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REVIEWS OF Regal Greenwood Mall IN Kentucky

Mark Pendley

Poorly managed. The Tween at the ticket desk told my wife, “I need to look in your purse”. When asked why she replied, “for weapons”. No one else...seems like profiling to me.

Jennifer West

All movies are high but I love this place when I go

Louise Holloman

We went to see Toy Story 4. Loved hearing the laughter of the children. Great Movie

Rick Johnson

Seats weren't comfortable and their prices are almost 15 a ticket. I live in Nashville and took some friends there. Don't leave many negative reviews but you have to remodel this theater if you are going to charge the ticket price.

Margaret Goatley

Went to see Avengers: Age of Ultron yesterday. The theater it was in BADLY needed repairs, every seat we sat in was broken. The guy behind the counter who was getting our drinks and snacks walked away in the middle of us deciding, even though the reason it took so long was because THEY DIDN'T HAVE THE SNACKS MY DAUGHTER CHOSE. I've always had bad experiences at this theater, because the management doesn't keep the children working in check, but this was a particularly awful experience for our family. We paid ENTIRELY too much money for this movie to sit in broken chairs, have the employee walk through MULTIPLE times on his cell phone, and not even get the snacks we wanted.

Shane Sanders

It's a movie theater. It's pretty clean and doesn't smell wierd. Good quality and audio. As usual, expect to sacrifice one of your limbs for snacks. Sixteen dollars for popcorn and a drink is, has been, and always will be a thinly veiled and enforced ripoff.

Donald Shepherd

This Regal was ok, but it's not as big or modern as the ones I'm used to in California.

Michelle Willi

Inside the theaters could be cooler in the hot months. Lighting is great, volume is great, movie quality is great, always a good variety of movies showing. The concessions are expensive but it is a movie theater. Recommended

John Humkey

A fine theater. Good seats, sound, and projection. Sign up for the rewards card, it gives you a free movie around every ten paid movies.

A Phipps

Nice, clean theater.

Renee Back

This theater is not quite as nice as the one on the other end of town but it is still nice. Comfortable seats, great sound quality and a good selection of movies.

Elijah Amon


Daniel Lambert

Decent movie theater, but they need to update their seats and snack bar

Keith Norris

All employees were helpful and courteous. Theater was clean.

TechGuy Teaches

Nice people, horrible, tiny theater. Screen was so cheap you could see the texture like watching an old TV and the projector was so dark you could hardly tell what was going on. If Regal didn't have a chokehold on Bowling Green as the only theaters, they'd be out of business there.

Larry Brooks

Outdated. Several screens are small and seats uncomfortable.

Carrie Morris

Cost to much for ticket ,popcorn and drink. I could take my kids and spend that much money at Dave and busters for more fun then just going to see 1 movie and pay outrageous costs for a dink and popcorn. I can think of better things to do that my money

Autumn Bridges


Austin Johnson

Went to watch Annabelle creation today... Nice place, a bit out dated but clean, nice staff..... But there were so many teenagers that were talking and yelling throughout the movie, and it took me and my fiance both to go out there to get management and employees to come in.

Don Jordan

Nice movie experience. Best theatre popcorn we've had lately. Merry Christmas!

Kenny Coots

Always a Great time!!

Otiono Ify

Nice movie experience

Denise Arnold

Wonderful place,it was clean the sitting arrangements where nice and spacious love it

Kerri Cooksey


Jeff Grubb

This Theater is the worst one in Bowling Green. It needs a major update. So you ain't waiting outside in the freezing cold for 10 minutes to buy a ticket.

William Harper

Love it great place to enjoy a good show and awesome people that handle concession are


This is the older of the 2 cinemas here in Bowling Green. Nice place but I was disappointed in the bathrooms. With so many people at popular movies, I would hope that the staff will increase the cleaning times of their bathrooms.

Samantha Dean

Amazing finally a nice and clean movie theater!!!! Amazing popcorn and great helpful staff!! Best theater in 1.5 radius I’ve tried them all

Matt Johnson

I saw a movie here once and people were talking. I was like, "Shut up, people! There is a movie going on!" Then I got embarrassed because I realized the people talking were the people in the movie on the screen. I had fallen asleep. The movie was Spice World.

nathan amell

This is a clean and safe looking theater.

Jarrod Bush

Typical movie theatre. Everyone was friendly and efficient.

Maddox Alexander

I love this place! They provide great service, sanitation, and concessions every time I come to watch a movie. This is definitely a theater I recommend.

Renee Sushi

Great to be with Friends or family good for shoping or eating good food great free parking

myky girl

Not crowded at all. The popcorn and soda were great we bought a container of popcorn that you can refill as much as you want. Cant remember the cost of the popcorn or soda but it was worth the price. The movie theater seating area was clean the picture quality was good and volume was just right. We enjoyed ourselves very much. They offer a rewards program that would great for those who frequent the movie theater. Highly recommend this location

Scott Logan

The theater is great, it have to take away stars for the men's restroom. The urinals are literally on top of each other. I like my fellow man, but I don't want him peeing in my pocket!

