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REVIEWS OF Regal Bowling Green IN Kentucky

Linda Farrow

People are great nice helpful. The RV park and golf course very very run down. Makes me think maybe Thousand trails are new owners and it takes time to fix all the problems.

Alexander J Brenner

Not a top of the line theatre, but it'll do in a pinch.

Michael Morton

Staff is always polite and we have never had any problems with movies, comes or anything else

ginger alwood

my boyfriend is a HUGE movie guy. anything and everything from the obscure to popular and everything in between. this theater is one of our favorites because it is clean, well kept, and the staff there is always smiling and helpful.

Scott Franklin

Went to see Star Wars, again. Popcorn was perfect. Stadium was clean. Every employee I talked to was nice and polite.

TechGuy Teaches

Screens are tiny and dirty, speakers are insufficient or actually broken. Concessions are extremely overpriced and tickets should be closer to Dollar Theater prices for the experience you are getting. Instead it is almost as much as going to see it in a newer, better theater in Nashville.

Shanron Manning

Saw God Bless the broken road. Excellent movie!

Kenneth Stovall

Great venue and customer service.

Noir Jones

Bowling Green has 2 theaters and this is the nicer of the two, though the outside is unimpressive. The seats are nicer and the theater is cleaner than the theater near Greenwood Mall (though I'm sure age plays a role). The only thing I didn't like was that my purse was searched. I'm fairly certain they were only looking for outside food which makes it even sillier. Especially since one of the men in our group had snuck candy in using his pockets. It's kind of invasive but I was mostly shocked since I typically get to go to the movies once a year and last year they didn't search my bag. Overall, good experience.

Max Wright

I had lots of fun with my family here. We watched ready player one but the 3d was really bad.

Lindsey Chaffin

This theater is amazing. The seats are amazingly comfortable. If you are cold natured, you might ought to bring a jacket with you, the screening rooms are quite chilly. The staff is nice, and service is normally efficient. Weekends bring longer lines at the ticket booth and concession. The food is a little pricey, but I guess that is to be expected at a movie theater. There is also a kiosk in the main lobby so that you can purchase tickets there.

David Choate

Great place. Kind of out of the way set back so not as crowded which makes it nice plus wonderful staff

Charde Evans

The staff members are very professional and kind, along with the theater always being clean!

Mickey Parker

I had to sit through 25 minutes of preveiws. That's too much.

edward ertle

Nice clean place but check for discount days for cheaper movie rates

Kimberly Ashley

Dirty, ripped and stained screens, bad quality movie files, blown speakers and little sound blocking between theaters. Will drive to Nashville or Evansville to see a movie.

lois dykeman

My son accidentally left his new cap in the seat. The ushers clean after each viewing, and undoubtedly would have seen the cap. They clearly stole my sons cap. When I called, they had other caps in the lost and found. I was told they even keep lost and found items for a couple months. So obviously, a staff member took it.


Nice seats, plenty of theaters, kind and friendly staff make this my go to cinema.


Recently I got moviepass so I've been coming to this theatre on a weekly basis. My old impression of this place was completely out dated! Everything was clean, the employees were friendly and helpful ( since I didn't quite understand moviepass ) , and the theatres I've been in have all sounded great. I was worried that I'd be in the sticky floors and over crowded theatres but those are a thing of the past. Love this place I will be back!

Cody Ramsey

Go here a lot with my partner. Had to wait 20 minutes to get our pre ordered tickets scanned. Guy checking ticket stubs was nice, he let us go and get our tickets scanned at the concessions to avoid a longer wait.

Lilly Miller

I came in the other day with my husband and was so excited to come here because my friends have told me such amazing reviews. Without realizing it we purchased the wrong ticket for Annabelle and the manager was very rude about it. She proceeded to say rude things to us which was so surprising as we politely was trying to understand what was another showing. She offered a refund rudely and didn’t even try to assist us. Unfortunately we left and was very upset about it I never knew someone higher up could be so rude.

Ivan Sanchez

This theater needs a DEEP CLEANING, on the surface things look clean but let's be honest they haven't treated the seats or carpet since they opened.

Dawn Hart

Carpets need cleaned. Way over priced. Just moved here from TN. AMC Movies soda and popcorn = $20.00 for seniors. Regal - $45.00 for seniors! What a RIP off!! How do families afford a good night out? On the bright side workers were pleasant.

