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REVIEWS OF Starlite Drive-In Theatre IN Kentucky

Danenglore Dirkson

Took my daughter here to her first drive-in. I haven't been since I was about her age it was a blast. Only minor complaint I have is the radio signal gets kinda weak in the back end so make sure to take a radio with an antenna to pick up the audio. Other than that it was a wonderful experience for both of us.

tammy cooper

Had a really good time good food and good prices

Mamie Brafford

The picture could be better


The only reason i rate 5 stars is cause i get to cuddle my girlfriend well past midnight and her mom doesnt get angry for me being around at that time.

Tyler Larbes

Great place. Good prices. Def. Worth visiting

Jo McGuire

Love going here, friendly staff and great food

Noah Fields

Great place. I have been going here for years. Highly recommend it

Elizabeth Richmond

The movies were great but the people next to us had their car running the entire time and it was so loud we could hardly hear the sound

Michael Burton

Excellent place to see a movie and hang out with friends and family

Kayla Gilmore

Seems like tailgating for children lol. It's decently priced besides them expecting you to pay them exstra for bringing your own food which you already payed for, I think we payed like 18 bucks for two adults no outside food for two movies. What I didn't like most was the movie screen seemed to be slightly slanted away from alot of the parking lot, the picture wasn't the best and there obviously isn't a rule to keep people from taking flash pictures while the movies are playing. I noticed a park behind the screen for children to play all n all it's not bad to occupy children for a low price.

Dawn Whiteford

Nice, classic drive-in! Everyone should go at least once a year!

Shannon Benz

Love this place!

Joshua Ellington

Pizza and popcorn were good but the pop needed more flavor especially for the price. We had two different flavors and both were border line flavorless but doable for a dry mouth

Brian Eversole

Great place most of the time. Of course your have bad patrons sometimes but all in all its a nice place good food, some is freshly made some isn't but it's always fresh and never stale (at least I never had anything that was not fresh).

jeanine scheidler

Love drive in's

Blake Cox

Oldie but goodie. This drive in is a lot of fun the entrance fee is low and even the food prices are reasonable. You listen to the movie through your car radio so make sure you have a good battery! It's definitely a good place to go with the family thought, get there early for good parking especially if the movie is popular!

all gaming elite

I like really recommended for a good family out or for a date night

Kenneth White

Good time as always...

Jennifer Elliott

Wonderful fun experience! Great time for the entire family or a date night! Take your favorite blankets and pillows, cuddle up, and enjoy two new movies!

coty washington

Will never go again. First time my family whent teenagers out running around being loud couldnt enjoy the movie. 2nd time they made us park in the back being in an suv with trucks in front of us with people in lawn chairs in the back. Very limited view. 3rd time got all set up and they told us we had to go behind the trucks again. We tried to get our money back and they put us in a special spot to appease us. You shouldn't have to go thru such a hassle after paying 30 something dollars to enjoy a movie with your kids.

Larry Kaelbli

Love this place. Fun nostalgic way too watch movies. Good burgers.

Tami Elder

Best drive in!

Linda Hall

Drive in was a nice change of pace. Womens bathroom was clean concession stand was clean.

Krystal Schafer

This place is so amazing. We are so luck to have this around. With that being said, if you go to a drive in PLEASE be aware and courteous of the other people who have paid just as much money as you to be there and want to enjoy the show. If you drive a large vehicle park in the back, turn your headlights off, and please just have some respect for others while there.

clarence greene

Not a fan of the new pizza but I absolutely love the place

Chrie Byrd

Great people clean bathroom's so felt assured when got my popcorn extra butter yummy

Jenny Little

Great place to watch a movie with all ages of kids

Lisa Gabelman

A really great place to get together watch the shows and enjoy each others company, from the adults to the kids, everyone had a great time. Concession, variety go choose from ..would def recommend

april beckwith

Had a great time with the kids. You can't be the car load Tuesday.

Josh Gardner

Starlite is awesome, i hope they handled the skunk issue they had at the end of last year. Food is great, and you can pay a couple bucks to bring in your own food if you want which is really cool. Im honestly bummed i haven't been out yet this year.

Steve Elmore

I didn't go to starlight drivein

nfoster Jan 2019


Ray Gruner

Great food; movie prices are a bargain. Nice set up for an old fashioned drive-up with a 21st century projector.

Devin Keith

Had a great time they had a Halloween haunted trail and the movie was awesome

Jeffrey Johnson


Aldehia Harris

Good time every to sit outside and watch movies under the stars

dcl family

Theres bad toilets and there really short

damon jacobs

Great food great prices ,


Got to go there is a kid. it's one of few places that has not changed in all the years. Its still a great place to take the family and watch a movie.

