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6250 Nashville Rd, Franklin, KY 42134

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REVIEWS OF Franklin Drive-In IN Kentucky

Aaron Pillow

The Franklin Drive-In is always a great family experience get there early and enjoy a double feature

Allan Welch

It's a drive in!! The concession stand is fine, the prices are not bad at all, the popcorn is very good. The down side as is with any drive in, is the idiot passer bys that think it's funny to honk, review their engines with loud pipes.

Nancy Riffrl

Great times at the theatre for families.

Dustin Russell

Went with my 13 year old son and had a blast! Great memories

Meaghan Bishoff

Such a great thing to do as a family. Once you go once you’ll want to go all the time!

Elisha Morgan

Great place to take the family, great prices and good environment.

Charles Miller Jr.

This is a great place, brings old time memories. Great service and staff. And really good food.

Trish and Aaron Brady

Great family place, good food, reasonable prices... 2 movies for 1 price

Gracie Chase

I love going to the drive in, but they could really use an update! The bathrooms are pretty cramped and dirty and the concessions are pretty dated too. I guess that could be considered part of the charm, though. But, better bathrooms are a must!

Betty Davis

Love this Drive inn great family place to go

Ziona Graves

Great time with our babies and family

Denny Daniels

Always been fun. And if you want, you can meet new people each time.

Richard Guffy

Great food great prices great shows!

amanda williams

It an fun, inexpensive place I can take my family

Chris Williams

Old fashion drive in. Good pricing cause they still charge by the car after so many. For a big family that's a good deal. They stay up to date on their showings and don't come here looking for a healthy snack. They only serve good food. The type a drive in should. Lol. I'll save the healthy for a normal week night.

Kelly Juarbe

Love this place, hope they stay for a long time!

elizabette raby

Love the drive in experience!!

Teresa Biggs

Always fun

Jason Holly

One of the last great drive in theater's

Starr Wilson

We like the drive in itself, but the owner is very rude. We have been loyal patrons for years but the bigger his business has gotten the ruder he has become. Also Main Complaint is he will let in way too many cars and overcrowd the place. He is after the dollar and safety is no concern in my opinion.

robert black

This is the second time I went to this particular drive in. The first time was amazing and sadly this time did not even hold a candle to past experiences. To set the mood, it was Saturday July 7th, 2018 and a pleasant 74 degrees outside. Its my wife our 14 y/o cousin and myself. Its his first experience with a drive in movie. We had a great spot and the first movie Ant-Man and the Wasp just started. Two minutes into the film is where the trouble started. The movie pauses and the announcer starts a 10 minute rant about stuff that was already explained upon entrance to the parking lot. He then states something every Marvel movie fan knows already, that there will be an end credit scene and not just one but two of them. This upset my cousin particularly, because stating that there are end credits scenes ruins the mystery. We overlooked that blunder and then the announcer did it a second time. Right as Ant-Man and the Wasp ended, he cuts the audio and talks through the entire first part of the credits which all Marvel fans know is comedy gold and/or has cool easter eggs in it. He then turns the audio back on just in time for the first end credit scene. Then he cuts the audio again after its over to talk about more redundant messages. This is annoying us greatly, but we put it aside and prepare to watch the second movie, Solo: a Star Wars Story. It started off great, but about 3 minutes in, the announcer pauses the film and makes another 10 minute annoying announcement. After resuming the film and trying to look past the rudeness of the announcement we relax and enjoy the film. Then the aweful announcer pauses the movie with 1 hour remaining, we know because he said so, to give another useless rant. Then after the movie ends, he announces that there is no end credit scene for this film and basically tell everyone to leave as if we hadn't all ready planned on it. So we will not be returning to the Franklin Drive-in and will instead take our business to Watertown and the Stardust Drive-in. The have two screens and a much better staff. P.S. Both movies were fantastic and I will definitely be watching them again, just not at this location. After the owners response, The issue was that you talked and made announcements during the movies. Either make the announcements before or after the movie not DURING! Even two minutes in is unacceptable! Also this probably isn't the first time someone has had a problem, just the first time someone has taken the time to write a review.

Grace Hill

Horrible food!!! I mean the worst I've EVER had! Over priced and the soda even tasted like dirt!!!! YuCK!!! My family and I will not be back

Gary Youngblood

Loved going to a drive-in. Staff is very friendly!

Honey Boyd

Car show. Had a food time

April Salisbury

Always a good value and a good time!