Billy Baldwin

This movie theater needs an upgrade for the price you pay for tickets and the price you pay for drinks and popcorn. This last trip to this movie theater, there was trash all over the floors and trash left in the seats. I told the person at the counter that screen 8 needs to be cleaned up that there was trash everywhere, she told me that it's ok just to pick it up if it bothered me. Next time I will go to regal in clarksville tn. Very clean place and their seats are all leather recliners.

Perry Joe Gabbard

Great place! Our favorite theater in Bowling Green

Dave Hill

Sorry but seats are not comfortable.

James M

Definitely a comfortable theater. Prices are ridiculous as can be expected for movies now. It is, as far as I can tell, very clean. I did not get down and check under seats lol. A good experience for the kiddos or a date night. I like movies so I keep going. Only reason I dont rate a 5 is because I cant get over concession prices.

Feyd Ruin

Went to a premier event, was handled excellently and without issue. Staff is always friendly and polite.

Frank Jones

Expensive...$25 for 2 tickets...

James Ely

Went to see The Magnificent Seven. I really enjoyed the Movie. Food is High Way Robbery, theft without using a weapon. $4.99 for a Small Drink. Seriously need to have some competition here in Bowling Green, Ky. Will I go back? Sure will but no food or drink will be purchased. This rating is for the theater only. The Movie was a 10.


Had my purse checked for the first time at a theatre at this location a few days ago. None of the other ladies I spoke to had their bags checked and that has bothered me ever since. The guy who did it said he was checking for 'illegal things' -- Dude, just tell me you're checking to make sure this fatty isn't sneaking in candy. Don't make me look like a criminal in front of other people. Either check or don't check everyone.

Grant Merideth

Clean, good concessions, and FANTASTIC movies. Best theater in the South Central Region of Kentucky.

Joseph Zillmer

Poor quality seating...hard back chairs not comfy. Speakers need replaced in several theaters, distorted, rattling...humming. Not sound insulated. Often other movies blasting thru the walls when watching quiet scenes in your theater. matinee discounts. One of the poorer quality theaters I've been to in sometime. Prices still shock me. Cheapest ticket for one almost 12 bucks. Nashville (60 miles away) offers much better theaters and prices for same movie if you don't mind the drive. One more thing...don't pay for the 3D experience 20 bucks a person with questionable optic quality. Not worth the upgrade over normal movie.

Sofia Brown

The food is alittle expensive but the quality of the movie room is good it's clean and everyone is nice

Barry Cannon

Not ready for influx of patrons. Lot of people late to get seated.

Tonya Gabhart

Was great

Ev C23

Great theater. Plenty of Screens.

Ember Animus

Always has good movies, though pricey. Good for a once in a while date.

shay o

The two Regal theaters in Bowling Green are the only ones I've been to that don't have a military discount. The Regal website says their theaters offer one, but these two do not.

Nick Hays

Out of all theaters in and surrounding Bowling Green area, Regal Great Escape 12 is by far best. Especially when it comes to sound quality.

Alexandria Velasco

Love it here. They are friendly and very clean.

Melvin Jones

Friendly staff, nice screen and sound however, it time for an renovation or reduced prices to reflect old seating. No matinee prices for 2 pm shows, really? Supply and demand. Regardless. I would rather drive to get better experience.

Treavon Mooney

Great for family time

Chris Guy

The theatre is always clean, so if there's a movie you want to see, this is the place to do it.

Morgan Patton

Not very clean, some of the staff are rude.

Devhan Vorthex

Theater has very nice staff. Very clean. Sests are comfortable and the screen is huge. The food is a bit pricey but over all its great.

Travis Laneve

Amazing sound, quality visuals, and comfortable seats.

Jim Hill

The theater experience will always be the most enjoyable way to view the great movies of our time. The theater at Industrial Dr is first rate!

William Gonzalez-quevedo

One of the best movie theaters around

Inna Bezhenar

As a holder of a Regal unlimited movie pass I have yet to have a bad expierince at this movie theater. Everyone is nice and courteous on top of being efficient. I never hear them have an attitude or be negative even in the business of times.

Phyllis Goodwin

My husband and I have not been to the movies in a few years. I mentioned to him that we needed to go see "The Mule" a Clint Eastwood fan and Bradley Cooper fan. We were not let down. We also enjoyed the fresh movie poor and soft drinks!

Sheralee Dogali

Only a four star because concession prces were HIGH! Seating and bathrooms clean.


Happy and great people who work there.

