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1579 US-68, Maysville, KY 41056

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REVIEWS OF Lucas Cinemas IN Kentucky

bike Savages

Nora frost

Chasity _Gies


Claire May-Garland

absolutely love this theater. Leather rocking seats. Armrest that go up so you can sit next to somebody. Amazing staff. And great prices!!

Des Evans



Speaker kept popping, theater turned the lights up before the marvel end scenes, everyone knows they're there, so I could barely see it. Don't mind getting my own butter but when I say layered, offer me the bucket half way so I can butter it and bring it back... Was really the worst movie experience I've had in awhile!

Robert Glass

Great Movies !!!!!

Pam Estep

I wish it was a little bigger. Otherwise it's a great place for adults and kids alike.

John Keller

The place is filthy, but reasonably priced.

Sara Litzinger

Troy Highfield

Movie Tickets Are Little Out Of Budget But The Seats Are Relaxing And Popcorn Is Fresh And Buttery. They Also Have Games And More

Rose Waltz

Liked the remodel, very comfortable seating.

Nikki Hollingsworth

Courtney Yates

The place definitely needs a full overhaul. No one enjoys walking into a theater and seeing leaking ceilings, stained carpets, and outdated theaters. While the rest of the world has upgraded to digital, this theater remains in the stone age. The new concession options from AMC are a small improvement, but we didn't ask for slurpees, we asked for our seats to not be broken.

nf lover

Justin Kearns

Incredible renovation. The screen, the sound, the seats are all top notch compared to what it was. This is now a theater I would be proud to see any movie in. Anyone complaining about the concession prices really needs to go to AMC in Newport and then talk about them. The new owners have made this a theater that the community can be proud of. Super friendly and helpful staff as well.

Tommy Poe

I love this place, everything about it is amazing.

Emily Jo

Jennifer DeBell

Always great movies and clean theater. Can't beat it for the price and service!

Steve Behrle

Finally Maysville has a movie theater that you actually want to be at. Concession prices are average - slightly below average, seating is very comfortable, screens and sound are great, and ticket prices are below average.

Jennifer Gordley

Lucas Cinemas is a excellent movie theater! The theater has been renovated with new screens, seats that can recline, new carpet, new curtains and the bathrooms have been updated as well. Really enjoyed watching the movie and we will be back!

John Stein

This place is literally falling apart. Needs to be sold or get new management to run it. Has played the same 4 movies for the past month.

Kyle Bachert


Had a great night with the kids!! Seats are much much better!! Not as hard to sit for a 3 hour movie! Snacks are still outrageous but that's every theater. Nice people, can't wait to go again!!

Jamie Swearingen

Great place

Brandi Stevenson

Olivia Morrison

It's ok for being local and not having to drive hours out of town for a movie. The ticket prices aren't bad either, but concession is pricey for the quality of the theater. Also PLEASE someone keep those nasty bathrooms clean! They're always disgusting and smell awful! If bathrooms were clean I'd give 4 stars

Samantha Humphries

mmmmmm pasta. Very good lasange

Judy L. Sexton

You would think during the remodel they would have upgraded to the new reclining theater seating.

BM Reid

It was a great place but it is closed now.

James Wendell Shelton

Old, but the tickets are cheap. Eat before you go, concessions are high, just like any theater.

Bradley Hale

Be realistic and manage your expectations. Popcorn is good though.

caleb moore

My first theatre experience as a kid was here so of course I have fond memories here, just make sure you know where your expectations lie.

Shirley Gallenstein

We greatly enjoyed the movie, "Overcomer". The new seats were very comfortable. Prices were within reason. They need more help as one man was working concession, selling tickets, working back in the office, and everything else. Also, there was no lights other than "runner" lights and we couldn't see to find a seat. We had to use a flashlight on the phone to see seats. It was an enjoyable evening and a great movie!

Robert Hallman

Good place watch a movie

Melanie Reis

Love the new upgrades. I hadn't been to the old cinema for years because of the condition. The seats are very comfortable, they offer lots of room for wheelchairs as well. Screens are new so the picture is clear. Price is right, if you dont plan on eating you can go for really cheap.

Tom Cross

Its a great little small town cinema.

Judy Copple

Larry Smith

Affordable place to view movies

Jason Akers

The remodel looks great. Hearing the movie in the next theater over was really annoying.

Jeffrey Berry

Love the new seating and decor.

David R Henson

Never had a bad experience

Chris Florence

Very nice

shannon wagner

Good while it was open

Robert Hargett

This theater is closed.

rolan and jesse playz

Jane Wood

Speaking as a true movie lover, I am really frustrated that these movies stay on so long. Beginning tomorrow, there are 3 children's movies and 1 horror movie, Annabelle, which I have already seen. Love the employees, but wish they would bring more movies. I would probably go 3 times per week if I had more of a selection.