Christina Jones

We really enjoyed our family time!!

Kristen Dickinson

What a fun place!!!

Brenda Allen

best way to take my 2 year old to the movies

William Christmas

Great Place for the Family

William Donnell



First time being at a drive in movie theater, and I loved it, thanks guys guys for making my first experience amazing!!!!

Jeremy Luoma

Always great family fun!! Been going for 18+ years. Owners are familiar and super nice!!

Conna Middleton

I get as excited as I did as a child when I know I'm going to the Franklin Ky drive in. It's just so nostalgic. The owners are the nicest people and kids love the drive. As do I!

Bailey Wimms

Great place to watch movies on a big screen from your car.

Jeremiah Jackson

Sweet it was awesome the family and I had a blast first time for them at a drive in and they loved it!

Jesse James

We took our son to his 1st drive in movie here and he had a blast.

Matt Murphy

It's not a bad place to see and experience a movie under the stars, and the staff/managment are always nice and helpful. Now with that said, there's always someone that we park next to that leaves their engines running THE WHOLE LENGTH OF THE MOVIE!! It's very annoying! They sit in their cars with the a/c running and all we can hear is the clutch fan from the a/c kicking on and off for 2 or more hours. Aside from that their are the A'holes that turn their car lights on repeatedly, or they're constantly in and out of the cab of their vehicles leaving the dome light on. This stuff is extremely distracting! It wouldn't hurt if they made an announcement before the movie starts to please stop doing this! There's a better, quieter drive-in near Lebanon Tn. called starlight drive-in. Much better experience and worth the drive!

Keene Henry

My family always enjoys coming to the drive-in. Parking can be difficult so I suggest getting there early.


Great place! We love watching movies here during the summer.

Ashley Nicole

Love that this old idea is still around! My kids love it and this is such a great impromptu night outing!! Food is delicious! Staff is so friendly! Love the old school atmosphere. We will be coming here forever!!

Parham OBriant

They are willing to accept a large group such as a car club. The sound system is your car FM radio or a battery operated radio which is the better solution. Snacks and fast food are available along with candies. Admission is $15 per car regardless of how many people are you in the car. This is an interesting experience with two movies.

Jessica Owen

Favorite place to see a show! 1st run movies. See 2 movies for about the price of 1. Concessions serve full dinner, snacks and desserts! Affordable date night or family fun night. Employees are very friendly and helpful. They will even give shout outs for special days (bdays, anniversaries, ect). Would definitely recommend checking out this living legend!!

Elizabeth Hasenberg

Fantastic place to make a summer time memory! Huge movie screen you watch from your vehicle or you can bring chairs & set up a little 'site' around your vehicle area, you just turn up the volume in your car. They have really good concession food choices too; anything from a full on meal to junk food & popcorn. Or you can bring your own food & drinks- you just pay a small fee at the entrance gate. If you plan on going the concession route, make sure you arrive a bit early because your going to be waiting in that line a while! Great inexpensive way to spend a Friday or Saturday night!

Rhett Rhemann

I truly enjoyed going to the Macy's carnival and then watching Jurassic world like they did back in the day. Drive in movie theaters should be making a comeback!

Howard Hacker

Great time

Margaret Jones

I love this place! My dad took me here when I was a child now I'm taking my 12yo son with me. Keeping the drive in tradition alive!

tina sterrett

It was cool and nostalgic

Aileen Rae

Great place to take the kids. A bit pricey but well managed and clean. Friendly & helpful sttaff

Melissa Farmer

We have gone twice. It is fun to go to an outdoor movie.