Alan Reed

If you are going to have online ticketing it would be nice to have someone to take care of it. This place is junk

Firestick Plusman

Always clear and fast

shane woods

Lion king was awesome

Theresa Maris

Bathrooms really clean. The ticket seller was very friendly and mlm pleasant.

E & T Scrapping

Good clean place to take kids to watch new movies.

Pamela Potter

The theater was clean, the staff efficient, and we had a pleasant movie experience!

l mis

I wish they had recliner large seats. Movies seem to not stay there long....and current movies not always playing. Friendly staff! Clean!!

Michael Frohling

Love the children's movies in the summer. Great, inexpensive fun out of the heat.

Richard Craddock

It was alright, caught a matinee and got to enjoy Super Troopers 2 without a huge crowd on 420. Tickets were 10.59 each, seems pricey for a matinee but this is first movie I've seen in a theater since Hateful 8 so I guess prices have gone up a little. Was little warm could have used some A/C or just circulating air. Everything was pretty clean and I didn't stick to anything so that was pleasant. Seats were pretty comfy with a squishy headrest. Didn't get molested in the dark! Played the claw machines in the mini arcade for a few minutes on the way out and won a ball... I'm a WINNER!!!

Sandra Deel

Always clean and not packed. I love they still d matinee .

Cindy jennett

Fast service. Everything was very clean.

Jennifer Carter

In this time in society, a movie date is no longer a $15 adventure- I get that. However, it shouldn't be a $50 date either. My boyfriend and I recently visited the Regal 12 with tickets purchased through Fandango with a gift card. Tickets for a Saturday 4:30 showing for the two of us were $23- a bit steep for matinee compared to theaters in the BG to Nashville area but since we had a gift card we continued on thinking concessions wouldn't be that bad. We walk up to the counter and I was in shock- a small bottle of water was $4.99. Seriously? Large drinks were rather large- 44 oz I'm guessing but they were somewhere in the $8 range. Our bucket of popcorn (because who shares a bag?) was also in the $8 range.

jessica mayes

We took our daughter there for her Birthday and everyone had a blast. Great movie and good snacks

Lks TheNoteable

I saw the movie, Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse. I could see there were only about 8 movies at the same time with 16 rooms. They had a great selection of snacks to eat. Overall, this was a pretty good place.

G ball

Movie was good. Good experience except for the smell. Musty damp smell, mostly in the hallway near theater 8.

Teresa Rippy

Clean! I love going to this movie theater!!

Maria Badgett

Knowledgeable about the movies playing and extra friendly staff. The cinema itself is extremely clean.

Tamara Sharp

Reasonable prices, comfortable seating, great sound system, family friendly

Jo Brake

I went to an afternoon showing of "The Last Jedi" with my son and daughter. Movie-going is not a cheap past time these days, but we had a membership discount card that helped. It also helped at the concession stand. Concessions are about the only thing that help theaters make any money after paying to show the movies, so I try to buy something there, when I do go. If I want to sit around at home, eating homemade snacks, I can wait a few more months and get the video. But the experience is not the same. We watched larger-than-life 3D Jedi and Sith. Wow! Last year, we went to see TCM's presentation of the classic "The King and I," with Yul Brenner and Deborah Kerr. I already loved the movie, but the theater experience enhances it. Thank you, Regal Cinema!

Shannon Ingram

Just wish they would update the seating,,, I'm thinking, seats that recline

Paul Parker

Fun, also didnt know larges in drinks and popcorn means unlimited free refills. Worth every penny and great quality. Head into the room early for the good seats

Shannon DYE

Great place. Great sound. Great movie.

Sherill Spradlin

Endgame was amazing but prices were too high.Ex a small drink was 5.09 I can get one from the store for 89cents

Wade Brown

Would of been 3 stars if the black man with the beard working the front desk hadn't been my only positive interaction with the workers. He smiled and it made me feel comfortable and that really draws me towards businesses. The rest of my experience with the staff was very abrupt, unapologetic and apathetic. Thanks to you though sir, manning the front desk, I'll be back becauses of you.

Danale Pape

Good place but didn't stand out.

Donya Taylor

Very nice and affordable. Love the Club Reward points and deals

Jeff Winters

Place looks a bit old. Can't really say much more than that. I just walked my kid up to the ticket taker. The staff was really nice.

Aaron Johnson

Love this spot. I love the duck claw machine. You play till you win so you walk with a rubber ducky memento. Seats are comfy, the theater is not freezing like others. The popcorn is fresh and delicious.

