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REVIEWS OF Tri-County Cineplex IN Kentucky

Eveline Pirani

Very good . The staff is always helpful and polite. The theater is all ways maintained and clean.

Dan Patterson

The best theater around! Always clean, friendly staff and good selection of movies. The seating is comfortable and can see very well.

Robert Bailey

Love it good time out Robert bailey KY

Paul Alsip

The only issue I have with this place is there lack of supervision during big events like star wars. While in line I watched 50 people (at least) jump line and weasel in with friends. The staff at the time were sitting behind all the counters, laughing and playing instead of supervising. Sure, I could have spoke up, but I shouldn't have to be put in that situation. Nevertheless, this is certainly an easy way to create tension and a hostile environment. Lots of people were getting steamed. Besides that, it is a clean comfortable place. Lots of seating and remotely good views from anywhere. Certainly the best (granted only 2 are in the area), cinema in the surrounding areas.

Patrick Ledington

Was met with very rude customer service,Im glad its just a short drive to London!

Dillon Allen

Best theater in the area. I actually come from out of town to go here because the cinema in my town is not great. Well worth the trip honestly.

Brandon Hacker

Usually clean, nice place to go to spend some time with the family watching a movie. There is only like one other place I'd rather go to.

Ken Trudelle

It has gotten a lot more pricey then before but still a great place to go a first day or a family movie night

Mike Rosko

Best theater in the area.

David Osborne

Always a great place to go catch a movie. The Theater seating and sound is great and my wife loves the popcorn. We have never had a bad experience here

Jamie Fuson

Love watching movies here a very busy place but its clean have amazi g workers there and the best movies playing well worth the prices. Wonderful experience here

Linda Sergent

So clean, great staff!!!

Jason Blackwell

This is where I prefer to watch all of my movies

Renée King

Couldn't find a seat was told to go to concession stand and trade ticket for the movie that started at7:30 was charged $4.00 more because I had to change my ticket because of lack of seating movie was good but thier service stinks .very disappointed

Lady J

It is a good place to go watch a movie.

Chris Lewis

Excellent theatre, good food, and reasonably priced.

Erica Goodin

I don't know what to think.. my daughter, her friend, and myself all got bit by something. I left with 2 bites, nut daughter got bit 3 times, and her friend got bit twice. That's just odd! I'm terrified that we might've brought bed bugs home.. threw out every stitch of clothing we had on... including shoes!! I have no proof that the theater has an infestation.. just saying that we all 3 got bit while there in the #4 showroom while watching "It 2" in the theater.

Garry Conley

Facility and staff are exceptional. I did not expect to watch a G rated movie with a 4 year old and see one commercial where live turkeys and deer are shot and killed. I also did not expect to see a lady sitting on the commode singing "Poopin' out my backdoor." I can't think of a situation where that would appropriate or even tolerable.

Paul Rollins

Good prices clean

Rodney Dunham

Very clean and comfortable theater seating.

Crystal Gumm

Love this theater. It's always nice & clean. I also love the fact that nobody can use their cell phone while the movie is playing ☺️

Barb Jarrells

Love the options for ticket purchases and snack options were good. They have alot of theater rooms and the noise doesn't filter through. Seating is comfortable and spacious. Love this place. Employees get a big star for charm, friendliness and efficient

Jesse Parks

Clean, mostly quiet theaters with comfortable seating and good, classic concessions.

hondo ohnaka productions

Historic looks like a theater from the old days

Tony Swanner

Much better facilities and service in Corbin than London

Paula Webb

Went to see Dumbo with my son and we both lived that movie.

Tyler Johnson

I guess because of the size, it's impossible to have all the new movies when they come out. Kind of disappointing sometimes when a new movie your excited about comes in and it won't be shown here for another month. But as far as theaters go, they won't scam you with prices of tickets and food. Good quality theatre.

Virginia Carpenter

Very large theater with comfortable reclining chairs. The built in cup holders are wonderful. Nice family place. It's always clean and relaxing.

Joseph Hopson

Great place with friendly staff. It's up to date, clean, and comfortable.

Christopher Hamilton

Good clean up to date facility. Reclining stadium-style seats comfortable.

Alex Davis

Good place to watch a movie i guess

Zach Elza

Great place to go with family


We enjoy this theater. Always clean and plenty of staff working so the snack line goes fast.

Kristopher Gilliam

This is the nicest theater in the area.

Shane Lunsford

Mattine viewing of Lego movie II (started at 4] was priced great and not over crowded. The ticket/concession line moved along quickly and the bathrooms were clean and well maintained. Theatre seating was comfortable and clean, plenty leg room.

