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1312 W Airline Hwy, Laplace, LA 70068, United States Located in: Riverlands Shopping Center - Stage Store

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REVIEWS OF Acadiana Cinemas LaPlace 5 IN Louisiana

Yota Yakk

Large screen, great chairs, nice seating arrangement

Amanda Leblanc

Love visiting my local theatre

Ashley Dillehay

They don't have any place for someone to change a baby

Jared Robinson

Best deals for your buck

Monique Remondet

The reclining chairs are very comfortable. It was very clean. Service was excellent. Price is right. Very happy about this theater.

Alfonse Collins

Gina Holland

L3G3ND 322

Good happy

Aaron Howard

I always have a good experience. Comfy seats and super reasonable on snack prices

Paul Smothers

Very quaint

Michelle Lowrie

Family atmosphere

Sherri Simons

I like this theater it's comfortable and clean. The movie prices are great. Concessions are reasonable. Staff is friendly.

Ronald Sander

The theater was clean and the employees were nice.

John Fuselier

You need to accept American Express Credit Cards. Renovation of theater is great. Enjoyed the movie.

Michael Bennett

They are descent theatre but, they don't have reward's or show all movies

glenn austerfield

Good small town cinema. Five theaters that seem to be in good shape, kept clean. Friendly staff.

Amanda and James Howe

Seth The Memer

Movie theaters can be cleaner

David Souther

Completely remodeled , comparable to the the larger theaters and cost less.

Camorree Tinsley

The theater itself was fine. Clean bathrooms. Affordable matinee. Decent prices for popcorn. Comfy seats. However, to all fellow Madea fans going to see Madea Family Funeral, it was definitely a disappointment compared to older Madea movies. I don't want to ruin the movie, but it includes a lot of "filler". Definitely wasn't an ideal movie for Madea to go out on.

DJ Nieves 4th

I love this place, but I wish I could work there again. Why won't they rehire Me?

Jacob Willie

Great staff. Super comfy seats in the theater too. I will be back for sure.

Daniele Lawrence

5 thumbs up

Jeff Munroe

Very nice place clean, great seats

Yamileth Dantin

Friendly staff and great service.

William Millet

Friendly staff

Kristen Brooks

Great upgrades to the theatres. Seats are comfy. Staff is friendly and helpful. I love having a good local theatre so I don't have to drive 25+ minutes. Concessions are also good.

Alphonsine Jones

Omarion Duhone

Nice seats

Carl Burrhus

Much better now that it has been in previous years. Floors are clean and not sticky and the place doesn't smell.

Grandpa Loco


Jeremy Willard

Old movie theatre, but they modernized the place and shows all the greatest hits

Jason Williams

Nice small theater, good prices.

Cynthia Bordelon

JD Esparza

Laurie Adams

Lisa Howard

Not a lot of movie goers today. Theater was almost empty. Service was good though.

Tamika Collins

Love it

Dianne Grow

It was quite enjoyable!

Dan J

Theater was clean no sticky floors. Full reclining chairs. Some of the showrooms are somewhat smaller depending on the movie you are seeing so if you have a larger group get there a little early to get seats together. It was 8.50 an adult 5.50 for u12 to see evening shows.

Melodie Naquin

Went to see a movie after work. The person working the concession stand looked bored and ready to go home. Wasn't friendly at all.

David Stevenson

Enjoy the seating and matinee prices.

Joan Smith

Great remodel, very clean and nice! Service is wonderful and great movie screen value and sound! Best theater Laplace has ever had in it's history of a movie theater and fair price to see a movie in such a nice theater! The recliner seats are fantastic and very comfortable too. You can tell the owner really cared about pleasing people, making them comfortable in order to have a good movie experience when they remodeled this theater too!

abrianna mosteiro

It has big, comfy leather chairs, great surround sound, and is located next to a Sonic, bank, gas station, and other stores. It has a small variety of food choices from only popcorn and candy with a beverage. It's a small theater with with prices below $10.

Kiron Gauff


DK Kids

It was a good time to spend with my brother and sister. Quiet secluded just watch out for teens they be bored

Carlton Gibson

Brian James

Nice small town movie theatet

Cystal Lopez

Traci Musso

Locals need to support this business. Comfy seats (some recliners!) and has been clean every time I have been there.

Lisa Cornutt

It has greatly been improved, better seating , better screens and the rooms are bigger

Reginald Macon

The movies are good but there needs to be a more welcoming feeling.

