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4486 Veterans Memorial Blvd, Metairie, LA 70006, United States Located in: Clearview Mall

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Where is AMC DINE-IN Clearview Palace 12?

REVIEWS OF AMC DINE-IN Clearview Palace 12 IN Louisiana

Andrew Hogan

Pretty good food just need to clean up holders

LaTonya Davis

I enjoyed visiting it. Comfy seats, Dolby (Lil loud) and very easy to find seats. I do think some of the items are expensive. Cinemark offers more rewards for customers so AMC should do the same.

Octavio Otamendi

The movie theater has been completely renovated with big comfortable chairs. A brand new extensive menu for more than just candy and popcorn. You can now get great meals from juicy burgers to chocolate shakes, quesadillas, chicken wins , pizza. This place got a renovation I didn’t know it needed now I don’t know how I lived without it

Jeanne Eddington

Love the reclining chairs. Clean theatre

China Baldwin

This place really needs to get it together. The lady's restrooms were horrible. In one of the restrooms, urine was all over the stall floors forcing me to try another one and that one wasn't any better. There was trash everywhere. Even walking down the hallways there was popcorn and trash on the floors.


I should preface this review by saying that I haven't been to a movie in about four years. I was there on a Thursday at 4:00 and the place was nearly vacant. My friend and I loved, loved, loved the reclining chairs and the side tray. The bathrooms were clean and my feet and arms didn't stick to anything, so I didn't have a complaint about cleanliness. I only ate popcorn and candy. I don't believe a movie theater can provide decent (real) food, so we stopped at Zea's before hand for a light meal before popcorn and candy. Loved it and can't wait to go back.

A Simon

Cust serv was great. Seating was excellent. Wings was good coleslaw was dry very dry. Overall experience was four stars. Would return but no coleslaw

Ayanna Jackson

very nice my kids loved it

loveablejelly .

I really enjoy watching movies at this location. I purchased tickets for the recliner seats. They are very comfortable! You have to be careful not fall asleep. Lol. The servers were very respectful and fast. The theatre is very clean.

Gorgeous Jay

Great service & friendly staff. Very clean & comfortable.

Genea Jackson

Loved it! comfortable seats, food served to us. 5 stars!

Barbara Dorris

I do not like food service during the movie. However I do like the Dolby viewing experience. It is an extremely comfortable auditorium.

Aaron Acord

Good seats but it was a letdown that the bar was closed early. Half the reason why I spent the time to go to this theater was to have a drink while watching the movie. Probably won't go to this theater again.Wasted my time.

TracyLynn Paralegal

Dine-in is great but the absolute best feature is the COMFORTABLE SEATING! Elmwood AMC is closer to where I live but I haven't been back from the first time I went to Clearview.

Jason Bohnenstiehl

Theater 12 IMAX smells old and musty with a hint of locker room. Otherwise it's a nice place.

Nina Boudreaux

Excellent theater with nice seats and alcohol plus delivery of food to your seat during the movie. Highly recommend for the area.

Jared Jones

I've been going to this theater for over a decade now and it wasn't always this good. AMC took what used to be a rundown joke of a theater and transformed it into a place I enjoy seeing movies at now. I recommend getting the A list to skip the lines and get 3 movies a week for a flat rate.


Very clean and comfortable environment. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Food was surprisingly delicious and rightly proportioned. Movie was fantastic. Best movie night ever.

Yamileth Dantin

Theatre and the sound were great. The women's bathroom smelled like pee.

Joseph Schneider

Had not been to this AMC since they upgraded. Well maintained. Nice seating. Need to work out a better configuration for tray table.

Brandon Chang

Great movie theater! Really clean and friendly location with new movies available. Facilities are up-to-date and have comfortable reclining chairs. Would recommend!

Shanta Martin

Customer service I will give a 4. Seating is comfortable for anyone of any size. Food to me always on the pricier side. Had a minor issue with the movie not coming on on time. Movie started at 10:45p. We were unable to view any previews and movie didn't start till after 11p. Finally the movie appeared with the sound, after a few min we had a volume. I still would recommend Clearview Movie Theater.

