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REVIEWS OF Celebrity Theatres IN Louisiana

Stephen Acosta

The renovations are great! The arcade is fun for adults and kids! I loved the giant galaga game! I usually buy my tickets on fandango and pick them up at the theatre. Concessions are good...the cheeto popcorn is delicious! Theatre is clean and staff is friendly and helpful.

Joshua Henderson

This theater is a little smaller and so is not usually as crowded. Although since they have been doing some remodeling it's a little harder to park. But even with the parking it is still easy to get in and out and since you can buy your tickets online there isn't usually a wait. We bring our kids and they can play some of the games. It's not as expensive as some of the other theaters and the concession line is really fast

Will Pickrell

Good movie going experience.

Jessie C Love

This place is awesome. Seats are comfortable. Staff is friendly. The popcorn is fresh. The screen is clear. The only drawback is being able to hear the next movie at times. Love the $5 Tuesday special. If I had children, the connecting arcade is cool too.

noah maglone

Clean. Not too crowded.

Lucille Smith

It was very nice and clean i enjoyed it i will return again

Avery Hardy

Great getaway recliner chairs are awesome. Flaming hot Cheetos are the best. Great picture and very clean. Family friendly indeed.

Amy Richard

The games are huge. I love the new look. The seats recline and are so comfortable. 5$ Tuesdays are awesome. Great for mother daughter time.

Janterrial McKnight

This theater is great! My kids really enjoy the arcade and it’s convenient because it’s close to home. I love it

vickie broussard

Enjoyed the recliners !!

Erika Mackay

Just went for the first time tonight. This will be our new go to theater. Comfy seats, nice kids working there. I work in Perkins Rowe, but will definitely prefer this theater.

Selena Gilcrease

Just took my class there to see Wonder. Staff was waiting at the door ready to help you. Everything was ready and waiting. Service was quick and efficient. There is construction going on, but don't let that stop you. We never heard any of it. The theater was clean and everyone was friendly and helpful. I highly recommend.

Pooh Bear253

This is my favorite theater! I have been enjoying all of the wonderful upgrades and updates to this theater! It was my favorite movie theater even before all the upgrades

Jayla Anderson

This is the perfect place for young children to enjoy a movie, snack and games. There are arcade games for all ages. The theaters are small but comfortable with reclining chairs and tables.

Kurt Ghirardi

I love this place. Great seats all you could want. It is the only theater I want to watch movies in.

Myra Singleton

My family and I really enjoy this theater everytime we go. It's quiet, not too many people and they sell adult beverages. So glad they redid it. Plus the chairs are really comfortable.

Sharon Karnes

It was clean. The employees were very helpful and my grandson loved it.

Heather Ryan

Very comfortable seats.

Kacey Pierce

I love this theater. Can't beat the $5 Tuesday's either

Ciera Martello

Great remodeling and service. Seating was extremely comfortable. Best place to go see a movie!

Carla Havard

The movie Overcome was fantastic!!!!

Kendra James

I like this theater. I go all the time since I live close by, but a few days ago I was seated next to some young kids that talked most of the movie and had the nerve to pull out a cigarette and start smoking inside the theater. I have never seen this ever and can’t believe some people are so bold! I reported it basically nothing was done. Even my kids couldn’t believe it!

Carolyn B

Very nice theater. Popcorn a little salty, but we asked for light salt and seemed happy to fix ours that way. Nice seating with leather reclining seats.

Kevin Williams

Went to see the new Christopher Robin movie with my wife. They have the Coke machine as every flavor in the world and they are popcorn is just laced with delicious. Seats were comfortable and reserving tickets online with smoothly. The only thing I had have the comments on is the handles in the seats don't raise up because they're all recliners which is good too. Will definitely be seeing more movies at the Celebrity.

Melissa Melancon

Employees are all friendly and helpful. Beer, wine, and frozen mixed drinks. A great selection of arcade games, which are half off on Wednesday. Comfortable seats and a good sound quality.

