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REVIEWS OF AMC Longview 10 IN Louisiana

Kathryn Pool

We arrived early for our 11:15 movie and had to wait in line for 20 to get our tickets. Because the cashiers were cooking. The lady refused to take or fandango gift card and when the movie ended the only bathroom in the whole theater was closed!

Jacob Wilkins

Soda machine was messed up. Very messy in lobby. Lights never went the way out in the movie.

Eric Showler

Took the family to go watch dumbo and was not expecting all the new stuff we walk in to the newly renovated theater 1 and to my surprise there were leather heated recliners man it was amazing they were comfortable easy to use man what a difference I was totally against going to the movies due to the fact I have a projector in my own home but this was amazing I will definitely be back !!!!!

Brian Hartsfield

Good movie experience, and current construction project was well cordoned off. Unfortunately the popcorn oil seemed a little off (sour?) and the butter topping flavor was also off, out of the one dispenser that worked.

Alishia Rockwell

Love the relaxing seats and the heat warming it was great

Stacy Shellhorse

The new recliners are nice. The restrooms needed to be cleaned. Nicely remodeled!

Alesha Norris

We absolutely love the summertime children's shows that they offer! Friendly service and fun movies! My son loves picking up one of the booster seats provided as well! They come in several different colors and fit in the seats well so the seat doesn't automatically close.

Amber Spinler

So not only is there food and drinks spilt everywhere when you walk in.. Its nasty inside the theatre as well. Me and my son are here to see a movie and it should have started 5 minutes previews or anything just silence n dark..Get it together yall just remodeled and had it looking nice....You could keep business if you made your crew actually clean. And start shows at the time they are supposed to start.

Jeremy Parker

Clean and nice reclining heated

Jerl May

New seating is great and prices are still relatively low.

Adam Chamberland

Amazing workers and popcorn. Seats are also amazing

Blake Myers

Great experience. seats are amazing. Slight glitches in Aladdin. But overall a perfect experience!

Christopher Perez

Would be perfect if they lov the prices down on the drinks and popcorn. Bathrooms real dirty .!!!

Margaret Mayfield

Going to this theater was the best movie experience I've ever had!! I knew I'd enjoy myself from the time I walked in. The staff is extremely friendly and very helpful. Clean atmosphere, clean floors, and a super clean ladies restroom. There is a bar to have drinks while you wait for your movie and a huge snack bar. Recliner chairs w seat warmers and plenty of isle space.

Gilberto Perez

They remodeled the entire place it's a lot more new look they have lots of food options and Carmel popcorn and cheddar cheese popcorn and some of the seats are adjustable and with heat warmers its fantastic but to get your tickets you have to go inside to the food stand line so show up early otherwise your going to be in long for a while.

chanosalinas77 .

So for two adults on a Friday night I paid 20.00 dollars. Which is fine but problem is their setup whenever you walk through the door. You purchase your tickets along with your concessions. Which makes it the process longer than it needs to be. The seating accommodations are okay. Comfortable reclining chairs with heating options. But don't think you'll be 100 percent comfortable. The room between the seats is too narrow. Expect to be moved if someone needs to get up. Also if you decide to lay back and relax. Pray that the individual in front of you has the same idea. Otherwise you can't see pass that chair, the screening rooms aren't inclined enough to provide, the proper accommodations for the chairs.

ETX VehicleDealer

Great place to watch a movie in Longview, came and saw the new Ad Astra movie on Saturday with the wife and the seats here are awesome! Purchased the tickets online and was less worry about being able to get what we wanted. Friendly staff as always, but we never get anything from the concession stand as to us the prices are just too high.

