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4600 S Medford Dr, Lufkin, TX 75901, United States Located in: Lufkin Mall

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REVIEWS OF AMC Lufkin 9 IN Louisiana


Was a joke. A bunch of kids are running this place. Letting other kids cut in line to get food. I tried to explain to the manager but she just gave me excuses and she didnt have on a name tag. I spent 100.00 to go to the movies and I will not be back to this place. They do not care just want to play at the snack bar and not act grown up. Someone needs to hire some grown ups cause I am letting everyone know it's a waste of money at this place. I asked to speak to someone over the manager and they refused for me to talk to anyone else. So good luck this place is horrible and not recommended at all. A joke that's very expensive. Horrible movie place. Go somewhere else that's at least professional. Thanks,

Adriane Iyamu

Good movie theater...

Effie Sutton

They were remodeling and they had , "No Refreshments & there was this plastic sheet hanging off the ceilings n it shouldn't have been even open !!!

Codie Barlow

Staff wasn't very friendly & the concession items are outrageously overpriced. No wonder people sneak their own snacks & drinks in. Won't be back.

Suellen Royer

AMC in a good location. Newly remodel looks good. Friendly staff.

Ivan Lopez

They have remodeled the theater! It’s fantastic! New power reclining seats with 2 levels of heating. There is also a fully stocked wet bar with beer on tap. $10.00 for a large beer, but hey you get to drink cold beer in a leather recliner.

TJ Hearnsberger

I took my 2 kids to see the incredibles 2. The theater is under renovation right now and only has 4 screens playing but.... I was amazed at the new seats in the theater. They were electric recliners with heated seats. I have never been so comfortable watching a movie in a theater. It was so nice that I called my wife and had her meet us up there mid movie. Never thought taking a 3 year old to the movies would have actually been relaxing but it was. Only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because of the work going on.

Thomas Johnson

Would of been 5 stars if it wasn’t 10 below zero in there, do yourself a favor and wear a jacket and long sleeve if you want to enjoy a movie here

Michael Payne

Not that great of movie selection at this location seems like they get the week old movies

john smith

Clean, recliners are comfy and the theatres are spacious. It's a bit pricey of course, but not any more than most theatres.


Amazing movies

Trchelle Lackland

Seen incredible 2 good movie

lauren manton

although this theater does have heated and reclined seats, my family paid $56 to go see wonder park at 12:30. it is now 12:53 and our movie currently has a black screen playing music and everyone is complaining about it, still seems like nothing is being done. i understand there are sometimes technical difficulties but it’s been to long for a overpriced movie

Dee Dack

Very clean and affordable

Veronica M.B

I like that we can serve ourselves our own drinks and icy's, the seats go all the way back, and are super comfortable, I go for the movie but staff should smile more

Shawn Neuman

The renovation was a good idea. This place was a dump so I was hesitant. But I was not disappointed. Great seats, good sound. I would see another film here

Marco O

Great seats, very cozy. They did a great job in the remodeling.

Clay Tillar

Everybody needs to go watch Hobbs and Shaw for sure!!

Jamie L

Fantastic theater, love the new remodel. Leather reclining seats with seat heaters. Buy your tickets in advance so you can pick the seats you want. Bring along a blanket so you can be extra comfortable.

stan Bennett

AC works GOOD!...LOL

Mr. Freeze

Very nice was the only person in the whole theater


The cashier had a bit of an attitude

J Delrie

All theaters look the same

Sabrina Henson

The remodel is very nice! The seats are now reclining and have heating. Perfect for cuddling! Prices are fair! Absolutely loved it!

Mary Denis

Very comfy since the new seats were installed

A Google User

I was going to see suicide squad here, but now that I know they have 30.06 posted I'll go elsewhere.

Angel Singleton


James Withers

This place is awesome!

fields family

Staff was very pleasant and was willing to work with us. Was able to go to the movies with my beautiful wife after 17 years of marriage for our anniversary!

Kathleen S

I wanted to purchase a sugar free iced coffee drink and this store did not have sugar free syrup available. I went to a different location for my beverages.

Melissa Johnson

Theater seems very run down and dirty. I'm sure it's a by product of being attached to the mall but it still doesn't make for a great experience. 30.06 sign.

Brandi Doughty

No one answers the phone!!!! I've been calling for 3 hours now.

