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REVIEWS OF B&B Port Arthur Central Mall 10 IN Louisiana

paradox woodsy

Kristie Isaacs

Fun place for family

Donna Roberts

I wish they would have more are too loud during the movie.... can barely watch them on Fridays or Saturdays

Zack Newell

Smells terrible! Ripped seats. Should be a dollar theater. If the owner is reading this... time to lower the price or ponie up for some paint, carpet and chairs.

Pamela Fregia

Stuffed and smell stinky

Corey Collins

It took to long to get the ticket so I left

Misael Gavia

Nice, and quiet

Carol F

Rita Crane

Tickets too pricey.

Kellie Buchanan

Friendly and helpful, ads are little to long movie started late other than that worth the wait.

Ryan Schulze

Bryan Edward

The seats were dirty and smelled like mildew. And the screen quality was terrible! I have given this place three chances and all ended up the same

Cristal Ramirez

shannon ross

Rambo last blood

Louisiana Boy

Wasn’t to crowded the price for the tickets were responsible for the evening movie

Deborah Graham

Need updating

Trista Robinson-Ashley

It's an older movie theater....nothing spectacular, but the theater works. It is pretty clean. Snacks overpriced but that's standard for theaters. They bring a decent selection of movies for people of all backgrounds.

Michael Bell

Michael Gooch

Jenna Sanders

Jerrod Dorrell

Im pretty sur that a b&b is an overnight establishment that offers breakfast. This isnt that at all

Texas Boy

Is this city dying or what?

D Ener


James Begnaud

Great theater

Kent Satcher

Tanya Rideaux

The movies are great

misty guillot

Too LOUD!!!

demetrio castillo

To many people are to darn picky.. My nephew and I love the theater, we come here all the time.. service is great and never had a problem.

Pam daley

Our family enjoys this loction. Very nice employees.

Dolly Arceneaux

Thick mold on the bathroom sink fixture in the women's bathroom. Wished I could upload the pic to show it. The whole theater smells musky like the carpet needs to be replaced. The theater needs major updating and and a deep cleaning. After your in the theater a while you don't notice the smell as much. The staff is always very friendly and welcoming. The price is slightly cheaper than other theaters. That's the only reason I keep going.

Rebecca Goodson

Staff friendly. Bathrooms need to be cleaned.

B Allen

Always filthy and sticky

Blake Alling

Debra Smith

Right of 5

Len Vo

Wish there were a new movie theatre in town

ladamien west

Enid Williams

Stephanie Orso


Tiffany KM.

Stinks.. Always dirty!

Chase Neal

It's a mall with a movie theater

Alexis Gonzales

Good poccorn

Donna Meade

My favorite movie place

Del Fernandes

Awful old sweat smell that it makes even hard to breathe. Possible black mold.

Elizabeth Orange

Tyron Erwin

Matt Lopez

Passion Brooks

Brandon M. McDaniel

Has really gone downhill in that last couple of years and prices are terrible

Looney Tunes

Need to clean up between movies, people leave a lot of trash there.

Kristi Porter

Needs improvements bad. Smells like pee inside and doesn't feel safe.

Juan Tapia

Keith Darrell O'Connor

Very clean..a tad to cold

lexi rios

justin colburn

Dont visit this place even as a last option. They dont print your tickets, nor do they check them. They use reciept paper and tear them before giving them to you so you if lose (easily, because its reciept paper) it, smudge it or even leave the theater, you cant get in. The service was the slowest in histroy. I understand its a crappy job, weve all been there. But when your average serve time per persons normal order is literally 10 minutes you need to find a new job. We got there for a 7:30 showing at 7:00 and with only a few poeple ahead of us we didnt get in until 7:47. But thats not the reason im complaining here. It was the worst movie experience period. Ive been to pixar movies litered with kids not even watching the movie with less trouble.i have to rewatch ragnarok (after buying 2 tickets for one person) because the doors were made of paper and you cant hear anything. Of course the audiance itself was loud and raised in the woods. More than a few were seriously chewing tobacco as loudly as possible, spitting in the floor and in the cup holders (i checked, no cups) But the ticket situation. Listen. This theater is needs be put in check because they did the equivalent of swipe my card, charge me then look me dead in the eye and act like theyve seen me before and not give me anything. Ill look further into this because this cant be legal. I got your back people! For now just stay away from this dreaded place

Geoffrey Pinkston

Always clean not a long wait

david cruz

It's dirty and nasty and 10 dollars a ticket not worth it I wish I could give 0 stars

rich BYARD

$10 for a bucket of popcorn ! What a joke !

