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REVIEWS OF 27 Twin Drive-In Theatre IN Kentucky

melina smith

Great venue...nice employees...good food and awesome prices...will definitely be back!!

Dan Patterson

Just like the good old days sitting back and watching a movie from the comfort of your car, or favorite lawn chair! This drive-in has a great family atmosphere, strangers being social with one another, kids playing in the big grassy area under the screen others sitting on blankets. It’s a lot of fun and the movies are current releases!

Super Saiyan Wilch

I haven't been to a drive-in in over 30 years, didn't even know this was here. Took the kids, piled in the back of the truck and watched a double feature! We all loved it! Great experience, just like when I was a kid

Jacob Robinson

Great movie experience!

lynn zimm

There is nothing spectacular about it, and even ran down and shabby but it's a drive-in! The only one I know of. I live over an hour away but feel it's worth it. Totally different from theater experience IMO anyway.

Matthew Cureington

Great pizza. Great movies. Great fun for the family

Steffon lilbill

Always have fun here.

Martin Brewster

Awesome great place, food pizza drinks all great


I love the drive in. I cant rate the food bc ive never ate there b4. However the tickets are cheap! You get two movies for less than one at the theater and you get the privacy of your own car.

Leonard Sierens

One of the last one's around.

Greg Davidson

Very nice

Bill Allen

Awesome not to many drive inn's left. Very clean

nancy Kinney

Love the drive in. Going to miss Harry.

Melissa Hardwick

Reasonable price and if you have kids its so muuch easier than a walk in theatre

Tyson Payne

Absolutely love it the screens could be brighter but it is a drive inn

Valéria Rosa Rocha

I love it! It's such an awesome and friendly environment!

Tracy Ruble

Very fun for the family

Shane Poynter

The place is very clean, very friendly staff, super good food and the popcorn, oh lord don't get me started on how great the popcorn was. Other than the random few cars leaving their annoying parking lights on. The staff handled them very politely and quickly. Would choose this over any theater any day of the week.

Archie Lawson

We had a great time at the movie last night

Katelyn Hardwick

Its cheaper than the movies and you get to watch 2 movies!!:) great for family's!!!!

April Wyatt

Great place to take the family

Lisa Troxtell

Love this place

Roger Grubbs

Love this place! Great place to bring your family. Brings back some great memories!

James Keith

A good family place to go

Stefown k

Love it and they have nice nachos

Omar Meer

Old classic drive-in :)

Marteeka Karland

Nice alternative to an actual theater.

Jenny Turpin

Great family place to take kids and sit under the stars while you watch a two movies for $6.00! Definitely can't beat that deal at any theater! Great food, staff and picture! Highly recommend!

Pete Peters

I personally love the drive in. I have lots of childhood memories going there to see movies with my parents and now lots of memories with friends and family including my own children. To me the drive in is as much a part of Somerset as the lake over the hill from it is. Many thanks to the owners and personal for helping keep our drive in up and going for all of us to have great memories.

Vanessa Sullivan

A great place for families to spend time with each other. They play awesome movies. Are you looking for scary kids romance or action. Check out the 27 Drive In. You can watch two movies for the price of one. It's open on the weekends and cost you a great price of six dollars. The concesion stand has great stuff to choose from. Candy, popcorn, drinks and more. Is closed for the winter months, but opens back up in the spring. So grab the kids and check out the drive in.

Oliver Purcell

The announcer is hilarious love this place

christopher herrin

Great place

Gabe M

One of America's last great drive in theatres, they always do a double feature and they have video games. Last time I was there they had Q-bert!

Lisa Triplett

Love the drive in. Old time feel

Bobby Shoopman

It was grate glade it's back open

Ruby Stemkowski

Brought me back to my youth.

Eli Bowman

loved it

Zachary Chapin

Drive in is a cool place to go and is cheap for the whole family and 2 movies per ticket.

Eric Rush

Awesome throwback experience, highly recommend for families with small children.. in front of the screen there is even a green space for kids to play..

Becky Crabtree

Its a great place to spend time with your family....

Jeffrey Spencer

Great food and good people here. It's so nice to have somewhere left for such a wonderful movie experience. Never disappointed when I come here for a movie.


I've been going to the drive in for years. It's my favorite way to watch a movie!

Michael Salsa

Great Movie Night w Cindy

Paul Thomas

It's nice to see a drive in theater that still functions and they have two screens and a great layout for parking. Not a bad seat in the house. Concessions have the usual popcorn, sodas, hot dogs, etc. and were reasonably priced.