Danielle Stanley

It's a dying pass time. I love drive ins. This one is awesome. Great prices, 2 movies and foods great but pricey.

Donna Plummer

Seen two great movies on August 24th 2019. It was a great night.

Heidi Hagedorn

Love this place! Little pricey wish I could rent a radio but otherwise amazing! Great for date night or girls night even family time!

Clifford William Ash

Good deal, 2 movies for a low price. Was pretty packed for a Saturday night

Sandy Smith

I love this drive-in. I wish there was some way of expanding the concession stand and bathrooms with separate entrances.

TM Brown

Concession stand has a wide variety of snacks and prices $$ are average for a drive-in. $5 food/drink permit is worth getting if you a people with you that LOVE their snacks. You can save A LOT of money with the permit. Although, we usually get the permit for drinks, we also buy concession snacks. 4 star for the parking. People tend to leave their headlights on during the movie and nothing is ever said to them.

Nathan Weyerhauser

A lovely and big drive-in. It shows new and old films and is a great place to take the family to.

Angela Holton

Great family fun. Awesome you get 2 movies for the price of 1 movie everywhere else around here.

Roger Saddler

Love this place

Kenzie Reed

Never disappointed coming here. One of the very few drive-in theaters left. Simply park, grab a snack, and enjoy the show in the comfort of your car. Staff is always friendly. The concession prices are high, but not any worse than a regular movie theater.


Had a really good time with the kids first time I have been to a drive-in in a decade

Adam Ausman

Wasn’t bad except they let big pick up trucks park up close and not in the back and blocks a lot of people’s views ... all trucks should be 7rows or back ...

Sara Seaton

Very nice drive in, reasonably priced. We didn't try the consession stand though.

Rogue 309

A great place to go and see great movies

V Anderson

Great retro fun while enjoying first run movies. It is a common misconception that the theater runs older movies that have been out for weeks - not true. FM sound in my car was excellent, especially those deep rumbles you can feel in theaters. And if you want to try something really great connect the FM radio on your phone to earbuds. Food is pricey and typical fare - the $5 car tax to bring your own food is worth it.

Paul Burgio

Great place, affordable to do as well!

Ghost Master

Not impressed waited 35 minutes in line for them to say if you can find a spot go ahead but no refunds, 10 minutes into the movie we're made to leave because there aren't any spots and we were "blocking" the exits. While all the while people are sitting in spots in the aisles that people could've parked in. Not very well managed place for sure and out 20 bucks. Guess the only bright side is that they didn't notice our 2 guests in the back so we were only out 20 bucks instead of 40

Steph Lancaster

Was a blast I recommend it any weekend

Carrie Slusher

A great place to go to if your looking for something interesting and nostalgic. Also great for kids. There's a playground for the kids that closes at dark.

jerrie Harrison

Had fun with the kids movie quality was great. Fast friendly service restrooms very clean. All around a good time not too expensive had fun

jen wagner

We saw detective Pikachu and end game and it was great. Very nice staff and clean.

Heather Mcintosh

One of my favorite summer time places to bring the kids and put down the cell phone.

Brandon Clarke

We had a great time, and the part they say about free jump starts is no joke!

Ronald Kaesheimer

Ive been going here for over 35 yrs i will always enjoy going here. An awesome drive inn.

Lb Bole

Good value kid friendly

boot clap

Had a great time. Everyone should try the drive in.

Mikey Smith

I love that there is still a few places like this.

Brittany White

Love that we have a local drive in. Our family went for around $30. The back 2-3 rows need some attention. It smelled awful, I'm not sure if it was from sitting water or what but that made our visit somewhat unpleasant.


Small drive in, wasn't crowded though. We went for the $22 a carload night and saw 2 movies, not bad for 4 people. Snack bar is pricey but that's where they make their profit. Saw a few skunks wandering right up to where people had set out chairs. Didn't seem to attack or bother anyone just seem to live in the area so heads up. Was an hour each way for us so probably won't visit as often as locals but overall was decent family night.

Debbie Staats

They are friendly, make it an enjoyable experience. They just updated w a new screen and digital projector last yr. They have good food at the snack bar. The movies are what's current. They try to keep prices reasonable. They have special offers. They have good security. Going to Starlight brings back childhood memories and its a nice place for new families to make their own memories.

