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REVIEWS OF Warren Old Town Theatre Grille IN Kansas

Dustin Grimm

I go here 1-2 times a week. Great place, great environment. Extremely comfortable since the remodel. Recommended highly.

Tea Time with Chandi

It was nice. You can grab something to eat at your seat. It can take some time so press the red button sooner rather than later. They don't have the drink specials any more must be because the comoany was bought out. They do take Atom and it is a regal. Join their online rewards to get a lot of discounts.

Mark Barrus

Not sure if it is a Regal issue or just failure to follow through on cleanliness and maintenance for the 1 star. We used to look forward to attending movies in the director suites but today we were very frustrated and didn't want to stay. Seats dirty, ripped, and mechanically off. Trays attached to the chairs are lopsided and won't stay closed, and paint flaking. Took over 10 min from time to request service to time of ordering. Overall, as someone who will pay more for a better experience, this one today was not worth the price and I will not likely return to this theater with any great expectation.

Stacy L.

Really enjoy this theater and the order at your chair experience. Sometimes it takes forever to get your order though, so you have to be patient.

Marina Ortiz

Its was excelent service i havent bin to the movies in a long time a big burger with fries and a coke hit the spot perfectly

Justice Barrett

I used to give 5 stars because I enjoyed it but after not going for some time I decided to return. The menu seems smaller and the fan is worse than it had been and the theatre still smells damp which was a staple for my visits. It's okay but I'd rather go elsewhere.

Shawn F

Dinner and a movie at the same time! Great place, good food!

Colt Adams

Movie was good but the food is overpriced and undercooked. The staff need better or closer Management.

Shawn Kaiser

Small concession stand. Great bar.

J McDowell

This has been my favorite theater since it opened but Regal has now changed the menu and the service has gotten worse. The new food is not good and has totally ruined it for me

roshonda cooper

Love the movies. Great on date nights. I went with my son for his birthday and we ordered off the menu and I took them over a hour and a half to bring our food the movie was half way over. But they didn't end up charging me for the food. And the staff were apologetic and nice. I will go again still

Cameron Lawrence

I used to go to the theater once a week. It is one of my favorite things to do. That was until they changed their cheese fries... They took the most delicious amazing cheese fries I could ask for and replaced at the actual shredded cheese that once blanketed my plate with awful nacho liquid cheese. I know I am there for a movie. I know I am there to be entertained. BUT! The Warren in Old Town was my cheese fry sanctuary. I didn't care how much money I spent at the Warren as long as I got my amazing cheese fries that only they could provide me. Now I barely go and if I do go I don't order any food because I lost what I held so dear. Please bring back my cheese fries. PLEASE. I can't enjoy movies without them anymore. I will change my review to 5 stars once they are changed back and I can once more savor what I most desire in this world. My Cheese Fries...

Jacqlyn Hanafin

I'm glad I went on $5 night. The food is way over priced and just like West side Warren the seats are awful. The movie was good. However, the picture quality and sound quality were not

Linda Tillman

Went there on 6/23/19 to see Rocket man. Food service was terrible. I didn't receive my food until after the other 3 I was with finished eating. We had to ask for silverware, napkins ketchup. I won't eat there again.

Lona L Reeves, PhD

Good food (movie house pricey), great seats!

Mitchell Simpson

Love that you can order food here, and it's a much better deal than paying extra at the Warren 21. They bring the food and drinks to you, and the seats aren't too bad, though they aren't recliners. Ever since regal took over it hasn't been as good food, but it's still a evening we enjoy.

Jordan Weatherby

5 dollar Wednesday. Super cool. They asked to look in my bag? I hope they were looking for an extra pair of shoes, a wallet, & an empty thermos.

Tanya Allen

Director's suite is nice and cozy. Food is great. Drinks are delicious.

Karri Fisher - Animal Informist

Ever since regal took over both the Warren old Town and on 13th my husband and I have had only negative experiences. The lobby is unclean, floors have popcorn and trash everywhere. The employees do not appear clean and sanitary handling food and drinks. The prices jumped up. Customer service has taken a huge hit. But the biggest issue we have had is that the past 4 times we have went, both locations, our theatre smells repulsively strong of urine. So much so that a couple of those times I left with a headache and the smell of urine stuck in my nose all night. I don't understand how or why exactly this is repeating issue but it is something they need to address immediately because that is not acceptable. Especially when serving people food.