Carol Fleisher

Great and clean movie theater

Willa Craven

Norman Armstrong


Shelley Borel

A little louder than it needed to be. Other than it was good. Clean.

Tony Martone

Ac not working properly, was hot as hell

Dominique McDaniel

Fun fun

Cristian Chavez

I read that it smelled bad and thought it might be exaggerated, but it does indeed smell awful. Deadpool 2 was great but it was hard to enjoy with the nasty smell. They should fix this if they plan on staying open because business will not do well with these conditions

joey benoit

Take my faughter here often

Kimmy Tiffee

They have the recliners it was awesome

Angela A

Need upgrade

Angel Wynn

Excellent customer service

Orginal 's

Good place to watch a movie

Tamera Hadnot

The employees and the manger where both rude and I will not return here after today. I've never read an issue up until today. They need to either be retrained on there customer service or fired.

Michael Graffagnino

This place is a bit run down but it seems they are working to get it fixed up.

Gavin Guidry

The theater is always filthy

farva siddiqui

The lights were on during the movie /:

devin lee

Projector problems after 30 minutes we had wait another 30 minutes just to receive a re ticket.

Steven Whitten

Aj Shelton


broadcasting luke

Ashley Kirk-trahan

Show Off

This movie theater was bs my girlfriend and I wasn't able to watch the movie Spider-Man an r-13 movie asking for our ids and saying that it's past 8'o clock I need a parent with me. An in addition the manager was so rude basically treating me as a little boy. I never wanna go back to this movie theater. I actually believed they was getting better, I was wrong.

Scott E. Hargraves

Good service...nice kids working there.

Jimmera Hyder

Toy Story 4 Was Great!!!

Payton Gereau-2020

This place is overall disgusting. Will never go here again, employees are rude and it’s just not worth the money.

vmkoz .

priscilla madrid

The air conditioner was broken and they where still selling tickets.

Lena Batiste


Shawn Kayak

The theater its self is fine . the seating is comfortable it feels clean. I dont care for the bath room arangment. they are outside in the mall part which isn't that far from the theaters. I don't know whos responsibility it is for cleaning the restrooms, whether its the mall or the theater but they are nasty gross and smell worse than a boy scout outhouse. That's why its a 3 star. The theater its self is fine.

bret michaels

I have been he three and the movies star late....

Steven Best

We bypass this theater to go to the one in Beaumont because of the poor cleanliness. Why wouldn't the owner spend just a little money to steam clean the seats and clean up the place?

Katelyn Price

Tejaswi Gudipudi

Same feeling like Zack!! Please improve the comfortability for people with proper seats

Munk Pratt

It stinks in that place. Omg it's really bad. It smelled so bad I could taste it.

Detra Laverne

Quincy Spencer

Me & Babe went to see Creed II

Daisy Ledet

Stinks. Dirty. Never answer the phone.

Kenny Torres

Bobby Brasuell

Small, intimate theatre. Perfect for a date!

Marsha Valka

Air was cold....service was polite

Jose Gonzalez

Tranquilo y agradable y mirando la pantera negra

Johana C Ramirez

Good service but very old theater

M Miller

Quite nice. Small no crowds.

Michelle Lopez

Not the best, but only place in this town to go to a movie, unless you go to Beaumont

dougedomec .

Slow process to get your ticket if its busy because you have to wait in the same line as concessions.

Rushon Hill

A/C was broken and they sold us tickets to the hot box anyway.

Jose Maldonado

constitutional Rights and Law

Always clean on time with movie showing never ran out of nothing on the times I've visited there and very friendly professional customer service and the employees always smile and ask for us to return.

Caleb Best

Selection of movies is pretty good And is nice to have a movie theater so close to mid county. However B&B Theater needs to step it up and do some investing in this theater, its old some of the seats are broke and carpet torn. For what you are paying I really expected more.

lover ofgod

The place is musty and smells like mildew. Very old time seats and small . people are friendly

Jullian Turner

It has the best pop corn and movies

Yulimari Martinez

Michelle Davis

This theatre should get in trouble for how nasty their seats and floor are. Its been that way a long time. They always leave the lights on over you & it glares in your eyes. The screen is the smallest Ive ever seen in a theatre. They need to be shut down!

Rick Cockrell

The employees are extremely dedicated to their jobs and the patrons. Very professional and friendly. The theatres could use a facelift, but overall 2 thumbs up!

Sean Arkeem

Never pack on weekdays perfect place for time with yourself

Tom Lock

The theater was ok decent seating ....bought 1 bucket of pop corn, large Pepsi ,1 medium Dr.Pepper nacho which consisted of a lunch box bag of Doritos -small cup of $ 30.06 ridiculous and had to put the damn thing together open the bag pour the cheese into a cheap box over cold chips......5.00 worth of products high side for 30.00 ....could of went out to eat cheaper....

