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REVIEWS OF West Warren Theatre IN Kansas

B Meds

Theatre smelled gross, chairs are uncomfortable. East side has more to offer.

Shane Friesen

The Warren experience is one of the best. Hard to know what the corporate takeover will do to this local favorite.

Noah Hettenbach

Great place! I go see movies all the time and have not encountered any issues while there. Concessions and canteen are pricey but other than that its great!

Adam Grossman

Nice theater. Last Month Mary Poppins now the Lion King. My wife's killing me


Overpriced and you have to choose a seat before you go into the theater now. No longer can you just show up and sit where you like. Horrible decision these theaters have made and they All do it now. i used to go all the time but now I just wait for most of the movies I want to see to come to video. $5 dollars a drink, $4 for a box of candy it's insanity. Sad that Bill Warren sold this to the dreaded Regal chain. Bill would never do what they've done.

Master Anthony Boyle

Nice Theatre, friendly staff but no Pepsi why?

Ann Price

I am disappointed with their reserved seating. Twice people have been sitting in our seats. I feel they would be much better if they had employees overlooking the seating. Also, be advised there is now 15-20 minutes of previews. I loved this theater when it was truly the Warren but don't enjoy the experience near as much now that Regal has taken over.

Scott Cole

They should call this place Regal. It's definitely no longer the higher quality of Warren.

Regina Weve

Went to morning matinee. Good movie and price

Anthony Sandoval

Love the changes made to the theater

Tyler Phillips

So I left a review here about a month ago and was very upset and disappointed, I decided to give regal another chance so! this time.... still alot of problems Screen X is a joke! Why am I expected to pay extra money to watch a movie on what is basically a painted wall and not a movie screen and not only do I have to pay extra for a movie theatre that is not a screen but a wall, but I have to pay extra to buy a reserved seat that is Broken!! Regal if your trying to bring something new to Wichita make sure the theatre is up to standards and the pricing is reasonable I would have just asked for my $60 back but I told 3 kids that I would go see detective pikachu with them, so I will just sit in a $13 reserved broken seat for 2 hours and not enjoy myself Thank you Regal for another bad experience I will be taking my business elsewhere.

Fv M

Alot of the charm and character that warren built with this place is now gone. The malt shops serve next to nothing and its alittle above frozen food you nuke. The theater is alittle worn down lights missing and scuffs here and there that normally would have been fixed under Warren's care. And the fun bit before the movie has been replaced with ads and commercials. Regal and whoever bought it from them have ruined a staple of wichita culture sadly. Still a decent place to catch a show tho just not as nice as it was under Warren's care.

Rob Driskill

Has lost a little class after being sold to Regal but still the best screens and sound in town along with an amazing IMAX theater.

Mitchell Simpson

Definitely the premium theater in our area. Regal taking over has been a bit of a let down, but the general bones of the building and quality of the movies they bring in or what you would expect of the major theater chain in town.

Chris Allen

Was the most horrible experience I had there because the seat was all broken and hurt my back

Chuckles Nuts

Even though Regal has bought out Warren. It is still the same old Warren Theater expereince.

Clayton Handy

Defiantly the best movie theater on the west side of Wichita. I wish it wasn’t owned by Regal and was still locally owned, but that’s not gonna keep me from going there.

D. B

The person behind the counter was completely confused when we asked for tickets to this special event show. After looking up the information on my phone and showing her that it was supposed to be there she finally found what we were looking for. The seats were uncomfortable compared to the east side. Other than that it was fine. Skipped concessions because prices are insane. You can buy a 12 pack of soda for the price of a small cup.

Tara Lemon

Went to see 2 movies with my husband and service dog. Everyone was knowledgeable regarding my dog which always makes the experience better. ONLY bad thing was they have the regular seating and not the nice recliners, so by the end of the 2 movies our backs were VERY sore!

Randy Ybarra

I appreciate that it's starting to be clean again. I enjoy going to a place that's kept up and clean.

Tonya Elsea

The particular theatre room we were in smelled weird & was very stuffy. The movie was scheduled to show at 4:45....didn't start until 5:15!...a ridiculous amount of commercials ran one after another. The butter on the popcorn tasted off as well & made one of my friends sick that night. Things have changed since Regal took control...not for the good.