Jessica Jordan

Completely changed their menu. They dont even have queso now, replaced it with beer cheese and it wasnt great. The wings were over cooked and the new buffalo sauce tasted creamy and old. I pushed the button after getting our meal to order another drink waited 45 mins. The server never once came back. Not even to take trays. This used to be my favorite place. I WAS a regal diamond member. Scratch that. Will no longer be my go to place at all

Bruce Colling

Clean and comfortable. They will serve you at seat

Ashley Sommers

Was really good got food and an adult drink price of food and drinks were crazy but ticket prices were good

Tiesche Brown

never ever ever ever go to the downtown theater. It smells like piss, old rain, and a mens bathroom stall

Donnie Mercer

It's a nice theatre but we were in the Showcase theater which is set up with rolling office chairs and an awkward layout. Including string lights between your eyes and the screen. Very distracting. This is the first time we've been there for dinner since they replaced the original Warren menu with the new one. Very bad change. We will not be eating there in the future. In the past you paid a little premium for the novelty but the food was quite good. Most all of the interesting options are now gone, prices are up, and quality is down. No longer a draw for me and my wife. However if we are just going for movie not in the Showcase, we'd go.

Garrett Frawley

Took longer then expected, but Regal still managed to ruin everything good about the old town warren. Drink specials gone and good food options gone as well. Along with just worse upkeep in general. Dirty chairs, speaker issues etc. etc.

Phaedra Rogers

Whenever we want to see a movie, we look here first. Everthing is great, except for the urine smell in every theater and the horribly uncomfortable seats. We come for the movies and the "deliver to your seat" food service.

Tiffanie Phillips

Pretty good service and good movie availability. A little expensive and the seats are about where they need new cushions and arm rests though.

Luke Riches

The theater was great and so was our server. The food not so much. The wings tasted microwaved, the fries were unseasoned and the pizza was soggy. The menu had great options but the execution of the food was lacking, especially how much everything ended up costing. Probably will eat somewhere else before the movie.

Enrique Macias

The theatre rooms smell like piss....not an exaggeration

Sergio del Valle

I love that you can order food to your dear while watching a movie. That's awesome!

Fuwa Fuwa

Strong guest service and most importantly in my case later screening times for people who live on the other side of the clock. My favorite place to catch a movie

Brad & Tim Ballard

Smells like nasty moldy socks in the theater but the food wasnt to bad. Even though I wanted my chicken fried steak...

Macey Desaire

I love the packages they offer! I think more people should take advantage of them!

Andy Stout

Great movies and great food! Prices are pretty decent for the amount of food you get. We usually share a meal.

Quaprice Pitts

Staff is always amazing but I don't like the new menu options they have. I loved the turkey burger but they don't have it any more I order nachos and added in Guac for $2 and there was only enough guacamole for about 5 chips. Also I order my kids the French fries and although they gave a generous amount of fries they only gave a small container of ketchup. Their food is still great but I am not in favor of their new menu.


Great place to walk around in the summer. Lights and a fountain for kids to play in right out the front doors... Good theater.. Offers pretty good food too. Has a large screen and great sound.. Love going here!!!

Dennis Sigle

Good service! Great movies!

Kenya Hageman

Discount Wednesday is awesome! And Carlos the bartender was amazing. I will go again.

