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REVIEWS OF WK Cinemas IN Kentucky


Great price and good staff. The sound is always too quiet though. If you wanna watch a blockbuster action movie then you're better off elsewhere.

Geralyn Nicholson

Home Town feeling and nice ppl .

Evelyn Williams

Good seating

Aubrey Anderson

Love our hometown movie theater!!

Michelle Green

Upon arriving in the theater it smells a little moldy once seated the smell fade


Went to see the lion king


Needs to be updated. Smells funny and seats dirty

Brad Windle

Pretty average movie theater experience. The upkeep of the facility needs some work, but the prices to watch movies are fair.

Renee Carter

Really enjoy the place. Great prices and clean!! Nice staff.

Nik Cloud

It has a strange odor in the theaters.

Dan Vermeersch

I enjoy that the owner allows local film makers to show their work here. But to be honest our family had butter popcorn there one day and we all got sick that evening.

steven driskell

Good family place

Gilberto Perez

Good place for movies

Billy Goodnight

I have been here several times, never had a bad experience until today, There were screaming teenagers, running across in front of my family, our seats were kicked numerous times. My wife was kicked in the back of the head because of the teens putting their feet on the back of the seat, no apology what so ever. My wife complained to management but not alot happened after a 2nd warning, they put the kids out but that caused more chaos. They were throwing a fit about being thrown out of a movie they weren't watching. Flashing their cellphones etc and talking on them. We weren't the only ones telling the kids to be quiet but basically the whole theater.

Jerrod Carter

Manager was excellent....

christina dodge

It was good

Levar Daniel

Great place to go watch good movie. You will be greeted by a outstanding stuff. Grab you a bucket of popcorn and a large coke icy and enjoy yourself.

David Holt

Very pleasant atmosphere. Friendly staff and clean.

Nancy Spurlin

I REALLY wanted you see The Shape Of Water, but every day that I called, the latest showing was at noon. What are people with jobs supposed to do?

david webb

We go for the 6 dollar matinee which is a great value. Shows about 5 different movies at a time

Jerry Watts

I went to see the Addams family movie with my Dad. It was an ok movie.-callie watts

Stacy Hawkins

The WK Theater in Hopkinsville is clean, warm in the winter months, & cool in the summer. We should spend our money in Kentucky, not Clarksville. Our state needs our revenue. That's how we progress, get new business, better roads. Spend locally!

Santos Arroyo

Great place. Great prices. Friendly staff and clean facility.

Sabina Unsicker

Prices were good. Bathroom was a little dirty

Ron Ingram

Great deal for the hometown. Hoptown!!!

Terry Stein Sr

Great value for the money. Early movie is 4.99 plus free popcorn.

steve bingham

I love here ever since they did the remodel it is such a nice place and the price is better then going to Clarksville

Harold Robinson

Very nice local theater

William Christmas

Quality movies, quality sound and great prices for the family.

Justin Oliva

Reasonable prices, great theaters, extremely nice employees

karen greene

Always comfortable seats and a comfortable temperature.

Jewels Hart

Loved a lot cheaper then the one here

Sean Hale

Since the upgrade this place is tremendous. Great prices and very clean. Still working on a few things. But overall a nice change.

David Sherman

The theater needs an update, seats, screen, Soundsystem. Would be perfect for a second run, ($3.00) cinima in it's current condition.

Joshua Wingard

Fair prices just needs a little touch up which they are working on... highly recommended for groups for a cheap price


Great place to catch a movie for cheap.

Martin Cordero

Great movies at great price. Travel 20 miles to come here vs theater that is 5 minutes away. Save a lot of cash.

Pamela Dunning

Ruined the movie by leaving the theater lights on

emy weeks

The lady at the snack station was very rude i spoke to her and she just stared at me with no answer had a very bad attitude! A small slushy is $4. I will not come here again. The first visit i came to watch the Beauty and the Beast and the screen didnt work. I drove 30min just to come see it. I will post pics of the chairs

Matthew Smith

Nice theaters. Reasonably priced concessions. Closer, cheaper, and less crowded than Clarksville. Plus I used to go there when I was a kid and it is fun to take my kids there.

