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REVIEWS OF Screenland Armour Theatre IN Kansas

Anna Alonzo

Nice theater. Cozy feel and nice customer service.

Richard Ryan

Cool hip feel but their dining room is very small so I ended up standing around because there's nowhere to sit waiting for the movie to start. No assigned seating so you have to dash in to get good seats. Couches in the theater are nice and comfy. Appreciate local ownership.

Cameron Fulton

Best theater anywhere! Always a great time with the best of terrible horror genre films!

Sarah Canaday

My favorite place to catch a show--employees are friendly, food and drinks are great, super cool building. It's quirky and unique.

Angelica Marotta

Great theater, you could go into the big theater or the cozy little one. The staff was very friendly and fun to talk with.

Annette Rasmussen

Saw Rocketman there. The staff was so supportive of my tears

Vicky Hansen

Old time theather. Friendly staff. Great place to have a craft beer, bite to eat and watch a movie. They have two screens so more than one choice of movie. We had Kevin Bacon grill cheese and a warm pretzel both to die for. No worries they also have popcorn. Also have a few old time video games to play in front lobby. Thanks for saving the old dame.

Leroy Brasfield

Great chill place to watch a current or past flick. They even have boondock saints playing around st Patty's day.

Joe Shelton

Wonderful theater, awesome staff, and specialty nights where old movie classics are ahown. The personality of this theater is top notch, high quality but it dodoesn feel like a sterile corporate theater chain. It's run by great people and offers everything yiudy want in your theater. And now that they are expanding, they are bring more great things our way. This will always be my favorite theater in KC. Local for life

Chad Melton

A nice theater with a smaller seating section. Chairs were comfortable and the screen was the perfect size for all the seats. It was easy to get to the theater and it had plenty of parking.

Alex Marban

I love this theatre, local is always better! :)

The Movie Show

Absolutely amazing, locally owned theater in North Kansas City. Full bar, great food and 4 theaters that show first run as well as classic films daily!! If you're in the Kansas City area, definitely come by and have a beer, catch a movie, play some of their vintage pinball games or just hang out. Five. Freaking. Stars.

Daniel Miller

The setting was comfortable, good screen picture and sound. The lobby is also a bar

John Asherbranner

Amazing little theater with an amazing staff.

Vicki Anderson

Old style theater with only 2 screening rooms. Neat place!! They serve alcohol beverages along with the standard theater concessions.

Nicholas O'Connor

5 stars and couple more stars!

Samantha Silveira

Great location that is a hidden gem.

Carole Stuenkel Ollivierre

Small town feel, but no compromise on quality, that's for sure! Also, a bit cheaper than AMC, and you can still buy your tickets online and everything. They've also got a bar area and offer food besides just the usual popcorn, soda, etc. It's really a neat place.

Meredith Keith

Love having a movie date here. There are a lot of drink options and while I have never tried their mixed drinks, they are usually themed to the movie they are playing which is fun. The movies are good and the theaters are clean and cozy.

Tyler Anderson

Love Screenland! Perfect place to go for big show openings (Star Wars, Avengers, etc) as you’ll always have a fantastic and lively crowd. Beers are constantly changing and you get that feeling of what makes movie going memorable!

Deb Sanders

Nostalgia and good beer

Avis Jackson

I saw John Wick 3, loved the theatre and the movie

Timothy Swiastyn

Nice comfortable seats.

Will Williams

Wish there were more places like this in the world. It's a small time theatre (only two screens) but every time I go it's a blast. There's a really cool foyer with old arcade style video games and beers and snacks if you want them. The theatres are small but comfortable and have that old time Hollywood feel to them. Definitely would recommend.

John Corcione

It's just old school reminds me of back home on the east coast old time movie theaters

Carol Gregg

This place is always amazing. Friendly staff, cool atmosphere and very welcoming. I'll always choose Screenland Armour over the big box places.

