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Where is Cinemark Fayette Mall and XD?

REVIEWS OF Cinemark Fayette Mall and XD IN Kentucky

Adrian Smith

I was still comfortable in a crowded theater. Picture and sound was good too!

Anna Constantino

Expensive but stadium seating/reclining and clean as it gets.

joe wonderbread

Very modern and up to date on newest movies.

Bryan Back

Had a great time. Service at the concession stand was slow, but seating is excellent, the place was really clean... Concession prices are outrageous, but that's anywhere you go anymore.

Nathan P

Great place to watch movies.

Ronald Coomer

This is the only place we go to here in town. Never disappointed.

christopher sheridan

very nice theater. they dont have the large reclining seats that many theaters are going to but their seats are very comfortable and appeared new. most comfortable non reclining seats i have sean in a theater

Keri Silva

Miss the arcade but the new bar looks nice. Not sure on the pricing on it though. This is my go to theater

Jennifer Noel

Not to busy especially late nights.

Donald Cohen

Clean, comfortable with all the amenities you could ask for.

Madison Harter

It was pretty clean and spacious

Darren Dews

Great movie theatre. Only we go to.


Just like any Cinemark theater, anywhere. I don't know if all of their theaters have Jack N'Coke or margarita slushees-but, this one does. I haven't tried them yet. Tell me if they're good.


Good movie selection. Clean. Good popcorn. Plus they have a bar now. My only complaint is that not enough aisles are open for service.

Betty Green

Clean theatre.Comfortable seating.Clean bathrooms.

Debbie Kipp

It was nice still the snack bar is a little pricey

Jean Valentine

Good theater, clean, and keep an eye out for the special events they are great

Shawn Hafford

We waited for an hour before anyone told us we couldnt take our bags in the theater with us this place is a horible place to see a movie at.

Juggy Arnett

Bright burn was an incredible film to bad iron man dies at the end of endgame

Cody Holliday

Really great place one of the few that your butt doesnt start hurting half way through the movie

Josh Hayes

Great cinema, they have student discounts as well as member discounts (which is what I use). Tuesday cheap-nights are a plus. Only issue is the cost of concessions.

Alecia Clark

The remodel on the inside is great. No more arcade!

Jolie Allen

Going early is best to time to enjoy a movie without feeling crowded

Regina Gober

Decent service for a 9pm viewing experience, 5 stars because they were able to find my wallet when I lost it there, -2 stars because when it was returned to me it didn't have any of my gift cards inside /:

Deidre Wilson

I love this place reasonable prices and now they have a bar which makes it totally more better you get more for you buck here than any other movie theater. The staff are friendly and super awesome with suggestions. I woukd say i didn't give 5 stars because it was a little dirty. They could use a lil cleaning

Larry Lauersdorf

Reasonable ticket prices, Pizza hut available was a nice touch

Mitchell Coyle

Purchased the club subscription so I could save money and still get assigned seating but the free ticket and reduced price doesn't work on movies that have reserved seating so I would have to show up 30+ minutes to the next movie to get any seats I want or pay extra for 3d for the 5 tickets I already purchased, not use my club free ticket and use 3d glasses over my regular eyeglasses which anyone who has glasses knows they don't stack well And when I tried to get a refund for everything the manager and box office employee said I'd have to call the Cinemark customer service to get a refund for my club membership and after waiting 10 minutes on the phone after their automated message repeadtedly said my wait time was less than 2 minutes, only for the call operator to tell me the club isn't refundable and it's the terms and conditions despite 2 employees saying I could, one of which was a manager. Work on your customer service and in the meantime I'll be going to literally any where else .

Monica Mason

I just wish it didn't cost $30 for a large popcorn!

Jessica Creager

The chairs are very comfortable

Scott Hurt

Nice theater. Comfortable seats. Handicap accessible seating.

Tamara McNece

Several members of my family came to watch Fantastic Beasts ordered a lot of food and had to wait 20 minutes on mustard!! The manager Leia was so slow and didn’t even apologize!!!! Will go to Regal next time

Carrie Foster


Edward Roach

Still needs a little more improvements in customer service But other then that great place to watch a movie

joseph becher

Showed up more than ten minutes after the movie was listed to show and they were still in previews. It worked out this time, but if I had been on time I would've complained about the amount of previews being shown. The showing had assigned seats. The theater itself seemed clean.