Jason Blevins

Went to see Grinch movie. Staff was very friendly and helpful. I love the flaming hot Cheetos popcorn. I also like the drink bar located close to theatre entrance so you can refill easily. theatre was clean. Seats very comfortable. Electrical leg rests and plenty of room. I am a big guy so if I fit then most anyone will.

maxine cherry

nice place

Angela Kamerer White

Remodel is gorgeous! Excellent seats and friendly service!

Mia Brooks

Great improvements and friendly staff

Judy Solar

I truly love a good theater. With that said NO theater should offer wines,beers,or liquor. Can we just have simple family time WITHOUT maybe dying on way home due to adult drinking? Perhaps after 8 pm no kids so you can's just sad.Love seating. Had to ask them to turn volume down little,was really loud,they did.All in all what happen to one large popcorn and two cokes for $10.00? Now it's nearly $30.00(scalping). Rated 6 out of 10

Katie Brannen

Awesome theater. Very clean and the arcade games are so new and there’s plenty of them! Will be our new family theater

Abby Caballero

Still expanding! This place rocks already. My two boys love the lobby full of games to play including motorcycle racing.

Iris Pourciau

I discovered this gem shortly before they remodeled and I liked it then because I like avoiding crowds but ever since remodel I have kept going there especially for movies I really want to experience with a great screen and sound system. The concession prices are the best in town and the alcohol prices are even better. I got my siblings hooked on this theater as well for the arcade games.

paul T

Popcorn was excellent, seating comfortable and the latest Fast & Furious surprisingly good.

Melinda Wells

Beautiful my fav theater

Johnny Porter

What wonderful gift we have in our wonderful city im amazed .

Lauren Herbert

Always enjoy coming here. Clean, great staff, good concessions. Seating is just top notch.

Guy Acker

Nice environment and great customer service

Ashley Williams

Always a great experince

Peter Evans

All leather recliner seats, lower ticket prices, some very big screens, some smaller. Good sound, very good concessions including alcohol.

Joseph Rackley

This is the best movie theater in baton rouge. Extra large comfy seats. Not crowded. Then to top off the experience they have frozen jack and coke!

Chris Poche

Theater 6 has a blown static speaker for left front stage that is distracting. The screen has heavy dark marks in nearly the middle of the screen from top to bottom. We asked if they were aware and the answer was yes. This is a sub-par theater for premium price. My home theater is of better quality than this.

Matt Fronek

Small and intimate.

darlene rich

Very nice. Seats extremely comfortable. Tuesday is 5 dollar movie day. Nice tray for each chair. Refreshments are not as expensive as lots of other places. Will be returning.

Brandon Taylor

Always a great place to see a movie! Local theatre with local owners keeps the money in the area. Great game area for the kids and dads!

Diana Miller

The best movie theater we have ever been in. It's like being in your own home. In your own recliner. Wish all theaters were like Celebrity.

Jimmy Vo

Great local theatre by my house! I went here a couple of times to play arcade games like Crossy Road (my favorite game) and watch “The Post” and “Ready Player One”. The theatre was mostly clean and organized even during the reconstruction - the theatre looks much better now that the reconstruction is almost done. I can’t wait to see the new arcade area. The service is awesome as well. The assistant manager there on Saturday night and Sunday night is very nice and accommodating. Overall, I enjoyed my times here and would definitely come back.

Caroline Wallace

I really like that it is a small theater with the most comfortable seating!

Terry Easley

Good locally owned business

Geri Teasley

Great place to take the kids. I took my two grand nephews (9 and 12) and we had a blast. Prices are great and the theater is so comfortable and homey. And then of course there's the arcade. They loved coming out after the movie and spending a little time playing video and arcade games. I would recommend this theater to any grand aunts and uncles or grandparents.

Keidra Scott

My favorite location. The stalls have hand sanitizer inside, the seats are spacious and roomy. It has an arcade. The staff is nice.

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Let you know how good God is and how cool he is

David Luker

Reserved seating, comfortable seats and theaters and a friendly staff. It may not be a chained owned theater but because of the atmosphere and amenities they have my money from now forward!!