Benjamin Stauble

Absolutely worst visit ever. Most of the time I really enjoy taking my family to the old town Warren theater. It is a special treat. Dinner and a movie and of course my son's favorite the molten lava cake with ice cream. He gets so excited when we tell him we are going there. Well tonight was literally the visit from hell and based on the downward trend that regal and management are putting into place, my suggestion is never to go back. We arrived at 5:50 for a 6:30 show because you need to arrive that early in order to get your food before the movie. My sons both have disabilities and it is way better to eat with the lights on. We pushed our button by 6:00 and actually ordered by 6:15. We were the first in the theater and first to order by a long shot and by 6:30 other people were receiving their food. The theater went dark and I asked where our food was and was told they would check on it. It ended up that I had to speak with a manager. He said that it was still within the 40 minute timeframe. He said to wait ten more minutes and if it wasnt there he would comp it. Well guess what it arrived 8 minutes later after he went back to the kitchen. When it came out the 10 inch pizzas were not sliced. My blood sugars were starting to go low since I prepared to eat sooner with my insulin so I just tore the pizza apart. My son decided to order a sprite and twenty minutes later the bus boy came around and said he could not take his order. The waiter finally came to clear trays and spilled the cheese and mustard from our pretzels which were supposed to come out first to raise my blood sugars all over the seat next to me soaking my cell phone. We order desert the famous molten lava sundae. It comes out frozen. I take it to the waiter and ask him to touch it and to see the menu because it did not come with the whipped topping or ice cream. I had to send the thing back three times. It was still not correct. My son ate it as the credits were rolling. So for all of the interruptions and messed up food, slow and poor service and a hundred dollar bill for three people the manager took off the sundae. 8 dollars. The waiter still had not brought us our ticket so we walked to the lobby where the waiter brought us our whipped cream and bill. He stated he still needed to charge me. I told him I was not paying it due to the mess that ruined the movie. He reiterated they took off the sundae. After speaking with the general manager and being told that I was stealing he stated he would call the cops on me. He did in fact call 911 and reported me. I ended up paying 60 dollars getting our drinks and one pizza taken off of the bill after he returned telling me they were on their way. I was not threatened by the action but dismayed that they cared so little about customer service. I was upset that a place that used to be fun and inviting, even a company that I had spent 9 years closely with professionally would not be more customer friendly/aware. I was not yelling, threatening, or verbally abusive. My voice was agitated and I stood calmly never giving any indication of being a threat. I simply wanted good quality time with my excited son. And then to hear him ask where his sundae was and why they were not brunging it to him and then to see him rush to eat it during the credits was heartbreaking. I hope regal and management are seriously able to figure out how to bring class back to downtown Wichita.

Mia Morrison

Love it, but the new menu sucks.

Jerry D. Voss

What an excellent way to experience a movie. Comfortable seats, fresh made to order food, refills on the large buttered popcorn delivered to you in your seat. We will be back again.

Jessica Zenner

Food is extremely over priced for less of a portion than previously provided. The server seemed poorly trained- he had to leave to ask a question 3 times. It was bad enough that we'll avoid attending that location whenever possible.

Jill Meadows

Our families always come here on Christmas day. Kids like ordering food. Very spacious. Great wait staff.

Darell Wikle

Theater was just fine as always... Movie wasn't as good as we ancipated.... Brad Pitts performance was superior to DeCapprio's & that pit bulls role was impressive....

Joan Johnson

I paid $10 and change for a 6oz alcoholic drink in a plastjc jar. It was filled half way with ice. And I couldn't taste even a smigeon of liquor. And the popcorn was plain nasty. Which was another $8 and some change. Me and my mother barely touched that big tub of nasty popcorn. I was offered something else to eat. Not my money back.

Tom Ekeler

Kitchen was closed and had no idea until we arrived and saw the sign at the inner door. Only reason we came here was for dinner with the movie and it would have been nice to have some notice. Ever since regal took over I have not been impressed with my experiences here.

Liam Arnold

The experience is very subpar now. No kitchen, theater smelled like a dirty bathroom.

Christina L

Comfortable chairs, great atmosphere, good food. The only thing I didnt like was the line at the ticket taker. I bought my tickets online to get through to my seats faster but still had to wait behind several people at a single ticket taker, offering menus, and giving directions.

Hope Kornfeld

One of our FAVORITE date nights! Ordering food right from your chair & plenty of space are awesome perks and keep us coming back. The staff is friendly and helpful, they really do try to wait until a "non important" part of the movie to clear your dishes or close out your tab. A good tip though is to close it ASAP so they don't have to bother you ;)

Eddie Ruiz

I’ve honestly never had a bad experience here. They always play anything current or popular and $5 Wednesday’s are to die for. The theatre is located in Old town of Wichita Kansas surround in boutiques and restaurants so the atmosphere is really electrifying. I love this place.

Troy Hutson

Regal is really letting this place go down hill. Went to see Us in the director's suite and my chair was ripped on the seat and head rest. There was vinyl poking me in the neck during the movie. Also, drink prices have gone up. 2 pitchers of Coors Light was 39 dollar and change, and I waited nearly 15 minutes for a server to come to my seat. I miss the days of our beautiful locally owned theatres. If this is what we can expect from Regal ownership, these theatres are going to look pretty bad in a few years.

ryan pursley

Watched a late night feature in the director's suit. Even though the theater lobby was vacant , as we showed up a few minutes late, the crew was prompt and ready to make our movie experience worth every dollar. The new seating was very comfortable however they haven't installed the call buttons as of yet. We did ask a crew member about it and they assured us that they were going to install call buttons in the future.