Patrice Muhammad

Early bird discount for first showing of the day. Come EARLY now that reserved seating is required. The lines get long while people pick seats. Great rewards program with free premier showings.

Josh Moore

The XD theater never let's me down. Great colors and awesome sound. The lobby and theater itself had posters and popcorn on the ground though. The poster was on the stairs, could cause slip and fall.

Keith Gillispie

Not good they have changed to assign seats. That is why we quit going to Hamburg theaters. However their popcorn is still better than. Hamburg

Bax McClure

Great sound. Wonderful seats. Always enjoy seeing a movie here.

Victoria J.

This location doesn't have a machine to print your online tickets, so even if you have bought online, you wait in the main line. Give yourself some time. The food is ok...normal cinema food. Service could use more smiles to welcome people. The location is clean.

Desiree Harris

Always great!

pretty_kitti_ 94

Staff is usually pretty friendly, movie rooms are fairly clean. Only bad thing is usually a couple of the game machine either dont work or take your money. Overall decent theater

Ivan Bedard

Not to bad seats are ok even the ones in the smaller rooms ...price about what you would think not the 90s anymore.

Fredi Vallejo-Alvardo

Enjoyed the show. The people who worked there were very helpful. Had nice seats.

David Stone

Went and saw Ralph breaks the internet. Great movie by the way. Theater was clean, staff was nice, and the price was nice. Tuesday is discount day if you didn't know. Definitely the day to go since prices have become ridiculous otherwise.


I enjoyed myself and the kids had a ball watching Godzilla: King of Monsters

Leslie Crocker

Saw Rocketman Great!!

Ashley Martin

Maaaaaan. I haven’t been to this theatre in a good long while. Ticket prices are outrageously high, and concession isn’t much better, like $5 for skittles you could get for a buck and the dollar store. Also they used to have a small picture of the movie you were seeing about each auditorium door so you’d know your in the correct theater room, that’s gone.... replaced by numbers on your printed ticket that literally everyone immediately throws away upon entering the lobby *facepalm. Staff was friendly enough. Ladies bring your *large purse for this place wink wink.

Tim bailie

Great place to catch a movie. Great Tuesday specials.

Alexandria Smith

So much room and the place is huge. I took my 4 year old and he seemed to have liked it very well. It was clean for a movie theater. Had plenty of movies and snacks to choose from. Very nice place to go. Would recommend

Troy Wright

Cool will be nack

Stacy Campbell

The theater is fine but I very much dislike assigned seating. I am not alone in this regard.

Ronda Stewart-Wilcox

An up-to-date movie house. The Cinemark app is easy to use for ordering and picking up tickets. Large variety at concessions. Comfortable seats.

Robert Sails

Clean, fun, and a good place to see movies

Steven Scott

Theatre seemed clean. The screen was big enough and the sound was decent. We saw Fantastic Beasts and the Crimes of Grindelwald. The theater did the movie justice. However, the seats are not the greatest, not by today's standards. And there is not a lot of room between isles, so when the person behind me decided to cross her legs, a foot was uncomfortably close to my face. Other theaters around are better.

Jacob Kraschnewski

Just saw Joker here and it was fantastic! Joaquin Phoenix was unbelievable.

Alicia Campbell

My favorite theater around. Very clean, great screens, amazing sound and picture quality and reasonably priced compared to other theaters

Will V

Great theater. Popcorn was delicious.

Samantha Stoneking

Food is really pricey like most theaters, but the theater was clean, workers were courteous.

matt spurling

Nice seats good snack/food selection and fair ticket prices.

Darren Rowe

Newly remodeled lobby was a surprise. Used Fandango digital tickets, and was kind if a hassle for the ticket taker. Bigger selection of snacks now, with Pizza Hut stuff.

Allen Adkins

Good theatre to see the latest movies.... tickets and concessions are expensive but most are. Bargain matinees ease the bite on the wallet some.

