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REVIEWS OF Preston Crossing 16 IN Kentucky

Matthew Chandler

Customer service could be better

Ginger Leffler

It was nice and clean and going to an early showing we had no problems getting seats. The only downside is the cost for a drink and a candy. 18.00 dollars for two drinks and two candies. Our tickets were cheeper then the snacks.

Zach Allen

Loved it great seats decent prices and great workers

Joseph Smith

Super clean movie theater. Seats are so comfortable and recline. Excellent food. Bar with alcohol. Best movie theater in town. Be ready to spend money if you're going to eat. The price on food is probably why the food tastes so great.

Susan George

It was a awesome time the movies was really good and the service was fast too when getting refreshments

CLD 7991

Love this theater!! Just saw the Lion King and it was truly amazing!!

Matthew Simons

My favorite local movie theater close by to the house I really enjoy it oh, they upgraded the seats recently!

Alexia Overstreet

Great popcorn, fantastic staff, but I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 because their burgers came out burnt. Otherwise they're great! 224444

Really nice since they remolded especially the adjustable heated seats .

Malissa Crawford

HEATED, reclining seats! Love this about them. Their movies run a little later than most theatres (for those of you who go to late night movies) Also, they have actual people that work here still rather than having to do everything from a kiosk like alot of theatres. It is a big theatre and is kept clean.

Kevin McCauley

The theatre and facility are well maintained. XD loungers are awesome. In theatre 10 where we viewed our movie, there is quite a bit of light bleed on the bottom corners of the screen (~15%/red) generated by idle or emergency exit lighting Lines were a little long at the concession, so we skipped the popcorn.

Joe Blair

Very nice theater, reclining seats with heat .. will be returning.

Amanda Holderman

It's an awesome place to go watch movies the seats are very comfortable and the workers are very nice and welcoming

Judy Thompson

I have given 5 stars at one time but this experience differed due to the cleanliness and attention to the women's bathrooms. Only 1 stall in each of the 2 restrooms had toilet paper, trash overflowing, and paper products all over the floor. The theater rooms themselves are awesome with heated reclining chairs and fold out lap trays.

Rosemary Ray

I love the new seating which is lounge chairs. Much more room and comfort.

Pamela Kinberger

My son took me to see Toy Story 4, at Preston's Crossings, today and the movie was awesome. :: A little sad for me:: but our seats were basically a mess. I'm using the manager, Mr.Shipley's favorite word. "Basically" Because when I called to let him know.. it was basically my fault for not pointing it out to him while I was there...mind you they had a line of people waiting to pay and see a I didn't make a scene.. He said I should've had someone come to my seat and clean it then.. the movie tailors were already rolling.. so basically there was nothing he could do.. I then gave him a earful ... basically. #Go%$@*Yourself! Basically! **I took bad I can't share them here.. I did share on Facebook.** #BringYourOwnCleaningSupplies

robert johnson

Always go to this theater it's a little pricey but I love the new seats they recline back and have the trays almost could fall asleep if it wasn't so loud.

William Runyon

I always love coming here. Great atmosphere

Dan Gale

Get there early. The service at the ticket line and the concession line is always slow. When I asked the girl at the ticket line if the movie was sold out she said " I don't know". The concession line took about 10 minutes. There were only 3 people in front of me. When I got was done in the concession line, it was at least 15 people deep.

Dustin Colwell

heated reclining seats didn't work. It would have been no problem but they give you assigned seats. you have to sit in the seat you pick from a picture on a computer. We were told there were no other seats available yet there were plenty of empty seats.

Candace Woods

Remodel looks very nice. The luxury recliners are nice than the X-scape Theater on Blakenbaker.

Johnny Cordova

Very nice movie theater but restrooms need a lot of help , always dirty .

Brandon Kratz

The seating here makes me never want to go to another theater again. Reclining, heated seats! And the pricing isn't outrageous. Clean theater and courteous staff.

Brett Ernst

Great seats. Would love it if the concession lines could move at a reasonable pace..

Robert Jewell

It was awesome just like the movie I went to see.

