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2725 E John Rowan Blvd, Bardstown, KY 40004

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REVIEWS OF Keystone Cinemas IN Kentucky

Kevin Stephens

Excellent service and updated high back seating. No reason to go anywhere else for a movie.

Judy Cardoza

Clean and has good prices for the movies and snacks.

Bob Bell

Took advantage of $5 Tuesday. Friendly service fresh popcorn. Place very clean! Thought it was good deal but popcorn and drinks are crazy expensive.

Nicholas Morris Leeis

We had a good time thanks

Curtis Whitehead

have to say facilities could use an upgrade but it gets the job done.if u want to watch a long film id consider driving to lousiville

Benita Newkirk

Unpleasant. Cell phone noises and lights. They do not make extra popcorn for late shows. And there was a bad area in screen, which distracted me. But more comfortable seating

Super Saiyan Wilch

Even better than before with a kiosk and pre online ticket ordering!

Emerald Spalding

Its a great place to watching movie.

Josh F

The butter came out of the despencer to fast making the popcorn too wet, so I asked for another bag to flip it over and mix it up a little and they said it was against policy, that I couldn't have another empty bag. Thought that was a little rediculous

jackie richard

Always enjoy my movie experience

wesley priddy

We literally had the theater to ourselves. That has only hapoened two other times in my life. It was fantastic. On top of that, the ticket prices are good, and the food and drinks are cheap, comparatively.

Lorna Jean Steele

great place to watch movies

Clayton Cook

Great movie place.

Paul Perkins

It's the best movie theatre in the area. Well, it's also the only movie theatre in the area, so I guess it can't be beat.

Courtney Smith

Its not a huge exciting theatre but with the updated seats, it's much nicer than it was a few years ago. Ticket prices are fair and of course, like any theatre, concessions are outrageous but that's to be expected. Good time for your family.

Barbara Myers

Very reasonable prices and great movies

Wanda Dorsey

Love the Christian movies I have seen there

Marian Kremer

Always very clean and workers very friendly and helpful.

Will Knight

Nice Theater, recently remodeled, tickets & concessions are higher than most in the surrounding area.

Darrell Reinle

I'm a big man and I'd rather pay a little more for more comfortable seats the cinema is do for a large upgrade

Brandon Russell

Very small. Still, decent prices and friendly staff. Armrests can't be moved, but theater was nice and clean.

Joan Rogers

Needs to be cleaned and have management to help move lines along during peak times. Other wise seating was nice.

Jimmy Gibson

Clean, nice service .

Ashleigh Hampton

I love the popcorn but the arcade machines always cheat me out on money!

shawna mack

My family loves this theater.. We drive from Elizabethtown ... I would rather drive the distance to go to this theater than go to the one here in town.. Its clean and the people are friendly...

Brian Wayne

Theatre was quiet.

Pauline Settles

Super nice very comfortable seats

Kylie Hudson

This place is awful needs to be cleaned sucks at service I waited literally 5 hours to get my snacks it’s very small hate the screen would definitely recommend the Louisville theatre instead

Brian Tims

We'll kept and friendly. My favorite place to see a good movie.

Michael Tinnell

The seats are terribly uncomfortable and the way they are arranged makes it difficult to see past whoever is sitting in front of you. The prices are acceptable though when compared to other movie theaters in Louisville and E-town.

Jennifer Kay

Very Friendly, a little messy but overall great visit.

Jay And Chralene Meeks

Love this place, better seating than most & the large drinks and popcorn has free refills!

Hannah Ryan

Place is a little out dated, but they have updated the chairs

Clay Holsapple

Small theater for a small town. Friendly staff and comfortable seating.

Joseph Buckman

Saw the meg. I spilled my drink and the staff helped me clean it up and gave me a new one

Dawn Bartley

Loved it


The place seemed run down and was small and cramped. The screening rooms were small and the movie selection was slim. As most movie theaters the menu was costly but the menu was slim. I would not recommend this place unless you are looking for a place with less of a crowd

Mr. POPular

Good theatre, but chaos on busy nights, some of the workers need to learn how to work more efficiently.

donald mcglasson

Very much enjoyed the experience.