Rick Gantt

New system for tickets and concessions has complicated the experience.

Sue Payne

Nice place the movies are really loud tho is take ear plugs . Kinda dirty needs to be cleaned

Ashley Couch

I went here on a date with my husband. The facility was clean, the employees were very friendly and helpful. We have been bringing our family here for years,

Marion E. Wyatt

Nice place to watch movies, but the screens are small.

israel martin

By far the best theater experience in the area. Very clean, comfy chairs, and a wide variety of snacks.

Eric Rush

Clean facility, quick service no complaint...

Katie Johnson

Still love this theatre for closeness and dependability to always be clean and see the movies I want to see. But I don't like the new updates. Not being able to order your tickets at the ticket booth outfront, but rather having to stand in line for concessions and order tickets there. This makes the line move slower for people not wanting any concessions. And as for the concessions, the pretzels are no longer hot and ready behind the counter but in a bag on a shelf in the lobby, that you have to grab and hand to them to put in a microwave. Also, they can't even offer straws with your drink, but you then have to walk to a completely separate counter to grab a straw. Even though there are straws behind the counter they will not give these out as they're for the 'souvenier cups'. I am happy however that they've stopped the shame speech at the beginning of the movie for phone use.

Pat Reid

Very disappointed in new policy to require your purse to be less than 8x10 sheet paper. If you want to look in purses, that is fine and would be a safe option for customers. But that is a tiny purse. Theft is a common problem for purses left in cars, and I never leave a purse unattended in a car. I regularly viewed movies at this location, for many years. I made a 45 minute drive just to view a movie, but had to leave because my purse was slightly larger than a piece of paper. I believe in security, but will not put my auto and purse in risk of break in. This has happened in the past to a family member who left a purse in the car at theater. Scams and fraud are high risk, and this policy will increase risk for auto theft. We will be going to Richmond to view movies from now on.

Raley Meadors

Pretty sicko mode, especially the two workers named Nathan Gentletrey and Austin Kissypoo

Jonathan Mckiddy

Clean theatre, with great picture and sound. Snack bar is decent with typical movie theater pricing (they have to make money somehow, Hollywood takes most of the ticket sales). The seats are designed for toddlers and while they lean back and are soft, you share an armrest with someone and their giant drink.

Maxine McGhee

Was very nice.

Stephen Vickers

Go see a movie there

Kevin Lay

A very nice theater. Spacious and clean looking with a pleasing interior.

Marjorie Dople

Had a great experience.

josh p

Bought and paid for a movie got called into work before the movie started would not give money back gave a pass for next time ..came back to use the pass the next was told it was only for certain movies..... movies that was no good ... i then ask the guy that took the ticket if I could see something different he said yes so went in and sat down after a few minutes a different guy came and ask me to leave said I could only see 2 movies that was showing I was so mad ....this was after I spent 15 dollars on popcorn and a drink ....this is the worst movie experience I have ever had in my life....also not of this was posted on the pass don’t leave that place unless you get your money

Kimberly Morris

Love going to the movies there

April Marie

Very cute cinema. Old school layout.

jeremy taylor

Decent theatre at average price. Clean which is a plus but old seats. you can go to Richmond if you want a much better theatre.


Seats are too close, too small. when seeing a sold out movie it's very uncomfortable

Stephanie Howard

Friendly staff. But as with all cinemas the snack prices are ridiculous. Clean theaters

Blair Skidmore

Our family loves going to this theater. The staff are friendly and the theater itself is clean and well maintained.


Great place. Very clean and comfortable

Judy Smith

Excellent place to go see a

Chris Brown

Just very pleasant all around

kendra lockhart

The staff here is always really nice. They are also extremely accomaditing to certain needs. I have been here a handful of times and have enjoyed every one of them. I will definitely be back to make more memories here. A great family place.

John Neal

Excellent place

Billie Mitchell

It's a great place to take your children and they always have a great time. It is also a great place for adults from time to time. They're always so nice to you and they go above and beyond to make sure you ha e everything you need and to assist you with anything whatsoever. On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being the worst and 10 being the best I would gladly and easily give them a 10.

Elizabeth Frazier

A great and clean place to watch a movie.

Sarah Miron

I just moved to the area for seasonal work back in January. I’m happy to have this theater so close to my temp housing, the staff is awesome and friendly, the prices are great (it’s $15 + back home in Northern VA) and I’ve enjoyed every movie I’ve watched there.

Tennille Baker

The movie theater is very clean which is great but the staff is purse was measured and too large for the theater, we were accused of skipping the line when we was only waiting on our children to get their drinks from concession, we barely got a seat in the theater together, then our phone went off and even though the brightness was turned all the way down, the same boy who measured my purse came and said put your phone away.. I understand some things but this place has become pathetic..u all need to really loosen up.. Also it made me sad that there's no longer people selling tickets, I hate that people have been replaced by machines.