Tacarra Moore

I still love $5 Wednesdays. The food is alright, but worth the trip. You can also enjoy the atmosphere outside the theater before or after a movie.

Cindy Ponce

Nasty food but great movies

jonathan pennington

Love coming here every year when I come visit the state

Leah Perry

Unfortunately they completely changed the menu and no longer have the penne Alfredo or many other things we liked. Used to be a fun dinner-and-movie date. Not so much anymore.

Troy Grandy

Food and drinks are mediocre and expensive. Place smells musty. 5 dollar Wednesday movie night is nice.

Steve Curbelo

Loved it! Great people and way beyond clean!

Thomas Meirowsky

Horrible....Had half of my meal eaten , by the time we got 2 draft beers. Unacceptable service.

Phillip Boone

Still a great theater, disapointing in the menu chsnges from when it was the Warren but still good food.

J.A. Jones

I have been here once and loved it. I am looking forward to going back again.

J Reid

They changed the menu, ordered the Chicken BLT, chicken was dry. Food is overpriced.

Micheal Stochl

Great movies. Great food. Nice service!

Jim Smith

The theater experience here has gone downhill a lot since Regal took it over. Our 7:15 movie didn't start until 7:50. There was a large air conditioning unit somewhere that was really loud every time it kicked on. Kind of ruins the sound experience of attending a movie. Prices for concessions have also increased at least 20%.

anthony gonzalez

Since regal has taken over the oldtown warren, i feel the quality of service has gone down and the theatre smells like old water or urine... and the fabric of the seats felt damp. Won't be back.

Cynthia Hill

It's been awhile since we had been out just thought it would be a good time to get out and hit a $5 Wednesday. Dinner and a movie is always a great idea.

Joseph Schmidt

Did the Directors Suite. The service was excellent and the food was good. Love the intimacy of the small theatre.

ethel bird

Went and seen Godzilla:king of monsters it was an awesome experience and the waiters come right to your set to take your order.

Reid Ledgerwood

Such a disapointment from where this theater used to be in comparison tonow. The food was awful amd the drinks are outrageous. Used to be a great friday night activity and Regal has ruined it.

Destinee Barrientos

Wednesday are a great time to go because the movie prices are really good! The alcohol drinks are a little pricey. And the food service is kinda slow but it's totally worth it. Over all though, a great theatre!

Owen Smith

Very much enjoyed the atmosphere, the food, and of course the movie I came to see. Parking was not a problem with the free parking garage. Overall 10

Robert Crossland

great food great movies

Matthew Nichols

Incredibly sad. Regal purchased the warren over a year ago and since then it has gone steeply down hill. The standards have sunk horribly. All of the theatres smell bad, the seats are not maintained and the service, food quality and overall experience is sadly incomparable to what it was prior to Regal. The few times I have gone to the directors suite, the chairs are destroyed and left to rot. I go to movies a great deal less now but when I do, I am more disgusted than the last time. Its so sad what was done to such a cornerstone of the city. All of the Warrens are equally ruined and never had these problems since they were open. Thanks Regal... I will always associate your brand with this.

Joseph Francis

I understand it was Valentine's day and the theater was busy but I waited over an hour for my food and drinks after me and my fiance both went to go and check on it. We both got "it'll be out shortly, we're busy." The staff seemed to be annoyed by us asking for our food and drinks which cost us about $50. When we finally got our drinks,they didn't taste at all what we expected them to taste like and the food came out so late we had to stay after the movie to finish it. We've been here before and the service wasn't bad but tonight,on a night I wanted to please my fiance,the service was sorry we came in on Valentine's day, a day you should be prepared for, to enjoy a special night out,next time we'll try amc and see if their service any better.

Danny Royse

The menu has changed and the food basically is below QuikTrip. I ordered onion rings with ketchup and ranch they forgot to catch up even after I asked him for the third time I wanted a glass of ice water which I ordered it the beginning I finally got it on the 4th request 40 minutes later never got to catch up the ranch dressing was thin as milk. I'm not that critical but basically the service sucked the movie was great but then Bill Warren built that I suggest you want to go see a movie go don't buy any of the food

Liz Degner

Nice clean place. And love the service at you seat in the theater.. especially love the drinks.