Jennifer S

We came to this theater during a weekend trip to Kansas City. After taking an uber all the way there we find out that they don’t allow children. This was for a 7pm showing of the Grinch. A childrens movie and not even that terribly late. I have never heard of theaters doing this and their website didn’t say anything about it on their homepage or anywhere else I could find. This is something they should advertise better or just do away with as a policy. My son wouldn’t have made a noise during a movie and banning children from a childrens movie just seems odd.

Jonathan Smith

Can't wait for the expansion. Great ambience, just way too crowded. Book you tickets ahead of time and get there early.

Sarah Elizabeth

Great place, great owners!

Hilarie Divine

What a great little theater to see a movie!!

Ryan Lozano

Super cool theater. It's got a bar inside with everything you want and dope bartenders. Didn't try the food, but it looked and sounded good. Tickets are cheaper than AMC, and I think you get more of a vintage, personal experience watching the movie. AMC is all glam and I think you lose some of the experience you pay for, compared to smaller theaters like this. Clean and comfortable seats, great service, affordable experience.

Angela Montano

Loved every minute of my visit. Great bar and comfortable seats.

Kevin J Williams

Awesome place it has the old school small town theater felling

Cassidy Srock

This place is ADORABLE. I actually didn't know it was there until I was looking for movie times for Deadpool 2. It's charming and old fashioned but in the best way. Also, old arcade games! It was not crowded but not empty which I feel most movie theaters are one or the other. Definitely try it.

Henry Teaford-Boldridge

Pleasant experience, staff felt more personable compared to some of the larger movie chain. Would definitely come again.

Double Zee

Really chill staff, as well as nice theaters

Ashley Langley

Love the remodel! One of my favorite places to see movies. Plus I love when they show my older favorites

Carlos Gomez

Locally owned, with beautiful, newly replaced (high tech) screens, good beer and food options (under corporate prices), some arcade games, and they hold a lot of events (several free) for the community, including the great Slaughter Movie House showings for horror fans. Armour road is also a place with a lot of other great stops, so it adds a lot of value for anyone that wants to spend a whole day in the area.

Devin Harvey

Warm, cozy movie going experience with great food and drink options!

Lisa Hayden

I love this theater. It's local. They offer great beers and themed beverages for big movie releases, and also have other fun niche events. My only complaint is that you can't ever get anyone to return emails or facebook messages (and then you gotta call repeatedly). If it was just one time, I would let that go, but over the years it has happened about 6 times. I really love to support local, young entrepreneurs...and I also love good customer service.

Sebastian Smith

I love the Screenland Armour, it's the best place to watch films, the prices are better than AMC by FAR, and none of the employees there look like they hate their life.

Dustin Crane

I have never been to this theater before, but found out they were having a free screening of the Doctor Who premier. Upon entry, I was greeted by smiles by everyone except the one that was busy making popcorn (not a complaint). They even had themed Doctor Who drink specials. And they do NOT water down their drinks like other establishments does. I love the old arcades in their lobby/eating area. The theaters are small, but the seats are very comfortable. So comfortable, that after having my drink, I almost fell asleep during one of the commercial breaks (again, not a complaint). The Doctor Who screening had a good turn out. Not sure how their business is with regular movie screenings, but I hope they do well. I am not a regular movie watcher in theaters, but when something is released that I want to see, I will definitely come back again. Maybe see you guys when The Last Jedi is in theaters.


If your movie is playing here go, super cool location with a friendly staff. Good beer too!

J Williams

I was pleasantly surprised. Love that feeling. A very nice space, it is kept extremely clean. A very good sign indeed. In fact, everything is maintained very well.. Seats, paint, etc. Prices are good too, and the staff working were nice.

holly Heilman

Great atmosphere, good food and drinks

John Francisco

Always a great experience and atmosphere.

Antonio Bermudez

Amazing local place to see any movie.

Paul Donovan

Homey and with a slight DIY atmosphere that works. Plus they show movies you can't find anywhere else. It's a bonus if you like beer.