Brandon Curtsinger

The quality of the movies are upscale, but it seems like the sound isn't as good as it used to be. Overall, it's a great movie theater.

Karen Smith

Love this the as ter. Always clean, fresh snacks and first run movies.

Shannon Roark

The seats are new. The armrests can be raised to make cozier seating or for a larger person. It's always clean and the employees are very nice.

Tina Brewington

Lines were stalled due to understaffing. Lobby unkempt but theatre itself tidy.

Emily Tu

Good movie theater. Has a small town feel to it. The seats and screen were good.

Pamela Jones

Good service fast and friendly.

D. B. Cooper

6.5 out of 10 I live locally & use to visit the theater at least once a week on Sunday to catch the latest movie release but over the last two years I have been driving to Louisville to be in a more temperature controlled atmosphere & were the majority of seats are not screeching loudly every time someone moves slightly in their seat. To improve a patrons overall experience I would suggest that the theater turn the heat on in the winter & the air conditioning in the summer and not to the basic bare minimum of having it run. In the winter when you have to wear a heavy coat & bring a blanket to be comfortable, there's a problem. Also spend a a day or two of having the staff take grease guns to the grease fittings I noticed the seats having to eliminate the annoying & interrupting noise during a theatrical experience. Overall the theater's prices are in line with most all other theaters & the facility is fairly clean but improvements could be made to increase their rating especially in the most common area that you spend at least 2 hours.

Tabbitha Russell

Super nice people, and pretty clean too.

Tricia Pulliam

Great service!

RJ Taylor

Always a great experience!

Gabe Smith

Good service little movie areas though

Sherry Smith

Love coming here and watching the new Disney Movies coming out

Christina Barnsfather

Clean, kid friendly, plenty of show times, variety of movies, and easy to get to.

Tony Merta

First time I've been to the movies for a while, but they have installed new seating which was really nice but it felt like we were definitely paying for those nice seats with higher prices at the register. All in all we will be going back with the kids.

Jeanette Boone

Love the seat

abigail Monti

Good sound and sets. The floors had I spilt drink and popcorn

Angela Jaenisch

Very nice theater seats are very comfortable. Great staff

Krissi Gilkey

Very good price compared to many other theaters. Could really use an update, though.

Janice Stansbury


Marilyn Wiechert

Nice place to see a movie.

Lois Cook

Nice place to see a movie.

Becky Miles

Quick lines.

Kathy Boggs

It's small and older, bit but nice kids work there and it's very reasonably priced. Movies always look and sound good too.

Adrian Roberts

I've been going to this movie theater for years. The staff have always been very nice and the theaters are usually very clean.

Logan Chesser

I love the movies and it's even more comfortable with the new seating.

Cisco Aguas

My favorite place to go see new flicks!! I take the kiddos all the time. 3D or traditional films, this is the place to be. FYI to the owners: repair or replace your air hockey table, in the arcade.

Tammy Mitchell

Nice clean and friendly workers

Mariah Crook

Vary easy to hear the quieter parts in the movie

Tracy Bowling

We are once again in love with our local cinema. They have updated seating and customer service is great. Glad to see the updates throughout the theater.

Lisa Mahaffey

Decent price, close to home

Atlas Jack

Pros .Wide array of movies .Decent concessions .movies rarely sell out Cons . For some reason the movie doesn't always feel up the screen. . There's about six stations at the counter. But only one is ever open

J Robertson

New seating is a big plus. Concessions are ample and pricey, but find me one that is cheap. Small arcade is good if waiting for movie. Restrooms are okay and clean. Parking is easy.

Ann Bell

Clean, great food choices, free refills on popcorn, what more could you ask for?

Rocket Rapper

Always have a great time here, prices are reasonable as far as theaters go

Sherrie Powell

Clean, always something we enjoy seeing.

Shane Taylor

Great lil cinema

Unknown Soldier

Clean and there werent any lines.