Reid Kaufmann

This place used to be a five star place, but under new management it's not what it used to be. I ordered a beer and a water, and they made a point of calling it complimentary water, as if they were doing me a favor. However, the cup was tiny whereas full sized cups used to be the norm. Also, my wife ordered chili which didn't come with the cheese stated in the menu, or crackers for that matter. The food isn't bad, but isn't anything to write home about either. You will still enjoy the combo movie and dining experience though.

Harry O. Willis

The food was good but the flatbread pizza was a little bit cold. Service was good. I didnt send it back but instead got a box to bring home. Otherwise it was a great experience.

Candice Watt

In my view the Warren Oldtown is the best Warren, you can eat in all the theaters, meal service straight to your seat. if you are into drinking you can drink in all the theaters. Great legroom good location. Not overly expensive no extra fee for any of it.

Joe Henderson

A great place to see a movie, handy parking in the garage.

Sherry Stroh

So sad that the theater has digressed as Regal continues to make changes that are not for improving the experience. We used to love coming here but today the rail was so sticky we had to let go as soon as we touched it. The place smells like wet diapers as the dampness is felt on the seats..they must be having problems with mildew/dampness. They all have decreased food choices on the menus and don’t have safe options for anyone with allergies. I will miss coming here to enjoy a movie in once comfy seats, clean environment, and the enjoyment of a dinner with a movie.

Truyện và Thơ Xưa và nay

Good place to hangout with friends and family, but food is so salty and old menu. Need to add more food and we can enjoy to eat there during to watch movie. Like Wednesday deal with half price off for movie ticket.

Arnold Villatoro

Nice theatre centrally located in Old Town. More for an Adult setting but kids are allowed til 8pm. Food and drink delivery to your seat is very nice to have. You can make it straight to the movie without having to stop by the concession stand prior to getting your seats. The auditoriums aren't huge which is a plus because that made every seat a good one. They offer more than your typical theatre for food and beverages. I definitely recommend going on an empty stomach and eating something delicious from there. Overall great experience and their $5 Wednesday's are unbeatable, buy in advance online and get there early to get a seat of your choice.

Rochelle Stroh

I used to love this theater but since regal took over it has constantly gotten worse. Food menu continues to change for the worse. No concessions menu. The theater smells like mildew and the hand rails were sticky. I’m so disappointed and grossed out.

KC Calisay

Use to be a good one stop for movie and food but I guess they changed the menu. Time to find a different place to go

McGee Diana

Smelled like piss, received my burger then my drink 5 mins later then my popcorn 5 mins after that

Brian Hollingsworth

Regal Theaters were handed probably one of the best chains of movie theaters in the country. In the short time they’ve owned them, they have completely, 100% changed the experience you receive that Wichita has come to expect. The only saving grace is what Bill Warren left in their lap in terms of the cleanliness and quality of buildings he kept. There’s been a noticeable decline in guest service, caring about guest experience, and quality of food and drinks since Regal took over. Warren’s standards for sound/picture/comfort quality is the only reason this isn’t a 1* review

Jessie Thornton

Food menu changed, less options, prices up. Food quality down. Miss the old Warren!

Aaron Chu

Great place to watch movies in old town. The dinner and drink options are satisfactory and the $5 movie night on Wednesday is a great value!

Matthew Rupp

Regal is ruining the Warren theaters. Sad. Frustrating. Just speeding up more and more choosing to watch movies at home. Dirty, STALE popcorn, 25-30 minutes of commercials and endless previews.

Kitty Paul

Too expensive. Just go eat before the movie.

Tabitha Grimm

The staff is super friendly.

Kristopher Flory

The theater was more enjoyable when operated by Warren. When Regal took over the quality of everything from ticket stubs to napkins and paper cups went down. The food maintained quality for a while but now even that is lessened. In addition they continue to send me emails even after unsubscribing from their email list multiple times.

Tin Le

Food service is nice. I still prefer AMC because of the better seats.


Would be 5 stars, but their alcoholic drinks are expensive but very yummy. I had the Tennessee Mule

Trina Godshall

Used to able to e as t decent food here and watch a m pi vhf ie but now they charge $14 for a cheap tasting hamburger and $11 for nachos with no meat just black beans which I felt tasted bad. On top of that you pay $5.50 for a drink. Very disappointed with this visit. Guess we will go back to eating elsewhere from now on. It's a shame because it was nice doing it all in one place. But a hamburger, fries, hot dog, fries, nachos, a shake and 2 med drinks came to $65.00. Never again!