Joe Lengerich

Literally the worst theater I've ever been to. I was a theater manager years ago and this place is run by a buffoon. I had a terrible experience and haven't returned since. Avoid this place, there is a much better theater about 3 miles down the road. go there.

Laing LaQueshia

Very nice

James M

Prices on concessions are always a down point but the theater is always clean when I go. There are staff that make regular checks while movies are playing. Overall it's a good place to watch movies.

Jobe Gammon

Always a good place for a movie. Although the concession stand prices are outrageous. Tip sneak in some candy.

Jane S

Clean, not crowded in a Sunday night. But, I could heard the sounds effects from the neighboring film during my first. Am I sure? Yes. I was watching Downton Abbey and hearing bombing and gunfire for long bursts multiple times during my show.


Watched a movie on 5/29, didn't see nothing from other, negative reviews. It was little chilly toward the end of the movie... room 7, good sound, no other sounds coming from outside or other rooms. Good picture, good seats... almost didn't go to cinema, due to some crapy comments and reviews...

Josh Abner

Also clean, employees are usually nice. Popcorn is hit or miss this time it was stale and old tasting. Also tickets prices are a bit much compared to other places.

Fred Morris

Went and watched Hunger Games in number 9, not sure what it was about, but do know that they kept the temp at 61 degrees. Not to mention, I could hear the moving next door the entire time. To spend over $10 a ticket, another 7 for a med popcorn, and 6 for a coke, I would think they could afford heat. Multiple people exited during the film, and others waited and complained at the end. We were told that temp was on 61 when they looked at it and people generate a lot of heat. I for one wish we had a clean, nice theater such as what is in Gallatin, Tn NCG Cinema. They have free refills, cheap popcorn, cheaper ticket prices and beautiful, nice theater's. What we have in Bowling Green needs to go!

David Morris

Very clean theatre, enjoyed watching Godzilla here.

Juni Williams

Internet said this place opens at 11am. It does not. The ticket person said they dont open the doors until 11:30 a.m. Tried to update hours here on yelp, not an option. After I watch the movie, I will update this review.

Jane Ely

The bathrooms were very dirty. The theater where we watched Glass was not even cleaned. We will not be returning to this theater. Not worth the $50 we spent.

Joe Roe

Good seating and all around movie watching experience

Titrina Taylor

Awesome customer service

Brenda Barnes

Very good evening out

Marilyn Hockersmith

Very comfortable and I enjoyed a movie that was magnificent called Black Panther!!!

chandler white

I could hear the other movies playing during my film otherwise good theater

Tonya Gabhart

Always good

Shelby Hughes

Very clean and the workers where very nice and polite

James Goodrum

Seats need a bit of work and consessions are outrageous.

Meme Jumah

Had alot of fun watching movie with my family

Alexandria Velasco

Very clean. And the employees are very sweet and friendly.

Michael Willard

Too expensive for a matinee viewing, need another Theater co. In Bowling Green to cut the monopoly pricing...

Roy Lewis

Good service, clean theatres, audio is a little on the low side.


Slow at concessions. Very slow

Eric Browning

Great movie and theater was clean.

William Parson

Been going here since I was 12 and haven't had a bad time yet, enough said.

Trent H

Friendly staff, great rewards program.

Diane Duke

Lots of space sounds great!! Friendly

Peter McCarthy

Very difficult to find as the building is signed as Great Escape....not regal....old...not very nice but ok

Marshall Clark

Ok but dont buy food. Expensive.

Miranda & Brad Luppino

Nice and clean theatre with multiple screens and with normal concession stand choices.

Beaux Schexnayder

Extremely long wait with only 1 person behind counter and could hear other movies that drounded out our movie.

Sandra Deel

Had fun. Nice clean theater

J. Lamar H.

Good movie theater service could be a little bit better and the popcorn can definitely be fresh

Jeff Gallihugh

Great place to see a movie and spend a crap load of money ! Lol

Brittney McMillian

Pretty high prices and not a lot of choices

Claudia Fuess

This is an older theater so nothing fancy. The employees are very nice and seemed content in their jobs, very attentive to the customers. Seats are comfortable, theater was clean as were the rest rooms.

Jana Matlock

Very clean theater. Hannah at the concession counter was very friendly and had excellent customer service! The popcorn was the best we have had! Thank you for a great night out!

G ball

Clean. Good service.

pamela hammonds

Nice to meet your family and friends for a show

Austin Wilson

Over all in my opinion pretty great they paused the movie... There was a tornado warning but I like the fact that they came in and told us

andrea haury

Older theater but well kept. Employees were very helpful and seemed to ennoy working there

Dave Morgan

Good overall, but that theater was insanely hot. Felt like I was in a sauna the whole movie.