John F Kreidler

Awesome place. Customer service was great. Atmoshpere in the lobby is awwsome with the pinball machines, video games, and movie memorabilia. The selection of craft beer is fantastic. Regular snacks are well priced, for a theater. Theaters are a little small but very comfortable. Only problem is that tall folks walking to or from lobby could briefly block screen.

Ethan Touch

Super cute. Very intimate and romantic. Great place to go on a first date. Bar service and food. Nice area.

Robin Pennington

This is the place to go for movies! Support your local businesses. Great selection of beers and snacks. Friendly and helpful staff. Love that they show independent films that often get overlooked

James Collins

Friendly staff, nice retro arcade and decent seats. Loved the movie but they could do better with thier pizza and thier popcorn butter.

Christopher Davis

Fun time good place

Autumn Chartier

Amazing place, amazing popcorn, and the owner is great too!

Jay Seabrook

So far, I've seen two movies here, one in each theater room (there are only 2). One is quite quaint and small while the other is much larger. The larger room has excellent recliners and sofas, with some fascinating murals and sculptures on the surrounding walls. The bar has around 7 beers on tap, and more in coolers. They serve soda and have 5 or 6 candies that they sell. There is a full bar that is very well stocked and several pinball machines. This is a great place to see your next movie, especially if you want to support local businesses.

Nikki Goodson

This place has a bunch of really unique shows.

Kenan Haynes

Great nostalgic place. Small and local feel. Really good place. Only reason I gave 4 stars is because the theatres are just a tad bit too small for my liking. Fit about 50 peope

Kevin Johnson

Staff is excellent and the food is good!

kate blackman

I love this theater. The lobby could truly benefit from some sort of line management though. People truly have no idea how to line up for snacks if not directed.

Steve Williams

Great experience every time.

Earl Manley

Brings back the memories of the old time movie theaters, loved the couches to watch the first run movies.

Chris Johnson

Went to Screenland Armour for the premier of Avengers Endgame and we had alot of fun. The theater is clean and comfortable and the experience is so much better than the chain theaters! I really like supporting local small business too!

John Uehling

This theatre is awesome! While there are only two screens, they do a great job of mixing in classic or indie movies with blockbusters. They also have a great beer selection and the people are always super friendly. Overall, I would highly recommend the Screenland for catching a movie.

Dutch Humphrey

Easily the most endearing theater nearest the Kansas City core. Worth the while so take the trip!


10/10 would time warp again

Isaiah Martin

Great Old School Feel

Christopher Crowder

What's not to love about a locally owned, first run theatre that has a full bar?! Fantastic little gem hidden away from the 'burbs & from downtown too. I appreciate that they show blockbusters AND art house films too. Keep an eye for one off, themed special events, too. They are always fun.

T.C. Woodbury

Truly a nastaolgic experience I love the live theater feel with the cinema mixture. The seats are cozy and it's clientele are mature and cultured no rambunctious teenagers to ruin your experience.

Ven Smith

OMG if you're watching movies anywhere else you are supremely failing. Locally owned, craft beer selection and renovations are underway. Soon they'll have vegan options as well if enough of us ask them. Don't stay home and stream amazon you a-hole be a human being and go watch a movie here(probably starring Kurt Russell )

Frances Windler

Nifty theatre creates events for film enthusiasts to gather and enjoy. They're really working it here.

Collin Tice

Cool lil theatre me and my son seen the new Spiderman animation movie and both really enjoyed the whole experience. And before 4 o'clock it only cost $8 bucks.

Joyce Maggard

The absolute best place to see your favorite movies!

Ben K

Love this place. Excellent selection on tap, great place to catch movies both new and classic.

Daniel Natter

Watched solo on opening night. Theater is amazing, small town old school pub theater. Everyone is friendly and it's good for families.

Patrick Everett

Only place in town we enjoy watching movies at. Small town feel with big town convenience. Great theater.

Rafael Chung

How can you not love this place? Literally a community and very friendly staff. The exclusive movies they screen here are amazing!!! Never again will I miss Panic Fest! One of the best horror film festivals around, period!

