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Christine Adank

The new reclining seats are so cushy! I could see a lot of people getting relaxed enough to fall asleep! Theater is clean! Snack prices are outrageous but we all know that going in!

Tricia Perry

I hadn't been in awhile and I absolutely love the seats!!! So comfortable! You can just kick back and watch the movie....

Michelle Beavers

The upstairs was fantastic. The reclining seats with a seat warmer make it super comfortable you watch a movie. Free popcorn with your ticket is a bonus and if you choose to eat or have an adult beverage, it's all available. The surround sound was fantastic!

Sandra Napier

Love this place, heated seat and recliner. Not one bad seat in the house

INoah Guy

Very very nice, reclining chairs, self-explanitory

Jennaffer Messer

Make sure you buy your tickets ASAP. Assigned seats makes it difficult for a group of friends or a family to sit together.

C Michael Walton

Good service. Great theater. Saw Halloween. Popcorn was way too salty but great place to see a movie.

Rocki J

Great location, open spaces.

James Shields

VIP is the only way to watch a movie! Super comfortable seats. Very good food and excellent service. You certainly get your money’s worth here.

K Crocket

Love this place since the renovations. The recliners with heat are wonderful. I love that we can choose our seats ahead of time and we don’t have to rush to get there if we are at the concession stand.

Natasha Smith

My kids love coming here!! The chairs are nice and recline. They think it's the best place ever and always ask to go back and watch movies there.

Doug Bohannon

Very comfortable seating. A great movie venue!

Kathie Morling

The seats are awesome! And the place is huge! We paid for our tickets online and it helped a lot when we got there so we didn't have to stand in a long line.

Michael Haynes

Great place to watch movies!

Brandon Brewer

Had an okay experience walking in and being greeted by the computer to get my tickets. Next, I ordered my food from the cashier for which was not friendly and wore shades in a dark room. "Pretty skeptical", also he never smiled and made us feel welcome. Also the popcorn tasted like it was shoe leather and definitely not fresh. Finally, the seats were comfortable and hey they are heated seats awesome. Also I was quoted by the cashier I'm calling shades that if you buy the large size you get free refills. Well when I went out to get my refill and observing a customer getting their refill once we arrived to the counter we were told they were closed. Vending area should stay open up to 1/2 hour of the last movie time to make sure the customers get what they want. Hoping for a better experience next time and hopefully get a more pleasent experience next time also they need to consider bringing their prices down they are pretty steep.

Jennifer Elliott

Good date night. Concessions stand are nice. And they have food options. You can upgrade and go upstairs for a price. But to have a waitress it worth the money!

Christina Bennett

The seats here were so nice!

Dave Mardis

Bought tickets for an 8:35 showing from cinemarks website at approximately 7:30pm. Get to the theater, print tickets from self service kiosk, proceed to buy snacks, then head to theater 5. Attendant tells us they're the wrong tickets and that movie is not currently showing in theater 5. Come to find out the tickets were for June 6th. Went to the counter to get a refund seeing as it was somewhat absurd as it would allow me to unknowingly buy tickets for June 6th while browsing movies playing tonight. To top off an overall unpleasant experience it appears nobody working at the establishment in a customer facing position is over 21 years of age and nobody has a sense of urgency about anything. I've visited this movie theater regularly over the years but it has steadily digressed into a complete joke.

Moose Hass

Good service and the seats are very comfortable. Looking forward to the next big movie.

Laura Beeman

Hadn't been to this place in 3 years and I was pleasantly surprised. Saw the 9:15 am matinee for Godzilla, the place was well organized and clean. The auditorium I was in (2) has the large, heated, adjustable lounger seats with individual tray tables. The seats were comfortable and made the movie more enjoyable. I'll be back.

Kenneth Dale Allen II

Great seats. Nice screens.

Janet Mitchell

Very nice theater with a variety of food options. Parking is free and it is usually easy to find a spot. They have the reclining chairs. They offer some of the earliest movie times in the area which allows people who work nights to see a movie. Lately, the biggest problem I have had is that it is warmer in the theater. I usually always need a jacket, but not here.

