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REVIEWS OF Regal River Falls IN Kentucky

Jessica Stewart

Movies are good but prices are outrageous

dasarath reddy

Seats are not comfortable, rest all were good.

Deborah Cordero

The girl that took our ticket money was really nice. Too bad the other people working didn't have the same awesome customer service.

Bj Baugh

Clean facilities...employees were very nice...

Joshua Donn

Loved watching end game in 3d

travis byers

Love this place it's fun to go see a movie with friends family or for a date night while there are cheaper ways nothing beats the experience of going to the movies an having fun with who ever you choose to go with

Arethia Tilford

My son was meeting friends there and I decided to stay. Had a wonderful time

Amber Mason

The movie was fine but the prices for drinks and popcorn are extremely high.

Cookie Cookie

Lost my ID and debit card. They found it for me and were super Nice. Awesome starter job and always a good place to see a movie

April Pack

It was extremely cold even with a hooded sweatshirt, the seats are uncomfortable (maybe becuase I was shivering like I was in the arctic) and $50 for 2 tickets, 2 small drinks and a med popcorn is outrageous. I wont be back. Ill wait for dvd and enjoy the movie in the confort of my own home.

Travis Baker

Went to see Joker here. Very clean inside and the staff is very friendly and attentive. If I lived closer, they offer unlimited movies any time any day for a monthly fee. If you go to the movies twice a month it would pay for the unlimited pass plus you get a discount on all soft drinks and snacks. Inside the theater it was very clean with rocker type cushioned seating. These made sitting through a movie more enjoyable due to the comfort of the chairs. It was surprising on a Friday how slow the theater was. No lines, no waiting! This definetly made it nice. The biggest difference from any other theater was you get your movie tickets from the concession stands. Different but convenient since I stand in those lines also,(but no lines here) !

Elliott Brown

Some of the movie trailers they showed were extremely explicit. It’s not hard to find the clean version of the movie trailer. My 8 year old son heard the d word in a trailer

Angela Arbuckle

Always friendly and clean!

Terry Moore

Always love going to Regal


Always a good place to catch a movie.

Deej Zellner

The Cinema was clean and personal and staff were all happy and pleasant.

Ann Schotz

Loonngg lines for tickets and food. One worker, who by the way, was doing a great job! Only one Kiosk, but liked that they had one. Pricey for an afternoon showing. Clean restrooms.

Christina McCallister

Love watching their movies they have the best seats and movie experience

Millie Miller

Nice place. Comfy friendly

Nicholas Hughes

Great seats and real quiet cinema.

Jennifer Pelkey

Friendly workers, clean theater and restroom. And no issues with the movie!

Antoinette Thornton

They know it's a BIG Marvel release weekend and no one can change a trashcan? Disgusting!!!!!!

Kurtis Marr

Movie was good. They should have said there was no ac before we bought tickets. Two waters,one icee, 1 bag skittles,1 twizzler grand total $27.00. To sit in a hot room

Dixie Akers

Not usually very crowded, polite staff. Like going here.

Christie Schmitt

Kids had a great time. Will always see movies here!

DeAnna Myers

Great cinema. My family and I enjoy coming here.

Christina Wheatley

Very disappointed with the muppet movie 'the happy time murders'. Shocked and appaulled the "slap in the face" adult content.

Katya Narvaiz

Came to this theater 2 times. First time I thought maybe the employees were feeling overwhelmed. Came again, my family was next in line (only ones in line for that matter) and we got ignored. 3 employee's should be able to cover. Place was dirty, no napkins, popcorn old....why? Now I know why there was only a handful of cars in parking lot. Paid $70 for 4 tickets, a shared popcorn and 2 shared medium drinks. Save your money for a place that cares.....

Sara Roberts

The movie was great. The theater was clean. Not too packed the popcorn was fresh. The staff was very friendly. They started the movie at the exact time it said it was going to start.

Mike Rago

No Combo popcorn drink deals said the 16 year old taking my money!... Suck the money anyway they can... clean theater... Popcorn was Fresh.

casey ritter

Screen was good. Sound was up. Bathrooms we're dirty. Someone decided to smoke in theater. Not enough staff to keep clean. But staff was polite.