Slime Queen Ab

Amazing games awesome movie theater

Ed Lewis

I love this place. It's like have your own movie theater. This is our new prefer movie place.

Will Zanders

#1 Theater in Louisiana's capital city. Not the biggest, not the baddest, but the best. The 2017-18 post-flood renovations really set it apart technologically, but the stellar staff & management still manages to maintain a "down home" Louisiana feel. My suggestion for ownership, equip the largest theater with 4D seats. Not dbox, that's a waste of money, but a legit 4D experience is coming to Louisiana. Celebrity Theatres might as well be first to the punch. This theater is already a favorite amongst locals and is poised to remain that way for the foreseeable future.

Tammy Heltz

Had a great time! The staff was friendly and helpful.

Ketrick Taylor

My go to movie theatre. Chips used for nachos are not great, but other the that theatre experience is great.

Rob Shurelds

Wish I knew about this theater a long time ago. My daughter and I had an awesome time. Staff was very helpful.

jose Villa

It’s truly the best family movie theater in town. Everyone is so polite. They really care about their customers. They go out of their to ensure you enjoy your show!!!

Sara Sadat Henderson

Fun video games, great theater! Comfortable chairs and nice staff! They have great coke machines and icees ones too!

Shena Marson

Me and my friend had a good time just walking in and playing games...didn't even make it into the theatre

Mary Landry

Took my Grans here. They love the games,

Carlee Raymond

I enjoyed my visit as always. Nice employees, and I enjoy picking my sit.

Tiffany Hall

my son met a friend there and had a wonderful movie viewing experience

Mekel LeBoeuf

If you haven't been to the new, updated yourself a favor-GO! It is clean, top notch, employee friendly, amazing bathrooms, great prices, comfy chairs & so much more! Great experience & has awesome games to boot!

Jade Diamond

My new favorite theater. Small theater, laidback atmosphere, friendly staff, reserved seating, reclining seats and trays for food and beverages. It has an old and new movie theater feel to it. I think but can't quite remember that they have a small bar serving alcoholic beverages. Been there three times so far and loved the experience.

Jeremy Beech

I love what they did with the place. Still not a fan of this new style of seating, seems we always get stuck at the bottom at any theatre we go to since everywhere has the reserved seating now.

Naturally Impressive

Clean facilities and great customer service. Also it's close to home.

Felecia Wiley

The kids and i had a nice time. Its been quite a while since ive been there and the updates are really nice.

Linda C

Sadly, this will probably be our last time here. We've loved this theater since the day it was remodeled. However, today we counted 10 employees, none of whom were working! Obviously millennials, they had to be prompted by the adult customers in the establishment to take care of their jobs. They were too busy talking amongst themselves to be bothered to do anything unless they were prodded. There didn't appear to be any management (or at least anyone over 30) or oversight. Whoever the owner is, they would be much better served to hire five older more responsible employees with some work ethic who could run the place more efficiently and who could take care of the customers properly.

Brenda Saborio

I love this place! Beside the movie theater they also have arcade games and kids really enjoy it.

Mark Loupe

They have done an excellent renovation. The seats are extremely comfortable the sound is unbelievable. I'm really enjoying the new theater.

Wanda Batton

My family and I love the comfort and great friendliness that is always shown at this theatre. Plus my almost 6 year old grandson loves the Arcade. In a two week period, we have been here 4 times. As long as it remains the same, we will continue to visit.

Bob Loblaw

I have been going to this movie theater since it was called Oak Cinema in the mid-90s. With each name and management change, they have become more professional and improved their overall experience. I really appreciate their attention to detail and customer service. This is definitely a fantastic theater to go to if you were looking to avoid the hustle and bustle of the malls where most theaters are located.

Justen Rider

Very nice! I was surpised at how nice this place is. Huge screen, nice leather electric reclining seats, seats are separated by short walls for privacy, perfect! Only complaint is that you have to walk out of the theater area to get a beer. Otherwise, 5 stars all the way.