Eric Montgomery

Although I like the $5 tickets, that price is too much for this disgusting theater. The restrooms are so nasty that I’ve seen cleaner ones in old truck stops. It never fails that at least one toilet is stopped up or covered in feces and another is leaking all over the stall. Food prices are just like every other theater, over priced and I would advise you to NOT buy anything that isn’t pre-packaged. The drink station where you fill your own drink looks like it hasn’t been cleaned since the machines were installed. Service is sub-par at best. No one goes out of their way to help you with anything. Go for the $5 tickets, but bring your own food and go to the restroom BEFORE you get there!!!

maddox holt

The seats are very comfortable

Jen Martin

They have really changed this place. The new reclining chairs are awesome. I have ms and it's hard for me to get comfortable. I had no problems.

theresa Campbell

The check in process going through the concession stand takes too long. Be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes before your show. Other than that, I love this place.

Pure Romance by Kaydren

Love the upgrades. The heated recliner seats were amazing.

Clay McBride

Expect to wait at least 30mins before you can get a ticket. The line feels like it just doesn't move.....

Sherri & JL Cole

Best theater I've been to in long time. Very nice people.

evan willian

$34 for two, matinee with popcorn and a drink. Seems expensive ! Wish we didnt have to watch 20 minutes of previews.

Breana Norman

The new seats are super comfortable! Can't wait till all of the upgrades are done. I hope they upgrade the parking lot lights.



Mary Cole

We mostly enjoyed our time at this theater, but we had to dig earphones out of my purse because the sound was too loud. Management was notified by another visitor, but the problem was never fixed.

Jason Simmons

The changes to this theater are great! I just hope they keep it up.

Damion Miller

I love the renovated theater and recliner seats. It looks really nice inside and desperately needed the revamping. It is much busier now which leads me to the only negative part of the review. They were severely understaffed for the number of customers in line while I was there with my family. We arrived at 225pm for a 3pm Showtime to see Avengers: Endgame and it took until 315-320pm to get into the theater with refreshments. We missed most of the previews, which is not a big deal, but we could've missed the beginning of the movie, which would have been a big problem for me. Over all we love the new face of AMC in Longview they just need more staff to handle the new business load.

Caitlin Morales

Two people working the joint concession/tickets on a Friday night??? Over 20 ppl waiting in line, thanks but no thanks we just walked out.


So comfy! Bundle up, its cold in there!

Lakeysa Stuart

Great, clean place. Great seats brand new take blanket it's cold.

Kelly Weldon

$8.50 for a matinee ticket on a Monday!! The seats were the ONLY nice thing about this theater. Our movie was supposed to start at 2:15pm..... we sat thru TOO MANY minutes of pictureless commercials and music. Finally got picture at 2:23- if we cant see commercials AT LEAST start the movie on time!!! I'll go to the Regal cinema from now on!

Marilynn Velvin

The only positive to this movie theater are the chairs. Majority of the time its either extremely too cold or extremely too hot. The screen messes up when the movie gets loud and this has happened on multiple occasions. It always one thing or another, they also forget to dim the lights during the actual movie. For the price of the tickets i would expect a-lot more. The place always seems dirty and don't even bother buying your tickets there because you'll be waiting in line for quite some time because the concession and ticket line is in the same place. The only reason this is getting 2 stars instead of 0 is because the chairs recline.

Patrick Clark

Wow. The seats are amazing. A must place to see a movie. It has ruined other theatres for me

Joe Stiewe

Really nice upgrades with promises of more to come.

CoCo Kitty

You get to pick your owe seats, food and drink combo. There is also a walk up bar at the entrance. There are many apps posted to join their monthly subscriptions gor movie heads to save money. I Love the upgraded seats with seat warmers. So much space, yet intimate.

Ruby Denton

I enjoyed this movie, "The Other Side of Heaven: Part II immensely. The story was very inspiring and uplifting. The theater seats were comfortable too!

Junior George

The new improvements are awesome. Heated, reclining seats and I love being an A-List member. 3 movies a week, any movie, any time. Definitely worth the 22 dollars a month. Love this place. Come during school to the first movie and chances are you'll get the theatre to yourself!

Sanford Jimerson

Super cool place to watch movies. Heated seats n comfy chairs.


I would have given five stars but only one soda machine was working and on that one the ice didn't work. The seats recline and heat. It was clean and of course over priced.

L Sosa

Great seats that heat up and lean back far, Tuesday discount movies and popcorn and Saturdays before noon...

