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REVIEWS OF Starlite Drive-In IN Kansas

Glenda Marvin

Love to still be able to go to the drive in enjoyed very much

Steven Gulick

Man this place was everything growing up. Took away the old speakers and jacked all the prices. I gave you 3 stars because I want this starlight to stay open no matter

Alyssa Cane

Came for the Friday the 13th marathon, a d it was fantastic. Would definitely recommend.

regina campos

First time we have been since the new take over and the movie was too dark to even enjoy. It was hard to get into for an adult definitely more for a kid. The movie had just started, the drive in was more empty than I’d ever seen it in the past yet they said they sold out of cotton candy and the line was so long in the concession due to people waiting on popcorn because there wasn’t any popcorn ready and people were talking about missing the movie due to the wait. Sadly disappointed for the first time at Starlite.

lisa hawkins

Awesome place to go watch movies and chill need more drive ins

Tracy Johnsen

So glad its open can't wait to go this summer.

Kristi Parry

I love the drive in so a 5 however the speaker system needs to be rethought as batteries were going down left and right

Cristofer Wells

Movies were great, snack bar cost and quality were not good.

Joshua Workman

The best drive-in I've ever been to

Beth Cook

As always, not a better place to go see movies, great family tradition, had all my kids and grandkids to see lion king!!

Rev C The Real

Best place to see movies in Wichita.

Emily Lance

Great place to go watch movies. A little slow getting you in the place but other than that, it is amazing. Just make sure you go there on a cooler day.

Patti Mitchell

Had an awesome evening with my family! What a great deal! Thank you Starlite Drive-In

Judith Lenz

Thae greatest OF ALL Thank you

Angelina Gibbs

The screen was really big and we could watch perfectly from are truck

courtney Mariano

Nice Sunday evening at the drive-in! Kind gentleman that worked here helped us jump our car. Will be back!

Jenifer Elstun

Fun!!! Definitely a family (or friends)night go-to.

Lt Mares

Very nice place to go and watch a movie with your family and friends you can listen to the movie through your radio and they serve pretty good food

Mic' Belcher

Went for the KC Chiefs game. Would or could have actually charged to have an actual "tailgate" experience. People would come if they could grill I believe?

Susan Pemberton-Moss

Love the new digital picture. Admission price was great. Concession are of course in my opinion way too high. I took 2 of my grandsons and they just loved the experience. Have gone here for years and plan to for many more years.

Jennifer Prekopa

The scound quality was better than before, but there is a horrible static just behind the sound of the movie that is quite annoying. They also need to upgrade to bigger screens. With kids, at a kids movie, we like to sit closer to the bathroom so not to have to disturb other viewers when they need a bathroom break. If you aren't in the first 2-3 rows, the viewing experience isn't the greatest.

Damian Mercer

This is one of the absolute best family experiences you can find in the area! Memories are made every trip! One visit will have you ready to go back again! And always support wonders like these are dying but we can not let them!

Brandon Trube

You are a few drive-ins left. This one put a lot of money into upgrading to All Digital equipment and it is a fantastic experience that everyone should check out


Enjoy it, had a real nice time!


What is the nicest drive-ins I've ever visited excellent place to step back in time into the American nostalgia excellent menu from hamburgers and hot dogs to popcorn and ice cream...

Brenda Cavalie

So much fun! Great place, great price, will definitely return.

Ryan Hood

Cool old drive in, with classic style and modern convenience.


Had a great time with friends here. The food was good too.

Jeremy Heitman

Having a great evening watching the Chiefs vs Colts!

Shannon Collins

So glad so many great people stepped up to save this place!

Kari Likes

Have been taking my girls there since we moved here in the 90's. Now I'm taking my grandkids. Took my grandson to him first drive in horror flick last week It2 we laughed the whole why through the move. Yes his 10 and not scared of today horror movies he says the suck he loves my generation moves they show what it is to be scared things pop out of no where and get you. Now he just wants to go to the drive in every weekend it's nice to still have it around. Thanks.