Brandon Whitaker

The theater is clean and nicely lit. I enjoy watching movies here when I get the time to do so. The new recliner seats were a nice addition to the place. The arcade area leaves a little to be desired as it doesn't have games that cater to my likes. Overall this theatre has clean restrooms and very friendly staff. Going to movies during the week is the beat way to get the beat bang for your buck.

Caleb Coleman

Always a pleasant experience whenever visiting here. They've upgrade from standard seats to HEATED RECLINING seats. I hate to say it, but many a time I've fallen asleep in the theater only to be nudged awake by my wife! Keep it up Preston Crossings!

Lynn Rowland

Why does it take so long to get food with no on free in line in front of you? Have plenty of pizza and hot food ready ahead of time, especially during peak! Wake up management!

Joe Skinner

Assigned seating is the best! They upgraded to stadium seating with heated recliners. Where this place needs some work is with cleaning. That place was a wreck when we showed up for a 7PM showing. You could smell the men's room 15 feet away, and popcorn was everywhere. The projectors are dated too so no dark blacks or HDR here, just grays, but the audio sound great. You can also grab an adult beverage before or after your movie at the bar.

Patti Andrews

Great seating with heated lounge chairs. Clean and comfortable

Mark Swimm

Seating was comfortable but had to wipe my tray off, Kinda looked like ketchup dried on it. Would lead you to believe they don't clean between showings. Bathroom could use some cleaning as well. Hand towels were out, urine soaked floors. Of course popcorn all over the floors. Then workers that appear to be working but not really. Really sad too. Place could be or was at one point very nice.

Ripleigh Sharp

Never been except 1 time to see the new Godzilla movie. Loved it. Loved the fact that this theater served high end food and beer as well as merchandise and toys and the seats had swivel tables.

Crimson Caliber

The place has really change over the years and only for the better. Love the new heated seats that recline and the speakers sound amazing

Julee Gordon

Always a fairly pleasant staff. Concession is always backed up so be sure to get there a bit early if you plan on getting food.or drink. Theaters are clean that they now have the reclining and heated seats.


Recliner's are fantastic. Also heated and comfy. Will go back.


It was fine. Nothing too great and exciting. But their seats are really comfortable :)

Samantha Grace

Cozy recliner chairs and moderately priced combos on popcorn and drinks!

Trish Locke

Place was awesome .. love the heated seats ... Gonna go back ASAP

Michael Phillips

The XD theater is remarkable! Only thing missing is food and drink service at the seat!

Edward Fey

I had a great experience and the Movie I saw was just great.

Mark Lucas

Between the slow lines at the concession stand, the appearance of what appeared to be a spill on the floor in front of the concession stand where your feet stick to the tiles and anything else that isn't carpet, the rudeness of the patrons watching the movie around you( woman eating popcorn like a horse eating through a picket fence, then falling asleep until her own snoring woke her up then resuming to eat like a horse again and the others texting during the movie.) I think movie theaters are soon to be a thing of the past. Got a bottle of water and an icee for 10.50. Movie sucked too. Walked out halfway through. Worst movie experience of my life.

Amber Skinner

So far the upgrades to half the theatres are nice!!! Recliners, Can pick to have your seat heated, eating tray, picking your seats when you purchase your tickets. Doesn't smell like it did. Well needed updates and remodel. All they need to have is an actual restaurant in the theatre where the bar is so people could come and sit and eat before their movie. A lot of people do dinner and a movie on their date night or with friends.

Grace Jung

From Avengers: Endgame to Detective Pikachu, the movie theater is amazing and especially the seat recliner and seat warmer, like whoa~ Could probably eat a pizza too but opt out of it just for me to focus on the movie XD

Miriel Adan

All salons are newly remodeled and they are very comfortable

Jeremy Winstead

The theater is very nice and easy to relax in with reclining seats. The service is awesome and the movie quality is amazing. The food is good and the bar has a wide arrangement of alcohol. They have many great options to choice from when ordering food.

