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REVIEWS OF Theatres of Georgetown IN Kentucky

John Watt

Ticket and concession prices are the reasons to go. 1st generation stadium style seating isn't as roomy as the modern theater and the screens aren't very big. Even so, seats are reasonably comfortable, sound is good, and there's popcorn. Great value.

C Hart

Fun and happy environment. Took my mom and siblings to the movies had an amazing time. Definitely planning another trip in the future.

Chris Lamb

Support local! Great prices. Close to home. Clean establishment; Popcorn and services are wonderful. Never a bad experience.

Elfie k

It's a cute theater. The prices are great and the staff is always friendly.


Average theater. Clean but small theaters (about 50 seats per theater, standard style theater seats). Roughly 7 total small theaters for the movie complex. Standard movie pricing.

Adamantis7689 Pokémon Go

Decent theater but if its sold out it's a little tight but it's good for the value

Garrett Curtis

Nice theater. Great popcorn!

Risa Awol

I was publicly humiliated by the short fat blonde lady with the wooden teeth. I asked if the line I was standing in was for tickets only and she yelled at the top of her lungs, in the most heinous, ear piercing voice "CAN YOU NOT READ" and then proceeded to motion to the insanely small sign, far above her horribly bleached, crispy pinhead. She then gave me the widest grin which reminded me of something out of a horror movie. I'm tired of watching this troll flop around and complain about how tired she is. She will stand at the counter and complain to every customer about how overworked she is and tell them all about her dietary issues. I am here for a movie and a pleasant experience, not a run through on some trailer trashes life story. I've been going to this theater for a couple years but after this experience I am completely done. My children, my friends and my family will never return to this theater. It is not worth it at all.

Rocki J

Not too crowded, good prices and selection.


Haven't been here in awhile. Seats are really small and uncomfortable but I will say the popcorn was really good just not good enough to compensate for the seats. I would pay a couple dollars more to sit in a more comfortable theater. Why not upgrade the seats for one particular theater?

Marilyn Stivers

we had a great time everyone was so polite and ready to help

Cassandra Pena

Always so clean n respectful from the whole staff I love taking my son there

Kelly Dapson

This place is ratchet... As heck! (Would say worse things if Google would disapprove my comments) Okay, I'm reasonable on most levels... My friend Callie and I pulled up at 7:40pm (a mere ten minutes after our show, Pitch Perfect 3 was supposed to be playing) *Side note: We were slightly late and driving from Lexington which is only 20 minutes away. So we see this bigger man locking up the doors, assuming they're locking up only the important "in and out" doors since they'd be closing within THE NEXT 2 HOURS. As we approached, this man, looked at us with distain and dissatisfaction while briefly looking towards the back of the building (as if searching for approval) seriously though, whether or not to allow us inside. Jokingly laughing, and trying to make light of the situation, we walked inside while searching around for where to actually purchase our tickets from and everyone looked at us as if we were spawn from Satan. God forbid us be late to a movie. Okay, we were ten minutes late, you would have thought we victimized their first born's. Okay... Let's be real, any movie (on average) lasts for and hour an half.... You are stuck in this building anyway. Plus, this is you occupation... The hospitality here is completely fabricated, for show, and imaginary. My friends an I are doing you no harm or injustice for merely coming to see a movie. Speaking from the service Industry... We understand late night stragglers and what type stresses they cause.... But this.. This was pathetic.


A great little theatre. I love the way the seats are set up.


Horrible Burn that tiny smelly dirty place down retry all over again

Amy Harris

Nice and good prices...they just need an update of the place.

Amy Rhodes

Worst theatre ever. Tehy send u a email for a free popcorn then won't redeem if u don't print. ( And it doesn't say it must be printed). Then they are just extremely rude like most the people in Georgetown have been to us since we moved here. they got.the last.20 outta me I' time.

Adam Mills

Nice simple theatre

Adam Sams

Quality of movies is decent, but as a larger dude I dont quite fit in the seats. Not really their fault but an issue for me.