Eugene Thornton

Great place movies, Good service.

duaine daniels

Fun experience.Good movie with good friends.

Deanna Elizabeth

The staff is ok. The food is good and the seats are comfortable!

gina trahan

The employee that took my ticket was holding a can of D-Con rat spray.

Erick Moscoso

I'm on the A-list and this is a very convenient/clean location. I love that you can order food and the seats are great!

Leon Sanders

I love the new seats which are spacious and preselected. There is now a huge amount of different food and drink choices both alcoholic and non alcoholic. The staff was friendly and efficient. The audio and video of the film was awesome and it wasn't even imax. I highly recommend this theater in particular

Carolyn Ross

The place was very clean and comfortable. Had a wonderful time.

Brenda Gilmore

"Overcomer" was a very heartwarming and inspiring movie. Very good acting. And one of the largest hamburgers served at my seat..very enjoyable. Would definitely do this again.

Bri Chivatero

Surprisingly less expensive than one might imagine for a dine-in movie theatre given that boxes of candy are marked up 4x what Walgreens would cost. The food is even pretty darn good. It's a cool take on "dinner and a movie", especially if it's not a first date and you're more focused on spending time versus getting to know them. I wouldn't do it *every* time I go to a movie, but for special occasions, I actually really enjoy it. Definitely look at the menu before you leave -- it's much more of a pain to try to figure out what you want right before the movie starts! Finding the menu is probably the hardest part, but so far, I've never had a bad meal there. Those who are hard of hearing: you can ask for a special device that fits in a cupholder. It's basically a small screen on a stick that shows closed-captioning for the movie you're seeing. It usually works, but in the rare event that it doesn't, they give you and another party member tickets to see the movie another time after they figure out the issue.

Archie Lee Washington Jr

I love the remodel of the theater. It has a clean, sleek look with fully reclining leather seats in all the theaters. At the point of purchase of your ticket, you have to preselect your seats. If it's a new, big movie, get there early or purchase online. In addition, you can order food and have it delivered to your seats. The food seems to be pretty good. The only thing I had were the wings which were solid. I definitely don't have to go to Canal Place anymore. This has become one of my favorite locations.

crzapy B

Went and saw John Wick 3 here. Liked the seat reservation option and the big screen. Didn't like the awkward reclining seats.

Sheila Glass

The flatbread pepperoni pizza delicious

Willatuno C

Great theater, leveled up movie food

Mike Crimmins

My new favorite theater. Opposite of the Elmwood location. Friendly, helpful staff that care. Lines moved fast. Theater inside and out was clean. The seats were so comfortable. Awesome theater.

Randy G

Awesome seats..super comfy!! Sound and screen are good here , food available while you are chilling with a movie.

D.E. Blade

Too pricey. This theatre has the done function with a menu uniquely different from the regular selection & quite pricey. Not worth it.

Sean Ainsley

Their website tricks you into believing they have recliner seats. This is false and the seats here are old, dirty and uncomfortable. They need to be more clear which locations have recliners and not mislead their customers, that's bad business practice.


This is an amazing theater! The seats are so comfortable and they bring your food too you if you order anything. The only downfall about this place is the prices. The prices are extremely too high but it is a very nice theater.

Bianca *

Nice place to have a light snack delivered to your seat and see Rocketman!

Cherese Johnson

Very nice first time back since they remodeled the building. Super nice pocket busting snack.

Daphne Mami A Diario

SO SO SO expensive. Don't take me wrong. It's nice, loved the love seat type seating but we spent so much on food. $86 and it was just one burguer, one thing of flavored popcorn, one nacho and one order of churros. No, thanks. I'll eat at home next time.

Martena Williams

A Madea Family Funeral was the movie. It was funny. Food was tasty. The seating was comfortable. Needed directions for recliners. Grandson says old people. Lol.

Contentious Objector

Nice rewards program makes it less expensive to take the family to the movies. Love the reclining seats.