Thaumatropy Archive

This theater is an embarrassing relic of the late 80s. Uncomfortable seats, visibly damaged screens REPAIRED WITH DUCT TAPE, really crappy mono sound in all but theater 1 (which as far as I can tell is just Dolby Surround, not 5.1), the list goes on. They've made some "improvements" in that all screens got DLPs in 2007 and auditorium 1 and 4 now sport 3D compatible screens and projectors but that really doesn't fix the underlying problem of this shambling zombie theater whose roof leaks in the winter (seriously they had a kiddie pool in setup in the lobby to collect the water) and currently has no marquee thanks to a recent tornado. Even the one thing it had going for it (dirt cheap prices less than most major theater chains' matinees) has gone the way of the dodo. All in all, Carmike... even if it means making us pay more for tickets, please put this terrible dump out of its misery or at least give it a long overdue renovation.

Cathy Reed

Mike Graves

Carlos Sanchez

They have good food

Retta M

Fun family time

Sara Baxter

Cheap movies. Expensive food. Bad seats.

Stephanie Grooms

Dawn King

Jay Detzel

Love the updates

james hilderbrand

Down home country setting

mary ormes

Great movies

Salena Thoroughman

Had an amazing time! Loved the updates

f beers

Horribly outdated, and they never offer popular movies.

Ashley Miller

Love the theater but the price of popcorn and drink is just absolutely ridiculous here .

Cynthia Sizemore

Very nice place

Rhonda Etson

If you like dry under cooked pasta this is the place. I would prefer quality taste over quantity the lasagne was all noodles and no cheese. Likely won't give it another chance.

Cody Yates

The inside of the place is the cleanist movie theater I have ever been in. The chairs are a little weird at first because the lean back but you get use to it. The earlier you got the cheaper the tickets. Not to sure on the price of food and drinks because I normally don't get them but it wasn't to bad I thought.

Nicole Jolly

Juanita Purdon

Clean and comfortable.

Steve Carr

Newly redone and a great addition to the area

Ashley Hodge

Mandy Malone

love the remodel. nice. family friendly.

Joe Fleming

Seats are comfy.

Tony Hunley

Brenda Minton

Julie Heflin

Love this place

Keshia Burton

Leonard Eubanks

Comfortable temp in theater. Parking lot is all screwed up right now

Christopher Ross

Literally the dirtiest place I've ever been. Tighten your shoes if you go as the stickiness might rip them off your feet

Leitha Norris

LaRon Botkins

Movie was good, chairs relaxing. The only issue was the soda fountain was down due to a water advisory (not the cinemas fault). They did a good job of replacing the fountain with 2 liters. Overall good experience. Will go back.

Jeffrey Osborne

My daughter an i love going to this place to see all the new movies although the drinks and popcorn are over priced

chris mack

horribly filthy place... almost afraid to sit down each time i'm there lol... the staff is a bunch of rude kids when there is any staff present and after being turned away this evenin because i had my 3 month old baby with me i will make it my personal mission to make sure that foljs know what a crappy place this is...

Morgan Scaggs


Roger Dwenger

Mike Hill

Great renovations and clean to the local cinema. Comfortable seats added to a nice experience.

rhonda ruark

Loved it ❤️

SlothGodJeff _

Okay theater

Randall Landry

Chestity Stokes

Everything is very nice

Faith Hitch

This theatre is amazing! Sweet employees, cheap prices, amazing food, and more! I have been going here since I was little. All I can say is they all deserve a five- star!!

Nick Collier

Eh. It's all we got.

Colin Hastings

Best (and only) theater in Maysville! Definitely an upgrade from the old one, staff is nice and seats are good. Limited selection and showtimes.

Romualdas Petkevicius

Its not bad, but seats are terrible.

The herald

The tickets are cheap before 4 yes the food might be high but it is a Movie theater there always going be high love the remodel the chairs or so Comfortable and amazing pictures they keep it clean great job to the new owner

Teresa Eubanks

Good popcorn & free refills!

Ryan Hull

Much better after the renovation!!!

Nathan Pickrell

I keep seeing "people" saying cheap prices. I don't know about you but 5 to 8 bucks for a pop and another 5 to 8 bucks for popcorn, that's not very cheap. The new seats are awesome and really comfy!!!

Mammy Kat

The Grandkids love this place and so do We.

Kelly Bush

Better than it was

Jennifer Himes

Scooter Charles


Dirty and very rude manager. Seats are unbearably uncomfortable, and there is no effort in even trying to make the place look nice. Only half the outside sign is ever lit up and manager allows friends to bring in heir own candy and bags of popcorn, while others are not allowed to do so. Reeks of mildew and floors are always sticky. We choose to drive to Moorehead or Eastgate.

Rita Hardy

Food very expensive

Boop Misty

They have really improved all the way around.

