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REVIEWS OF Sequoyah 9 IN Kansas

JT Beckwith

Need to update seating, and clean the place up, starting to show its age compared to the better lounge seating theatres

Jose Gonzalez

Fast service. ...

Lonnie Creacy

Ticket and snack prices are reasonable. $35 gets you 2 tickets and snacks. Seating is decent. It's just the sound system isn't that great, Compared to theaters like in Wichita. Watched Jumanji on the 28th of Dec. Concessions- waited in line almost 20 minutes before we even get to order - they had 5 people working 5 lines of concessions . Not near enough for the amount of people getting concessions. There's no problem with your sound system per say. I just know there are better theater sound systems out there which makes for a better experience.

Chimmythe Mochi

Great place to view movies. Recommend

John E Whitehead

Always a fun time at the movies

Luis. Mp4

Horrible movie threather

noel torres

Pretty typical experience, seats not the most experience

Veronica Gallegos

Always can see the newest on movies out there

Delilah Myers

A great place to have here! Love it! New movies all the time and concessions have just what we need!

Cecilia Dowell

Early show is less crowded, nice comfortable seats and plenty of leg room

Tyree Cruz


Mark Rodriguez

I love the movies always will i seen alot of movies from 60's to now and always attend the theater with my wife and kids, majority of the time its just me and my wife because date night lol but when we go services are awesome popcorn is fresh drinks are great and we always have a great time. the reason why I'm giving a 4 star rating (has nothing to do with the theater) is cause when we go watch a Rated R movie there is little kids there with no adult and they just talk and talk and talk and kick the chairs or on their phones and I paid for a movie to enjoy with my family without any interruptions I do wish something can be done but I get it, it is what it is but it wont stop me from going and enjoying the show

Rebecca Loewen

Great theater big so never to crowded. Here at least once a month!

Mr Tomy

Nice movie theater

Stuellen Porkles

Always clean.

Emily Diane

Big theaters with many seats and wide selection of snacks and drinks, bathrooms are big with many stalls

Heather Louise Lund

Cheaper prices, better seats

Michele Smith

Very good , just to hot

Brandy Wright

Reasonably priced with a GREAT SELECTION OF MOVIES!!

Bethany Carter

Great movie place with great prices!

Catherine Tempel

Great experience...saw a double feature and only spent 35.00 for 3

Kelly King

Cleanest restrooms ever! The lines can be long for refreshments some days but oh, is it worth it. The 8 or 9 registers with two people working each one and roving runners make quick work of hungry movie goers. Getting tickets is always quick and the movie experience is top notch. I never go to the movies out of town anymore. You get twice the experience for a fraction of the price right here in Garden City, KS.

Nick Spe

Good place to watch movies

Brandon Whorley

It was an "ok" kind of experience. I'm not one to mince words, so here are the facts. The price for the afternoon showing (430ish) was pretty good. The staff was not friendly. The popcorn was not over priced, but it also wasn't as fresh as I would have cared for. The floors were sticky - which added to noise pollution. The seats were comfortable enough for an hour, or so. They didn't seem too stringent on age restrictions, so there were 3 kids. The movie started very late. There you go, folks. Do with that information what you will.

Elier aa

No need to fire Martin Robles over him being on his phone during a family emergency

alie hernandez

Somtimes the lines can be slow but overall there service is great!

Karen Chaparro

A little expensive, the people selling tickets need more customer service skills they were a little rude but other than that I want to say that the restrooms where really clean and the movies were good.

Debra Turner

I love this place!

Annamae Scheuerman

A enjoyable theater, good customer service

joel saenz

Love it, they should fix the driveway tbh.

Raul Lopez

Always a fun place

Edgar Meza

I Love this Place. I've been coming here since I was a teenager and I've always had a great experience. If you've traveling through and are in need of something to do, stop by to watch a movie and experience the small town feel with a big city experience.

Jr Reyes

Awesome 6205211280

There was a tall skinny boy, with his hair parted on the side at the end register that was very rude.

Johnetta Hebrlee

Had a wonderful afternoon at the movies!


Good customer service. The prices are high, though. I recommend going for the matinee. Two dollars cheaper.

Brenda Alonso

Everything was good except the popcorn it was salty and stale.