Jess C

It is what it is for a smaller town theater. Personally, I prefer the Regal on tiny town road on clarksville. Concession prices shouldn't also be as high as they are.

Benjamin Parrent

Unlike Capital Cinima in Princeton, Ky the seats accommodate Tall People like me lols

LaShawnda Redd

Love the prices and glad the newer movie are coming here when released.

Angela Manley

Can't beat this place!!! You can see the movie you want and enjoy concessions at a decent price. Go to any other theater and pay double or more!

Danielle Myers

Great theater, great popcorn, great price, great movie!!!

James Hoiriis

What year during the day that many people here service was awesome enjoyed my movie.

Lisa Teaney

Ok theater, not fancy but enjoyable. I try too go to the showings before 11am, it's only $5 plus a free small popcorn. Even on new releases!

Talishia White

Great prices, fantastic staff and best popcorn always


Love the service and staff and its cleanliness

Amber S

Manager is amazing! Meiko Was the best!

Lois schwerdtfger

Left lights on during movie couldn't see movie. Had to miss part of movie to ask them to turn off lights. Snacks were old and over priced for ate.

Sharen Lee

Prices were great. Definitely won't break your budget, popcorn and sodas included. Facility is pretty no frills though. No ambiance. No big deal though if the movie delivers.

Zyhir Harris

I live in a millitary family so i get a discount on tickets. A medium popcorn and drink and a small popcorn and 2 tickets and large drink is only 21$ when i was younger i was surprised people complained how expensive theaters were since mine is so cheap. Now snacks are a bit pricey so that's the only down fall. Nice and clean too, and also even without the ticket discount its still pretty cheap bumping the price to 25$

Jinele Mack

Quaint theater not big, but more affordable if working on a budget. Typically have new releases and sometime early specials with price and popcorn.

Al Rochelle

Gotta go to the early show. Five dollars gets you a ticket and a small popcorn. There are daily deals to check out online. Seats aren't updated, but still comfy. Sound is good and picture quality is solid. Place is clean and people are friendly. It is definitely worth the price.. we saw Captain Marvel, so all early shows include the newest movie. Good to take whole family without breaking the bank.

Charles Standiford

Love our local theater.

Jonas Waldrum

Every theater has a musky smell. Nothing seems to work as its supposed to. Prices are decent.

Kay Adams

Good prices. Clean floors and bathrooms. Very affordable. Comfortable chairs.

Shonja Buckner


Cathy Dague

The popcorn is good, the sound system is just right, the theaters are clean. The only downside is that it is usually cold. I always take a sweater.

Doug Gregory

Smaller theater but that is just fine for going and seeing a movie.

Carl Hefley

Great experience!

Morgan Meddaugh

Low Clarity Diamond in the Rough. It's cheap, and you can tell why but was very empty and the staff was nice. Worth it in my opinion.

Garth Arneson

This is the best kept secret in the Hop-Town and Clarksville communities. They show the best movies, their prices are very easy on the pocket, and their customer service is outstanding... P.S. Don't forget to purchase your 2019 bucket!

Sarah Brown

This place charges for refills on drinks unless you get the XL

Jacob Tautges

Great place with excellent staff

Michael Brown

This is a good theatre...they brought it back from the dead. Good times.

Patricia Suarez

The prices are great. You can take the kids to the movies and not empty your wallet. Go to the movies before noon and you get free popcorn. The place could use some carpet cleaning.

Bea Whitt

Courteous and friendly staff! Enjoyed the movie!

Ashleygetlikeme Combs

Clean, decent prices, remodeled

Linda Buys

Small local cinema. Nice seats, good prices, relaxed staff.

jackie napolski

Great price great atmosphere.

Bryan Doyle

Great place at a great price...

Amanda Lancaster

Last time I went, they sent me to the wrong movie, didn't apologize for it and their snacks are pricy!! But, the new look is nice and the seats are comfortable!!

Darrick Van Vleet

Good service, great movie selection

Connie Schlueter

An okay place to see a movie. It's been a bit rough cleanliness wise but it has improved in the last year. Prices are better than in Clarksville.