Miles an Miles Tv

Can't wait to go back to see Creed 2 on Thanksgiving at a great place to watch a movie I'm bringing family this time

Veronica Boller

This theatre has a great selection of food and alcohol at a bar as well. Typically it is a fast concession line wait, but if you're like me and want butter in the middle of your popcorn, it is such a pain with their self buttering pumps. They need one behind the stand so the employees can do the middle and then customers can top it off. With other theaters stepping their game up with fancy seats, this one needs to follow suit. Parking can be a pain, so get there early and don't forget the parking lot wraps all the way around back too.

Johnathan Spencer

They have a bar now so that's amaizing

Star beam

Slow service and the seats need updating. They are comfy but need more leg room. Went to see dumbo and there were a bunch of adults make a lot of noise!

Christopher Stinnett

This theater is huge and because of that fact there are always convenient times that are spaced out to accommodate your schedule. This theater has an XD theater that has a huge screen and really nice seating which can be reserved. The prices for concessions are fairly affordable. I think this movie theater is among one of the cleanest I have been to in a long time.

Aurora Pullar

Comfortable seats and under $8 for a matinee showing.

Dolores Howard

Nice, clean, friendly staff and they show a variety of movies.

Matthew Mitchell

Clean building, polite staff ticket sales and usher during busy hours.

Luis Orengo

Great theater


The manager was really nice the only the reason why I did not get it 5 stars is because one of the employees ran out of the booth to run and tell her that the kids did not have someone that was 16 or older but what he did not know was that I was purchasing a ticket to go with them so if you would have came to the parent and said to them you know that your child must have someone older to go in with him and his friends he would have knew that I was taking care of that but I really did like the way the manager handle the situation

G ball

Clean. Good sound. Knowledgeable staff.

Terry Taylor

I love it! The Cinemark App has great rewards too!

Srinivasa Rao Ippili

Clean thestre, nice staff! They plan Indian movies sometimes and I hope they continue to bring more Indian movies in the future as well.

Susan Hester

Was there for an event and if it hadn’t been 930 am would have taken advantage of the new to us bar area.

Debbie Ricketts

Very nice theater ,comfortable seating and very nice people work there.


A good clean play e to see a moive


Great theater, but they got rid of the mini arcade, so that's disappointing. They're adding in a bar and a Pizza Hut in place of where the arcade was which sounds really cool, looking forward to that! The seats aren't as nice and comfy as others I've sat in but they're not too bad. They might have specific theater rooms with better seating. Still a great spot to peep out some awesome movies! :)

melvin machal


jijoe eswanth

It deserves five star if it had recliner seats

Devan Gales

Movie was pretty good however, it reminded me of the saw movies

Daniel Gorash

Could be cleaner. Overall a great theatre

Darius Mullins

Comfortable and nice friendly staff.

Kathleen Bell

Closest theater to my house, so I always go here. People are friendly, sound is perfect as is the temperature.

Narrasheod Perryman

Welcomed improvements to the drinks and food selection.

Alexias Taylor

Early showings are amazing.

Joyce Oechsli

One of the most comfortable theaters I have ever been. Almost like watching a movie at home. But better popcorn!


The food is good and a pizza hut is in the lobby. Popcorn bowls are large and drinks aren't that overpriced and offer a large selection. There are multiple large theaters all with nice seats that can rock back and forth.

Phyllis Sargent

Now serves alcohol, has an XP theatre. Cleaner than other movie places, decent prices.

Eliza Peryam

Very nice theater. Always clean and plenty of parking and you are near a decent variety of restaurants if you want to do dinner and a movie. Bit of a pain to get to because you have to drive around the mall, but not too bad.

Ron Dennis

WONDERFUL we seen Racing in the Rain, nice to see a good family movie.

Jack P

My wife and I had a great experience here, all thanks to the employee Grace! She was super friendly at the concession stand, made us laugh, and made the overall experience great! The theater was clean, and the whole movie watching experience was very good.

Aaron Woods

So far so good. Takes movie pass. No assigned seating. Comfy chairs. Shows a lot of good movies. But it's a huge chain. Don't forget about our local Kentucky Theater!

