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1605 Flossie Dr, Greendale, IN 47025

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REVIEWS OF Greendale Cinema IN Kentucky

Pat Campbell

Nice clean great popcorn

Shelia Moore

Nice clean friendly staff

Daniel Herbert

Movie theater that doesn't gouge you with their refreshment prices.

Joe Newman

In comparison to other theaters, the prices here are fantastic. Reasonable ticket prices and reasonable snacks. The theater was clean and movies were crisp and clear. I wish other theaters would follow their lead. I will never go to an AMC again and its because of great theater experiences like this one

Bruce Cobaugh

Great place to go see a movie but how does a movie theater non have a slushy machine

David Cantwell

Good fun with the family

John Baczyk

Not a very clean place seats are very uncomfortable

Michael B

very uncomfortable seats!!

Lindsay quackenbush

Food prices kind of high but otherwise a nice theater.

Kathie Morling

Great place. Needs to be cleaned a little better, but the prices are decent and most of the people are nice.

kara pugh

My favorite theater to go to. Good prices on tickets and food.

Ender Wiggin

Nice place to watch a movie. Clean restrooms and pleasant staff.

Jonica Wegman

This place is wonderful. Very clean and very friendly.

Oren Turner

It's an average theater. Just don't trust showtimes on their website. Came to see a movie that showed to be starting at 7:20 PM on their website. We get there and it's not showing at all for some reason. All we were given was a "sorry."


Endgame was awesome!!!

Regina Kennedy

Uncomfortable and dirty

Mark Ginder

A nice addition to lawrenceburg.

Tim Craig

I came here to have fun and relax. Not to have 15 straight minutes of ads jammed down my throat! Give the ads a rest! Other than that great place to go for movies.

Crystal Powers

Clean and friendly theater.

Cindy Gunter

Not crowded this evening in ticket or concession line...Good movie ( Alpha )...

LeeAnn Clark

Went to see pet cemetery,they sold us our tickets,walked down to watch the movie,there was no place to sit,so they said just pick another movie,very disappointed .they over sold 2 shows

Raymond Goodrich II

Went to c John wick 3 fantastic movie

Crystal Wilkins

Saw Aladdin and A Dog's Journey they were both good.

Bea Keller

This is an older movie theater at new movie theater prices. It's time for an upgrade. Polite staff. Saw an older movie and the theater was packed.

Geeez Hall

Classy cinema showing local productions along with all the new blockbuster flicks.

Krystal Leopold

Love the kid's free Tuesday's!!! Always awesome to have something to do with the kiddos in the summer without going broke!!

Meghan Volk

I went on the weekend in the early afternoon and it wasn't busy at all, which was nice. The prices are really reasonable for a movie theater. The theater itself was really clean. I'd definitely visit again.

Suzanne Magisa

I was there for a kids birthday party. Nice theater.

Ryan Wilson

Very nice and clean

Noah Mericle

This theater is in need of an update. The chairs are particularly uncomfortable. Staff was completely unwilling to help when I came out to get a drink refill mid-way through a 3 hour movie. Apparently they had "shut everything down" at that point, despite still having guests.

Tony Rose

Great movie theater

Brandon Eaves

There is something quaint about this place. Even for a movie theater it has a kind of charm to it.

Shawn Putney

Great location.

Annikin Ekardt

If you want to see just a movie, it's fine, but the concession stand is the worst! The lines are long, if you're seeing a movie on the weekend. They need a better set up.

Tricia Ott

Very good location. It's nice to sit back and enjoy a movie.

Joseph Fuchs

Nice and clean. Went on a Saturday night. No wait for tickets, about a 5 min wait for refreshments. Large screen and lots of seating.

Steve Tuchfarber

Popcorn and candy was way cheaper than other cinemas!

Shelley Murray

Prices were cheaper Ohio. It was cleaner, surround sound great, like how seats went up you could see better. Goin back there in the future!

Teresa Brunt

Meet Spider-Man today. He's so cute!

Dana Hill

Nice theatre, friendly service. I just wish they had reclining seats but I know that's easier said than done!

Kevin Cornett

Very nice patient staff. Very affordable!!

Joe Bush

Nice place good concessions, but alot of chairs are beat up or broken

Mrs. Birkenhauer

Fairly priced movies, always a clean, fun, family environment.

Jake Martin

Great place

Mary Ledford

Very nice (incl staff)& very clean to .No to crowded. Will go again....

Lynn Cox

It was small but very polite

Jean Pressler

Very nice cinema building, superb movie, "Overcomers"!!.

Mary Jo Bowman

Best popcorn around. Just wish u could get pizza.