Lori Taylor-Brown

Saw the new Lion King movie, it was great!

Aaron Jolly

Always an amazing experience! I would reccomend going if it's just for a date or a fun family experience.

Makenzie Kackley

Love how they do blue tooth speakers now!

Jennifer Pearce

It was a very enjoyable experience. My whole family enjoyed it

THE anahka WAY

First time back since the new opening and it was awesome. You can even bring your dog's and there's a pet restroom area. The new projectors are even better nice clear picture. The don't have speakers anymore but they do have the trusty radio or a Bluetooth option you can leave your d.l. at the concessions stand and get a small speaker and return before you leave, the speaker worked very well and lasted the whole time without disruption. The only complaint I have is the concessions was very expensive

Corby Turner

Good family fun. Didn't realize we would be forced to either run our car the whole time or rent a speaker but otherwise was great.

Linda Cooper

Loved going to the drive in as a kid & now love taking my kids & grandkids to the drive in

S. Alvie Furman

Great place to relive your childhood at the Drive- In!

awesomeguy ok

Great movies thx. can bring any snaks u want.

Danny Fryhover

Took a carload out there to watch the triple feature. Everything went great the lines were long but seemed to move pretty quickly. Definitely recommend going exspecially if you never been to a drive in movie.

Karen Avery

Was fun sitting out under the stars watching the movies. Brought back fond memories. Concession stand was clean and friendly people.

my blood is ford blue Gage

The drive in is part of my childhood and part of my dating my wife and part of my children's childhood my family HOPES it's there FOREVER......our .the staff are awesome ..always polite and helpful the facility is always pretty clean the food is good ....and they have funnel cake If the customers would be more caring by picking up after their own family/friends and not tear stuff up itll be there for generations to come

Tanya Leddy

Fun experience to go with the family to the drive in.

Momma Jessica Brewer

$7 dollars for adults and $5 dollars for children!! Best place EVER

Kris Anderson

Amazing place and awesome people we will be going back soon

Robert Woody

Love love love this place. Thank you so much for bring this place back.

Tim Long

Football on the big screen= awesome!

Kimberly Caldwell

Great Memories The drive in was clean, especially restrooms, staff was friendly. There were droves of people...families galore. Loved it.


Great place love it just wish they showed better movies and had more kid friendly movies

Marcus C

First time seeing a movie there with the new projectors, noticeably better now. Enjoyed our experience, will hopefully get back before the season ends.

DnD Productions

Great experience clear view and great sound thanks for saving Starlite.

Donna Olin

Our family loves the drive in our indee the stars. It's something fun for the grandkids.

Erin Laird

Threw a mattress in the back of the truck, grabbed a lantern, borrowed their speaker and had a blast watching It Chapter 2 and Ready or Not... idk why I've never been before! Will certainly be back when the movies change!

Brian Lyday

Old time. Nice. The picture is not bad. The sound comes over your radio so you control your volume. Consessions are typical, nothing extraordinary. Not many left so go visit.


First visit since it reopened under new ownership. Our family had a great time! We'll be back.

Mike Apsley

We went to watch the sunday night game this was awesome.l this will be my hang out when i can't make it to the game i love this idea

Nicole York

Glad to see the Starlite staying open! Great place to create memories from kids- adult! Always come here for the funnel cakes! We love that everything is mostly self serve in the concessions, it cuts the line down a ton. Would like to see the speakers for the windows back, but that wont keep us from coming! Thank you for staying open!

kelly calbert

Always improving the quality of the experience, been a fan my whole life, always a great experience for the family

Noneya Business

Omg. Best place ever. Love everything about it except 1 rule where you can't have your side lights on so tha caused some trouble but other than that the food is awesome love all moives and price is pretty good.


So thankful Wichita got to save our only drive in. Love watching movies out with the stars!