Shannii Williams

I love the atmosphere here, the rooms are small and cozy with heated seats that you can adjust so that you're laid back.

Clint Stuart

First visit in years ... Love the new upgrades!!

David Tudor

Went to enjoy a show not some guy sboring away during the movie. Informed employee, nothing done. I got and left.

Aaron Barnes

Great redo. The chairs are comfortable. They even have heated seats.

Josh Hawkins

Love the new heating recliners.

mike reid

Been there twice with my grandson. Seats are wonderful!!!

Becky Leeson

The seats are really amazing. In the room that we went to the seats leaned back, and they were so comfortable! They even had seat warmers! The food is very expensive, though. A packet of candy costs $4,70. And that is the cheapest thing you can get. Be prepared to spend a lot of money if you plan on buying food. It's best to just bring your own.

Ryan Russell

Not the best screens, but the recliner style seating is super comfortable and spacious

Melanie D.

Staff was extremely uninvolved and anything but helpful. They are remodeling so that will help I guess but good staff will make or break it.

Ethan Kunz

While I love the new seating like all new revamped AMCs have, I have to say that the audio was awful. The surround sound was completely dampened, and all you could hear were the front facing speakers--and those sounded like the cones were blown out. It was hard to hear the characters on screen, so quiet, in fact, that it couldn't drown out the obnoxious 5 adults talking the whole movie for any scene. I'll give y'all one more try.

Mark Jacin

Comfy seats but cost of snacks more then I like to pay

J Lynn

Absolutely in love with the remodel!! Loving the new seats and setup, hopefully it wont be ruined by trashy, inconsiderate people.

Tsuper Tsunami

This theater currently looks very strange inside, but that is because it is currently being remodeled. They have done a fantastic job with the place so far. However, I think the remodeling caused issues with the showing of Avengers: Endgame that I went to today. The screen was not on for 90% of the trailers. That's no big deal though - they weren't why I was there. The big issue was that most of the audio cut out halfway through the movie and left us with an underwater sound that made dialogue completely indecipherable. The only compensation we received when we walked to the front desk halfway through the movie was simply a voucher to redeem another movie. That is really unfortunate quality of service both on the customer service side and the actual theater side. I have been to this theater before (Captain Marvel) and experienced no issues, but this really hurt my trust in them.

John Stephens

Reclining chairs are amazing. You still purchase tickets at the counter but it is way better than before.

Lyia Carreon

The new reclining seats are pretty cool! And prices didn't even go up. I don't like that you have to reserve seats now but it's whatever. Theater is usually pretty clean and staff is nice.

Samantha Sego

Currently under renovation, but extremely nice! Staff was very professional and courteous. The prices are great and affordable. The seats are amazing! Leather, self-reclining and HEATED. Such a cool perk, for the price. We will be coming back soon!

Tiffany Menges

Cost $70 for 3 tickets and snacks. We ordered tickets online and were not give 3D glasses when we checked in. We had to go back again and ask for them. Out of advertised Toy Story souvenir popcorn tin. Half the regular snacks were sold out. Both butter machines where out of butter. After two separate polite requests, it still was not fixed. Get into the theater and there is still trash from the last movie. Only positive was the heated and reclined seats, which is why we tried this theater over the Regal 14 we usually go to. The cons far outweigh the cons and we will not be back.

Linda Morrow

Movie theatre very clean..comfortable movie seats.

Matthew Graham

ENTRY: Movie started at 8, get there to what we thought was early, 30 mins before 8, and have to wait in line for 30 mins to get tickets. AMC sells their tickets at the concession registers, had two people working it with a line out the door. Two people working bar area, with no customers. Lack of management I guess. Drink machine was out of most flavors for drinks, popcorn area was horrible. STADIUM: Seats were great, stadium was clean, AC works good, movie clear and sound awesome. OVERALL: Subpar, but if you can get through the front, you'll have a great experience.

