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Melvin Henderson

Really nice place to take a date on a Saturday night sit back and have a glass of wine or a bottle of beer wow you watch the movie and they have also popcorn slushies your typical stuff that you would see at any other movie theater

Douglas Striker

Always entertaining

Elisheva Nesher

today 1/10 around 7-8 pm I found that I had lost my phone. I went back to the theatre to check if it was there. I want to thank the gentleman who was the manager around that time for being very helpful and kind in trying to help me find it. As it turned out I found it laying on the street but I am grateful for the helpfulness.Need I say the movies are good and the concession stand too? Love the theatre and the people who work there

Keith Riley

Good theater not many movie choices

Akosua Akoben

I love small theatres and the Espuire is in the top 5!! We ordered our tickets online via Groupon for my son, husband and I. It was my husband and I Anniversary of 13years and we felt our son needed to see The Hate U Give not sure of its rating. They only had two tickets available online so we had to purchase our sons ticket there so we were 10mins late for the movie after trying to find parking, but lucky enough to get a spot very close to the theater entrance. We got into the theatre and the place was basically empty, which was great to us!! My only issue is why Groupon only had two tickets left for that showing 4pm Sunday Oct 22nd?? My son was angry because we were too late to get popcorn, would have been great to have push button popcorn service! Regardless we enjoyed our visit yet again!!

Alex Petersen

Best art house theatre in the city! Documentaries, indie films, foreign language films, obscure Oscar nominees. Real butter on the popcorn, beer and wine, gourmet desserts, friendly service. Oh, and don't forget late night Saturday Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Phillip Gill

While this theatre doesn't have all the modern seat amenities being offered in large chain theatres now, it still offers a great movie going experience. The prices are reasonable and they have plenty of snacks and drinks to choose from (they also run specials during the week which is greaat). Further, they play movies that are difficult to find in more main stream theatres. The only down side to this place is that there is no parking lot. I have been lucky enough to find street parking close to the theatre and there is a garage that can be parked in nearby as well. This is definitely a place worth visiting to see a movie.

David Crotty

Best shows can be seen here.

Tom Farrell

Best place to see a movie in the city. One of the only places you can catch a film that isn't widely-released, which is awesome. They also carry fairly mainstream films as well. The offerings at the Esquire are usually so good that you don't even need to look at the schedule - just show up, buy a ticket to anything and enjoy. It's more than likely to be a great time.

rachel walker

Loved It.

Brandon Foltz

We love this theater! Great selection of new and independent movies. Reasonable prices for concessions. Get the Groupon if you go alot!

Atiya Thomas

Take a step back in time and enjoy a movie. The Esquire Theatre is an historical site in the city of Cincinnati, particularly The Clifton Neighborhood. Who can claim to love history and not love Clifton (Ludlow Avenue). It's a lively artisan neighborhood known for its boutique shops, restaurants, and walkability. Who doesn't appreciate convenience? Parking can be scarce and there's really never a day that is better than another day to frequent the area. It is a bustling place. The matinee, which is before 4pm cost $7.75. I believe that the Esquire has discounted rates for students and seniors, but I'm not entirely sure of the conditional requirements. Last but not least, a concession stand and public restrooms.

Elisabeth Mihaljevic

This theatre has been kept in really great condition. Never have I gone to an old theatre like this, but glad I did and would definitely go again. Parking is difficult to find, but doable. They accept Moviepass and was the only showing in our area of a movie we wanted to see, so that's why we ended up here. The theater room we were in held 115 seats and there were 6 screens in the building. Concessions was good. Large popcorn and drink received free refills. Prices for those were about $2 less than what you find at large theaters, so it was a better value.

Laurel Ashworth

Love our neighborhood movie theaters!

Rachel Tingle

Love the small private owned theater! They have a great assortment of movies

Varche' 88

I went to see "If Beale Street Could Talk" great time there. Ran out of pretzels lol but still great place.

Tim Butz

The Esquire theater is a lovely little Art House Cinema where you will see movies he won't see anywhere else. I love it.

Ben Woida

Great theatre to see any film in. Discounts for UC students make this place a must for seeing recent movies on a budget. But while the tickets are cheaper than a standard theatre, you still can expect the best from the Esquire.

Thomas Mendoza

Theater is very nice.Chairs are very comfortable and big.Even the hall rooms are big.The food they serve is also good. Overall nice experience.!!

