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895 N Dixie Blvd, Radcliff, KY 40160 Located in: Radcliff Square Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Showtime Cinemas IN Kentucky


Very clean. $5!!!! Awesome price. Great service.

Crystal Davis

Always new movies and only $5 per person year round! Cant beat it!

Greta Sohl

The facility was nice but the ventilation in the theater we were in was not working and the box fan they had in there to circulate air was not helping. Reasonably priced but might have to rethink going there again - at least until the air is fixed because the heat was too much to bear and made the movie less enjoyable

Ray Hennessy

Love it great staff first run movies bargain matinee prices !

John Wayne

Great place to go watch a movie.

Rondale Langley

Great little cinema, 5 dollars for every movie no matter what time.

Mae K.

It would just be a more pleasant experience if they would update the theater and take more pride in the cleanliness of the theatre. It smells, coming from the chairs and rug most likely.

TeddyKatie Monteith

Obviously not a big swanky theater but the prices are great and the place is nice

Denise Dixon

The customer service was wonderful, and the movie was great Had a good time

Brent Thacker

Nice theater. Very convenient to where I live. I like the Tuesday movie promotion. Staff was very friendly and prices for snacks was good. I hope they add some type of gummy candy to their lineup as I would have purchased them if they had it there. Not the most amazing theater I've ever seen but for a small town, it works great.

Andrew Foster

Very affordable prices for both a ticket and concessions. Very clean, very orderly, and very helpful. No refills on drinks (according to a sign on the self serve drink machine) but that's quite understandable. I am looking forward to coming back another time for another movie.


It’s a nice local theater, people have been kind every time I’ve been there. Keep it up

Ian Sowell

Had a good time with my wife.

C. M. Dyer

Great prices, friendly staff, very clean, popcorn is fresh, plenty of parking. Always have the newest releases too.

Larry Peters

Clean and cheap movies

T Size

Great little movie theater and definitely not close to being as expensive as the bigger ones.

Mark Burt

Nice theatre very clean and great ticket prices

ej b

Nice staff , very helpful. Clean bathrooms . They do need to do something about an odour in the seating area. Smells of sweat. But willing to drive from Louisville to see movies.


Friendly place. I will return

pandoras box

Love Jamie! She is amazing!

Rick Goodman

Dirty AF but cheap


For $5 you really can't complain

Angie Montes

Country home southern hospitality PERIOD

colleen doss

Love this cinema great movies great popcorn

Kevin Phillips

I wish I could give them a negative rating, but Google unfortunately doesn't allow it. Management allows middle school age minors in Rated R movies, unsupervised, who disrupt and disrespect by excessively talking, shouting, texting, face timing and showing their immaturity. Complaints fall on deaf ears. This establishment has become a drop off for middle and high school students, who's parents lack of proper raising, now pours out into society. No staff monitoring or giving any concerns to decency or safety. Cleanliness is now an issue, with seats, bathrooms and floors that need serious cleaning. Save your money, reduce your blood pressure, and avoid patronising this business. Enforce those movies that are AGE RESTRICTED OR REQUIRE ADULT SUPERVISION. Step up and monitor your business. And CLEAN it.

William Crowe

Smelled of mold, too cold in theater, guy behind me complained the ads were too loud and he's deaf, seats probably from previous century. At least for $5 I got what I paid for.

Robert Ferguson

Dirty place

shautana graves

Great cost clean and good popcorn


Great movie theater, with the home town feel. Staff is always great and ready with smiles.


Good prices. Nothing fancy, but nothing to complain about

Eric Estermyer

Clean and not to expensive good customer service

MJ Smith

Always great coming here with the kids. Price is very affordable. Staff is friendly and helpful. Every once in a while you get that one staff that wants you to leave before the credits end. We are a till the last credit rolls type family.

Beatrix Crofts

Very clean. Friendly staff. Affordable family fun. Not too crowded


Great place with a fun , family atmosphere. Fair prices and they treat you right. Having problems with someone making noise? They take care of that too. For a smaller theater this place rocks.

dawn terrigino

Not super fancy, but not super expensive either. Staff friendly, theater kept clean, and snack bar offers more than popcorn and candy now. Love this family friendly theater.