Raechiel Taylor

My family and I truly enjoy going to this movie theater. Customer service is awesome. We have been going to this theater for a very long time. Now it’s really awesome going to watch a movie in those comfy seats.

K Derozen

OMG!!! Very impressive. The level of customer service is off the chart . Great margaritas and those comfy seats are heavenly ❤

Heather Frederick

Haven't been here since I was a kid. They have re-vamped and now the place is half arcade games, and half movie theatre. Price is still low for movie tickets compared to other places, and still the place is awesome!

Michele Gautreaux

Friendly staff, clean, comfortable seats. Great margaritas and popcorn! But, bring a sweater or light jacket as it's a little chilly.

Stephanie Madison

The reclining seats are sooo comfortable and the staff is very courteous.

William Owens

Great place to see a show. Bring money, the movie snacks cost more then the ticket and there is an arcade to play in.

Paul Vallee

Great movie experience. A welcomed change from the previous Grand Cinema at the same location. Lots to do for the entire family. There is a cool gaming / arcade area that brings plenty of challenges with prizes. Pricing is very good not only for the movies but for the concessions as well. The staff is very customer friendly and the entire area is kept very clean. There are discounts for military, seniors and children too. $5.00 Tuesdays are always nice when your able to break away from your regular work routine. Adult beverages are also available.

Apr!L Cherie

They went from outdated and outlooked to a really nice theater. Completely transformed with a giant selection of games and accommodating seats. All seats are leather with electric reclining. Concessions pricy as everywhere else but they offer cheetos popcorn and alcoholic beverages including daiquiris. $5 Tuesdays

Sea-Salt Art

This theater's far out of the way from other ones in the city, which can be good or bad depending on your location. Another downside is that this theater is no longer the cheapest option around, ever since the remodel and rebranding. That being said, it's not a bad theater. The rooms are a bit smaller than other places, so if you visit, make sure you order tickets in advance. Screen and sound quality are both decent, even if the screens are a tad smaller. There's also a lot of arcade-style games in the lobby, with more added recently due to some remodeling. It should make for a decent night with friends or family, with plenty to do if you have some time to spare before a movie starts.


First time here! Love the reclining seats, popcorn and berry soda!

PI Guy

Wish there wasn't an arcade right in your way as soon as you walk in, but otherwise, a great place. They have those chairs that recline and the cool coke machines

Dawn Robinson

I haven't been to the celebrity theater since my kids were small but I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Took the Grands to see the Avengers and the reclining seats were top the line

vandi johnson

Loved my experience! Seats recline...low enough to be super comfy...staff is friendly and helpful, and to top it off everything was clean, including the bathroom. Very family friendly [great games], will visit again and recommend!

Alecia Victorian

Fun place for us to go as a family and the staff is nice and one of the most important things to me is the bathroom is allllllways CLEAN

Kristie McCormick

Prefer this theater to all others! Smaller and cleaner. Nice, comfortable, reclining seats! Full concession choices and arcade games galore.

Stacey North

My favorite theater! Love the upgrades they have made.

Dwight Mayeux

I had a great movie experience here. The theater was comfortable and nice.

Jill Bonanno

best theater in town! always clean, games & fun for kids, nice & helpful staff.

Zakary Zanovec

Overall a great experience

Denise Savoie

Sound was a little off today in theater 8. Dialog too soft; music too loud. Other than that, a very good experience.


Free tickets courtesy of 98.1 to premier/early release of Bohemian Rhapsody....sound was amazing! I was super excited to see the film, then super excited about the arcade!!!!! I plan on going back!

Jonathan Combel

It's alright. Not as close to me as the big chain. I don't get what this place offers in price, experience, or value that the big chain doesn't. We go when the show times are more convenient.

maria upshaw

Absolutely great service and great food

Lisa Rice

My favorite movie theater!!! Really nice employees. Stadium seating with comfortable reclining chairs. Excellent snacks at the concession counter. Big screens with excellent sound. Fix it yourself soda stations. A huge arcade. Beautifully renovated building. The theaters are kept very clean. Special pricing on Tuesday. Highly recommended!!!