Dustin Hancock

Family friendly ,much cheaper concessions n admission then regular theaters

Kevin Lay

Was great. Only bad thing is when we first got there people parked in angles or right in the center of two parking places so that no one could park next to them. And some others spread out lawn chairs into an empty spot so no one could park next to them. I hope the management gets onto people for doing this cause it made it difficult to find a parking space. They should be told to park next to the white pole or be charged double for taking up two parking spaces and that'll put a stop to that.

devin smith

Loved this place good place to take kids

Gary Williams

Has large area for kids to play before movie so come early.

Callie Brown

We took the kids...first experience for them! We had a wonderful time...just know to get there earlier the next time

Joshua Willis

Great place to take a family.

Randy Miller

Awesome Drive in.

Michael Caudill

This is a gem. This is one of the few remaining drive in theatres that is left. The snacks are great. The price of admission is even better. I cant say enough good things about this place.

Sarah Goldson

Good times

Ernest Maggard

Great place to watch movies.

Margie Whisler

Great time

Telisha Cooeland

Love coming here with my family. We always have a great time and the price can't be beat. They are always friendly and helpful.

Matt Brown

Love the drive in! The staff are nice and the prices are great!! We loved doing this as a family. The food is w little pricey though.

Carlee Reed

Love it love it love it

Rachael Anderson

Love going here

Crystal Joy Foley

My definite go to for movie night!!! Worked here as my first job ever, n I'm so glad it's stayed around! Great family outting!!!!

Lauren Whittamore

It was really nice and food was cheap ! Loved it cant wait to go back !!

Melody Jones

Shame I had to give any stars. The film kept blacking out and sometimes there was audio and no picture. When the picture did come back on screen it didn't start where it went off so you had no idea what happened. I did get a refund. I wasn't the only vehicle leaving without trying to suffer through the entire movie.

mike warden

Was perfect night and a good movie !

Syko Sic

It's a great drive in. Wonderful prices.

MichaelFred Cooper

A historical place as any in our parents took me n my siblings to see all the greats: the original Jaws and Superman, Star Wars, Empire, Jedi, Indiana Jones, and Mad Max. Now I'm taking my kids to see the greats of their generation.. The Avengers, Spiderman and the Lion King.. Share it with your family!

mike bargo

Great place to take anybody and enjoy it and make a lasting momory

Tucky Fishing

I’m only giving this star cause you have to put one, worst experience ever, so unprofessional, horrible staff will NEVER be back don’t even waste your time going here anymore.

Terry arford

Good drive in.

Isaiah Orick

Nice place to watch a movie the quality was good and staff were accommodating.

Chris Bastin

I went to see Spiderman far from home and everyone around us kept there car lights on blinding me do bad I couldn't see the screen and no one did anything about it not to mention someone kept letting off fireworks I mean come on the fourth of July is already over and that was unnecessary during a movie I was trying to watch.

Aaron Atwood

Great place, try to go at least once a summer.

Scott Castle

Being that we live right behind here, we've enjoyed it for 15 yrs+

Cristy Hill

The drive in is amazing for families, the food is delicious too!

Danny West

Rude people didn't know how to shut up this weekend.

Shelden Hatcher

Super awesome spot for a movie

Bill McIver

One been of the few remaining drive ins left in the state. Stop by an catch a movie an it will bring back memories of when you were younger. We still try to go to the drive in a couple or three time a year. It's great to bring a lawn chair an enjoy the movie. It is a big improvement getting to listen over the radio an not have the old speakers with static that hung on your window.

Cleda Scott

Love coming and would have given 5 stars but, it gave me a headache straining to see the back screen. Maybe new lights??

Angela Watson

So cute! Just wish you'd add a swing set for the kids.

jeanette white

There are not a whole lot of drive-ins left around, but there are a few in Kentucky. This one is the best of all of them. They have a wonderful snack bar as well. The ice cream is the best. We've been coming here for many years and I hope for many years to come. This is a great time for people of all ages

nihla wells

Kids love this place.

Derek Akers

Best movie experience for the money ! Whole family can enjoy nostalgic movie watching experience !

Christopher Adair

Affordable snacks other then candy for the fam. Upgraded screens, an quality of the motion picture was a big plus. An very respectable staff at all times

Stuart Spillman

Fun. Good movies. Good food.

Michael Du Bois

Childhood memories with my son. Great to see that they are celebrating their 50th year

sarah salyers

Good family place. Clean, well kept and fun.

