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8700 W Judge Perez Dr, Chalmette, LA 70043, United States Located in: Chalmette Cinema Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Chalmette Movies IN Louisiana

Jamison; Self

Nice little spot to catch a movie. Not so big and never slammed full during the day. Great value for a non chain movie theater.

Rainah Walker

Nice small theater. Great service at the food counter! Pertinent piece of Chalmette living!

jnise ventris

Love it very friendly and clean

Maynor Cartagena

Need improve the cleaning

Sabrina Smith


Johnniesha Egana G

Loved the movie overall the pricing for refreshments is ridiculous no lie that's why I did a 4-star rating but the was very courteous the movie theater was clean the restrooms was clean and my children love their overall other than high prices for Refreshments this is the awesome place to have family time

Xiomara Mckinnies

I will never ever visit this location ever again. Apparently, there is an employee who I was told is the owner, has by far the worst customer service and people skills of all time. I visited this location today to support the community I live in and spend my hard earned money in the parish. I was actualy going to Clearview AMC, which is where ai normally go. With that being said, my son purchased a balloon from the 25 cent machine. Understandably, it wasn't allowed. As I was in the process of throwing it away, it popped. He yelled at me as if he mistook me for a child. He yelled at me the whole time he told me to step aside. I said "I apologize it was by accident"and that he needed to calm down. I was very calm. He put his hand up to shush me and said I can refuse entry and refund your tickets. I once again apologized because I am an educated person, have manners and wasn't raised by animals. He once again, cut me off and said I am not going to say one more word. As if I was a 2 year old being scolded. He said keep walking, I said I am waiting for my other half of my ticket. It was so bad the 3 families behind me apologized on his behalf. They felt so bad. One lady said not to pay any attention or let it ruin my visit because that is how he normally behaved. The police officer on duty was over heard saying that he was always that rude. Clearly, his eratic behavior warrants professional help. Children were so shocked at his behavior. Even children. Yes children, complained. Now, that is sad. What this employee/owner fails to understand is that customers keep him in business. His lack of customer service, courtesy and manners is what has caused to lose 8 paying customers along with those that were in my group. I will never spend a dime at this location. Any business person knows word of mouth is essential to any business. We were 8 plus people in our group so as you can imagine how fast words spread. I will glady drive to Metairie to spend my money on a movie. The only reason I stayed was becuase we had already purchased concessions and almost half of the group had already turned in their ticket. I didn't want that to ruin my childrens experience. Other than that, I would have left.

Christine James

Good seating, friendly staff.

Happy Birthday Song Ford

No parking spaces

Kenishia Conner

Great prices small selection

Jenny S

I like that there's a place to chill in the parish. Clean, affordable and friendly staff. I just wish they would list their movies on a reader board outside like they had when I was a kid.

R Chisolm

It's Local, kid-friendly...has a game room, the theater & the rest rooms are nice and always clean. The staff is friendly and helpful!! Thanks Chalmette Movies for giving our kids in da parish something to do.

Adam Brown

I good place. Some great movies. And I personally know the managemrnt. A used to be brother in law.

Pete Morel

Always a good experience for us. Will keep going and support our local businesd.

Earl Leidinger Jr

Very friendly staff, very clean theater. We love this place.

Denise Augustine

Love the theater.

C Turgeon

The theater is clean, Ellis and his staff are friendly and accommodating, and I can see the NO Film Festival selections five minutes from my house in Holy Cross. Chalmette Movies mixes new domestic releases with foreign art films, so there is an option for everyone. This business is an asset to the parish.

tiffany Kaufman

We had a ball! FAMILY fun & the movie was great! Very clean Theatre

Rosylin Carter

Kids box rip off the put the popcorn on the tray for 6.50 not in the box omg never going there again I could say more they deserve no stars!

Beatboxinbear .

I think $5.95 for a happy hour movie is great. The theatre wasn't packed only a few stragglers who love move's, which I didn't mind. The clerk's were nice. Place and bathrooms were very clean food kinda pricey $7.00 for nachos but the popcorn was worth it. Unfortunately they don't sell coffee at this theatre but there is a spot in the lobby where you can buy coffee. And it's pretty good

Yvonne Phillips

I enjoyed the movie i watch tonight

Sweet Pea

Awesome movies for affordable prices.

Big Red

Nice, clean and quite! Been there a few times. Never too crowded. Went there to go watch a movie and the lights went out (something with the plant down the street had exploded or something). The staff was really nice and even given us another ticket to come back and watch a movie whenever we wanted to return


Best movie theatre around. Get the mixed icees - yum. Ellis and Winnie know everything about every movie ever made so you can get good advice about what to see and what not to see. Always clean.