Patty Schneider

I would not say it's the best movie theater I've been at but it's cozy and the service is friendly.

Anna-Laura Hocker

Very friendly staff. Clean theater. Enjoyed myself.

Fallon Cho

Horrible service all around from very immature ticket taker to concessions workers, every single one of them needs to be fired or retrained to improve customer satisfaction.

Jack Joan


Peggy Candler

Terry Barber

Favorite brand of movie theatres.

Bruce Jansen

Very nice place

Stacey Adler

I'm sorry but the prices here are outrageous! A medium popcorn was almost $8. We watched beauty and the beast and the sound messed up a few times and the picture scrambled twice. Now I remember why I like the drive in so much better.

dorris maynard

Great movie theater


My only complaint is that it is not easy on your wallet

Joseph Kosalko

Very clean place top to bottom. Staff were friendly and helpful to a t. It seems like a bit of an older theater compared to some regale with smaller seats and concession stand. Honestly I easily overlooked those things at this spot. Overall great place with a comfortable atmosphere and perfect settings for the movie sound/picture.

Scott C

Decent, nothing fancy. If I really wanted to see a movie and they had it I would consider going. Nothing that would scare me away, just felt the cinema was dated and price was close to what I'd consider high.

Jordan Sturgeon

A pretty good theater. I prefer the Stadium 12 theater on Industrial, but have always had a nice time.

Danale Pape

Good didn't stand out

Kirk Walker

Good place. Friendly staff and decent theaters.

Andrew Sessions

The chairs are uncomfortable, a patron had to go ask the workers to turn the lights in the theatre down when the movie started. Movie screen is small and far from seats. Bathrooms need remodeling. Definitely going to try another theatre.

stephanie senters

Overall price is way to expensive!

ja sam

Nice staff. Clean theater.


They need to stop showing marvel movies here. This place is too small to show a marvel movie because it's usually crowded. It was crowded during Avengers 2 and Civil War. Please show Avengers Infinity War in the big theater next year and not this one. Why did Captain America Civil War play here and not the big one?

linda blackerby

Very comfortable place to see a movie. The staff is a little slow at times at the concession stand but I think that's due to staffing. Movie theaters in general are getting too expensive to go to as often as we like. Sometime we have to wait until we can view the movie on tv.

Steven Sawyer

We were told by the manager that we could not use our rewards card for more than one movie pass ticket. This made no sense to me and I looked at their terms and it says in the terms that only 1 card is given per account but the card can be used by multiple friends and family members. I pointed this out and was told that it is what they were told to say. The manager talked down to me and was very short and rude even after showing her their own terms say this can be done.

Marcella Allen

I have a 3 Strike rule because I know I'm picky before I give an average or less review. Strike 1 the games only take tokens and the token machine is broke. Strike 2 the cost is significantly more than expected and they add tax on top of it instead of publishing the with tax price. It cost more than the Xscape Theater in Louisville which is awesome! Strike 3 in at least one theater the seats do not recline at all and are angled uncomfortably. I'm assist his is standard practice in all the theaters but don't know first hand. Strike 4 Coke products, I prefer Pepsi. Strike 5 they don't have and sign behind building or on sides which is what faces the mall and you're not sure where to go if you've never been before. On the plus side, they have a wide variety of snacks and ice cream treats and the staff is super friendly. The theater is clean and other than the theater seats not reclining, comfortable.

Christy Napier

Clean, courteous staff, very nice except it's very hot in there. It was a ton of phone

Rachel Cramer

This place is ok. Clean enough. Friendly staff. How does a movie theatre not have hot dogs? Also, the drink sizes are like buckets. Even the small. Who even has a bladder big enough for that?

Justin Sewell

Great theater experience! Snack and beverage prices are too high!

Aman Patel

Nice area

Annastasia Ellis

Theatres are nice and cozy, but the bathrooms are pretty awful (not the staffs fault, the bathrooms are just really old). Staff are friendly and helpful. There are also candy machines and a couple of game machines to kill time if you get in too early.


I love the mall here in bowling Green ky

Wesley Vincent

Sad date

Jeanie Heflin

I had an issue with some tickets that we purchased online ,but the manager was quite helpful. Thank you!!

Gabe 8114

I had enjoyed visiting Bowling Green, I was privileged enough to encounter friendly, kind and helpful people on my 1 week visit. I will definitely be back again.

Jack Carroll

Pretty good steaks. Could be better. The other ones menu is better.

David Ciochetty

Excellent reclining chairs with cup holders on both sides of every chair. State-of-the-art sound system with excellent acoustics. Ample parking area. Game area in case you show up early

Rebecca B

Live coming here every time. A bit pricey but worth it!