Brian Hamilton

I've been told by a professional this is the only place in the area to see a movie

Morgan Murray

Cute and quirky little theatre. Love the bar and hipster vibe. Rocky horror was a goofy and fun time! GOOD TO KNOW: if you come for rocky horror they don’t let you buy tickets until 11:30. Our party also came back at 11:30 and they didn’t let us in until midnight. Freezing cold outside.


We went to see the live production along side the movie, of rocky horror picture show and it was, by far, the most amazing experience. The theater is old, so its VERY small but the staff seemed friendly and the event itself was awesome. If you remember old timey kind of theaters where rhe tickets were sold out front and the big board woth the name of the theater was on it and showings were listed below on a billboard rather than a separate one out front of the theater, thats the esquire! This one, on ludlow, isnt in a great part of town so if you go, park as close as possibly under a well lit area! Parking is free at meters around there on weekends.

Jessica Williams

I love films. They always have interesting films. And pop corn is best.


They usually have very good movies.

Nick Cipriani

Very nice vintage looking theater. We had a great time.

Andrew Boniface

Saw Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice. Even alone it was a five star experience. I'm sure there was a much larger audience earlier in the run. Katya at the refreshment stand gave me a chance to discuss the movie afterward.

William Fee

go see spiderman

Ken DeJager

Comfortable and dark. Great indie movies. Local independent business.

Chris Human

Very cool little community theater. A great place to catch off the beaten path documentaries and other flicks.

Velinda Bennett-Johnson

One of the best theatres in Cincinnati, its very clean and quite and some of the best independent movies.

Karol King

As usual, we had a happy experience here. We love the Esquire and the movies we are able to see here. Cincinnati/Clifto is lucky to have the Esquire. It is clean and well maintained.

Kyle Fuller

Sweet little independent movie theater. They do a live performance of Rocky Horror Picture Show every other week Saturday at 12 at night, and have neat one time events all the time.

Virginia Long

I love the atmosphere of this theater. It is great for a unique date night and they tend to have the more unique and indie films. I only gave 4 stars because the seats are very uncomfortable, but that won't keep me from going back.

Janette Kuhn

Love the theater, movie options, prices are fair, my only complaint is the seats are a bit tight.

Nancy Van Pelt

Love the limited, art house type movies they book there. Great date night. Park in the community lot and eat, drink, shop and see a movie.

John Birkenhauer

Just a great old theater. As it is in the very heart of a college campus, the crowd here is NOT the average mall teeny-bopper set, and the location has other advantages. You can buy a beer here, for one. The snack bar has "way above average" selection, and , sells them for prices that don't feel exploitive (HOW odd!!!). Saw Endgame on the opening Thursday. It was crowded, but there were seats, and you didn't have to fight through a crowd. On the downside: It doesn't have the super cool powered roomy and comfortable seats the multiplexes do, so you'll have to somehow survive an ordinary chair... Also: On any given day, unless you are a "full geek film fan" (GUILTY!), on average, the odds that you have heard of more than 1/2 of the films playing this venue are "very slim". But that's the BEST part!

Mathew Ruberg

great place to watch all kinds of movies

Ric Smith

Small theater with cozy atmosphere and friendly staff. Can't beat the price either.

Luke Freeman

Cool theatre for a pre-mall era feel

Billy Keeney

Best place (and sometimes only place) in the area to catch must see independent films that don’t otherwise make it to larger cinemas.

Brian Bonner

A great theater for unique films! It's not IMAX, but know that going in. Popcorn is yummy!

Tim Meier

Last weekend after working a lot for the past two weeks I finally had the the chance to see the movie Avengers: Endgame. I had a few dollars on an Esquire Theatre gift card and decided to go to my favorite neighborhood theatre. I don't live in Clifton but Northside is just across the viaduct and 2 miles down the road. I bought my ticket early for the 2 pm show at the concession stand/ticket counter. The three friendly student age employees provided great service. Later one of them was up front in the ticket booth. Showtimes before 4pm are $7.50. Screen 5 is of medium size & on the right side of the theatre. It was appropriately cool but not cold. The well cushioned seats are comfortable but do not have a headrest or fancy snack holders nor do they let you lean back. The sound system was clear and appropriately loud and the picture on the screen was of high quality. And the movie was great! The theatre lobby is nicely decorated with movie posters and merchandise to buy. There is street parking and validated parking in the lot across the street. I look forward to seeing more movies here especially on a warm summer afternoon or evening. Until next time be kind to each other. #yelpcincy #esquiretheatre

Stephen Metz

Indie film options are limited in Cincinnati so we are incredibly fortunate to have the Esquire. One of my favorite local businesses.