Melanie Avery

I love these theaters and feel we are very fortunate to have them in our city. State of the art sound, picture, you name it. There's something for everyone. I'm sad to hear Mr. Warren is no longer the owner because he truly demanded excellence in all areas for his theaters, and he delivered. I hope the new owners provide customers with that same experience. If you haven't been, get in there. You won't regret it.

Dale Fox

The best location in Wichita. I don't like what Regal has done to all of the Warren theaters, the ads and commercials cheapen the experience. The Warren has a little less splendor and dignity now, but it's still the best we have in Wichita.

Shannon Collins

Excellent movie viewing experience and movie ticket prices are reasonable. I'm not a fan of the reserved seating for every single show. It's great for major new releases on opening weekend, but for anything else it's kind of a hassle. Regal has also increased concession prices significantly.

Dan Thompson

Power went out out and everyone had to leave, we missed the end our movie but they gave everyone a free pass to come back.

Ethan Ward

Decent prices but not competitive with AMC. Could use a remodel and some nicer chairs. It is a decent experience overall.


I do not cease to be amazed at the detailed decor and constantly clean ambiance of the entire facility. I never find carpet or bare floor that is sticky or stiff from spilled drinks. I never find a unkept bathroom, from sinks to urinals to the Stalls. The food service area is always clean. And they seem to hire young people who are mannered, always smiling, and pleasant to us when we merely walk by. Whoever is a general manager is a great Keeper of the facility and the quality of their hires.

Acrobot FPV

The Warren theaters are great! It feels really upscale and ritzy in there with a lot of nice little decorative touches. All of the facilties looked clean and in good repair. The prices are fair. The seating in the showrooms are all nice and comfortable.

Ethan Kossover

Favorite theaters in Wichita. Been going to them for years. Recent change to Regal took some getting use to. High quality movies with large amount of concession choices.

Skyler Bell

The new owners are okay but I really miss the Warren ownership. Popcorn tastes worse.

Gina Tice - Tracy

It was great! The service was nice and the place was well kept up. In contrast to that though, the IMAX theater was very loud. I got a very bad headache and the soda was watered down. Other than those two things, there was not much to complain about. Would recommend for a family visit with the kids.

Jason Wandick

Good food. Great movie. Has everything you would expect from a theater in a bigger town

Danny Fryhover

Had a great time, the prices I though we're increased. For 5 adults it was $49.00, but other then the price atmosphere was great. I also hadn't experienced assigned seats. So over all very good time.

Sarah Eliker

This is a very nice place to enjoy a movie. The facility is always in good condition and it's always clean.

Justin Scott

Went to go watch Shazam today. Went to the 12:30 showing ... at almost one they still didn't have the volume on. Went to the front asked for a manager, some very very young girl told me she was the manager and asked what she could do to help. I explained to her the situation and she said they were working on it. I asked what the problem was they do this every day all day long, she then cut me off and begin to speak over me very rudely. Tried talking to her and got nothing but attitude. I suggested maybe she get another job outside of customer service. I then went back to my theater and the movie still had not been fixed. I was told by another employee that the manager was actually up in the booth trying to fix the problem. While I was waiting on the real manager, the young rude girl walk by gave me a snooty look. She got halfway down the hallway turned around and called me an a-hole! The actual manager that I spoke to buy the name of Sherry was completely nice and understanding explain to me that maybe that person won't be working there much longer. The sad part is when this theater was owned by Bill Warren it was absolutely outstanding! Since it was sold to Regal Cinema quality has gone downhill. Not only with the employees but the building itself has begun to go into disrepair and there's nothing like going into a theater to watch a movie that has sticky armchairs and food on the floor. I've been going to this theater since it was built in the late 90s, absolutely disappointing to see such a high-quality place slowly going downhill.

Gloria Rains

24 minutes of previews - I was beginning to wonder if there would be an actual movie....

Chris Smith

I love paying more to get less. The Regal theater killed the movie experience in Wichita.

Kelly Brown

It would be nice to see movie previews instead of television commercials before the movies start. I also think the popcorn is not as good as it was before Regal bought the Warren. If it was done to save money, I think that the 1000% mark-up on concessions should cover having quality popcorn. Other than that the place is still nice.

maggie geisler

I always go here for my movies. this is a great place to take the family or a date. They have great food and root beer floats.

Vincent Gibbbons

The theater itself is nice. Before Regal took over you could get a small courtesy water go in and there would be trailers of new movies coming out. Now the courtesy water is too small for a baby. I usually order three for myself. The drink cups for pop don't fit in the cup holders. There is always 20 to 30 minutes of advertisement before each show. That's the worst part.