Sharmitri Loew

Off the charts but pricy!

Jennifer Stanley

Love the new seats

Stephen Webb

Don't agree with the bar, I don't go to the movies to drink. Recliners are comfortable and theater always clean.

Mrs. Dan

Seats need updating. Floor needs replaced...too smelly.

Lillian Sims

Love it.....they have recliners!!!!!

Chad Markham

Love this theater, especially on the week days when nobody is there lol


It's okay but it's not worth the money no more the tickets to high the seats don't work supposed to be warm but they're not and I don't like them picking my seats for me.

Lilier Johnson

Great Place! Just Got Alot Of Construction Going On!!!

John Stroup

Comfortable recliners, friendly staff, clean

Bob Martin

Nice family friendly theater

Tracii Adams

The lounger chairs are unbelievably amazeballs! I'd go for just that!!

David Carrizales

The renovations to the theater are great! Enjoyed several movies here and with the heated seats, bar, and recliners you can't go wrong. The ability to reserve a seat makes the long lines obsolete. The staff was friendly and the overall cleanliness of the theater was good. We will be back!

Marilyn Wolford

Did not get to see a movie because it was too long before next show time.

Stephen Jones

Keep on making improvement it's getting better


Nice seats and screen

Kendra Avila

amazing place to go

3picex .

Seats are amazing in this theater. The particular one I chose was supposed to have 3 heat settings but it was either burn u or off. Movie experiance was good though.

Charles Powell

You are not protected here, a 30.06 Sign posted at ticket booth. Sad that this is posted, good guys are turned away while criminals read it as free jewelry heist. Businesses and people need more history lessons.

Nicole Hooks

It was great

Up Town

Surprisingly had a good time. Under renovation but is being upgraded to a better amc theater.

Linda Lemke

Green book is an awesome movie!


Enjoyed my time

Mark Budro

The seats in the theatre are off the chain! Love that they actually had heated seats. The sound system and quality of the theatre equipment seems to be top notch. The only issue we had was the fact that they only have one snack bar area which is at the front where you buy tickets, and it is always busy. They need to add one in the back section where you can get a quick refill close to your movie and not have to wade through all the people up front.

Steven Jones

Right now, it's kinda of a mess because they are under construction for the new remodel. Once completed, this will really help out. The staff is always really helpful and very nice.

Leo G

Good but pricey clean and well maintained

Kerry Goforth

Nice place, decent prices

Steven Wills

Check times for yourself! There times on website are not correct. My wife and I had evening planed around the time given on web, they were off by 1h 30m, complained to attendant , got a shrug and a suggestion that I was wrong, fella never bothered to check the website or offered to see if the error could be corrected. A friend told me the same thing happened to her last week. If this is the service we ( lufkin ) can expect from AMC, I for one will be taking my business elsewhere.

Gregory G Dempsey

It's a great place to go for a date night and watch a movie

Elizabeth Murphy

Wish they still had Tuesday concession specials to go with $5 tickets...big downer! Construction going on this last visit- wonder what improvements they're making? Recliner chairs would be nice... Clean and comfortable, with a variety of movie choices and better show times than Nacogdoches AMC, so we often drive over from there. There is not a separate line for Stubs member- that's supposed to be a perk of membership. Same for Nacogdoches.

Crystal McMullen

Love the chairs and service.

Angela Lonergan


Bryan Wallace

Not a fan of assigned seats and ice water cost as much as a large soda.

Leah M Hale


Melissa McKinney

Love the new seats

Caroline Foster

Great place, I love the recliners lol first real date I have been on in a long time.

Sharon Daugherty

Like all theaters, too much money for refreshments. Theater was clean.

Jason Morgan

Nice place comfortable seats.

Stefan Haley

Blah blah

Mark Sparks

Great place

Lady Brooks

I love that they updated the seats so that you can kick your feerup while watching. I'm also digging the assigned seating.

Kellynneith Quevedo

They need to remodel this teather. The area where we sat had broken arm rests, a covered seat...don't want to know what happened there and the popcorn tasted stale. But the matinee prices were ok. The cinemark stand alone teather would have been only $1 more but it's a newer nicer theater.

Jocelyn Yates

Love the new seats, especially the seat warmers. Awesome surround sound, clear picture, good food and drinks.