Melanie Hobgood

Love the comfy leather-like seats and foldable arm rests!

Tracy Bright

Was accused by a ticket clerk of not paying for our movie US bc we had bought our tickets earlier in the day. Once we went to our movie we realized we were in the wrong theater room. When we asked for assistance, the clerk asked us to present our ticket which we already had disposed of in the trash after we entered and we're seated. When we couldn't produce the ticket we were blatantly accused of lying and my husband even asked if the clerk wanted him to dig through the trash to get the ticket. Finally the clerk allowed us to go to our movie. Definitely profiled as others had questions as well but were never asked to prove they had a ticket SMH. Sad

pam rowe

This is a great theater, but the last two times I have been there, the butter for popcorn were not filled up in 2 out of 3 of the stands and you just had to guess which ones had the butter. This was slightly annoying. The seats are not reclining but they are comfortable. The restrooms are usually clean. The employees have always been polite and friendly to me.

Kelly Lewis

Seating was wonderful. Snacks and drinks were a bit pricey after the ticket cost. Arcade had enough to do while waiting for our movie time. Picture quality was nice. Sound was a bit loud during certain pre-rolls, other than that audio was perfect. Overall had a nice movie night.

Beth Anne Brumfield

It was super easy to get my tickets and get through all the lines. I like the ability to choose my own seat in theater. All of the staff are friendly and very helpful. The screen are a great size and high resolution. I absolutely love discount day Tuesdays!

JB Sparkssp

Exceptional staff and well maintained facility. Their staff remain loyal for, often, years which reflects good management. Most friendly and helpful. Have been there weekly for 11 years now and look forward to doing so.

Angel Chavez

Great place but prices are too high on entrance and food/drinks

Frank Genovese

Seats were too small as compared to the newest theaters.

Satyander Dudee

Great Screen, Sound and seats. pricey .. but what isnt these days

bethann stinnett

I enjoy this theater very much! They’re actually adding in a bar where the game area used to be in the lobby! Easy parking and plenty of seating. Friendly and helpful staff!


This was a very nice and clean movie theater. The staff was cool and the theater was kinda on the small size so if felt cozy in the cinema room. The prices were reasonable and it was a positive experience.


Good theater. Lines take a long while with not enough staffed most of the time

Astrid Wenke-Sebastian

Pretty good theater, comfortable seats, usually clean... Sound too loud though.

Johanna Mae

Good theater small seats

Cj Mahan

Comfortable seats popcorn was good. Concession line was long but moved quick

Taurean Tyson

Very good. Definitely top two movie theaters in Lexington.

Bob Murdoch

Great theater but needs faster concession line

Johnny Coss

It's okay but must be nice if they clean or vacuum after each movie because there's popcorn everywhere were.

Lorie Howard

Great place to see a movie. Comfortable seats.


Very clean good sound and comfortable chairs.

Matt B

Ridiculous line to get tickets-1 attendant at counter. No automated kiosk. Wait caused us to miss our movie.

Kenny Hensley

Good matinee prices awesome chairs


I really enjoy going to movies here.

Ethan Combs

a really good place to go if you want movies cheap especially if you give blood and you get free tickets to go here I want to see maleficent for only $2.12 with my free ticket in 3d this movie theater has one of my best experiences I really liked it and I would go here a lot morethis place offers an experience that I'll never get any other movie theater the best movie theater in her has great popcorn and great service and I love their pizzas I give you the best award

Chris Courtney

Good movies. Slow service. Theaters need renovations to seating.

Cheyenne Freeman

Love going on Tuesday for 5 dollar tickets

Nick Santini

The seats are better than they used to be, but they still don't recline. I only go here on Tuesday when the price is $5.50 a ticket.

James Ward

I loved this place! It had a feel of times forgotten and the workers were very nice.

Alexander Loudon VI, D.C.

Very grateful there's still some place to see movies for less than $10/person!

4rankly Candid

At 4:00 PM on a Sunday!! Unacceptable, especially when workers were standing around..