Barry Wermes

Very nice theater w luxury seats. Upper level for 21 and over serves food and liquor at a reasonable price

Caitlyn Gausman

Always the best, cleanest theatre around. The food and bar service is on point

Darth Carrion

Comfy warm reclining seats for the win! No longer do you have people kicking the back of your chair or people trying to squeeze by you. With wide walkways and good hot food, your movie going experience is enhanced! Very easy to purchase tickets online and selecting your seats. Grab a bucket of popcorn or a Pizza Hut pizza and enjoy your movie !


Good staff, the remodeled theatres are great, the chairs are always clean, restroom is also always clean Never had an issue with staff members, and the treats bar opposite the tickets give you amazing snacks But alas, like any movie theatre, snacks are always expensive, so bring large purses and hide snacks in em ;) Also yes, you can pre order/reserve tickets online and skip any line entirely save for printing them at the very front. It's the best thing ever

Meg Flannery

It is too hot in the top seats

Jeremy Clark

Great place to see a movie. It is my number 2 favorite theater of all time. There are plenty of things for the whole family to have fun even before or after the show. The seats are extremely comfortable, and have little tables that are very convenient. You should definitely see at least one movie in this theater.

Michelle Lockard

Great theater with an arcade, a bar & grill, concessions like popcorn & candy, then can you say upgrade? Starbucks, ice cream & pizza, also. Downside? You guessed it...prices! A medium pop is $5!!

Amanda Hunt

We had a good time. The place was very clean (including the restrooms) and smelled of yummy popcorn. The staff were nice and knowledgeable of the movies that were playing. The movies and snacks were decently priced. I would recommend going here. The sweepstakes they offer when purchasing a ticket is a scam though. Every time you enter the info on the back of your ticket it says invalid entry. I Don’t understand why they would even put it on there if it’s not going to let you enter.

CS Ismail

Clean, love the comfortable seats.

Charles Meredith

Comfortable reclining seats. Very nice and clean. Bathrooms also very clean.

M T Williams

Great movies great seats

Adam VanDyke

Very clean and roomy seating. Every seat is a good seat

Pink Elephant

Enjoyed the visit. Seats were comfy and bathrooms were very clean

isaac emery

Great theatre with very comfortable recliners even in the standard rooms.

Shane Dinn

Can buy tickets in line or at screens up front, clean theater and not bad prices!

susan gripshover

Went to see ROCKETMAN. Great time

Xander X

Love Florence, just wish they would do alittle updating. Just alittle.

MJ Campbell

Bought VIP tickets to a PG-13 movie. No where online when I bought the tickets did it say VIP was 21 and over. They wanted to refund the difference and send us to general admission at the last minute which would have given us second rate seats as all the best were taken. I opted to get a refund instead. Son was disappointed and I was upset at having wasted 2 hours of my weekend (travel, online sign-up, standing in line).

Pop/Off Marketing

Highlight of the area. Great theater with fast service and comfy seats. Recently updated, this place has all the modern trimmings of a great movie theater. There's even an upstairs VIP for 21+ viewers to enjoy food and drinks serves at your seat. Love it.

Michael Norton

A great place to see a movie.

Adam Knecht

Excellent place to go see a movie

Kevin Leek

At the movies with Nikki & Xavier and Layla, great day

Linda Janes

Our favorite movie theater. Discount days are Mondays and Tuesdays.

Big stacks Gaming

It was very relaxing and the seats were heated and they recline. The staff their was amazing and I would highly recommend this theatre to anyone.

Kenneth Alston

I enjoy the movie Great VIP . The service was fantastic.

Jessica Carpenter

Very clean, friendly employees and management is awesome. The bar tender that was there last time was a little odd and not personable and made our drinks horribly but most times it's a great experience!

Ashley Daniels

I always love it here. No complaints at all!

Mike Patruskey

Lots of food choices and a huge bar! The seats are very comfortable!