Christian Cowdrey

My Director Seat didn't recline, and my date's chair was in really bad shape. The new owners don't want to spend money on upkeep, apparently. I REALLY hate popcorn in a paper bag instead of a bucket. Liked it better when Warren owned it.


Its okay, but you will occasionally deal with people talking and ordering food and constantly getting up while the movie is playing

Lenny and Kara Jackson

Very clean in there. The staff was really nice, and a cut above a regular theater. Being able to order food from your seat was a nice feature, even though we didn't use it. Comfortable seating too.

Quiha Smith

Lovely experience for my family. We took our kids to see Aladdin, first time in their lives they had ever been to such a wonderful movie theater. Its also been 10 years for me, and 20 for my husband. So. It was definitely a one in a chance thing for us! Thanks so much to the employees who tried to help us with our LO. We appreciate it!

Stacia Schwarz

I hate that regal bought our lovely, amazing warrens. Guess I'll stick to AMC or derby theater.

Tressa Bingham

The food is definitely not as good since Regal took over. Service was great, though.

JustinKiller Channel

Old town is always good to go for fun and entertainment. This theater rocks. Prices may sometime seem a bit too high but it's always worth it. Plus ordering in theater while watching the movie is always a plus. It makes it easier to get refreshments so you don't miss any scenes in the movies. Fun place to go always.

Brian Holden

Love this theatre. Great service. Great food.

Cece C.

I usually don’t have any problems with Old Town Theatre food, but last night is a different story. Me and my fiancé usually order the chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and veggies and it’s usually super good no complaints. This time we go (I’m now pregnant lol) and I order it again. I waited 40+ minutes and when it finally came it was ALL cold. I couldn’t even cut through the steak it was so cold and rubbery like, mashed potatoes were cold and even the veggies. Instead of me going to go down and talk my fiance did which was best. All they could do is give 2 movie tickets back when I just wanted our money back. This experience really bothered me because I usually never write reviews.

Rhea Phillips

The theater was nice and clean. Nachos were good, alcohol beverages were DELICIOUS made just right. Workers were friendly and prompt. Very helpful ladies and gentleman.

Doug Mank

Great place to catch a movie.

kishan si

It's a medieval styled theater with a nice touch of a dine in option. Sound quality is poor but you still enjoy the old styling

charlie Phillips

Lots of fun things to do! The movie cinema is very nice!! You can order food and drinks while watching the movie! Shopping stores galore !!

Don Currie

Ever since Regal took over the theatre has gotten dirtier and dirtier every visit. Stuff all over the floor, stickiness all over the seats. And before you say it's a theatre and it happens. We have seen the first show of the day several times and it's still disgusting. Not to mention the odor when entering the theatre room. Last visit, we were one of about 10 in the theatre with our buttons pushed, we waited more than 15 mins for someone to even come in and start taking orders. Old Town and the west location used to be clean, nice, with great service. I cannot say the same now, it has been declining continually since the change. So disappointing.

Bill Fenters

What a great movie experience. You can get your tickets online or outside at a kiosk or inside at the ticket booth. You can either get your snacks from the snack bar area or you can go inside and sit down and order them from your seat in the theater along with mixed drinks if you'd like which is pretty cool. For two adults movie tickets with a large popcorn and large drink cost $22. And the New 'Star is Born' was great and will probably be an Oscar contender

Mary Welling

They lost our ticket and didn't know who to give the food to. A server with a manager walked down multiple aisles asking if someone placed the order. I overheard them asking everyone and tried to catch them, but they went back to the kitchen. Once again we waited for someone to bring our food out. The manager came to me advising the menu says it could take up to 40 min. to bring the food out and offered to reheat it. He treated me as if I wanted something for free. I NEVER asked for any compensation and only wanted to inform him of the situation so the same thing doesn't happen to someone else. Due to the previous wait time and my diabetic child needing to eat, we decided to eat the cold food. Im VERY disappointed I paid 45.00 for cold food and poor service.

Dana Decker

The directors suit was great and the recliners were very comfortable. But there was no way to notify anyone we were ready to order so I had to go find someone and the food wasnt the the hottest.