Deuce Forever

Great experience great deal

Donald Nickerson

Awesome experience grateful for the kids will be going back there tomorrow

Corinne Aguilar

The screen is great in size and the clarity is a plus. You sit in ur own vehicle so the volume is controlled by you. Although the headlights on the vehicles passing on the highway in front of the screen are a little distracting (need a higher fence). Just beware the owner is a stickler about bringing in food...and will check on you! If you bring food in you pay for on the outside...make sure you pay them to eat it on their lot. I have enjoyed these movies in the past and food was free to bring in...but as inflation goes up so does our desire to get more money! I feel the same burn!! Probably will never return because the owner said he was being helpful and told me to shut off my headlights when I had just found a spot off to the side, he continually said he was being helpful but kept comin' back to check on me... then 20 min into the movie called me away from my kids and told me that I lied, that he asked his wife if I paid for outside food... And I hadn't. I am not gonna pay for food I paid for already...but I usually indulge in concessions still but I decided since he kept coming around I wasn't going to give him anymore profits even though the kids wanted dippin dots....nope not here! He continued to make a big deal and said he should kick me out, I stated I would pay him the 5 bucks or I would leave which ever but he hassled me for lying in front of my kids and how terrible of a person I was and how I should be ashamed...really I am pretty sure most people sneak candy into any movie theater and never feel like the way he made me feel. Even the kids kept asking me why that guy kept coming around. I take candy into movies all the time and have never been hounded like this before. Then when the first movie was over he brought me back the change from the money i gave him to eat my food and once again told me how I shouldn't lie and he just tring to provide for his own family. I told him I was doing the same and if the worst thing I do in my life is lie about bringing food to the movies then I think I am doing pretty good...He stated he would be watching for me the next time I came...He won't see me again. I feel sorry for his family. But no matter where you go, you should go see Oceans 8 for sure!!

James Hammock

Always a great place to watch a movie in the comfort of your own car.

Mali Edging

I love the drive-in! I take my kids early and they get to play on the lawn with other kids. Always good movies and friendly staff. The owner is a great guy. The food pricing is reasonable and really good (I prefer the boneless wings). I only wish people driving by would be courteous. Loud honking and yelling is just rude. But I am a permanent customer here.

Retta South

We come every year! Love making memories here. Great place for family & friends to go. Nothing like the drive-in experience. I drive 1 hour & 15 minutes to come to this drive-in & its worth every mile.

John Schmidt

A lot of fun, good food.

Richard Mantlo

Not too many of these places around anymore. The whole family loved it.

China Doll

First time there and it was amazing

Denise Cameron

It's a great place to take the family for movies at an affordable price.

72 luvbug

Lacking in the Customer Service department, they are.

Nathan Schussler

Drive-Ins are always an adventure. The only problem I've had with this one is when people don't turn off their car engines. (That's not something that would stop me from coming though)

Dana Inch

We love this place for the movies, but it is great for a car show too!

John Huffer

They always open the gate before the time it says on the internet so go early if you want a good spot

Mary Nevin

Picture and sound and employees are all great!!!

Amanda Bechard

Too small, screen was right on a busy street, Kentucky Downs was across the street and it's lights were blinding. No food after the first movie. Won't be going back.

Davison Thompson

Drove from Nashville, so worth it. Great experience and such a friendly place. Absolutely recommend spending a night watching a movie there.

Amanda Sandlin

Family fun . blast from the past

James Edwards

Very friendly person running the place.

Kevin Leighton

Nostalgia brings back memories of going with my parents. Nice people,good atmosphere, I feel like everything is reasonably priced unlike at a movie theater. It's just a fun experience for everyone.

erika lugo

Love this place. We have a 5yo girl and a7yo bout they both love going here. Good food safety family environments, the staff there are so friendly and helpful. Also loved to come with the husband for horror movie night. Great place.

Stacey Adler

I love bringing my whole family here! We always have a good good time, the prices are great and the concessions are wonderful. You will most definitely wait in line for everything so come early but it will be worth it, definitely better than a movie theater any day!

Ginger M

Excellent place to bring the whole family including the furry kids.

Chad Gocking

Changed pricing to b per person rather than per carload. Smh greedy people make enough off the overpriced concessions.

Roger A

The staff was amazing so courteous and friendly

Kyle Hinton

The staff members are cordial, knowledgeable, and efficient. The food is reasonably priced for theater food. The coordinator is informative gives good direction at all breaks; whether it's concessions closing, directing traffic, or general info.

J. Ray

Not many of these left. So glad we still have one local (or semi local). A great throwback. They can get super busy with certain movie titles. Be prepared to wait in a long line if it’s a popular movie.

Derek Howard

Very good up until we had a huge storm blow up and we left without seeing the whole movie. It was super crowded so lines for concessions and bathrooms got kinda long. We got there over an hour before the movie was to start and still ended up parking near the back. We will get there earlier next time.

Alex gang

AWESOME place to spend a chill Friday or Saturday night! We love going to the Franklin Drive-In. Way cheaper than the movie cinemas.

Kim Nunya

Concessions are expensive so pay fee to bring in your own food.

Sutherland Outdoors

Friendly owners, great prices, fresh popcorn. Can't beat it! A great experience.