Ivan Rivas

Honestly this place is a awesome place I would go here even if I lived some were else. Always up and running and clean bathrooms. Popcorn taste good and snacks are quick to get.

Consuelo Sobalvarro

Love it, nice place to go with family and friends

Suzie Sadek

Great Popcorn. Security staff very rude.

margarita oropeza

Love the snacks


The theater itself was very nice, the seats were really comfortable. The movie and audio were great. Attended the Friday matinee, but even then I recommend going at least 20 minutes early if you want to get snacks and see the first part of your movie. The counter people were as fast and courteous as could be while running around mad trying to help customers, just not enough of them. If they get more service folks to run the snack counter I'd happily give 5 stars.

JL Shook

Always good times.

Jason Peach

Did not expect to be sitting in top end theater seating with tons of leg room. Did not expect to have high end projection and sound. If we get to visit Garden City again we will be back. Super!

Guadalupe Hermosillo

this movie is good for the size of town we are in. Good atmosphere and ppl, plus the food is not that expensive

Jane Mcdaniel

Quiet.Good and

C F Davis

We went here after a memorial service in dire need for a comedy... the popcorn was fresh, and i was shocked how reasonably priced everything was.

Brayan Quezada

It's the only movie theater that Garden City has but it is still the cheapest theater I have ever been too, and it is still very nice and clean I would recommend!

Joel Sutton

Nice clean theater's

Carlos Marshall

Lots of leg room, but very pricey for just a mediocre theater.

Rick Schwindt

Great movie experience

Dylan Randall

So I am from out of town so I am used to reserved seating and recliners. This movie is a great little old movie theater this place has great concession stand prices and tickets prices! When it comes to the theater and seats the seats are not the most comfy seats and the theater was really dirty the bathrooms as well. The only other thing I have to really say is that the parking lot is absolutely horrible I think I took the shocks off out of our rental car because their is just pot holes everywhere and it is just not paved very well!

R Mead

There's a great selection of movie's the popcorn good it's fairly clean and there are plenty of seat room and leg room to

Val Snodgrass

Favorite place for a date night or coffee with a friend.

Patience Mercer

Loved it all around

Melissa Wilken

Awesome place, wonderful seats. Awesome sound system. Loved it.

Vampire lastat

Great cheap place to go with family to see the best movies in town.

Matthew Hubbard

Really Good place to see a movie

Neva Mosttler

I love going here. Service is good lines go quickly.

Lynzea L.

This is the only theater within 60 miles that's consistently open. They're the best theater around, by default.

Mark LaMastres

Always a good place to watch a movie and stay out of the heat. Descent prices and great times.

ruben ortiz

Took the family to watch a movie and bought the tickets. Turns out the movie was sold out and they expected us to separate our kids. We asked if we could exchange for a different time and the person in charge refused. She might have gained $30 but she will lose much more in time cause we will just drive to Dodge from now on.


They tickled my pickle idk man seemed pretty weird to me

Jay Edwards

Getting run down and dirty in the past year. Concessions are slow and unimaginative menu. Prices are still good in spite of the lack of movies on 8 screens.

Edis M. Rodriguez-Hernandez

Clean, good sound system, good customer service.

April Maldonado

This theater should really consider letting people get their tickets on Fandango or Atom, so people can choose their seats before going in. I'm also surprised that this theater hasn't done any upgrades in a long time. A lot of theaters are going to reclining seats. It would just be more convenient and a lot of other theater are already doing this.

Garcia EnSWKS

Watched All The Money In The World. It was a small room. Popcorn and Pepsi was delish!

chuck mancha

Awesome popcorn....great sound system...lots of current movies stadium seating.. .nice...

Gregory Foxx

Great small town cinema, tickets are average priced great value.

Gretchen Dowdy

awful! kids talkig, crying walking around theater throughout the whole movie!! if parents cant get their kids to behave, they should leave!!! i paid to see a movie, not be bothered by kids bumping into me as they continously changed seats and argued who was going to sit where!

Monica Garetson

Great movie selection, employees could b a bit more outgoing & happy. Great atmospher & clean restrooms! Great family fun!!