Don Baker

Its always a great experience when wego there. The staff are always helpful and happy. The theater is always clean and the seats are comfortable. Thanks

Benny Esselman

Good ! 3-D glasses could be cleaned.

Travis G

We absoutely love Greendale Cinemas! The ticket prices are much better than the big chains, and the concessions are good. They always have a good kids pack to get at the concession stand. The theaters are clean and so are the restrooms. The seats are comfy and the projectors and sound systems are great too. A real family friendly vibe here, makes us regular customers.

Stan Mizzell

Great movie and a quite place to watch it. Loved it

Luree K

Friendly staff and very reasonable prices.

Jill Perkins

Nice people clean and stocked bathroom the movie theater is set up really nice

Roy Staggs

Nice clean place. Very friendly staff. Plenty off parking.


Disgusting.dirty. will never go again I can rent a movie at home much nicer

mat casteel

Great cinema, reasonable pricing, staff is always helpful and friendly, would go full 5 star but honestly the seats could use some updating but they aren't terrible by any means, just noticed a few that I'd rather not sit in for a lengthy amount of time.

Marissa Hess

Nice place, clean kept up

Mike Perleberg

Conveniently located and more affordable than other theaters in the tri-state. We can usually walk in minutes before the movie starts, get our tickets and snacks, and be seated as the previews start rolling. And free family movies on some weekdays during the summer.

Rene Mattson

Large clean restrooms. Good service. Multiple theaters.

Eugene Lloyd

Nice place but need better sitting

Andrew Hernandez

Great staff, clean theater. Excellent prices

Terry Esselborn

Love this place, based on movies and the theaters themselves only. We bring our own goodies because after you pay 18$ for tickets.. I can't afford. 7$ for a LG pop. That's crazy!!!

Gabriel Shepherd

Not bad, kinda outdated, but better than most older cinemas

Penny Ackley

Seen I can only Imangne movie was great. Got tickets and popcorn fast service and clean.

benjamin stinemetz

Nice little theater. Friendly staff fair prices.

Karen Mienheartt

Great people run it. Leigh, Heather, Karen all excellent instructors. Everything kept clean!

Dellene Arnold

Not spectacularly large...good seating

Kelly Gregory

I love the cleanliness of this place. Matinee prices are fair. The seating in each room is great. The staff is helpful and friendly. They often have the most up to date movies playing here.

Kelly Huffner

The woman who served us at the concession stand was informative and friendly

Dominick Watkins

The people who work there are really nice

Kayla Walston

We loved it


It's a great local place, it has a fun arcade and a photo booth so you can do something while you wait for the movie.

Max Webster

The good..... Excellent prices. Decent selection of movies. Not overly crowded. Staff is tremendously friendly. The bad...... Could use an update. Theater experience is mediocre. I enjoy cloth seats over the leather ones. I don't mind non lounging chairs for the pricing. I've been here many times and had an issue once that was dealt with promptly by management. Overall a great option to the city theaters just a few minutes off the beaten path.

josh halcomb

The staff was amazing there they helped with the snacks and taking them to the room and even helped me pass them out. We even had 16 residents with us. We felt at home and will definitely be back. Thanks for all that helped today.

Marlene Lind

I enjoyed it! Very clean theater, comfortable seats.


Loved it. Nice clean movie theater with great service.

Vivian Evans

Clean and descent clientil.close to home

Cari Kraemer

The theater is wonderful. I went with my classroom and they were great with our kids. It was very organized.

Linda Hall

I go here because it is close and it seemed to stay "clean" through the bed bug crisis. Seats are comfy.

adam yost

Awesome place to catch a movie, fair prices and fast service. Friendly staff. Highly recommend.

Osama Harb

Awesome place to watch movies solo or with family

Kassandra Skaggs

This place is located just outside of the busy area of Greendale. They play all the newly released movies. It is a great place to hang out with your family and friends. They have candy and popcorn and drinks available for purchase in the entrance. They have large bathrooms that are kept fairly clean.

paul hensley

Love this place because its soooooo close

Jessica Copeland

My kids and I love this movie theater it's always clean

Robert Constant

Cheaper than other theatres.

Irene Osborne

GOOD movies

Tamy Landsperg

Free summer movies for the kids! Love our town!

Jason Allen

Great movies

Johnny B.

It was a smaller theater but very quint.the employee's were very friendly and helpful as well.the value of it all was for me it's going to have to be a movie that is out of this world.its been a while since I was at a theater and now I can see

Maria Carroll

This is a great place to go see a movie! They have cheaper prices and it is a very clean facility. I love coming here with my family. It is never very crowded which is a plus!