Ron Tipler

Always A great time with the family. Great value for a family trip to the movies.staff is always super friendly.highly recommend

Blevins 270

Great place for family night. Snack bar is good too

faith lear

me and my friends went there not knowing there was a no outside food rule, we’re from bowling green so we were from out of town. the man at the box office did not ask if we had any outside food he simply gave us our ticket and said have a good time. about 3 minutes into the movie he came over and told us to turn our lights off because we had to turn the car on for a quick second. he then asked if we had a permit for our outside food and we stated that nobody said we needed one. We offered to pay for one because we had no clue but yet he asked us to leave. we were buckling our seatbelts and he knocked on the window and said “are you ready to go” and was very unnecessary and rude.

Samantha Shoulders

Love, love, love, the drive in!!! My family has enjoyed Franklin Drive-In for many years and now I take my son!! The tradition continues!!!

Stephanie Hyde

The workers are amazing and on point with everything around them. Been going for yrs and never had a problem. Very friendly and safe for family. They choose the movies for everyone to enjoy. They keep making updates so everyone is safe and enjoyable night!!

Simple Man

If u own a large truck don't drive it!!!!they LL pick on you so much u can't even enjoy the movie in peace.and the people that ( the intitled people) was their cry about everything wine wine loud, to high,they costantly nag u

Rebecca Ammons

Prices are crazy Especially when it depends on how many people you have in the car what you pay.

T Wizz

NOSTALGIA! I'm assuming it was the owner that I had meet and he was an extremely nice Man everyone in the concessions the same ! $25 for my family of 6 is more than fair and concessions priced fairly as well.we thoroughly enjoyed our selves watching End Game and I hear this year is50 yrs for them and it seems the old ways are not lost on them as far as quality of American service goes. We'll definitely be back! Great place for all! Thank you Franklin Drive in✌

Donna Turner

The last good time place.. shows mostly kid movies but we love it! Pay by the car load. Good food great fun!

Ford Diesel

Very costly as far as drive In''s go We are huge fans of traditional drive in's versus movie theatres. Staff was extremely friendly. There was a huge selection in the snack bar. Most places no longer carry Mello Yello with their soda selection so we were impressed to see it among the fountain drinks. Our only issue was cost. Two tickets, seeing a fountain drink already in the cup holder (brought extra fare), and a trip to the concession stand for two 32oz Sodas and a large Popcorn brought our nightly total to $35. A couple weeks ago at a Drive In up in Georgetown that scenario brought a total of $28. All in all a pleasant experience

Graham Burgdorf

Always a great place to go. Good movies and friendly staff

Quadrous Stafford

Had a great time. Very affordable pricing. Will be returning

Live4Christ Today

I Always Love coming here with my family.

John Mercer

First visit this past weekend and excellent all around. A quality family-centered business, great food and every member of their staff genuinely cares about great customer service.

Patrick Thiesen

Had a great time at the drive in. The hot dogs & cheeseburgers from the concessions stand were good. I just wish it wasn't an hour away!!!

Brandi Parrish

The drive in is an old favorite. We use to go as kids and going last night to see theyve only gotten better was amazing to me. It is definitely worth going!!

Kayla Porter

Always fun! They do charge to bring your own food and drink. Concessions are okay. Bathrooms are not so great and lines are generally long especially during intermission.

Erin Greunke

Fun place to visit by yourself or with your family. I'm just glad we still have a drive-in around! Reasonably priced, but strict with the outside food policy. If you don't want to buy the concession stand food, you can buy an outside food permit from them. Usually, the two movies that they show back to back are good.

Corey Greene

Me and my wife enjoyed ourselves. We will be coming back. My first time there, I will be coming back.

MaryKaye Kelly

Love this drive-in. Great viewing setup. The bathrooms are small but clean and the concession stand is good with lots of variety.

Mark Mabry

Really great people. First run movies mostly child friendly ones. Fun items at the concession stand (great pizza cheap). Not a better place around for a family outing.

Sandy Mcc

Great picture nice sound nice location

Erica Wilson

Love sitting watching a movie wit my kiddish not having to worry about them being to loud or someone else being to loud and I have a few kids so it's a while lot cheaper than going to the traditional theater and more fun! Can't wait for them to open back up!

MIchael Sacco

Saw the eclipse here a couple of years ago. Nice people and nice place

Fred Matthews

Prices was great food was great very organized,clean and very friendly staff. Great for families. We had a great time and will be back. Thanks Franklin Drive in will see yall next time .