Kevin Williams

Vert nice lived the movie in the IMAX Screen

Linda Winter

I'm unhappy that they now make you pick out your seats when you purchase tickets. This slows down the line purchasing tickets, and it really doesn't make me feel special like going to a live theater event. I just feel aggravated. And now we have to watch so many ads before the trailers it makes me think I'm at home in front of the TV. Regal theaters is going to drive me to stay home and watch TV if they keep this up!! Plus my husband had to ask the manager to turn the sound down. It was painful to sit in the theater for the trailers until they did so. Other people were complaining in the theater. Bad experience. Great movie (Greenbook)

Justin Rasmussen

Dr pepper is not suppose to be clear. Hot and cramped for small people. Best upgrade for a better experience.

Brian Woods

So much fun seeing a movie here. The theater is so relaxing. I enjoy the experience even more during the off, or slower times during the week.

Cindy Ponce

Gage Stevens

Go there all of the time i see all of the new movies there. Great experience.

Kimberly Ford

Great place to catch a movie, get the regal Cinema app and get points towards free tickets or snacks. I do like the old town one a little better though.

Mary Summers

Ticket takers helped me with questions. They were very nice.

Rene West

Great experience and comfortable seats. Inexpensive compared to the east side Warren

Paula Schartz

A dog's journey, is a wonderful movie that will touch on every emotion.

Brandon Hutchison

Clean theatres, great sound and video quality. Only issue that I have had are some of the seats are slightly broken and slope down instead of sitting correctly.

Majek Media

A pretty good movie theater, especially their IMAX screen.

Christopher Blomstedt

Ever since Regal took over the Warren theater's in Wichita, I've not felt the want to go and see a movie there. With all the SJW politics in movies now.. even less desirable. But for one movie, I made the exception. Concession stand prices.. ouch. Ticket price not unreasonable. Advertising.. please bring back the show music. Seemingly never ending trailers.. you'll never be late for a movie. Heck 15 minutes in and movie still hasn't started. Overall... ehh! Not the worst... but not what it used to be. So bring the family.. along with a lot of room on your credit card.

Gregory Sommerhauser

Has an IMAX Theater, comfortable seats, not usually busy except for the weekends

Kelsy Coulter

Disrespectful kids working there now. More concerned with flirting and talking to their friends than taking care of other customers. We shouldn't have to stand behind them continue saying Hey trying to get their attention so we could go and see the movie we paid good money for. Very displeased with the service now.

Stephanie Comer

The kids at the concession counter need to be taught some customer service skills. Wow!

Mike D

Top notch movie theater. IMAX is wonderful.

aurora wondra

I love going to the movies but i wish the concession stand was a little bit cheaperdue to the rise in ticket prices

Dan Madrigal

No more cheese quesadillas!! And did not like the assigned seating


The chairs are comfortable, the screens are giant, the popcorn is good. The drinks are larger than my own head... The food may be bad for you to eat but the movies are great quality.

brenda Staub

My granddaughter, age 3 needed a booster and it was the third one we picked up that was not filthy. Sad that they can't keep them cleaned

Christine Cornett

Love this old time feel movie theater with a modern look! Comfy seats, great snacks, and now you butter your own popcorn! We love seeing the major action movies on the IMAX screen. I will say though we recently tried the ScreenX where it has projects on the sides of the theater as well for the action scenes and it was nothing too crazy impressive. It might be something that they keep improving on so we will keep trying it, it's a cool concept!

Ian Flanigan

It was good place to go see a movie like godzilla

boctor dob

Great place to see movies

Elizabeth Bailey

Had a blast with my mom

Karen Fisher

Enjoyed the atmosphere and new to us we got to pick our sets.

Nathan Schale

Really good theaters, clean, and decently priced.

Kevin Price

Saw Bohemian Rhapsody at the IMAX on opening night. The theater is immaculate and the sound was incredible. The new owners have kind of jacked with the prices a little but all in all great experience. I would recommend.

Aaron Robison

The theater was very comfortable. Buying tickets are easy and matinee prices were very cheap. Cry rooms for babies and an IMAX. I highly recommend this theater.

Matthew Rupp

Regal is on the way to destroying this fantastic destination. Stale popcorn. Ridiculous sized drinks. Temperature is uncomfortable warm the last couple times. A solid THIRTY MINUTES of car commercials, soap ads and endless previews.