Patricia Siler

Nice place

Nickolaus Willis

Had a wonderful time. Staff was friendly and helpful. Theater was clean and well kept.

Richard Pirani

Best theatre in the southeastern Kentucky area. Clean and well maintained. Great stadium sets. What you pay for a large bucket of popcorn, you only get a small anywhere else.

Amy Blackwell


Annette Reynolds

My family enjoys going

Neil Hart

Reasonable prices. High back, tilting stadium seating with cup holders. Excellent picture and sound quality.

Anthony Washburn

Rude staff who YELLED across the room at me to STAND ON THE RED CARPET. It was my first time there and I didn't know the "rules". Piss poor place I won't be back to.

Darlene Godsey

We really enjoyed ourselves.

Nancy Pack

I hate the way they have ticket sales set up. Standing in the same line as people buying snacks is a waste of time and made us miss the beginning of the movie, even though we were there in a timely manner and, had it not been for waiting on everyone to decide which snack to buy.

Tracy Enix

We travel from Harlan County to this theater to see inspirational and religious movies they don't show at Middlesboro or Harlan. This theater is much nicer and cleaner!

Renee Andrews

This movie theater is the best around. Clean rooms, great food and very friendly staff.

Joann Yeager

Wonderful, very clean! Staff was very friendly! Comfortable seating in Show Area! Had a very great time! Hadn't been to the movies in years, but my experience with this Cinema was wonderful! I would love to come back! Thoroughly enjoyed it!

Steve_Georgie Petro

Best movie theater in our local area! They give military discount too.

Adrienne Sturgill

Clean and comfortable. Friendly staff. Good quality. Good lighting. Large purses or backpacks not permitted, so I had to return mine to the car.

Rick Robinson

Best cinemas in Southeastern Kentucky! Well managed cineplex with 8 cinemas. One of the cinemas features 3D movies. All cinemas features Dolby Digital surround sound and stadium seating. Good concession stand with a modest goodies selection that are reasonably priced. Restrooms are always clean. Staff is usually friendly and helpful. Occasionally, movies do not start on time but once started they're always in frame and with an adequate sound volume. Venue can be really crowded when blockbuster titles are released so show up early for these special releases.


Very nice theater! Do Not like movies that portray homosexuality as did Downton Abbey!


Was a really good experience first time going to this theater watched Deadpool 3 very clean and friendly staff price was pretty good

Khristian Sutton

I just enjoy taking off n going to watch either a good scary, comedy, thriller, pretty much just whatever it's the most awesomeness degree chill n relax in the seats lights go down n the the movie is starting the only thing I really so not like , I think not all places should not be non smoking, it appears non smokers are getting their way w everything....I PERSONALLY BELIEVE THAT THEIR SHOULD BE TWO THEATERS PLAYING THE SAME MOVIE ONR SHOULD BE SMOKING THE OTHER SHOULD BE NON SMOKING....

Shon Merida

Need to go back to selling tickets in the window. Takes to long to get in. Bought my tickets online and still missed 5 minutes of the movie to not having enough seats had to sit in hard chairs the staff brought in for us.

Darla Achey

Traveling through the area and had some free time. Nice cinema, with current movies and friendly staff!

rita carroll

Nice clean theater, comfortable seating

Misty Morgan

I've always LOVED this movie theater! They have amazing popcorn, a good selection of snacks, very friendly staff(especially management), and a wide variety of movie showings as well! I love how they have special promotional popcorn containers and drink cups and sometimes even toys with the snacks as part of the movie promotion. It's one of favorite things to get when we get there. You can bring the containers back and fill them up for $2, for up to 6 months after you've bought them!! Pictured below is a Venom containers, the cup and the popcorn bowl. I have a story about how great the management is as well. I had asked about getting one of the movie posters once and they had told me that some other people were already in line for it and showed me the list on her office wall, but she still put my name down in case any of them passed on it. She then asked me if I would like any other poster and named off some she had in the back. She was so nice and we walked out with a smaller version of the initial one we wanted and another big one from a different movie. I thought the management was amazing! Ya'll will always hold a special place in my heart as I've spent a lot of fun nights here with friends, and especially one friend. My best friend, that I won'tever get the chance to watch a movie with again. We were both huge movie buffs and watched more movies here than I can count! So this will forever be my favorite movie spot. Thanks for the memories!!


Amazing service and very clean theaters.

Rocky Mcvey

Best movie theater in a 70 mile range, makes the London theater look like the pit it is.