James Houston

If you never experience the drive-in you should lots of memories to be made and starlight is one of the best

regina hogan

This is an original drive-in theater! First run movies at a fantastic price. Most nights it fills up quickly with cars flowing onto 125 awaiting or lined ip to get. A fun old fashion family outside movie event for all ages (per the rating of movie being shown). Bring your lawn chairs or stay in the comfort of your car. Bring your own snacks or great snacks at snack bar. Truly a gem!

Mary Suttschenko

Love this place! Family friendly. If you forget your mosquito repellent, they sell it at the snack bar (very helpful in summer months). Great choices at the snack bar, first run movies, "car load night" on Tuesdays. Friendly staff, economical and you get to sit outdoors on a balmy summer night. Enjoy this experience while you still can

Beau Hall

Love coming here in the summer. Drive ins are a great experience. It was great watching Grease on the big screen.You should do Dazed and Confused or maybe Smoky and the Bandit

Gary Wayne

A top-notch blast from the past... Crates concessions... And for a $5 fee you can bring your own... So much fun

Jerry Gausman

Still a fun experience for the family

Jodie Sersion

Disorganized parking. Wanted a good spot yet didn't want to block those in chairs behind me?

Mandy Malone

great place to take the family

clayton mcdonald

My family and I love this place. The price is right and the atmosphere is better. I hope this Starlite stays around for a long long time!

Danny Jones

I have not been to a drive-in in years. I have my fifteen year old son with me. This is his first time at a drive-in.

Marc Lewis

They need to get better control of their guests and what time they still allow folks to come in. The theatre seemed oversold. Trucks and cars moving around with full lights after dark, making it very difficult to enjoy the movie. No real clear direction as to how to get out if you leave during the show. Some low to the ground lighting would be ideal for the driveways and roads. Too many cars disrupting the show with their headlights. Then at 0100AM Concession announcement was done for special discounted items. Who announces over the loudspeaker that theres discounted food. ??? Really .....Very unprofessional and unnecessary. Maybe also try and have larger vehicles park in the rear of the parking lot. You should really implement a 100% no lights on policy or you must tape the lights covered.

Greg Day

Great time with the family

m schleich

Last of a dying breed. Not many of these left. Get your nostalgia on.

Kabazoo chuboom

Awesome place and great value for 2 movies!

teresa gall

It was too crowded no one making anyone obey the rules. Lights being on in cars ffg or too long if time. Hatches up when they should be closed.

Nikki Seddens

I love the drive-in. It brings back childhood memories. I'm happy we this one is still here

Addy Rabe

Great experience as always

Will McCleese

Love it here go multiple times a year.

Cristavia Hammond

The parking was a bit weird but other than that I had a blast.

Shane Reed

I love this place. My family really enjoys going to watch movies here, The price is great friendly environment for all.

Lizzy Siedenberg

Had a great time!

Isabella Gates

I usually come here about once a year, and I've never had a problem. Always great service, great movies, great food and snacks. Last time I was here, my car battery died and they jumped it for free and with no complaints. Definitely worth the trip if you're willing to spend $50+ for 3-4 people.

Randy Wilson

Come here often! Enjoy it Everytime!

Brooke Mathis

Always a good time at the drive inn. My only complaint would be people not following the speed limit and the trunk being level with their roofs (vans) rule. Which of course is not the company's fault. Great customer service and always have a good movie line up. The kids love going.

Jonathan Morrison

One of the last remaining iconic drive inn's in America, New/newer movie's X2 for only $9 an adult and $5 for kids what a awesome deal for two movies there's nothing even close to a movie theater doing that. In the open air watching a movie is one of the best things to do, great fun for the whole family we will continue to go here as often as possible hopefully it will never go away

Peter Barth

Very nice place, very good value for what they provide. Clean facilities, double (sometimes triple) features, all at the low price of $9 per adult and $5 per child. Only complaint is the parking process, which sort of has a wild west feel to it. Queuing in that many cars to park in tight places in the dark is rough, and we ended up parking pretty much on top of another car because they parked way outside of their "spot." Once cars begin queuing it, it's difficult to change spots because of the flow of traffic so we were pretty much stuck there. A little guidance, or at least a better regulated system would be ideal (like someone directing traffic down the rows).

Gina Clift

We all had such a great time. Love it. A bit pricey.

Ami Blakley

Love this place. Such a great family time.

Tabitha Rowlett

Was a great place to take the kids they had good movies friendly service and good food. What I really enjoyed was the price and 2 movies for Lot less than a movie theater. Definitely will go back

Erin Redding

Take a step back in time. One of our favorite summer traditions.

Seth Davis

I liked it a lot.

Rachel Dawn

Always a great experience! Clean, safe, friendly staff, quality screen, delightfully nostalgic experience!

Patricia Taylor

Absolutely love it!