James heath

Great for young kids, it's small and normally not too packed, food is decently priced, has a good selection of movies, small little arcade section ( don't play the game with the claw to grab a stuffed animal lol!! I think that's rigged ) .... For the adults, it doesn't smell great and the seats are old and Sean nice and greasy I guess you could say... Overall for Georgetown it gets the job done so it's ok on a nice rainy day, or if you live in Georgetown and want to keep the drive short

Gary Sexton

I went and saw Rambo last blood it was really good. The theater is nice and it didn't break my bank account !!!!!

Matthew Wood

Good movies

Shelby Hughes

This is a great place to see a movie. The cost isn't bad and it's rarely overly crowded. The people are great but the sound quality and the seating is a little low. That being said for the price it's entirely worth it definitely my favorite theatre in the Georgetown Lexington area.

Elizabeth Richardson

Very small and not a very diverse movie selection. But ticket prices, and food prices, are comparable to other theaters.

Justin Brubaker

Decent theater.

Mike Reynolds

Very clean,the best popcorn, easy to get to, friendly people.

Tyler Meade

Movie lost picture about an hour in, needs a good cleaning, would definitely be better if there wasn't a trashy bar next door.

Shri Patel

It's a good theatre but being used to big movie theaters the movie halls have very different angle for people sitting on the side and small screens.

Gerry Adair

Nothing fancy but a solid venue that is inexpensive.

Ann Jones

They are friendly and help and move people through at a good pace...

Charles Davis

I get a deal here 2 times a year


Run down, out dated, had no box for the kid deal, which made it very upsetting, especially because the movie was last one down the hallway. Refills must be administered by staff; therefore, it takes up too much time missing your movie, especially when they’re not behind counter at concession. Prices are a bit high for such a ran down and unaccommodating facility. Senior citizen’s discount at 62 years of age? Ridiculous, never heard a senior citizen discount being anything other than either 50 or 55 depending on business. I seriously debated on whether to give two stars or 3.

Denise Lewis

We had to wait forever for the theater to get cleaned before we could be seated and once we were seated OUR SEATS WERE WET!!!

William Bond

Great place to go for a movie. 6:45 showtime opening day for Hellboy about 20 people in theater, awesome experience for my Granddaughter for her birthday!!!!!! Concessions were too expensive for what you got in my opinion.

Alan Crabtree

It's a good sized theater, not too big, not too small. The prices are very reasonable. The staff is usually nice. The premises are always clean.

Gwyz Mugz

The price is right and I enjoy the old school atmosphere, but the movie selection is often disappointing, at times only relating to kids! Seems like everytime I get excited about a major release, I end up having to go to Lexington and pay ridiculous prices, although, sometimes after a movie reaches epic status, they will bring it in 3 weeks late! SMH Oh yeah, the customer service is often questionable, but that's Georgetown where u can sit in the "ultimate" Drive thru window for an average of 15 mins at a time! Oh well!!


Love this little theater. A little old school but prices are great and seats are comfortable

Brian Meyl

Brutal movie experience..Movie started 30 mins late..they didnt even know it hadnt started...asked for Popcorn at 8 :05 pm. 10 mins after movie started ..worker said concessions were closed... never go back...poor management

Megale Smith

Due to the venue, the screens and theatres are smaller than your big brand cinemas, but it does not at all change the movie-going experience. It makes it more like a big family movie night, in our conjoining living-room theatre.

Scott Craycroft

Good place to watch movies!

Soumyo Surya Bairi

Good small theatre nearby. Don't compare with big shots as you paying nominal here as well. Picture and sound quality are good. Sitting comfortably lacks, I will be back.


There is an issue of some sort almost every time we visit. Last week, the digital system "lost" the movie we went to see. After going out twice to tell them the pre-show stopped again, they finally offered a refund when they could not play the movie.

Kelly McCarty

Great night out with the family and we all had a great time

Wildcat Norm

Old school theater could use a renovation. Need to replace screens and sound system.

ethan freeman

Very good

Michael Whitcomb

Great price and great service . ( Eat popcorn, drink cola and live free . )

sweetie ferguson

I take my kids to this theater and we all enjoy it they have very good soft seats it's a very nice place to take a family for a night out me and my daughter went last night to see the movie stars and it was wonderful and everyone else that was in there really seem to be enjoying it and we will continue going to this theater not only is it better than driving all the way to Lexington and paying over price for the very same movie

Tino Aispuro

Older movie theatre but cozy an they have great matenea (guess that's how spell that) prices good ticket prices ne where

Martin Vera

Good place to take the kids ans se a movie

Tommy Hunt

Good movies and very clean areas

Diego White

Great prices and good movie selection. Food is expensive as in any other theaters

Alicia Campbell

Now if you want high tech screens and sounds with reclining seats and all that jazz don't come here. This is a more reasonably priced, down to earth, no bells a whistles type of theatre. It is clean and maintained just not fancy. Ticket and concession prices are very reasonable and will not break you to bring your whole family and maybe even get some popcorn!