QC Jackson

The screen is small but the ticket prices are reasonable. A good theater for smaller films.

Rose Wilson

Great place, great price

Corina Calsing

This place, even though it has been rebuilt in the last ten years, reminded me of going to the movies when I was a kid in the eighties. Prices for matinees aren't bad. Concession prices are about on par with the chains. Not huge seating areas, and some of the seats are already showing wear. Generally a good place for a movie if you really want to see it on the big screen and don't want to drive out to Jefferson Parish or deal with French Quarter traffic. Sound and visuals were fine. Pokemon Go Stop in the lobby!

Kenneth Calhoun

Very nice

Cheyanne Unbehagen

Loaded nachos were awesome!!!!

Dana Henry

I take my kids here all the time and they love it! It's never too crowded so even if you're running late you can still hit the concession stand and grab a good seat before the previews are done. And, the staff is very friendly, and fast (so you don't miss any of the movie while you're getting your free refills of soda and popcorn) Perfect for kids and families on a budget as well. I HIGHLY recommended checking it out . . . .

craig trentecosta

The best! Locally owned, great manager, great selection of movies. Comfortable auditoriums.... not so big and crowded, not rowdy, very clean and well maintained


Great place to see movies.

Gerry Pendry

Seeing a movie here is like travelling back in time to the late 80s, plus it's clean and cheap. I'd rather see a movie here than Canal Place any time.

Adele Hutchinson

I love going to the movies but just like all other theaters they are pricey.

pattie williams

Enjoy the movie the reclining seats were very comfortable. Yes I will be going back.

Alvinisha Sims

Everything was lovely.

Stephen Bradford

Good people, nice atmosphere

Harold Mckenzie

Everything was great

Sarafina Bettis

Favorite place to watch movies reasonable prices plus offers military discounts.

Hayden Johnson

Classic style. Just your good old movie theater.

Eric S

Great little movie theater, very clean, nice people


Good theater...not the cleanest but overall I would give it a "B" rating.

Lita Kennair

Love this place! Civilized, polite, great people! Can watch a movie without disturbance; so much like a neighborhood movie theater…and …great popcorn! Dartez family.

Lauren Elise

Unique and charming theater experience. Love that its a locally run theater and not a big chain. Atmosphere is really fun especially with all the old movie posters

Glenda Veal Gayden

I love the neat and clean environment. It's small and private. Awesome for a first date.

Michele Davillier

Need to have a makeover its old.

Silvia Breaux

It's close to home ,have good movies every week and I like the people who run it

Jose Mario Antunez Jr

Small but quick service, friendly staff and they keep it clean

michael pechon

Great experience. Theater was clean and staff was extra friendly.

patrick smith

cheaper than other theaters but the clientele, that the staff refuses to deal with, has gone down so much that's it worth the drive and money to go to the bigger theaters.

angel roberts

It was clean comfortable and the staffs was real nice and it was very cheap I love it I gave it a A+

Kenneth McGruder Sr

Friendly staff and concession is great too.......Been coming before Katrina and still enjoying.

Robert Collins

Really enjoyed the Lion King!! Also the venue was great

Sharon Fleetwood

The Mule.

David Marlon Alvarez

great value.! friendly staff.! fresh pop corn! what more could you ask for?

Katrina Weber

Great place

J Mac

Great theater showing both big studio blockbusters and small independent/ foreign language films.

Brian Miller

A great movie experience. Seats are clean and comfortable and the staff has always been polite and courteous.

Whitney Emmons

Great movie theater!

lilrhodi32 .

So it's an older theatre but cheap, friendly staff, clean and fresh concession.


It's ok. It's just getting nasty. Time for repairs.

Sherrill Dupard

Had fun

Se La

Foods pretty pricey other than that it was decent

Jo Jackson

Close to home and familiar with staff. I can usually see the movie that I am interested in. MsJo

Wellington Brannon

Great movies at a fair price

argenys taveras

My favorite cheap movie theater. Good service, nothing costs too much, and they keep current movies.

Stafford Julien

I enjoyed the movie but someone needs to monitor the seating area in the theater. To much moving around by Children.

Alpha Maximus

Worst sound from a theatre I ever been to. Two little home stereo speakers all the the way in the front. My TV has better sound

lostprairiedog .

Great theater, great manager and employees, best popcorn and nachos in town!