I have asked multiple times for corporate’s number they will not give it to me. They’re disrespectful, disgusting and they allow any behavior from their employees and it’s unacceptable!

Dave Diamond

Been many times over the years. Always clean and we'll staffed.

Tonya Ridener

Clean place. Friendly workers. Great movies. Up-to-date on the theater experience.

Lindsy Hedrick

awesome sauce! love nathan g and austin k!!!! super friendly and made the experience worth it

Phyllis Hubbard

Good food, clean, very courteous and friendly.

Judy Foley

Young children should not have been allowed to see the movie 'Halloween' however there were many there watching it. It was most definitely not a P.G. movie. Parents should have been denied bringing young children.

the signing kitty mermaid

A nice place to take the grandkids...

Daniel Howard

Great staff and they are expanding to include bowling and lazertag!!

Squeaky Clean

Seats a bit uncomfortable but great prices

jake banks

If you're really good Theatre. Not bad ticket prices and ever Theater is clean with now Broken chairs

Sara Marple

Wonderful staff, no fuse gave me a refund when I was accidently charged twice!!

JayLei Thomas

Not very clean, very small screens. Smells like feet...

Robert Johnson

Great place

Linda Clark

Had to sit and watch a movie that i was really excited to go watch , with teenage kids tossing thier popcorn and candy at each other and at a couple in front of them i went out to tell the manager but yet nothing was done the couple in front left the movie and did not return noone came to check on the matter I woukd sugggest going to another movie theater or wait for the dvd .....

Will Plymon

Took the wife on a date. Theater was clean. Service was fast. No snarky act from the staff. Great place all around. They not getting a 5 star cause they prices a bit high. But better experiences there than other places.

James Reeves

We love going here

Samieyra Standish

Several movie choices clean decent seating prices could be a little lower on the concession stand but they're okay average I guess

Bacon Cheese123

A little expensive because of being poor and all, but I've had so many experiences here, so many things have gone down, so many memories have been made. Nothing could compare to something like that.

Stephanie Vick

Loved this place friendly service, comfortable seating!

Pamela Pergram

Love going to the movie's nice and clean a polite employees. Popcorn hot and fresh. The only Big Draw back is having to make sure that if I choose to carry a purse they measure it to be sure that it's no bigger than a sheet of writing paper.

Becky Day

Great atmosphere

Chris Taylor

This was a pretty quality theater, especially considering that it isn't one of the big name chains. Clean theater, good concessions. Only issue I had was that there was no one selling tickets. It was kiosk only. That was problematic for two reasons: 1) It takes a job from a person 2) the people in front of me were not tech savvy and it took way too long for what should have been a 60 second transaction.

Nate Smith

They won’t answer the phone

Ken Childress

A fun experience. Facility is clean as always. Great movie quality and wonderful sound system. A little strange setup on buying tickets at concession stand. I guess they're trying to sell more snacks. But great place to watch a movie.

Chad Lawson

Great movie theater. It is always clean and a pleasure to visit. They don't charge an arm and a leg for snacks and drinks.

Get Outdoors Today

Good comfortable seats very clean and friendly staff.

Donna Rutherford Williams

It was a decent theatre. Clean and employees where friendly. But if you want refills on popcorn read the menu good we got there as the movie started and order a combo popcorn and 2 drinks and when she handed them to me they where small compared to theaters in our area, and i ask about refills. She looked at me like i had 3 heads and said no you dont get refills. I just said ok and went on. She was the only one who wasnt real friendly but we enjoyed our movie theatre seats where comfortable. We will go back when we are back in this area.

Mark Lawson

Nice experience plan on going back

Aaron Bird

Best theater for hours. Especially with the prices and deals they offer. Used to be great but still a good theater with better prices than the theaters further away.

Shannon Elam

Great movie theater, with extensive movie option and concessions. Seating could be updated.

Marcus Hawkins

The movie wasn't all that but the theater was nice and clean will go again.


I go here a lot good place for the movies.. But damn they are expensive 30 -35 bucks for 2 drinks 2 popcorn and a ticket. I remember when it was around 20 ish bucks a few years ago.

Nicole McKinney

Good theatre, concession folks are always friendly no matter how long the lines are. Recent visit weirded me out because box office was closed and tickets had to be purchased at concession stand. No biggie, just sign of the times, I guess. Cleanliness is hit and miss, but as much traffic as this place gets I'm impressed that it's ever a "hit" & not all "miss".

matuska T

Great place. Clean and we'll maintained.

Denise Downs

Clean place! Nice employees! Could use some comfy seating...

Lisa Johnson

I live in Monticello but almost always travel to Corbin for movies.