Nathaniel Pendleton

I love this movie theater, it reminds of going to the movies as a kid. The theaters are smaller but have big screens with stadium seating. It's never crowded and the snacks aren't grossly overpriced. The service is always friendly and it even has a little arcade. Tickets aren't crazy expensive and they always have the latest movies. Awesome independent theater! I do wish it showed more boutique or event stuff, that's all I have for criticism.

Lyn Gentry

I enjoyed the smaller theater feel. The $5 movie tickets were great, and so was the $7 medium popcorn and drink combo. The theater was clean and comfortable with a great sound system. The staff was very friendly and courteous.

Indi Barber

Cute theatres. Old time feel and low prices.

Helen Tobin

We always enjoy going here with our family. Its close, affordable and always have a great experience.

Helen Sheldon

Great place

James Cooper

Outdated ENJOY YOUR HARD EARNED DOLLAR AND GO TO HAMBURG Update: Still outdated theatre, chairs are worse off then Lexington Theatre.. At any rate, I had a thoughtful gentleman who decided to share his foot with my backrest through out Jurassic World. I complained and the manager (18 years old??) Said their refund policy is that they don't really have a refund policy. Nice wording, came off super polite. He then went on about how the theatre would rather retain my $10 ticket and kick out the other guy (and his children who were doing nothing wrong and didn't deserve to be punished for their a**hat donor's actions) with no refund.

Linda Collins

Nice & toasted place to be on a very cold afternoon

Steve Eccleston

Older theater but friendly staff and delicious popcorn. Same movies but great prices for tickets and concessions.

krickett f

Clean. Comfortable. Great movies 2 choice from. Good seats, which recline!

Andre Netterville

Nice theatre. It was a bit small but it had a novel, intimate feel to it.

Angel Springer

Staff was friendly and helpful. Very clean. Seats are comfortable. They have booster seats for little ones. Prices aren't bad either.

Rob Maybry

We just saw Spider Man in theatre #2. Awesome!!! Love we have a good theater right here in Georgetown. The staff is always helpful and friendly.

James Prince

A little outdated, but its really affordable and rarely ever crowded. Can't complain

Ed Yost

Nice small theater with great prices and staff. Actual matinee prices and free refills on soda and popcorn if you buy the large or extra large, not sure, so you should ask. 2 adults and 3 kids tickets, plus 2 buckets of popcorn and three 32 oz sodas cost $44 at 5 pm on Sunday. Was a little hard to find because Google maps was wrong, so find the Peddler's mall and look for the theater.

Shawn Couch

Affordable, replaced their old chairs recently, screens could use some work but it's better than spending $16 for a reclining chair.

Crystal Rowe

Love the price and it's close to home!

Angela S.

This is the worst theater I've ever been to!!! The employees were very rude! My family and I attended on Mother's Day and it was a party of four, there were only a few seats and they were spread all out. We kindly asked for an exchange to the next show, the employee went back and forth about the movie not being sold out when we explained that the seats that were left were spread out and we had children. So finally she allowed us to do an exchange for the next show. We returned with a few more went inside and families that were together had gaps and gaps between them when they could have simply moved down one. We weren't expecting to all set together but out of courtesy if your already together you can move down a seat. From now on we will drive to Nicholasville to the movie tavern which is where we normally go. It might be more and the drive is further but it's worth it for the service we get! We won't ever return again!! Sometimes cheap isn't better! A new theater needs to be the next thing in line for our growing city and new staff to go along with it.

Dee Jackson

It was hot and i couldnt hear the movie but other than that it was nice.