Andrew Hunt Jr

Great staff nice and clean wonderful place to watch movies !

Alison B

Best nachos! The management team is great and the staff is friendly.

Maida Torres

Good variety of films. There is somerhing for everyone. Plenty of free parking. Reasonable prices. Clean comfortable seating.

Deborah Rosenberger

Family friendly, less expensive than those AMC chains and a great Vietnamese restaurant that even has beignets located next door. Nice staff

Cecileigh Helmstetter

Good movies

Tahani Eyad

Not bad place, clean, and great staff.. even tho don't have all da movies in amc. But great price.. .

neal cosie

Great place

Shelia McDaniels

Small movie theater. But the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. The food was cheaper then I am used to paying for movie food.

daniel davis

Great movie theater

Aliesha Pascual

They have so many different movies here and everyone greet you with a smile. I would give this place 5 stars but the snacks and everything or extremely pricey.

Caramel Brown

Love the prices and nachos

65Larry Polizzi

Good peps

kidCam Tyme

It's a small place but nice to enjoy with family.

Maria Hernandez

I wish they would remodel and update their electronics

SunDai Rose

Friendly staffs and clean theaters love this place

Prince Holmes

Its dope

Steven Scaffidi

Great theater run by great people! This is the way all theaters should be operated. Five stars!

Alex Mulvaney

Great prices

Kimberly Wise

Great sound, only quipe the person in front of you can lean back n then there isn't any room for your legs i had to lay my legs on my bf's legs they should of thought of that when making the place

Ben Mac

My favorite theater. Old school. Reminds me of growing up and going to the movies. I wish i could go every day

Reverend Zombie

Considering the alternative places to go see a movie this should be one of your last choices. Musty and unclean. You feel like you need to go home and shower after.

Q Bienemy

Concession are too expensive

Ben Hanchett

Theater is small but clean. Screen and sound were good so I had an enjoyable time

Joseph Gomez

Just a little pricey

Evelyn Washington

Great place for a lower price to see great movies.

Chucky Gorealla

Pretty good place unless when there's alot of kids there

Jerry Manders

neat movie spot

ToShiba Howard

Was my first time there it was nice.

Quinn PF

Great selection of new movies with a classic thrown in every now and then, love the t-shirts, knowledgeable employees, great snack bar

Francis Long

Has all the latest movies

Victor Pizarro

Inarguably, this is the best movie theater in the city. They have the best prices and show an amazing selection of films.

Waddie Thomas

Great service.

Pearl Cantrelle

I love this Theater. This place is small but comfortable. The concession is equal to any other theater. And, the best thing, it doesn't cost a mint to attend.

Stephanie Hudson

It is a nice theater

Jeanette Mcdaniels

Got turned around for being 15 minutes late for a movie that was not sold out

Donald Arnoult

Went to see Rocket Man it was great

Kim Welan

It's a smaller out of the way theater with decent seats food service and most importantly: less crowded. Note: probably does not apply to big movies on opening weekend. Family friendly local place.

Hiram Pittman

It's reasonable

Mz.SoPretty Wise

Went see War of Planet Apes with Mister

Danna Williams

I love going's cheaper than AMC movies.. Close, clean good location and friendly staff..They heave a little game room but it's ok plus it is next door to a lil mall..

Connie Lopez

Loud, but people were nice and polite and very patient. I loved Jurrassic Kingdom!!!!!!!

Leon Martin

This was so beautiful

num1lsufan .

Great small theater with almost all the movies i want to see and some i have never heard of but would love to see... Always easy to get into and rarely ever crowded... We were 2 of about 15 folks last tie we went It's not fancy, but it certainly does a good job... the staff are very friendly and the seats are comfortable with plenty of leg room and reclining chairs.


Customer service was great! A very pleasant young lady at the concession stand the movie was great my grandkids loved it. (Secret life of pets)

Marie Cosse

Quiet and Clean. Courteous staff.

David Peltier

Enjoy this theater. Afternoons are less crowded and we like that. Staff and owner very helpful, always nice.Good movie selections.


Great local theater to watch current hit movies

Kurtshell washington

I loved it I like the whole scene of the place the staff was very friendly and clean and the prices were reasonable

zack ernest

Not the best movies but its okay

Melanie Lissette

Good service. Snacks are overpriced

Eric Campbell

Basic movie Theater, I prefer to travel to Kenner or Slidell. If the weather is bad or the others are sold out; Chalmette it is.

Frances Brown

Theatre needs a major makeover and upgrade.