Alice Davis

Good movie, but don't understand why people insist on chatting during the movie.

fernando osorio

We had a great time , me and my wife

Kaitlyn Tuite

Beast theater in Lexington. Comfortable seating, close to restaurants, shopping centers and the Fayette mall. We usually attend on Tuesday nights and get a great discount!

Tarah Ketron

For a movie theater I like it pretty well, seats are nice now that they're all leather.

Naomi Hedden

Seats recline and are comfortable. Restrooms were clean and did not smell. Surround sound is excellent! This location sell tickets thru Fandango

Jake P

Would like more if they had electric recliners.

Tanise Willians

Went to see the Grinch!!! The lady at the ticket window gave my daughter a bday discount for her 18th bday!!!! She was really nice!!! Greatly appreciated!!!

Adam Ray

XD theater is the best. Stadium seating and reserved seating tKes a good bit of the stress of finding a seat out. Bought tix o line and scanned phone at entrance. And clean theater!

Jasdeep Singh

Movies were great. Awesome experience overall. Food and beverages were overpriced.

Elfrieda Bailey

They have excellent movies and good seating

Macey Hall

I'm not sure if I can tell a difference between their XD theater. Otherwise great place to watch a movie


Food prices being what they are, we always enjoy going as do my children.

George Phillips

Great seats. Good sound system

Dallas Matthew

Everything is nice except for the popcorn. They have the worst popcorn I have had in a very long time. Everyone is nice, theater is clean, sound is perfect, screens have great quality and concessions for the most part are good. But again the popcorn tastes old and burnt.

Kevin Powell

Beautiful movie theatre with reasonable prices. They even have a bar inside now and allow you to take your drinks into the movie

Matthew Smoot

Very nice place, employees were very helpful, everything look new and the seating is there a comfortable

Omari Bookal

BUY YOUR TICKETS IN ADVANCE AND SCREENSHOT THE CONFIRMATION CODE TO PULL IT UP EASIER LATER. You really don't want to wait on line and the tickets are virtually the same price.

Nickie Guinn

Comfy seats

Dennis Shadoan

Whent to the movie called the mule was good movie but coke& popcorn cost twelve dollars


I love Cinemark!! I always have a good time when I go to the movies there!

Cristofer Saucedo

The popcorn was good but it tasted like garlic

Brittany Ford

Absolutely horrible customer service. My daughter is five years old and I requested to buy a water. Then gave me a tiny cup that didn’t come with a lid. I told the girl Abby or Ally ( Caucasian long blonde hair) I’d be happy to pay a cup cost because I didn’t want her to spill it on herself. She informed me it’s be a full price (4.75) charge just for water. I again explained myself to which she was rude and dismissive. I usually always go to Brannon Crossing because they have much better seats, and a nicer food selection. I wanted to give this theater a chance since it has more times but honestly I don’t think I’ll be back. It was such a simple fix that was blown way out of proportion. Go to Brannon crossing much more comfortable and a lot better customer service.

Nicholas Jump

A fun time, Tuesday is discount day (5.50 I think). Fun atmosphere, generally clean. Love it.

Jack Stone

Verry nice & friendly.. clean !!

Sarah Katzenmaier

Not a pleasant user experience to get a ticket ... if you don't plan a day ahead, you can't see a movie.

Tim Nease

Since you're pretty comfortable in the staff is always friendly. Only downfall is the price when you have the family as large as mine. Lol then the last we always have a good time. I would recommend that second to the Movie Tavern only due to the Movie Tavern seats.

David Guga

Awesome, as a bar you can take the drinks with you into the movie theater

Wes Preston

Took a date here and it was really fun!! Got dumped a week later

Leslie Sawyer

Good 3D movie

Creedence Cook

Good movies good time

David Madden

Prices for drinks, popcorn and snacks are through the roof but things are very clean and nice.

Gatchtoffee XD

Comfortable seating. Clean bathrooms. Staff was friendly. Tuesday specials. Senior citizens discounts as well military discounts.

Mus Muhammad

I mean, in terms of quality, you can do better than this place. Only reason to go here is for their Tuesday discount days, other than that, just go to regal and be treated right.


clean friendly


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