Amiee De'Nice

Luv free summer months ! Friendly staff and lots of fun!!

Marty Crawford

Love the more intimate atmosphere and different selection of movie.

Wesley Clark

Great experience great atmosphere. Love the old style theaters

Hannah Davis

Good place for weird movies. The theater building itself is pretty nice-looking. Also, they have a bar!

Lisa Webb

Great local art deco theater. Current movies, historical and indie movies are shown. Sing alongs, informational events are well attended. Typical movie smacks, but there is wine and beer!!

Wole Ojo

They are showing most movies that I could not even found elsewhere. This movie theater is simple not as fancy as big theater chains in malls. Staffs very courteous. The snack bar is great. Movies Tickets is affordable. You can’t beat the Clean rooms and hallways. check out the local shops on the street. Take note: Parking is hard to find, mostly street parking.


great movie theater in the middle of a neighborhood and conveniently a few doors down from Graeter's...

Reed Gerber

Great films, great staff, great deals.

Gilbert Aguilar

Nice and clean.

Anmol Walimbe

Cute little theater, good to catch a movie if bored. Special student offers available.

Lamont Preston

Good movie and it's quiet

Jerry Legend

One of the few places around the tri state where you can see the latest indie/underground/foreign films. Plus every other Saturday they do Rocky Horror with a shadowcast.


I love everything about this place. My slice of heaven.

Crystal Foster

I really loved it! I went for my first time to see the Joker! It was so amazing and reminded me of being a child in the theater. The popcorn is even better with real butter!

myron shannon

Always enjoy an night out to* the cinema ,but didnt like the film that time

Jenn M

Support your local theater's.

Benjamin Newcomer

Good: $4 beers, nice staff, appropriate volume during the show. Bad: unbelievably uncomfortable seats, hard flat plastic arm rests.

Brian McSwiggen

The Esquire is a good, reasonably priced theater in the heart of Clifton. They always have a wide variety of good films. The seats aren't as comfortable as some other local movie theaters though, which have started to adopt the assigned-seating reclining chairs.

Ryan McNeely

Great small local theatre showing some small films as well as big. No reclining or assigned seats. But still a good venue.

Veen Bristow

The Esquire is a great theater for movie goers seeking more than just intro ads, a clean cut movie, and expensive foodstuffs. The Esquire hosts great film festivals and specialty showings. They show not only blockbusters but also arthouse and experimental films. This was the first place I saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show (with live commentary

Scott Pollard

One of the best movie theaters in North America! Great selection of movies and programming of events. Park in the merchants lot a street south of the theater and ask them to validate your parking ticket.

Sean Costello

Historic art house movie theatre in the heart of Clifton. Slated to close in the 90s, it was saved by the community and thank goodness for it! Frequently showing independent and short run movies, it's a great place to see a unique film.

S. Wayne Hill

Love this spot!

557T108F70 Jimmy

Saw isle of dogs. Those dogs sure are smart!

Matt Nawrocki

Cute little theater. Clean and has nice concessions.

Lori Santel

Any gamer old school and new will love this there is a bar with food and drinks but games are free

Danielle B

Love this theater! They serve the usual confessions, but also beer & wine. The movie theater rooms are a perfect size. Plus the shopping and restaurants nearby are Great!

Krystyna King

This was our first visit to the Esquire Theater...what a gem! The staff was very friendly and personable and a terrific selection of movies. Also, a handful of eateries/coffee shops in proximity to grab a bite to eat before or after the movie.

Vicky Mascio

Shows limited release and hard to find movies. 4 of 5 because seats are not as comfortable as new theaters.

renee patrick

I enjoyed coming here with my parents & now enjoy bringing my kids here. Hope to bring my grandkids someday. Great place


It had more than one theatre, which surprised me because it looks so small on the outside. The lobby was small, but comfortable. It was a great neighborhood theater like we had when I was little. I plan to go back again.

Joey Koo

Tired of only being able to see 50 Shades of Gray and Fast and Furious 337? Tired of the mobs of middle schoolers sneaking into said movies to squeal like pigs in the seats behind you? Come here. They show the good stuff.

Guy Clark

The entire charm of the local shops in this area is reflected even in the movie theater. The snack bar is not outrageous and the theater is not as fancy as the big places at the mall it totally makes up for that with charm. Clean rooms and polite staff is certainly a place I still return to. They play the indie movies the big shops don't waste the time with. Go there and watch an obscure indie film and check out the local shops to make a day of it.