Bonnie Baker

Front screen movies are so dark you miss a lot of details.

Jeremy Parton

It was great friendly people, great equipment for the movie. Could not have ask for a better first experience.

Carter Miracle

I absolutely love it with low prices on movies and can experience an old fasion drive in

Maggie Troxell

I have been coming to this drive inn since I was a kid, I love it then and love it now, I am thankful to the owners for keeping the drive inn open so my grandchildren can have this awesome experience!

Andy Gregory

Good value for the money

William Wrighr

Didn't have a good experience sound was bad food sucky

LLLC Chilton

Value great n restrooms clean good picture loved it i will b back

Max Flaskamp

Great place to catch a movie. Just don't expect most of the people of Somerset to grasp the concept of keeping their headlights off during the movie. If not for that I would give 5 stars.

Josh Correll

Best way to watch a movie!

Larry Columbia

Great time, very affordable.

Arthur Reynolds

Screen needs some work on it

Dana Ivy

Love this place great workers

Regina Hines

This business has been in Somerset since I was a child. It is so relaxing. You just can't find places like this anymore.

Jacob's Games and Toys!

Great time with family

Mammy Wilson

Can't wait until next season

Larry Seals

It was okay. But I fell sleep on the 2nd movie, it was bored.

Michael Bradley

Great place. Great quality. Super friendly staff.

Holly Hamilton

So classic! Pull your car right up or set up chairs. Don't forget to get popcorn from the concession stand!

Stacey Roberts

Come every summer. Love it!! Very family friendly!

trey ball

Grear place for the whole family. Or a date night out. We always have a blast. R.I.P Harry. We will miss you!

James Sprouse

Best place to take the family out for a night

Jazmine Garcia

I just absolutely love going here.

The science hour

Great family run business and atmosphere.

Eric Foster

Great movies great memories great value 2 movies for the price of one

Sandra Lucas

Great drive inn.

Amy Hampton

Love this place, it's my husband and my favorite date spot♡

Jennifer Willard

I went for the first time in my 37 yrs and it was Great!!

Matt Schneider

Deffinitely a must to check off your list when visiting Somerset. Arrive early for a good spot and bring some money for the excellent and reasonably priced concessions. Remember, there's two movies, expect to be there till 2am.

Melinda Satterfield

I absolutely loved it! It was nice to he able to share this with my kids, they didn't believe me when I told them about a place like this lol. Amazing place to take the family..

Jessica Kean

Love going here it is old fashioned just how a drive I should be

Christopher Longhurst

Best place to watch movies on a weekend. Always the new movies and Harry is the greatest. The only con is you may park next to filthy smokers.

matuska T

Not many drive ins left in the country. This place is great. My wife surprised me for our anniversary.

Henrietta Morgan

I love this place. Will come back. I would rather come here than go to a theater.

Jack Karr jr

It was very good people and great shows

Tricia Gossett

Great place to watch a movie outside or in your car. They have all kinds of snack foods to purchase or just bring your own. But I do have to say is try the mushrooms

April Marples

Cute old drive-in

Lisa Reeder

We hadn't been to a drive in for years. It was clean and fun. Staff was great. We WILL go back!!

4rankly Candid

You have to get there at least 2 hrs before dusk to get a parking slot close to the screen. And to avoid a very long line of traffic that backs all the way back a mile..

Kendra Koontz

I had a great time at this drive in! It's newly remodeled and very clean! The concession stand was very affordable and there were several options to choose from. I would highly recommend this drive in!

Megan Harrison

Love the idea and that it's family friendly and laid back.

Chas Saxon

Its an experience worth trying but the staff can be rude sometimes, wait times can be long for admission and Concession.

Michael Lee

While its one of the few drive-ins left in the country, they don't skimp on playing 1st run double-headers each night

Donald Wayne

Awesome place, been a customer for over 40 years. Love it!

Brad Corder

Love this place!

Daphne Clark

Love coming here, great prices, great people, great shows!

Matt Mcqueen

Loved it! Great family experience! Making great memories!!!!! 10 stars!!!!!

Mykal Cress

I went to the late show at 1:30 am. When I got there I turned on my radio and tuned it in but the sound wouldn't come through. I asked an employee what could be wrong and all he said was that I was the only person to complain about it. I ended up watching the movie with only the sound from the other cars but I will give it another try. It is a clean place and I think it would be great for a night out.