Paul Reed

Nice! It's way better than the AMC at Elmwood.

Leia Pichon

It's a hoax. There is no dining in. It's get your food at the counter and hoping you don't drop your food as you try to find your assigned seat.

master Virgo

It was amazing the trip was worth it and the food was delicious and delivered before the movie started

Au Z

dine in is good. only when seats are cleaned in a good condition. at least not oily

Terrell Simon

Dine in theater was nice, and the food was not bad either. Could be better or more generous a portion for the price.

Cynthia B Smith

Service was awesome. Loved the seats n popcorn

Urban Mystic

A real comfortable place.

Arthur Juneau

I was in theatre 8 and it was very nice. There's a tray for you to eat and the seats are comfy. Plus the seats recline. The picture was great.

Patricia Pineda

We always pick this movie theater for our movies. At first I was not comfortable with their new system of their seating but now I get it and I like it. They have remodeled it really nice. Seats are comfortable and you have more space around your seats! It feels almost like if you are home watching from your living room!

Daryle Mayer

We just got back from watching The Last Jedi here. We had a wonderful experience. The tickets were well-priced, and the food service was amazing. The theater was clean and comfortable, sound and picture were excellent. We eat a whole food …

Lastenia Dardano

I like seeing movies here. The seats are comfortable. The one thing that is consistently bad at this theatre are the bathrooms. They are disgusting. The strong urine smell hits you before you even step in. If the employees cannot clean, then they should hire a cleaning crew. A bucket of bleach could solve their problem. Considering they serve food. They are lucky the health department has not paid them a visit.

Charles Beasley

Top notch as far as this type of venue rates.

wendy palmer

Great seats and service!! Food was good and I enjoyed the experience and just joined as a A list member!!!

Scott Heard

Quick service and great staff. The entire family enjoyed the experience.

Kyle Borne

Love the dual zone reclining seats. Seems a bit narrow, but comfy...too tight just raise the center arm rest!! 1 MAJOR Complaint - 3rd floor parking has 3 Handicapped places & a JPPD space...each theater (each) have more than 4 sitting sections reserved for Handicapped!!! 2 visits with the folks & they have still not been able to use the parking.

Ron Alexis

Love the idea of dining while movie watching. Nice experience.

Amber Haydel

Theater seats are great. Dine in to seat is okay. We just didn't have the best experience with out cashier at the concession stand but the manger handled it promptly.

Millicent Pedersen

The theatre itself wasn't cleaned but the seating itself was comfortable.

Dorothy Guidry

My first visit was very good!! My Soup and salad was good.

Miche M.

I typically only visit this location when going to the movies with certain friends (because the location is central). This location was recently renovated, but they could have done much better. The stalls in the restroom are super small. Also, the restroom was dirty on my most recent visit. They offer reserved seating (with reclining seats). The seats are the smallest I've ever experienced. If the person next to you moves too much, then the seat separator pushes into your personal space. It seems like they've reduced the dine-in menu since they first started offering the service. On my last visit, I noticed that many of the items offered in the past were no longer available. I hesitantly ordered the pepperoni flatbread. It had way too much sauce on it, and the sauce had a slightly weird taste. Other than that, it was pretty good. I like that they deliver the food to your seat, so that's a nice perk. I'm sure I'll be returning, but the AMC in Elmwood is my first choice.

Adimu Watson

Seating is great! I enjoyed the Dolby experience!

Andrea F

Nice movie theater in the mall that has been renovated and upgraded and is spectacular. Order actual food, and have it brought to your seat. Comfortable chairs. Just wonderful.

Brandy Forstall

I really enjoy going to the AMC dine in clearview. The menu gives you a variety of different things. I've had the burger with onion rings, the gourmet popcorn and I've been very satisfied with everything thus far.

Brenda Sonia

Had a great time today. So comfy and relaxing. Great service! Loved the movie, "The Hate You Give".

Casca Longinus

Great comfortable power seat recliners

Matt Hebert

Nice place to catch a movie. We have yet to use the dine in theater but the table attachment remains in your way.