Walt Howington

Has kind of ran down over the years but is well kept, clean and still the best place around to see a new movie. I also like their yearly rocky horror showing.

Jeremy Bryant

Quite pricey. Great cinema


Always a great place to go catch a movie. The Theater seating and sound is great and my wife loves the popcorn. We have never had a bad experience here

jakeline esquivel

as run down as it looks, it is a really good theater with nice seating and polite nice workers

Jason Downs VGS

This place is okay I wish it was bigger larger screens more comfortable seats

joyce Johnson

Great movie theater Clean and comfortable seats

Chris Ball

Great service. Clean area. Good prices.

Larry Reed

Very clean theatre and the workers are extremely nice here.

Seth Mitchell

Great place to spend time with the family. Staff is awesome and theater is always clean.


The Best

Stephanie McClarrie

Good atmosphere, I'm very impressed with the staff there. Clean cinema, and clean bathrooms. My family and I saw End Game today at the 1:30 showing. It was packed and we had to be split up, but the staff was cordial and accommodating with find seating.

Eva Davis

Seats are comfortable and roomy. When we went the front sales window was closed and they had a kiosk inside which only took one customer at a time so it bogged things down a bit. Otherwise I always enjoy this theater.

Kayla Kelley

Anytime I want to watch a movie, I drive an hour away to this location, just because of the theater's cleanliness and great prices on tickets and concessions. The movie rooms are large, large screens, and very comfy reclining chairs.

John R. Snyder

Friendly staff and the theater area is clean. Sound and picture quality is top notch.

Robert Wilson

Great theater, good sound and screens, Great concession prices

Kevin Pettigrew

We drive past another theater to get to this one because this one is so much better.

Meesha Meadows

Good experience

Lori Cloud

This movie theater has made a lot of improvements in the last few years. They now have more and better staff, better trained, more knowledgeable, and much friendlier. They also have more matinees through the week than they used to, which I love. Their website is also much improved from years past, but could use some more improvement. I must say they have really cracked down on people using cell phones during movies, which is wonderful. If you are caught using your phone during the film (and they have ushers watching for it up and down the aisles), you won't be given another warning, you will be made to leave, and will not be given a refund. I've seen this happen, and it was great! The down sides are the outrageous concession prices for mediocre food (except the popcorn, it's really good), and the nightmare the parking lot becomes on Friday and Saturday nights. My advice is to eat before you go, and to avoid the parking nightmare, go to a matinee or through the week. Matinee prices are also significantly cheaper than showings after 6:00 pm, which is great for those on a budget. They have women's and men's restrooms, as well as a family restroom, which have always been clean when we were there, including the family restroom. The entire place has always been clean every time.

Scott Whitaker

My family likes the nostalgic look of the facility and the facility is clean and employees are always nice. We have been here a few times now and so far have only had good experiences. Highly recommend for family movie night.

Russell Hyde

Best theater in the region, which any local will tell you. Their snacks aren't crazy expensive, but I recommend picking some up before you arrive.

Matthew Ford

Price is great. Very friendly staff. Quick service. Clean environment. Only movie theater to go to in Corbin.

Melissa Hamblin

Good movie theater

Dorothy Howard

Great place to chill and watch a movie at a reasonable price...

Kenneth B.

Best movie theater in the area, reasonably clean and never had an issue with customer service.

Joey Maguire

Nice atmosphere, great picture and show the best movies and many screens all showing different options.

Chuck Young

Love Tri-County Cineplex! Always has a wide variety of films, to fit your viewing needs, adult & kids selections. Also great concession choices, popcorn is always fresh, hot, & delish:) The bucket/captain seats, are comfortable, viewing rooms are clean, no sticky floors!! There's a small arcade in the lobby with various cash & technological prizes, my favorite thing is the Photo Booth!! So fun, & perfect for capturing a moment, definitely more character, than a selfie.

Jillaina Proffitt

Clean theater and friendly employees. Stadium style seating and comfortable seats with plenty of legroom for your viewing pleasure! This is the only theater that I will see any movie at, hands down!

nFxus nFluance

Great clean and comfortable theater! Awesome staff with smiling faces! Would recommend this to any movie goers!

Charles Melton

Great local theater. Stadium seating and 3D available.

Jerry H

The seat row elevation is nice, you don't have to worry about someone tall blocking your view. The men's bathroom has stall doors and urinal dividers, and you don't have to touch a door handle to enter or exit the restroom. They have several employees working the concessions so you won't be in line for too long.


Fantastic Theatre

Jon Rice

Best movie theater in the area and they're always improving.

Dusty Allen

Its nice and clean


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