Jose Castro

Best movie theater in town

Jonathon Flynn

Very nice atmosphere and a very clean movie theatre. The staff was helpful and friendly.

Bridgett Sanders

We had a birthday party here. It was awesome. You get the top floor to yourself and the staff gets you everything you need. Plus major discounts on ticket prices. Will def book a party here again.

Jonathan Fuller

Good clean cinema

Sunflower Jackson

Love this theater. Very comfortable seats and clean floors. Bathrooms are always clean and staff is always friendly. This is a great up to date theater and I highly recommend this place to watch a movie.

Lisa Guerrero

Temperature was perfect. Sound and picture was great. Very clean

Becky Hall

Nice place. Need more help at refreshment counter. Very long lines

Brent and Lisa Young

Very clean, nice seating, plenty of parking and never too crowded.

James Greenwood

No IMAX, no reclining seats, no RPX. But clean enough, and usually efficient enough service.

Scott Foster

Not bad / fairly clean. I enjoyed my movie.

Cloud None

Unfortunately only 3 stars because they had to reset the movie, I'd assume it was because the 3D was not correct could see lines for 3D effect but good movie 'Ready Player One'

Pamela Judd

@ 88 years old Clint Eastwood still has it going on.

Jamie Lee

Very clean. Plenty of showtimes to choose from. Great snacks.

Steve Plemmons

Great popcorn, comfortable seats, very big screen.

Kendra quarles

The place is great, but the prices are a bit too much for people who are on a budget. Had the movies I wanted to see also.

Joe So

Clean theater, reward program is really cool feature.

Sam Hill

It's a movie theater, what can I say

Chancelor Conn

Great place had fun waiting for the movie because of there arcade room and after we keft i realized i had lost my wallet. I called to see if it was there and they told me that they had it and to come get it when i was ready. Great place and staff!

S Darlene Gooch

Always enjoy my time at the movies!! Bonnie & Clyde - the last time I saw it was at the walk in theatre in Russellville. Such good memories of Saturday Matinees.

Creeper Chaos

The movie I wanted to watch does not start until April but it is still a nice theater

Kayla Porter

Better than Regal 10 across town, it's less crowded. Expensive.

Terry Guess

A little on the high side place needed a good cleaning

Koots Kooterino

I believe it to be the better theater in Bowling Green; cleaner at least. Not to say everything else is to be improved upon, coming here is still a fun experience. Lower prices are desired.

Gabe 8114

Clean, helpful, friendly. I enjoyed my visit to Bowling Green, I will come again soon.


Great seats and great quality. Also the retro theater look really does it for me. They also have an arcade which includes air hockey; very decent overall.


Staff is friendly and the theater is very clean. They show plenty of good, mainstream movies and occasionally have special events.

David Ciochetty

Good sound system, comfortable seating with cupholders on both sides. Restrooms down both hallways, so if nature calls during the film, you won't miss too much. Popcorn made fresh (just inhale deeeeply). Typical cost of refreshments, though these are decreased with the "frequent flyer " program.

Virginia Stradtner

Enjoyed it very much,seen Elvis Presley

B eezy

Movies good of course nice place just to expensive on food and drinks. Kids ticket is about the same price as an adult

Chris Grinstead

Decent movie theater, just need to get reclining seats for their theaters

Monica Cristan

This was my first time at this theater. Went to see the 60th anniversary of South Pacific. Haven't seen this movie since I was much younger. Was not disappointed, loved seeing it on a large screen. The staff was excellent, very polite and cheerful. Restrooms and theater were very clean.

Richee Family Adventures

It was cleanish...the seats were clean but they didn't clean the theater between movies so there was trash and popcorn on the floor. The sound was at a good level (sometimes it way to loud).


The seats could be a bit gentler!

Joel Wilson

Prices :(

Daniel Ward

A very clean, and nice theater. The staff provides exceptional service, and are very friendly. The prices are about the same as any other movie theater I've been to recently. They have a large selection of snacks to choose from including some things I've never seen offered at theaters. The newer auditoriums are really nice, while the older ones could use some renovating. The location is a bit off the beaten path,but it makes for less traffic getting there. I really enjoy this theater, I just wish it got the movies the Greenwood Mall 10 had, otherwise I'd always choose the 12!

Katherin Clayton

Take my grandson every chance I get.

Michelle Mullins

Nice theater. Comfortable seating, nice staff. Not as clean as other theaters, but it is an older theater.

Greg Telles

It was good. Always the youngsters that ruin it for everyone else though. That's why we rarely go to the theater anymore.