Sandy Ballein

A nice, old fashioned, family friendly night out. Admission is pretty reasonably priced and Tuesdays are carload night, $15 per carload.

Lou Larson

9 year old daughter to the drive-in. She loved it something I said do with my parents when I was a kid

Michelle Curtin Weigold

The film and sound quality are great, and the nostalgia factor of course! My only reason for not giving it 5 stars is that the second-hand smoke is unreal.

Charlie Rose

Reasonable prices, great show choices, and the ability to bring in outside food while you enjoy the movies from the comfort of your own car listening through the radio make this my favorite movie spot ever.

Melissa Mcferron

Love this place very nice staff and worth the money.

cheter troy

Loved it took my wife and watched an old fashioned movie that she loves on Christmas with my kids awesome night the staff there are pleasant and sweet

Kaitlyn Runion

My family usually goes once a summer. This past summer we went on my birthday. It's a really great time and a fun atmosphere. Concessions are expensive but kind of part of the experience. You can pay $5 to bring in your own food, which is worth it if you have a car load.

Tecumseh Sherman

One of the last. If you want to experience the drive in experience before they become entirely extinct this one is for you. They offer typical theater fair at the concession stand. Do have recent release films and audio is broadcast over your radio (no problematic hang on speakers). They do require a $5.00 permit fee if you bring in outside food or drink, reasoning their only source of profit is the concession stand. They do a good job of keeping order and providing adequate parking including handicapped.

Louise Stevens

Very good however the concession stand could be run a little bit more efficiently.

Gabe Kaelin

Great family entertainment

Cliff Kessel

Old time fun for the family.

Eric Brock

Summer night, watching the kids have fun and even catching a bit of the movie. Classic fun - tune your car radio to hear the movie while sitting in lawn chairs and enjoy the double feature (even though I have yet to stay awake for the second movie). Get there early for a good spot. There's a nice playground to occupy the kids and the concession stand makes really good popcorn. I think Tues night it's pay by the car load, other nights you pay per person. Our movie started right at 9:15 without a bunch of previews. They do make sure tailgates don't block other's view by asking you to lower your van's hatch and tying it. Also, they ask you to pay $5 for bringing in outside food, just FYI. People are friendly and makes for a fun evening!

Michael S

Great place, they have fast service on MOST items (don't order the grilled cheese donut unless you have 30 minutes before the movie starts)

Gabe Goslin

Good place to relax. Advertisements were very heavy and the movie started about 25 minutes late. But it was a good show, reasonably priced food. Play areas for the kids are available. Awesome idea for a date night or just a night on the town.

Chris Sorenson

Fun drive in. Rent a radio. It is a lot easier than having your car battery die, but they will give you a jump if that happens.

brad Chaac

Awesome. Reminds me of being a kid. Playground open until dark. Excellent digital movies. Can bring in food for $5, but I always buy food here to try and support it. Popcorn and ice cream on a stick. Butter from a big dispenser. Pizza is ok

Karl Rose

I have been coming to this place since I was a small kid. It has always been a night out to look forward to. We take chairs and sit outside with our food and drinks and take in a couple new flicks. It is always relaxing, open and under the stars. My mom took me there. I took my kids there and now will take my Grandson as well. Great family time!

Sir Ethan Fluffybottons III

Great place for movies though a tad bit expensive

Jimmy Chungus

They need to stop cutting the audio during movies to advertise food. In the middle of a dialogue heavy scene and they've muted it to advertise food TWICE. No sense in it. Ruins the experience.

Robert Aubry

A great place to watch movies.

Misty Owens

Wonderful experience

Zachary Purdin

Perfect to watch a movie and enjoy a good time with family or a date.

Whitney Bradford

The movie was great the treats were delicious will return!

Kurt Heimbrock

This place is great and worth supporting! Double feature is well worth the cost though many, especially those with small children, tend to leave after the 1st. Go during the weeknight and you'll practically have the place to yourself. Please be honest about bringing in outside food and pay the extra $5. You get a coupon for their delicious popcorn where you can add your own any-amount of butter. Please support them. They deserve it!

jennifer breedwell

The best drive-in movie theater ever! And clean!

April Wilson

I love going to starlite with my family. You get 2 movies for less than the price of 1 at the theater. The popcorn is a great price and freshly popped. We get the $5 food permit and bring our own food, snacks & drinks. The kids love it!

Danielle Jenkins

I love this place. The only drive in left around

Robin Carter

Love this place

sarah scott

Haven't been to a drive-in theater in 30 years it was fun to take my grandson and granddaughter and Eddie her friend

Royal blades

Nice to have a drive inn close. Could use a face lift tho.