I enjoyed atmosphere and the customer service. The people are always ready to help

Jay S

Great customer service was really clean best theater in town

Kitty Paul

I guess I'm spoiled by AMC w/ reclining seats & not being packed in like sardines.

Wayne Schultz

This is definitely my favorite movie theater in Wichita. It's a huge benefit that they have the IMAX here, but I've always just found it very easy to get in and out of, and the staff tend to be very friendly and well-trained. This is my go-to movie theater for opening weekend showings of packed showings because it's not too hard to get a seat.

Tabitha Grimm

Once upon a time in Hollywood was a great movie, and the unlimited movies for a month per person for $18 is a great value.

Danielle Unruh

Expensive, seating badly needing updated, I promise this is an understatement. The movie we recently watched was Captain Marvel on Screen X. $15 a seat, assigned seating. The seat backs were discolored where a persons head might touch. The bottoms of the seats were worn, the fabric had holes and bunched, they pointed down so it feels as if you might slide out of the seat. The screens on the walls are okay, but it for the price and the condition of the rest of the theatre, go somewhere else and see it for less honestly. It is was only active for a few scenes during the movie anyway. The concessions were also expensive and seem to have gone down in quality from our previous visits.

Kaye McKinney

Love that place. People are nice and it's very clean

Nick Grisham

The theater is alright but restrooms were dirty. Imax ticket counter was closed causing long lines at the front. The imax concession counter was closed but you never found out till you got to the counter so you have to walk back to the front and wait in more long lines. They need to work on have better facilities.

Gaylon Stafford

Great theater but many of the seats are in need of replacement due to years of use. I prefer Warren 21, its top notch!!!!


We did not see anything in the web site that said all seats are reserved. So when we showed up 30 minutes before the movie we weren’t expecting to sit so close to the screen that we can see each pixel and actually can’t view the entire screen. Won’t be coming back any time soon, no matter how good the movie is, it won’t be worth the money today!

Dick Schmidt

Like the reserve seating and you get to add your own butter to your popcorn!

Vishwa Sai Haneesha

Nice and clean. Snacks and soda are bit pricey, but good experience overall.

Chris Luckert

The Imax takes the movie experience to a new level. It's hard to go back to regular theaters once you've been spoiled at the Imax.

Lisa Mendoza-Rodriguez

Warren theatre's are the best!


Since Regal took over, you have to reserve seats. Thought I would hate it, but it's not so bad. It seems like the previews take FOREVER now. Consessions are expensive, but servings are huge!

John McCleary

Great theater. Clean and the kids working there were polite.

Morgan Holt

They would have 5 stars but they removed the seasonings that you could put on your popcorn (white cheddar, caramel) and they wouldn't let me have a cup of water, I had to pay I believe it was $3.50 for a liter bottle of water.

Manuel Sanchez

Good I like it I recommend it to everybody. ;)


This placed switched to assigned or picked seating. Which would be ok if everyone followed the rules. However it always seems that there's someone sitting in the my seats. That's when it gets awkward and a large lady goes off about there not being assigned seating... didnt she just buy tickets? Did they not asked her which two seats she needed for herself?

Jonathan Barnes

The restaurant inside the theater jar incredible food that you can take into the movie. The atmosphere is way above average, and I would totally recommend it. Clean restrooms, and part of the regal community if you have a membership already.

Lyric walker

Love this place hate the changes to the malt shop took away all the good stuff come on man other than that great movie great cx service

Cindy Ball

Was very good in crowd and time of movie. Rest room needed assistance.

kishan si

Good place to experience some great movies .... they got IMAX there too if that's something you are looking for

Douglas Burns

I think this one or the one on 13th the 21 is the best, great people and great food in the cafe

Friendly Neighborhood Demon

This has been my favorite theater ever since I was a kid. Even way before I moved to Wichita. The entire aesthetic is very cool. The ticket prices aren't bad at all. The little diner is very cute and the food is good. The seats are cozy and even recline.

Robert McLoud

Really pisses me off all the changes that regal has done

Yvonne Stanton

This theater is great. Wish there were more family movies.

Linda K. Munsell

Great movie. Also they help me get our refreshment to our seats. I have to walk with a cane and i trouble breathing. So wonderful to be able to go out and to assisted.