Jessica Williams

Needs new seats. Popcorn just OK. Like Esquire and Mariemont popcorn better. Sometimes the 20 minute drive to Florence or 30 to Newport are better due to show times and options.

Zach Mason

Great place to see a movie. It's never too crowded, popcorn is never stale, and the arm rests lift up ;)

Missy Wiseman

Nice clean


Watched a double feature of Captain Marvel and Avengers Endgame. We were able to keep our seats through both movies. I really enjoyed this option. Staff is very friendly and I guess my only complaint would be that they charge half price on refills without any free refill option on larges like they used to do.

James p Dooley sr

Nice and clean here

Indigo French

Clean, friendly, fast & has all the latest movies!

Pat Rentschler

Love this place! Great staff and never busy during the week (a perk of retirement.) Always a little cool, so I take a sweater. Hubby is perfectly comfortable, though.

Brian Littell

Awesome movies nice environment....The games out front waiting to see your move are a rip off...for a buck you should play a bit longer..just sating .

Perry Williams

New theatre. Clean and the smell if fresh popcorn the second you walk in. I was hoping for the oversized reclining seats but no such luck. Still comfortable. Good combos for popcorn and drinks. 3 people cost $40 to get in with 3 drinks and 2 large popcorn.

Michael O'Leary

Great location and best prices around

Cathy Hines

Really nice theater in Greendale, IN

Tammy Mundy-Lewis

Angel has fallen, awesome movie!


I like movies whats to hate about a nice theater

Frank Lloyd

The seating was great lots of leg room and nobody crowding you as you watch your movie, and friendly workers!

Chris lang

Nice smaller theater with 3D movies lacks IMAX movies

Christa Hohweiler

Enjoyed the movie and the seats are comfortable.

Sharyn Leurck

Really nice theater. Prices are reasonable. Very clean, great sound and comfortable seats.

Theresa Oller

We saw the movie Overcomer. First time I had been there very nice and clean

Malinda Riley

We love Greedale Cinema! The staff is always nice and helpful. Everything from the snack bar to the restrooms are always kept clean and tidy.

doug berning

The theater we went into didn't have the electric recliners they're just theater seats work just fine it's out of the way so it's never totally pact love it

jack a

Seems a good clean Cinema

Skye Isaacs

Great movie theater. Typically clean. Theaters are always good with sound with clean screens

Matt Hartford

The best movie theater in the whole county also the only...

Debbie Dordies

They don't sell hotdogs and the seats were uncomfortable

Bill Settles

Management and staff were great as always.

Elaine Williamson

Good but they do not offer any food items

Gary White

Comfy n quiet,great place to watch a movie

Chris Warfield

Parking is a nightmare when it's busy. Drive your 4wd and make your own parking spot.

Davette Glenn

Always a clean, friendly, and family oriented experience!

Matt Venia

Love going to this place. It is a longer drive but worth it. The popcorn bucket saves money and it is always clean.

Luke Badinghaus

Nice theater clean seats


Comfy seat clean bathrooms nice People overall very nice place to watch a movie with your family

Rhonda Polston

Matinee price.... Just right. Theater clean.... Staff awesome. Great time

Allen Bocephus

Nice place to see any show.

Brandon Hicks

Nice and clean local theater. Enjoyed the experience.

Christina Greulich

Clean and the employees are cordial.

Tim Tyler

Stopped in mid day to watch a movie with the kids. I paid almost 50 bucks for 4 tickets. That's not terrible, but I was severely disappointed when I got into the theater which only seated about 25 people. It's the smallest theater by far that I've ever been in. The seats are the plain cloth ones. They don't lounge. I wish I had gone to a different theater. Kids liked the movie at least.

Daniel Clubb

Quite roomy, and the movie selections are solid.

Jonathan Davis

Always clean. Friendly staff.

David Pearson

Very clean and attentive staff. Very family friendly, it's a great way to beat the heat and the snack bar is a must visit before your movie starts

Burt Aarsen

Nice cinema good movie's unfortunately they don't have recliner seats in all theaters it will come

Kendra Kirkbride

One of my favorite places to get alone time in.

Tim Fedders

The owners are always friendly and do great job. Always good food and ice cream.

Holly Manier

The place was clean! The workers were friendly! In the movie that we watched we actually were the only two people in the theater which was nice! The pop corn was good!

Jane Beard

I really like This theater they have some of the friendliest people to help us get through the lines and they're always ready to help you with whatever you need.

Andrea Grimsley

Family friendly, several screens, sound was a little loud but overall a good place to see a film.


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