Rigo Rosales

Very friendly staff and they accept fandango tickets I went to regal and they don't do I came here. Thanks

Racheal Paschall

The theater is very nice. The seating is fantastic, but it is filthy. I went to a Thursday early evening movie, and the concession area, drink station, and restroom were disgusting. It was not busy, but there was trash all over the lobby floor.

Trina Smith

The prices are kind of high, but they make up for it in comfort with reclining heated seats!! I will definitely be going back their for my movie experiences.

Emma Carpenter

The Movie was phenomenal and the seats are amazing.....Well done on the remodel of this theater around.

Ron Gaston

The new seats are great

Regina Smith

Love the new seats and all the remodeling that was done.

Madison Combs

At this time they are doing renovations, which hopefully will make the place look a little bit better. Always have good movies showing, popcorn is one of the best I have had. Their bathrooms could be cleaner.

Kelsey Stephens

I have my AMC membership and I love this place!

Monicqua Allen

Very nice place to enjoy a movie

Victoria Fallon

Really good since tge update!

Tina Ortiz

Very nice place. Employees are super friendly. Bathroom did need some TLC.

Sharon Teel

OMG, they are finally renovating the AMC movie theater behind Longview Mall. It is freaking Awesome. All the seats are brand new...&.... they are all motorized recliners. We had an amazing experience there tonight. Just incredible, extremely comfortable, plenty of room. I have been sending messages to the corporate AMC for a while now, telling them they desperately needed to renovate over here in Longview Texas.... especially the bathrooms!!! They haven't done the bathrooms yet, but I look forward to seeing what they end up doing with them... anything's an improvement!! We had literally quit going to the movies for years because it got too ridiculously expensive.

Marcus Lyons

New heated reclining seats. Very nice staff. Over all had a great movie night!

Gabriel Ayala

This place is dope....seats are super amazing. Reclining AND heated.

Stewart Cleesen

Seats are awesome. Worth the price for that alone. Will go again.

Refugio Canchola

This was the second time I have been since it was redone, love the seats but it is not getting treated as well as it should be. Definitely not getting cleaned or maybe just the time of day I went (8pm) and drink machines were dirty and no ice. Some staff not as friendly as you'd think it should have, I hope it gets better.

MIchael A Outdoors

Comfortable seats, friendly staff.


The cinema is beautiful since their remodel. The seating is very comfortable. The only complaints that I have is although the concession stand has a lot of variety, it is very expensive even if you just choose to go the popcorn and soda/water route. Also we had pre-paid for our tickets online and when we walked in to the theatre there was a long line at the concession stand which is also where you purchase your tickets if you don't purchase them online. Well, we walked over to where they normally take your tickets and direct you to which theatre you go to but there was nobody there. We stood there for a few minutes waiting and hoping that we didn't have to stand at the back of the concession line to have our tickets scanned. Well after nobody showed up there, that is exactly what my husband did and stood in line for several minutes only for somebody to finally show up to finally scan our tickets. So he got out of the concession line and went back over to finally get our tickets scanned and directed to our theatre. This should have never been such an inconvenience. This was why we prepaid for online tickets in the first place was to avoid a line and a wait.

Becky Kohn

Wonderful recliners with heated seats. Great screens and sound system. Great place to see a movie & relax!

Rusty Bolan

Much cleaner and more spacious seating with improved sound and picture.

Joshua Costello

Worst movie theater in Longview. The staff is so rude and disrespectful towards their customers. It’s like they don’t even want to be there. The seats where comfy but the building is not taken care of or cleaned.

Albert Chalys

A surprisingly comfortable theater with gorgeous curved screens. The seats are amazingly comfortable.

Adrianne Ball

Loved the heated seats! I forgot my hoodie ... So the seat warmers where amazing!

Aleisha Defoe

We Love the new seats. They recline all the way back and the arm goes up so you can cuddle next to your date!!

NateTheGreat .

Hot as hell in hear. The movie started playing with sound only. Nothing on the screen. Floors are nasty as well as the seats. Stay away.

