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REVIEWS OF 4 Star Cinema IN Louisiana

Craig Reiland

Great experience always

Ben Thomas

Have not been to this theatre in many years so my wife and I thought we would see a movie here. It was very clean and the staff was great. However, we went to see an R rated movie after 7 and there was a lot of talking throughout the movie. Some from kids under 10 who probably should not have been watching the movie in the first place. A few people went to complain but nothing was done. Had to leave the movie early and ask for money back. It ruined the experience for us. I used to work in the theater business for many years and I know it is tough to control things like that. That is why I will not give it a 1 star review. I hope we have a better experience if we try this place again in the future.

Darrel Baker

Seats are a little uncomfortable, but the experience was great!

Jerilynn Gray

We love the reclining seats.

Roberto Cruz

Great small theater . I prefer it to all the other theaters in area !!!

Dione Payne

They always bring the latest attractions. I go on Sunday when it's cheaper but the price is good compared to other places. The price is typical for the food? Movie theater food is always expensive.

Tangie Williams

Great atmosphere and love the recliner seating..

Jean Watson

It's more than just a movie, they have a film festival twice a year. Serve wine and appetizers, make movies available that you would normally not get to see except in a large metroplex. And now you can enjoy wine with your movie anytime.

Tonya Hollins

We love this theatre. I love the affordability that $4 Tuesday allows me and my family

Jasmine Sanchez

Good seats. Friendly atmosphere! Great pocorn!!!

Braeden Bynum

Went early afternoon, they apparently do not serve alcohol before 4 o'clock. Theater was kinda small but I guess that's what you get in little ole Kilgore Texas. Popcorn was barely warm and they were out of several different kinds of candy. Glad I was there for the movie and not the food.

Dre Jakk

Nice atmosphere, clean seats, good place to watch it movie.

David Fisher

Nice place for date night.

Gary Makries

Not bad for a tiny little town. They've even upgraded the seats!

American Native

I prefer the seating in the movies ,centered. With isles on sides. Other then that it was pleasant.

Gabriel Davison

Screens aren't that great as far as resolution goes. People are friendly. And depending on where you live, it might just be the easiest place to go.

Carrie Jordan

It was a good experience

RFL Kilgore

Nice theater with friendly employees

Jennifer Dupree

Leather reclining chairs in cinema...what a very comfy.....clean cinema and although all staff members are young....very well trained and professional

James Tucker

This is the best theater in this area by far. Super comfortable, great service & very clean. An enjoyable way to watch a movie and they serve beer!

Carol Neyhart

Popcorn was good, service was fast and courteous.

Wade Baker

I like coming to this movie theater better than the ones in Longview. Cheap food, reclining seats, and they serve beer! Love having a beer and a movie every now and then!

Patricia Crawford

Great cinema very clean, friendly and priced right. They are currently putting in new seating. Want to a great movie? 4 Star is the place to be.

Donna Seery

Love the Luxe theater room

Dexter_ Puff

I loved the amazing luxury seats and the popcorn is amazing

Debbie Garrett

Love it

Cheryl Stanley

Love it.

Duane A. Bielling

Nice movie house and great staff.

David Haney

A small but very nice and clean theatre.

Kimberly Cady

Love the seating. Staff is friendly.

Blanca Mota

Its ok..dont recomend the popcorn..its too salte.

Daniel Head

The lux is the way to go. Recliners, wine, and a movie. Genius!!!!

The Odd Squad

Nice movie theater and the chairs are comfy

Jeffery Sullins

Getting more expensive just for 2 ppl to see am movie and have popcorn and a drink

Justin Barrett

They only open the doors 15 minutes before the next showing. Witch is ridiculous, you have to stand out in the Heat and wait for the doors to open. So why show up early if you still have to deal with not showing up early.

Evelyn Sparks

Love this theater

Katy Pendergast

Really great clean theater, very comfortable seats too!

Jen Gibs

We've always loved this theater, and it only seems to get better each time. Always clean. The staff is always friendly. The pretzels are very good. Good picture and sound quality. The new Star Wars movie looked and sounded amazing. Will always make the drive from Longview to Kilgore for a great movie experience.

