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4600 W Kellogg Dr #1516, Wichita, KS 67209 Located in: Towne West Square

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REVIEWS OF Regal Warren Movie Machine IN Kansas

Troy Stull

Not very busy easy to get in

Eli Gillespie

Much better deal than a bigger Warren. Great place we go every weekend!

Nichole Rust

Prices are great on everything! Been here lots - we will be back! The popcorn is WONDERFUL!

Aileen Rueda

Inexpensive for student but some of the theaters inside are not so good quality.


Alot of the chairs are broken making it uncomfortable to enjoy the movie. For as much as they charge for popcorn and drink, they should have money to fix the chairs.

Stephanie Loww

Smells bad

Timothy Morris


Taemi Weathers

Staff was great! Very friendly! But the theater really smelled awful! Really stinky!

shelby profit

Great service, location, and convenience

Steven R

Smaller movie theater on the side Towne West Mall. Was clean and friendly staff.

Rev C The Real

Eye Kandy

Great prices and comfortable seats with lots of leg room

Misty Gwin

Clean place staff needs a little training in how to deal with injuries on site and compassion but other wise nice experience

Jake Gill

Great prices

Lind Bat

Lowest prices in town for ticket and food. Always have the newest movies. They give free popcorn to seniors which is a plus.

Travis Imel

Screw regal

Harry Caldwell

Very friendly staff. The chair was comfortable.


price for a movies excellent, you even a get a military discount.

Reyes Trevizo


Amanda Randolph

Small screen but cheap tickets seniors citizen get a free popcorn

caleb werner

Seats got a little uncomfortable but still a nice non crowded theater. Staff was really friendly.

Benjamin Freeman

Best prices and kid friendly

Myron Howard

Jim Yates

Nice picture

Joseph Fuller

The seats are uncomfortable I had to keep readjusting just to stay comfortable. My girlfriend while there got bit by what looks like bed bugs.

Debbie Feldhausen

Great movie prices and concessions

Trong T

Nice small place to watch a movie in the mall

Phaedra Rogers

Horrible seats but great prices.

ami jewell

Good deals on tickets before 6

Tim Coulter

My family of three went to a Monday night show. The refreshments are comparable in price to others I've been to, but the agreements were so very friendly. A great place!

Marcy Petite

Affordable prices for the whole movie experience

Louis Shafer

Always a good time.

Dennis Sigle

Good movies!

John Fiebich

Good prices on first run movies

Shaun reeves

Used to be 5 star place but now that Regal theatres took over now they are going to start playing second run movies. Because it's cheaper than the big theaters

Merry Matthews

What is not to love about the Movie Machine?! I mean really, first run movies at 1980's prices, free popcorn for seniors, and, unless it is a blockbuster movie, the theatre almost always has a seat available if you are running a few min late. At the risk of spoiling my good fortune, I hope more people will take advantage of this best kept secret in Wichita.

David Martinez

Movies at the mall


Good place to take the kiddos

johnie marshall

Very cozy..

Donna Olin

My husband & I went to the Towne West Movie Machine last night to watch the movie about a dog finding her way home. What a pleasant experience. The young ladies at the concession were very nice & helpful. As seniors, we enjoyed the free popcorn. Thank you for having such a clean theater & clean handicap restrooms. We will definitely be back. Close to home even. Thank you!

blake johnson

Didn't realize how spacious the seats are. There is plenty of legroom.

Cindy Ponce

It smells bad

Irlanda Mares Alfaro

Excelent place.

John Walsh

Great, inexpensive, little theater with a good selection of movies, bathrooms close by, tasty concessions, good overall experience.

Louis Lacio

The movie machine is small with only 5 theaters limiting your selections, and it is well worn; however, it is clean and the price for admission is better than most theaters in Wichita. Located in the Towne West mall is a nice plus.

Gage Stevens

Go there all of the time and never disappointed.

Darin Miranda

I like the prices but sadly we seem to always sit next to annoying teenagers.

Donna Doramus


Carolyn Shultz

In less than three hours, Movie Machine changed from one show to another. The website at 12:00pm listed the show Widows at 3:20pm. By the time we got there, they had deleted Widows and replaced it with an additional showing of Grinch. I WILL NOT GO BACK TO THIS THEATER.