Eryn Johnson

Staff were polite but seemed like a lot of people for condition. Theater itself was clean but common areas were in need of cleaning and/or repair. I don't know if the holiday busy season has taken a toll or just over time but several sinks in the women's room were out of order, napkins for paper towels and trash full.

Mark Harville

Was my first time here. I saw Avengers end game. Awesome move. The sound system was wicked! You could feel everything. Service was excellent. Food was great. VIP section is the best.

cynthia hall

Seen Avengers, great movie, good popcorn!

Brian Rode

This theater is very nice, all of the auditoriums have heated reclining seats. All of the staff has been very friendly and helpful. It is worth a drive to have a great experience watching a movie you pay for.

D Johnson

LOVE the heated seats. Staff is friendly. Always clean.

Joe Bush

Nice seating and good food options

Allie Shaw

Saw movie Poms. Was a cute funny movie. Chairs comfortable, popcorn great, I definitely will go again!

Tony Mitchell

My wife Peggy and I

Jon Yost

This is my go to theater. I enjoy the atmosphere. They have a 21 and over section where you can drink and eat while watching the movie. The chairs are all reserved now so no more having to get to the movie super early. The staff has always been super nice and they even offer a monthly pass deal. I will say that the parking can get super difficult given the size of the lot.

Mark McConnell

No picture for entire previews. I spoke to a staff member and he said that it was a problem with this theatre (#8) but he would pass it on the management Every advertiser that PAYS for there ad is being robbed. I paid $2 extra for XD technology but so far do not feel I’m being treated very well. Not feeling like a customer today oh wait, maybe it’s a Radio show

David Ross

This theater is amazing. Comfy reserved seats super loud stereo, clean, friendly. Incredible place

Drew Gibson

Really cool place heated leather seats that recline. Everything was really clean had a good selection of food choices and you have the option to purchase alcohol which is pretty cool. Would highly recommend!

Proctor Best

The kids love their movie. Great deal 10 weeks of movies 4 $5

Anthony Maier

Clean , pleasant staff , great seats

Timothy Bailey

Good clean theater. Great sound. Great date night with my baby

Peggy Davis

Great theater, decent food

Kelsey Mathis

Amazing theater! Great atmosphere, very clean, great food and prices! Ordered nachos, pizza, popcorn and drinks.

Airica Franks

I'm loving the new heated reclining chairs and just a fun time. Great quality!

David Knighton

Bathrooms were dirty with paper everywhere, and trays in the "premium seating" were not wiped down. The kid taking tickets couldn't be bothered to look up from his phone long enough to tell me which theater I was in. And this was at 11am with a crowd starting to flow in.

Ami Eggemeier

Love it great seating very comfortable

Jason Brewer

The theaters (all the theaters) have been recently updated. The biggest and best upgrade being the seats and seating in general. I mean the seats alone are incredible. They recline push a button and the seat becomes heated. I have never been more comfortable at the movies. Almost forgot if that wasn't enough rows of seats were removed during the remodel. So, leg room was increased. That's another big positive. Go check it out. If you dont like the least you will be comfortable. I hope this was helpful in some way.

Jak Schneider

This is THE most comfortable theater viewing experience of my entire life.

Natasha Mueller

Went last night for the first time. I have to say it was the best experience I’ve had at a movie theater. Very comfortable and the screen was so big. There’s a lot of room and it’s great so you can get by so easily. Also went into the bar there and it had great service. I will definely be back!

Rick L.

It was awesome they have servers and nice recliners for seating

Don Wells

Nobody at the concession areas want to wait on customers. I stood in line behind one person and it took 6 minutes for that one person to get a soda and popcorn. When it was my turn the little girl working the counter pointed to the next register, which no one was working, and said " they'll take care of you over there." And walked off. Not happy with this place anymore. Will go to Newport from now on.

carl anderson

very nice seats , electric recline, nice theater, prices on movie are good ,

melissa hensley

This is a fabulous theatre. We go upstairs to the bar and upper theatres. Lydia is an amazing bartender. The food and service are wonderful! Worth every penny! It isn't just a movie--its an experience!