Claude Bradshaw

Good people** I got large popcorn,large Pepsi,and ticket for$10.47!!!!!!!!! Tuesday. Great place to see movies.

Arlinda Fourqurean

I do wish both bathrooms worked, but above all they are here in Hopkinsville and you not have to drive far unless you want. Thank you WK CINEMAS.

david x

Price is good but it’s so low because they won’t turn on the surround sound or any lights. I saw Halloween last night and barely could hear the characters lines. The most hollow low volume I’ve ever heard in a theater. Lights go off 20 minutes before showtime and don’t come on after. Bring your cellphone for lights. Go to exit 1... cost more but worth it for sure.

Gregory Lamont

My wife and I watched a movie here and I felt like I went back in time 15 years while I was in there. Poor picture and sound quality. Uncomfortable seating. Still uses the old answering machine movie showtimes.

Nicholas Blackman

Very nice theater. Friendly staff. Great prices.

Regina Humphries

Dirty . Not maintained.

Erika Dee

Dirty but good movies and cheap.

michael maddy

I hope everyone goes and supports our local theater, you can tell the new owners are trying to make it better than previously. I right off the back notice a drastic improvement, heat and ac works, visually looks ten times better. Sound it good and seats are nice. It is nice not to have to go all the way to clarksville to watch a movie, please support the local theater to insure that it stays that way. The more we support them the more they can improve. You cant beat the price, so stop by and check it out.

Joshua Boyd

I encourage everyone in or close to Hopkinsville to support this theater. Prices are MUCH more reasonable than in Clarksville, as are the prices for the refreshments. 2 people can easily see a movie here with popcorn and drinks for under $25.

Mark Monroe

Would like a better selection of movies but it's a nice place with good prices

David Elliott

Great prices

Jamie Harrison

No a bad place. Just now at all busy at 3 pm.

Nathan Reyes

The movies are a tad bit hard to see sometimes as the projector makes it faded but overall very great experience! Great for the price.

Jonathan Lopez

Several works don't know what customer service means, theater screens and audio are also sub par. Prices aren't bad but it's not a very enjoyable experience going there.

this is fine

I saw Aladdin when i went to this cinema. Seats are nice, popcorns great and of course the movie it self was fantastic

Crissy Cumbee

The prices are great. My kids love the theater and these are the best prices for a family of 4. However, the gentleman that does the tickets has got to be the worst part of the experience. He is also the reason we don’t go as often as I would like. The first time he couldn’t get off the phone long enough to even make eye contact or pay attention to what I said. The next two times he handed me tickets and did not say a word. No one greets you at the door, says thank you or even have a nice day. I feel that’s just good customer service. The food staff are nice, but not anything spectacular. The man at the door though should not be working with the public and definitely not the face you see first. So overall good price but don’t expect to be treated with good customer service.

Billie Jean Grace

Friendly staff, great prices

Brad Boyd

Good place to watch a movie. Fair pricing.

Kris Ten

Small theatre, could be cleaner... Smelt like pee

Patricia Mudd

Thrilled to have a theater close to home that is affordable for a large family. They've done a great job cleaning it up and making it a nice family experience!!

Russell Hayes

I want the local movie theater to succeed. You can tell they put a lot of work after taking over, but now maintenance is lagging. Good seats, good prices. Good popcork/drink specials.

Hugh Ford

waited at the counter for several minutes but neither of the girls working the concession said anything to me.overheard them mention to another guy that the machines were down. i waited still untill i realized they werent going to say anything and walked out


Owner is an asshat and the theater didn't have any popcorn. Somehow movie and drink was 17 bucks for one person

Honest Reviews

Kind of an old school movie theater but it's nice, inexpensive and clean and has some of the best popcorn I've had out of all the movie theaters in the area.

Tony Holder

Great location, good prices

M.C. Holland

Very comfortable and clean. Staff is friendly. So nice to have a local theater, and tickets are very reasonablly priced. Far less expensive than theaters in Clarksville Tennessee.

Rosa Robinson

Nice people, reasonable prices, and good movies.

Chelsea J

Much better prices than other theaters in the area. The fact that they gave free popcorn with every ticket purchase for Endgame at the time we went was awesome, and, to me, says a lot about how their business is run.