David Randall

Not overpriced like other places

Steve Curbelo

Always a good time and great price

Lora Robinson

I was a little disappointed to find that they no longer sell Pepsi, but that just saved me more money. Movies just got cheaper for me.

Mirelba Laspisa

I love to go see movies with my kids

TheRavinRaven -Alex-

The best theatre in town in my opinion The rooms arent too big so you dont have to worry about noise and no one ever goes here so its real easy to relax

David Dike

New movies on the cheap. What's not to like.

Teresa Woods

Movie was good theater clean

Karen Luce

The theater was clean, my birthday popcorn was super yummy and the movie was easy to hear. We had a great time!!

gail r

It's my favorite movie show cheapest one in town and senior popcorn we love going there

Jose Luna

Me encanta muy buen lugar para pasar un rato agradable con los hijos


Friendly staff and clean theater. We loved the roominess of the seats.

anne lopez

love it!!

Lucas Knauss

It isn't the same quality as the Warren, but if you are just wanting to watch a movie and not empty your wallet to do so, then this is the place for you!

Casey Lafitte

Always a quiet experience

Chris Brooks

Great little theater that shows first-run films at a discount price. As seniors we get free popcorn. Seats are comfortable and the sound good.

Audri Byers

The price was MUCH cheaper than other movie theaters in Wichita and it's not what you think it would be. At first I was skeptical, but my movie experience was as good, or better, than other theaters.

Deborah Swanson

Great for spending less

Samantha Morales

From a more dependable time-frame stance, this theater is definitely the best option for the newest releases.

Jred 33rd

Love going here because the price of tickets are affordable for large groups.

Andrea Jackson

We got our tickets in advance just to get there and there were no seats available and the staff was really unhelpful.

Bill brown

Great place, senior discount, not crowded.

mariano cacho


Victor Indacoechea

Great customer service.

William Moore

Can't recommend this enough, a great cheap way to see newly released movies, especially if your on a budget, admittedly the theaters are a bit smaller so little things like people talking or being on their phones does stand out more than the other warrens but you can't beat that price, plus all the other things available in the sourounding mall should you arrive early

Kimberly Ford

Low cost, quality theater. This is our go to movie location.

Pete MacKinney

Smaller screens but great deal for seniors, get a free popcorn.


They only accept cash which is stupid since not everyone carries cash nowadays .

Hue Gia Gerry Nguyen

Awesome place for new releases on a budget

Zach M

Great place to see a movie

Emily France-Jensen

Would you like a cheap experience? Go here! The seats are broken and uncomfortable. The service was not fast and friendly like the "before the movie" previews said. The sound was also not as great as it could have been. At one point, I was looking for my remote to turn up the volume. Dirty restrooms as well. I have no desire to go back. Want a great theatre experience? Go to Warren 21; then, you will not have to hear kids chewing with their mouths open and those same kids loudly talking during the movie.

Sue Stiner

It's a place to watch movies . Everything 4 times higher..candy,,popcorn,,pop....

Bob Carroll

Good price and the concession workers were great.

Rob Jackson

Good place to see a movie, senior discount and free popcorn

Dew It

Amazing theater with awesome popcorn

Lori Becker

Musty smell and always humid. Maybe a ventilation issue? Price of concessions is excessive considering majority of people are going to save $$. Love the wide aisles and armrests that move. Cleanliness is a bit of an issue as well. Especially the bathroom!


Love it. Not a lot of people.

George Wallace

Went to a matinee and watch the new Halloween. It was great to see the movie that time of the day

Lisa Mendoza-Rodriguez

Great place to watch a good movie!

Johnny Hammastixx

The main theatre smells like pee, the employees are friendly...