Jamie Mumphrey


Angela Mitchell

Love this theater! It's always clean, the food is great and the staff are friendly. And you can't beat Tuesday night $4 movies!

Jacob Chapman

Nice little theater in Kilgore. like the newer seats they upgraded in the last year. I also enjoy the discount movie day on Tuesdays during the day, movies are only $4 to get in. The only thing this theater needs is an Icee machine!!! I've been suggesting they get one to management for the last year and a half. I mean, what's a movie without an Icee!!

Ann Welch

Great nice chairs .

Mely Sanchez

Popcorn and drinks starting at 3.75 and up Clean and customer service is great.. Had to do a refund on a ticket for different show and they were great about it. Great for groups . Tuesday's $4.00 per person! And u can watch all new release don't have to wait either.

Digit4l Gh0sty

I grew up going to this theater and it's certainly gotten better with time. The new reclining seats are awesome!

chris cammack

The new seats are amazing and the staff is top notch! Kristi was extremely patient and kind towards my twins, not an easy task, while they ordered concessions. Thank you all for a wonderful experience. We will defiantly be back.

Charlotte Beasley

So comfy not too loud

Glenda Roquemore

Tuesday is $4 day. A large drink and popcorn are $11. And they will give you as many refills as you wish. Often during the summer my grandson and I do a triple feature. $4 a movie and unlimited drink and popcorn it's a spectacular deal. They have added one theater that has reclining seats extra drink holders very very comfy

L Pacini

Wow, the seating upgrades make it THE PLACE to see a movie. Kind of makes you want to buy a ticket just to take a nice, air-conditioned nap.

Lakeysa Stuart

Nice movie theater and cheap to go to see new movie's adults tickets $8.00.

Adolfo Castillo


Jesus Sanchez

Great pricing for a good movie experience

Hank Hunt

Kristi runs a tight ship!!

Robbie Nodine

Very nice seats

John Fruge

Nice small town cinema. None of the features you get in a bigger cinema but staff is friendly and seats where clean.

Winfred Williams

Great movies good location

Lindsay Metzger

The seats were comfortable, and recline, and the captioning device for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing worked well.

Jeanette Cobb

Nice theater with the reclining seats. Little sippie cup of wine option too! Made the movie IT more bearable

Nickie Vinson


Precilla Lewis

Had a blast with the kids..

Carolyn Wimberley

Nice place to take in a movie. Concessions $$$!

Freddie Williams

Awesome place to be. Love their new theater seating plus everything else.♡♡♡♡♡

Shanna Banda

Awesome make over! The movie I watched was so funny. Great wine! Can't go wrong!

Maggie Bassett

Great price. Comfortable, adjustable recliners. Excellent sound quality.

Judd Hagler

Great place to go watch a new released movies without breaking the bank. They also serve beer!!!!

Juanita O. McLemore

Very clean, nice attendence .

Cyndi Caldwell

Very nice, clean place to take your family or your children.

Christopher Bess

Out of all of the movie theaters in Texas ,the 4 Star Cinema has the best and the least expensive popcorn.

Chase Croley

Most comfortable seating around. Very clean and good prices. 1st time their but will definitely be going back.

Ariel Webb

I went to the kid show this movie and was extremely impressed. They handled the large crowd quickly and professionally. I've gone here for the kid shows for quite sometime now as well as normal hours for newer movies. They have really upper their game in the past year and is leaving a huge mark on Kilgore. I've seen many, many people come all the way from Longview to Kilgore just for this theater. But that's not the point in this review. Today at the kid show there were two theaters rope off, which I understand due to nice furniture, leaving them with only two theaters leaving less seats than normal. I got there a little late and was one of the last to be able to enter. As I was standing in line for some delicious popcorn and a soda pop I heard the manager explain to a group of special needs that they were at full capacity. I also heard her say there were not enough seat available for everyone. The LOVELY manger also told a van from the boys and girls club the same thing, and told both group they can go and see what's available. There were also stragglers as well, which she told the same thing to as she did the other two groups, due to it being one adult and two kids they were able to find seats. I look in each theater to see that they did not have enough seats for either club to comminate to. I felt bad for the but saw the manager struggle to find a way to make up for the lack of seating. She was very professional and fair and I will 100% be coming to this theater again!