YBZ SoulLess596

They hadn't id me or my girlfriend for the past 3 r rated movies we've seen together and then randomly tonight they decided to Id both of us for no reason. Seriously follows the rules or don't.

D.A. Courtney

The Florence 14 is a great place to see a movie, eat some good food, and have a cold drink. Parking is good.

Ray Elmo Earls

Overall this is a nice theatre. The screens seem smaller than at other mega theatre complexes. The seats are comfortable and spacious but booking a seat for a popular movie can be difficult due to what appears to be fewer seats in the smaller theatres. Having said all this regarding theatre size, overall it is very adequate and sound is superior. Bathroom very clean. Concession took way to long given the 8 attendants and only 2 registers open. Too many people standing around.

Chris Estep

Clean place. New heated reclining sets!

Tony Hunley

Comfortable seats and well maintained

Russell Ruark Jr

Great theater. Good people. Well maintained.

Olga Horine

Great theater. I love the heated seats. I bring my kids here once a week to see a movie.

Curt Hawley

The food is good and reasonably priced. The staff is awesome, especially upstairs in the 21 and up section. Bartenders are top notch too.

Dan Staifer

Great experience. There is this one ticket taker who was in mobile scooter who brighten my five year old daughter's day by given a small toy when he heard it was her birthday. He embodied joyously working and making guess feel welcomed.

Света К

Nice place to come and watch movies

Gabriel Shepherd

Great movie experience

Sissy Rissy

They have a lot of food items that you don't usually see at movie theaters: pizza, chicken tenders, fries, mozzarella sticks. Hot dog was meh, but cheese sticks were great! They have a nice bar and I loved the Starbucks too. Nothing better than a nice hot drink while enjoying a Christmas movie. The only thing that was disappointing was my recliner chair didn't work.

Bill Longworth

They sold me a seat that wasn't their. Then would not let me sit in a seat that I cold put their. Bunch of kids working their that cant do nothing.

Alfred Lujan

Great movie experience! I live the reserved recliner seating. There is always a movie to enjoy at the location with convenient freeway access. With the Cinemark Movie Club an even better deal!


Awesome and very nicely kept cleaned

John Smith

Friendly staff, comfy seats, plenty of big screens and tons of snacks available. Can't find anything to fault here.

Trinity Creusere

I saw Wonder Park. Great movie. Great theatre. For the first 10 minites of previews the music was SO loud it hurt my hears. They fixed. They have butt warmers so it's ok.

J Cooper

Very comfortable. Very friendly employees. Food is way too expevsive.


True character is shown during strife. Had a small hiccup after purchasing tickets. The management, I apologize for not remembering his name, was amazingly courteous. Showed us that he genuinely cared. Movie was absolutely phenomenal and love the new seats! Thanks Management for going above and beyond. Customer service is alive and well in Florence!

Donna Jones Baker

Great theater. Grown up section. Food is good. Really nice evening out

Ryan Day

Always go VIP upper level. Good food and drinks. Little pricy but not much more than eating dinner at a restaurant. Always have great service.

Adam Jones

Took the kids to watch “The Grinch”. Loved the heated seats that recline! The place is kept clean and that’s a big plus. Let them hit a few games afterward. Was a good day out had by all.

Jason Winstel

Great service and selection highly recommend the adult recliners above with Food Service

Doug Riehemann

Always clean with friendly folks. Comfortable recliners. It was great

Tara Wyatt

When buying a ticket the man said I didn't have enough points for a free ticket but he didn't know how many you need for a free one. The web site says one a month and I have been a member for 8 months. There was a line so I just paid for a ticket and will figure it out later. I asked for a lot of butter on the popcorn and didn't get much. $10 f ou r a small popcorn and bottle of water is expensive!

Marilynn Arnold

Comfortable seats. Good movie.

Bobbi Harwood

We went to see a family movie today. The theater has upgraded the seating. Lounge seats with reclining backs, foot rest, and the option for heated seats. It was cool and comfortable. We really enjoyed the movie. And another bonus we got to choose our seat location when we purchased our tickets the exact same way you do upstairs in the VIP section!