Derek Rose

So we had the weirdest experience. Only about 7 people in the 640 viewing of Ad Astra. So I was likeness, it's going to be a uninterrupted show. During the whole movie we had strange behavior going on behind us. I called the theater to report it. They never came in. The guy had a ripped shirt and was looking under all the seats behind us being really weird. It really ruined my experience

Michael Willyard

Movies look good in IMAX

Bianca Duff

Very hot in the theater.and not loud enough

David Stevens

Usually don't get charged higher price until after 2pm. Movie was at 1. I guess that's why they only offered the show at that time.

Kelly Caswell

Love this movie theater

Michael Noonan

Nice theater. Seating is amazing, always clean. Concessions are typically higher than you'd like, but cheaper than a lot of theaters out there.

Marcus Cheatham

Nice,Clean love too go back

Joni Anderson

Quickly becoming my favorite theater in town

Jennifer Foley

Never pay extra for the large popcorn to get free refills. You will stand in line 20-30 minutes. Also, not enough workers for their food station. It's a crowded Saturday with ONE employee behind the counter. #3. When tickets are paid in advance and extra money is paid. You still have to wait in line for your tickets. Very slow process.

Christie Kinslow

The new heated/reclining seats are great! Great sound quality too! Concessions are slow.

Mark T

Understaffed, outside trash cans overflowing. Lines to conclusions were horrible and theatre was trashed.

K Hall

Love this place and the upgrades

ya boi

Great time. A bit cool in the theater.

Ashley sego

I love the upgrades that they have done to this movie theater. The reclining seats make it much more comfortable than it use to be. The only reason I'm not giving 5 stars is because last night when we went one of the women's bathrooms smelled terribly bad and there was tissue paper all over the bathroom.

Pinky Cleek

The most comfortable reclining chairs. And the heater button is amazing! I always hated that I had to freeze every time I went to see a movie..NO MORE! And it is clean and always friendly.

Nathan Singer

A great theater to watch the latest summer blockbuster. They recently added reclining seats with foot rest that are heated and have a swivel tray (very nice). The screens are huge and the sound systems are very nice with a booming bass. The concession stand carries a wide array of food and beverages (popcorn, candy, hotdogs, nachos) just be willing to take out a small loan (LOL)...but that is par for the course these days. The staff is friendly.

Jordan Sandquist

Every seat is a comfy recliner with a personal swivel tray for you food & drink. You can't beat this!

Barbara Constant

Great place for family and friends!

Bessie Pfeifer

Loved my first experience here. The chairs/recliners are awesome. Gave it 4 stars due to the theatre being so cold. Made my popcorn turn cold and nasty.

Brenda Garner

One of our seat wouldn't recline but other than that it was good

Dara Bensing

Seats are comfy but theater was disgusting. Popcorn all over floors. Cup holder either had drink or dried up drink inside. Floors were so sticky I thought I was gonna be glued there. Funny enough there were 5 workers waiting to clean neighbor theater. Guess they decided to skip this one.

Vicki Doyer

I don't go to the movies very often because it's usually uncomfortable and of course overpriced. However we went to the one on Preston and they had those newfangled chairs. Extremely comfortable. The only thing I had an issue with is the concession stand. I had a very slow person running my line. So I almost miss the beginning of the movie.

Eric Green

Nice enough theater. However, they recently upgraded to recliner seats which was great, but the seats only go half way up. It's a complete tease.

Shane Harrod

Love the seating. Would really like a self service kiosk to avoid long lines for ticket pickups.

K. Hay

My favorite theater. Seat warmers are very warm.

Dumb idiot

The popcorn was great! The seats were very overrated as the bum warmer turns off a lot, and the recliner part of the chair is only about halfway. This would be 4 stars if it weren’t for popcorn being stuck in the chair, also that now my clothes smell like cigarette smoke.

D. Wall

Had a pretty good experience here.

Thomas Snyder

Very nice theater and seating

Jeanette Maple

Had to leave early, no air! I asked to have it turned on twice. Everyone in my roll was trying to find things to use as fans. Very unpleasant experience. Because it was so hot, it made it smell of strong urine. Really unfortunate to have such nice seats and sweat and stick to them. Unfortunately we had to pay $65 and left early. Management clearly were uninterested.