Cris Hudson

Best place in town to watch a movie!! , Great prices... well, folks today wasn't so much a good time.. teenager's at Concession stand. NOT exactly friendly.

Christine b

Affordable movies. Comfortable seats. Friendly staff for the most part.

Jackie & Jacob Moore

Clean and nice staff

Mary Dike

Always clean and love how they have matenai pricing and saver Tuesday

Anita Kay LaFrance

I love surround sound, but I think it is a bit too loud.

Bert Owens

Really liked the reclining seats at a reasonable price. The popcorn was good too.

Michael Gray

Cozy, freandly and family happy place

Stephanie Sparks

Free kids summer movie camp. I'm disgusted! There was a group of special needs people and their caretakers stuck standing on the sidewalk being barred from entering the building. They we're watched by the small blonde manager as the care takers went through the difficult lengthy process of unloading all of their patients. She smiled a friendly smile while watching this. After they were all unloaded and excited to go watch the movie she stopped them from entering and told them the theater was full to capacity. It was shortly after this that I walked up. The caretakers told me that they had said they were full but maybe I could still get in because they were letting other families in for some reason. THIS is NOT ok! So I did some checking and watching. They let me in no problem. They let several families in after I got there as well. They had two theaters roped off not allowing their use (I understand this. It is probably because of new nice furniture) but I did check the 2 theater rooms in use and there were SEVERAL seats! People could have easily swapped a few seats to accomodate those with special needs being able to sit with their caretakers. Right before barring everyone from entering there were about 3 small groups that came in and the manager told them, "We're full but you're welcome to check for a seat" they never came back out so I'm going to assume they found one. AFTER the employees started stopping EVERYONE from coming in I counted the number of seats available (19 in one theater and 15 in the other) I then counted the guests in the ladies room (7) plus 2 coming out of mens restrooms and did not see any stragglers in the lobby. This leaves 25 seats UNLESS there were 25 men in 2 separate one stall restrooms. There were less than 25 special needs and caretakers present (probably more like 12). This doesn't even count the seats that WERE available when they were turned away that got filled by people who were NOT turned away after the special needs people were barred from entry. The movie theater is NOT out any money for this summer camp. They show older films, not new releases. They make massive ammounts on concession since people are not having to pay for the movie. The movies are scheduled outside of business hours and the movies are sponsored by the police, chamber of commerce, and SEVERAL businessess. My family of 7 went to this theater MANY times. 7 tickets and 60 in concessions every time 1-3 times per month. Never again. This is absolutely repulsive. It's obvious the poor people were turned away because of their special needs. (For those who may say they would disrupt things...we've gone two previous years and i remember these sweet people from around 3 times in the same theater room and they were really polite and well behaved. A couple of them did clap and cheer after the movie ended.) Nothing to deserve barring from the movie.

Michelle Maines

Great place. My son lost his shoe and the manager went hunting in the dark to find it. Nice staff.

Ellie Mechling

seats are amazing

Lane Brown

So glad a movie Theater in Kilgore stepped up to be the only luxury seating in the area.

Addison Duncan

Very nice theatre. It is relatively large, with decent prices for the movies and the popcorn/drinks. When I went, it was surprisingly devoid of people: in the actual showing room, there was only one other small group besides me and a friend.

Mike Simpson

What a great theater. Always clean, the employees are professional and friendly, the screen rooms are cozy, not too big. Love going there with my family.

Crystal Northen

I have now been to this theater twice about two months apart and I have had the same enjoyable experience each time. The staff is courteous and friendly. The theaters are clean and spacious. I especially enjoy the LUX theater with the recliners. There is also a Rewards card/program you can sign up for.