Hillary k

One of the best small-town home-feel cinema’s. They usually have really good and very current movie (unlike other small cinema’s). Their service is also really nice. Also highly recommending to sign up to their newsletter to get perks such as discounts and GO TO THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW! It is hilarious!!

Andrea Buschmiller

My Favorite Theater in Cincinnati! I love the Esquire. Unique Films, Amazing Staff. Great places nearby to grab Ice Cream or Wine before or after a movie. I highly recommend! Locally Owned.


The closest you can get to an indie theatre in Cincinnati. They're always really nice, and having a bar and busken pastries doesn't hurt.

Micheal Kiser

It's a great space for to see films that aren't shown at the main stream theaters. Great staff, always clean.

Darrell Hugueley

Quaint little theatre in the hipster part of town. Only place showing the Wes Anderson film we wanted to see. Good selection of concession snacks and a friendly staff. Our theater was only about fifty seats, and the projection was digital. So it was not that much bigger than my Mancave.

Brad Damron

Always a pleasure to watch a film here.

Peter Von Busch

Great local movie theater with character.

Bart Sharkey

Great options to see movies not necessarily available at the big multiplexes. All of their theaters are well run, reasonably priced, good concessions, and very worth the trip.

Roberto Mandujano

My favorite theater in the area!

neko larkin

Very good movies indeed. Catch a flick late at night

J.W. Hager

Feels like a trip back in time. Quaint small theaters, perfect for date night.

Miguel Torres

What a remarkable cinema. Love the atmosphere. Loved the private feeling of the experience.

Kimberly Fraizer

Very convenient. And the location is in a nice area. Parking is very nice!

Charity Bonapfel

Love this place. Go to for date night or a friends night out. Great selection of independent movies and nostalgic exterior.

Dave Saylor

This theater is awesome. It's right in the middle of things in a place you would never expect. It's a smaller theater, giving you that personal and quaint "mom & pop" kind of feeling. However it's much bigger than it looks from the outside. It's clean and considerably cheaper than going to one those corporate places. They even provide abnormal concessions such as milkshakes and even beer! I was ecstatic, because it wasn't more expensive than going out to Graeters or to a bar. I watched "Endgame" here for my first time going and will definitely recommend it to others.

Samantha Flesh

Really fun for the old movie theater experience, especially if you go see an old movie but you have to understand that your butt is going to hurt from sitting in those seats because our butts have been so conditioned to the luxury recliners at large scale theaters. If you can endure the pain it's worth it

Attrice Kelly

Fun nice place to go see old time movies and theatre experience.

Jessica Prues

It is a well-known movie theater that has been around since before I was born and I have I had so many great experiences there that I would recommend it to everyone!!!

nichole mix

This is the best place for old movies, foreign movies, independent movies! Love it's right by the Clifton Market and mear Burnett Woods

Zach Sprinkle

Nice theater showing all kinds of film

nErgee Chockoolic

Too bad they charge for if you want butter on the popcorn.

Michael Lenz

Super theater, very helpful & friendly employees. Helpful with MoviePass if needed. Very positive experience.

Herr Major

A good little off beat theater that shows a mixture of first run features and more "artsy" films. Small theater sizes, do lead to cramped seating however, but that shouldn't be viewed as a deal breaker persay. Still one of the only places in Cincinnati you can catch the Rocky Horror Picture Show (complete with shadow cast) every other Saturday of the month, and those times are listed on the Esquire's website. They also do fun little events where they will show off beat sci fi, horror, etc movies, which are also listed on their website. I've never had a bad time when I've been to the Esquire. There is a Graeter's Ice Cream half a block further up, a Skyline Chili a half a block further down as well as Sitwell's Coffee, which at time of this review was closed for maintenance.

Ralph Lozano

This theater really surprised me as I've never been a in a movie house 1/4 the size (screen & seating area) of a normal old fashioned theater. The acoustics and seats are all very good and comfortable. The popcorn is delicious and the staff is very nice and welcoming. I recommend this theater for anyone looking for a great place to watch a flick!.....

Padmaja Naidu

Nice theater with an old time feel. We saw "Loving Vincent" in theater 10 - it was a great experience and an excellent movie.