Miss Dealing

Very nice theater. Nice workers. Nice crowd of people who visit. Usually well-behaved people in the movies. The popcorn is fresher on the weekends.

Jeffrey Jennings

Not as good as Charlestown road. Smaller and less clean.

Amanda Merk

We were in a tiny theater for a brand new movie (just released that day.) There was someone in the theater who smelled awful, and we moved seats, but couldn't get away due to it being in the smallest theater.

Patricia Daugherty

Just saw Captain Marvel was good but dragged plus there's discrepancies in the story line. How ever the previews to a few other movies looked really good hope they're worth the hype

Julianna Monroe

Clean! Loved the seating. Hate the prices

Derrill Decker

Friendly staff and the place was very clean. But just like all movie theaters it's expensive. You better have a good paying job if you like going to the movies lol because baby it ain't cheap.

Stephen Hen

Pretty nice. Somewhat clean. Very comfortable seats

Doug Betzer

A bit disappointed at my first visit for Endgame. Seemed understaffed for such a big opening weekend. Overpriced compared to other theaters of equal quality, concessions as well. Seats were not comfortable and causing major back pain the next day. Movie screen quality and cleanliness of theater were good though. I doubt I will be back until after they remodel to match their pricing.

De'Ondra M.

Hasn't been updated in Year's. Needs to catch up with its ticket prices....go somewhere else

Robert Smith

Good place and always clean

Connie Jones

Very relaxing and comfortable a little pricey but over all had a great time.

Janet Rachel

Matinee prices are ridiculously high. It is cheaper at the fancy theater in Louisville. The concessions are bare bones. Nothing special. They better do something or they will be out of business when that new theater comes to Jeff!

Lester Hill

I went there to watch The avengers endgame This is a five star place beautiful facility nice seating very comfortable to watch the movie

Edith Yates

Love the movies, only the prices are ridiculous. Cost over a hundred dollars to take grand babies to see a movie. Georgetown drive in is a much better value and you can go in your jammies.

RobloxPlayer Dragon Ball Z Online

Good decently priced tickets. Snack bar and even a arcade inside. Fun

010010 010010

There was no ticket taker. My movie was ruined by 3 women in the back row that didn't stop talking the whole movie, trailers and all. I reported it to security & not even a verbal warning. I'll have to watch Halloween over again because of inconsiderate patrons. I wasted my money here. The staff at the front counter deserve 4 stars

M Lohr

This is a nice movie theater. Join the rewards club. It's nice to get free popcorn and tickets just for visiting.

Leonard L. Scott Jr

Pretty nice theater. Clean. The staff is courteous. The bathrooms after pretty clean. Never a bad experience!

Josh Burkhart

Horrible seats, projector out of focus and the screen was messed up


Awesome atmosphere fantastic customer service terrific movie selection great theaters. Super clean and comfortable. We love our regal cinemas

Karen Stone

Good place clran

Galen Brooks

Clean, friendly staff. Great place to spend an afternoon. Concessions high as hell but par for the course. Looking forward to getting my unlimited pass.

Claudine Johnson Eaddy

Basic theatre. Seating and screen good. At the time we went there was a spill (leak?) with a section cordoned off.

Joseph MORGmm Joseph C Morgan

Pretty crowded....saw "First Man"... good movie but not as good as Apollo 13. Cool special effects. The theater was nice too.

Jacob S

Seats are comfortable.

John Pinnick

Dirty bathrooms, sticky floor. Popcorn everywhere. Wasn't prepared to make a Major life decision by purchasing snacks

Nick Gur

Last time I went I saw a kid getting some head

Christopher Schilb

Nothing to write home about. Tickets are expensive for what you get. Xscapes tickets are cheaper and offers a better viewing experience. (Bigger screen, comfy leather reclining seats, etc etc) but as far this regal location, it's one of the better ones. It's not usually as busy.

Samantha Chilton

Happy honeymoon to us. We saw the incredibles 2 and deadpool 2. Almost seen Jurassic park world but two was enough. The employees friendly and the seats comfortable.

June Truth

Nice staff is what makes it better. Really attentive.