Nicholas DeBord

Cool little theatre with great beer selection. Adult oriented theatre but great for families as well. Theatre has an old school feel with modern amenities. Seating is above average, with a few lounger seats and many more of the standard seating. Overall fun experience! Check it out!

Anne Cuffe

Awesome atmosphere. Different from other movie theaters. Highly recommended!

Jim Clevenger

Love the concept and being a great Crossroads neighbor!

Tre’Juanna Jolly

One of my favorite locally owned places in North Town. Great food, great prices and just great customer service. This is my regular spot for movies.

Dmitry Gimon

Be aware that they do not allow young children to evening shows even if it is PG rated cartoon for kids. UPD Childen under 6 are not allowed to ANY events (including cartoons at noon).

Anthony Evangelista

A nice pace to take as date to a small little cinema. The food was not bad either...popcorn was good as well.

Jorge Baylon

A more charming experience to a movie

Bri Minock

Great little vintage theater we stumbled upon while in the area. Friendly staff, cool artwork and old game machines. Seats were pretty comfy too.

Shamus OKingsley

We love going to the ScreenLand Armour theater and have been going here since they opened. They play first run movies and classic and quirky films also. It's like you stepped back in time to the 40's. Fun food and drink specials for every movie as well. Come on down and see Roscoe the curtain opener and support a cool local business on comfortable seats and couches!

Deborah Callicotte

Love this Place. Great screens...Eats

The Aalt

They play satanic movies. I own a business in N Kansas City and I will never go back there nor refer anyone there.?

brooke potter

Friendly staff with small rooms that have comfy chairs and a more intimate setting then most theaters with great drink options, clean soda machines and fun arcade games for waiting.

Melvin Frederick

Nice place to go watch a movie on a Sunday afternoon.

Randy Davis

Great the hometown atmosphere!

Michael Thiemann

Great retro movie theater. Great prices and very comfortable. Will return.

S. Archer

Great little theater! Good pizza and beer! Comfy seats plenty of leg room.

Adam Orr

Great place, great selection of beers. The new theaters are great and the pizza is fantastic!

Celeste Lupercio

Great experience! And a 16 oz craft beer for $7 or craft spirits like S.D. Strong vodka.

Donald Kirch

Great place to see a movie! Fun. Relaxing. I felt welcomed

Steve Stopa

Nice theater, good beer selection

J Bender

You can get a craft beer if you want along with the usual stuff. Small screening rooms. It's good. Not crowded.

Temple Connery

Love the recliners and couches- nice relaxed atmosphere- beer or cocktails and bar food and theatre snacks. Affordable - always a nice time.

Alli Enns

Love this place! Support local!

Dahnika Short

Really like Screenland Armour. Such a fun, unique theater that is such a pleasant experience overall. They have an excellent drink menu, and the prices are great. Seeing a movie there is always an enjoyable experience.

Holly Kearnes

Entertainment at its best! Hometown historic, beer and arcade games, and of course the largest range of movies you could ever hope for! Checkout their other location as well, Tapcade.

Jill vonerdmannsdorff/Gann

Went here 4 the 1st time & loved the atmosphere and the prices! We will be spending more time in this eclectic little theater from now on :)

William Munoz

So much nostalgia. Love this place as it reminds me of my local theater growing up but for adults. Great beer and drink selection and a good variety of food. We will definitely be back time and time again.

Tammy Alexander

Fun small town feel. Great drink menu.

Joshua Abramowitz

Small theatre super old school style, bar&kitchen up in the lobby, and the larger screen has couches and recliners up front!

Da Ho

Love this nostalgic but modern and innovative theater. Unfortunately the heating ducts are in the back by the couches and so unbearable had to move during movie and unable to set together but definitely cooler towards front. I would give it 5 but have to give solid 4 due to heat inconvenience and having to move mid-movie.


Tiny theater. It's got a great art house vibe. However concessions we very expensive.