Kate Myers

Nice chairs that recline and have heaters

Jennifer Long

Only theater I'll go to. Prices are great and the staff is great

Daryl Baker

Look they are the nice reclining heated seats so far

Elaine Neagle

OMG! Reclining heated seats. I am to go at least once a month.

Becky Hendrix

Awesome reclining seats with sear warmers. What a treat!!!

Liam Holsen

Wow look at the new seats! PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS ONLINE!!!! IT MAKES EVERYTHING FASTER. Crew is quick but I noticed people make the lines take so long because they dont pay attention when picking seats!! Update: Got a chance to go back to watch Avenger and wow, they made great progress since I last came ! Staff was great and much friendlier than previous times. Staff was doing movie trivia and giveaways and kept everyone excited for the movie. Friendlier than the other theatre and great customer service!

Jarred Fry

Great theatre. Wish concessions were separate from ticket sales, but that seems to be the direction most places are going now.

Running Grass

Omg, they have lazy boy chairs that have electric warmers and of course feet extension s automatic tilt seat. 3d was awesome. Worth the $. Order your seats ahead and u can sit large groups together or family. Great experience.

Neil Petty

I loved the new chairs! Kick back in the large heated chairs.

Jeremy Gonzales

Love this place. It's always clean, and also love reserved seating. Seating is pretty limited, but it also keeps the number of distractions in one theater room to a minimum. Having the Stubs A-List subscription is definitely worth the monthly fee.

Gam3rN3rd 69

Although it looks like it's going through some renovations, the prices and seats are far more worth it compared to hollywood theatre. One downside is not many previews before the film actually starts. Bummer, but not a deal killer

King Melanin

It was an amazing experience. AMC has stepped up in a major way and is hands down the best theater in Longview once again

Paul Shavens

Large Popcorn is refillable. Drinks are really great. New seating.

Adam Richardson

They are making much needed improvements here.

Tara Thomas

Love the new improved theater. Food, drinks , heated reclining seats. Yes please! My boys said this is the only theater the want to go to from now on.

David Robledo

I like the new improvements will definitely come back here to watch movies.

Liz Mitchell

Wow! This is amazing. Our AMC was just recently remodeled and it is super nice now. It's very clean and super sleek. There isn't a lot of crowds here and the seating is extremely comfortable. This is the place to see a movie in Longview.


Theater has been renovated, Love the comfortable reclining seats with heating option. Fresh popcorn. Best movie theater in Longview!

Claude Ervin

Great theater. The bar is a great addition, but makes the lobby cramped with all the walk zones.


The movie theater gtmreat and clean the bar omg 15 bucks for a small margarita that was insane

Kelly Gentsch

They run a skeleton crew most of the time, not that I can blame them, but the lines run long on occasion. The snacks are both typical and overpriced, but thats not unusual for going to the movies, and sometimes the ticket taker is just kind of missing. Pretty easy to guess which room you need though The remodel looks great, and the place was kept generally clean before the update, albeit with the standard sticky floors every theatre seems to come with. If they can keep the new amenities in good condition, I'll keep going.

Barbara Shelton

Nice. Love the recliners.

Allison Lightfoot

Usually have a great experience. Today staff was off prior to first show of the day. Obvious last night staff did not check soda machines or butter, as both coke machines were out of diet coke and coke zero...lids not stocked, and butter out. Also air conditioning was not turned down in time to cool theater properly prior to was stuffy.

Derek Payer-Smith

Worst theater I have ever experienced. They were remodeling when we went and honestly should have closed until they were finished. Concession prices were way too high and the sound in the theater was uncomfortably loud during the pre show advertising.

janice pirkey

Love the recliner with heat. You have room to walk between them.

Michael Adamson

Comfy seats, but REALLY inefficient. Buy your tickets online to save time and then arrive at the theater only to stand in a line for 30 minutes to get a drink. They really need a concession stand only line.