Kelly Dee King

First and formost I love the newly updated seating in all eight theaters, we can enjoy a whole 3 hour + movie without a back ache or a numb butt. As a busy professional with a very random schedule I like that I can hop in last minute and always get a ticket, popcorn and a drink in a timely manner from the very courteous staff. I love the image and sound quality and the fact that the audio always seems to be just right every time. The bathrooms are spacious, clean and stylish. I am assuming that the woman's restroom is as nice as the mens. OK, wife said restrooms are as I described in the ladies room also. The crew is friendly and professional and you most always can see 2 to 3 managers on duty. I would highly recommend this theater if you like big city ammenaties with small town comfort.

Steven Koehn

I enjoy going here, movie experience is good, they always have the latest movies. Only thing I wished they had is 3D glasses that fit over prescription glasses. I always go to 2D for this reason.

Lucas Algrim

Great little theater!

Theonly spectral


Ur Dad

Seats arent comfortable, good otherwise

Daniella Caramel

I want to know if it’s open today, I don’t wanna figure it out by going there. I want to know here because I just want to. I’ll give it 4 stars because this is the reasons and why you’re reading it now. I know this doesn’t make sense because you don’t. Now, if you excuse me. I’ll go there by teleporting.

Eatmypotatoe 420

I love the movies but they dont show certain movies that are featuring. For example (Love Simon, and upgrade)

Michael Miller

Great theatre. The seats are comfortable. Great sound system. It's nice they have "gift tickets" from an ex girlfriend. I like taking all my dates in Garden City to this.

Brigida Rodriguez

Great prices all around and the theater rooms are awesome and comfortable

Justin Banister

It's a small theater but a good one. It being the only one in town it makes it the best one.

David Hoppe

Nice Theater experience. Surprisingly low admission prices

Isaiah Garcia

Best theatr ever

Leland Jackson

I love the retired prices

Jordan Geyer

Cheap!!!! Clean, and did I say cheap low cost, took the whole family 3 kids to movie with large popcorn large drinks nachos less then 50 what a steal. This is the movie theater I compare all others to

Tyler Hauschild

Decent prices. Fairly clean. Only theater option in town.

jacob williams

gun free zone the place is the only theater for 50 miles

Caleigh Knight

Went way uphill with the new management. Larger theatre with more and better seats. Made it nearly impossible for the person in front of you to be blocking anything. Added more theatres, but got rid of the arcade. For a movie theatre decent pricing on food and drinks. Great staff. Great local hangout and decent waiting seats. Large bathroom that tends to be really clean. Definitely need to fix up their parking lot though, photos added

Timothy Nunez

Watched movies something to do while in Garden Kansas. People are really nice.

Andy Gough

A good theater experience, personally I would like to see the chairs get upgraded like the other theaters around the area to the softer reclining ones.

Jennifer Ort

This is not a shiny, new theater with reclining chairs. It is older BUT the bathrooms were very clean and I had plenty of legroom. All of the employees that I interacted with were pleasant and professional.

Chava Lopez

Good service nice theater

Blaine Harvey

Good place, clean. Only place in town to go see a movie. Even being the only place I think they do a good job, making it a fair experience.

Linette Mckinley

Popcorn tasted old like it was from night before. Was going to take my 5 granddaughters to Hotel Transylvania but on phone it didn't show it was on. When we bought our tickets and headed to a different movie there it was on display now showing. What a disappointment☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

Kofi Rosas

It was awesome the movie I seen was hilarious

workouts 1

The food counter needs to run smoother. Needs ppl not to just stand around n help out

Zach Worf

The movie was great, the prices are affordable. The only reason I gave 4 stars was because the parking lot was so bad it was worth commenting on. Pot holes could/may have done some serious damage to my vehicle.

Sabrina Montez

Supports the community and offers a place for family outings at a reasonable price.

Collin Owens

Wonderful price/ cheap tickets and clean location.


It's a nice theater, clean in my experience there. Movies are good quality (no bad projector focus or anything).

Veronica Garcia

Horrible experience today. Concession area was under staffed causing us to miss 30 min of the show. Movie room 7 was freezing cold and after reporting it twice... It couldn't be corrected... Really

Gilberto Enriquez

They were friendly

Dianne Wilken

Make sure you go early to get your snacks.