Possibly the last of the great movie going experiences. Great film selections and events. The bar is accessible unless there's a big event and even then it isn't bad. The bar tenders are competent and accurate. The food is mostly good. Wasn't impressed with the pizza but the rest was superb. Far, far better than other theaters. The price is right and usually parking is easy. Each room has an atmosphere and there are a few screen sizes depending on the presentation. The seating is comfortable and roomy. The lobby is entertaining on its own and serves to ready you for the nice presentation in a theater. The sound systems are well balanced and don't get too loud. 1 of the theaters has a noisy adjacent business. Otherwise, this would be 5 stars.

Michael Foster

I love bad movie night!

Robert Koon

The venue was interesting, but the staff seemed irritated by our presence. As first time visitors, it was as if we were expected to know "the rules" of where to buy food versus where to buy tickets. The food was mediocre at best and the drink selection was limited by empty options on tap. Several of the waitresses refused to smile or make eye contact when thanking them for their service. The gentleman behind the counter was very nice though. Unfortunately, I can't recommend this place.

Joseph Braun

Absolutely love this place in

Joshua Go

Great, local place to watch movies. The food is somewhat expensive like most theaters, but people host events before previews, and there is a definite vibe of fun and lots of character to the place.

Liz Shuler

Love this theater!!! Great prices, great atmosphere and wonderful drinks. Will always pick here over corporate

Courtney Stuhlman

Really swanky vibe. Shows lots of great classic along with the newest hot film. Love the drinks and the food. Classic bar food and well priced. The small gaming area is a perfect place to hangout before or after your movie. Great place for a date or a family night out!


One of my favorite places in the city!

David Conklin

Love this local theatre! They could use a few more hands on a Friday night but that will never deter me from catching a flick here! Great films. Great beer selection!

Mitchell Pruett

A nice small intimate theater

Cindy Long

I LOVE this theater!! Comfy seats, great personal service, the food is amazing and if you just want popcorn, it's actually the price popcorn should be! They even offer a full range of adult beverages for your enjoyment before and during the movie.

Laura Treder

We love this place. Small and intimate but the capability of showing our favorite 1st run movies. Prices are great with a really friendly staff.

vic willis

Brings the charm to "going to the movies" that is misplaced elsewhere

Jamie Peters

This place is great but they don't have diet coke, just coke zero and I hate that.

Tiffany Winchester

The double feature Sid Haig tribute was fantastic. We had a great time in a sold out theatre of other freaky people. It was an uplifting and appropriate tribute to a fun and terrific actor.

Leonard Booth

Added on some new space and added two new theatres!

Adrian Lilleston

My go to place for movies. Not huge crowds great seats and couches. Real food plus popcorn and stuff. Cool retro games like Mario that still only take a quarter to play. I also love that they have big movie related drinks " like thano's punch or what not".


This place is great! Best arcades in town!

Whitney Adams

Movies, beer, video games, beer, great food, beer. This really says it all. The people there are nice, and I wasn't kidding about the food. The Kevin Bacon sandwich is amazing, and fairly priced. The sound in the theaters is top notch, and did I mention dozens of beers?

Dark Lotus

Best theatre in KC. Locally owned, huge craft beer selection, leather couches in theatre 1. The staff is super friendly & know a lot bout classics, horror, & bout any genre you're into. They're always doing free screenings, show a lot of older movies, Harry Potter weekends & a lot more. During Oct, the play a different horror movie each night. Tickets are only $10. Follow them on Fb to get daily updates on what's going on

Karny Kid

Always love going there and thanks for hosting our movie clownado

Julian Nordhaus

Classic theater experience with something excellent always playing

Daniel Roberts

The Screenland Armour is the greatest movie theater in the Kansas City area, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. The tap list is always excellent (and largely local), the popcorn is the best around, and the programming is eclectic but always interesting. They're keeping independent film alive, from the art house to horror schlock, and they always make it clear that they're glad you're there supporting them. A great moviegoing experience every time.

Jes Caylor

I love this theater. Perfectly maintained theaters with spotless floors and squeaky clean bathrooms. The 4k screens are beautiful. They show old movies and indie releases. There are always great beers on tap. The pizza is super cheesy. They have pinball. They promote community groups. And they have great staff. It's one of my favorite places in the city and made me fall in love with watching movies in a theater again.