Ellie Davis

Saw "Captain Marvel" in the 3-screen theatre. Great movie but the extra money I had to pay to see it in that theatre was not worth it. I would recommend IMAX for anyone going soon.

Jeff Shaw

Wow! Nice movie theater! Stadium seating is great! Great sound systems. Even the bathrooms are fancy.

Sailor Permenter

A clean and friendly theatre that i visit for all movies i watch. Only reason i won't give 5 stars is because they removed the popcorn seasonings

Kenn Miller

This place has really gone down hill. Use to be the premier theater in town now it's a filthy mess of it's former self. New corporate ownership has ruined a once great theater chain. We didn't know how good we had it when Bill Warren was the owner. So sad to see this happen.

Don C. Railsback O.D.

Went to Captain marvel at Warren west. Movie was great but one of the worst experiences I've had at the theater. 3D glasses were work out and dirty. Tried to get a different pair and they were all dirty. If you go here for a movie pass on the 3D. Not worth the extra money.

Dana Gingerich

I usually find the theatre clean. This time we saw Aquaman , which I found to be very exciting , a little lengthy but entertaining. The seating is very comfortable and the employees friendly.

Carla Irwin

Assigned seating now? Wow first for me for a movie theater. Extremely hot in the movie. If your gonna pack us in can you at least make it comfortable

Crystal D Diamond

Busy but employees were very nice.

LLona Wade

The movie and price ($1) was great but I read n the summer movie it was $4!!! $2 for movie and a $1 for popcorn and a $1 for drink!!!! Movie was a $1 but drink and popcorn was almost $7 a piece!!!!!

brad downs

Great place to catch a flick!!

Cayla Xander

Great service clean place


The best IMAX screen in town!

Kasy Arensman

Very disappointed in the staff since Mr. Warren sold this place. It's really gone down hill. I were there to see "The Lion King" with my husband and young son, so we got the cry room tickets. It was absolutely trashed when we went in there and there were smudges all over the glass. We said something five times before the movie started. A other family even came in and said something twice. All they did was pick up a couple of the empty cups off the floor. Didn't clean the glass, didn't sweep up the popcorn and trash that was everywhere. I'm very disappointed in where this theater has gone. I won't be going back.

Theresa Mares

The first time that I went there my brother took me there for my birthday I love that place thank you God bless you

Garion Holgate

Always enjoy seeing movies here and theres two ways to have your cinematic experience check it out!

Adrian Cherry

Not as nice since they were bought out but still a good experience.

Darren Matthews

Wish it was cheaper, but the service was good.

Sean Martin

Always a great experience, now that they participate in Fathom events, it is even better. I can't wait to try the unlimited pass!

Jason Peterson

Nice environment with great, but the chairs leave a lot to be desired.

Dennis Jibben

The theater temperature was too hot. Sears uncomfortable.

Jonathon Beisler

This is the best theatre in Wichita. It's never too crowded if you go at the right times and the popcorn is always fresh and hot. Theatres are usually clean and the bathrooms are always in good condition and well stocked. The only issue that I have is that you now have to pick your seats when you pay and many times I've ended up finding other people in "my" seats. It's not worth saying anything as I usually go to matinees that aren't too packed, but it does makes me think, why bother with "assigned' seats?

Teena Harsh

I met a friend for a movie. The movie "Upside" was good. But they have raised prices at the concession stand. I paid over$9.00 for a large buttered popcorn.

Marilyn Main

I had not been here for a few years. As you walk through to find your theatre for your movie you would think the movie title would be at each theatre. Nope. Took for ever and no help.

Scott Iwig

Still a decent place for movies. They use bags instead of cups for the popcorn now. The concessions stand near the IMAX was not open so had to go back to the main lobby for popcorn and pop.

Travis Danger

On this night we were placed under a toranado watch the theater stopped the movie after 20 minutes. However, none of the staff and managers had any clue what to do or what was going on. It was chaos, employees were standing around directionless, there was no information being given for safety, no announcements, no communication, nothing. Who ever is in charge of the training failed, any preparedness was tossed away, when talking to managers they had no clue of what to do or what the situation is. This is storm season in Kansas which makes everything that happened unacceptable. They need to get organized and resolve these glaring issues.

Justin Brillhart

Movie of course was great but the people surrounding us talked and laughed loudly through the entire movie- even serious parts. We were also yelled at and cussed at by some young girls who said we were in their seats. We were not. I don't recommend seeing late night movies here unless you like being cussed at and don't actually want to hear the movie.