Harriet DeMint

Renovations are great in this theatre.. Clean, good.popcorn.

Mark Wardlow

Theater was clean ,staff are friendly, but ticket and concession counter was under staffed

Brent Porter

Angela Touchton

This theater would make a good subject for Urban Exploration.

Shawna Stone

Justin Fulton


Patrick Garrison

Very was cold. Bathrooms are disgusting. Spent 45$ on popcorn drink and two movie tickets..won't be back

Mireya Hernandez

Worst theater I've ever been to! Felt like I was going to catch a disease being in there. It needs demolished. I would've left if I had been alone but I took my niece and nephew. They've added a few new soda fountains and think that will mask the disgusting state the theater is in? I recommend using the restroom else where because most of the stalls weren't functioning and if they were, they were dirty. Go out of town or wait for the dvd!

Chris Morris

Friendly staff and clean theaters. The upgrades done to this theater have really made a difference. Keep your money local!

Matt Knauff

Cheap for movies but definitely a hole in the wall

jerome mathiasen

I remember going to this theater in 1994 and it was pretty crappy then. I could not even begin to wonder what it looks like now. Do people still cruise around the parking lot every saturday night?

Phyllis Hernandez

Staff is friendly but the building is in major need of work and updated. This building has been the same with same old seats, old gigantic curtains hanging on the walls ect for as long as I can remember. The bathrooms are gross. This is the ONLY movie theater in town unless we want to drive a hr plus this place is our only option :(

Bill Geary

Great theater. Very clean. Watched Overcomer and loved it.

Megan B.

Jon Bowles

Karen Booker

Great place and excellent staff

Patti Danehe

Great place. Great movie!!!!

Jennifier Waddell

Great movie theater. Comfortable seats. Plenty of room.

Edward Brannon

Abbie Weisbrodt

Great renovations and price! My son and I had a great timea

Dennis Weins

The show was scheduled to start at 1:45 did not start until 2 sat there for a half hour looking at an empty screen popcorn was good the movie was good after it's finally started my Coke was fine.

Quentin Lucas

A great place to watch a movie in mason county

Michael Burchfield

Mei Hall

Tracy Sims

Kenneth Bennett

Chris Arnold

Joshua Donley

Watched Captain Marvel here and it was a great experience. It's a small theater, but the picture quality was awesome and the seats were really comfortable. The ticket prices for a matinee show were very hard to beat, however I couldn't believe how expensive the snacks were, the popcorn was way over priced. I guess what you save on tickets they make up for in snacks. Overall it was a great time and the theater was comfortable enough that I could sit through an entire Marvel movie without getting uncomfortable.

Suzy Kiskaden

The upgrades are very nice, the staff have always been kind

Donnie Brooks

Karen Enriquez

I'm so very proud and excited that our local Carmike Cinema 4 is offering Military/Veteran's Discounts on tickets... Love the friendly and enthusiastic staff.

Jacob Akers

Since the new owners renovated, the restrooms are nice, the carpet is out of the screening room, and the seats are very nice.

Clarissa Gordley

Shauna Hackathorn

Not a very clean place at all.

Takyia Clayborn

Mary Lambert

We go for the $3 Summer movie on Tuesday and Wednesday. The $3 includes price of admission, non-refillable popcorn and refillable drink. The place is clean. The staff are friendly. Good selection of movies on regular movie days and times. We all enjoy this Cinema very much!

Bari Horrigan

Filthy. Rude employees. Only place to go within a 45 minute drive so they can get away with it. I prefer to pick up my grandkids in Brooksville and drive back to Wilder and the Rave, then pizza at Mellow Mushroom

Lisa Welch

Cheap and clean

Jon Howard

Myriah Cracraft

Nancy Mead

This theatre has old style seating. Cheap ticket prices, outrageous concession prices, and extremely loud sound.

Maggie Ratliff

Clean, Friendly, Comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Joel Segal

Rick Griffith

Nice seating, good experience.


Holly Hedges

The renovation of the inside was very nice. The seats are very comfortable and the room between the seats gives you enough leg room and room for people to pass by fairly easily. The refreshments are still very expensive but it's comparable to any other movie theater. The ticket prices are very reasonable.

Racheal Scott

Victor Seipelt

Great job, movie was awesome.

Lilly Thorpe


Dolly Strawberry

This cinema is disgusting and very outdated! I prefer the cinemas in Lexington, KY...

Sarah Jones

Love the upgrades to the new cinema. Very comfortable seats. Movie quality was great!

Dorothy Bare

Staff were helpful and love the free popcorn

Robert Simpson

Lucas Cinemas Was A Great Experience For Me And My Family, We Had A Awesome Amazing Time!!!

Erin Thornsbury

Nice clean faculty... Limited food items

Kathleen Smith

Affordable tickets, friendly helpful staff, very comfortable seating, large screen, great sound, and good pop corn!!!!!


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