Missy Franklin

Clean. Comfortable & love the heated seats!! Theater prices are crazy high these days $5 for a medium soda. Went to an early bird show.


Download the App good deals, less lines, saves money, was clean, no problems. Over all a great time and the building is clean everywhere. I thank you for cleaning the rooms so well!

Alexandra Hooper

Don't buy tickets online through Fandango. This place cancel movies but still prints your ticket... And then when you go to get a refund they tell you to contact Fandango ... Ok let me get a refund after I received the tickets and just tell them it was cancelled, sounds legit. You would think if they sold ticket through a third party vendor there would be some communication where if movies are cancelled an automatic refund would apply.

Michael Balsamo

Just watched spiderman and the surround sound was great along with their comfortable recliners.

Brittany Longmire

Let's talk about the most important thing about a movie theater, the seats. My goodness are the seats here amazing! Not only do they recline and have tray tables but they are heated! That's right heated! I'm going to this theater just this reason alone as often as I can.

Edric Salone

Although some of the renovations were not up to my expectations the improvements they have made were much needed. Conveniently located off of 265 and Preston highway it is easy to find as its visible from the road. Very spacious and plenty of screens to choose from. Lines can be a little long so make sure you get there early enough to grab seats.

Erik Smith

They have upgraded their seats and they are super comfortable!

Charley Baugh

I just watched the movie crawl it was good my movie ticket was $10 the seats are comfortable and they are recliners the food and snacks are very overpriced so I suggest you sneak food in other than that my experience was great will definitely watch a movie here again in the future

Zachary Casey

I love going to this movie theater. Its amazing inside and they are super fast on service and always clean. Been going since I was a kid and now I take my kids and it has upgrading tremendously over the years and the prices are affordable to just sit back and relax and enjoy the movie with friends and family.

Beacon Light Schools

I loved the reclining seats and leg room

Aaron Jones

The luxury loungers really changed this place. So much better now. Thank you Cinemark!!

Bonne Miller

It was totally awesome there today. I took my grandson to see Bumblebee. It was very clean, staff was friendly and very helpful. Snacks and drinks could have been easier on an older widows purse though.

Brandi Green

My husband & I visit here quite frequently. Its one of our favorite theatres. Clean, friendly staff, & good food. They also have a bar for those who like to enjoy a nice adult beverage while relaxing in those reclining seats! Outside of Tinseltown & Mall St.Matthews Theatres, this is definitely our "Go-To"

randall sweat

Did not like having to choose my seat before entering the theater. After paying that much money for tickets have chatty and giggling kids next to me. So I move and now I am in someone else's chair.

Tammy Burnett

Awesome sauce as always..comfortable seating,delicious snacks ,friendly service with a smile.sincerely thanks for keeping us entertained


Love the new seats

Reece Palmer

I previously rated this theater as a 3 star. Since the update it's a solid 4. The concession area is a mess but other than that this place is top notch.

William Marquez

Very well maintained and always greeted well and seems clean

Heather Hoffmeister

The building was clean. Service was fast.

Matt Owens

Comfy leather recliners with food trays and heated seats, choose your own reserved seating. Sound and picture quality is similar to other theaters. You will need to plan half an hour at least, on a normal day, to purchase snacks. The candy is obscured by the line so it's difficult to choose. Unfortunately, for candy-only people, your best bet is to sneak it in. For popcorn people, get there at least 30 minutes ahead or an hour during peak times. This needs to change. No one should have to wait this long for their snacks and drinks. From personal experience, no other theater in Louisville takes this long. I purchased tickets online and printed at the kiosk, which in observation of the line the kiosk is the way to go. The lobby is very chaotic, the ticket taker is close to the line for tickets and snacks so it creates a lot of congestion. I'm grateful to have a theater on this side of town, but management doesn't seem interested in providing an excellent service in a city with 7 places to catch a movie.

Emily Acosta

Comfortable seats, good prices, good movie selection

Joseph Wilkerson

I have no complaints about my visit today. I went to see Avengers:Endgame and I'm so glad they have converted to the recliners, cuz this movie was a doozie. The cashier that rang us up for it drink was very polite and smiled (something that you rarely see these days). Highly recommend.... The theater and the movie.