Delilah McCrary`

The employees was very nice and polite and courteous the actually they were just over-the-top great customer service the theater was clean and it was comfortable and the restrooms was very nice and clean so I was very pleased with it and I will go back

carrie kirk

The worst experience ever. The place stinks and from the moment we sat down we started itching. It's just dirty and over priced on all their stuff. For this I spent 15 bucks lol


Went to see Guardians Vol 2 and the center theatre literally smells so bad. The overpriced candy briefly stifles it, but not for long.

alberto gandara

(Translated by Google) Good and cheap (Original) Bueno y barato

Lyric walker

Great movie great experience

Barbara Scales

The website stated that the movie started at 8:55, but when we arrived, the young woman told us that the movie started at 9:35. She then stated that we had the time wring because we didn't use the app. Oddly enough, EVERY single other movie time ob the website matched the times at the theater. Only Black Panther's time was a "mistake". If your business makes a mistake, own up to it. Don't tell your young employees to lie to us. They are awful at lying and it makes us angry and we leave negative reviews. Also, I DO NOT want yet another app downloaded on my already bloated phone.

Galant Rouge

Just okay

Janie Briscoe

Great movies staff a lil rude


Melida Victoria May

I love The movie machine.

Derricko Newton


Karla Retana

Can't expect much. You're paying 5$. I like it. I watch movies here quite often. I never had a problem.

Joshua Montgomery

The student discount is a wonderful thing for those of us who don't have the money to go to the 21st St. Warren. Wonderful for seeing the newest hits!

Gary Craig

Less expensive than most with wide aisles, free popcorn for seniors, armrests that swing up out of the way, lower crowds, first ruin movies and of you go early it's pretty reasonable. The Palace is cheaper but not as nice overall.

Walt Moore

Great value

John Freeman

One of if not the cheapest movie theater in town in terms of ticket price, but you get what you pay for. Concessions are not cheap though.

Melanie Avery

Movies are cheaper here and theaters are clean and comfortable. Concession prices are very high though.

Rosie Hampton

We watched Aquaman. Great show employees were polite and did their job

Christopher Jensen

This is theater smells like pee and throw up! The seats are broke! The restrooms are extremely filthy! Just go to Warren theaters! Pay the extra $2!

Carma Sholander

Love the fact that you can get to see new movies cheaper.. I can actually afford to take my kid to a movie there

Shawn Urban

What can I say, I love seeing movies here. It's clean, well kept, with lower prices. Also, I don't like fighting crowds, sadly this place is never hopping. I saw the premier of Star Wars TFA on opening night, I guarantee it was not a sellout.

Terri Asbury

This is an okay place to catch a movie when you're already at the mall. There is NO stadium seating, which I prefer, and the sound system could use an upgrade.

Brandy Keck

Always clean when I am there

barry hall

Price way up on everything supposed to be the cheapest theatre in town, it's a tragedy they took out the palace.

Laura Oman-Poole

Not only are movies over-priced (my opinion, as no one seems to care-everyone goes), but this last visit, every step you took further into the theatre area, the smell of urine and vomit got stronger and stronger. When I went to put my drink in the cup holder, the area was covered in other substances. Not looking forward to going back.

Tammy Chambers

Need new seats

brian white

Nice smaller theater. I wish the concessions were not so overpriced

Leona Bahr

Easy to navigate, low prices and respectful atmosphere.

Lindsey Bush

I normally have a good experience with this theater, which is why I'm giving it an overall 3/5 stars. If I could only rate it for my most recent visit (1/16/16), I'd give it 1 star! Here's the reason... I had received two gift certificates for my birthday to be used at any Warren Theater. I chose to go to the Movie Machine because I was already going to that side of town. My boyfriend and I went and saw "Daddy's Home". We went to the 9:30pm showing, the last showing of the night. We paid $10 for a medium popcorn and a medium drink. And extra $.50 for butter, of course! First off, I understand that you aren't going to get popcorn drenched in butter for just $.50. But I watched the kid squirt barely anything on my popcorn. In my opinion, if you are paying that much for popcorn, they should give you all the butter your little heart desires. Anyway, I got into the theater room and started to eat my popcorn, when I noticed something weird on a piece of popcorn. Something green. Something green and thick. I really don't know what it was, but I'm going to say it was mold. I did not eat anymore of my $10 popcorn. I didn't want to bother with taking it back to the front and missing any of the hilarious movie. I planned on telling a worker about it as I was leaving, but when the time came to leave, there were no workers anywhere to be found! The movie was over at 11:00, surely they didn't all go home. No, they were all hiding out in the break room. So I just blew it off at this point. I will go to this theater again, but I don't think I'll be getting popcorn here again...