Jennifer Park

Always great service, and I love saving money with my rewards card, which is free to sign up for. Movie theaters are always overpriced and I hate paying $5 for a bottle of water, but I love seeing movies. Their theater is always clean and has comfy seats and friendly staff. I'd recommend going there.

Tierney Mull

TERRIBLE CONSISTENCY, PRICING AND CUSTOMER SERVICE. I went to see a movie this past weekend, imagine that. I had checked the movie time online the night previously, and again the afternoon of, which said 4:55. On the drive i downloaded the regal cinema app to get my loyalty card points. We arrive and my boyfriend notices the movie we are seeing was not on the display board. So i check the fancy new app i have - time said 4:40. Well its now 4:43 (we arrived in time for the previously thought 4:55 time). We assumed the movie (or half an hour of pointless previews) had begun so they had removed it from the ticker board and he goes ahead to purchase popcorn while i get tickets and save time. The employee at the counter notifies me that a projector is broken and they are not showing that particular movie that day. So i rush to cancel the purchase of the overly priced concessions, to which the transaction was already complete, and the employee there just stared at us. She finally asked what movie it was and confirmed that there indeed was a broken projector and that the movie was not playing. I mentioned a refund of the items twice to which i got no reply. Needless to say i enjoyed my popcorn in the comfort of my own home with my own movie and will not be returning to this particular theater.

Chad Gillenwater

It's a bit older if a theater and it shows. The staff is always friendly and the theaters are clean, but if you are looking for the latest super "lazy-boy" style reclining chairs and huge screens you won't find it here. I still don't hesitate to see a movie here, but if I am seeing an opening night movie or something, I'll generally choose one of the more modern options in town.

Thomas Burns

Always great

Carolyn Snider

The seats are very comfortable the place is very clean if you buys a large popcorn you get free refills also for the large drinks you get a free refill

Alicia Watkins

Hubby & I had so much fun!!

Angel Diaz

Good place food and drinks are a little expensive

Ed Carpenter

Great sight and sound at this location, but they need to fix some ceiling tiles in some theaters.

Dennis Smith

Great theater Spacious and clean

Robert Joseph

It's a basic movie theater. Nothing flashy, no reclining seats, $13 movies. I prefer other theaters around town but this ones closest and does the job when I need it. They accept movie pass so I don't feel so bad about it.

Katie Duclos

Prices are pricey, but other than that it was good

Shay The Derp

Its pretty okay... just wish they had more snack and food items, workers that actually start the movie on time, and the recliner seats every good movie theater has now a days. And sometimes the speakers break and only play half the sounds in the movie, but that's just on bad days.

Michael Miller

Good movie theater

i SLeePz

Hot theater

Michael Hartung

Hard to go wrong with his theater. Decent prices. The facility is clean. Staff is generally polite and helpful. If there is one gripe I would share, it is the volume they set for their shows. is just too loud. Wow...I sound a lot older than I am.

Joshua Hart

With the addition of reclining seats in a lot of theaters in the area, they definitely need to catch up. Not a bad theater all around.

Chet Robbins


Matthew Herbert

We go there every so often when there is a movie we would like to see on the big screen they have quite a few screens and different movie times. It is a clean facility bathrooms are clean and tidy. Kind of pricey to go watch a movie out anymore that is why we do not go and watch movies more often

Spyderbrit The Pug

Somebody spilled a drink on the floor and I slipped you will be hearing from my lawyer.

Arnita Booth

First time in awhile the seats are not comfortable & quite costly $51.00 for 4 people.

Brenda Mcreynolds

I was shocked, on a Friday night they had one person working ticket sales. We got into movie late because of it and there was a problem with the popcorn machine. Staff seemed a little defeated and not that friendly. On the up side the seats were comfy and the theater was clean.

Terry Wahl

Need better seats

Tyler Green

It's your run of the mill movieplex. We go here fairly frequently and are generally satisfied but this place needs something to set it apart. With so many competitors offering nicer seating and wider concession options I just can't pick 5 stars despite a reliable good experience here. The regal rewards program is definitely worth getting. Resist the urge to blow your points on popcorn when they ask though because free movie tickets aren't far behind.

jerry cantrell

Clean with good seating. Small size theaters. Not on a bus roit so not many teens haning out. Concession is typical.