Amy Burke

Very nice, small theatre. Good popcorn and service.

suman c

Nice boutique theatre. Watched 'Free Solo' with family. Great that they show these special movies, other than run of the mill Hollywood fares....

Michelle Hernandez

I absolutely LOVED this place. The staff there was very attentive and asked if there was anything else I needed. Everyone had a smile on their face, except for this one guy at the food section. The tickets were cheap as heck and I love their theater rooms. It reminds me of the old school movie theaters where it feels like a small school auditorium. Also, their commercials before the movie starts has a lot of cool local events that are happening and some reminiscent music. I'm definitely coming back to this place ❤

Paul Jutte

The only movie theater that doesn’t exclusively show contemporary Hollywood blockbusters. Lots of great independent films and fun showings of older films. Truly the best movie theater in Cincinnati. Parking is a little inconvenient but not too terrible. Highly recommend.

William Fleenor

They were the only places around that had The Shape of Water and Isle of Dogs when they first came out, also they do a Rocky Horror night. It's a good time

Nicole Merrill

Love this place! It can be a little cold or hot so dress in layers.

Hemant T

A gem of a theater showcasing a lot of great films and old classics. It has the old school nostalgic vibe l. They were showing 'The Graduate' when we visited. They also hosted a indie film festival at the same time. They had wine and beer available, a d the usual popcorn and soda. I would highly recommend visiting this place and checking out a old classic film or one of the newer arthouse films. A great place for film lovers.

Tim Berberich

Small, black box style movie spaces that show some popular movies, but also the niche films you don't always get a chance to see. I've had some great dates here. You'll love it here.

Chuck Zimmer

Loved the one in Eastgate but since they shutdown I don't visit Esquire theater's much anymore.

Les Hemingway

I like the movie theater. They have great movies there. That area done there is right out of the 60s or 70s. It is like going back in time. Rather interesting characters on the streets. I always get down there a little early just to check out the street life

Lambs Guy

Great art cinema setting. Snack assortment is good but pricey. My first choice for movie viewing.

Katie Timmins

The Esquire shows great and interesting movies. Typically there is only about 5 minutes worth of previews and no commercials before the movie. They also have fun events like musical sing alongs and Rocky Horror. Love the Esquire!

Devi Priya

Mini screen for weekend relaxation... nice to watch movies

Seth Parker

The Esquire is one of my favorite places to see a movie. It has a great small Art House theater Vibe with lots of modern amenities and concessions. They play everything from arthouse Niche movies two big summer Blockbusters. They also have a full bar is a bartender who is more than happy to whip you up any cocktail you'd like. The theaters are always clean and well maintained and the staff is very friendly. At least insofar as you could ever hope for a theater staff to be.

Andrew M

Great date night spot. Good films, art deco and historical atmosphere. Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable too. This is my first choice theatre in Cincinnati so far.

Jake Kelly

Great place to see some great movies.

Joe Hoh

This is an amazing theater with wonderful limited release movies. Excellent service and delicious popcorn. They also validate your parking!

Nick Rascona

The ambience of this theatre works in conjunction with the classic indie appeal of Clifton. A cornerstone of the Gaslight District; architecturally contrasting the strip, giving flavor to the streetline (if you will). The retro design of this place makes you feel at home. A present day glimpse into our recent cultural past. The service is phenomenal. I was able to get a crown and coke right outside my theatre.

Marrissa J

Nice venue with several small theater rooms under one roof. Courteous service, alcohol and popcorn....what a nice combo

Brandon Conner

Had a drink, watched The Room, thoroughly enjoyed throwing spoons and yelling in a theater. Perfect 5/7

Allison Dyer

Came here a couple weeks ago and it was very clean, super nice staff and an awesome theater in general

Aaron Schiff

The Esquire is an amazing theater with films you can't find anywhere else. Their staff is wonderful, prices are fair, and the building is constantly clean and inviting. Theater seats are comfortable and the new silver screen in their large theater house creates for an amazing theaterical experience. The theater also boasts Cincinnati's Rocky Horror cast with regular performances.


Great little retro theater with interesting shops and food nearby. Cool place. Parking is interesting.

David Niemeyer

Great choice for seeing small indie films as well as blockbuster movies that don't suck! Location is adjacent to plenty of restaurants and bars so this is a great date night spot

Matt Buzza

Drove here to see the documentary free solo it's an older theater, but it seems well maintained. you can park at the parking lot across the street and get your ticket paid for by them, although it wasn't fully paid for for some reason.