Janice Crow

5 dollar movies great pretzel n hot dog not great

Nathan Zollinger

Awesome price, but they need to mop the floors. It's sticky. Don't bring your toddlers...

Tiana Harris

My family came to this movie theater for the Black Panther movie and were highly disappointed in the fact that they didn’t care that the end of every Marvel movie consists of an extra scene. They turned the lights on and proceeded to sweep the theater. I understand that’s the employee policy, but have some respect for those who pay for the movie. We want to experience the full thing. #2, please teach your employees a thing or two about customer service. The older Caucasian woman working the front counter was extremely rude. Instead of introducing herself to you, she stares at you until you say something. I didn’t appreciate that so I asked her how she was doing with hopes that she will see an example of what being friendly looks like and how she should conduct herself. In turn, she said she’s “busy and stressed” then asked what she can do for me. #1 I shouldn’t have to address YOU if I am paying for service. #2, if you can’t handle a little stress (which I didn’t understand being that the movie theater was empty), then you shouldn’t work in customer service. This theater will not be getting my business anymore and I will never recommend it.

William Velez

This theater isn't the most up to date theater in terms of seating and concessions but it's a really good theater. The picture is clear, the sound is good and the seats are comfortable. It's not as crowded as the other theaters which makes movies more enjoyable. The only reason I did not give this place 5 stars is the last movie I saw, the AC was running non stop and was extremely cold, and the parking lot could use some updates. All in all, highly recommend.

Micah Bailey

Decent theater good prices

Estrelita Mason

Refreshment counter should have selections for diabetics

Kelly Fraley

I enjoyed the movie, but they really need a remodel. The line bunching up for tickets/snacks at the door is terrible.

Michael Mahar

Great ticket price. Nice clean from what you can see with the light so low. They could at least turn on some lights so you can see how to get to your seat. They have the same lighting before and after the movie as during the movie.

Chris Nelly

Good quality movies for a very cheap price.

Carlus Cox

Reasonable prices and family oriented

Wade Wilson

What other movie theater costs $5 a ticket around here?


Small, clean theatre. Friendly, helpful staff. Always a pleasure to see a movie here.

Jenna Panzarella

I’ve never had a problem with this movie theatre before. My friend and I went to go see Black Panther and were very excited for the end credit scenes, as well as many others. We were very disappointed when they turned the lights on and turned the projector off.

Anthony Holmes

We had a great time wit the family

Vets Disc Golf

You cant beat $5 tickets! Can be down right cold inside when the AC turns on throughout the movie. Good seats and great prices.

Troy Eigenheer

Small but clean. Not overcrowded even with new releases. Good prices.

Shanna Johnson

Prices cheap, good place to take your family on a budget.

Alejandro Ramirez

It is a good place to go to if you are in Radcliff or at Fort Knox. The place is kept clean. At initial glance it looks very small on the outside but once entering you learn that there are actually 4 full size screens. Only improvement would be to have more movies, but with only four screens that may not be possible.

Jeffery L Wix

Great price and nice experience for a night out!

Radiant Time Bombie

Not the cleanest place and the movie quality isn't all that good either. Not recommended

Donald Ijames

Popcorn over priced

Mike Midkiff

Great clean place for the family

Debra Brooks

The viewing experience was nice, but the environment wasn't. There's a musty smell when you walk in.

Josh Basham

friendly clean and love the Tuesday deal

Jennifer Tidwell

This place is wonderful. Super clean. Prices are amazing. Highly recommend this place. Great way to take the family out without breaking the bank. Everyone is so friendly as well.

Frank DelCastillo

Nice small town theater. Very clean, friendly staff. The A/C was too low in my opinion on my last visit. It was so cold that I almost decided to step out for a few minutes to warm up. The seats are not as comfortable as other theaters in Hardin county.