Miguel Godinez

No ac


Great place to see a movie at such a reasonable price.

Hector Morillo

It was a Monday night but the facility was clean and the personnel were friendly.

Jennifer Sawyer

Great selection of movies playing! Good popcorn! Nice and roomy seats with cup holders. I'd recommend this place to watch a movie for sure!

Devin Rodenberg

A great place to watch great movies.

Teri Wagner

Great place!! Reasonable price too!!

Broken Domo

Has a nice variety of snacks to choose. Nice seating in the movie theater. Been going there for a while and love it

Jessica Bunch

Nice theater but if you buy anything from the concession watch and see if the kids ring the right price up. I've had my items rang up wrong a few different times by different kids that weren't paying attention to what they were doing. And when you make them fix there mistakes they have attitudes about it.

Rose Huelskamp

We saw The Upside. Good movie. The popcorn has been disappointing the last few times.

Dally Schuetz

Their prices are too high

Leticia Lopez

Only theater in town,,,great place to watch a movie

Zavian Carabajal

This theater is pretty cool. It's a lot smaller than the ones I'm used to but for a small town like Garden City it's pretty nice. The staff is always nice and the price for a ticket is amazing! $7.75 a ticket? That's about half what I'm used to paying so I use that money I save for concessions. The selection of movies is small but they do manage to get the major ones playing on their screens.

Aaron Soto

Nice place to go watch a movie with the family

Santiago Rueda

Nice, clean and friendly environment. Thous kids you have working for you are all very respectful to your organization. Keep up the great work. Our family of 4 will see you soon at the new Top Gun.

Annette Rivas

Good movie theater. Should improve parking.

Rodney Clews

Always a great experience!!!!

Tyrone Odell

While the movie selection was good, the kids working the concession stand were terribly rude. When I asked for more butter on my popcorn, they rolled their eyes at me and acted like serving me was a problem.

Dixie Velacich

I enjoy going to the movies at Sequoyah 9. It is always clean and staff is friendly.

Anson Pruneda

For being as small as it is you can't beat the prices. And it's mostly always clean. The security on the weekend is kind of much but all in all a pkwy good spot to catch a Sunday matinée on the cheap.

Corey Ferrell

It's a movie theater but it seems old and in need of an update

Crystal Budd

Took r boss to go watch huosler he enjoyed the movie

Wendy Hemmert

It was hot in the theater

Michael Davidson

Great popcorn and drinks and lots of room in theater.

Caleb Rude

For this size of city, it's a perfect size movie theater with excellent service.

Adam Olvedo

Nice but the A/C must have been broken

Theresa Carr

Clean and friendly service

Iggy Perez

Always get lots of great movies fast right on time

Colleen Cook

Comfortable seats and plenty of leg room. Also room for walkers

Charles Ivey

Movies are good. The seats are first come first serve. The concession are WAY over priced but that is usual for a movie theater

Domingo y Leticia Lopez

Besides it being the only theater in town it is great

Lynn Bohm

Easily able to spend 30 plus dollars for food drinks and movie for just 2. Seating is more comfortable than the previous owners of the theatre.

Dakota Briggs

Comfy seating and good service.. even when it was busy.

Jess Hunt

The popcorn is addictive.

Gary Bailey

Best theatre in southwest kansas

mario figueroa

Good movies

Jeff Ketelsen

Prices are great, even the concession stand. Theaters are clean.

Juan Tapia

Really good

Rosalinda Del Toro

Nobody's Fool is a must see movie.

Dru Starook

Clean theater with comfortable seating

Javi Gallegos

I enjoy the stadium seating. I would like it if they would crank the volume up on some movies that have more action. It makes the experience better. Concessions are more reasonable than some theaters and the have a pretty wide selection. Overall, since the Mitchells have bought the theater, it has been better.

Tom Chambless

Little expensive but not a bad place

Mackinzie Brungardt

While the selection of movies is always great, the staff at the snack bar could be much friendlier and not so sober faced.

Idalia ChaveZ

Theatre customer service was friendly and the movie was great!

Tom Loker

Come early as the lines at the snack counter are consistently long.

Derrick Hunter

I guess this place has been around awhile. Uncomfortable seating and the rug smells. Other than that, cool.


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