Linda Alexander

Davida Ashley

Small theatre but decent pricing at concession

Tiffany Brayard

frank miller

The staff was very accommodating. The theater was very clean and had comfortable reclining seats. We had a great time!

Mrs Perry

Small, clean, cozy reclining chairs

Chelsea Rush

Sonata Prater

Nice atmosphere customer service was great.

Nikki Sims

I love going here. Very clean and the employees are extremely friendly!

Kevin Diepenbrock

Nice improvements to this location

Monique M

Debbra Bossier

Very enjoyable

Edie Tranchina

Randall Hebert

From what I understand Acadian Cinema is reasonably cheap the candy is expensive and it's 3D movies also always have a new movie available

Uanda Porter

Good services friendly staff

Brandon Marks

Looked clean, reasonable price, fresh popcorn, and the reclining chairs worked fine. No complaints.


Fantastic. Much cleaner than venues in town.

Terisa Reinholtz

Very nice people. Very retro theater. No buckets. Small, medium and large bags only. No boxes to put them in. Very homey feeling.

denise smith

Love it close to home and clean but bad customer service

Coste The God

Peggy Berryhill

Saw an awesome movie..nice staff and very clean

Rick Edwards

Clean facility. Friendly staff. Current movie selection.

Royce Johnson

180 degree turnaround from the previous owners. Lobby was clean, staff was friendly, the new chairs were comfortable, video and sound excellent. Pricing was in line with other theaters. Only reason I am giving 4 stars is because my nacho chips were stale. Definitely worth a return trip. If you have not since the latest remodel, try it out. Nice to have a local option instead of travelling to Kenner or Metairie.

Alvin Vicknair

Very nice clean and friendly workers

Sharanda Simon

Very nice place

Randy L

gizzle3941 gizz

It showed me what i wanted to see

Chase Lee

Nice comfortable seats in a miniature rooms, while getting the same experience.

Kristyn Rose

The owner was terribly rude. Purchased ice-cream and played video games while kindly conversing with some of the employees. He yelled at us, His own customers, told us to buy what we wanted and to get out! That we were bothering his workers. We did nothing wrong. This movie theater is nasty anyways, the candy is stale and expired almost 3 years back! The floors are always sticky, and they have rats! This place really deserves to go out of business, this man does not deserve our money! I feel bad for the workers, they need better jobs. This place is disgusting.

Yolanda Darensburg

Good price on a Tuesday

Craig A Paulina

Awesome! The older bad reviews are from the old theater and should be purged. Everything was Great from a movie going experience..... price, movie selections, attitudes of workers. Maybe a few more concession selections which will come in time. Overall wonderful!!

Honey Dew

Tiffany Peterson

Daniel padilla

This place sucks balls

Jettra Millien

Very nice place


Very disappointed u advertising Baby Driver and DON'T have it... You was doing so good

Magdeline Norwood

For going the first time ever it was nice

Curtis Edwards

Nice seating comfortable good spacing

Marvon Fletcher

Really good popcorn. Nice, big, comfy seats. Minus 1

C. J. Boyle

I used to have to drive all the way to Clearview or Elmwood to enjoy a movie. I'm glad I can stay in Laplace and have a good experience. I hope everyone in Laplace will give them their business so the new owners can stick around and keep up the good work.

Stormy Decker

Jackie Johnston

I thought that I would have a good experience as I have in the past, but after tonight, I will not be visiting this theater ever again. AMC will always get my business! It all started when I purchased a great deal for tickets through Living Social for Dealflicks movie passes + popcorn to be used at Hollywood Cinemas 7 in La Place. I took my family to the show only to find that this theater does NOT accept them. Why then is their theater listed on the dealflicks website? I spoke with the manager who could only tell me that his boss does not accept any offers. TAKE YOUR THEATER OFF OF THE WEBSITE, PLEASE!!!!

Dwenda Charles

Nice but wish there were more concessions!

Karen D

Newly remodeled, reasonably priced, comfortable seating.

Randell Heflin

Way to noisy to actually enjoy the movie.

NFL Panther

Missy Oubre

Clean, friendly staff & reasonable prices

KayTae FL

Very nice service! Love the 5 dollar Tuesday's

Natalie Klibert

The prices were great, the theater was clean, and the quality on the theater was awesome

Janea Spikes

Nice clean facilities, pleasant employees

Jerry Earp

Great experience. Convenient and not expensive . Theater is clean and very comfortable. The popcorn is amazing as well with friendly service.