Amy Presley

Clean, family-friendly atmosphere, and reasonable prices. Took my bonus-son for his first drive-in movie, and it met/exceeded our expectations!

Robert Barzegar

Glad they've reopened. Great family experience.

Miranda On the Move

Affordable prices for tickets and concessions. Awesome experience for our family!

Michael Cook

With the help of the community they were able to save this site and it will be well appreciated a must visit

Cynthia Hill

This was my first time in, it was a lot of fun and had no idea what to except, I was just a little disappointed in the snack stand. I felt like they could upgrade quality of the product. Had no issues with seeing the movie. I would come back for another movie just bring my own snacks next time.

Teresa likins

Whats not to like about the drive-in? Would prefer more carload pricing tho.

Paige Smith

Loved it! 1st time I took my boys only down part was the person behind me kept turning their brights on so had to walk in the rain and puddle to ask them to stop. But we watched Aladdin and Dumbo.

Emilie Payne

Love Starlite! I hope I will someday be able to bring my own children here. Amazing prices, concessions are yummy too! It's always so much fun to load up the car with pillows and blankets and stay out under the stars watching movies. I hope Starlite will be able to get the funding they need to stay open for generations to come.

Georgianna Riggs

Love the drive in it was so great to see movies there with the whole family. The prices are responsible and great and friendly people.

Sophia Hart

Unique place to have fun at. Definitely recommend going... it's a different experience than a regular theater and almost a better one

Ben Tyson

It's like a quaint but wholly enjoyable trip back in time. We only stayed for the first kids' movie, but had so much fun! You can't beat the price or the experience for good clean family FUN! Two thumbs way up!

Ryu Takahashi

You have to come here once in your life. It should be on your bucket list. I miss the window speakers though...7 out 8 of my brothers and sisters have been conceived here and I look forward to carrying on the tradition!

Jamie Black

pls invest in subtitles so we dont have to run down our car batteries to hear the movie thank u

Kacie Mcgee

Love the new speakers that are clear and loud enough. Concession is now a long line of self serve where you can get your own popcorn, snacks, drinks, and pay at the end. Movie was clear and crisp images. They still had the cute Lil commercials and countdowns between movies. It started a lil later than scheduled. So glad they are reopened!

Dallas Lavine

One of the greatest places. I love going there. Two or three movies for the price of one and dont have to worry about other people talking. Was so sad to hear that it was closed permanently and so ecstatic when I heard that it was reopened. Thank you to those who made that possible.

Skylar Ward

The drive-in has always been such a wonderful experience. The management and staff work hard to make sure that everything is clean and enjoyable. As long as the patrons follow the very clear rules and guidelines, it is a great way to spend an evening. This is the best and most cost effective way to see a movie in Wichita! Also, they have the very best jingle. I'll remember the Starlight phone number forever 524-2424

Kyle Siegwarth

Very good and reasonable pricing for new movies! Sound quality was great and could easily see the screen. My only complaint would be that the speaker at our spot did not have a working dial so it was at full volume for everything. Other than that I was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday night :)

Sheila Jackley

Sad it is not policed better. People parking in the road. People sitting in the walkways and the road. People shining headlights for up to 15 on the screen. Walkway lights don't work or have been run into and knocked down. Trash everywhere. I along with countless others fought to keep this drivein and it is horrible to see people treat it this way. Have some respect and follow the rules so everyone can enjoy it. I see now why the former owners had police there and patrolled it well. It never was like this before

Kalena Salvator

Absolutely loved going. Cant wait to come back, so happy it was saved for everyone to enjoy!!

Ch Br

Have loved it since I was a kid!!


Love, Love, Love The Starlight Drive-In!! So many memories and more to come, very thankful it was saved! For sure a part of Wichita.