Girl at Macguffin was great to talk to while I sipped my beer waiting for the movie.

Mary mcmahon

I had a terrible experience months ago! They sent me to the wrong room to watch my movie so unknowingly thinking I missed a few secs of the beginning of the movie I actually watched the last 10 minutes of the movie!! She then redirected me to the correct room where I waited 30 minutes for it to start! A 9:10 movie and it was now after 10! She assured me it would be another 30 mins before it started! So I asked if they served coffee she said yes! I waited in line for me to hear they were out! Went back to watch the movie which had already started! So I missed the beginning!! So yesterday I decided to give them another shot! I spent about $70 on 3 tickets on dine in tickets and decided to be a premier A list customer and paid that fee! Went in the express lane and ordered 2 burgers a pizza 3 drinks and a snack! Over $60! Not a problem I can’t wait to watch my movie with my dinner! Only she brought me 2 burgers and apparently my pizza wasn’t rung up! So I leave the beginning of the movie to ask Colin to charge me for the CAPRESE pizza he forget to put on my order and please run it out to me ASAP bc I’m missing the movie being out here! ANOTHER $13.99!! She brings me a PEPPERONI PIZZA!!! So I leave the movie AGAIN!! Tell Colin who runs to the back to order me another one since he typed it in wrong. I spoke to a black kid behind the counter and said I want to speak to a manager now! Lexi comes over and starts talking to him who had no clue what had happened! I told Lexi she should get more competent people working behind the register bc I have missed most of the movie everyone else I am with had already finished their meals and I would like my pizza and a refund of that pizza! She not only doesn’t apologize but got extremely defensive and defends her employees (as I’m sure she assumed I was being racist and was referring to the black kid who never saw me once the whole night until I asked for a manager)! I could be wrong but that is what it seemed like. Either way how she handled it was unbelievable! She refused to give me the pizza and the refund she would only give me one or the other!! I told her to keep it I will contact someone above her! Luckily Colin knew he messed up and had already arranged for my pizza correction so I eventually got to eat although I had already torn thru my bag of twizzlers bc I was so hungry! This is how you treat your A List customers who have spent almost $150 in one night missed most of the movie and ate over an hour after ordering! I will never go to this location again if I can avoid it! They are incompetent and racist imo from my personal perspective!

Richie C.

This place looks so dead no one there and the cinema overcharges

Lasandra Sampson

Love this place. New movies. Clean theaters. And they deliver your food right to your seat!!

Jameson Goss

Service was great! The staff was nice. Although the toilet seat was completely broken otherwise it would have earned 5 stars.

Gloria Calamari

Love the recliner seating. Movie was terrific. I really enjoyed it. The concession personnel we VERY SLOW. I had assigned seating and when we got in the theater somone was in our seats. I said nothing cause I didn't want to start a commotion so we just went and sat in other seats and hoped that we were not in someone's seats. No one asked us to move so I guess those seats weren't sold. I don't like the idea of assigned seating for just a regular movie. A large popcorn and large drink costs $15. Kind of pricey to me. We didn't order food because it was rather expensive for finger food. Overall, I would recommend this theater because it was clean, it had a good sound system & the comfort of the seating was very good.

Kierra Irvin

The AMC Clearview theatre is great. There's comfortable chairs that recline. The Dolby system is awesome! You feel almost everything.

Beatrice Albert

Lion King was phenomenal!!! Comfortable seats, awesome milkshake delivered to my seat!!!!

Ian Carbo

Amazing. Loved the food over there especially the Nachos. Amazing. And the seats are comfortable but always very crowded so if you dont like people being around you, I dont think this is for you

Jo Cahn

Went to see Shaft, GREAT MOVIE!!! Very entertaining and funny... BUT that theater was very hot, very hot and dirty, I will NEVER got to see any movie if that's the only theater showing the movie... Although the seats recline they are NOT comfortable.