Mike Willis

Cozy, well taken care of, affordable and presents interesting intellectual, artful movies and foreign films. It's somewhat quaint but the overall experience is lovely and enjoyable.

James Fain

They get a lot of cool movies here

Sarah Brake

Great old school theater experience

Tanmay Jog

There's no elevated seating arrangement

Jennifer Williams

Great old theatre

Juanita Guilford

Went to see ROCKET MAN , a must see and got in for 7.50 because I'm a senior

Dustin Mckeehan

Great place to catch a flick, and always had a respectful crowd when I ve been there

Ronald Snider

Very nice theater great place to see a movie!

Harrison Kreimer

A wonderful and historic theatre. Also, you can buy beer and wine there and drink it during the movie. To quote Borat, "very nice!"

Jules Rosen

Best theater in the city. Great place to watch Indy movies and great old-timey feel. Can park in Clifton public lot, and they will validate parking.

Luis Adrián Martínez López

I liked this movie theater, and would come back. Parking is really limited, and it's preferably if you can to get walking. Parking could be nearby, or street, but it is a bit difficult (but it is most related how complicated is that street to park). Prices for tickets has been okay and good. They are actually cheaper than most big theaters, which make senses. It is important to understand this is not a big theater, but it is one who commits to make you feel comfortable and enjoy the movie. Popcorins here were delicious, and I love their name. I ordered the "Previews Only" one, and interestingly enough, it lasted for that long. Rooms are okay, not recliner or stadium seating. However, they do its purpose. I love the selection of movies they get to bring. Seats might not be the most comfortable in the world, but no complain about it. I'd come back, and definitely suggest if you really wanna watch a movie, then this cinema will fulfill everything you ask for it.

Courtney Jackson

Nice place, prices for snacks were reasonable.

Rosie Allen

Great novie theatre and excellent staff.

Nereida Guzman

Absolutely amazing ❤️!!

Perry Wiggins

Nice little movie theater to watch independent films.

Klara Apro

Cold war excellent movie

lisa webb

Great vintage theater showing current movies. They are one of VERY few places in town showing Indie films and foreign language films. They also offer theme-based nights; Hitchcock nights, Audrey Hepburn nights, AND sing-a-longs which are a hoot!

Anita Howcroft

Great place to see old and new movies!

stephen miller

What a wonderful theatre! The employees were so nice and everything was so neat and tidy. I can't wait to go back

Ria Matlib

Older theater, so you get what you get. Great gourmet snacks available. One big main room. Other rooms are small & narrow. Take extra time to park.

Ben Young

Really liked it, got a great selection of interesting and eclectic movies that really run the gamut from more mainstream fair to some amazing indie and off the beaten path films. Really only complaint is parking was a bit confusing for my first time going their. The street can get filled up real quick on a busy night, and if so you gotta loop around to a paid lot one street over, it wasn't too expensive especially since the theatre validates you for two free hours if parking, but it was a little difficult to find it when I showed up at night. Still, had a good time here, friendly staff and clean premises, saw Eraserhead here, the fact I can see a classic like that projected beautifully on the big screen should be more than enough to vouch for this places cred. Great spot! Thank you so much for bringing great cinema new and old to cincy!

Aubry Eversole

Historic, can't beat it. The only complaint was the door in the projector room was opened a few times during our movie, casting light onto our screen. DEFINITELY get the popcorn. It's popped fresh with real butter, not old and stale like big box theaters do nowadays.

Mo Jennings

Great place to watch 'not so mainstream' movies and then have dinner Indian food at Ambar!

Kenzie Scott

Worst theatre ever!!! Me and my husband went here the other night to watch a movie and it is way to small of a space and it's super loud like if you have sensitive ears and don't like really loud sounds I don't recommend this place to you cause it will make you feel like your going death

Thomas McManus

Great place to watch a movie.

Tony Zetko

Love the old school theater feel with updated screens and sound.

John Chester

Five dollar Tuesdays are the best!

Jennette C

Theater is a bit on the small side and the seating is slightly cramped. However, it is a great place to go for a cheap outing. Located on Ludlow Ave. so it's next to a handful of nice shops and restaurants.

Marc Campolongo

It is one of the few movie theaters that places a premium on Indi films and throws in wide releases too. It is never too crowded and has good environment. First class.

Mike Schmidt

Just a cool, small, comfortable old theater with a nice vibe.

Vikram Seshadri

If you are film enthusiast or want to spend some free time you can go to this theatre. They usually don't play the latest movies.


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