Randy Brown

Very average, not aging well. Very small crowd for a Thus. Understaffed but OK service. Needs thorough cleaning and updating. Getting too expensive.


It is a very neat and clean place to watch movie. The employees are very kind and helpful.

Mary Lynn Hurst Riley

Friendly service. Comfortable seating. An enjoyable experience.

Chuck Fulcher

They definitely need to work on the lighting here. Overheads in the cinema were too bright and caused a lot of washout.

Glenn Stuart

Always clean. Polite employees

it's shy

My best friend and I went to an afternoon movie. The theater was clean and neat. We didn't buy concessions but everything was orderly and ready for purchase. Seats were super comfortable.

James Minter

Clean, seen good movie.

Tony Wolfe

Just place was nice, but not overly nice. Everything was exactly as it should be. It could use a little bit of updating before long.

James Sidell

A nice, but very slightly outdated movie theater. There are many screens and comfortable seats, and I frequently watch new movies here.

Teresa Burnham

My grandkids and I enjoyed our evening.

Cynthia Dillon


Sharon Brown

Nice theatre but expensive for a matinee movie.

Michael Smith

Not as big as their sister theater in New Albany but still a convenient place to see a movie. The screens are not as big as those in some other theaters in Louisville but still a good choice. The employees are usually friendly and everything is very clean.

Cayla Lane

Date night with the fam. Had a blast (toy story 4)

Vicki De

Good movie, reasonable seat price, food was crazy expensive. Needless to say we didn't buy any.

jennifer evans

Saw avenger 3d seat rock a little so u can lean back super comfy. Food little to high for popcorn but to be expected. Great movie place tho

Tye Smith

Its was horrible the movie started super late an they need to upgrade there uncomfortable sits

Kenicia Carter

Why no $5 Tuesday?? The price of popcorn and drinks are way high. I like the location because its closer to home but i have to travel to Louisville for $5 Tuesdays.

B Kyriss

First one in... Last one out!

Eli Sky

Kept clean, fairly priced and always quick service

Mike Whitaker

It was spiritual

Laura Meisner

Clean. Wish they'd update you recliner seats

Franklin Jones

A little overpriced if you ask my opinion but the theater was clean and so are the bathrooms. Didn't have any issue with quality of the movie equipment or sound but still prices are a little high for my taste.

ryan wilson

Great movie theater. My little girl and I went to see A Dogs Way Home. We entered the movie theater with very little time and a long line. The employees quickly moved to get the line down and get everyone into their movie on time. They also managed to get us our drinks and popcorn before the movie started. Only complaint I have is the seats. They can be a little difficult to sit in for small children. They wanna fold up even with the booster seat they provide.


This theatre doesn't have a discount day like most theatres and they kinda force you to sign up for this stupid card in order to get popcorn at a discount....REALLY? The ONLY reason I chose this place was because I took my mom to a place near there and by the time I drive back to Louisville just to get a discount I would wasted more money in gas. The theatre needs MAJOR updates to charge full prices. WHAT???? No lean back seats???

Kiersten Bauer

Pretty clean and never have to stand in long lines.

Kelsey Hamilton-Layer

Regal needs way better seating for the price charged. When you change your seats to match your crazy high prices, I'll be back!!!

Josh Logan

Good theater, only complaint would be the seat I had the spring that controlled the rocking of the seat was broken soo it was constantly fully leaned back

sukchae tissandier

I will never go back. Theater had trash and popcorn all over the floors including lobby and main hall areas, 1/2 of woman’s bathroom stalls were completely out of toilets paper and hand driers were all broke except one. No one cleaned the theatre between shows, the place was such a mess! Needs new management badly!

Fran Magill

The theater was clean, the staff friendly. Only problem was the theater was entirely too cold. We moved seats thinking we might be under a vent, but the entire theater was freezing. Felt alike 40 degrees. Unfortunately this made the entire experience unpleasant.

Jay Bird The Train Wreck

Clean always friendly just never enough staff so takes forever to get concessions.

Eric Brooks

Overpriced everything. Convenient. Sound system tune sucks and needs professional help.