Family Top 5

You know's not fancy. No refills. But it's cheap. And sitting in the front row is actually just fine here. We go more often because it doesn't break the bank.

Nicole Santiago

People there are nice

Alex Starcher

Good place to watch movies

Deirtre Clark

There's always a friendly face and great service!

shark ray


Kylie Weigh

I love this theatre. It's not only affordable, but the staff is very friendly and the bathrooms are ALWAYS clean!!! Can't beat a clean bathroom and a $5 movie!

Tinae Skaggs

We were going to see the movie spider man.

Marie Duckett

Little small piece of heaven


If you are just trying to get out of the house to see a movie, this is a fair spot to visit. Newer movies are shown, cost is $5 for everyone (elder, younger, military, school... doesnt matter) and the cost stays the same all day, every day (matinee, early, late..... doesn't matter). Drinks are not refillable, neither is popcorn. They have hot dogs, nachos and candy too. Bathrooms were clean and plentiful. Movie theater seats are normal old style movie theater stadium seating. Not extremely comfortable but they work. Staff is friendly. On the weekends there is law enforcement presence, of course while you should always be aware of your surroundings, just know they are there too. This is a smaller hometown type movie theater. If your looking for a big time lounge chair, alcohol serving, refillable corporate type movie theater, this is not it. You will need to drive into another town. But if your looking for a smaller type, cheap, close to home, support your local community, "your neighborhood" type movie theater check them out. Still always have a great experience.

Alan Baldwin

Was surprised how nice the theater was and inexpensive.

pete yokel

Good theater. A little older but clean and very affordable.

Brandy Cox

The lady at the counter was very proficient. There were a lot of people in line right before the movie was to start and she got everyone thru with time to spare. That's what I'm talking about!!!

Angela Daigrepont

Nice and clean and people are friendly

Janet Reaume

Love it.

Skyla Bates

Needs to get newer movies faster but otherwise great place

rich thomp

Simple theater with everything we needed to watch Missing Link. Great experience on a Sunday evening.

Walter DuqueToro

Decent alternative to Etown theater if your doing a TDY to Ft Knox. Staff is super friendly!

Zackery Jenkins

Excellent value. Took my brother to see Aquaman spent $10 on the tickets. Bought 2 large drinks and a large popcorn and a small popcorn and didn't even break $30. Try that at any other theater and see how much your spending. On another note, the theater was clean and the desk clerks where very friendly. The auditoriums hold 84 people which isn't a whole lot but it is more comfortable. I will be back for sure to see Captain Marvel and Avengers End Game.

Brandon Feusner

We love this place!!! Not the biggest or fanciest cinema around but if you are looking for a clean and affordable place to watch a movie this is your place! You can take a family of four to the movies with a popcorn and two drinks for less than the price of just the tickets at most cinemas.

Peter Boughton

Great counter help very nice place to have family days

Al Clark

The cost is now $5 for everyone. BUT the popcorn was COLD & when we asked for hot popcorn. We got more cold. The sound in #3 was so loud it drowned every thing. We probably will not be going back ever.

K Popplewell

Great local movie house.

Dana Guthrie

Small theatre, really nice people, clean restrooms and great small town atmosphere! Great Tuesday night specials! Enjoy visiting theatre when in Radcliff!

Tiffany Priddy

Nice, clean theater with "meh" concessions. No refills on the popcorn or drinks, though. My popcorn was stale, but the worker replaced it with no issues. 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Mr Red Dragon

Well what could be said not added. For the price you are paying you're still overpaying. Recently went to $5 up from $1. One would figure a massive upgrade but nothing. Poor sound and video. Overpriced food items and no refills and stale popcorn priced higher than the national debt. Still, I admit a great cheaper alternative for big family with plenty of kids and mom and dad needing a break or even cheap date night away from kids one night. For yhat alone raised to 3 stars almost 4

Janet Morris Grimes

Great $5 Tuesday deal and good combo options on popcorn and drinks. No refills on snacks, which most theatres offer if you purchase a large. Clean and comfortable enough. First run movies.

