juveniles talking loud ...I'll stick to Tinseltown

Shannon Cusick

Comfortable assigned seats, clean and spacious. The only complaint o have is the bathrooms are a little gross and I never seem to have a way to dry my hands! Other than that, I have always been treated well by the ticket staff and the concession staff. We love this theater!

Tristan Dotson

Always a great experience. My fiance and I go all the time when we are in the area. Get tickets ahead of time and everything will go remarkably smooth.

angela chesnutt

Comfy, cozy seats.


Most comfortable movie experience either and great parking lot for pokemon go lol

Arelys De Weimer

Went to watch the Avengers. It was the thing I was anticipating the most that weekend and it sucked because the movie theater didn't have AC going. I was hot for the entire 3 hours. It totally ruined the experience. I was so uncomfortable.

Razo Black

Love the seating, very comfortable an cozy.

Heather Kaiser

What a fun mother daughter night! Dinner at a great restaurant basically in the parking lot of the theatre then straight to a great movie.courteous staff and clean everywhere esp the restrooms

brenda fleming

Very clean. Loved the new reclining seats. Very comfortable and no longer have to worry about someone's head being g in your way during the movie or their feet on the back of your seat. Great experience.

Brad Townes

1 you can drink beer 2 comfy seats 3 YOU CAN DRINK BEER

Patrick, Williams

Awesome seating. Love the new lazy boy style seats.

Tommy Smith

Concession stand employees have bad attitudes zero rating. Try smiling girls, your face won't break

Keith Bass

Clean outside the entrance, inside was clean with workers doing a great job. Concessions area was stocked, clean and friendly. The theater was clean and quite.

Frank G

Great staff and clean environment, would recommend!

Dorm Craft

As movie theater it does the job more than just well. Especially the XD showing room, which has comfortable seats that can lean back and put your feet up. Beyond that I suggest you order all your tickets online because their prices are insane. Ordering online will and your tickets at $10 to $11 maximum. If it was possible to sneak in drinks and not get in trouble I would advise that as well as buying popcorn and a drink would make you want to instead go to Pappadeaux's across the street. You get more of a better quality for the same price.

Kaesone Soeung

I love this place because I get free coupons for popcorn. They should put more BTS movies.

Armantina Plotke

Everything was honestly Great. Except the snack/food/drink lines. It wasn't anywhere near the Busyness/Madness that I've seen there before and yet, It took over 9 minutes waiting in line. Also, We were Only behind 1 family. Maybe, she was a new employee. And I absolutely know & accept that everyone is granted 1 bad day a week. I know that I use mine as much as I can (once a month). Except for the fact that it was all the lines except one down at the other end. Wish I could've gotten that employees name. But obviously Everyone was trying to get into that line. Still a Wonderful experience all together. Clean, friendly inviting Employees. Had a Great night. Thank You!!

Ben Streeper

First time back to this theater in almost 10 years. I'll say this, it's like a completely different place. So I pretty much stopped going because of the online ticket purchases. Every time we tried to go see a movie on a whim all the seats were pre-sold at this theater. Today I accidentally bought John Wick 3 tickets online to this theater instead of our towns other theater. Which I went to first not realising, amd they were kind enough to tell me to go over here. Ling story short, the recliner seating is amazing. I now understand why all the seats are always sold out. There really wasn't a "bad" seat in the theater we went to. Even the front row was far enough back that it would be comfortable. Good job Cinemark, you actually one me back on accident ;p

Donnie Leblanc

Okay place don't like the fact that you have to select your seat before you buy your ticket,the bathrooms need some attention, the recliners were great first time to the movies in years

Jessica Bradley-Trantham

I love the lounge chairs here, so you can put your feet up while you're watching the movie! I also love the variety of snack foods they serve and that they now serve pizza and vitamin water.

Derek LaFleur

Great place to visit for movies

Wendy Rush

Love going here with my kids. And like that we can bring blankets!!!

Tashara Keys

Love the recliners! Makes me feel cozy!

Linda Jenefor

Had great seat enjoyed the movie bathroom up front needs repair what's up


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