Gaylon Stafford

Thrilled to see the drive in back in business. Many great memories made here for me, my family and friends for the past 48 years. Very affordable entertainment. (There is still the occasional disrespectful people but that's everywhere) I still support and attend this Icon of Wichita.

Erica Rogers

Love taking my kiddos here!

Claire Gager

So much fun! the updates are nice, love love the wireless speakers!! although we wish there was still someplace to put trash!

Liandro Martinez

This place is nothing but great customer service. We only wanted 3 funnel cakes and because they were showing the kc game we didnt have to pay to go in and get our funnel cakes and leave. I still think they should at least charge 5 bucks a car load for the kc games.

Lonnie Hoepfinger

I figured it's been 20 years since, I had been to the Starlight Drive-In I'm so glad we still have one. Took my granddaughter to see Lion King and Toy Story 4 what a great time. brings back good memories can't wait to go again

Kelly Simonsson

Breathtaking experience under the stars. What an incredible evening

Justin Kessinger

We love this place food and the movies, but they need to fix the speakers because we don't have working speakers in our vehicle

Daniel Pla

Great family time. Full snack bar, clean establishment

Martin Dennis

Parked where we were instructed but guy came around on golf cart telling us we had to move up about one foot. This made it hard to open door to get out because of speaker/light pole. Movie started too early so, because of sun light, it was hard to see at first. After movie started people kept turning their headlights on which was distracting & making it hard to see. Very inconsiderate of other movie goers! We do like the concession stand though. They have great popcorn & funnel cakes! We also had fun at the car show earlier in the day.

Noelle Stanley

It was really nice and fun.

Douglas Burns

Ive never been to drive in movie before, came here to see shazam with my kids and my wife. It was alittle rough cause my kids are so young but the movie was great and the starlight is definitely something you want to experience. The food and drinks are great, the staff are very helpful and its really fun!

Kalico Kittee

I just love this place, you got keep this tradition going.

Natashia Wharry

So glad the opened it back up. Had a great time

L. V.

Love this place for many years. Great place for family.

Vivian Schurig

Great movie selection. Pricey but still good. I enjoy my time there.

Kyle Bear98

We haven't been to the drive in for 20 years. It's changed, but the vibe was still the same. I'm so glad that our StarLite was saved. Can't wait to go back.

Stephanie McGuire

Brought back memories of when I was a little girl. I went with my 18 year old daughter for a change of pace from the Regal theaters. We watched two really great movies for 13 dollars but we could have watched 3. By the third movie, we were already for bed but I am sure the third movie would have been really good too. I definitely lived the experience and plan on doing it again.

Melanie Avery

One of the best drive-ins in the country. We love the Starlite! Family friendly atmosphere and great pricing. You really can't beat the Starlite.

Jennifer White

We love the drive in! Ticket prices and concessions are cheaper than a regular theater. Great people running the Starlite now! It's always a fun evening for the whole family.

Alex Flippin

This place gets it. Classic horror triple feature, great food, picture and sound. That's how you do drive-ins. Best one I've ever been to. Great experience.

barry hall

Excellent drive in, great picture and sound. Movie lovers must go, especially if you've never been to any drive in.

Dreamis Chambers

Just one of my favorite places

Lillian McLaughlin

It is so fun to go see a movie at the starlite Drive-In theater. I really like to sit out in my car and just watch the movie. The people who serve you food are a very nice and it is so fun to hang out with friends and family.

Jon Le

Very nice fair price good choice of ok food. Place is clean. Will go back.

Jessica Mcneil

So good! We saw Spiderman Homecoming, the food was hot and we'll prepared and all the staff were friendly and seemed like they wanted to be there.

Ashley Woody

Love this place! I miss some of the older features like the short movie ads before the movie starts, it was a countdown deal. Also miss having speakers outside at the poles for when you want to sit outside.

michael willard

Great place to bring the family for a night out. They have great movies and good food.

Halley Groom

I love the Starlite Drive-In! Such a wonderful place for family outings or date nights. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this gem in Wichita!