Lindsay Haley

Really good movie theater! Chairs are extremely comfortable and have tables attached to them and everything. Tuesdays are usually the best days to go.

Rachel M

Excellent seats, love the loungers with reserved seating. Highly recommend

Greg Wilson

As theatres go, it's pretty good. Usually clean, and they have the reclining seats. The best part is the balcony with table service and full bar.

Matt Campbell

Clean, good food , great service and setting.

Tabatha White

Very nice best movie theater I’ve been into yet I’ve heard & read bout the new dynamic sound & digital coming to theatres this is the first time I’ve seen it Very clean place and the staff is friendly and helpful and the food was great and very easy

jahmarion2011 lastrights

Luxury Lounge is the best! They serve drinks and food while you lay back in a comfortable recliner. #datenight #reclinerseats

Erika Simpson

Great movies! Nice people. Love the heated reclining seats.

brad bressler

Hey its a movie theatre. Yes it has modern style recliners, not much else is special.

Michael Burkett

Screen and sound were good quality and the reclining seats were comfortable. I didn't get a chance to get waiting service but that would have been very convenient.

Sharon Testerman

Comfortable seats, clean rest rooms and theaters.

Hailey Johnson

Rude and asked me my age for the first time in forever after being there a lot would not let me in had me upset and had to go through so much trouble just to go watch a movie and enjoy my night very lousy experience honestly I don’t even think they deserve a one star

Hillbilly Tv

Best movie theater in the area recommended highly

jessica helton

The recliners are amazing. Even if the movie sucked I'd still give it a 5 out of 5 just because of the level of comfort.

Vinnie Chase

It's my favorite movie theater I've ever been to if you have the chance pay the extra money to go to the balcony where you have waiters serve on you where you are sitting in very comfy leather seats that recline back little buttons to push to let the servers know you need something and you can drink alcohol just another reason to love Kentucky

Vel Yogendra

Very comfortable. I had a soda but no food. The people are nice. Great sound. And a discount for being 63.

Sharon Steelman

Very comfortable heated seats

Joann Clark

Great seats. Food pricey.

Elizabeth Findley

Great seating. Theater is up to date and relatively clean.

Charles Turner

This is one of the best theaters I have found in the area. They have heated seats that recline, and if you like to go to the movies often you can pay about $8 per month and get to see one free movie a month plus you get an 20% off of concessions. this is a great place for the kids, but if you like to go out with your friends or on a date, you can go upstairs and a server will come right to your seat and serve you dinner, they have a menu of a variety of foods to choose from.

Rebecca Van Damme

Comfy reclining seats, clean. Wish the concession lines would move only complaint.

Carrie Kramer

I love the XD theater, highly recommend

Kimberly Green

This is my favorite theater by far. I love the over 21 area upstairs. Most comfortable seats of any theater. And the food is phenomenal. The nachos and tacos are worth the trip all by themselves.

mark gaunt

Go here at least once a week. Love the VIP upstairs.

Kyra Gort

I originally gave this place 5 stars. Its a great place to go on a date. HOWEVER not so great when it comes to family outings. It is far Too Pricey! I don't know about you but I y swing $70 a visit to watch a movie Without Popcorn!

Krisy video Fails

They have comfortable seats and nice workers but they don’t have very many movies to watch that can work with school schedules

Jessica Johnson

If you have not experienced the VIP section of this movie theater, I recommend you give it a try! The chairs are the loungers (so are the ones in the main theater) but have a tray slide and cup holder attached. The servers come to you as you sit as well as if you request them with a push of a button. Prices are steep, but the food is great (bar food: Pizza, Burgers, Chicken Fingers, Quesadilla, Salads, Desserts) and you cannot beat being able to have a glass of wine, a beer or cocktail while watching the movie! 21 and over only, so there will be no kids around - including your own! :) Only downside, is with the drinking you need to go outside and down a hall (further for some theaters) to use the restroom. Highly recommend you give it a try if it fits within your budget! For just going to the movies, there is no other place to go because these seats are so large, comfortable, and recline with a seat warmer! So worth it. No more feeling uncomfortable or having a stranger sharing your armrest!

zachary leister

Always a good experience at this theater. Concessions are always good, people are always nice.