Anthony Morsy

It's a great place for the movies

Paris Carney

Went to see Avengers: Infinity War and picture was amazing

LaToya Collins

Needs to upgraded


Its was great

Chad Coulon

Good management. Very clean place.

Manuella Anderson

Love their popcorn

jim thompson

Aside from the stench of cigarette smoke because of the attached business Place remains I go to in the parish

Jolie da Weirdo

The seating is very nice but people are very rude. People behind me kept kicking my seat, and these girls were on their phones the WHOLE entire time! The same girls also knocked down me and my friends popcorn and didn't say sorry. Besides that, loved the movie!

Terrence Butler,Sr.

Went during mid week no crowds. Perfect hot popcorn and as much hot butter as you like. Great service .


Popcorn stale most of the time but its the old school neighborhood movie theatre.

Tony Powers

Nice people, great early bird prices. It is a shame that everything around them is run down though. Their bathrooms, not so clean.

Gabrielle Cashio

Theatre isn't that large but it's nice to relax and park close without large crowds or if you don't feel like fighting traffic to one of the amcs. You can buy snacks nearby at big lots, save a lot, for your bag. They don't have much food. Can't complain, at least we have a theatre for this srea! :) cheap for week days. Friendly staff. Not terribly dirty. Only a couple video game machines work for kids.

Lance Rodney

Manager let's people he know in for free.

T Rosemore

Great place to watch a movie

Katie Bienvenu

Very cozy theatre

Penny Bijou

No waiting.... in long lined

veronica duplessis

Well staffed,had a medical emergency,during the show with my family .EMS arrived less than two minutes. The theater even offered a comp tickets for next time. we were blessed,everything went well with the emergency. Special thanks

Neil Ponthier

The screens have stains on them. Definitely needs an update when compared to AMC

Robert Barback

Worst movie experience I could have ever gotten. Black family in the back of me, talking, playing videos on their tablet, and a crying baby. Manager wasnt around to do anything about it. Save yourself the trouble if want to enjoy a movie and go somewhere else. Nice theatre, scummy people who frequent. Never going there again so long as they allow those kind of people in.

Cam Gone Wild

Love watching movies here

Martin Patterson

I love the small town cinema experience. Workers at ticket counter and snack bar were much kinder and gentler than what I experience at the big boxes. I didn't have to walk a block just to get in the building. Looking forward to catching Ghostbusters III at this cinema this weekend..


Amazing popcorn,Service,and food.They even have comfortable seats.

Cage Rando

The new fancy looks and the new spiderman movie

Ashley Milden

Went to see the new lion king with a large group for summer camp. The staff was very helpful.

Carol Eilers

My favorite place to see a movie! It is clean, affordable & convenient. The staff is very professional & pleasant. They always have current movies and it's never too crowded. Everything is clean & well maintained. The bathrooms are super clean too.

Jessie Womack

This was a restaurant and not a movie theater ok the name of the place is called the Hot Wok.

Aptrow Nola

Great little theater. Yeah, it's not IMAX, but I don't care. Convenient. Small theaters. Plus, rarely crowded, especially for week day matinees.

Ronald Bonds

They need to upgrade there seats.

Felicie Albert

My visit was pleasant it was truly very entertaining. The seating is spacious.

Lucrece Phillips

Kinda dirty , but great daytime prices

Adisha Serigne


Donna Wixom

Love the new decor since they reopened. Recently upgraded their computer systems. Some of the seats could use replacing.

Deanna R

The manager at the ticket line who was selling tickets treated me so rudely when I asked for a refund on the ticket. He started to call me out on it and made a whole scene in front of everyone else. To begin with he seemed to have an attitude about it to begin with that I had changed my mind about purchasing my cousins ticket at the counter but then changed my kind and he specifically asked me if I am buying for myself or for my cousin. I replied just myself. He still charged me for 2 tickets...he could have simply given me the refund instead made it a huge deal that I was asking for a refund. UPDATE: I called the cinema up to complain about my experience and was greeted by a sweet lady who was management over there. As I'm talking to her who else gets involved except of course the manager who gave me the attitude the previous night. Instead of admitting his mistake he again challenges me and insists there was a confusion on both our ends. He also claimed he didn't remember much from the following night. Never going back.

Bee Pee

Love coming here

Timothy O'Neill

The crowd didn't stop talking throughout the entire show. Not surprising for this venue but still a disappointment.

Allen Rowan

The best

Jordan Blanchard

Love this theater! Its local, clean, and has all major movies along with the best foreign and independent films. Awesome staff!


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