Erica Brehmer

Worst movie theatre in the country! We travelled from out of town to visit Mammoth Cave on the weekend of the Dark Knight Rises release. We drove 40 minutes to get to this theatre only to be disappointed. This theatre isn't digital...think old school movie projector, which is fine - except when there's a problem. The previews were messed up - only heard sound, no picture. Then the movie previews started. About half way through the sound switched to the radio. It took the theatre 10 minutes to figure out what was going on and by the time they did the movie had already started - with no sound (except Rock of Ages...). I asked the manager? if they would restart the movie and they said they could not because it wasn't a digital projector. WHAT? I left, asked for my money back and, get this, the lady at the ticket window got offended because I asked for my money back. Sorry, but when you figure out how to run a theatre, I will give you my money. According to the locals, this theatre has had similar problems in the past too. Worst cinematic experience in my life.

Shirley Green

Just went and saw movie "Peppermint". Awesome movie... Theater very nice,clean,and staff friendly and helpful

Penny Thorn

Trash everywhere-workers and manager standing around talking instead of waiting on customers-no towels in restroom

Tony Vance

I was told to put my pocket knife in my truck ?? Because they had trouble with the police carrying their guns inside ?? I have a CCDW She was rude in asking and they don't have anything posted. I wont be back .


Nice place to walk around. Kids love the play ground

Kody Arvin

Great experience, but reclining seats would be preferable.

Chris Grinstead

Decent movie theater, just need to get reclining seats.

Byron Kempf

Good clean environment

Brandon Colter

Good clean place...

Christopher bell

Ac Must be broken (hot)


Prices KEEP going up!

Terry Trent

Not bad

Michael Humes

Need reclining seats, Seats are the best

bennie guzman

Best theatre in bowling green

Andy Dennis

Stale and warm in the theater. Doesn't seem well taken care of.

Amber Cassibry

People are great that work there. When Regal took over they should have demolished both of the Buildings in Bowling Green and built a nice big one with an arcade and cafe like Cinemark. It did be cheaper rent and people would be more apt to go to the movies here.

Kayla Lane

Loved the movie!! Theater was clean!!!

Joey Pruitt

Bowling Green should really have a nicer movie theater. Watched a movie on screen 9 last night and all throughout the movie I could either hear the audio from the screen next to us or the air conditioner running. It's not a terrible place to watch a movie but, a town as big as Bowling Green should have something better than this.

Ryann H.

Nice theater, however I see that they're charging more now. It's time for a revamp of the theater. Let's get some recliners already, please! Thanks

Missy Ross

Nice theater, prices are ridiculous. I guess that is true everywhere.

Seth Cartier

Love going here

Chris Reid

Ok movie watching experience. Was asked to return my pocket knife to my truck and wife's purse was searched by a goofy teenage kid. I find this very intrusive just to watch a movie. Disarming customers does not make them safer and honestly, whether or not I have a pocket knife or the contents of my wife's purse are none of your business Regal.

Vicki Darnell

Way to expensive...$21.00 for weekday matinee. Yikes! And don't even think about getting anything from the concession stand. For what you pay for soda and popcorn, you could get a steak or seafood at the many nearby restaurants, i.e., Longhorn Steaks, Red Lobster, etc.

Beth weyler

Good movie theater. Saw The Upside... nice little flick.

David Calvert

Clean & Nice !

if Kats

Fun place, not always the cleanest.

Quentin Clark

Overall the place was clean, there was a 3D offering that was good. Staff was courteous but the facility is a bit dated; clean, but dated .

Brandon Hehn

A great staff. They move large crowds along quickly.

Maudy Perkins

My daughter works there. She can get free tickets and she took me to see two great movies

amy marie page-horton

Nice theater, it's clean. Comfortable seating during the movie. Picture and sound of movie are excellent, staff is friendly.

Natalia Calescibetta

It was awesome great place.

Christine Marotta

Fun friendly film for all

Lucas Gray

Pretty clean and newer seats. Makes for a nice time at the movies.

Ronnie Brown

The wheelchair access was good

Oogle McDoogle

It was a good theater experience nothing spectacular but above-average

Luis Diego

Movies are great and seats feels comfortable

Oscar Rodriguez

Not bad as usual prices are high.

Anthony LaPointe

This place is great! I love the movies and i love the Tuesday specials

Sarah C

Very nice, clean theater! Enjoyed Thor Regnorak very much! Thank you so much!

Wesley Wix

Nice theater clean

Russell Long

The lobby was very warm and the men's room was horrible it was dirty ceiling tiles were falling down and it smelled very strongly of urine. The movie was great though in the actual theater was clean and cool.

William Maass

Pricey but it's clean and have never had an issue with picture or sound.

Jeopardy Collum

Kids love it

Nick Heil

Best popcorn ever!


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