Jermane Turner


Ro Ne

Nice good staff but screen was a little dirty. Seat wouldn't lean back

Katye Marie Clark

The good was We saw Despicable Me 3 and it was hilarious! The bad is that this movie theater needs more lighting. B/c of such bad lighting, My son tripped and fell. We are so thankful He was okay and not hurt. He was upset b/c He couldn't see and was carrying His popcorn in His hands then tripped and spilled most of His popcorn all over the place. We enjoyed the movie but have no plans of coming back anytime soon until the lighting and visibility is fixed within this movie theater.

Frank Trombetta

First time; clean, comfortable and nice personnel. Will return again.

Jordyn Perry

Seemed nice at first; then my husband drove from work to meet me, and they refused to let him buy a ticket because it was 28 minutes since the movie had started (as opposed to 25). I was already having a terrible day, and I just wanted to enjoy a movie with my husband. I was already in the theater and had been from the beginning.They refused to let him buy a ticket, because he wouldn't have gotten to see the whole movie?? Very disappointed in this theater.

Michael Stoll

One of Georgetown's best kept secrets. The price is amazingly cheap, the food is also relatively cheap, and I don't know what they put into the popcorn, but I don't think I've ever had any better. Don't expect anything fancy, but the place gets the job done, and it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg to take the family out for a movie and snacks.

Cherish Rutherford

Went to the movies and seen Pet Semetary, pretty cool experience. They have a game room where I won a huge stuffed animal and the sound system was awesome. I would recommend Theatres of Georgetown to anyone!!!

Donald Hellard

Great place clean good food tickets are cheaper first run movies didn't Place let's kids go watch a movie smaller town friendly people

Kendra Newby

Best place out here if you ask me! 20/10 :)

Momma G

By far one of the worst theatres.

Moody Foody

Went there to see Thor with my family, and the short older blonde woman behind the counter, has been nothing but rude to us since we started coming here, she says she's the general manager, but idk about that. This was the last straw. She is always yelling at people, at employees, she curses, she has a smart mouth attitude that honestly has ruined this theater for us. We will not be returning to the theaters of Georgetown, but will instead drive to Lexington. At least there they treat us politely and like they want our business.

Illusionist BabyBat

So I normally don’t give one star but I feel like this one is necessary. They said that for the Halloween movie there would be no kids under 18, then they changed their minds at the last minute saying if the kids were over the age of 13 they were allowed in. Only reason I’m upset by this is, I bought the late ticket so I would not have to be around kids and then in the final jump scare of the movie a kid decided to pull the fire alarm, which caused the movie to be delayed for 30 minutes when there was only 10 minutes left to the movie. you would think that they would have refund tickets or you know at least gave out gift cards for this inconvenience and did not. So very unhappy with this I will be going to regal or Lexington from here on out!

Stacey Fryman

Love it but they need upgraded seats

Tommy Smith

Nice shows but sticky floors

Brian Hambrick

Had a good time

Leeanne Barton

Great movie time with grand kids

Andrae Walker

Very nice and clean facility. Not a big fan of the seats being so close. They are really for small thin people. Remember that.

Frank Sandoval

Old. Run down. Walked into the theater and it smelled like urine. Only gave it 2 stars because of the friendly staff. This place needs upgrades ASAP!!

Fee Mac

I live this little theater. Especially if you just want to get away from the hassle that is Lexington. Small but charming; there is even a Crackle Barrel to go to when you get out of the movies! Or before, whatevs.


Screens are a bit smaller but sitting closer takes care of that. Prices are pretty nice compared to some in Lexington which are way higher! Love their freq customer card too!

C Nichols

Average small-ish town theater.

Cody Hatch

Small theater great prices and nice employees

Brian Alcorn

Had a ball grandchild was very happy nice employees

Guinevere Baker

The Theatres of Georgetown is an insanely inadequate theatre. My sister and I have been dropped off multiple times to watch R-rated movies and have not once had an issue. The lady who usually gives my sister and I our tickets refused to this time because her manager was behind her. Instead of saying "sorry, I cannot do that" , she was extremely condescending and extremely rude. This women seriously should not have a job where she only follows rules when her superior is there. I believe that she genuinely does not know how to work with people based on her disgusting attitude towards customers . Definitely would not recommend and I hope her manager sees my review.

Clint Kearns

Been going to this theatre for years. Nice, kinda small but not cramped up. Prices are reasonable.