Alberto Oliver, PFLAG VP, Newsletter Editor

Pick your theater wisely! At AMC Clearview, you pay a premium for excellent seats that recline and give you the best comfort of any theater in the New Orleans area. Unfortunately, they seem to always be short on people to clean and the larger rums like number 12 are usually sticky and dirty before the movie even starts. You can tell that they do not spend a lot on maintenance because the brooms being used to sweep are worn, ragged, and hardly effective. If they could get their act together an offer a clean experience in every theater room, the food options and dine-in service would make this theater the best in our metro area.

Ange'le Lee

It has been updated, clean and comfortable. The staff are very friendly. It is also closest to my home.

Jennifer Eaton

Comfortable reclining seats where they will serve you your food! Definitely recommend!

Richard Carapezza

It's exactly as advertised.

Lynnetta Whitehurst

Experience inside the theater was comfy. Really enjoyed the movie experience and eating inside. The people at the concessions, bar area, and scanning the ticket were friendly and had a helpful attitude. At the last movie, u really need to replenish the tops for the beverages. Much more pricier than I wanted even visiting from out of town. Four stars because of the food..The nachos added the chicken and couldn't find the chicken. Other person burger was good but dry.

Adam Busher

Sometimes the electric recliners don't work and the tables by the seats also need a good sanitizing.

Wallace Floyd

The impression of the theater was less than spectacular, if I'm honest. I haven't been there in a few years and I had heard that it was renovated, but I don't see it.

m sm

Comfortable seats but the food is expensive for a family.

Amy Perdomo Haines

Very convenient and comfy AMC location. Has all of the bells and whistles, and an impressive management team that provides excellent customer service. A couple of our recliners were mechanically challenged today, but the manager immediately addressed the situation and gave us movie passes for our inconvenience. Thanks again.

Jo C

Always a great experience at this AMC. Definitely my preferred location! Will always come here. Staff is always friendly and seats are the best ones in the city. I can't wait until you guys get the heated seats that I experienced in Birmingham, AL. Those would just make this location the best ever.

Jacquelyn Brown-Ford

Food Good Very Comfortable.

Anna Amar

I live on the Northshore but I drive all the way to Metairie because I love the atmosphere of this theater.

Daniel Gontar

This theater consistently has problems with the volume of the movies. Sometimes too loud sometimes too low. Usually when the volume is not right it is too loud. Clearview Palace also has the same problem. I think the corporation needs to be …

Cindy Johnson

So I came to this theater assuming it’s better then the rest especially since their the only dine in location. Well I went to see the Avengers for 10pm and didn’t get to enjoy the movie because the seat H12 was broken which had me sitting straight up for the first 10mins. After complaining to the workers there they said the only thing they could do is give a voucher for a free movie. How does that help me if I’m an A-List member so I see movies for “free” anyway. Even then this movie has been sold out for the last 2 days from morning to night and we finally got in so I asked if they could just help me book for tomorrow instead of us using our app and another “free movie” from our A-List they replied it’s out of our hands and they couldn’t assist with that. I don’t think I was asking for much but clearly AMC should do more training when it comes to customer satisfaction.

kurisu355 .

Not too much of an organized place. The facelift is great, but better customer service and organization is very needed.

Danielle Merritt

They updated this theater! It's really cool. Seats are comfortable and you can order food (very pricey) and they bring it to you.

Brandon Bigard

A wonderful place to watch the movie, I could get comfortable and just enjoy myself.

Kevin Reed

I love going to this theater. The sights and sounds it delivers is awesome. Plus, the dine-in feature is great. Order real food, and the workers bring it to your seat. Comfortable recliners and plenty of room in the aisles. The people in front of you can't block the screen, because of the stadium seating. I recommend this theater to anyone that enjoys going to the movies.


I was there yesterday night and the experience at the ticket counter was awful! They closed gates on people and the ticket lady Donna was rude. Seems as they were rushing to close while movies were Still in progress. Terrible experience

Jonathan Fadok

The theater was comfortable and has reclining seats. The oven was broken and the soda machines were empty of half their selections. On top of that the food lines were very long and slow.