John Schaefer

Had no view of the film for about 20 minutes because the driver of a van decided to park in the road in front of us and watch the movie from there. Called the only number listed on the website but was told that they were not able to contact security. Poorly run business! Once they decided to move, it was nice. The problem is that they sell more spots than they have available. When the film was over, it was nearly impossible to leave because they had people parked in the entrance and exit roads. It would have been a nightmare if there had been an emergency. ALL EXITS SHOULD STAY OPEN ALL THE TIME!

Tara Folchi

Didnt go for 2 years cause of the people not following the rules decided to try it out again and it was so organized and made our family experience so much better.

Heather Kemper

Fun times with the kids. My only complaint is this: when you pay for admission you pay for a double feature. We would never stay for the double features because we always bring our children. The first movie is family friendly then, most of the time, the feature following is not appropriate for children of any age besides maybe teenagers. How about showing 2 family features a night. Or 2 PG-13 and up. Don't put them together so that we cannot enjoy all that we've paid for.

T Naylor

Always a great time. Love taking the kids to see movies. Being outside, able to sit and watch a movie while munching on popcorn. They make the vans and trucks park in the back rows and make people tie down their hatches so people in rows behind can see over. And a park for the kids. But only till the movies starts.

Tammy Townsend

We love the Starlite Drive-In! You cannot get a better deal for 2 first run movies!!! Plus for only $5 more you can bring in your own food and drinks. Such a great place for families and really everyone. Highly recommended!!

ronald polston

Very nice been there twice prices very reasonable clean all around a great time

Diane Reinert

Paid $41 dollars for a movie can't see due to parking policy not enforced!!! NEVER AGAIN!!! No surprise not as many cars as has been in the past!

Debra Pancake

Great to see movies but it is a bit expensive

Frank Eilers

Enjoy movie night

Judy Bertsch

Movies were good. Fun times. Good food at the recession stand. Felt good about supporting a local business and keeping a Americana going. Plan on going again and mentioned it to neighbors that will join us.

Rhonda Gore

So glad to still have a drive-in close enough to take our grand kids to catch a movie !

Cathy Halcomb

We go as much as we can. The people are super nice and they have new releases! We sooo enjoy our movie nights!

Christopher Collins

Best way to watch a movie without a personal home theatre.


People are friendly. Facilities are clean. Prices are more than reasonable. Food is better than what you'd find at most movie places. My wife and I are new parents so we visit here as often as possible since we can't go to a cinema with our baby. The quality of the experience does not really suffer as long as I keep the windshield clean.

Thadd Scott

I love this place so much! My first visit was seeing Independence Day in 1996 with some high school friends, and since then I’ve been back almost every year. The whole place, including the bathrooms are clean and well kept. A good variety of food is offered. From burgers, dogs and pizza to candy popcorn and ice cream. A good playground and green space for kids to play and run off some energy. The only thing I’d like to see is more speakers outside so I don’t have to keep turning my car back on every 10 minutes when it shuts off automatically. I hope Star Lite enjoys many many more decades in business.


Great place to relive the days of our youth !!! Staff is super friendly...had a great time at retro movie night !!! SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL DRIVE-IN !!!

W. Stephens

Nothing the experience of a drive in movie!

Victoria Nicholas

Great place to watch movies with the family! It's very affordable, plenty of space to park, and kid friendly. Watch 2 movies for what a theater usually charges for 1. You can enjoy the movie and the great outdoors at the same time while enjoying drinks and food from concession stand or bring your own. They have a play area for the kiddos to play in before the show begins.

Dakota keith

Great place to go with family!

Timberly Hendricks

Went for carload night, highly recommend getting there by 730 if you have any area you like to sit in. Took 30 to get in, but they were organized , and held movie until everyone got in

Hassan Davisson

Perfect for the kids, playground when they're getting restless and cheap of us parents

Vickie Steinmetz

Quiet peaceful enjoyable

Brandon Rice

Blacked out screen for 15 minutes, then played music with the picture instead of the movie. Maybe during the week it is run by amateurs. No rewind or nothing; 30 dollars to miss out on some of the movie. Go weekends if you go at all.

Noah Carlisle

Not many of these left around. Love going here with my family. Kids love it. Awesome food. Especially the burgers. They let you bring your own food with a food pass for $5. Two movies for a great price. Vehicles are spaced out well and great picture quality.

Carmen Parks

Drove forever to get to this place. It was so much fun and made me wonder why drive-ins are no longer a thing.

becky taylor

The facility is great. Quality of movie is fine. Any staff members that I dealt with were great!


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