D Cleve

Very friendly and clean. My children really enjoyed themselves

Jacob Patrick

it's been awhile since I've been after they renovated the location. Somehow, it seems vastly larger, and the arcata area is absolutely daunting! Seriously, great job when it's been theater. It looks better than ever.

Brennan Doggett

Deserves every star

VegaSnipe .

Lots of nice new features and really great quality.

Shalendra Stephens

This is my new favorite theatre

michael somerville

Love this theater it's always calm even when crowded super comfortable seats

Sharon McGee

Clean and comfy recliners

Judy Chamberlain

Lots of fun games. Reasonably price tickets and snacks. Comfortable seats.

Patrick J. Mehaffey

Great renovations. Large comfortable reclining seats. Trays for your food. My theater of choice.

Micifus Johnson

Best theater in town. Updated, comfortable seats, drinks with free refills, fresh popcorn, friendly, accommodating staff. The arcade games are up to date, none broken, lots of fun. I love the photo booth and piano tiles the most. We actually got enough tickets to win something decent, although they do have the standard dinky prizes for a handful of tickets, too. The only games I don't like are the claw machines. They're packed too tight to win anything, and the claws are loose.

Knight Dream

Nice and clean. Almost reminds me of Dave and Busters. Check it out!

Josh Hartt

A clean, friendly, safe theatre, that has reasonable prices and beautiful new facilities. The staff act and treat you like they enjoy working there. The staff at AMC act like they hate life and I will never go there again.

Kathy Denny

So much fun and so happy they are in the neighborhood. Let's keep our small bizzes in Jones creek area. Keep spending in this area. We love Jones creek area.

Jennifer Foret

Honesty, the best movie theater popcorn you will ever have

Lynn Young

Really enjoy the stadium seating.

Tammie Riggs

Awesome theater! Great staff! Reclining seat and adult beverages.

Kimberly LeSage

Comfortable, reclining seats and clean theaters. The staff is really nice, and the tickets were a little cheaper than the prices at other theaters.

Julie Collier

Love this movie theatre and arcade!!! This is such a great family friendly environment and everything is super CLEAN!!! The prices are low and affordable and the candy and popcorn isn’t outrageous like other theatre. We will return !

Amanda Lemmi

The popcorn is tasty and the seats are very comfy now that the renovation is complete.

Sheila Houlston

Movie was great,sound was great,snacks were good, the whole environment was very enjoyable.

Shareece L

Get more food

Mandy Lemmi

The seats are comfortable and the theater is not too crowded. Assigned seating is nice.


Really comfortable reclining leather chairs in the movie theater. Nice staff and the floors are clean and not sticky which is a plus. And clean bathrooms.

Jasmine Lombrage

Very hospitable staff and clean theatre! Seats are comfortable!

Lacy Behl

We had my son's 8th birthday here today. I was absolutely amazed at the service, quality, and cleanliness of the establishment. The party was treated like true celebrities with their VIP access to the theatre. The kids loved everything from the arcade games, to the reclining chairs, to the small details added to personalize the party. We had constant attention from THREE hosts that went above and beyond to meet our needs. Worth every penny!

Michele Johnson

They run a deal on Tuesdays that is awesome. 5$ and very clean and well kept

Raven Spring

Most amazing place every! The seats are huge and comfortable. The seats also recline and have a side table that moves. All around amazing experience. So much better than amc.

Steving Bassett

Very comfortable place.


Quaint & clean. Good service. Great place to catch a movie, especially if you're on a budget.

Jack Warner

The renovations are great. Comfy seating with trays & leg rests, seating row accommodating mobility impaired folks & great sound systems. Has a good concession & video games for the young. A great neighborhood venue.

Justin14200 .

It's a comfortable movie theater with comfortable seats, decent picture and sound. Not terribly expensive for the tickets either.