GREAT-tasting popcorn! It's almost the same price to see a movie in town than to go to Fort Campbell. LOVE it!

Ted Rogers

Nice clean atmosphere

Michelle Siver

Good movie to great price

Philip Powell

Clean and great staff

Ashley Wright

They have great movie deals for those who attended the early movies. We saw Toy Story 4 for $5 a ticket plus got free popcorn for going at 10:45am on Saturday.


Big Shout Out To WK CINEMAS ❗️

Victoria Mckeever

An older theater, but it does the job. Not overly expensive, staff is friendly and there's never a line to get in. It could use a few upgrades, which is why I have 3 stars.

Cara B

Price is good but could use a VERY DEEP cleaning and some updates. There was old popcorn etc between the seats and on floor. I was at the first show of the day so it must've been there for a while.

Curtis Cook

Great picture and sound, great popcorn ,and good prices. It just needs to be finished being remolded. I highly reccomend!

Jessica Lee

Good place to go at a decent price

Gay Wilson

I love our newly renovated theater. It's nice and clean, the sound is good, the AC/Heating is fixed. Very friendly folks working there. I love the price. My husband and I can go to the movie, get popped corn and drinks for around $25. You can't beat that for a date night!!

Alola Tails

Nice small theater. Not overcrowded. Prices are reasonable. Only complaint is the tiny bathrooms.

Charles Frost

Hometown theater that has great prices. Comfy seats. New releases regularly. Digital picture and sound. Better than driving out of town for a movie.

Tanya Leavitt

The seats aren't that comfortable but overall not a bad place

Alonzo Rone


Laura Peters

They have great tasty fountain drinks and fresh popcorn. Maybe eventually they'll often hot dogs & soft pretzels.

Jeff Dement

$4.99 tickets for morning showtimes were great and had free popcorn! The concessions were priced nicely not outrageously expensive. Seems like the staff weren’t as up to par unfortunately. The lady behind the counter seemed as she rushed me along and was impatient and 2 other workers looked like they just came from off the street wearing jerseys and snap backs. All workers were wearing street clothes and their attitudes and impression they left weren’t very professional which made the over all experience unsettling. A place is only as good as the people who run it! I think this place is in dire need of new management.

Timmy Dockery

Watched the new Halloween movie, very good.

Chris Batten

Nice little cinema. Reminds me of a small town movie cinema from back home.

Jeannie Marshall

We went to morning movie, a senior and 2 kids was $15. Free popcorn with early movie. It is hard to find. Your GPS takes you to the location but cinema is totally hidden behind a strip if stores. No signs pointing the way. We asked a passerby.

Ryan Kaiser

Great prices, popcorn always HOT.

Michelle Fox

Cheap good movies

Glenda Routson

Purchased multi movie ticket good for 6 months there were no movies shown during that time that I wanted to see till right before it expired I saw the Jungle Book. Right after it expired Alice in Wonderland came out so I went out to see if they would honors the ticket since there were no crowds and I was willing to see it at whatever time they specified but I was denied. I ask if since I had only seen one movie on the six movie ticket if I could not at least use it for two more movies and I was denied I explained to the manager that the way I saw it it would be much better to honor the ticket for at least some if not all of the movies since I would be purchasing drinks and popcorn and there would be at a car in the parking lot for people to see instead of having an empty movie theater and not selling any concessions. I told him since it was a new theater in Hopkinsville even though I didn't go to the movies often I had wanted to support him none of this made any difference so I told him I would never be back again stay. Still he did not care this is the reason why so many businesses go out of business today total lack of understanding providing quality service for their customers instead of always only focusing on the money they've already stolen from you and not worrying about the money you might receive from them later if you provided good service

Paul Floyd

I enjoy the experience but I wish they would replace the carpet throughout the facility.

Avanell Brown

Staff was very friendly

Stefan P'Pool

Love the WK Cinemas, cheap concessions, decent admission prices, and friendly staff!!

Josie Martinez

Decent for family. Small, quaint. Not updated but its affordable.

Matt Cash

Do not recommend if you are looking to see a movie.