Tim Prewitt

This is the absolute slowest movie theater for buying a ticket. You better show up an hour early if you want to watch anything. I’m leaving before I can even see a movie, for the second time this week! They almost force you to use the Regal Cinema.

kenny campos

It was a lot pricier than a couple of my other movie theaters I've been too. It did have a good selection of beer and food the only problem I really had was trying to get the tickets. They didn't have many lines they had many people waiting on line and the same line to buy the tickets also is your food which many theaters solved by having two different lines one for food and other one for strictly buying tickets.

Rusty Shackleford

The upgraded auditoriums are great. This is now the only theatre I will go to

Eve Dropka

Nice cept for "reserved seats" deal.

David Starr

Very busy, dirty lobby littered with popcorn, one freestyle machine was down, but good movie as I sat close to a young couple with an infant. Can't wait to try the MacGriffin Bar soon.

Elaine Finney

The new renovations are top notch. It's become my new favorite theater in the area.

Susan Fitzgerald

We saw Bohemian Rhapsody tonight . The movie was great, but it was so cold in the theater. It was 36 degrees room air . The manager and employee's we're notified several times. If the heater was broken they should have refunded our tickets. I give AMC a 0

Carol Hagan

Wow no wonder they have no business on a Friday night this place is so run down one light each side of the parking lot so if you are a single female I'd go someplace that has lights and security for safety. Asked the manager about it he said it's always been that way did not seam to care then when we got our tickets for Small Foot ( day 2 of being out ) we were the only people in here it smells so bad in here like mold. Part of the ceiling gone and wires hanging down. It's like so cold inside the theater like below 60° and it's cool outside to..... wasted money at this theater .... nope won't come back

kenneth jackson

That was the best movie experience I have ever had it had been probably twenty years since I had went to a movie someone talked me into going there it is pure luxury. The seats lay all the way back like I am in a lazy boy. There is no wait on getting in. Just a wonderful place

Truth Hurts

This movie experience was very comfortable, the reclining seats and plenty of room for my large frame were a nice change of pace from typical cramped theater seating. Prices were reasonable and well worth the money. I can't wait for the bar section to open up!

Jennifer Davenport

New theater seats were great service not good at all! Prices were high for Concessions and lady said they only had large cups for drinks even though I told her they had three smaller sizes in kids and then later saw a girl get small cups out of the storeroom Don’t give free refills like all other theaters I go to - ya have to fill out a membership and she said she have to wait til line was done and she was only one register with her and a new employee training so I couldn’t wait my movie just started !

Carolyn W

First time we've been to this theater in several years. Superb facility! Clean! Courteous employees! Comfortable seats! Restroom spotless and well supplied. Concessions way too expensive $$$. We can eat out before or after the movie. We'll be back on Tuesdays for bargains.

Tyler Stone

Even if you don't want popcorn or candy you have to wait in the long line just to get your tickets, they have nice seats but the seats are almost at the same level as the ones on front of you, so if your shorter, you will have a difficult time seeing the screen

Vicki Smith

The new reclining seats are wonderful. However it will be a while before we return. They were not appropriately staffed so the wait was long, only two employees working the counter. They were selling tickets and refreshments. I recommended buying your tickets online and skip the refreshments.

Teara Foster

Love the heated seats and bar. And the food! The new part 2 it movie was also amazing!! Super scary! Highly suggest! If you've seen the others.

Laylas Channel

The new updates were amazing are seats had heat warmers and reclined back.The workers were very nice and patient too.The prices were very cheap and they had a wide variety of food choices. ALOT better than regal cinemas

Matt Beene

It has been upgraded with better seats and atmosphere!

Gary Bechtail

Cheaper than Hollywood. Can't wait til they start serving booze.

sean busha

Love what they've done with the place!

Budman121865 .

Love the new seating. Picture and sound better. Will go back.

Bobby Voss

We went tonight and watched DUMBO! Although things are under construction, we were completely shocked and the seating and now comfortable it was for the family! We will certainly be visiting again!

Joaquin Guerrero

Great place to watch a movie. Great seats and variety of drinks ;)

David Stiewe

Place has really stepped up their game since getting bought. Can buy beer here now. Haven't bought flat bread here yet, but I'm happy to see it. Recliner chairs are pretty comfortable. Will see movies here again.