E Defreitas

Love this theater! Friendly service and very comfortable seats! Also the $5 tickets on Tuesday is a plus!!

Cynthia Babbitt

Love reclining seats and reserve seating

Chassity Oubre

I had never heard of this theatre before until my cousin took me tonight. I love how there is huge arcade on each side of theatre. I didn't purchase any food or drink, so I wouldn't be able to speak on the taste or prices of the food/drink. But the service was good and theatre was beautiful and huge with nice recliner chairs. The only thing that could've made it better is if there was a button on the seats that allow someone to request food/drink orders just like at the Movie Taverns.

jon mayeux

Newly renovated cheap matinee

Anita Wright

I love catching a matinee movie at this movie theater. Its freshly remodeled and the seating is very relaxing. Seems like the rooms are more compact but its nice and cozy. I've never noticed them to be overly crowded early on Saturday morning's. This would be a nice place to bring your family. There's concessions and also a nice game room area.

Ebony Motte-Guilbeaux

Best Theater in Baton Rouge. The service, seating, and self service is great. This is the only theater with trays( for your refreshments) attached to the reclining seats

Janice Higginbotham

This place was great. Friendly staff, reasonably priced concessions, seats were very comfortable. I highly recommend everyone check it out. Also very clean and great arcade.

Jasmin Johnson

This theater has been remodeled and it's great. The nachos were fresh and the cheese was hot. The concession items were reasonably priced. The employees were professional and nice. The seats were so comfortable, and like theater seats at most movie theaters these days, they were assigned and reclinable. The arcade was impressive with lots of options. I will visit again.

Ronnie Jackson

MoVery nice place and a good movie

Junious Stampley

I love that movie intruder

Brett Conrad

Our experience was great. Theater has reclining seating amd there is a large arcade that my kids love.

Liz Hartley

This newly renovated theater is our family's favorite. Prices are standard. There are video games for all ages while waiting. The popcorn is excellent and there is even an "adult frozen coke" machine. The seats are comfy and the place is clean. The staff have always been excellent. No complaints what so ever.

Scott Sullivan

I love this place. Very comfortable seating. The arcade has lots of games. I do wish that after buying tickets online you didn't have to get in a line at the theater so they can print your tickets.

Marc Parenti

Great theater, great reclining seats, my favorite.

Gary Smith

First time at Celebrity Theatre. Everything was great. Seating like Movie Tavern and close to home.

Anthony Dyson

My fav movies theater...

Jimmy Fontenot

Great redo of the movie theater we all went to as kids. Great work

Kelli Terry

Great new look, seats are awesome and it was so cold love it

Amber Klein

Great theater and very friendly staff. Seats are fantastic.

Janice Carter

Such a wonderful day! Enjoying the movie"Breakthrough"

Nick Butitta

Great place, fun atmosphere. The theater is really nice and the staff is courteous as well. The new additions with the game rooms are a great place to bring kids for a fun day. They even have a room with hundreds of things to cash your tickets in from the games. Nice upgrade!

Love Naturally

I went for the $5 Tuesday special. The theater is tucked away, without a sign, so it's easy to miss it. Very clean parking lot with ample parking. The oversized arcade and birthday room are really nice. You could easily spend quite a bit of time and money here with everything being in one place. I didn't order any snacks, so I can't speak on them. The chairs, sound, and picture quality are outstanding. At times, I could hear the movie in the adjacent room, otherwise, it was great. The staff is nice as well. I'll be returning to treat a couple of teens on Thursday to see Captain Marvel. I wish they'd been available on Tuesday because half of the admission price could have been used for playing games instead.

Jewell Simon

This theatre is smaller and more popular with families

James Lewis

I had a great time at the movies

Aimee Bajoie

Nice n comfy theater. Good customer service. Love the games and they offer $5.00 Tuesdays!

Paw Ink Studio

Fun atmosphere. Kids love the arcades most.

Poop sickle

Clean and affordable. Great renovations all around, I wish it was a little less cluttered. Maybe if there was more lounging area, that would make it 5 stars!


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