Traveling DIYS

Great seating but pricey


Easy to find. Clean restrooms and theatres. Arcade area available.

T Moore

Arrived to watch a movie on 6-9-19 and the prices are up on the wall but go to pay and the prices are way different!! I asked Jacob about it and he just said there old, well take them down because if not it's really misleading!! First and last time going, I wasn't really impressed with the atmosphere!! #nomilitarydiscount

Patty DeJarnette

Needs lounge chairs. Food too pricey

Bertena Varney

Management's nice. Clean theaters. Employees are friendly. The regal 12 is great. The regal 10 is dirty

Joshua Woolbright

Needs lot of work done just seeing a movie there today .

Sue Belcher

Moses was a great movie. Concession price is way too much.

Stephanie Pereira

Outdated theatre. It was clean though. The staff was friendly and efficient.

pussy savant

Very clean and neat and nice size theater and very great sound system

Nova Lee

Fantastic service and everything. Just wish they had more movie variety


This is the theater we always go when we want to see a movie, on the BIG SCREEN! Never dissapointed!

David Thomas

It's a typical movie theater... The bathroom stinks of stale urine, your footsteps are heard as they peal off the sticky floor as you make your way to your seat.... And there has always got to be the one delinquent that thinks it's funny to spray his prized fart spray that he more than likely stole from Spencer's earlier that day... As you probably picked up by now, I prefer to watch movies at home in my recliner.... The junk food at home is considerably cheaper and you don't have the heathens running around and pulling pranks... Too bad parents want to be friends with their children instead of being a parent...

Michael Carter

Great place for the family to enjoy a movie

Andrea Zirnstein

We saw Jurassic world 2 with only 10 other people in the theater, loved it . Nice 3D and sound was good, also the temperature setting was comfortable.

Renee Irey

Very comfortable seats. Needs to be faster at the concession stand.

Tyler Blaine

Its Regal. Profit first customer second. This theater is outdated, poorly laid out and over priced. $10.50 for mid day movies is outrageous for a non luxury theater however like I is Regal. Bowling Green is in need of a better theater.

Jacob Herald

This has always been a great theatre and very roomy to.

Nancy Pittman

It's a plain, clean movie theater. The seats do not recline, there isn't any exceptional food or drinks. They serve the ordinary popcorn, soda, nachos, hot dogs, and candy. Prices are high on the food. Employees are very nice though.

Woolsey CDR

Kind of rundown looking...but never had a problem viewing a movie...

Max Erskine

Good picture, good sound. Movie times are all around the same slot so there can be really long lines. $7 small popcorn, $5 water, and so forth. They're basically asking you to sneak in food and drinks.

Gena Simpson

Loved the popcorn & the service

Nancy Morris

It was clean and movie was good but prices are to high.

Carol Mills

Clean and comfortable seats. Staff nice.


A bit pricey for 2 movie tickets & a popcorn and drink

Fun Fun Channel

Love the movie and regalgreat movie pet semitary

Andrew Nasielski

First date here a few months ago still going strong. Can't beat the classics dinner and show.

wanda samples

Don't watch movies there. Only go in to buy the popcorn. It is so so so delicious. Extra extra butter.

Jonathan Renfro

Great selection

bhadie_ Rhodes

Verry nice staff and fresh food. Prefrect place to go if you just wanna chill and watch a good movie great AC and its perfect and just

Kenneth Brewer

Excelent facility. Not a bad seat anywhere in the theater. A little pricey but affordable

anita phelps

It was pitch dark in the theater when the movie was supposed to start at 1230 it didn't start until 20 minutes later thank goodness they just started the movie instead of previews.

David Carrington

Movie quality is good but the setting is uncomfortable which is unfortunate since they're the more comfortable of the two theaters in town. Food options are limited to the basics of overpriced candy popcorn and soda but it's generally clean and normally not overcrowded.

Amy Dury

Need more staff at the food counter. Also would suggest maybe a roped line for this are due to how many rude people that could care less how long you've been waiting. Also a separate line for people getting refills would be nice as well

Jessica Langley

Nice experience!

Meaghan B

Cute little theater we stopped at on a rainy vacation day. Small but nice!!

Thomas Rippy

Great time. Clean and not too crowded with excellent audio and video.

Tim Smothers

Nice cinema.

Bryce Gainous

Nice it's just not fun paying 50 dollars for 2 hours that's without playing arcade games


Movie made me dall asleep, could be due to the fact that I was drunk, good service tho


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