Adam H

Love the huge comfy seats.

Elizabeth O

Every time I go here everything is always great except one thing.... It's ALWAYS freezing cold in the theater!!!! I'm sorry but if it's 32° outside, it MOST DEFINITELY DOES NOT need to be like 45°-55° inside the theater.... The little strip of heat that we get on the chairs is not enough to keep warm AT ALL!!! Ky daughter has gotten to the point where she doesn't like going to the movies anymore because of that.... She absolutely refuses to leave the house without a blanket now just in case we decide to go to the movies. I feel like if they get the temperature in the theaters under control, then everything will be great!

Annastaisya Mason

Love the movies and the staff are really great

Carol Head

Theater was clean, concession was very expensive. Seating was great,movie was great. I suggest you eat before you go.

M Wilson

Great movie experience with dolby digital sound and comfy seating.

Janet Joslin

A very nice movie theatre.

Shawna Barnes

There's always something you want to see on at Preston Crossing

Brian Cox

Great seats but can they come down a little bit on the prices.

Shana Cochran

Great place to go with my kids!

Cat Whit

Love this theater. Have seen several movies here. Love the personal touch update, like cushy recliners & trays for each seat.

Curtis Fields Sr

Nice and comfortable seats. Nice to grab a drink before the movie. Clean, friendly staff.

Nicholas Lally

They strive to keep it up to date and clean. Overall a solid place to catch a film.


They have gotten very expensive. All seats recline and i guess that why it cost so much for even the matinee. Popcorn was fresh and good. Seats had a little arm table that was attached that was nice. But would rather not have it and just get a cheaper price. I just want to watch a movie.

Blanca Vargas

Love this place. They have the reclining chairs. Good food. Many discount options. And friendly staff.

Donna Cowley

Nice place, clean and movie prices aren't too bad but food prices are way too high.

Jeremy Brady

Very clean and comfortable place to watch a good movie

Alex Gossett

Good experience, they've done a lot of good renovations!

Jennifer Tarpley

Nice theater, very rarely is or ever crowded. And they serve beer!

Mindy Strong

Love the new chairs. So much better sitting and watching movie's.

Marty Cordell

Comfortable seating, but like every movie theater concessions are outrageously priced.

Charles Pait

Reclining chairs don't recline very much and the leg support is very short so they aren't very comfortable. Also not a fan of the dark screen. Seems like the screen is in energy mode. Great customer service though.

Mary Townsend

Love the updates and the comfort of watching a movie. I like that I can catch a movie during the week at a reasonable time. We'll be back soon.

Jordan Nelson

One of my favorite theaters. They have a great deal on Tuesdays, tickets are about $5 + tax. But be careful, it can get very busy Tuesday evening.

David Hittle

So much better now that they are putting money into the theater. The new leather recliners with heated seats are awesome!

Chelsie Hudspeth

Awesome they have recliner seats and there heated seats to do relaxing

Paul Adkins

Nice theater. Updated chairs! Only issue is that it's sometimes not clear where you need to stand in the long lines for concessions. I stood behind others and we all discovered we had to move to another register. We did and then the Diet Coke was out and had to go to yet another register and wait in line a third time. Something silly but I think it's important to point out. I asked the employee if I would need to move and wait in line a third time and she said, "yes", and moved on. Busy times, I understand.

Ashley Draper

We brought 50 elementary age students to this facility in December. We had a snafu that resulted in slightly frazzled staff members and impatient students. The staff at the concession stand, Mrs. Carpenter and Caleb, provided such shining customer service, it actually calmed the staff and the popcorn definitely soothed the children. In a society were empathy and exceptional customer services seems to be dying, Mrs. Carpenter and Caleb helped immensely. Please give these employees an extra high five for demonstrating what I'm sure is the Cinemark way. Great job.