Andy Williams

Pleasant atmosphere, clean, reasonably priced and friendly and courteous staff

Dan Gilman

Hole in the wall, but perfect for a date night movie. The screens are horrible. The seating smells of teenager fluids, and it's everything that a movie theater should be. Sticky floors included.

Jeffrey Dean

Reclining electric chairs WOW very comfortable

Nichole Dukett

Good prices and clean seats

Dwayne Archer

Always enjoy 4 Star Cinema. They are very friendly and the facility is nice.

Margie Chappell

You are as comfortable as in your own living room.....recliner and all

Anthony Emmel

Billed as "the best movie in town" it's more accurate and grammatically correct to say that it's "the only movie in town."

Allen Doss

Great place to watch movies.

Sherri Duncan

Always clean and the staff are friendly very reasonable prices. Love the popcorn!!

Tiff G

Have seen the mule and also a dogs way home there!!! Very friendly employees!!!!

Tammy kennedy-gee

Comfort And Newest Movies

Sharon Norfleet

Love "Tuesdays "! The prices are so low on Tuesday and the small popcorn plus 12 oz. Drink for $2.50 is great. My husband and I are retired....fits in the budget. Weekly venture!!

Carl Adams

Love it! If you're looking for the Ritz and glam and an I Max film this isn't the place. If you want affordable family welcoming cozy 3D films; 4 Star Cinema has got a seat for you.

donna emmons

Best theatre around. They have bargain Tuesday with all movies all day for $4.00, plus they have stamp cards. One stamp per ticket purchase. Takes 8 stamps to fill. Once filled you get free admission, drink, and popcorn. Can't get that anywhere else. The theater is always clean and the employees friendly. One last thing, can't use stamp card on Tuesday.

Uleta Williams

The prices are great but the seats are outdated.

Emily Ivy

Great theater and great prices! Shows an interesting collection of movies you wouldn't expect from a small town theater.

Angela Arredondo

Great place clean theater

Glenda Reid

Comfortable & great!

Music Freak

Stopped going for a long time but went back again. It's amazing! Never been a big fan of small theaters but the prices are fantastic! Friendly people and the bathrooms are clean and the chairs are comfy.

Delicia Muñoz

Awesome place

Nancy Still

Sat in the theater with reclining chairs. Really nice.

Sun Kudos

This theater has always been great, but now they've remodeled and updated their facilities. Loveeee the reclining chairs in their luxe theater! Definitely one of the best theaters around.

Neal Taylor

Service is good.i don't like that they serve beer. This should be a family place .its not shame. On owners for choosing to do so . my child will never go there

Phillip Morris

Good small theater. Would have given 5 stars but the movie could have been a little louder for me.

Michael Pittmon

Excellent theater. Best in East Texas. We will be driving down from Longview.

Robert Carson

Small theater but good environment. Have to love two dollar tuesdays..

Alex Garrett

I love this theater! The only downside is they open 15 minutes prior to the show, so everyone is in line at the same time for snacks. Otherwise, it is clean, comfortable, and affordable!

Sarah Harman

Meh. They wanted to charge me for another pop corn when I asked for an extra small bag so my kids could share the large popcorn. BYOB: Bring your own bag.

toxic kid

Staff is nice clean restrooms.

Derek Payer-Smith

Great little theater with two lux theaters that you can fully recline in without paying an arm and a leg.

janice pirkey

Great place to go!

Joana Reyes

Have come here with my family very good and clean salas. Its cheaper than other theaters!! Like ther nachos and their lemonade! The staff is very friendly and service is fast.! We would definitely be coming back!

Carrie Olson

Love this place!!!

Isaac 180sx

small but cozy

fnaf87 2

Great place to pass time watching the latest movie

Brandon Denton

Great place and comfortable seats that recline back. Well worth the price of admission

david holbrook

Nice place

Jennifer Davenport

Locally owned with two theaters declining seating . They are very reasonable priced on tickets and refreshments ! Much cheaper than most theaters in area and the recliners in two theaters are amazingly comfortable for movie watching !