Shane Goken

I had never been there before. Toy Story 4 was a great show. The seats and experience were outstanding. I had a great time.

Kristofor Sauer

Screen X was a neat idea... needs to be perfected before I would watch another

Jennifer Cofield

Good place to take the kids too


The IMAX theater is large and has a good sound...seats may be reserved too.

Patrick V

This Theatre has always been great since I first started seeing movies there in 2001. Even now that they are owned by Regal, I have no complaints about the establishment itself. I will never understand theatre pricing, but that's a different story. IMAX is great and I like that there is reserved seating; hated having to save seats. Will always go back!

michael estrada

Prices are ridiculous. Theatre is atleast well maintained and clean but prices of ticket and concessions don't justify price outside IMAX

john cupples

This is our "go to" theater in Wichita. We have been here countless times and never a complaint. However, today was our first experience in a Screen X theater. It was great and worth the extra charge. We will be doing this again.

Michelle Mallett

Imax is pricey - but the best.

Armando Toledo

Good place to watch a movie


Bought limited edition ticket for captain marvel, but when I arrived they were out? How do you run out of tickets that you've already sold you ask? Put them on the counter and let people take stacks at a time instead of handing them out to ticket holders like you should. Theatre did same for venom and I bet avengers 4 as well. Fix the system, cause its broke guys.....

Cheryl Setzkorn

It's nice is clean after everyone leaves it's not bad I would go back

Ellis Farley

Loving IMAX w my squad

Brianna Booth

Love this place honestly. So many great memories have been made here. Thank you West Warren!

Nathan Brumbelow

It's a hard grade but they deserve it a one mainly the food isn't the same and trying to get through to them isn't the same

Barbara Trout

Was not happy that there was reserved seating and rows for just ordinary theatre. 15 minutes of previews was way to much! Other theatres only have 5 minute previews which is plenty. Otherwise the experience was enjoyable.

Joseph Salmeron

Great movie watching but 5 dollar for a hot dog? Really?

Taunia Ormerod

The screen was good but the popcorn was cold, other than that it was ok.

Gavin Anderson

Ashton helped me out and made it clear and understandable.

Richard Guthrie

Nice place. Saw Imax always great. Seats are comfortable and spacious unlike airlines these days. Some good things since they become Regal but also some less good. Still great.

Brigham Burdick

The place I see all my newly released movies.

Meghan Tucker

Regal really put this place to the dumps.

Chris Schilling

Prices have jumped dramatically since I was there last. Plus had to pick seats? Only to have them taken when I went in anyways

Christi Gates

I enjoy the theater but this trip, the seats had a unpleasant smell. The movie, "fallen Angel" was awesome. The staff is great.


We've seen quite a few movies here over the years and have never had a bad experience. The food is a tad pricey but I suppose that's to be expected at a theater. I've never been to one that wasn't. The food has always been pretty good, the service too, so I'll pay a little more and not cry too much. The IMAX screen is awesome. Really still a nice place after all these years.

Jessica Puentes

I use to give the Warren 5 stars but now with Regal changing everything I don't think this theater deserves a 5 star. Popcorn was stale. Not only did they do away with the popcorn seasoning you have to get your own butter now. Not to mention the 25-30min commercials and previews. Not a fan of assign seating. I will go twice before coming here again.

Adam J

Starred at a purple screen for 45 min. But the movie was good

Wendy Benitez

Movie WAS going great until the last 30 min it just went black.

Skeeter Rankins

Clean and courteous staff. As always, concessions cost an arm and a leg, so did not purchase. Movie watching experience is solid as well.

Brock Hajek

I've been going here for years and I've gone to movie theaters in other parts of the country and it's still one of the best. The IMAX theater can be a little bit vertigo-inducing for me personally but my family doesn't have a problem with it

Johnny The Mick King

AWESOME!!! Check out the IMAX!! Sweeetness!

Jay Harrell

First class movies and awesome popcorn!

Don Givaphuck

Comfortable seats good picture outlandish price for concessions

Chris Graham

Great place to watch a movie. I'd like for them to maybe open up a Warren 21 section like they have on the east side of town but other than that it's a fantastic theater.

Jennifer Miller

Concessions were terrible and the seats uncomfortable. You should b= ashamed to charge so much.


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