Jennifer Valdez

Great price but Smells like urine

Teresa Morrison

Love this place. Least expensive movies, nice, clean and roomy.

Jennifer Leigh

Not as big as some of the others, but it's still a good movie theater. The reward system is an added bonus as well. I like the fact that the tickets are not as expensive here and student tickets are discounted so I can bring the family without spending a fortune. This is our go to theater now.

Jayme Emery

We love the Movie Machine for the price. Great place to bring kids

H Perez

I love IT here, me and my kids go often, like the location ( inside mall) and the screen arnt that huge but they are just fine because the rooms are cozy but never crowded, and safe atea5family friendly

Brian Musfelt

cheapest theatre in town

Dylan Mccanlies

Great oldschool place.

Ryan Allen

Cheaper admission rates however snacks are expensive. $9.50 for a medium popcorn and medium drink. Popcorn was smaller than a traditional medium at other theaters. Now I understand food is how they make money, but when they told me it cost an additional 50 cents for butter, that's just ridiculous. You already gouged me once on the combo price, don't gouge me again for freaking butter. On principle alone, I won't be back.

John Seals

Affordable and a great place to watch a movie. Love it.

Tammy Parish

Seats are torn up. The theatre stunk

Charles Whitt

It was fine, nice staff

Nathan Drummond

Batter value alternative than then the bigger brothers. smaller screens and only cash.

Sonny Jr

Nice affordable place to see a movie

Margarita Chavez


Clayton Fasenmyer

Very nice and affordable theater, saw captain marvel. The picture and sound quality were both better than some AMCs I've been to.

Lynn Lawellin

Great,not crowded, free popcorn for senior citizen, drink prices reasonable .

Yolanda Avila

We enjoyed the movie Shazam, but I think the prices of popcorn and drinks are high, but what to do!

Nicole Renee

Great place!! Love to relax and watch a movie here... Pricey, but what movie theatre isn't??!!


7 dollars for a small popcorn......and no longer have free popcorn salt, you have to buy it. Rediculous prices, no wonder so many people are turning to streaming options now.

Daniel Rodriguez

(Translated by Google) It's very dirty (Original) Está muy sucio

Brianna Booth

Dirty and unsanitary...

Drew farmer

Musty, mildew smell will not go back to save few dollars on admission. Totally ruined the movie experience

James Truhlar

The building had water damage at some point, you can smell the mustiness in the theaters. Aside from that, it's great for cheaper tickets and smaller crowds.

Timothy Casey

Great service.....good movies playing ...good quality and sound

Jerome Johnson

Everything is great except prices for food, burger fries and drink 18.00$ dang!


Jennifer Mark

I took my daughter to see the latest My Little Pony movie. This is the first time we’ve visited since the regal took over and the first time it’s actually been clean. Yes, it’s an older theater, but it’s also a little more economical and usually less busy. Great for an afternoon kid’s movie.

Megan Shepherd

Love this place!!! Best price in town!!

Melinda Alefs

We went to see Shazam. Our service was very good and the restrooms and theatre was clean!

Robert Evans

It's not the Warren class, however it's my class and I'm very satisfied with all my visits, very happy with the service desk and concessions, friendly and certious staff. My kind of movie theater.

Donald Keith

Its good

Rod Chandler

Levi Starr

Captain Marvel good movie. Go and see for yourself.

Toni Blair

Great mantinee price. Love free popcorn! Good seating. Clean.

Matt Cochran

My son and I went to go see The new Planet of the Apes movie which was fantastic! However the entire viewing experience was destroyed by the putrid smell of urine in theater 2. I told the gentleman as we left that it smelled like a musty old men's room in their and he just shrugged and said, "yeah, what are you gonna do?" So if you are going to go to this theatre bringing some nose plugs or maybe a pine scented tree to rub on your shirt before you go in.

Tommy Bunce

Nice for the price. Be aware it's a cash only place.

wardell cowwie

I love movies

Barbara Moore

They have great customer service. I am a senior and really appreciate their senior price and popcorn. ; )

AJ Ybarra

Decent price, Concessions are high but portions are large too. Seats are super spacious and comfy. Always our go to with kids


Never too busy, popcorn always tastes fresh!


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