DeAnn Vaught

Nice movie theater

Mari Caballero

Absolutely love it here. Amazing prices! Super clean and very friendly staff!

Mackenzie Carlson

Loved the reclining chairs and wide Isles

Linda Rhymes

Nice for older people don't have to climb stairs

Melissa Stewart

Friendly service, nice theatre!

Gail Lewis

Love the popcorn. Theater always clean. The sound just needs to be a little louder.

Holly Keller

Surprisingly awesome! They have awesome deals and a big city style our here in Kilgore! I just moved from near Dallas and it beats a lot of the cinemas I've been to there. They even have reclining leather seats! Everything was very clean!

Mark Garvin

Really enjoyed the recliner seats, theater was clean, and staff was very friendly.

Christine Sholars

Friendly staff, clean restrooms! Great summer trip for anyone!!!

Michael Gasperik

The theater is small a well maintained. Everything was clean, the seats were nice, and the staff was very friendly. I will definitely be going back. It was a better theater experience than any theater in Longview!

John Rowe

This is a great place for movies. They have clean facilitates and the BEST popcorn around. Also, I try to avoid driving to Longview for movies at all costs because the 4-Star saves me a ton of money. Most of the time you can watch the the same movies as in other cities, but cheaper prices on everything.

Maegan Harvey

I love yall

pam wuench

They have a wonderful staff there a lot of good young people they are wonderful with the young children and seem to be excited to have movies for the children during the summer great place to take your kids

Nicholas McKinney

Seats and theater was nice and clean, the sound d system needs improvement. Could not hear part of the movie nor was the side speakers working.

Tekeshia Mitchell

We love it! I grew up coming to this Theater. I actually saw my first movie here as a child. I am delighted to share this place with my own children. It's clean and everyone is always friendly! Movie Camp in the summer and $4 Tuesday's just put the icing on top. No it's not the fanciest theater I've ever been to but it's home!!!!!

Luna David

The recliner chairs are wonderful!!! Make reservations online, and you can skip the line.

jacklyn craine

Needs more better chairs

Gregory Abbott

Nice clean facility, always a good experience. Nice employee's. Good popcorn and Cokes.

Logan Warr

Good for a cheap date I suppose

regina bush

Very excited that they serve adult beverages now that's a win win

Joni Collum

The new chairs are amazing!! It did start 15mins late but all in all great!

Beth Pace

I love the $4 Tuesday night tickets. It's small but a good theater.

ToFun ToFun

They never have the movies, they say they will have. It gets previews and posters, and never have it. More than once this has happened. You can't watch the good shows, you have to go to long view just to watch good movies. It's has food all over the floor. The lights don't go dim enough. The sound isnt loud enough. They maybe friendly but they don't have the good movies. Yeah some movies are okay but they never have the popular ones.

Luke Saintignan

Love our local theater. And now they've added a luxury option in one of the theaters! Much more affordable than going to Longview or Tyler.

Matt Unknown

Wanted to charge 6.50 for an empty box so I could split the popcorn with the kids. Also was informed myself and young 3 children couldn't sit together in the same movie. Won't be coming back.

Kate Jones

The price is right, and the new lux auditorium has power reclining seats. There is so much space in here. Worth the drive from Longview to sit in comfort. The screen is an average size and the auditorium does not have stadium seating, but the seats 100% make up for that.

Shawna Rm

The leather recliner seats make watching movies so comfortable. It's great on my bad neck

Benjamin Grimes

Very good and super movie

Adelina Arias

I TOTALLY love it! Very comfortable setting

Linda Stuart

Love the luxury seats, best popcorn around

Christionna Odom

Awesome prices and they serve wine and beer

Merry Mary

Best theater oeuvre been in!

Mark Williams

Every time I enter the parking lot and then after I buy my ticket. I know i wilI be treated great by the employees. It makes going to the movies here a fun time and makes me want to come back.

Brittany Eckdahl

If you haven't experienced the luxury seating yet, you should totally do it!!

Allen McReynolds

Great film festival offerings!

Steve Kinyon

Has the snack an clean place to see a movie.


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