Angelina Hood

We all had a great time. Kids had a blast:)

doug hood

Disgusting mens Bathroom Urinal was Almost Overflowing. Probably Never go again

Curtis Terpeney

We had a really great time. The staff was very helpful, tying down hatches, helping with lights. Definitely will be going back.

Jonathan A Hendley

Old Fashioned good time

Erica Holleran

Absolutely great place for a family night. Kids get to run around and play before the movie. Enjoy family time and have dinner there too. Great affordable family fun. Only wish we had one closer.... but worth the 45 min drive.

chandler dale

Was forced to buy a small dip and dots that costed 4$ just for a plastic spoon.

Caleb Jones

Fun place to eat and drink and smoke.

Cory Adkins

Awesome to be able to share a memory from my youth with my kids. Very well run drive in.

Albert Drake

Great time

Delrene Jensen

Great place to go. Just wish they would redo the asphalt so it's not so uneven for people with vision issues

Kathy Gentry

It was nice sitting under the stars watching a movie.. How ever I drove around twards the front row to find a spot and was approched by a worker and asked if I came in the exit without paying

Kat McClusky

We love this place. Me, my husband and kids all enjoy it. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful place to spend with the entire family without costing a fortune.

David Carrington

Absolutely love this place we have a large family and it's the only place I can take the whole crew and not spend a fortune only 25 bucks for all 7 of us to get in and see 2 new movies most people bring lawn chairs to camp out beside their vehicles concession prices are a bit high but not as bad as most theaters and they offer burgers pizza funnel cakes ect so it's not the usual just candy coke popcorn only option

Steve smith


Courtney Vargas

Always a great time at the drive in! I love that they are able to play new movies and keep their prices lower than a traditional theater. I mean, they go up but that's to be expected. There are always kids playing up front before the movies and their restrooms are cleaner than you'd expect at this type of establishment. If you've never been, you're gonna love it. If you've been once, you'll go any chance you get. Thanks Franklin Drive-In!!

Torrie Tovar

We love this place but they really need to find some way to put sound out for people who sit in the grass area. We couldn't hear anything. We finally found an app on our phone to use a radio and listened that way. But that was the last 20 minutes of the movie and you never know if the internet will work.

Ida Sneed

Awesome love it

Music Is Medicine

I absolutely love going here, I’ve gone with my family at least once every summer for many years now. The movie quality is great, the staff members are always very nice and the food is always good.

Eric Fulton

Very friendly staff and affordable price!

Barbara Harper

I haven't been to a drive-in since my kids were little, 20yrs ago. Took my grandson to watch Toy story and I forgot how much I like this Theater. Husband and I will definitely return. Love watching movies outdoors.

Ale Minnicks

Drive ins are so much fun! You get more movie for what you pay then at a theater. Its more personal since the sound is in your car, and you can snuggle up in the backseat while enjoying a movie "by yourself". I would recommend this location- please visit to keep it in business. We need more drive ins.

Terrilynne Work

I rarely go to a theater anymore!! Best experience ever!

Lou Carter

Great price for a family night!

Cathy McCormack

Always love to go

Mark Starks

Great place to see a movie. Long line to the restroom!

Michael Woodward

Love this place. Plenty of room and tons of concessions available. $25 for a car load of 5+ and $5 more to bring your own food.

Stacy Keel

Fun date night!

Dustin Weaver

A great place to take the kids that I've been going to since a kid.

Sarah Gardner

It was so amazing

Bridgett Jackson

My family enjoyed ourselves! The food is pricey but to experience seeing movies on a big screen is amazing.

J Dewey

It’s fun to do this every once in awhile but it could use a bit updating in the bathrooms and kitchen.

Angie Flora

Fun family experience

Heidi Lynn Jackson

I been going here for over 30 years since I was a little bitty child and its still there still extremely reasonable prices for everything and so much more fun for families because you don't have to try and make kids sit still or be quite you can take in your own food or buy from them. Its two movies for 1 price on the weekend and every week has sometjing new!!

Shawn Crabtree

You know what? I love the drive in. I'm very glad it's still operating. I'd miss it terribly if it wasn't. Go, just go.

KillJoy Photography

Staff was very nice, set up of the area was perfect definitely recommend going back

Katelyn Osborne

I have been to this drive-in several times The concessions food is always good. They even provide you with a garbage bag at the gate. The pricing is great for entrance and food. I always enjoy going here, definitely worth the drive!