John Busch

Good seats very comfortable not too loud however it could have been louder.

Edward Johnson

Nice cheap tickets and concessions great for a movie night with the family or date night with your partner.

Brie Flores

Great prices! Seats are older but for the prices and the fact that we can see 2 movies with a family of 6 with popcorn and drinks for about the same price as 1 movie in Clarksville makes up for it. Plus early morning movies are $5 each and a free small popcorn.


Meiko & Eric are the best love the matinee

Bully Violator

I love the place but hate the movie I was talked into seeing two weeks ago "Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom" I never saw the first one and did not want to see this one. It reminds me of watching a mix of The Lost World Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park 3


This is a great small movie theater, it has been remodeled and is excellent, the prices are fair the seating is comfortable. Since it's relaunch I go here only!! Great job guys!! Please start serving hot dogs and soft pretzels!!

John Richards

Great staff at the theatre. Great prices, seats could be a bit better but the picture and sound are great.

Mr Fox

Smaller Theater, Not as Busy as The newer ones, Get a good choice of seats

Roy Parker

Dont get me wrong, I'm glad to see Hopkinsville get a movie theater but I wouldn't get overly excited about this place. The theaters actually stink a little like must. The floors are sticky, and the sound quality is below average. I give the prices here a thumbs up since it's cheaper than most theaters. The last time I was there, the folks working in concessions moved at a pace that wouldn't cause dead lice to fall off. They were also selling scorched popcorn which had a lot of customers upset. It's a common problem you'll find in Hopkinsville though. I guess you pay for what you get.

jennifer cox

Traditional stadium seating, very reasonable price!

Larry meacham

Reasonable prices, very friendly staff, and they keep it clean. The management are very friendly and want you to have a good experience every time you go.


I liked it.. yes screen could be updated..( a lil dark) but other than that never crowded and great on a budget.. overall I'll be back. Great time at a great price...

The sans-ational artist

I love this movie theater!! Great prices, movies and staff!!

Beth M

On FB my review about this place is fantastic. HOWEVER, I bought a popcorn bucket this year for the first time because I like their popcorn l, it’s inexpensive refills and I could purchase even if I wasn’t going to watch a movie in theater. A couple weeks ago their popcorn machine caught on fire for reasons that were never actually made clear. We went to get popcorn tonight and I don’t know if they replaced the machine, if someone isn’t operating it right, if they’re burning the popcorn, using stale ingredients etc but every few pieces I get a piece that tastes like burnt hair. It is one of the worst things I’ve ever had in my mouth. And the popcorn doesn’t have the same texture. It actually tastes like it’s been sitting out for a little bit. Yuck. We won’t be purchasing popcorn from there anymore.... ever

Joyce Sadler

Last scene after credits wasn't shown!!! Bummer


I love bringing the grandchildren here. Great prices, great atmosphere. The kids just love coming to this theater.

Sarah hooper

Tiny, but in a cute way. Really enjoyed my cinematic experience here, will likely return.

Bryan King

Older cinema. Good prices. Nice staff. Facilities could use updating but doesn't affect movie experience. Nice place to catch a flick.


A great getaway

Jane Meyer

It was a wonderful experience! I'm from out of town. Took three grandsons. The staff was SO friendly. The theater was clean, even the restroom was noticeably clean! Will look forward to returning next time I'm in town visiting! Would give it more stars if possible

Kathy Stokes

Good local theater

Ernest Brake

Hobbs and Shaw good movie

Stephen Mann

I wasn't impressed with this place on my first visit but it's started to grow on me. This is definately a budget theater. You can watch a movie and get snacks for less than what just a movie ticket costs in Clarksville. The theater is rarely crowded especially if you visit during the week.

George Koranyi

Have been here a few times now and it's a great place. Prices are fair and have not had any issues what so ever. Even the bathrooms were clean. Will definitely go many more times.

Allie King

Absolutely loved this movie theater ! My husband and I had a fantastic date night here. You can not beat their prices on tickets or food ! Definitely will be coming back, the seats are so comfy and the staff was really nice as well.

David Bradshaw

Awesome as always! Love the before noon deal with free popcorn.


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