Heather Hughett

This theater was a good experience. The concessions and tickets are cheap compared to all other theaters. 2 adult tickets + large coke + small popcorn = $22 Definitely will be back!

Johanna Burrows

The theatresof georgetown was good .. However there was one worker who was a bit rude . i even saw a customer leave because she couldnt take her cup if hot water into the movie . very short in speaking .. Other then that its clean and they are on it .

Jerry Caudill

Very nice

Shaun Juan

Best theatre in town, love popcorn Tuesdays and the fair price

Eric Hillman

ok,It's ok, screen grainy.

Jamie Perry

Great place. Nice and cold too. Which I love , while watching movies

Bonnie Hasler

Great seats. A wonderful surprise

Michael Sell

It's a nice little theater. The curved screen makes it easy to see from even side seats and the popcorn is great. It's actually a nice little theater.

Torp Scoops

Seats could be better

Cosmic Essence

We love this place! We moved from Lexington and we like this place better than any of the places in Lexington. It's a lot cheaper than the big ones in Lexington. It does have some wear and the theaters are smaller but that's not a big deal for what your paying. The staff is always really nice and we get more perks on our movie rewards card

John Dziatkowski

Smallest theater I've every been in.

Joanna Mains


Bobby Breidhaupt

Will never patronize this place again. What place allows employees to just lounge about and talk down about people of faith. Seriously 4 employees just sitting there calling the bible a fairy tale and having big discussion about how they think Christians are hard headed and what not. That is just unbecoming of any establishment to allow that level of disrespect to peoples beliefs.

stephen mitchell

Super cheap movies. Groupon makes it an even better deal. Consessions close down super early though. No refills or additional purchases after 7. Not super clean. But its right for the price


Tiny theatre, tiny screens, but rarely many people. Can go to big titles opening day and find a good place to sit. A nice change of pace from the often-crowded Lexington theatres.

Katherine Ferguson

Little dated but clean. Friendly staff and good prices

Andrew Smith

Great affordable local theater. My only complaint is the last several times the volume has seemed low in our movie. When I asked about nothing was done that I could tell. Still our go to theater :)

Shaun Hurt

Small town look and feel

Jason Hackney

Really great ticket prices. The quality of the theatre is much better than you'd expect for $5 tickets.

Cassandra Fightmaster

Local- comfortable and reasonable ticket costs

Shawn Moberly

Nice little local theatre...a little dated but I can live with it for $5 matinees and $7 at night. Good sound system and screen quality was still good! Still have the theatre food and drink prices but not too bad!

Andrew Costello

Went to see the new avengers movie today. The theater was clean, and the staff was extremely friendly. The biggest complaint I have is that the restrooms left a lot to be desired in terms of their cleanliness. The women's room was dirty enough to the point where my wife didn't even go after seeing the conditions. Other than this, I highly recommend the theater.

Aisha Ferrah

The tickets are cheaper than most theaters. But that's for a reason. It could be cleaner here, but if you are looking for a typical theater to see a movie, it's okay.

Cindy R

The movie was great. The staff was happy and the place was clean.


Once you get past the slightly funky smell and the grimy feel of the place, it's a pretty great theater. Very affordable prices, especially compared to big chain theaters. It's got a small town feel to it. I will more than likely pick this theater before the big ones. Mainly cause I like not spending my life savings on a movie

Carrie Kramer

Reasonable prices

Deborah DeRose

It's a quaint little theatre, clean and small entry/ food service area. They get you through the line quickly and the popcorn and soda didn't cost a small fortune. Theatre was clean, movie started on time and the seats were comfortable. We will definitely be back for more movies.

Eric Thomason

Popcorn was wonderful.

Daniele Rocabado

I love this quaint theatre. It's a small town theatre that suits families and budgets. We love summer movies and popcorn! Here you can stl go to the movies without doing into savings to pay for it

Chupacabra Stamos

The tickets are cheap. That's about the only thing going for this location as far as critical reviews go. Concession prices are about the same as everywhere else. The layout is dated. It could use a few upgrades for sure. That being said, I've had a handful of really decent viewings at this theater. Georgetown movie goers seem to practice better theater etiquette than folks in the surrounding cities. It's not the best but it's far from the worst (Winchester). I'm glad this place still exists.