Molly King

The best movie theater experience in a long time! Loved the luxury lounges.

Alex Romero

Very nice theater. Stadium seating is very comfortable. Great place to catch the latest flick.

Linda nickles

I've always loved going to race to watch a movie. It's just like being in my own living room or bedroom; the only difference is, someone brings me my food and snacks to me!

Todd Paulson

Awesome seating. Good refreshments. Amazing staff.

Angela Jackson

Best theater I've been to in Kentucky so far.

Ricky Charroud

It's always great to see movies in their luxury loungers and in XD .

Dan Regan

Awesome show, 1st time in the vip seating. Nice experience. They bring your food & drink to you and very nice & polite.

Kevin Kallmeyer

Love the upper adult seating

Karen N

This is the best movie theatre that I’ve ever stepped foot into. The space is larger than life. There’s Pizza Hut, and other hot foods if you’re in need of food during the movie, and also Ben and Jerry’s if you need a sweeter snack. The actual theatres themselves are luxury - super spacious, reclining chairs, foot rests, and even heating pads to keep you warm. The staff are incredibly friendly, as are the patrons. Highly recommend even if you aren’t in the area! Also it’s only $10 a pop which is amazing value for a brand new and magnificent cinema.

Humberto Gonzalez

Great movie teather, always a good experience! Love the discounted tuesdays

Suzanne Renaye Brewer

Excellent customer service but worst wait in line but Managers are great

Robert Eilers

Saw the XD version of The Lego Movie 2. The new loungers are awesome, complete with a lumbar back warmer. Chairs have table tops to place your popcorn and drink so you don't have to to hold it the whole movie. Chairs were clean.

Henry N

Love the new seats. Wish the place would deep clean the auditoriums overnight. Still not the cleanest place.

Gene Frakes

Very nice theater. Reclining, heated leather seats!! Only reason for 3 stars is that their seating will not allow me to raise the armrest between seats (my wife had back surgery and needed to shift from side to side and wasn't able), and my wife said the ladies bathroom was "gross". Clean theater, there was a huge

Tim Boitman

We had a great time at the movie.

john s

They have upgraded the seats to recline and they are heated too they also have a swing out table for every seat. They do not have Kettle corn popcorn yet hopefully soon. Popcorn was not fresh and the pizza had been sitting around for a while they also never answer the phone even when they are not busy while you walk in the door ringing the phone as an employee is at the register playing on his cell phone when they get all that squared away then they will be 5 stars.

john Griffin

Comfortable seats. I fell asleep twice.

Ryan Gimlin

It could be better, VIP area should be better than the downstairs bar....its not

P Anders

Always love going here. Great seats and wonderful atmosphere.

Kolleen Jaggers

This theater is amazing. They have a bar & grill, not just soda and popcorn but gourmet pizza, pretzels and more candy than you see at the store. But the seats are all reclining and you have your own attached goody tray. Thumbs up!!!

Vickie Lipscomb

Love the reclining seats...they're heated too!

Mr Masters

Ever since the renovation we love this theater. The seats are my wife’s favorite because the heat. I enjoy getting to recline back and relax. They have senior days which we take advantage of. Over all the atmosphere is excellent. Staff is friendly. Prices are not outrageous.

Abby Pettit

Always clean and loved the adult only section.

Ed Sowders

I like this place, I do wish they would clean off the chair tables more thoroughly.

Christopher Johnson

New seats and convenience, plus XD 3D... Great.

Arthur Titcomb

Cinemark is the best way to watch a movie !!!

Sherrie Sherrie

We watched happy foot the movie will be good for little ones and there was some really cute parts in it. As far as the theater goes we love it the new chairs are very comfortable there's heated seats and a tray for your food and a drink holder. God bless


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