Donovan Clifton

Mugh better now that AMC has taken over. Cleaner, more efficient, better rewards program, and generally safer thanks to no gun policy. Never been unsatisfied with an AMC location anywhere.

Cynthia Counts

We watched The Lion King tonight in theatre #7. Movie was great but could not see over the wall between the rows while reclined. The walls need to be shortened! Also we could barely hear the dialogue, and usually the sound is awesome. Another thumbs down was the fact that the ceiling lights were never turned down during the whole movie making it hard to see, especially dark scenes. My family of 15 attended and sat on 3 rows starting from top and all experienced same issues.


Half the time there isn't anyone to even rip your tickets, so I'm kicking myself for buying them in the first place. The candy is also a huge ripoff, go down the hall and hit up the bulk candy place and sneek it in.

Kaye Smith

Reclining, heated seats! Very nice, clean theater. Great sound system..

Anthony Wells

I am not a fan of the new seating assignments.

Bryan Williams

Loved the new roomy feel. Super comfortable chairs are nothing to laugh at, seriously wish I had a similar setup at home. Really like selecting or reserving seats prior to going in the theater.. It means I don't have to play the guessing game or checking to see if the seats are taken. A little awkward if someone is in your seat though so would be cool if that were a little clearer.

Patrick Bewley

They ask you don't use cellphones, many places say they will ask you to leave, but always an issue here, and no repercussions other than distracting all other patrons. Latest incident: Arrived a few minutes after start time - movie hadn't even started yet, still in previews, yet staff already closed out, refusing any service. To much rush to close and get out, not caring that customers are being turned away

Teresa Chavez

Great place for family time

Sonia Jacobo

Clean, staff is nice .

Albert Mendez

Movie was GREAT!! Location was going through a renovation we will see how it it's better.

mela hernandez

Was great!

Joseph Leger

worst movie theater i have ever been too if the other theater had the same movies i would never gone here 1st time the lights were going off and on during the movie second all the seats and floor like haven't been cleaned in awhile and lastly the most recent visit the only beverage they had left was water everytime its something if the other theater has the movie your looking to see go to that ones instead

Peet von

Love the new seats

Jon Waldrep

Grab some popcorn and enjoy

Alex Garrett

Seats are so great! Theaters are spacious. I wish concessions weren’t so expensive. The seats could be cleaned between movies too, some were greasy! I would come back again!

Rhonda Douglas

Great time



Sonya Dailey

Awesome. Heated recliners.

darkhawk1211 .

Very good for a small town...clean new but screens positioned to low and to small

Ashley Bell

Love the recliner seats. That's about it. Its does the job as a movie theater but the concession stand is a very cramped area and the prices are outrageous. Only worth going if you or someone you know has a membership, then you get $5 tickets on Tuesdays.

Derek Bozeman

This movie theater is awesome! They just finished remodeling it and it's better than watching a movie at my own home! The seats are like lazyboy recliners! They recline and are heated, stadium seating so you feel like you're the only person there! If you go anywhere else you're really wasting your money the screen and sound is awesome! Every time we go and see a movie from now we will be coming here, not only didn't they upgrade the theater they upgraded the lobby as well, everything is beautiful!

Brooke Layton

I love how they remodeled the place. The seats are awesome. I love how they recline and how they are heated. It reminds me of being at home with a bowl of popcorn and a margarita watching a movie. The new system they have for ordering tickets seems to function better than having to wait in for an attendant to assist you when you can easily do it yourself in half the time and I like how you can reserve your seats so that way youre not right next to somebody.

beny trevino

Good place for the family to come and enjoy a flick. Just bring a blanket it gets a little chilli

Rickey Higgins

Best shooting gallery for criminals! They ban law abiding concealed permit holders from watching movies. Everyone is unarmed inside! Biggest dumdass decision EVER MADE!


Live place I took my lil one there for tha start of spring break to see Captain Marvel heated seats and everything...oh sign up for the membership and get it for cheap!!!

Tim the Fam Smith

Awesome place to watch a movie with heated reclining seats. Watch a movie in comfort.

James92028 .

Nice remodel

Adalia Contreras

Pretty clean

Gloria DE LA Cruz leon


Kathryn Williams

Great chairs. Great sound and picture.

chasaty379 .