Quirky The Stoned Turtle

Ehh just alright this place is way to expensive so choose the occasion well lol

Kimberly Green

I'm so glad there is a theater in Georgetown. However it really needs some updating. Very uncomfortable seats.

Rich Sauter

Great local theater and very reasonable prices. Better than driving into Lexington to pay more. Nice to see a local business supporting the local community.

nick Zoccoli

Tiny theatre but good pricing only 5 bucks before I think 5pm or 6pm. Really good pricing. Little old

Xxsms hyper

Very well priced concessions and movie tickets and the theatres are clean.


For a cheap movie experience this place was okay ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.....but if you are planning on watching a long movie prob should plan on getting a seat cushion because the chairs there are horribly uncomfortable..

Ben Russell

Another hidden treasure. Cheap tickets for triple A blockbusters. We saw EndGame there with five people, cost about 35 dollars.

Xx Honeycutt

Age limit is messed up.Rules are messed up

stormi rose

Love the popcorn

George Kriegel

went couple doors down tn Tilted Cow, live music, pool tables, T.V.'s mixed drinks& beer.

A Girl with an Idea

We went in looking to see a movie a little late You would think they would let you in so they Caili’s get more business but noooooo They told us that we couldnt get in after the movie started! He just kept going that the sistem won’t let him. we where just 2 minutes late after the deadline

terzenda wilson

Very affordable even concessions! I can take my entire family out and not go broke.

Ricky Warren

Clearly and very nice audio reasonably priced for popcorn and drinks

Donna Martin

Employees very nice! Need to lighten up the walkway a bit, hard to see if you walk in late or need to go back to the concession stand...

Ya Boi

Love this small town theater. Worth the drive from Lexington. Their rewards card makes the experience even better, allowing you to easily earn discounts at the concession stand!

William Roberts

Fun place for the family

keith vickers

A little gem in Georgetown. Prices are great and they always have great movies.

Damian Humphrey

Best deal to go out and see a movie

Kevin Powell

Small town movie theatre but with big time experience. This is a local theatre but offers everything to keep you from going elsewhere and paying much higher ticket prices. Clean and well maintained place with family environment being at the front of their mission statement.

Kisa M

Not much to do here in the old Gtown. But this is a fun place to start. Sucks that they went to all that trouble to fix up the place and some young middle schoolers had to mess up some of the seats.

Cynthia Wheeler

We enjoy Theatres of Georgetown so much that we drive up from Lexington instead of going to the larger, and newer cinemas there. The drive is actually not much further anyway and the movie offerings are the same. We enjoy the hometown theatre atmosphere, ample parking, low ticket prices, frequent moviegoer incentives, and the great deals you get at the concession stand. Even though it's a small town theatre it's advisable to get tickets for weekend showings of popular movies in advance. I've seen people get turned away because seats were sold out. They also have special summer movie showings for younger kids. If you've never been I would either call ahead for directions or use a GPS, as signage is somewhat lacking.

Steven Bohon

Small town feel, good prices and clean theatre. Employees were nice and great experience.

Larice Booker

Nice and clean.

Toi O'Neill

Love going there with my rewards card saved $2 off my combos

sweetpea calihan

It has outdated seating but Better prices than other places

Heather Purcell

Went on a date night to see the Avengers but my husband got a service call and we had to leave. He is a First Responder so it was a have to do kind of thing. But I love going here...

ryan krause

Great value, quick service, and excellent staff.


Visiting from out of town and really loved this theater. Small individual theaters but very intimate and nice.

Susan Wrench

First visit. It was okay. Seats a bit uncomfortable for me with a back problems. Also glad I took a sweashirt because it was very cool at times. People who work there were friendly and helpful. I will return. Was a bit apprehensive going alone but turned out I felt comfortable.

Alishia Young

The volume is too low for a movie theater. Can't by tickets and reserve seats, so it makes it hard to sit with people if you have more than two people in your group. Should really upgrade to reserve seating for ppl who want to go with a group and sit together.

Travis Angel

Great to have in Georgetown!

Wendy Moredock

Clean theater price good popcorn good food drinks

Rachel House

A nice little theatre with a cozy atmosphere .


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