What a fun and well-organized place! They show current movies that are family friendly and fun, the price is extremely reasonable. They serve great Refreshments, or you can bring in your own food. I'll be back!

Tony Lampuré

We were in Nashville for a few days and read some stories about drive-in theatres in a book. We decided to drive to Franklin to try... And to be fair, it was one of the best cinema experience we've ever had ! You just park, get some food and drinks and put you stereo on! Good video quality and the staff was super super friendly. Support drive-ins !!

Wayne Holland

From Clarksville, TN. First time at a drive in movie theater. The reason for a three star rating. There was a grey haired guy that came up and slapped my driver side tail light saying your tail lights are still on. Ok thank you for letting me know that they needed to be turned off but was it necessary to slap let alone touch my vehicle? Especially since I was standing right at the tail light. Sorry my back was turned and I was facing the direction of the screen and not staring at my tail lights. Simple verbal communication is all you need. Hands off people's personal property unless granted. There was one parking attendant and the lady at the front gate that was very helpful,friendly, and knowledgeable. Things to consider bringing a portable radio, and go ahead and pay the $5 extra and bring your own food because concession prices are high. Concessions quality of food is good but almost $15 for two hamburgers, a cheese burger, and one small cup of fries. Gate prices are good. Clean lot and restrooms. Will return in the future. Over all good experience.

Blake Houchens

My family enjoyed their time here. Kids liked the blow ups and play area. Just wish we could get through concessions faster. The lines at them prevented me from buying more.

Brianna Kooshian

Well done little place. Was excited to try the food, but they close before the last movie and we got there late. The sign is hard to see, so we missed our turn. Place is cash only, which I wish I had known before we got there because we scrambled for change in the car. I've been to drive-ins where the radio connection didn't work too well, but this one worked great!

Christy Johnson

Very friendly staff! Always helpful and informative. Very clean and great movies. Live going to this drive in! Highly recommend it!

Hannah Cox

Could use a better system for getting into the field, line took about 20 minutes and took up a lane of traffic. Staff was proper, but the no food or drinks was a tad ridiculous considering the only snack bar is 1 line and is lined out the door. The overall set up was nice though. Glad to see there is still drive ins available.

Nikki Cannon

Wonderful place! We enjoy ourselves everytime we go! Gary is awesome and anytime someone walks by he makes sure to ask how we are doing and if we enjoyed ourselves!

Deborah Hamby

Best way to watch a movie. Warm night with a cool breeze. Love it!

Kevin Vashon

They do a lot for customer service and only ask that you be a decent person so everyone can enjoy the movie. My only complaint is that it needs some updating. It needs to match the people running it, inviting. $20 for 4+ in car $15 for 3 or less in car. $5 more if you bring in your own food/drink.

Robert Carter

This is a great place to take the kids and watch a good movie or two...The owners are good people that make you feel at home...very nostalgic...takes me back to a time when we'd go to the Lost River drive-in as kids...magical places for kids. That was back in the day when you'd hang the speaker inside your door...big heavy cast speakers, no telling how many times people would forget and drive off with the speaker in tow with wires flailing out the window...oh, and going to the concessions, that was big time if our parents went all out and bought popcorn and candy. I remember laying on blankets and staring up at that big screen. If memory serves me right there was even swings and a merry-go-round at one time...sometimes it'd be Clint Westwood in some spaghetti western, "Fist Full of Dollars", or "The Good The Bad And The Ugly", other times it was "Herbie the love bug"...or "The Shaggy DA", but whatever the movie it was a time when family got together and spent a few hours transfixed on the big screen, laughing or crying depending on what character we were watching

Judith Williams

nice drive in we had fun and will return

Paul Keen

Loved it!!

Michael Eden

Fist time at this place last weekend and it was great!! Brought back some childhood memories. We will be coming back! And Love the popcorn!

Bobbie Jo Birkel

Awesome! First time at a drive in! :-)

Chasity Phelps

I wasn't very happy when they talked over the credit scene that was obviously meant as a part of the movie continuity; this interruption was to give everyone detailed directions on leaving and moving parking spots, and we have "x" amount of food left. Increase the signage visibility at those 4 locations, put signs in the window when food runs out, and don't spend 5 minutes telling us something when you could have done it in 30 seconds.

Rodney Groom

Great place


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