Jill C

It's gross the seats are sticky and it's an overall terrible experience

Bryana Simmons

Christina Vallien

Great movies to watch an the buttery popcorn.

john thompson

Jonathon Holland

My name is danna malawsol. You may know me. I kinda famous around southeast Texas. This is the best theater I have ever been to. Service was great and the theater was in pristine condition. 10/10 would go to again.

Robin Stevenson

This is a nice place for movies....a wee pricey just make sure to sign up for the rewards!

Greta Wilson

Time to up date the seating awful smell employee friendly

Charles Leatherwood

B&B has really turned this theater around. I am glad they bought it.

Celines delval

okay its small yes. but so far i like the place for a quick movie in town. the staff is great. the lines are short. they have popcorn flavors to add to my popcorn on each side of the theater. how come big theaters dont have this? there is also a walk to the also small mall inside if you need to wait for your movie to show up. when i want a big and comfortable chairs theater i go to beaumount and be prepared to make a line and prepared to sit in the front cause thats the only availability ( sucks i know) when i want something at home( location) and familiar and small i go to this one. all theaters have advantages and disadvantages. for now i will choose this one. i admit maybe they have to renovate the place, but still thanks B& B theater there is no lines or front row only availability only and for making my popcorn better than the rest..i put on mine all flavors..yummy!!! i have been to this theater like 20+ times this year..never had any prob with time we thought the screen was broken (audio only), but staff told us it they were right..

syxxgames .

Cool, small place. I recommend this theater to everyone. 4/5 stars!

Thistle Waggoner

saw Captain Marvel loved it


Awesome! Affordable prices, clean theater, clean restrooms, friendly staff, lots of munchies to choose from, love them popcorn with extra butter!

Robert Littlefair


Glenda Harvey

Great movie theater, good location, very helpful and nice people.

Shavon Wilson


Soiled, dirty seats to start off. It smells so bad it's Scary!

Jennifer Martinez

First of all the “3D movie” looked horrible halfway through the movie until they decided to fix it when it was almost over. And the place is dirty and disgusting. And to top it off my husband and I got food poisoning from the food. Never again

Leslie Otero

Torrey Gomez

The absolute worst experience I've ever had at a movie theater. The a/c wasn't working, so it was extremely hot. The audio was so low you couldn't hear the dialog at times. They did a poor job of checking tickets at the entrance and had to stop the movie to check tickets again. I will never step another foot in that theater.

Gabby Ardoin

False advertising! This place does not look like the pictures lol

Holly Moreno

Bathroom need more TLC

BlitzMain Is Cansiir

Its alright

Nathan Palmer

Great Customer Service employees went above and beyond theater was clean movie was great

MePinay23 Duhon

It was quiet and good. Just need improvement for seats .

Skyler Crout

Stacey Parker

Went to see new Cars 3 movie, the was no A/C in the place it felt like and it felt smothering.Worse movie experience ever!!!Could see dust on top of speakers!!

Jacob Lewis

Andria Metoyer

Marco Espinoza

It's a tiny theater but it's great for a family outing or a date.

Daniel Justus


MiSs JaDa

It was too expensive for a run down was my first and last time...I itched the whole movie...even my 10 yr old didnt want to stay and watch the movie...I told her I paid all this money we gone watch this movie SMH

Makojuice Daniel

Went in to see the dark tower today. They never played the movie just commercials about the theater itself for 30 minutes past the air time. I was the only one in there so I just walked out.

Haley Manchac

As soon as we walked in the smell of the theater (8) was awful. Very strong musty smell. Seats are filthy, arm rests mostly broken and all dirty. Ill be driving to Beaumont in the future.

Rose Papizan

I would come here more often if they had the recliner chairs

micheal lewis

Theater was clean and quiet for a Friday night.

Yordilamy Soler Perez

Buen lugar para realizar compras, muy bueno para relajarse

Keyla Castro

lying about being closed.

milagro pineda

The Jade Nicole

Tell me how much the dang tickets are !!!!

Naeem Khan

Ok small theater to see a kids movie at the last minute

phantasyfire fox

Very unprofessional

John Euston

Needs renovation big time. End yes musty smell is definitely present.

Jason Pachar

This is the best place to go see a movie. I am from Orange. We lost our theater to Hurricane Harvey so I needed the closest Theater to go to so i chose this one. I really love it. Serves the purpose of entertainment


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