Luke Douglas

An ordinary theater. Nothing fancy. Popcorn was not fresh. Theater was clean but a bit in the small size. They keep lights on for three minutes after movie starts which is weird. Sound was fine and movie visual was ok. It is about what you would expect for a small town theater.

Dale Komula

Looks and feels like a mom and pop theater. bathrooms are moderately clean. Like a teenagers bathroom. Only 5 rooms but they are kept clean. The chairs are comfortable but lack lower back support.

Carrie Chafee

It's a small theater, but usually not crowded when we go (usually to the matinee). I've never had any problems here and I am happy to not have to drive to Louisville to see the latest movies.

chris gainey

Nice theater good sound quality.

Screamz Streamz

Descent cheap theater to catch a quick flick on a budget!

edward Mendez

Movie tickets are usually 5 bucks

Tim Sizemore

Good for a small town movie theater


They never have any of the new movies that come out. Like The Hate U Give and The Possession of Hannah Grace! Other than that, they are amazing. They have an amazing theater and the popcorn is delicious! Bathrooms are very clean. I 100% recommend you come here!! I would love for them to have more new popular movies there though. Now, I have to drive to Elizabethtown just to see a new movie. Please try and get more movies. Thank you have a wonderful day!!

Yusuf Smågård

Been going here for a while. With close proximity to the Dollar General, makes it easier to sneak cheaper snacks and drinks in. The staff are awesome.

Michael D

Would get a 5 if they had the reclining seats. With senior price, 2 of us with 1 popcorn and LG drink was 18 bux On an opening day film to boot. Friendly staff, clean theaters and rest rooms.

Calvin Buxton

It was only $5 per ticket, the hot dogs were $3 but they were pretty good, and they put cheese on them for free for us.. all in all I had a great night at a low price.

Jeff Reesor

It's the best because it's only theater in Radcliff

J Taylor

It is small, but there is a good selection of movies to choose from. The employees were pretty friendly.

Pretty Unique

Theater is just the right size if you want small crowds and little interaction with others. They keep it clean and it fits the small town of Radcliff. Will be returning for other movies.


Love the $5 TICKET PRICES..


I enjoyed my experience, chiep movie tickets, really good surround sound.

stormy pfeiffer

My hometown theater. Love the people

Stephen Willhite

It's a quaint little theater with decent offerings and a very affordable price. This is not a place showing IMAX movies. But, I have no complaints. Lots of parking and it's close to some places to eat as well.

Tosha Parker

Hate the fact tjey dnt do food options like Louisville but cant complain about the $5 afternoon viewing PS a DS is next to it

Fronchesca King

Always clean. Had wonderful staff.

Madison Rose

The movie and great serves

Troy Albuck

I was early for the show and the people behind the counter engaged in polite conversation until the theatre was cleaned and ready. The prices are alright, but no refills.

Tim Drushal

Theater is in desperate need of renovation. The screen was extremely dark and made it difficult to enjoy the movie.

Alfonso Kelly

Price was good but the screen was too dark to see from the middle rows, also the floors were sticky.

Jackiec Nooyen-Golec

Cute movie nice price

Tommy Sorrell

Fun experience


It was pretty cool they got everything you need to be comfortable while watching your movies .Pretty clean and nice environment.

gacha angels

We enjoyed

Tony Barlow

Popcorn was not fresh.

Parker Estes

Great, comfortable, friendly environment. Clean and low prices.

Keith Phelps

I like it because some of the theater screening rooms are small and intimate. The only downside is that the chairs are not that comfortable.

Stacy Lynn

Very nice people and very clean... No rude people. Respectful during movie..

Wesley Peterson

10/10 best theater in the county

Christina Collins

We like to come to this cinema because it's a little smaller with less of a crowd and honestly better prices overall for tickets and concessions.

Terrie Kennedy

This is the 2nd time we have went there. Prices are great.