Joe Ginsu

The place is above average for a theatre. Comfy seats that recline (and a seat warmer for????) and concessions spread throughout. Watched John Wick 3 and the movie was great but the screen was not. House #7 (the room) had a large splotch in the bottom middle of the screen which was highly noticeable. It detracted from the overall experience. I do love they have early bird specials cheaper than the matinee and you can purchase alcohol here. The spot on the screen was worth a loss of a stsr 4 outta 5 bay-bee.

mike alvey

Great experience! Loved the seat warmers!

Jamie Pulley

Just saw the movie US and it was really good. Ate a bunch of food and the chairs were quite cozy. The staff was friendly and helpful as well.

Mike Ware

Good place to catch a movie!! Everything is reserved seating these days

Stephanie Jones

Our family always enjoys going to Preston Crossings. Good place for teens and families.

Jill Nissen

It had been nearly a year since my last visit, so imagine my surprise when I found they have added the larger, recliner seating! The carpet appears new throughout and everything is cleaner and fresher than it was in the past. The prices for tickets and concessions are the same as any other theater - expensive. But the quality and selection of the concessions are very good here. The lobby is also very large so you never feel crowded. As for the movie, the volume and the theater temperature were "just right" which I truly appreciate (so many theaters blast you out with loud sound, or freeze you out with the A/C). I will definitely be back soon!

anthony gross

As with most theaters, no one inside to tell the children to turn off their phones

Phyllis Flores

Really nice theater area clean lobby was quite dirty other than that customer service was GREAT..

Mr. Lewis

My go-to theater. Love that I can get a cold Bourbon beer and recline in some of the most comfortable seating I ever experienced. I always enjoy my movie, with the state of the art display and sound they're 2nd to none.

Kim Laun

Heated seats that are assigned. Need not say much more! We even live closer to the extreme theatre but those accommodations make all the difference in the world. Who wants to spend that kind of money and get stuck in the first 2 rows or where people "save" seats?! We also saw an early release movie there and it was fantastic! We will be back!

Estill Frodge

Fresh popcorn. XD is nice!

John Harold

Very Comfortable *Heated* Reclining Seats . Great Picture and Sound . Very Good Popcorn and Snacks. Would Highly Recommend

Malynda Mello

I love the experience of watching a movie and comfort. Clean and open light during the week

Crystal Henry

New reclining seats and they heat up! They also have trays to hold your drinks and food. Lots of room. Very nice!

Tommy Nguyen

Concessions lines are always long due to how understaffed they are. The restrooms here are the most disgusting ever.

Tonya Brown

Very nice super clean very friendly workers

Jeana Wilson

I loved the reclining/heated seats. My only complaint is that the seats did not recline as far as I would have liked. Picture and sound quality were great. The concessions were slightly overpriced but that's what you expect in a movie theater. The lines were laid out well and moved quickly. Overall a good movie going experience

Derek Sharp

Pricing has gone up due to the new chairs. Still, it's worth the experience just to be able to lay back, relax and enjoy the movie. Concessions are relatively quality. Highly recommend their quick serve location.

Dodson Dawn


Leann Bolyard

Movie was great. Staff very friendly but cold. Even though the seats were heated it was very cold. Next time I'll have to remember to take a blanket with me.

Robbie Combs

This place has changed and upgraded many times but this is the best! So nice and clean, recliners now and great deals on snack bar food. Even a bar/restaurant.

Stacy Eadens

Favorite place to go with the lil honey

Frank Munroe

Great seats, recline and reserve seating. Plenty of space between each seat and row. Great spot. Plus the seats are heated!!

Tiffiany Collier

It's the place where I took mom, who has dementia, to see movies on Senior Mondays, when it wasn't so crowded. The staff got used to seeing her and would always try to help return her to me if she got lost. Well, at least most of the time. She loves the small pizzas and the nachos & cheese - and Connections/Movie Club gives me discounts and coupons for all of our snacks. The location is almost a straight shot from where we lived. It's my go-to place for movies.

Chris C.

Usually short staffed. Removed all but one self serve ticket kiosk. Who does that in 2019?? There should be like 10 of those! Long concession lines make you late for your movie almost every time.. There are better run theaters.


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