Phil Miller

Amazing place to see a movie

Joshua Carr

After a quick dinner next door was able to catch a movie. Comfortable seating and full bar definitely made the experience great. Will definitely return for future showings.

Jeremy Kohlman

One of my favorite places in the city. Great locally owned theatre. Always doing film festivals, and showing older classic movies. Great bar and excellent food. Always expanding and improving.

Randy McCleary

Love the couch seats in the front, so much comfortable than the normal theatre seats. We were excited to see they were playing a Wrinkle in Time and decided to take the kids. Currently they have two screens, but they are planning on adding two more screens. If you want to support them they have a kickstarter page.

David Lieffring

A nice small theater

Johnny Nguyen

Awesome little theater. Service is exceptional! Sat in front of a noisy/seat kicking group, but theater employee took care of that!

Dan Younger

Older theater. Kinda fun for viewing. Some couches down front for a different comfort level

Liliana Ramos

Cool place has some couches

Ty Walsh

Great venue! Beer selection is on point. Great location. You can just chill, you don't have to see a film.

Josh Pratt

Totally amazing experience. We saw Endgame in theatre 1 4k Iris. Good food, local beers and big comfy couches and chairs. Locally owned theater to keep your dollar in the community.

Brian Burton

I really enjoy this movie theater. Located downtown North Kansas City, it's very convenient to many of the microbreweries in NKC. They have a nice little bar with a good selection of craft beers, and a handful of classic video games and pinball machines to entertain yourself with before or after your movie.

Larry Hansen

Fun place for the Family! Great retro theater with classic video games in the lobby. Highly recommend the KEVIN BACON GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH WITH your movie!!!!

Iuma Estabrooks

low key theater

Real Person

I love this place. Highly recommended

Lauren Caldwell

Though I live in South Kansas City, I regularly drive to Screenland Armour to watch movies. I love that I can watch a weird, indie horror movie or catch the latest blockbuster. You can tell the owners have a true passion for film by their selection of movies showing on the big screen. They have a large selection of craft beers and movie-themed food menus. My favorite thing to order is the gyro sandwich (it's so yummy!). Spend your money at a locally-owned movie theater and support the local economy while drinking Kanas City beers and watching great films. ♥️♥️♥️

Barton Stanley

The company I work for held its holiday party at an event source here. It's a nice space and it was cool to see the wood joists if the curved ceiling. Not to mention it is in a nice little revived part of town. Would recommend this space for similar events.

Mark Waite

Great place. Our first time

Ryan Gallagher

This place is the best. Super chill. Offers FREE water. Quarter arcade games and small theaters.

Randy J Robbins

A great local theater with affordable prices, concessions, and comfy seats. You can take 2 kids to a matinee for 25 for tickets and large popcorn.

SpongeBob SquarePants

Went here to watch a movie and the interior of Theater 1 is fancy and 1920s styled. There are also retro arcade games there, and a bar.

Caleb Sommerville

A fantastic local gem. Super nice staff, great tiny theaters, beer, 90s arcade games, etc. Love the renovated space!

Alexa Bustamante

Awesome guys. Awesome selection of beer. And the theaters are super cool there are couches and regular theatre chairs to choose from. All in all a really old school feel. And waaayyyy cheaper than those other guys :D

Marissa Aquino

Love this family owned theater. It's got comfy seats and a couple newer theater rooms! They have great snacks and sandwiches too! ...also has a bar!

Tomas Escoto

Was here to see ROMA. Old time movie house that serves libations. Some confy leather chairs...Nice!

Jamie Gray

Great venue, great drinks, and great people...Highly Reccomended...

Annie Noonen

I just love this theater. They've got comfy couches and recliners in the theater if typical seats aren't your thing. Plus, cheap pinball and yummy local kombucha (along with a great

John Cardarella

For a small theater experience, this is a great spot. It has the classic feel which drives home their movie events showing classic films. Go at least once before they begin their expansion.


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