Lorri Szymko

Easy to use app. However I had to call twice to get the points on my app. Seating is great and staff helpful. Concession and food service a bit unorganized. They forgot part of my order and passing people in the middle of the movie isn’t helpful. It would be better like other theaters. where u just place and pay in your seat. Great seating

Mary Bliss McCrossen

Clean theater, but incompetent staff. They changed the auditorium number of our movie so that our assigned seats no longer existed. We had to speak to a few different staff members to make sure our food was brought to the correct theater. Then they forgot to start the movie until someone asked a staff member, so the movie started 15 minutes late. Then, when we ordered another round of french fries, the server refused to take away our empty plates so that we had room for them. She said we had to throw them away ourselves. Also, no soap in the bathroom. The only reason I gave this theater two stars instead of one was that the theater itself was clean and the seats were comfortable.

Brandon Koch

Great but expensive. But all theaters are these days. Popcorn (small) + drink (med)+ ticket = around $24 for adult. But everything else was amazing. Great sound, clear screen, plenty of space and comfortable seats. Long gone are the days of seeing a movie for cheaper than $15.

alaine slater

Love the recliners. Dolby theatre is always great. Such a great place to spend a hot summer afternoon.

Stacie Leech

Staff was very friendly and helpful. Seats are great. Theatre and bathrooms were clean. The in seat service is a major plus, but you have to order at the snack bar. You can't order from the seats. Great sound system. Love that the seat rows are so spaced out.

netthany schexnayder

I love the recliners chairs. They're fully staff so it's not a long wait for food. A customer doesn't have to walk far to use the restroom. They're conveniently stationed near your movie room.

Betty Parent

Comfortable and close to us. Good selection of movies. Could be a little cleaner

Lyle Diehl

Great place for a movie! Just wish it was closer to the city!

Michelle Ward

I purchased tickets for my granddaughter and myself in clear view of the African American ticket agent and a police officer. We turned around and walked to enter. My granddaughter was in front of me. The police officer stopped her from entering. She is 11 years old I offered my tickets to the theater worker, who gestured to the officer. I gave him the tickets and stated you just saw us purchase the tickets. I will not accept blatant intimidation towards children.

brittney sanders

It has been many manyyyy years since I have been to the movie theatre and I definitely must say I was very satisfied with the people and the seats and the dine in. The food was great! No complaints.

Josh Sands

The dine-in experience revolutionizes the movie theater outing, if you like more than just movie theater popcorn, nachos, and hot dogs. The menu changes every few months, keeping it fresh and delicious. Either get the chipotle chicken melt or the smokey jalapeno burger.

Lynelle Casby

O...M...G...I haven't been to the movies in about at least 5 years! Things have drastically changed! AMC Theaters is filled with joy! I went to see the movie SHAFT which I recommend you go see it! Okay.....I go to sit down and discover the comfort of reclining chairs with push buttons for easy reclining and a table for food placement! How awesome is that! So I'm sitting and waiting...then everything starts! The previews begins....the awesome sound effects kicks in....and with the sound effects comes vibrations in my seat making me feel like I'm part of the movie! I SWEAR I WAS AT UNIVERSAL STUDIOS FOR A MOMENT!!! I was in seventh heaven!!!! I can see kids enjoying the heck out of this theater! For those of you who haven't gone to AMC THEATRES YET... YOU'RE MISSING OUT!

Jamilah Peters-Muhammad

TOO PRICEY like all movie food. Best deal was the kids cheeseburger.

Robert Smith

**Previously placed a negative review thinking it was a different location** This is a pretty good theater. Clean and plenty of room in the seats. Kinda out of the way but that can be seen as both a positive and negative attribute. I enjoyed my visit. Very family friendly.

Mary Olivier

Food choices were not great and prices were too high. Theater seats were very comfortable.

Brick T

Nice movie theater. Amazing reclining seats that are very comfy! But please do not use the restroom here!! They are filthy! I have never seen restrooms so gross!