I went to a 945am show and being that early, i thought they would have cleaned up. The seats had spilled drinks and popcorn and the drink section had sticky stuff all over the floor and counters. Movie sound was good, seats comfortable...just dirty. Clean up

Chris Truncale

Is being worked on, so you might need to be there before your move so you can dust your set

John Crocker

Really nice theater. The new recliner seats are very comfortable, and make long movies much more enjoyable.

Hermelinda Cespedes

Great experiences, except for this last time when I went to go watch avengers end game. The heated seat wasn't working and I couldn't get another seat because the theater was sold out.

Jesus Garcia

Great movie theater

billie register

Nice laid back theatre

Lulu Haywood


Colleen Michele Gibson

The new seats are nice.

Remi Rincon

I'm giving it a 4 every thing is more than $5.

LeeAnn W

Went with my husband a few months ago and we were told they close early on weekdays so we can't even have a date night without teenagers. We went to go see a movie late Friday night with pre-purchased tickets with a QR code and the cashier had no idea what it was and asked me what to do with it even though they're the only theatre in Lufkin that offers this service. Staff are very unfriendly and have no idea what they're doing including how to start a movie on time or work the lights. Tickets, food, and drink are all overpriced for a tiny corner in a strip mall that otherwise offers nothing.

James Vanhoose

Bathroom were horrible. Understand the remodeling but still no excuse. Popcorn cold. 95 dollars to see movie for the fam. Figured it would be better movie quality and sound. Definitely going with cinemark

LaDonna Walker

Very nice very clean great experience

Nishaye Simmons

Restrooms are disgusting

Rex Gray

Love the new recliner seats

Heather Ellingburg

If your looking to watch a movie, in a comfortable environment I would recommend visiting AMC. I am currently an AMC A-lister, which is a great paid program. For $21 and some change, I can see 3 movies a week, with no current limitations. (That effect this particular location) I also earn points for purchases at concessions , and the monthly membership fees also counts towards points. The staff is friendly and quick from my experience & the theaters are always clean. I have orders alcoholic drinks from the new bar and they are worth the price! I also love the fact the seats are now heated, so I don't get as cold as I used to. The only down side is, the seats are so comfortable you risk falling asleep during the movie. (Not so bad when your watching a movie with your SO/family/or friends that isn't your cup of tea)

Debbie Williamson

I have a physical disability and stopped going to movies due to discomfort. The new large padded electric recliners with heated seats is wonderful. I was able to stay for the whole movie. My only problem is too loud (I wore earplugs), and the handicap accessibility is still somewhat of a problem. Fortunately, they are helpful people. For that reason 4 stars.

HG Maccc

Love the seats and atmosphere

Andrea Torres


joshua havard

Located inside the lufkin mall.

Chris Hollnagel

Great since they've updated to reclining seats. Nacogdoches AMC needs to do the same.

Ceola Chase

I love that they upgraded. So comfortable and nice. It even has warmer on seats

Lori Fleming

My son and I can't wait for the remodel to be complete.

Will Clark

They must think the popcorn has gold in it. 3 cokes one lg popcorn and 3 tickets cost 60 dollars . That is robbery.

Chocolate Mokka

Was fun and clean and awsome seats

Kbeattie1 .

Bartender is either not working or out of alcohol

T Brochtrup

Comfortable seats! They have real food now! The soft drinks and pop corn are overpriced.


Nice theater

Candy Hester

Rude, acted like we had interrupting her doing something when she was just standing there, and was rude after we asked for our tickets. She rudely informed us that the movie was no longer avail, yet it was

Michael Carroll

The new chillax reclining seats make for a relaxing upgraded experience. Plenty of floor space to walk between the rows without tripping over a reclined seat. The seat warmer is too hot, both low and high settings. The air conditioning is way, Way, WAY TOO COLD. Dress warmly and bring a blanket for an extra layer of protection.

Callie Turpin

I really enjoyed it and will go back. My only complaint is how sticky the mats were in front of the coke machines. I got a good workout walking around afterwards though. The goo left on my feet from the spilled coke gave me some good resistance training for my thighs on the walk back to my car.

Carl Partin

Best seating that I've ever experienced

Shakyia Penn

Love the new and updated amc

Kitty Buzz

They weren't open. Can't rate them today.

Roger West

I enjoyed feeling safe knowing there were not alot of armed people around me who were distracted from the movie trying to keep me "safe".


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