Theron Oubre

Clean Cinema


Wonderful time with my kids.

Kanajah Stewart

Sergiy Malenko

Nice little local movie theater. Prices as on 10/02/2016 are $8.50 adults regular, $10 adult 3D and $6.50 kids but not sure))

Bubbles Popping

My grandma and I watched a movie today. The price of the matinee was so affordable! We love the comfy seats and customer service. This is our go to spot since she lives close by.

Rhonda Ray

Comfortable and affordable

chad bro

Stefany Carcamo

Love it!!! I enjoy 5 dollar Tuesdays so much!!! Love their concession prices too!

Brandy Buller

No 1 usually in there which I like

Christopher Rowe

Great fun , great value

Walter Williams

Marilyn Patrowsky

It was a very nice experience. The $4 children's movie was very well organized. You paid for tickets and a choice of drink and popcorn was ready to be picked up so you could proceed to the movie without any wait at all !!

Adarsh Dhagam

I really hated it.. We traveled from Baton Rouge to Laplace for an Indian movie and it wasn't screened.. They haven't mentioned about not screening it on their website.. Some people even came from Lafayette.. The management didn't refund the tickets money... They asked to come for another show. They expect us to travel another 40 miles just for the movie..

Randy Hebert

The Acadian Cinema in LaPlace is reasonably price as long as you go at certain times the candy is kind of expensive but if the place is clean and prop that's all I need to say about that have a blessed day watch what you watch amen

Percy Roach

Very improved theater

LaBaren Holland

Great movie clean and orderly


People were very nice very reasonable prices

Deniz Nesrin

It is exactly what you would expect from a small town movie theatre.

daphne felder

Seats were old..Everything about it was old. This place need to be renovated..

Randy Privett


Terri Larios

Love this place since new owners bought it!

Megan Luminais

It’s alright but I prefer the one in gonzales and missippi.

Paul Kinnerson

Ronnie Laurent


Theresa Alsobrooks

We had a great experience here we went in the day. For a matinee it was only 6.50 per person and the concessions aren't as expensive as bigger theaters. Everyone was really nice it was clean and roomy.

Berny Maykol Arguijo Sorto

Jacob Crooks

troy evans

John Murillo

Great family theater. Good snacks. Popcorn is always fresh. Staff is super friendly.

savannah g

Love it

Nichelle Victor

Nice clean comfortable great prices

Baldi Mefer Mejia

It's actually a decent movie theater, process super cheap compared to Kenner and Metairie. Even concession is way cheaper. I

Taleya Banks

It's newly remodeled and I like the new setup

Rubien Hayes

It never have the popular movie that people really wants to see.. Needs to step their movie game up.

Lakita Sykes

Its smalll but very comfortable! Its also clean!

Nathan Thomas

Newly renovated and a beautiful place to take the kids to enjoy a movie

Michele Watson

Great price on movie and food! Very clean and comfortable! Support the local movie cinema.

Reva Davis

Shannon Saulsberry

I enjoy not paying an arm and a leg for movies and snacks...comfy seats, never crowded and staff is always nice

brian juarez

this movie theater is very adorable to go with the family with out breaking the bank

Hannah Bickham

I attended the Screening For Southern Chillers here tonight and it was absolutely wonderful! They have great seats, a cool concession stand, and an awesome crew! Thank you for a great night

Antoinette Vann

Clyod Wilson

Because it haves game's

Barbara Billeaudeau

Great remodel! Was hoping they were getting those fancy recliner chairs, but the new chairs are comfy enough. Staff is EXCELLENT. So helpful and polite and ON TOP of monitoring the theaters for unruly patrons and people on their phones.

Brandy Hayes

Love our home town movie theater!


Everything has been redone. What a turnaround !

Landon Spikes

Nice seating very comfortable


Cozy little theater. Quite different than I'm used to. Was a bit colder than I would've liked, but really enjoyed the experience.


Clean and peaceful

Gabe Willams

Really good i enjoyed it

Dena M. Johnson

It's ok for a small cinema need to expand their menu of snacks

Jacoby Davis

jimmy salazar

I'm all about supporting small business, and shopping local, but the guy behind the counter is rude, we went for the first time so we didn't really know the line situation,we walked up to the counter and ordered our tickets and I also gave him my drink order at that time he picked up the "order tickets here" sign and placed it in front of me (mind you the sign wasn't initially visible AT ALL). But it is a decent little theater.

michele thomas

Ginger Davis

Clean, nice staff, good popcorn and movies are excellent


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