Kami Armistead

Worst movie experience ever! Just to sum things up: 1. The sound went out for a few minutes during the movie. They had to pause and rewind it. 2. There was no A/C at all. 3. They started experience electrical issues 1/2 way through the movie and everyone had to evacuate. Movie over. 4. The employees were rude and did not give me a refund. Instead I got a "Voucher." -If someone contacts me soon, I will edit this post.

Khai Anty

Nice place. Service is quick. Clean bathrooms. Polite employees.

CallMe Greninja

This cinema is amazing! The last time I've been when I was little and saw Happy Feet in theaters. Are u guys gonna show How to Train Your Dragon 3 in your theaters cuz my mom is gonna take us to see it Day 1. And I wonder about your prices on consessions.

Sarah B.

The staff here are so friendly! You can’t beat the price, no matter where you go! This place is great at keeping true to their $5 movies. For four people, it can cost around $50 for tickets, drinks, popcorn, and candy. We keep coming back because of the prices– any higher we wouldn’t come as often. The inside and bathrooms are clean, the staff are reliable to get your tickets and goodies so that you can go enjoy your movie. We’ve been there on the nights during the premier movies, and no matter how busy it gets, the staff always show their professionalism of how to get the crowd moving through the lines. This is an older cinema but we like it that way. Nothing to fancy for family night, the friendliness and convenience of this being near Fort Knox is wonderful! Keep up the great work guys!

Grace Barbo

You get what you pay for. The seats are not fancy or reclining, and the floor or hard surfaces might be sticky. But it is a great cheap movie ticket and the staff is nice.

No Hero

Not fancy, but it's very decent for the price. Best bang for your buck.

Linda Stevens

We go here quite often. The people who work there are very nice. The popcorn is always fresh, the price of things are reasonable. The seats are comfortable, more comfortable than the theater in Elizabethtown. The best part is that it’s close to home.

Tabitha Bramer

Great cheap movie theater

Matthew M

5$ tickets. I love it.

Nick Harrison

A small theater but employees are the nicest and snacks affordable. One of the best!!!

Jacob Sareyka

Good seated looks new had a good movie time with my girl

Lee Drake

We took our daughter to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 here. The staff was kind in the small amount of time that we had with them. The popcorn was fresh and the snacks not too expensive. Definitely didn't spend as much money as I thought we were going to. The bathrooms were clean and the arcade games were in working order. The theater was full. So, we had to sit up front, but it was fine because the seating seemed designed for comfortable viewing from any angle. We were happy with our experience.

Kirk Davis

Great small town movie theater. Tickets and concessions are much cheaper than larger theaters. The one thing that bothers me is the AC is so loud it takes away from the movie you're watching.

Myra McDermott

Too loud for such a small area.

Michael Boggs

Love this place popcorn is really high though so I would sneak in a couple of snacks if I were you.

Dominica Somerville

We recently moved to the area and this theater is truly a gem. I took my 4 kids there to see Toy Story 4 and for 4 tickets and 4 kids trays I only paid $41. That's a steal. We will definitely return.

Carlos Mateo

Nice family movie venue place...

Livv Lush

Its okay.


Theater is a little small. It is a good place to see movies for a good price.

Jamie Simpson

Found out best time to go is Tuesdays. $5 movies and buy a drink at half off and get free popcorn. Place is always clean and smells very nice. You can tell they care to get people to come to their business.


Cool for a neighborhood joint it's small but gets the job done when u don't wanna drive far. Hey at least Radcliff got something.

Scott Austin

Need to have a system of lining people up. Waited in line for 40 minutes and people who got there right before the doors opened jumped in front of everybody. It was a mob getting to the ticket taker.

Garry Wells

43 years of movies in this theater. always a pleasure to visit .


Seats are uncomfortable, but was nice to have theater alone.

Ashley Jensen

$5 tickets, all movies, all the time! Can't beat that. Now if they'd offer sugar free snacks that would be great.

Nz Nz

$5 per person. Great price! Can;t beat that. Good popcorn, sodas and candy. Clean theatre and bathrooms. Awesome!


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