Lori Dohanich

They're remodeling, but we love the changes so far. The seats are large, comfortable, heated, and reclining. If the movie hadn't been so good, I'd have fallen asleep!

Eric C.

Normally is a good place to watch a movie, but customer service has not been good as of recently. Went to see a showing of Endgame and the audio was messed up. The night before, they mentioned it would be fixed the next day. It was not fixed the next day.

Cassie Cowan

Apparently no one is ever available to answer the phone regarding questions in seating so that you can properly purchase tickets. I hate when businesses put too much stock in allowing automated systems to do their work rather than focus on just a bit of customer service. Every time I’ve called it just rings and rings until it says “no one is available” and hangs up. Sad.

Lauren Whipkey

Friendly staff, high prices but comfortable seating. A little chilly so take a blanket!

Duhjj,ll, L

The newly remodeled theatre is great. Very comfortable seats that recline, and the movie started on time and the theatre was nice and cool!

Rachel Adamson

Phenomenal upgrades! Best theater in Longview.

Amy Aleman

The theater is getting a facelift. The reclining heated seats that you reserve when buying your tickets is awesome. Eventually a bar is going to be there and I can't wait. The popcorn is always the best, I'm glad I didn't give up on the theater.

Jessica Spencer

Since they renovated, I love the theater. The seats are recliners, heated, snacks are better. We enjoy it a lot more now.

Pedro Briseno

Theater looks great with the renovation, reclining seats, new food options and future bar to be open

Felicia Rios

They have redone sone of the theater and it is AWESOME.........seats are amazing and comfortable and the screen is bigger and better

Mexican Demolition Ranch

Never coming back such a rude guy that was there. I was going to go order something so i went straight from the restroom to the counter and someone barely coming in the door and no ones is there other the employees behind the concession stand, so I go to ordered even before I get to wya my order damn employee says you have to go around the line I was seriously no ones was here in line because there was no One there other than the couple coming in. can even order anything when I already had payed tickets and food for my whole family and friends. Can’t even get a order because the guy says they were here first like come on. That’s just unprofessional and not really good customer service I’ll take my business to Hollywood theatre. All I go for is because of the nice seating.

Darbi Craig

Love the new remodel! Very comfortable seating. However, it was freezing! Had I not brought a blanket I would have actually left and not watched the movie because of how cold it was. Other than that, it was good!

Melissa Stineman

Love the upgrades they have made. Seats have warmers in them and they recline!

Ja'Niya Baugh

the remodel of this building is absolutely wonderful! my brother even fell asleep in the reclining chairs! but the soda here gave me food poisoning the day after I went there. sneak your own drinks to save your stomachs.

Chris Bade

Sound cut out halfway through the movie. Would not issue refund, only free pass to another movie, but does not guarantee a reserved ticket for you. Basically told me to show up and hope the movie I want to see hasn't already sold out. Terrible customer service

Kim Henigan

No butter in dispenser, had to ask twice to get refilled!Did not receive 3D glassed upon presenting ticket information!Had to go back and ask!!Preview could only hear no picture!!!!! Out of three different kinds of candy and diet drinks.Not worth the price for recliners! Also out of Toy Story designer tins which were advertised! Rethink this Theature!Rip off.Over 35.00 to get in for two adults and one child.Snacks over 35.00 for three drinks and popcorn and ONE candy.

David Dodson

The theater seating is comfortable but the bathrooms are rough. Urine all over the toilet seats and the lock to the handicap stall doesn't work so it stays open.

Christopher Boone

Love this theather better than Hollywood

Mary Satcherwhite

Amazing!!! I Love It!!! That's Me and my Husband's Favorite Movie Theater, even before they started fixing on it.

Tenna Ellis

Extremely expensive compared to others in the area. It was so cold I felt like my insides were freezing! My husband who is very hot natured even said it was cold!!!

Kerry Hicks

I love the new chairs, lots of space. Matinee price is great. Wish bathrooms were a little cleaner.


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