L. V.

Good spot to hang out in wichita

Kiela Ndione

The girl got my order wrong twice and over charged me for two chicken wings and I only ordered one. I asked if she was going to fix it she said yes. The movie was over she never came back so I asked if you corrected the order she said yes. I look and she did not so now I know I am going to have to fuss and fight or dispute on my credit card. Ugh annoying


Excellent food, the staff are fun to talk to and the prices are reasonable!

Mitzi Rivers Singleton

Awesome place to go on Wednesday night for cheap entertainment for us the money is concerned but the movies are well worth it I'm glad we still have discount or $5 movie Wednesdays it really helps us as a family to be able to get together and afford something we can do as a family thank you for keeping us together

Heather Strange

Sad to see the menu decrease and the price increase. $80 for a movie and a few appetizers is ridiculous.

Tiffani Bush

I love the warren and its atmosphere! Regal crown club is great, I have over 100,000 points! However the new menu that regal has put out is horrible compared to the original one that the warren had out. Please get better movie food bringing back the original cheese fries!

Sarah Jones

It used to be our favorite movie theater, but not anymore. Seems like everyday it gets worse. Don’t waste your time and money, there are other movie theaters in town that are much better. Although the serving staff is very nice.

Rebecca Robbearts

Love the movies, the location and the people that run it. Great leg room, too. To keep customers, Regal needs to make some changes in the nasty smell when you enter the theater and the menu. They used to have great food and plenty of options, but they just changed the menu and only have $14 burgers (!!!), pizza and appetizers. The food is definitely not good now and not at all worth the price! We’ll be back to see a movie, but will never eat at the theater again!

Bryson Stanhope

It was always over priced mediocre food when it was owned by Warren but it was convenient. Ever since Regal took over it's still over priced mediocre food but with even worse service. If something is wrong with your order you can't ever get anybody to come back to fix it and they are always out of something that you order. It's happened every time we've went since Regal took over.

Stephanie Hancock

Nice place to catch a movie

Don C. Railsback O.D.

This used to be my favourite place to go for a movie. Since Regal took over very disappointing. Menu has changed. Wings had good flavor but drenched in gooey sauce. Not a good choice for movie food. Don't even have popcorn pricing on menu and no drink and popcorn combos. The waiters don't seem happy. Just going through the motions. Last time I'll visit this old towne location. That makes me sad...

Ashley Woody

Small, mostly adults, great service in all seats

Frank Dentamaro

Great place love the set up.

Rinann S

Sound and projection quality good. Still smells like old ketchup and food going bad in the theater. But less so than when it was Warren.

Denise Dickerson

Saw "Rambo Last Blood". Great movie and good food

Shelby Walden

Great place to watch a movie and grab a bite at the same time

David Gisick

Haven't been to the downtown Warren in years food was much better back then.

Sara Greiner

The food is good but the person they had taking orders didn't seem to know what he was doing

Audrey Noire

the only theater i go to! yummy food and drinks and amazing staff!

Garion Holgate

Excellent cinematic experience here with extra comfort and an assortment of foods and drinks to enjoy that are a cut above your average cinema.

Quincy Fermin

Used to be my favorite theatre but the experience has changed sense Regal took over. The menu is smaller and the wait staff seemed out of sync.

Ryk Goodwin

Don't get me wrong, Warren's are definitely the cream of the crop, it's just when you're rating all of the Warren's together, this one is far from perfect. My biggest issue is with the seats not being able to recline and a lack of leg rest. Had I remembered that this was the case, I probably would've just booked the East Warren location - to be honest. That aside, I do like the seat menu service - though I wish there was a way that they could service people without disturbing the movie. It gets old seeing a brightly lit tablet flash by every 20 minutes, especially during a suspense/horror movie.


Not the same place after Regal took over, so sad. This used to be a top notch place to go for date night, they pre-make the popcorn now, it's nasty... cold and stale, and they increased the prices. They need to deep clean, because it has an unpleasant odor when you go in.

Kyle Boehm

Many broken down seats. Lady at ticket booth was reading a book, never heard of that, maybe find something to clean instead of using work time for personal use. Ticket prices have went up since Regal purchased Warren theaters, no added value to justify the increase.

Scott Iwig

Customer service was wonderful tonight. Seats seem a little worn down. Rails seemed like they had something sticky on them. Dessert was excellent.

George Keelu

So we didn't even get a chance to watch a movie at this wife and I were told that our son, who's 17, had to be 18 with an ID....for Lion King!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me?!?!? I will NEVER go to this place again...bad customer service in my opinion....great way to welcome ppl from out of state.