Chris Bennett

Great seating but the consession was not very tasty

Tess Horne

Me and my husband just saw the new Aladdin movie and it was super awesome and cute. I also loved how we were the only ones in the theater.

Timothy Murphy

Comfy seats and good snacks. Great place to watch any new movie coming out.

Rebecca Shofner

Very small and not A lot of variety

joseph vicain

Only theater in town

Carol Dewing

Like everything about the theater, my only complaint is the new format of the website. Please include the run times like before so I don't have to go to another site to find out.


I had a good time seeing Aquaman here

Jason Montgomery

Clean affordable movie theater in Bardstown Ky

Ashley C

Great place for family or date night with comfortable seats.

Matt Willis

Nice little cimema

Jim Summers

Great place clean nice service

Jeremiah Young

Fantastic! I visited the other month and I like everything I see! The projectors are high quality, the seats are comfortable, the staff is professional and friendly and the prices are low. Bring the whole family!

Sylvia Edlin

Clean theaters. Friendly staff.

Justin Rankin

Great small town theatre better prices if you go during the day and not the matanee. Drinks are expensive as well as candy.

Earl Crank

Fantastic now that replaced the seats.


A good, clean place to watch movies with the family.

Jennifer Waters

Theater was clean, staff courteous, and prices reasonable.

Thomas Hiday

Me and my family love movies.

Aubry Hansberry

Hometown prices and the screens are great.

Tim Makin

Every time we go to this movie theater its always hot in the theater. Thay must keep the temperature at 80

Johnny Brown

Had fun

Ben Arachi

Keystone Cinemas is a fairly nice theater. The lobby is open and has clear direction and movie lists are easy to see. The concessions are much better than what my local small town theater has, as they have burgers and hot dogs in addition to the usual popcorn, candy, and soda. The actual theater rooms are very nice, with large, reclining chairs on levels so that you won't have to worry about the person sitting in front of you being too tall. A problem within the theater though is the red floor lights used to guide people up the stairs to exit are a little too bright, and can distract from the movie. Maybe turn them down a little. Overall, Keystone Cinemas was a very pleasant experience worth the drive if you're going to see a movie you were really excited for, or, if you live in Bardstown, is a place you should frequent for a great movie experience.

Jessie Bray

Would have been better without loud teenager's in front of us!

Justin Robertson

Stadium seating is nice. Highback recline seats are a nice touch. Bathrooms are clean and truly handicap accessible.

Kimberly Iacono

Seemed clean. Attendant and cashier were friendly. Prices are comparative to most cinemas.

jace Brien

Nice theater

Clint Phipps

Good close place to watch movies. Needs to be updated, the seats are not very comfortable. The sound and screen are OK but they need to look into renovated the hole theater.

Cable Tech

Always clean and friendly.

Rick Croley

Nice theater, military discount is great.

Drew Hatfield


lyrical swagg

Not good seating

Erica Wright

Great prices, very affordable.

Jackie Summers

Good prices with current movies

dustin higdon

Pricing isn't terrible. New seats are pretty bad

Amy U

Nice place, outrageous prices but that's the norm with any theatre.

Charles Newby

The service was great. The young people at the counter were very polite and courteous. The theater was clean.

Kaci Bottoms

Great food, reasonable prices, nice and comfy seats while watching the movie.

Heather Hall

Love this place for me and the kids. Matinee movies are priced well and the theatre is never over crowded.


Love keystone cinema always have great movies and great staff with awsome theatres

Jamie Paulley

Love this place it is cheap but clean and not to busy. Have watched countless movies here with no complaints.

Laura Cissell

Very clean place. Very professional and polite employees. Food prices are kind of ridiculous.

Martina Curtsinger

I have been going to this place for years. The food and drinks are always good and reasonably priced. Was disappointed on the floors in the cinema though, there was something very slippery on the floor where we sat. The floors were a mess.

Elizabeth Hibbs

Great spacious back row, great sound and picture, and let me tell you.... they have a butter machine in the lobby so you can put as much butter as you want on your popcorn!! #movietheaterevolution

Julita Kuchar


Shana Clark

I love the new seats!!