It is great that this drive-in theater is still going strong. They have a good concessions bar that you should frequent to help them stay in business.

Jason Greenlee

The showtimes for movies has increased with the new ownership but the food prices went up dramatically. We spent almost $60 for a family of 5 to have a hotdog or hamburger each and we shared fries and a drink. Pretty ridiculous on food prices. Other than that, it's the same old drive in, but with upgraded equipment I guess, I didn't notice any difference. We'll come back but definitely get food somewhere else.

Don Schuler

It's such a fun time to be able to still go enjoy a drive-in theater. The Starlite does a nice job at making the experience family friendly. They have a very good concession stand with some allergy friendly options. We enjoyed that the first two shows were for the kids and the last one was for the parents while the kids sleep! Please support our local community theater.

Jimmy Chancellor

Awsome place to take a date ur wife kids

Kara Hernandez

Wonderful experience!! Our cars battery even died and they brought out a battery charger while we watched the second movie.

Angela Campbell

Need less price only stayed for 1 movie cause the other one showing was not good!

Travis Tyler

Love being at the Drive in!! Reminds me of a simpler time!

Randall Hain

Need newer movies good hot dog for $4.50 ouch... Admission only $7 adult

Isaac Campbell

So I looked all over the website when I bought the tickets for sound capabilities and all I saw was the Bluetooth speakers but when I went to get one they were all gone. So we left because we couldn’t listen to it, oh and the radio option didn’t work because we decided to take my friends old station wagon. Please take into consideration, and get more speakers for the people like us.

Kathy Metheny

I've been going to the Starlite Drive-In for years but this was the first time I went tonight since the new owners I was totally unaware they took the speakers out luckily enough we were with and that people and they brought a radio so we can hear the movie

Shawntel Wages

Everyone have with our dive in n share the love n fun with all of ur friends n family

Christy McGaffin

We had a great time! So happy they are open. Loved the new Bluetooth speakers so we could use it in the back of the truck.

Ean Thomas

The starlight drive in is always a nice relaxed place to bring friends and family to have a great time, enjoy the summer weather and a quality movie. I'm 25 and I've been going here since a very young age, and it's always a good time thank you wichita for keeping it around.

Frances Jacobs

It's a unique experience that is getting increasingly rare to find. I'm so happy it was brought back. It was a part of my childhood. I'm glad my kids get to experience it, too. It's also a great value.

Dmitry Goncharov

Glad to see this place is still alive. Very few left in the country so take an opportunity to watch a movie. There's nothing like it!

Mama_Mia 70

Absolutely love! Brings back such great memories as a kid.

Alicia Craft

Awesome Drive-in experience! Clean, well maintained. A gem we are lucky to have in our city!

Catherine Sexton

A cheap place to take your family. The Starlite crew are friendly and helpful.

Ashlea Thompson

The new Spider-Man far from home and men in Black international was very good movies yesterday

Sedan Man

Great place to relax and watch movie's

Devin Short

The Starlite is THE BEST way to spend a night out if you're trying to budget money. 2 different and new movies plus decent concession stand prices not to mention the nostalgia factor for people of all ages.

Josette Ruiz

The rain made some flooding on the exit side so I turned around and went down the shallow end ...thank goodness

Katie Schrader

So fun and priced great when you can catch the $13 carload!

Waylon Cooper

A cool place to take the kids for a movie.

Theresa Schwiethale

This is a great place to see a movie (or two)! Their new wireless speakers are pretty awesome too

Amber Johnson

I love this place! Been a few times with my husband and once with all 5 kids. Always a great experience! Only got concessions once. Priced fairly, but self-serve and very messy.

Paige Harmon

I love them. I'm so glad they didnt close down!

Michelle Mallett

Way cheaper than a movie theatre. And more leg room in your own vehicle. FM channel comes in clear for listening. Nothing beats the drive in!