Dean K

Like any of the movie theaters nowadays the food prices are a little expensive. Expect to spend $20 per person on food a and drink along plus tax. I do have to say every portion of the meal was delightful and had good taste. Burgers, onion rings, chicken wings(only thing about the chicken wings, it camr with drumsticks also, I would prefer if I ordered wings for it to be wings only...)and mozzarella bites we're very good. The epperoni flatbread was okay but a little greasy for my taste. The seating was comfortable. Theres little table on seat that can move in and out over your lap. It may be a little hard to cross your legs if you or one of those people. All in all a comfortable environment, not too crowded nice size dine-in while you watch a movie. You do have to order your food at counter and they will deliver it to your seat. There is no ordering service from theater seating room. They do come in after movie to pick up your mess and cups. Get the theater with the reclining chairs it's always a plus in comfort...

Brent Thibodeaux

Dine in movie experience is a joke. Cannot compete with Movie Tavern.

kenji landrum

Great food but employees need to keep the floor clean from food

Kimberly Antoine

It wasn't crowded at all. Loved it. Very polite staff.

Kevin Newton

Great atmosphere to watch a movie, cost is ok and great food and drink choices.


I would like to be able to pay with Samsung Pay, please make it happen.

Rain OO7

Felt like I was at home watching a movie with room service providing me a royal burger with tots & fries!

Nelly Nazario

It is the new way to go the movie theater The chairs are so comfortable and I love the idea to eat and see the movie. They bring your food. The food for order delicious special the chicken burger and the sprouts and the flat pizza. Very clean the theater

Eribel Rosario

Clean. Place and never had an issue with my a list membership

David Pena

I did not see a notice of a teen curfew on the Fandango and they wasted my time and money. I just paid for a movie I cannot even watch. Real great place.

Great Eastern Sun

The seats are comfy, the theater is beautiful and the nachos are amazing! Unfortunately it was way too hot in there, and even after asking them to turn up the ac before the movie, it never cooled off. The movie happened to be terrible so we asked for our money back (which we NEVER do), but they would only give us return tickets. Hoping it's cooler next time because otherwise the theater is so nice!

Talia House

My experience at this theatre was amazing. Its about 19 degress below zero though. Bring a jacket.

Hoa Nguyen

I though it was stretch out chair. Popcorn stale. Everything else is good.

Jess F

The upgraded seats are comfortable, the staff can be kinda ditzy and apathetic about customer service but overall not bad. The food is pretty good but also kind of overpriced.

bfurl69 .

$$$$ but the food, popcorn, and dine in theater with amazing seats

Kenny Temple

The theater seating was not clean (popcorn in my chair). The food was pretty good (chicken tenders) and the DOLBY sound is awesome. If you're a Stubs member make sure you tell the cashier whether or not you want to use your rewards. They have a habit of just using them without asking.

Jimmy Pecoul

Prices are outrageous. No thanks. We would rather wait until it comes out on tv! These non removable tables are annoying too because the glare shines right in your face the whole movie. If you sit with your girl your arms and back will hurt from the edges of armrests being as hard as cinder blocks. As far as the sound goes the highs are too much and bass is not nearly enough for paying $40 for 2 tickets. Seems the riffraff is less here than the other theaters (westbank & elmwood) so that is a plus. Do yourself a favor and wait until the movies come out on tv!

Antonio toni

The Bacon Ranch burger definitely needs more bacon and meat. 10/10, would order burger again.

Samuel Rogers

Great theater! Comfortable, couch-style seating with no divider in between (good for snuggling up with that special someone). Excellent food and beverage options, with about 8 Coke Freestyle machines available. Go on Tuesday for $5 tickets and cheap concessions (with a free loyalty membership).

Adam Relayson

The theater seating is nice, spacious and comfortable. You can also choose your seats when you book, so that's nice. I didnt care for my meal. It was over-priced and not all that good. It was a $25 meal that tasted like a $10 meal.

Delilah Pollard

The seats are so comfortable...the food is decent as well...we went to


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Movie Theater - Louisiana

Movie theater

Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center
Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplin...
Movie Theater - Louisiana

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