Jasmin Renee

Out of towner, came looking for a regular movie. was very stunned to fine this unique movie theater. It was a great experience. Friendly staff


it an ok theater experience but nothing like the two other Warren theaters. much smaller screens etc.. the director's lounge is embarrassing if you are trying to impress someone. its the smallest screen in Wichita (i think) and seats about 16 people. chairs are nice but your there to see a movie at a premium price so sound and picture are very important. if teh seats were in a theater with a large screen seating maybe 200 people with a mtx sound system to match then i would be impressed as it is not wasting the money.again. i gave it three stars only because it was average and had food service available with adult beverages

Kory McLinn

New menu is bad in both selection and design. New concessions prices are ridiculous. Theater smells. Really driving the Warren name into the ground with lowering standards and rising prices.

Jonathan Gibbons

Loved it... Great service, and hospitality

Luke Peter

7 previews before the movie begins? People have things to do. And you wonder why people are choosing Netflix over going to the movies. Love the Old Town Warren but Regal, enough with the trailers.

Grant Kobes

Very different from your normal theater. They had an excellent selection of drinks and dinner food to choose from. You press a button on your seat and they will refill your drink for you so you dont miss any of the action.

Jojo Campos

I hate what regal has done to the Warren theaters. Drinks are not as good as they use to be.... Popcorn is nasty.

angie blades

Regal has a new food menu. Way less variety than Warren. I got the bbq wings and fries, room temperature and the flavor was gross. Won't be ordering food there again.

Michael Lytton

Look in / relized \ wasLook'n out

Jason Cole

Great service/staff. Enjoyable

Justin Keller

Prices are fair. All veterans are warmly greeted. Food delivery and alcoholic beverages during the movie.

Sabrina Bailey

Extremely disappointed with the new menu. Not only is there a smaller variety of food, the prices are also higher. And no popcorn combos anymore!? We also miss the $5 long islands. So sad!

Ginger Grace

Used to be one of the best theaters in town, but within the last month they got rid of the Warren menu (which had a good variety of really good food) and replaced it with cheap, already torn up, Regal menus (unappetizing looking food for ridiculous prices (with really stupid names)). The popcorn prices aren't listed on the new menu, probably because the raised the price of what was once the "Fred and Ginger" (two large drinks and a large popcorn) by $8 (a total of $26 now). Wouldn't have known if the server hadn't told us. That, coupled with the weird smell of the theater, caused us to leave before the previews began. I've loved going to the Warren for most of my life but it looks like AMC is going to have my business now.

phillip stover

I've been coming here for years but it's gone down hill in the last couple months. The new menu is awful. The old menu had great items. The cleanliness has even gone down. Please fix these problems before the customer base starts going to amc.

Alan S.

Good place to go see a blockbusting film. Service here is exceptional. Servers were polite, and made sure the experience and your food was above excellence. Would definitely come back for another exciting adventure.

Tamiaka Reed

Saw the movie alita on the wed special. In the showcase lounge. Nice n comfortable Easy access restrooms Order a chicken bacon sub n nachos along with a large drink. Ty

Brenda Barber

This is the only place where I like to go see movies in Wichita. Comfy seats, food and drinks brought right to you in the theatre, and the best part - nobody in your personal space.

superBaconbits 101

I hadn't been there in about 6 months but the last time I was there I remember thinking the food is a little spendy but not too much considering the experience. However, when I went last night the prices on the menu scared me!! They also don't have a very big selection of things you can get as far as main dishes.

Jimmy McDowell

I've tried to give Regal a chance over and over again and they continue to fail. Just after Regal took over went for dinner and a movie. I sat with my red light on for 40 minutes without being helped. I gave them another chance, a non-busy Thursday night. This time they completely mess my wife's order up. And they claim she didn't request what she requested. Then when they finally decided to make it right, the movie was half over when the issue happened before the opening credits. I give Regal a few more months. They take away the main part of going to old Town theater the large adult specialty drinks for 12 bucks. They now charge 10 for a 1/3 of the size of drink. Then must have changed food vendors. The food doesn't taste nearly the same or have the same quality. I gave Regal one last shot tonight. First the drinks we ordered took 20+ minutes to get. I left my seat and walked to the bar in the lobby and returned to my seat before our waiter returned with the drinks we ordered. Then they run out of salad. I heard 5+ people ask for salad and they said they were out. REGAL HAS RUINED THE WARREN


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