L. C.

One of the only places left in Wichita that I loved so much as a kid. It's still a great place to take the family and one of the few remaining drive-in theaters in the country.

Sheri Mayes

I am so happy we are keeping our drive-in theatre. Fun nights under the stars.

Reece Nunez

We love the starlite drive in! Always a great time

Clifton Howlett

I love this place ...clean professional staff...a nice place to go to spend a evening out watching movies

Elizabeth Garcia

I went to starlite Drive-In ever since I guess when I was a baby and it was the best place that I ever wanted to go to

Xia L8r

Almost exactly what it was when I was a kid. Super stoked it was saved. Speakers on the poles were replaced with Bluetooth speakers and modernized concession building. Still has the famous little cartoons between shows. Only two features are played now, instead of three, and carload isn't a thing anymore but still a great idea for a date night or chill session with friends.

Denise Wells

Friendly, clean, clear picture and well organized. My family and I don't have the opportunity to go often but when we do we enjoy the Star-light very much.


Really glad to see the Starlite doing well. We've been there a few times and enjoyed the Halloween triple feature very much. The food isn't bad and the prices are nice (especially important if you're bringing a group). Hopefully they stay on the Halloween movie showing list.

julian valdez

Love going. Enjoy it every time

Zete Jones

Miss the speakers! Grandkids like going, and I like taking them. This last time, maybe they're still working the bugs out. Cheeseburgers were barely hot (☹) but usually GREAT.( and it was right at the beginning of show so seems would've been hot and fresh. At least 9 cars I saw had dead batteries afterward, yes, us included. Not sure why, as usually no problem. Thanks to the kind young man who jumped us, and the guy in the pick up who was jumping several cars. Very nice you both. Also need someone to tell those who keep their loud music going during movie, to turn down or go elsewhere. Hate having to move ( yea, we were already parked when they arrived) after already setting blanket and chairs out. Rude of them anyway.

jonathan lawrie

Absolutely love this place best drive-in around

Jennifer McMullen

Great service, clean and I love how they have re modeled the food court

timothy crain

I dont know if this place exists anymore here in town but when i was attending it was the classic drive-in experience. Park and pull the speaker in then go buy snax and burgers at the joint there offering them.


I grew up going to the drive in its some of my family's favorite memories. Since the reopening we have went twice. Neither time was a good experience. They only show 2 movies now it's seems they don't change much and driving back and forth from Oklahoma it really isn't worth it. The snack bar was filthy the food was not fresh and you get No customer service which used to be a part of the experience. We were parked one space over from people doing things they shouldn't have been doing at a drive in with windows down at a kids movie so we had to leave. No apologies, no refund no nothing. Listen to your customers and change a few things.

Bryan Brauser

A great place to go with friends or family.

Pam Boatright

Great place to go. You can see more than one movie for the same price you would go to a walk in theatre.

Cassi B.

I have been a great supporter of the drive in for many years. I was so sad when they closed it last year "for good" and I was ecstatic when they re-opened this year. That said, I am far less than impressed with the changes to the concession stand. I loved buying concessions regardless of the price before because I was supporting the drive in by doing so. Now everything is self serve (including the popcorn)l and drinks) and as a result, you have to wait for people to get their items before the line moves on. I waited in line for 45 minutes. It was ridiculous. I will continue to support the drive in as it is hands down my favorite place to be in the city, but the new concession process leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

bailey_boo 18

We love going to the drive in so glad it stayed open

Sisterhood Confessions

I went there a few weeks ago and it was a great experience. Just like I remembered as a kid but better. Several options for food, clean restrooms, and several ways to listen to the movie. You can blue tooth from anything that has that option, use your stereo or Starlight will let you rent out a speaker box according to the site. First come, first served though.

Tabitha Wilson

People their weren't very friendly or helpful. The way to get your own snacks and drinks.... Terrible idea.... I got butter all over my hand.


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