Chris G

dont go often but when i do i enjoy my time there with how the set up is. just try not to buy any candy or anything in that nature. just hoop some if youre wanting snacks while watching your movie

Joey DeBow

The staff is super friendly and charming. The place is full of great energy and laughter. I always receive excellent service here. The facilities are a bit basic compared to other theaters but it's worth it for the staff interaction.

Sherry Clifford

Other then the rude young lady that sold me my tickets, the place was great. It was clean, and the chairs were comfortable. I would go back.

Keekee Kyrie

Great movie theater very nice staff and officers

Diana Templeton

Prices are high but the staff was very friendly. The seats were big and comfortable. Plenty of room to relax during the movie. Lots of previews before the movie. Loved my visit there. I will definitely be visiting there again very soon.

Mike Reid

The Movie A Dog's Journey was A Really Good

Stephanie Powell

You know its expensive

KevinTheMexic 123

Great place for families and friends to spend time together, watching a movie. The staff are nice and the popcorn is to die for! Love coming to the movies!!

Mongst Tsgnom

If you have to pick between the Charlestown Rd theater, and the River falls theater.. always pick River falls. It's cleaner, the movies have less issue playing, and the sound system isn't damaged.

Casey Mitchell

Great experience q

Tiffany Owens

It's always a great experience!

Soul Divine Inc

I actually love this place.. my "go to" movie theater

Lord Shaxx

Great place and seats are amazing

Jarrod Cavanaugh

Prices are high for admission and snacks. No combos for drinks or popcorn. With so many theaters offering recliners and many more amenities for the same price or less this comes across as a poor value.

Bryan Heflin

Good place to watch a movie.

Vivian Cole

A good place to go

Michael Cronen

Had to walk out after the movie started to let them know we needed lights turned off. Bathrooms had multiple soap pumps but only one had anything in it. Bad experience. Will not return.

Chris Pyle

Was clean, comfortable, and enjoyable.

Tina Thompson

ALWaYs clean.. very friendly workers..some great popcorn.. seats are comfortable but I like to sit behind a rail so I can prop my feet through out the movie.. not because of any other reason than Health issues..prices for drinks, candy and other food are too high at all cinemas but the large drink and popcorn I understand because you can get refills

Dredgen Shinobi

Could use some upgrades. But very nice employees and theatre is pretty clean

Willy Beatz

The seats became uncomfortable halfway through the movie.

Ronnie Douglas

Love going here although the prices are outrageous. The food is good and the staff are pretty good. I like the fact they don't bother you.

J Hawkins

Nice theatre. A little pricey and no discount days.

Billgbill 6

It's definitely a place to watch movies!

Stacey Andrade

Great experience!!! Top notch management team that really strives to go above and beyond!

Christal Sheckles

Great place to take your family

Sharon Toodle

Madea movie was great.

matthew corbett

This is r date night movie place

K. Thompson

Had a great time. Don't know if the bed bug rumor is true but we didn't bring any home.

Get hacked bot

I had to keep readjusting my boy parts and i had wanted a refund and they refused

Lakasia Turner

Great theater enjoyed all the movies i have watched always clean with great seats

Gretchen G.

Comfortable seating with plenty of arm room. Right off the main Veteran's Parkway strip.

Benjamin Garcia

AKA The Great Escape had time to kill watch a movie on Friday and one on Saturday, Secured by police and nice people.

Dre Williams

Fun place

Joe Hatton

Awesome place. Will continue to go back.

Paul , Sr.

Their website denotes that some shows are "reserved" seating, yet that same website implies that it will assign best available- Not True. Opening day movie was first come first seated.

Tangella Hamilton

Always nice to go to the movies.

Fred Kaestner

A pretty good theater. A little on the expensive side and lacking some of the amenities of the more upscale theaters like reclining seats, they still always have clean floors and the screens are big. A matinee will cost you about $10.50 per ticket.

Greg Ellis

Opened 5 minutes before our movie started,the manager opened,employees were standing in the cold with about 30 + patrons,no popcorn fixed,were still in line 5 minutes after showtime, manager went to his office didn't offer much help considering he was the reason everything was running so late!

Mike Moore

Nice cinema relaxing has alot to offer

Allen George

Better prices then the one in New Albany


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