Kim Davis

Great trip with the kids. Got a bonus by having a triple feature versus a double! Parking options are open so no being forced to park in the back because we have a van and the food and drinks were priced affordably. We will definitely be back!


Would have given 5 stars, but they like to show sports games on the big screens when the movie should be playing. Very disrepectful to the customers by doing this. Some of us travel for an hour or bit more to watch movies here and when they play sports on the screens, it means that we are even later getting home ,which makes it dangerous to be out on the road that late.

Jodona Cain

So happy to have such a piece of history to visit! Great people, great movies! Love this place!

Tiffany Halcomb

This is a great place to take the family. They always play the latest greatest movies. Also they have the best soft served ice cream you will ever eat. Although it can be difficult sometimes when trucks park in the front rows, but other than that this place is perfect!

robert knight

5 star experience, love the drive-ins but, rateing 4 stars because the bathrooms smell of urine and the consesions are super over priced! So as long as you pee at home and sneek some snacks in! You'll be golden

Jim Smith

We drove in from Jamestown and got in line at 8:30 pm which at that time was backed up almost to the John Deere dealer. At 10 pm we hadn’t made it through the gate yet and the movie had already started. Never again for us!

Contractor Man

I have not been there this year :( We like to go during the Spring when it's not so hot.

Helen Miller

First date night my husband and myself had. He'd never been too a drive in and loved it ! Will be back !

Troy Stoner

It's a really nice place two very large screens nice clean bathrooms and they even have seating in side the concessions area.

Scott Whitaker

Pretty cool nostalgic place. Needs updating in the bathrooms and parking areas and could use an update on how they send out the sound from the movies, but it is still a cool environment and well worth the experience. Our family goes a few times a season and everyone in the family enjoys it.


Absolutely love love love the drive-in all time family fun

Sara Reeves

The food here is a bit expensive, but this drive in is great and the staff are all so kind! Stop by and check this place out, you'll love it.

kaites corner

Had a great time kids loved it

Linda Hasty

they are there any drive-ins left in the United States. They are family oriented Drive In on the 4th of July they have fireworks every year and the owners are wonderful people I've known them since I was a child.

Lisa Kidd

childhood memories

JR Foreman

I love this drive in.its a summer tradition

Stacy Daniels

Great place. Alot cheaper than an indoor theatre. You get 2 movies for less than the price of 1 at an indoor theatre.

Billy Walters

Management bad after old man died that ran the place

Jillaina Proffitt

You just can't beat the drive-in theater! It's the only place where I can sit back, relax and enjoy my family and a movie. The whole atmosphere is exciting and nostalgic for me!

Brittany butrum

They are the best place to take your family for a good time love this place

Angela Lemke

Great place to take the family!! Double feature. 2 movies for one price. If you come early kids can play in the grassy area in front of the screens while you wait for the movie to start. Ladies Bathrooms were cleanier than before. Cant switch screens anymore unfortunately to watch the 2nd movie. Someone needs to stop people from taking up 2 spaces as well...Our battery died and they were helpful to give us a jump! Sometimes the back screen has terrible audio

Derrick Mckeehan

This place is absolutely awesome! I think everyone needs to set at least one weekend every summer to do this just once at least. The drive in is almost extinct, let's keep this one going... The views, the atomsphere, the smell, its like traveling back in time. Barbourville's Knox drive in was standing when I was a kid and in pretty good shape but done closed. Soon the Dixie in Williamsburg followed. I got to experience the Corbin Drive in once it was in shambles and soon closed. I visited the twin a few times since the 90's. It's always a blast. We are fortunate this baby is local a booming and cared for. Theres a steady line of cars backed up last night my boys was worried they wasn't going to get in. Those who want a perfect picture and 3d sound it's not for you. " However I thought the sound and picture was rather good compared to your average sit down theatre". If you want a truly amazing slice of Americana? Support this place and keep it rolling. It seems to me the owners care about it. Looks like they are doing repairs and every light in the Marquee is burning bright... LONG LIVE THE TWIN!

Melissa Clark

My husband and I love visiting. 2 movies for $12 was perfect. We brought pizza but they do offer drinks and food in the concession building. We will be visiting again.

Ken Tharp

Lots of family fun

Kim Meece

Great family friendly old fashioned drive in 2 movies for a great price of $6 adults $3 for children.

Adrian Clark

One of the last remaining drive in theaters around. This place is great for a family experience or just a date night. They play double features on both screens and the prices are cheaper than anywhere around.


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