Jeff Landis

Nice, clean place! Enjoyed a movie with my daughter.

Lilly Swift

I Love it me and my family go there all the time and we have THE BEST NIGHT EVER

Danielle Pruitt

Love the comfortable seats in this theater. But you have to stand in the concession line to get tickets and some times that takes a while.

Jay G

I have to say it's a good theater and all but I recommend you eat before you go because the food not so good I have to say the staff are ok but don't seem happy to be there

Raquel Benz

We always have a great experience and value.

Ed Hardin

Clean & friendly. Great staff like Boggs & Carwile!

Les Uzar

Quiet place - plenty of seating, unfortunately tickets and concession are together with long slow lines

grace bartley

Very nice place

Brandon Fox

Great place to see a movie. Tons of snack options although drinks, candy and popcorn are pricey... that's kind of the trend in theaters.

Tawnya Schweinhart

Nice comfortable seats. I like that you can buy your tickets and concessions at the same time in the same transaction. Theater was clean and staff was friendly.

Melanie Crauder

Watched breakthrough Was good quality movie

Todd Shuck

Everything went great.

Kyle Brock

Nice little theater. Staff always friendly.

Jennifer Mattingly

Today my son and i seen BUMBLEBEE . Great movie.. usually quite ..not today. People bringing small children should teach them not to talk during a movie. Also not kick back of chairs ... i mean what are the parents doing? TELL YOUR KIDS TO BE QUIET!

Dr.Robert InKY

Time for some updated more comfortable seats and sound system


Great place for any night of the week. During the week you pretty much have the theater to yourself. Great staff that works here and takes care of their customers.

cynthia little

Great experience

Thomas Pedrick

Nice little theater, the seating is comfortable and is kept clean. Great selection of new movies. Had a good experience. The snacks are pricey but what theater isn't.

Leslie nicole Burkhead

This cinema is very nice. They usually have about 7-10 different movies playing with different show times for each. They have an earlier showing which is cheaper and they also have a night showing as well. it was very clean inside and the bathroom was also very clean as well. There seemed to be a lot of people there at the time I was there but once I got into the room the movie was showing there was plenty of open chairs. The concession stand is a little pricy. They also have a game room/ arcade for children.

Judith Blanton

They have new comfortable seats! I personally enjoy the smaller theatres because you don't have to walk up 2 dozen steps if you want to sit at the top. In fact, the top is where you come in the door to each theatre. The screens go from wall to wall, the theatre temperature is always comfortable, and the bathrooms are modern and well kept. Great theater!

Shane Mason

Great little cinema to visit close to home.

David Phelps

Great, comfortable seating. Friendly staff and security on site

kevin morton

Nice friendly place to see a movie and prices are reasonable.

Ernie Blanton

Great clean place. Staff is always friendly.

miss firekitty

Great experience

Linna Stewart

Good movie sweet folks working there.

Joshua Spalding

It definitely needs an upgrade I dont thinks its changed since it's been there. Needs better screens a little, and better speaker systems quite a bit. But it is clean and the people have always been nice.

logan grant

Rude staff!!!!!only six people at movies what a joke.Etown has brand new cinema will make the trip

Remington Crawford

Small theater, and I was confused initially because you buy tickets at the concessions stand. The theater was clean compared to other theaters, the seats were big and comfortable, the screen clear and sound solid.

Angie Amburgey

Nice place

Patricia Glastetter

Great cinema! Except for when a bunch of young girls talk and laugh, take pictures and screw around when you're trying to watch a good movie.

Marie Scott

It good !

Jane Adams

If you go for the popcorn, drink or other concessions it's great. The theatre is very uncomfortable to sit through a whole movie. Make the drive to Louisville and get what you pay for except for the concessions.

Jonathan Lopez

Its the best place ever

Judy Ragsdale

Great place senior discounts! Popcorn fresh!

cassi hardin

Seats are comfy. Usually cool in the theater.


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